This is my second post on the missing Malaysian Boeing 777. I just want to add a few extra bits. I think the jet is parked in a hangar at Nebit-Dag Airport [ a former secret American airbase ] in Turkmenistan, just north of the Iranian border. I believe some Malaysians, the Iranians, the Turkmenistan Government and Putin are responsible for grabbing this airliner. Many commentators / reporters are asking why MH 370 would be hijacked and flown for a total of 7 hours. If terrorists had wanted to down this aircraft it would have happened in the South China Sea. But that would have been a big one day story followed by a lot of weeping. No, this grab was well planned, well in advance to coincide with Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine. What better than to keep the $ media fixated on the missing 777 for months or even years. There is nothing the $ media loves more than a glitzy story that requires no work but grabs plenty of eyeballs. And the newspapers and TV have certainly fallen hook line and sinker for Putin’s ploy, as he knew they would. The press is driven by the dollar and is no longer in the corner of the little people. An airliner that just vanishes into thin air will hold the attention of people all around the world for months at least. The disappearance of Amelia Erhard is still front and centre in the news. As the MH 370 story was to play out Putin will be gripping the Ukrainians ever tighter by the throat. Trying to bring the Ukraine back under Russian control is an audacious act. Grabbing Flight MH 370 to divert world attention is also an equally audacious act. Vladimir Putin is nothing but a thug who is trying to restore the glory of old Mother Russia no matter how many people he has to kill. I think he will even go as far as killing 240 people [ 150 Chinese ] to gain an advantage. Putin is just like Stalin. I fear for the lives of the 240 passengers and crew? The whole idea of an airliner that vanishes forever certainly would hold the world’s interest for a long time. Putin’s plan was ingenious but flawed. The 777 ER [ Extended Range ] has a range of over 11,000 km if fully tanked up. Officials in Malaysia say the plane only had enough fuel to get to Beijing plus reserve. That is not true. Malaysian officials have bungled this hijacking, Putin surely was well aware that they would screw things up. I think extra fuel was slipped aboard otherwise the plane could not have flown for 7 hours. The transponder and electronics were turned off just off the coast of Malaysia in the radar gap with Vietnam. Neat. A modification was made to the computer, setting a new course for the autopilot, west. Neat. Meaning the real route of the pilots was going west not north east. A terrorists would not have these capabilities. Why waste fuel going in the wrong direction? The aircraft crossed the Malay Peninsula going west at it’s narrowest point, a normal outbound airway for commercial planes. So people on the ground would not have been alarmed. Once out into the Adaman Sea it was clear sailing around the southerly tip of India [ Sri Lanka ] then into the middle of the Arabian Sea. The plane would have had a tailwind in the Indian Ocean, thus increasing the speed and less fuel would have beeen used. It is said that 4 Iranians were on board, two of them using stolen passports. These Iranians had a dual purpose in my view. The stolen passport stuff was just a ploy to make the authorities believe bombers were on board. No. And the Iranians would be able to guide MH 370 through their Country’s airspace using their own language. Flying up the middle of the Arabian Sea, Iran would have claimed the 777 and kept the plane away from the radar screens of countries on both sides. The two young Iranians could take over communications and any outsider who caught their transmissions would be none the wiser. Iran has mountain ranges running N / S at each side of the Country so using this central plain would have kept outsiders blind. The 777 would have been still flying in the dark and the Iranian people would not have paid any attention to just one more airliner going over. 3 Russians were onboard MH 370, one, probably from Putin’s secret police. The other two were Russian airline pilots. But they would have been unfamiliar with the 777 so they needed the Malaysian pilots. The Russians would have guided the 777 into Turkmenistan air space. Nebit-Dag Airport in Turkmenistan was built by the Americans about a dozen years ago to supply their troops in northern Afganistan. It was meant for heavy lifters. The runway, made of concrete is 8000 ft long and probably built to handle the Hercules. There are not many airports in the area that can handle such a big plane as the Boeing. To continue the mystery, the 777 would have had to have been landed safely. A fully loaded 777 can land in 7000 ft. Although Turkmenistan is supposed to be a neutral Country for years under the table deals have been made with the Russians as well as the Americans. The Russians have always been in control but certain deals were permissible, mainly because of US money. Of course all of the US activities there were secret. Nebit-Dag is on a huge steppe where there are few people and no towns. There is one road, about a mile away which passes by to the north. The base is totally isolated. There are 3 or 4 abandon Russian military bases in this area for which there is little information. The passengers could be sent there. The new concrete runway at Nebit-Dag seems to fit the bill for a 777. Since the Americans built the place their military would understand the layout exactly. We know that