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  1. PETER WORTHINGTON OF THE SUN IS AN OLD FART WITH A SOFT BRAIN   —    The problem is that when you get old like Peter and I the old bod begins to give out. With me its’ the hips and knees and with Peter it is the brain. Worthington for a long time has been defending Conrad Black. I have watched the Conman’s antics since he was in his teens. He is a sociopath and he sufferers from an Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex [ look UPC up on the net ]. Part of Black’s brain has remained undeveloped since his teens and thus he acts like a teen at times. A very intelligent man unable to function properly in our society. And for people who are anti social, to lie, cheat and steal and push the limits jail is the only answer. My knock on Worthington and the others on Team Black, the rich hirers who remain hidden and the simpleton hiries like Peter is that they believe those with money can play by different rules than the rest of us. I keep making the point that Canada is doomed if we continue to allow various people, like Herr Harper to live outside the law. History shows that when you have a society wherein a small group is allowed to amass all the wealth, made off the backs of the majority it is only a matter of time before everything flies apart. The French revolution destroyed the Country. So Peter, the trajectory that Conrad Black is on is poison to Canada’s well being. The notorious thief who started his career stealing exams at high school should be deported and sent across the sea to England without his Order of Canada. If  Worthington wants to have dinner with his old, disgraced, sociopathic friend then he can fly to London and sup with Conrad and Lady Black without having to be bothered with all us little people.

THE NEW MULCAIR GOVERNMENT AND ONE OF THE FIRST JOBS OF PARLIAMENT   —   The new MPs should be tasked with reviewing all of Herr Harper’s legislation since the US oil cartel launched him into power. Anything which smacks of being unCanadian should be put forward for review. In each case those laws and regulations which offend should be Canadianized or tossed out. It will be a busy time but we will see our Country snatched back from the grip of the Republican right in the US, the American oil cartel and China. One important matter is the repeal of the increase in the age requirement for Canada pension. We are a rich Country but we are seeing our wealth syphoned off to Wall St. Last year Steve gave his employers at the oil cartel $ 850 million to allow them to mess around with carbon capture. We can’t afford to pay about $ 7 million to bury our veterans but we can give the bastards who run the cartel hundreds of millions for Carb Cap, a boondoggle of the first water. In 2010 the oil cartel took $ 125 billion in resources out of Alberta and paid a little more than $ 10 billion in royalties. In addition the cartel cheated the Province out of more than $ 100 million in royalties and is now being sued. The cartel only makes $ 250 billion a year. ah. Enough already. Alberta is running a deficit now because the US market for its’ natuural gas and oil has gone by by. Those resources should be harvested, turned into value added products completely in the West using the latest clean / Green technologies and distributed all throughout Canada with any surplus of product going to the world market through Churchill Manitoba. When the new Parliament assumes power the  senior staff of Revenue Canada should be relieved of command and investigated for allowing the movers and takers to cut special deals, like Conrad Black and Brian Mulroney. Look at the corruption involving the Montreal cabal. I would suspect Parliament Hill holds at least as many illegal surprises. I would forecast that once we find out how much money Herr Harper is getting from the US oil cartel we will have enough info to jail him. Now that would be funny. The Conman Black visiting his Neo Nazi friend Steve in the slammer.

RUSS GIRLING OF TRANS NOT CANADA pipe AND PAT DANIELS OF ENBRIDGE pipe  HAVE SHOWN THEMSELVES TO BE HABITUAL LIARS / MEN WHO CAN’T BE TRUSTED / NOW WE SHOULD SHOW THEM THE DOOR   —   When the Keystone XL pipe line was first announced Girling went before the US Government and said that the project would create 2000 to 4000 jobs. In the past couple of months Republican politicans in the mid west have been saying 500,000 jobs. This is what happens when the media has been bribed to say whatever the payee has in his head. Enbridge has had more than 800 DilBit spills since 2009 but the bribed media says nothing. Now the US market for western nat. gas and oil has disappeared CEOs like Girling and Daniels are hard pressed as to what to do with 1000s of miles of pipe and nothing to put in it. The Chinese, who are now oil banking for the future [ smart? right? ] see a bargoon. They are offering to buy up the failed divisions of the US oil cartel in Canada at a premium price. Nexen is a failed Company now, little business. But China is prepared to pay a 60% premium on the stock. The Wall Streeters are falling all over themselves trying to get the deal to happen and bail. The problem for Herr Harper is that his employer the US oil cartel is under threat from China all over the world. They have to dough to buy up cartel assets because they are held by individual shareholders. Those holding oil and nat. gas stocks have no loyalties to anyone other than themselves on a 3 month cycle. Nobody on the Street can think more than 3 months ahead. Canada was built by people who could think years and years out. So there is a lot of valuable oil and nat. gas infrastucture owned by the cartel and the various pipe lines which is fast becoming worthless. China is stepping in to snap up the bargains which the Can. Provincial Energy Cartel [ CPEC ] should be gathering in for Canadians.  Harper is passing legislation that will allow the Chinese companies owned by a totalitarian regime to supersede provincial laws. I think not. The people in each province OWN THE NATURAL RESOURCES. What Harper is doing is taking away the right of the provinces to pass laws which protect their environment, their workforce and determine the extent of the benefits which will accrue to their people. Recently China blocked stories on the net from the US press about corruption in their Government. As well we find out that secrets deals are being made with Harper wherein the the workforce on the various projects now being eyed by China will see them filled by people from the homeland. Canadians will be eligible for the throw away jobs. There are three trials going on south of the border in which Chinese agents have stolen industrial secrets. The new Chinese Shenyang F-35 is a direct steal from the american F-35.  Not bloody likely. When the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel is formed one of the first step should be the acquisition of properties like Nexen, TransNotCanada, Enbridge, Talisman, Encana and others. Without any business the stock of  these Companies is falling and they’ll will not be able to pay their bills. Everyone selling out to China is not an option. Parliament would be stormed and Harper would lose his head. Shareholders put their money in and look for a return plus if possible an increase in share value. In the present shoot out even if we let China have everything it wants at least 100 oil / nat. gas firms would see their companies fail. Meaning many investors no holding stock will be worth bugger all. Here’s a new angle. CPEC cancells all existing lease agreements where production stops. This relieves businesses of the need to make payments. These companies would be invited to participate in the planning of the new Twin Beaver pipe line and the attendant infrastructure. Remember this new twin pipe would carry natural gas and refined oil products to Easten Canada and to the world market from Fort McMurray. The Fort would be the centre for upgrading and refining oil in Canada. The surrounding tar sands projects would send DilBit through double walled pipes to the Fort from the Peace River and Cold Lake districts to eliminate tar slurry [ made up of sand and lighter fluid ] spills and to reduce to a bare minimum the number of miles of pipe carrying the dangerous / toxic DilBit. By creating a very efficient/ clean / Green extraction system with steady demand firms like Nexen would become profitable on a long term basis and a steady stock price with a dividend component. I think that there are a lot of investors who would like to invest in long term / safe enterprises with government involvement?  Those hedge funds on Wall St. would be discouraged from involvement. There is a long history of American carpetbaggers making off with the cash. The ability to churn stock and boost values by way of rumour in the short term would be eliminated. It might be possible to eliminate provincial royalties altogether. With all of the jobs and the processes remaining resident in the West the taxes and revenues derived from refining aviation fuel, diesel, lighter fluid and petro chemicals should boost provincial revenues and eliminate deficits in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Of course all of the electricity would come from Green hydro and wind supplied by the East and BC to Fort McMurray. I would suggest the TransAlta, an American Company that supplies part of Alberta’s electricity and which was caught cheating Albertans on the KWs recently [ shades of the US oil cartel ] be bought out or kicked out. An abundent supply of Green energy will firstly reduce operating costs so any tar sands project will make more money for the private operators. As well, cheap / Green electricity would allow the introduction of clean coal technology into Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.  This technology allows coal to be used whereby the emissions are LESS THAN FOR NATURAL GAS. The West should be exporting natural gas to the East and the world and using their own coal for heat and clean electricity. The sequence is as follows. First you need clean KWs from hydro or wind which can be used immediately or turned into hydrogen and stored for future use. These KWs would then be used to clean up the coal burning process. So clean KWs facilitate the use of an abundant / cheap fuel [ coal ]. Thus Ontario, where the nukie electrical cabal, supported by ex Preem McGuinty, refuses to install clean coal technology could continue to buy Sask. / Alta. coal. This to provide cheap KWs to Ontarians. The joining of the provinces together at this time to make the most profitable use of their resources is our path to the future. The other path leads to a world in which China rather than the Americans govern Canada’s destiny. I would suggest to the Chinese and other foreigners that they be very careful with their money right now. Investing in other naive countries is probably a good idea. With the formation of the CPEC and a new NDP Government in Ottawa foreigners will find it impossible to impose their laws on Canadians no matter what world trade organizations say. WE RUN THIS COUNTRY NOT FOREIGN ACCOUNTANTS AND LAWYERS. The Republicans in the House have tried to nullify NAFT 3 times and have come close. This agreement is seen by 50% of Americans as a giveaway to Canadians. The states have imposed buy America provisions which fly in the face of NAFTA. In fact the new bridge being given to Michigan by Canadians [ $ 500 million with no hope of repayment ] is under the Buy America scheme. Workers and steel etc will come form the USA exclusively. Are we stupid or something??? Why should WE WAIT FOR THE YANKS TO PULL THE PLUG ON NAFTA???  This agreement only covers 15% of Canada / US trade. An every time there is a dispute the Americans decide they won. Look at the softwood lumber deal, Herr Harper the boy PM caved. In the 1920s the USA only exported 10% of its’ manufacturing and agricultural output. Having such a large Country the States was almost self sufficient, they had almost everything they needed. Canada is in the same boat but we let foreigners come in and pick the place clean and we get but a few crumbs. We are like a father with a beautiful wife and 6 lovely daughters. But we allow strangers to waltz in at any time and take what they will. A self contained Canada, without the Americans and Chinese etc can also be self sufficient. If we distribute our own energy resources across the Country FIRST, FIRST, FIRST we can have security of supply and at a cheaper price. This by cutting out all the cheating done by the US oil cartel and Wall St. As well as being able to supply a broad range of refined petroleum to the world this capabilitywould be of special interest to England and the Commonwealth of Nations with whom we already have special relations. That market numbers 2.2 billion people.  All of them are now under great stress due to abuses by the US oil cartel. In supplying them with petroleum products the door is open to doing expanded trade. Who the hell needs the jackboots in China.  Special combi tankers which double as ice breakers could carry cargo, refined oil products or natural gas from Churchill outward bound to the UK and the islands. And bring back their good that we need. One special advantage of refining aviation fuel in Fort McMurray is that Canadian airlines would have a huge competitive advantage, cheaper jet fuel and no uncertainty. Every government we do business with would be represented in Canada. We would share the wealth with nobody except ourselves. Fair trading not stupid trading.  By the way the combi ice breaker tankers could be build in Quebec and BC. Dark clouds are now overtaking  Herr Harper and I would suggest that he resign. The other possibility is that as Conrad Black is kicked out of Canada his place in jail will be taken by Steve Harper. After release Harper could be sent to live with Romney and all his American right wing pals.

THEY SAY THAT THE UKRAINIAN VOTE WAS FLAWED   —   We should know. Many Canadian MPs were sent to monitor the vote. Harper’s Fascist MPs would certainly know a flawed / fixed vote if they saw it.

RICH CANADIANS HAVE MORE THAN $ 20 BILLION STASHED OFFSHORE IN THE ISLANDS   —   After the new Government is installed in Ottawa a window of opportunity should be opened to allow the rich to get legit, bring their money home and pay the taxes due. After that anyone caught cheating on their taxes should be sentenced to lengthy jail term and their assets seized. I am a Red Tory, a free enterpriser and a 50 year businessman. Canada is a great place to do business but I have absolutely no time for cheaters like Black. Even the dumbest person can get rich if we don’t enforce our laws. I respect businessmen and women who are smart and earn their money honestly. I have no time for people like Black whose only talent is lying, cheating and stealing.  The first law we need to enforce after a new Parliament is fining and jailing liars. I foresee a Canadian Press Council, sort of like the CRTC. People could complain about lies like those that appear in Godfrey’s Post and Peladeau’s Sun. The CPC would print the truth on the net and the papers would have to print retractions. Now that would make the National Post particularly a good read and worth the money. Can you imagine the Post half lies and the other half retractions. Those politicians and businessmen who lie and endanger the state could be tried.  Harper might just find Russ Girling and Pat Daniels in the same cell block.

NICK KOUVALIS   —   I think once we get to the bottom of the Rob Calls scandal it will be found tha Kouvalis was at the centre of activities. Nick was an instructor at the Manning Institute where the Harper Youth were taugh how to steal the 2011 election. Kouvalis originated the home based call centre some years ago which he used to smear Irwin Cotler, Liberal MP for Montreal in February in 2012.  This is similar to the home based call centre set up for Matt Meier, owner of Rack9 in Calgary. Of course the Manning Institute is also in Calgary. Kouvalis was involve in 39 ridings in support of the Fascists including that of Dean Del Masto. Kouvalis was in Guelph, home of Pierre Poutine on at least 10 occasions during the election exactly when all the Robo calls were being set up. I think we should find out just what Mr. Kouvalis was up to during the 2011 election. By the way our Nick raked in more than $ 400,000 from Harper’s boys and girls. What exactly did he do for all that money, standing waving a little red Canadian flag at the PM’s photo ops?  Now there would be a good start for the new management at Revenue Canada. Investigating Kouvalis and the US oil cartel under the table money to Harper.

DR. DAVID McKEOWN, TORONTO’S MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH IS A GRANDSTANDER   —   I just wish Dave would do something useful. This could be done by first putting his brain in gear. Vehicles driving at very slow speeds produce much higher levels of pollutants. So slowing down the traffic on Eglinton Ave. say, as Toronto Traffic Services has done in response to the car hating City Council that held power for 30 years is far more dangerous than the odd idling vehicle. To make matter worse the back streets on either side of Eglinton have had speed bumps installed at$ 3000 a copy. Even though our streets are cursed with pot holes and resemble ploughed fields all the best asphalt is used for speed bumps. The people at Tor. Traffic are mental and should be fired. I have written to Dave about his hairbrained idling scheme and suggested he monitor carbon monoxide at slow/ depressed intersections / streets like Bayview and Eglinton / Broadway Ave. CO2 goes skyward and does nothing more than kill the planet. Carbon monoxide pools on the ground in low lying areas mixes with the air and can cause health problem, especially affecting children. I told McKeown all this a couple of years ago but he would rather get headlines. Now Dave is at it again, advocating reduced speed limits and even more carbon monoxide. His pea size brain can’t seem to get the message. The major thoroughfares like Eglinton should be opened up to speedier vehicle traffic from east to the west. Daaaaaaaaaaaaa And the speed bumps on the back streets should be removed. Major traffic will not go onto the back streets if they are unimpeded. Dave, Daaaaaaaaaaaaa . What McKeown should have been doing is monitoring the carbon monoxide levels around the City. I suggested back then that he start with Bayview and Eglinton and Broadway Ave. But to delve into this problem means coming to grips with gridlock and solving it on the basis of eliminating a health hazard. Part of the solution to gridlock, dangers to pedestrians / cyclists and carbon monoxide / CO2 is to take a holistic approach. Everything on the table. The Toronto cabal, the Toronto Transport cabal and the cyclist cabal should be shut out of the process. We need to involve people who bring expertise to the table but who can see the bigger picture beyond their own interests. DaveMcKeown is not one of them. Maybe Janet Leiper should get real too. Here is what McKeown might do to earn his $ 250,000 a year for a change. Hold classes for pedestrians. Teach them not run across busy streets at mid block, not to dart out between parked cars, especially in dark clothing and OBEY   THE   TRAFFIC   LIGHTS, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa. An there could be classes for the Greek Gods who cycle. learn the rules of the road and obey them, Daaaaaaaaaaaaa.

ONTARIO A ROGUE STATE WITH A ROGUE LEADER WHO IS ANSWERABLE TO NOBODY LET ALONE  MORE THAN 100 MPPs ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. WE DON’T COUNT ANY MORE . THANK TO A PINHEAD OF A L. G. / DAVID ONLEY —   I  have had more to say on the Prorogation of the Ontario Legislature in other posts. Especially a letter to Queen Elizabeth which has had an amazing response. Onley apparently graduated with a degree in political science but he obviously didn’t learn much. The Lieutenant Governor is going to go into the history books as the man who destroyed responsible government in Ontario. The Preem arrived on Onley’s doorstep asking his okay to Prorogue the Legislature. It would seem that Onley didn’t ask A SINGLE QUESTION of McGuinty. Not the reason, not the duration, not the fate of the various scandals, the fate of over 100 bills on the order paper, nothing. And he forgot to inform McGuinty that he was in the Minority and COULDN’T PROROGUE THE HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE. Of course Onley would not have known that Dalt was going to pull a swifty and quit. So the Prorogation was obtained by fraudulent means.  Onley who now comes across as the village idiot blundered badly and pulled a Mortimer Snerd, yup, yup Mr. McGuinty. But as bad as this is the Assembly can only be Prorogued in the manner as outlined in the Standing Orders for the Ontario Legislative  [ check on the net ]. Subsection #7 says as related to Meetings of House, ” Before a Session is Prorogued, the Government House Leader [ John Milloy ] SHALL announce the approximate date upon which the Assembly will be reconvened “. What do you think that means? I take it that before Prorogation could take place Milloy, Liberal House Leader would have to rise in his seat and say when the House would be coming back. This doesn’t limit nor remove the right of the Premier WITH THE CONFIDENCE OF THE HOUSE  to Prorogue the House as he / she sees fit. But a Premier  is just another MPP who has been chosen by the Liberal to lead. He has to abide by the rules of the House. This doesn’t mean setting himself up to run the Province with his 5 man Junta without the bother of the duly elected MPPs to scrutinize his actions. McGuinty decided on his own to close the House down and hand the job of calling the MPPs back to some future [ my guess is a year or maybe never ] Liberal Leader who is unknown at this point in time. I am surprised that the Liberal MPPs are not screaming to the rooftops over this travesty and this Constitutional Crisis. They have been completely cowed by the Liberal Party machine.  Liberal MPPs who were supported by the majority of people in a number of ridings have turned into sheep. 107 MPPs were elected to govern Ontario, not the ex Preem [ or premier in hiding ] and 5 insiders. The Prorogation was illegal because it did not follow the rules. And to add to the upset Prorogation  was done by McGuinty who resigned from the Premiership and thus he has no standing to do anything [ maybe ]. This present situation defies Parliamentary tradition. Which excludes strong minded despots during normal times.. The Queen has to be brought into this. I am sure she will concerned about the plight of 14 million Ontarians who have had their democratic institution at Queen’s Park stolen from their grasp. This reminds me of the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion. Back then we had the Family Compact, a little like McGuinty and his insiders running the show but answerable to no one. Mind, they did have  Legislature back then although it had little power. at least better than we have now.  One story I have told over the years to show the kinds of things which caused people to pick up their pitchforks. John Graves Simcoe laid Ontario roads out in a grid pattern. During the early 1800s surveyors were sent out to divided each area between sidelines [ 1/2 mile ] and concessions  [ 1 1/4 miles ]. Each rectangle held four 100 acre farms. Now the dirty Family Compact stuff. When a surveyor found a nice farm his report was signed in red ink. The questionable farms were identified with black ink. The good farms were grabbed by the Family Compact families and some were set aside as clergy reserves. So called to provide protestant churches with an income. Now here’s the rub. Owners of the farms had to work on repairing / improving the local roads for 2 weeks or pay a fee to get someone else to do it. The farms owned by the Family Compact or the churches were not required to provide any road assistance nor pay any fee. The poor farmer with the poorest land had to maintain the roads for the convenience of the rich. Pushed to the wall they took up arms under William Lyon MacKenzie.  We haven’t come very far have we??? When the fighting broke out in late 1837 it enveloped both Upper Canada [ Ontario ] and Lower Canada [ Quebec ] and some of the people involved in the uprising were American sympathizers looking to gain what they had faileded to grab in 1812. At that very instant an 18 year old became Queen of England. King William had a number of runins with Victoria’s Mother who sought to be Regent. However a very sick King William was determined hang on to life to see Victoria succeed him and not her Mother. Almost immediately the revolt broke out in Canada and the English Prime Minister cautioned the Queen that if the unrest was allowed to fester here the Yankees would have us. Lord Durham was sent by the Queen to do a quick once around and report back. From his findings responsible government came to Canada in stages until the Country’s formation in 1867. Now in Ontario, we have lost that freedom so dearly won, thanks to David Onley. And shortly we will find out who will rule Ottawa, the Americans or the Chinese?  Neither of these nightmares needs to come true. Proroguing was illegal and the House must be brought back and the Queen has to intervene. It is her representative, David Onley who failed in his duty to protect the people . In Ottawa Herr Harper must be driven from office to bring an end to this Republican inspired experiment to bring about regime change. Just look at the Ruined States of America. DO YOU WANT THAT HERE?  Then become an educated voter. Harper’s Fascist Party is fueled with money from the US oil cartel. Such monopolies are illegal in Canada. I would suggest the the RCMP and Rev. Canada investigate the US cartel, this after the new NDP Government takes over. We should break up the US oil cartel and fine them heavily. Particularly for making illegal campaign donations to Herr Harper.