Flight MH 370 was in the air for 7 hrs and headed west. Go back in the story then forward again. The 777 traveled at least 7000 km from takeoff . Discount the first part of the flight towards Beijing and describe a circle with a radius of 6000 km on a map. In my earlier post I used the 5000 km figure that came from R R. The hijackers would need to find an abandon airport with a class one runway [ concrete ], at least 8000 ft long within that range circle I described. How many 8000 ft, abandon grade one strips are there in this whole area of the world? That narrows the search considerably. The young Iranians who were illegally onboard ties the hijacking to Iran. But Iran could not be caught in possession of the 777 and 150 Chinese hostages. China has greatly reduced its’ purchases of oil from Iran after sanctions were imposed on that Country. This has left Iran with the shorts. So the Iranians could allow use of their airspace to the Russians in return for some much needed cash. So what if a few Chinese were taken in the hijacking? The Iranians didn’t have to know the details. Turkmenistan would have the evidence. Putin’s hands would be clean. Hussan Rouhani’s [ Iranian Pres. ] hands would be clean but not people in his Government. And Gubanguly Berdimuhamedow [ Turkmenistan Pres. ] could just play dumb and take Russian money. The only abandon airport in the area with a 8000 ft runway is Nebit-Dag. The information from the satellite pinpointed the 777 on the night of the hijacking in the identification arc which passes through Turkmenistan. We know the engines were shut down normally, there was no abrupt stoppage. This airport and local bases would be able to accommodate 250 people if additional temporary housing and facilities had been built ahead of time. Such activity would have been well known to the workers who were probably brought in from outside. The vote taken in the Crimea was planned many months ago by Putin. So I am sure Nebit-Dat / area would have been improved ahead of time. The workers involved in such modifications would be aware of the changes to the airport and / or bases. But they would not know that the Boeing actually would / did arrived there. Prior to the arrival of the 777 I would think that everyone would have been kept away and the one road blocked. Thus there would have been few eye witnesses. Any kind of abnormal building activity that has happened in the area over the last 6 months would be a dead give away. Before and after satellite pictures would show any activity. As I said earlier, I fear for the lives of the passengers and crew. The disappearing airliner story would not be a long term, successful political move if the people on board were eventually freed to tell their tale. My feeling is that Putin will have the passengers murdered and the airliner destroyed and buried. Putin would be confident that without proof no nation could accuse him of grabbing MH 370 and murdering the passengers and crew? As well we have to realize the dollar hungry media never tries to solve any problems. The press will be happy if this story lasts forever. The papers will be able to put their cub reporters on the case and grind out nonsensical blather / lies on the cheap. If you already have a paper don’t buy another one for 6 months. At that time you will still read the same nonsense. This scheme might have worked except that the R R jet engines kept calling home to Derby in England for 5 hours to say we’re just fine. And a satellite happened to pass overhead after the Boeing had landed. One of the areas pinpointed was Turkmenistan. I think Putin must be forced to open this whole area of Turkmenistan up to a multi nation military force IMMEDIATELY. Within a matter of weeks the bodies and 777ER could be disposed of. This force should include the Americans, the Chinese and other nations. The Americans already know Nebit-Dag and area like the back of their hand. And the Chinese are missing about 150 citizens whose families await news. Their Government will be seriously interested in finding out the fate of their people. The problem is that the remains of the passengers and the 777 could be transported to some distant dumping ground. Russian, under Stalin has done this before. The Governments of Iran and Turkmenistan must be called up on the carpet to answer many lingering questions. There are many other questions that now must be answered from Malaysian, through Iran, all the way to Nebit-Dag. Putin wouldn’t kill everyone involved would he? Even the pilot, the 4 Iranians, the 3 Russians and those who do the killing / dismantle of the Boeing? So if the investigation is centred on Russia, Iran and Turkmenistan, even the smallest bits of information will flesh out this picture and tighten the noose around Putin’s neck. All it will take is for one person to sing. Did a Malaysian refueler take money to top MH 370 up??? As I stated, the two Iranians who were travelling on the flight using stolen passports provide us with a big clue. They entered Malaysian using Iranian passports and then switched to stolen passports to board. They didn’t need to. Why? There is another avenue to explore. Who were the 3 Russians on board? If they were high ranking they wouldn’t bring the 777 down and end their own lives??? The Israelis are already saying MH 370 landed in the Turkmenistan area. And further they say the Iranians had a role to play in the hijacking. I pray the passengers of MH 370 are safe. But I hold little hope of a positive outcome. This was ALMOST the perfect crime.

Catch you next time — Ken LAOCOON


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