MAD * MAD * CONMAN BLACK    —   Conrad is beginning to wear a little. His babblings are not much different that what was heard from the insane outside the bars of Bedlam England beginning in 1403.  I have lived with Conrad since he stole exam papers from the office of Upper Canada College. Black was doomed to the life he has led by his alcoholic Father who using his money extricated the Conrad from any scrape he got into. As well Black was taught by his dad that everyone is against you, certainly feeding his Nietzsche complex and his UPC condition. All of Conrad’s misadventures can be traced to his nonoperating societal nodule. The Conman seems to think he can live IN OUR SOCIETY, SHARE IN ALL OF ITS’ REWARDS BUT PLAY BY HIS OWN RULES.  I have said many times, this shows the level of  Black’s madness. In a society with no rules everyone is equal right? Black would no longer be exceptional as he believes himself to be. So others would be making up their own rules, emulating Conrad. Fair’s fair, right? But a big suck like Black could never survive in a wild west world like that. Say Black’s fellow law breakers decided they didn’t like Lady Black refering to the Nietzsche Herd as the little people. So Barb gets beaten up and the bat wielder says what I did was not a crime because I HAVE DECIDED IT SO. What kind of a society would we have then? Black can only act like a bully because our society afford him protection. Canada has to protect itself from Black and Harper as well. He and Steve are old Neo Nazi friends from the Northern Foundation days in the 1980s at the University of Calgary. Harper had Black lined up to come back to Canada after the US Supreme Court questioned the Honest Services Act because of its’ huge affect on Republican CEOs who were stealing shareholder’s money. The case was brought before the top Court by Jeffrey Skilling and other right wing CEOs. They all liked to steal like Conrad but they didn’t like jail, Black likewise. Honest Services did taint 2 of Black’s fraud convictions but only slightly. Once a judgement is brought into question it must be reconsidered and it was appealed. Justice Richard Posner spoke for the 3 on the panel. His report is on the net. I wish all of those journoshills now writing for Team Black would read the comments of Justice Posner. Mind, that would mean 90% of Black’s muttering would be eliminated and they would have to forgo a pay cheque. Justice Posner said Black could not be believed. Obstruction of Justice stood as did one count of fraud. Two counts of fraud were SENT BACK FOR REPROSECUTION. Justice Posner said if the Honest Services component was removed from 2 contested fraud charges there was overwhelming evidence that Black HAD INDEED STOLEN THE MONEY. Put that in your pipe Phil Crawley and smoke it. While I am in this place. When the rebellion of 2013 comes where will the Thompsons hide and hide their money???  Justice Posner sent the two fraud charges back to the Chicago prosecutors for another look. He said, is it worth retrying the Conman when he had already been sent to jail. And secondly was it worth expending limited resouces on one more kick of the cat? On British TV what Black said flew in the face of the real world where he is not present. Black is not a Canadian and is here illegally. Steve, his old friend bent the rules to get the Conman in then lied to Canadians which is what Herr Harper does every day of the week. Black is CLUTTERING UP OUR COURTS, USING THEM AS HIS PERSONAL TOYS WHEN IN FACT HE DOESN’T RESPECT THE DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES IF THEY GO AGAINST HIM. My Grandma Hobbs used to tell the story of the London boys who were marching away to the First War. One of them was not keeping up. His mother said loudly, ” everyone is out of step but my Johnnie “. Thus everyone is out of step but Himself  Black. Conrad and Barb were out for a meal in T. O. with some of Team Black. They were accosted by an opponent who verbally abused them. The party was shocked and tried to escape via the side door. But Black is only getting a glimpse of what an unruly society would look like. He wouldn’t survive. I don’t understand Paul Godfrey, he keeps featuring Black when almost 70% of Canadians want to see the back end of him. I am a Red Tory, that is a free enterpriser with a heart. Everything that Harper says is filtered  through the rigid right wing ideology like Romney. Everything I say has the profit component embedded. 50 years in my own businesses will do that. The National Post was started by Conrad and lost $ 210 million [ this is a good businessman ? ] before he sold it to a family of dummies, the Aspers who bankrupted the Paper. The Post is now more than 90% American owned and is operating illegaly in Canada thanks to Harper looking the other way. IGNORING THE LAWS OF CANADA ONCE AGAIN. Of course some demented folk believe that the Conman is a great Canadian businessman. Black destroyed every company he ever laid hands on thus destroyed those investors involved, who trusted him. What a stupid thing to do. The other day Paul Godfrey sold the Post headquarters in Don Mills for $ 25 million and moved to some dive on Sherbourne St. I would guess that is why the resident business expert Terry Corcoron [ who has never been in business ] is seen so seldom these days. Working in a basement on Sherbourne is probably just too much to take. With all Terry’s business acmen the Post has not been able to arrest its’ slide into a second bankruptcy. Godfrey lost $ 26 million in the last quarter. He got less than that for his office building. So the Post is in big trouble even though Paul is trying to fake us. Why then would he keep jamming Black into our faces when the Conman is out of here when the NDP takes over. If you are in business you don’t go around pissing on two thirds of you potential customers. I suspect the Team Black is paying Godfrey a huge sum to feature Blackie. If this is right the Post gains in the short run but the end will come much quicker. Back when the Post was launched it had promise if it had pursued a moderate right wing approach. But that was all thrown away because a demented Conrad Black was involved.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL’S  GYNORMOUS * U * N * CAMPAIGN   —   I would like to add a couple which have yet to be used. UNtruthful and UN reliable. Phil Crawley doesn’t know where the truth lies and his Paper is so filled with propaganda and spin its’ only real use is to put it under the kitty litter tray. If you read the Globe every day you fall behind yet another day. For a long time I have been writing that fracking natural gas and oil in the US, the deep depression the Americans find themselves in and the improvement in auto technology which lets vehicles drive farther while using less gas has killed Alberta’s tar sands. Their natural gas business is now already dead. Alberta used to get more than 60% of its’ royalties from nat. gas. Nobody in the bribed media will mention that fact. It used to be that the Globe fooled the citizens about the oil and gas business. That initiative has now been forgotten. Right now the Globe is fooling investors in the sector, withholding the information that all of the tar sands infrastructure in the West is fast becoming worthless. Wall St. is concerned that shareholders will begin to flee and take their money with them. So each couple of days the Globe prints glowing reports about oil / gas company plans and promises of future successes. But in the real world the tar sands majors are cutting back activities and mothballing equipment. The only option now is that China, now in an oil banking phase will come along and offer a 60% premium on stock so companies can get out from under the slump. This whole meltdown has been created by the poor business plans of the US oil cartel and the two American pipe line Companies, Enbridge and TransNotCanada. The arrogant / incompetent people running these businesses like Russ Girling and Pat Daniels are in over their heads. With the American market gone and no daylight at the end of the tunnel it is time for the citizens of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to take the bull by the horns and seize the moment by taking direct control of their natural resources as should all of the Provinces. With the forming of the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel the huge number of failing energy businesses would allow the CPEC to take control of them at vastly reduced prices. In fact I believe many of  such businesses could be had for next to nothing. If I were a shareholder in Nexen and my only option was to sell to the Chinese and take a bath even with the premium I’d certainly have some of my money back but then what? Look for a new investment in to-day’s uncertain climate? I think I would look favourably upon a master plan wherein the CPEC would coordinate the Twin Beaver pipe lines [ along the 55th parallel ]  to carry oil and natural gas to the East and to the world markets through Churchill Man. The provinces would cooperate bringing Eastern / BC Green / cheap hydro to the prairies to power the tar sands and nat. gas infrastructure. The tar sands resources are in 3 areas, Peace River, Cold Lake and the main area  Athabasca [ containing Fort McMurray the gateway to Eastern Canada and the world ]. The main problem for tar sands operators is they only have access to pipes that were designed to carry oil, not tar slurry consisting of bitumen and lighter fluid. Since the raw tar carries sand it scours the insides of steel pipe and  sands away sensors and gate valves. Those managing the pipes don’t know when a spill occurs and can’t shut the valves off when they do. Bringing lighter fluid all the way for Chicago just so as to get the tar to go through the pipes is madness.  The thing to do is to put in double walled pipe lines from the main terminal at Fort McMurray to Peace River and another to Cold Lake. These two arms or main lines would recieve DilBit from the operators in each area using portable / double wall mini lines that could be moved to suit the changing dig pattern. At each dig would be a portable centifuge to separate the water and heavy metals thereby eliminating tailing ponds. The water then could be reused and the heavy metals sold as scrap. Each dig could be rehabilitated at the same time as the dig site moved. This kind of thing is not rocket science, it is just that the US oil cartel and the US pipe lines have always operated in a certain / outdated way and they’re not about to change their ways now, especially with Herr Harper being paid to be on their side. But change is coming whether the oilies or Steve like it. The business for western oil and gas is drying up and even the almighty can’t save them. New markets have to be found and new market are hiding in plain sight. But it is beyond the oilies to comprehend. The creation of the CPEC and a new way of harvesting the people’s resources would provide market security and guaranteed bottom line. Instead of each company trying to fight its’ way through the regulatory thicket CPEC would spearhead all of the needed measures. Imagine leasding land, setting up the infrastucture, mining tar with few emissions and have a guaranteed contract for so many barrels a year. Upgraders and refineries around Fort McMurray would produce a wide number of petroleum products which would be piped out to the East. At the same time natural gas would be pumped east. In fact nat. gas from the Mackenzie Valley and Norther BC could be accomodated by the Twin Beaver. Pumping finished product would increase volume for the same size pipe. Just as it is easier / cheaper to ship finished lumber instead of logs. The tar sands is a most amazing place. If there is an inefficient manufacturing / mining system or confused managerial approach in the world you will find it in the tar sands. Lillian Moller Gilbreth [ 1878-1972 ], was an American psycologist and engineer who along with her husband were time study pioneers. They were hired by industry to develop better / more efficient ways to make stuff. The Gilbreths followed in the footsteps of Frederick Taylor, the father of scientific management. Henry Ford’s assembly line came out of this efficiency movement. When I was manfacturing Apple Baskets, in the 1970s/80s/90s I studied the methods of Taylor and Ford. It was an eye opener. In 1924 Lillian, at 46, with 12 kids, lost her husband and their customers would not deal with a woman. To keep food on the table she turned her attention to the kitchen although she didn’t cook. She reorganized the kitchen layout just as electrical appliances were coming in. To this day Lillian’s innovations still carry weight. Revamping the kitchen got her out of industry and into a field where she had no competition. I read about her the other day in a review of a book by a son and daughter. I immediately thought of the tar sands. If I brought her back, one look and I think she would throw up. So I think I won’t bring her back, that would not be fair. The CPEC has to take the bull by the horns, take back ownership of the peoples resources and create a framework to harvest the resources, reduce the environmental footprint and ensure the rewards are shared equitably between the owners and the businesses involved. Why do you think that the Progressive Conservatives governed Ontario for 42 years, 42 golden years during which this Province was the economic engine of Canada. Leslie Frost, John Robarts and Bill Davis facilitated business. The right wing with Frank Miller as front man took over the PCs.  David Peterson destroyed the Ont. Government / business relationship because he didn’t want any Tory successes coming back to haunt him. There were projects in the pipe that had PC stamped all over them. Their flowering would have boosted the Tories as Peterson saw it so he killed the whole cooperative Government / business arrangement. The depression of 1990/95 was made much worse by Peterson’s pin headedness and vindictiveness. The salvation of the tar sands and Canada’s opening to become the world’s Green energy leader is to duplicate the approach of the Ontario Tories of which I was one. Namely a government / business partnership wherein each side contributes their strengths. Of course this will upset the stock brokers and Terry Corcoron whose only interest is hyping values and using companies as currency in the game. I believe there are a lot of  investors who would like stocks of value which paid a regular dividend off into the future with Canadians as the guarantors. The tar sand is beginning to die. To all Canadians it is the time to strike it rich. You mustn’t dally. I terms of Corcoron, he gets paid to act like a trained seal. So he does exactly that, acts like a trained seal

HOW THE e-car RAN OUT OF JUICE by Eric Regulay of the GLOBE AND MAIL   —   This is just another example of the Globe’s dishonesty and unreliability. As per usual I don’t know whether Eric is jusy plain stupid regarding cars or does he know he is lying but prepared to take the money anyway. I suspect he is lying as he is just one of many jounoshill now covering the deth of the e-Car. Mechanical stuff and technology are my meat. I started pushing H ICE [ hydrogen internal combustion engine cars and trucks ] vehicles more than a dozen years ago. Much was being written about the possibilities of hydrogen by knowledgeable people and there were some good articles in the bribed media. The pieces began to appear by journoshill who knew very little about the subject. Their work cast doubt on H ICE vehicles. What I found interesting was that they all used the same erroneous information is exactly the same order as if being coached from some central location. This same type of confusion campaign was used by the tobacco industry to create doubts about the threat of lung cancer and other maladies. The bribed media was paid big money to cause confusion over the health threats caused by smoking. It is interesting to go on the net and see how many celebrities and models involved in the big tobacco’s campaign died of lung cancer. Boy did they bet on the wrong horse but they did make a lot of money selling poison. Knowing of the efforts by tobacco companies and the media to minimize the affects of smoking alerted me to the campaign waged by the US oil cartel to kill the hydrogen car. Every article on hydrogen that I ran across in the newspapers was clipped and is in my file. I have the names of all the journoshills who participated in the confusion. My first focus about hydrogen was on the Toronto Star. For a couple of years previous John Honderich had been printing nukie propaganda and advertising that was full of lies. I wrote to Honderich, Rob Prichard, the Ont. Press Council and Advertising Standards Canada but was ignored. I began purchasing 3 other papers [ Globe, Post and Sun ] and to no surprise found the same misinformation on nuclear. Then the anti hydrogen campaign began, same approach, relentless knocks on hydrogen vehicles. As stated I clipped these articles. It was interesting that during this period Global Warming arrived in the headlines. Almost immediately the bribe media began another campaign casting doubts on the climate crisis, piece after piece was printed by so called climate change deniers. The Universities of Calgary and Carleton were / are centres in Canada for this activity. We now know that the US oil cartel funded the anti climate campaign through the now disgraced Heartland Institute [ a US charity, I kid you not ]. A whole network of journoshills and second banana academics filled the pages of the bribed media to cause doubts about Global Warming. We were never going to see monster storms crashing into new York City. It would not suprise you to know that Heartland got started running the Tobacco campaign against restrictions on cigarettes. When lung cancer could no longer be ignored governments had to get off their fat asses and act, reluctantly but they did finally stir. Big tobacco was fined out of business but the bribed media already had its’ money for promoting poison. It is clear now that the US oil cartel was the hand behind the anti hydrogen vehicle campaign and they succeeded in killing it off. Governments were interested in the taxes from gasoline and individual politicians liked the cash being handed out by the oilies. In terms of Global Warming the same course of action was followed by Big US Oil. I would guess that at least a 1000 journoshill were paid to spread confusion about climate change. These writers were paid by the oilies as were think tanks like the Fraser Institute that produced erroneous reports. The bribed media thus had writers writing for free using free anti climate reports. Again politicians didn’t want to muddy the waters and THEIR cash cut off  so they said lots and did next to nothing. Look to the scandal now unfolding in Montreal to see how it is done. Now the bribed media is declaring the climate crisis scare is over. It was all caused by 2800 scientists who were reporting their far flung work to the UN as to the changes that were occurring in nature. The US oil cartel spent hundreds of millions misleading 350 million people in North America about the coming climate storm. The biggest beneficiary of these payments was and is the bribed media. When the E-Car came on the scene the campaign of confusion started right up again. The auto writer who had made so much hay killing the hydrogen car were reenergized in a campaign to kill the electric car [ Dave Booth, Jim Kenzie, Peter Gorrie, Michael Vaughan among others. I think we can accept it on Eric’s say so that the E-Car is now dead. Again the politicians will heave a sigh of relief. Their tax revenues from gasoline and diesel will remain high and their envelopes of cash will keep coming from the oilies. The Globe and Mail [ as with the other media ] was engaged in all of these campaigns to kill people or impoverish them or both. Eric Reguly takes special glee in telling us the E-Car is at an end having been part of the media industry that was paid big money by the US oil cartel to kill it. They succeeded in misinforming the public and accomplished what the oil cartel wanted. I am sure Phil Crawley and Eric will get their heads patted by the oilies. Every time there is a big event like the tar spill in Kalamazoo, the Keystone, the Gateway etc oil industry spin and propaganda takes over in the bribed media. Problems go unreported or are quickly buried. But I find it galling the these American bastards who run the oil industry in this Country are so fucking arrogant. Their constant directions to the bribed media operate with clocklike precision.  And lies and misinformation appears in the same order and format in each paper. Having bought the media the oilies have no fear of contradiction. So be forwarned, believe what you see in the newspapers and Maclean’s at your own peril. Now here is a funny one. The papers are desperate, they’ve spent all the money given to them by the oilies. With slipping circulation numbers the paper owners like John Honderich and Paul Godfrey are looking to make money on the net by charging for the same spin, lies and oilie propaganda. Nerve I tell you, it takes nerve to sell tainted stuff  when they know it is tainted. And the tainted stuff gets sold because of a Government looking in the other direction.

WHAT DO THE F-35, THE SHENYANG 35 AND THE SUKOI 35 HAVE IN COMMON???    WHY THEY ARE THE SAME FIGHTERS * ALMOST   —   This is one area with which I am very familiar. I know where all of the bodies are buried. On the whole issue of Canada’s purchase of the American F-35, Harper tell nothing but lies and the bribed media dutifully prints his lies and Government propaganda. The Yanks are trying to go cheap on the F-35. They’re trying to get one aeroplane to do the job of 3, sort of like a hammer that can drill holes and saw wood. I can tell you that going back to the time of the Wright Bros. this approach has never ever worked. In addition the US plane makers are looking for other nations [ suckers ]  to share the cost. Canada and these other nations will sort of get seconds, not the real McCoy F-35s. The Yanks don’t trust us with all of their technology. The price starts about $ 500,000 a copy with a few local jobs thrown in to protect our politician’s asses. You know table scraps. The new Chinese fighter just announced will go along nicely with the used aircraft carrier they just purchase from Russia. China now has an ice breaker and is building more. Of course there is quite a bit of ice in the south China Sea to break. My thinking is that after buying up Canada’s tar sands, a deal that is being facilitated by our boy Prime Minister so the Chinese, the Russians and others will be able to sail through OUR NORTHWEST PASSAGE ON A WHIM. And what might we do about that? Maybe throw a hissy fit?  The Sukoi 35 is already flying. Go on the net and compare the 3 aircraft, almost the same. The Russians have the capability to develop fighters as good as the USA. However the Chinese don’t. China’s fighter was certainly built with stolen tech data from the Americans. The Russians will supply the Chinese with all of the avionics and hardware, thus they can’t be accused of arming a belligerent. The difference in the Chinese /Russian aircraft is that they have two engines. The F-35 only has one engine and is a single seater, very much in the Top Gun / old west / gunslinger tradition.  Canadians build practical / utilitarian aeroplanes. The Americans build Hollywood. I would think the Chinese are looking to dominate Asia, New Zealand, Australia and the Arctic. With carrier based fighters they could easily do that.  So you will see them now develop a separate jump jet like the Harrier. Do you remember the Falklands and the English Harriers The US had nothing like it as they had nothing like our Arrow. The Russians are looking  more to dominating their satellite countries and Eastern Europe so the Sukhoi fits that bill. The F-35 is 3 planes in one. a ground attack aircraft, a hi speed interceptor and a jump jet. It is like a Swiss Army knife, very useful but a lousy axe or sword. The US needs aircraft to protect only its’ coasts [ there is no danger from the north or south ] and engage in military operations around the world which can be supported by carriers and a fleet of huge transports planes. This short range, single seater fits the bill but it doesn’t satisfy Canadian requirements. A couple of years ago the protection of Canadian sovereignty in the high Arctic was high on the RCAF’s list. That has been quietly dropped because the F-35 just can’t do that job. So what are our options? Let’s sell out all of the tar sands to the Chinese complete. All of the Wall St. investors will be happy about peddling worthless assets. No market for western oil or natural gas now exists. We and the streeters could have one hell of a party to toast the end of an era.  The Chinese will oil bank the tar sands to be called upon at some future date. No oil or natural gas will come out of the west for years. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will become have-not-provinces and be guided in their deliberations by Chinese law [ whatever that will be this week ]. The Chinese, Russians, the USA and others will traverse our North West Passage without reference to Ottawa. China is now meddling in Greenland looking for minerals and oil. We ourselves will revert to herding Caribou and living in Yurts like the Outer Mongolians. Joe Oliver will be proud of us, his hewers of trees and drawers of water. But at least the CO2 will not be a problem in the tar sands anymore. All of the environmentalists will have to find work. One great advantage will accrue. We will be able to set up laundries for the Chinese sailors right across the top of Canada and call them Canadian laundries. Uncle Joe Oliver will pat us on the head for being so entrepreneurial, minimum wage guaranted. With our Nation sliding into fiscal heel I would suggest that all of those pesky right wingers like Tom Flanagan and Ted Morton go back to their homeland to help out their Republican family. I mean Mitt needs all the help he can get. Tom and Ted will be confortable  in gated communities to protect them from the roving gangs of homeless Iraq / Afghanistan veterans out for blood. Tom might do alright for a while in jail, being a draft dodger and all. But let’s get real. Cancel the F-35 contract and buy 40 super CF-18s [ we already operate CF-18, 75 are operational at the moment ].  Upgrade the existing CF-18s with the view of having 40 reconditioned machines for training and kicking around jobs. All this work would be done in Canada. The new Super CF-18 would be built totally in Canada under licence from McDonnel / Douglas / Boeing. We would revive the Avro Arrow and call it the Bombardier Arrow. While it was oroginally a 1950s aircraft you have got to remember it is the delta wing shape that is important. The performance of the delta wing fighters [ USA and England with its' Concorde ] has never been bested. The US, Chinese and Russian fighters above travel at about 1500 miles an hour and have service ceilings of about 60,000 feet. The Arrow will go 2000 mph and its’ service ceiling is 75,000 feet. There is a lot of talk about stealth capabilities. This means a special shape and some carbon fiber parts which do not reflect radar. However hang all of the ordinance from the wings and add drop tanks to increase range and the stealth capability goes out the window. As well the speed is diminished with all that crap hanging out in the wind. The Arrow carries all its’ weaponery and tankage inside the fuselage between the engines. It’ll go 2000 mph loaded or empty and can catch any fighter now in existance. The original F-18 cost $35 million in 1977. Both the Shenyang and Sukhoi fighter are estimated to cost $65 to $ 100 million per copy. The F-35 will cost us $ 500 million each. I would guess the Bombardier Arrow might set us back $ 135 million each and we would need 25 plus spares. The overhaul of the existing CF-18 might cost $ 15 million and the Super CF-18 might be $ 80 million [ homebuilt ]. I see the CF-18 rebuilding and the production of the Supers taking place in Montreal. The production of Arrow parts could take place in Ontario and BC with the assembly being done in Winnipeg. The Arrow would be used to patrol Canada’s coasts [ all the way to Greenland ] and our North West passage. Canada’s ice breaker combi tankers would carry petroleum products from Churchill Man., east to Europe or down to the islands or west through the passage to Asia, New Zealand and Australia. of course Canada’s fleet of ice breakers [ built on the St Lawrence and in BC ] would keep the passage open for navigation. All nations would be able to traverse our passage but they would have to ask permission first. If they took matters into their own hands as the US tends to do we would arrest the captain responsible and fine him. Our Arrows would need a central base where manufacturing would take place and repairs made. There would be Arrow bases in Newfoundland and BC. Patrols might take 2 hours BC / Newfoundland to Winnipeg. The engines for the reengined CF-18, the super 18s and the Arrows would be built in Malton and be based on Rolls Royce technology under licence. But eventually we would have our own jet engines in 3 horsepower ranges for the 3 aeroplanes and future fighters. I can see interest in the Arrow coming from England, New Zealand and Australia.  A high flying fast interceptor that can chase anything out of the sky might be very attractive. The Canadian tradition of manufacturing great aeroplanes on a shoe string is a winner in to-day’s world. All of the manufacturing  jobs [ CF-18 / Super 18 / Arrow ] would remain in Canada. Don’t expect any of this to take place under our present boy Prime Minister who is in the running to be the most hated PM in Canadian history. We do not like living under rules imported from the Republicans by Harper. In fact Americans don’t want to live under Republican rule either. The day after the election of President Obama the stock market plunged. It was engineered by Wall St. and the brokerage houses to make the Pres. look bad. These are the people who helped Bush Jr. destroy the USA and the Streeters are still at it. This is what sociopaths do. They never learn from their mistakes and like those who suffer from Autism like the Republicans keep on doing the same thing even if it continually results in disaster. Conrad Black is on the same losing trajectory. The only way for this nonsense to end is for the Conman to die or be put back in jail. Canada’s renew will begin the day we jail Herr Harper for breaking our laws. More on the Arrow later. Mark my words, we are going to build this sucker.

JOHN HONDERICH AND THE STAR AT 120 YEARS   —   John, where do I go to throw up??? You were a one year old sitting in a baby carriage when I started my Star paper route. I have always taken the Star and am sad to say I’ve watched it deteriorate over the last 20 years. The conversion to a rag like the Los Angeles Times [ bankrupt ] has accelerated over the past dozen years. Rob Prichard’s more recent meddlings saw the paper’s stock drop precipitously and the Star’s debt climbed to $ 500 million. Prichard had previously chopped half the value of the pension fund belonging to U of T professors. I believe in the Peter Principle, one rises to the level of their incompetence. Prichard was at the U of T and proved himself incompetent. Then Rob went to the Star to really prove the theory. Now Prichard heads Metrolinx and has shown himself to be a class above incompetence. But with Junta Leader McGuinty heading for impeachment Prichard’s days at Metrolinx are numbered but he won’t get $ 9 million serverence this time. I will push to see that not one of McGuinty’s insiders like Rob gets a penny of taxpayer’s money. In any event the circulation at the Star has dropped from more than 3 million in 2007 to 2 million in 2010, a 37% drop. John, this is success when you have debt of $ 500 million hanging around your neck?  In your piece in the 120 anniversary section of Nov. 3 / 12 you made a number of statements that were untrue. If you believe this stuff you are delusional. When a group of printers bought the Evening Star in 1892 it was described as a blatantly and unshamedly an organ of the predatory financial interests. The Paper in the last 10 years has returned to its’ roots. Not a Paper of the people. But a Paper of politicians, advertisers, special interests and the nukies. I began writing about the lies and misinformation being printed in the star at least a dozen years ago. A quick look through my file shows a letter to Honderich and Prichard, Sept. 2008. If the Star had cleaned up its’ act back then we would not have had the recent meltdown in our electrical system. But the nukie cheques to the Paper were more important than plight of the people. Money was more important than the truth. The Atkinson Principles are a thing of memory. Honderich has been ignoring them for years but still claims that they guide the Paper. Hogwash. When I was a Pickering Councillor I got to know a couple of oldtime Star reporters. After politics we would communicate separately. Eventually both were let go by the Paper. In separate phone calls both complained to me that the Star had hired young reporters because they would work for less money. It was interesting that both of them said the same thing in separate calls. The young reporters HAVE NO PERSPECTIVE.  Watered down journalism while Honderich charged the same price per copy. Subscribers were / are paying for a dozen in a box and only getting ten. A 37% drop in circulation seems about right to me. Now the Star is going to try and sell this watered down crap on the net and call it journalism, rots of ruk John. Finally it was the Star’s effort to drive the little local papers out of business that really ticked me off. Metroland would approach the owner of a small town paper to buy him or her out. If no sale, the Star would move in with a cover paper that had little local content and offered local businesses a ridiculously low advertising rate. The owner surrendered or went broke. The 100 Metroland local papers are given away free and have been supported by advertising over the years. That advertising has been shrinking for the last couple of years, going to the net. So Honderich is now stuck with Metroland, printing 100 papers for which he derives less and less revenue over time. It looks good on him. When I began delivering the Star Joe Atkinson was still at the Paper. Even after he died he had a powerful influence on the Company for a long time but no more. Atkinson must be turning in his grave over what has happened to his Paper. Not only have his principles been jetison but the Star is lying about their present predicament, going broke. The dilema for the bribed media is that the truth and the intersts of the citizenry don’t pay. But they needs the big circulation that provides eyeballs for the advertisers. How do you lie to and misinform the readers without them knowing it? How do you cheat the customers and in the very same breath tell them no cheating is going on?  John Honderich / Toronto Star are trying damn hard. We will have to wait for the answer.

HALF PRICE KILOWATTS   —   When I become Electrical Tsar of Ontario [ read earlier posts ] I will recommend to the Legislature that the price of KWs be cut in half IMMEDIATELY. That a new corporate structure be created along the lines of our original old Ontario Hydro to put all of  Mike Harris’ many bits back together. What Mike did could be described as a dogs breakfast. We have to blow it up first, then get out the glue. In addition every payment to private firms other than for KWs contracted for will be stopped pending close audits. I would be looking for hanky panky. If a contract doesn’t deal fairly with Ontarians I would recommend cancellation. If there are illegalities I would recommend charging those involved [ private operaters and politicians].  Firms like TransCanada should not get cent until McGuinty’s cozy arrangements are thoroughly investigated. Tim Hudak’s contacts with TransCanada  should also face close scrutiny. Hudak’s wife is getting money from Russ Girling at TransCanada. To put it bluntly, those who are involved with our electrical system and on the take should be treated harshly. The harsher the better.  As in cancellation of payments, expropriation, fines or jail. The French resorted to the Guillotine. Our approach should be just as sharp. For the last 15 years the Governments of Harris, Eves and McGuinty HAVE NEVER LOOKED AFTER THE INTERESTS OF ONTARIANS AS REGARDS OUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. The next inning has to be different. let’s make sure it is different.

McGUINTY’S COUP D’ETAT   —   In digging around there is no doubt that major shredding of documents is going on at  a darkened Queen’s Park. If you remember in the ongoing Murdock newspaper scandal in England people have been charged with Obstruction of Justice for shredding documents. A very serious charge about which Team Black and their hero Lord have yet to come to grips with. Destroying evidence to cover a crime only moves one closer to a barred cage. What is being shredded are the documents which enumerate McGuinty’s illegal involvement with the cancelled natural gas plants. McGuinty resigned as Premier before 14 million Ontarians but is still Premier as a result of not signing the necessary papers. So our Dalt can be in or out as he choses. It shows deceit and a lack of respect for our Parliamentary system. He was not in a position to Prorogue the House as he is in the minority. McGuinty has no power without the support of a few MPPs in the opposition. The House rules state that Prorogation HAS TO ANNOUNCED IN THE LEGISLATURE. John Milloy did not do this. McGuinty’s announcement of a phony resignation and Proroguing was done in front of the Liberal Party machine. The plain old ordinary Liberal MPPs were left on the outside of this affair looking in. These MPPs along with those of the PCs and NDP were elected by the people and ARE COLLECTIVELY SOVEREIGN. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THEY MAKE THE RULES. AS IN ALL OF THE RULES. McGuinty has pushed them all aside and HE IS NOW MAKING THE RULES. I can only think Dalt is so desperate to hide evidence of wrongdoing that he would break or abuse every rule in the book. There was a contempt motion before the Legislature based on the fact that McGuinty would not release the documentation pertaining to the gas plants being cancelled. Some documents were released and other hidden. Eventually some of the hidden docs made it into the sunlight but many were missing with no explanation. This matter was to go before the Finance Committee where witnesses could be called. It is clear this scandal [ now estimated to be $ 1.4 billion ] could blow wide open and blow McGuinty, Ministers and friends out of office. In terms of Prorogation, it can’t be called by the L. G. on the advice of a Premier based on an intolerant violation of the spirt and intent of the Constitution. David Onley had an obligation to reject the advice of McGuinty because the actions about to take place did not protect parliamentary democracy. Onley handed the Legislature over to McGuinty and the Liberals to use as their personal toy. Prorogation has always come in Canada with a time limit. No Prorogation has ever taken in this Country by a Premier who is in the minority and who is facing possible criminal charges. McGuinty knows exactly what he is doing. Closing the Legislature was illegal and is bad public relations but not as bad as being charged criminally along with member of his Government. Sandra Pupattelo, a leadership hopeful does not have a seat in the Assembly. She said that if she is elected Liberal Leader the Legislature will not be called back until she wins a seat. Gerard Kennedy is vying for the top job. He says the legislature will return in February. Do you think that parliamentary democracy should be in the hands of the UNELECTED Pupatello / Kennedy. This make a mockery of our system. Here is a better idea. Why don’t we set up a sort of wheel of fortune at Queen’s Park. All of the Liberals [ who now own Ontario ] can draw lots. Dave Onley could spin the wheel and where it stops, that’s when the House comes back.  I think there are two avenues we must pursue. I am confident that the House will quickly be called back into session by a new Lieutenant Governor named by the Queen. Firstly, every contract as regards the cancelled gas plants and the various activities have to be scrutinized immediatley by the Finance Committee. If there is the slightest indication that documents have gone missing that contract would have to be cancelled, not another cheque would be cut, end of story. Those on the losing end of this cancellation could plead their case by supplying all of the missing documents themselves, screw McGuinty. He may have thought by shredding documents he could wipe the slate clean. There are more ways than one to skin a cat.  No play the game, no dough. If a company like TransCanada’s Russ Girling threatened a law suit over non payment of blood money, fine. Remember MPPs are sovereign, they make the laws and the Court administers the laws. Legislation could be passed to void any money owing to Girling / TC . This will be a sobering fact and one that might just bring contractors involved with McGuinty to the table to spill the beans. I think the corruption herein could top Montreal. It will be the only way they will GET ANY MONEY AT ALL. With the Legislature back in session one of the first orders of business is to start Impeachment Proceeding against the phony Premier McGuinty. As like Charles 1st, we shall have Dalt’s head on a pike pole and exhibit it at a FUNCTIONING Queen’s Park. 

Note   —   The use of Impreachment has fallen into disuse but is still a part of Parliamentary procedure. In the past legislators would call upon the the Sovereign to act in such cases. However when the PM / Premier and other executive   officers became answerable to the House a politician / officer could be held accountable by a motion of non confidence. However Queen’s Park has been shuttered and the assembly is no longer in operation. So in no way can McGuinty be reprimanded, he is no longer answerable to the people. The Liberals now rule Ontario at their own convenience. I am angry at the Liberals, especially the leadership hopefuls. NOT ONE OF THEM HAS LOWERED THE BOOM ON McGUINTY.  Apparently our loss of democracy doesn’t register with them. Charlie Sousa says he will give a voice to rural residents. That’s nice but what about the remaining voters [ 75% ] who are without a voice now? Miss in and out Pupatello said she would not call the Legislature back until she was ready. Swell. Representative government is supposed to eliminate one man / woman rule. Hitler dispensed with the Reichstag when he had less than 40% of the seats. Just like McGuinty. He controlled the press by force. McGuinty controls the bribed media by the use of advertising. The Fuhrer was in charge of the police so political opponents could be intimidated. The OPP is under McGuinty’s thumb. Hindenburg, an old man was manipulated by Hitler. Poor David Onley, the L. G. was manipulated by McGuinty. We can draw a straight line from where we are now to the gas chambers. The problem is that a lot of Ontarians will only wake up when the sound of the concentration camp gate clangs behind them. When the phantom Premier is finally confronted he can just sign the necessary official papers and flee the job with all his criminal activities nicely erased, he thinks. That is where impeachment comes in. It can cover criminal activity, a conviction on which can mean jail time. I await the recall of the Legislature, the electrical system problems must be addressed first before the private contractors make off with any more taxpayer’s money. Under the circumstances nobody is in authority to sign any cheques. If  Duncan hands out a red cent he should be prosecuted too. Then let the impeachment of McGuinty begin. Dalt got a free house [ 1 1/2 million ], supposedly from the Liberal party. I disputed that at least 4 years ago. I concluded that the nukies gave McGuinty that house and that Liberal officials were lying. I arrived at this opinion because during that period the nukies, who had seized our electrical system to pay for their nuclear experiments were under great stress. Getting a contract for a couple  more overpriced CANDUs was crucial for the survival of AEC. At every turn McGuinty favoured the nukies over Ontarians, a way over the top. I decided that giving this rogue a house was the way to gain favours from him. And favours AEC got. I wrote letters to a number of people about this free nukie house, to John Honderich of the Star, MPPs and  TO McGUINTY HIMSELF AT QUEEN’S PARK. I never heard a word and the Star remained mum. This free house has to be investigated along with the gas plant contracts. I will see Dalton McGuinty go to jail.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                     LAOCOON

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DALTON MCGUINTY IS A QUITTER, A REAL GENUINE CHICKENSHIT   —   Mike Harris bailed early to avoid having a defeat on his record. I have called Mike a chickenshit and other similar names in the past. Brain Mulroney bailed early to avoid having a defeat on his record. Lying Brian has another name besides chickenshit, he is a common criminal. Mulroney took a $ 300,000 bribe from Karlheinz Schreiber while he was Prime Minister. Mulroney hid the cash in a safety deposit box in a New York bank and said nothing for 5 years. Afterwards there were all kinds of rumours flying around about this bribe. Revenue Canada was as usual, asleep at the switch as it always is in hi profile cases that involve the rich, famous and friends of the Government. The Rev. people ignored the vibrations on Brian. As always, the rich get richer and Rev. Can. instead nails the little people, as Lady Black likes to call us. When Brian realized Schreiber was about to sing he brought the cash back into Canada illegally. And THEN he confessed to Rev. Can. about taking the money. Now if the Agency had started an investigate based on all the rumours it would have been too late to come forward as Mulroney did. But in this case Rev. Can. played stupid as usual and even let Brian off at half price. Them what has gets. The rest of us can have our assets seized without recourse. Then Mulroney sued Ottawa over this affair and got a $ 2.2 million settlement based on his lying in Court. And this crook now wants our sympathy. He owes the taxpayer’s their money back.  Brian with great greed took our money happily and it shows what a little man he really is. Rev. Can. let Brian stiff us for half the tax and reduced the penalty. He should be in jail for taking money under the table as PM. Now Harper is doing the same thing, taking oil cartel money under the table. No wonder Steve’s Fascists MPPs don’t need pensions or subsidies they have plenty of oil money. Very shortly however we are going to have the chance to impeach Steve and jail him. Dalt McGuinty has now quit, he is doing a Harris / Mulroney, run while the runnings good. The ex Preem is doing what the Captain of that Italian liner did, who ran away while some of his passengers were drowning. Dalt will not have a defeat in the House on his record but he might go to jail. He has closed the Legislature down to avoid facing the various scandals ongoing and he thinks we won’t see the House sitting until after the Liberal leadership campaign. So the people [ us ] will not now be able to get at the Liberals. It is tyranny at its’ worst. As usual the bribed press treats this travesty just like a Habs / Leaf hockey match. The media will soon bury prorogation as i does all other issues affecting the movers and takers.  But the Dalt has actually hung the Liberal Party out to dry and guaranteed a drubbing next election. The Liberals will then be  toast. I would guess during prorogation that Queen’s Park will be ringed with Mr. Shred-It trucks as the Liberal destroy records.  All of Dalt’s friends will see the hand writing on the wall and will stuff their pocket full before leaving. Bureaucrats facing pink slips from the new Government will be handing out untendered contracts to private contacts hoping to secure a job after being set free. They won’t want the new NDP Government coming in and finding all of those skeletons. All of those who are now going to start the shredding should be  made aware that their actions could bring a stretch in jail. So they should be careful. I would think it would be advisable for TransNotCanada to come forward and open their books to all the sweetheart deals with McGuinty and company. When I become the Electric Tsar in Ontario I will recommend to the all party Standing Committee on Electricity in the Legislature, for whom I will work, that 4 things be done. The cost of a KW/h be cut to 10 cents IMMEDIATELY [ all in, no extra charges ]. This will make business more competetive and give Ontarians more pocket money. All payments to private companies be stopped other than for power actually being delivered [ with a quick review of the legitimacy of such supply ], thirdly all advertising and nukie propaganda be stopped. Only black and white bills [ 2 boxes - KWs used / price - period ] and letters will be sent out . And lastly all of the negotiations with the builders of the failed natural gas plants be frozen subject to a thorough review which I can do. Why spend time looking looking through old documents which were made purposely unreadable to hide Government corruption. We as a Province need to move forward now. The Liberal ship has struck a rock and is breaking up. The Party will now become merely a footnote. I suspect that there is some skulduggery [ maybe worse ] on the part of McGuinty and his ministers. They should pay the price for cheating, lying, stealing, abusing the legislature and breaking the law.  What we see are Republican traits that being exported to this Country. One of the traits is to undermine Canada’s National and Provincial Governments. There is the ongoing destruction of Parliament, the attempt by the US oil cartel to install a Provincial Government in Alberta by buying an oil candidate, Danielle Smith [ White Rose ] and Wall St. buying up the Liberals and PCs in Ontario. In the matter of becoming the Electric Tsar I have written about it before in detail. I took up training for the job a dozen years ago when Mike Harris said he would sell Ontario Hydro. I blew a fuse. I urged Harris to fix our electrical system, not to sell it. I met with my MPP Janet Ecker on this issue. I suggested fixing the thing and securing a PC dynasty that would mirror the one of the Tories under Frost / Robarts / Davis, 42 years. Nope, Mike’s right wing American handlers had too tight a grip on him. I offered my services to McGuinty, me a Red Troy, he a Liberal, nope. Over a period of a year I tried to sell the electrical fix to John Tory, another political loser not unlike Joe Clark. I said to John, offer to fix Ontario’s electrical system and you will be able to write your own ticket. Nope, no dice. The reason I will be successful at being the KW  Tsar is as follows. [ 1 ] I have been in business for more than 50 years. [ 2 ] I am a mechanic and techie. Have been for over 60 years. [ 3 ] I’ve had a 12 year apprenticeship regarding the Ont. electrical system. Since Mike Harris. I know more about this Province’s electrical system in a general way than anyone else in the Country. [ 4 ] I have no axe to grind other than with the nukies. They have stolen money from us and lied to us once too often. [ 5 ] I am not a member of any political party. I am a Red Tory. But my Party was stolen by the right wing Repubs. with Hudak acting as the front man [ 6 ] I can’t be bought, no matter the price. As Tsar I expect to be paid $ 250,000 a year, plus expenses on a 5 year contract. I would expect to collect only $ 50,000 per year. After 5 years I would await the verdict of Ontarians as to whether I had done a good enough job to get the remaining million dollars. The Legislature would be able to answer that question. If I got the million I would pay Rev. Can. [ for the people of  Canada / Ontario ] the taxes owing, although I hate the Agency’s guts. Half the remainder would go to Sick Kids Hospital [ they save my Daughter Jennifer ], Sunnybrook Hospital and Rehab Centre [ they save me ], the U of  T [ Mabsie attended ] and other charities. The dollars remainding would go to my 3 children. Dalt has a wife and 4 children. They live in a house worth more than a million bucks which was given to him by the nukies. Dalt didn’t deliver on more nuclear plants as planned. Do you think the nukies will want their house back??? It is Government corruption like this and the suspension of the democratic process that endangers our very future.  Hitler prorogued the Reichstag and it never met again. You know what happened after that, the jackboots. One small problem for McGuinty. He resigned as Premier and in now just a caretaker, he thinks. Ontario is beset with problems and Dalt closed the shop down to avoid paying for his mistakes. Standing Orders for the Legislature [ January 2009 ] [ Meetings of the House ] [ # 7 ]. ” Before a Session is prorogued, the Government House Leader SHALL ANNOUNCE THE APPROXIMATE DATE UPON WHICH THE ASSEMBLY WILL BE RECONVENED “. The meaning of shall, ” Something that WILL TAKE PLACE “. McGuinty surprisingly prorogued the Legislature in front of the Liberal caucus after getting permission from Lieut. Governor David Onley who failed in his duty to Ontarians, [ Standing Orders # 7 ] which  requires the Government House leader to announce prorogation IN THE House and give an approximate recall date. This was not done and we now face a Constitutional crisis. The next thing we will encounter is McGuinty announcing House business at Tim’s.  What we see is not our Canada, rather a land without laws with the lawless in charge.. Wherein the leaders like Harper and McGuinty roam about tearing democracy down.  I am a Red Troy and am thoroughly disgusted with Hudak and HIS Party machine. Party people like me were shut out years ago. The PC insiders are as bad as McGuinty’s crooks. Hudak wife is taking money fromTransNotCanada, the builder of a cancelled gas plant. Lyin Russ Girling, CEO of TNC is playing both sides of the street in Ontario, handing out money to McGuinty as well as Hudak. The all the important people have been bought, Girling thinks. Apparently the ex Preem got together with 5 of his cronies to decide to prorogue the House [ illegal ]. This is a democracy?  Will of the people? You have got to be kidding?  Dalt is a plain old vanilla type  Liberal MPP among 50 other Liberal MPPs. He was chosen as leader by his Party not dictator. McGuinty’s disregard for the rules of the Legislature is a mistake of monumental proportions. This reminds me of the boner pulled by David Peterson, a political village idiot if there ever was one. Dave chose to call an early election to run away from a coming recession without consulting his Liberal MPPs. Ontario suffered more heavily from the downturn because of Dave deserting.  Me first Dave said, everyone else second. Peterson  blew his party’s big majority by losing 60 seats and he even lost his own seat in 1990. Peterson was one of the worst Preems Ontario has ever had. And viewing Dave’s conduct since his defeat shows the people of this Province were no far wrong for turfing him. They made the right choice.  The Liberals were in the wilderness for a dozen years over Peterson. Until my Mike Harris messed up even more. And we PCs have been in the wilderness ever since, having watched Ernie Eves, John Tory and now Tim Hudak snack defeat from the jaws of victory. Be forwarned. Our salvation lies in electing Andrea Horwath as Preem. She doesn’t have a Party machine of well heeled insiders just looking to steal from the treasury and shortchange taxpayers.  ANDREA LISTENS TO THE PEOPLE, NOW THERE IS A CHANGE FOR QUEEN’S PARK?  Our brighter day awaits. Your vote holds the key. As I said to my boss Mike Harris in 2000, FIX THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM or it will be your Waterloo. Mike was looking at the PCs being in power if the fix was in for another 40 years but he didn’t listen.  Also I wrote to scumbag McGuinty in 2004 saying, FIX THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM or it will be your undoing. Dalt didn’t listen. I said to John Tory, fix the thing and your future is assured.  Now I say to Andrea Horwath and the NDP, FIX THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM AND as always I say, I CAN HELP ACCOMPLISH THAT.

Note   —   See my previous post on the prorogation scandal for my suggestions as to finding our way out of this swamp. The elites will want the bribed media to bury this prorogation affair as quickly as possible because many of them had their noses in the public trough. And the lieutenant Governor will have to resign.  No question there were a lot of illegal inside dealings which will affect many people if ever brought to light. And into the light we MUST BRING THEM. An in depth review of our electrical system will shine a lot of light on just who is stealing what. I find it surprising how many people have been attracted to the Geeman Blog. It has passed the 50,000 mark and climbing fast. I would take it that people prefer the truth. The bribed media is no longer relevant.


RICK GEORGE YOU BEST GO HOME   —   The US oil cartel has spent even more money [ with George's new book ] trying to drive a square peg in a round hole. I find it amazing the so many high priced American CEOs, operating in the Canadian oil patch are so far behind the curve. The USA, their home Country is in rapid decline due to a dysfunctional governmental system. Why waste time irritating Canadians, just go home I say. I would think that Rick George’s place is south of the border helping his Nation as the roof collapses. It shows what kind of weak minded Yankees populate Calgary. Gasoline consumption in the USA has dropped by more than 20% in the last 5 years. The fracking of natural gas and oil by mom and pop outfits in America has stolen the ball from the US oil cartel and the natural gas giants like Encana. Rick and his pals are now nobodies. Their 100 year old businesses are in disarry. Unrestricted exploitation is an approach the States does best so that now the price for nat. gas has been driven down to $ 1.75 a unit instead of $ 16 a unit due to fracking. Nobody can make any money now on gas and in Canada  Alberta, Saskachewan and Manitoba are out of the natural gas business, no demand. This is a great example of the right wing free market. I have been writing about this for months but the bribed media says nothing.  Oil and nat. gas companies are scared shitless. They don’t want to frighten their shareholders with the truth. So they pay the media to stay mum. That is why we get constant upbeat announcements from the oilies each day and every day.  The are trying to say that the sinking ship ain’t sinking.  Apparently energy  shareholders are brain dead, the storm clouds have been gathering for the industry for more than a year. The oilies, gasies and the pipe line companies would rather have their shareholder find out that the jig is up last. A moron can see that the North American oil and natural gas pipe line system is now inadequate. But Rick George, Gwyn Morgan and their idiot pals were / are dozing. Current pipes were never designed to deal with such a disjointed demand / supply situation. Pipes go where there is no demand and no pipes go where there is demand [ in the world market ]. The US is now self sufficient in nat. gas and overflowing with oil. The oil cartel wants to get  more oil out into the world market because Americans are buying less fuel. But a glut of oil in the US has driven the wholesale price down. But in the monopoly situation that has existed since the 1920s, even with cheap oil Americans and Canadians are paying more for gasoline. This is in the land that the Republicans have destroyed.  There is no way to redirect oil quickly overseas.  Drivers here and in the States are paying the freight for this disjointed system. We are paying the oil and natural gas monopoly inflated prices to ensure they remain profitable while things are worked out to their advantage. It is government sanctioned theft. As stated this is the advantage the Republican President and the Congress gave to big oil in the 1920s. Americans have been paying a huge price for this illegal Republican action ever since and right now they are being severely gouged. So the North American drivers are now carrying the can for the world oil / gas energy upheaval. We sit in our front yard like hicks as the oilies and the gasies walk onto our property, walk into the house through the front door with their muddy boots, go out the back door looking around for anything they want. Once they have what they want they leave. We just sit there agoin yup, yup. People who are slow to stir in the face of abuse are usually abused even more and generally they don’t survive. Just meekly walking to the cattle cars without raising a finger has never guaranteed a long life. Darwin never said, ” survival of the fittest “. His point was that those who survive are BEST ABLE TO ADAPT. The oil / nat. gas business in Canada is kaput. Adaptation to this new energy reality [ new NEP ] is absolutely crucial. To prevent such a move are the likes of  Steve, Rick George, Joe Oliver, Peter Kent, CAPP and the bribed media et al. Herr Harper is spending millions on nonsense advertising. Steve hasn’t been getting much of a bounce lately so it is imperative that he get some good press. The $ 16 million or so is being given to the media moguls to ensure that they don’t write anything nasty. Any journalist who tells the truth will get a pink slip and the offending paper will be stricken off  Harper’s advertising list. Hitler controlled the press by force. Harper controls the press by use of advertising bought with OUR tax dollars. As I have said so many times, we are paying to sharpen the blade that will take our heads off.  Rick George is a plain old fashion bullshitter.The book HE didn’t write keeps mentioning the truth. George won’t know the truth if it smacked him upside the head. He talks about the truth which never comes from the US oil cartel or TransNotCanada or Enbridge, it is all lies. George quotes the Royal Society of Canada as rubber stamping the tar sands. I looked into this and the RSC is an organization wherein individual, qualified people are admitted to the Society. They do their own thing on the understanding that they can only identify themselves as being a member of the RSC.  Individuals NEVER SPEAK for the whole membership of about 2000. But that is the impression George tries gives us, just more  oilie bullshit.  Rick has some derogatory things to say about Peter Mansbridge and James Cameron.  George got big coverage in the papers about the book that isn’t his.  Of course this is made possible because the oil cartel and the pipe lines place lots of advertising. If you send Phil Crawley of the Globe a big cheque you can say anything. But what caught my eye was the Rick George attack on Daryl Hanna, that’s a no no. Daryl is one of my favourite actresses. My Granddaughter Hollie and I went to see a movie years back, which featured Hannah. Daryl was arrested in Washington a year ago and more recently in Texas protesting the Keystone Pipe Line. Russ Girling is CEO of TransNotCanada, advertised as a Canadian Company but it is owned by Wall St. You remember Wall St., the sociopaths who destroyed the real estate industry in the US and caused the EU financial collapse.  Russ has been telling lies for the last year and because of his big advertising budget he is never challenged by the bribed media. Girling can say whatever comes into his pea size brain. It is in the American DNA to cheat and lie. The media makes money from publishing or broadcasting propaganda and lies. The truth, which we badly need brings them no profit. So let’s have a helping of the truth from me. The Big Keystone Pipe will go from the tar sands to Port Arthur Texas [ a tax free port ]. The Americans gets no taxes from this operation. The piping to be installed by Russ is meant to carry refined oil like olive oil. Rather it will carry tar, sand, chemicals and lighter fluid [ for thinning ]. The lighter fluid is not available in Canada so it will come from Chicago via another pipe line. Since it isn’t oil either it won’t be taxed. Another break for the oilies. Americans and Canadians will receive no taxes for the transport of lighter fluid. The tar gets dug up using diesel powered equipment [ dirty ] and the process is aided by burning natural gas [ dirty ] to boil water. Fouled water is dumped into tailing ponds which kills wildlife and poisons the rivers. The infrastructure for these operations is powered by electricity from coal fired generating plants [ dirty ]. The CO2 emissions are monsterous no matter what Rick George says. In fact I don’t believe he actually wrote the book, ” Sun Rise “, now being promoted. I think it was produced by the US oil cartel as yet another piece of propaganda mainly to keep shareholders onside. They mustn’t be allowed to know how dire things really are. Their investments will soon be zero. Mind they can always sell out to the Chinese Government. In terms of the tar sands it is more like the setting sun rather than a sun rise if the emissions continue. A good / clean business plan must be put in place and the emissions cleaned up [ they can be ]. Reading about George make me think most of the tar sands is operated by Neanderthals like him and Gwyn Morgan. In terms of the pollution being emitted, to clean it up using old technology would cut into their profits, they don’t know any better. As a group Rick and his dumb friends don’t realize that cleaning up the tar sands will make things MORE PROFITABLE, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Something the cartel, which is mired in the past will never do. So it is much better to give Herr Harper a big chunk of change under the table  to back and fill and delay any kind of cleanup. Peter Kent is the perfect Minister to carry out the foot dragging. Peter like all other UPC sufferers says one thing but means another.  In addition  to having UPC the rest of Kent’s brain doesn’t work very well either. So if the Keystone XL pipe goes in who do you think will benefit? First off the environment will suffer. Cleaning up tar is almost impossible as the authorities found out in Kalamazoo. Janet Holder of Enbridge is yet another oilie who tells nothing but lies. Janet baby, the Gateway tar / lighter fluid slurry will be going to California NOT ASIA. Enbridge has already sought approval from Washington to ship Alberta’s tar to the California. Thus the whole west coast is under threat of a tar spill. It will be ten time worse that the EXXON Valdez.  Holder appeared on Evan Solomon’s CBC news. Where do they find these lying parrots? Those living along this 1700 km Keystone pipe in both countries will be at risk. The small rent cheques from Girling will never cover the constant concern and worry, never mind a spill. A tar slurry spill can’t be detected easily because the sensors and valves get destroyed by the sand going through the pipe with the tar. It is like using 80 grit sandpaper on the iside of the pipe.  As stated there will be no taxes forthcoming from the transportation of the tar or the refining in Port Arthur. The tar leaving Fort McMurray will be a raw resource much like the resources Canada has been shipping out for 250 years, no value added. We’ve sent out beaver pelts, logs and minerals. Joe Oliver praised Canadians the other day for having an honourable history as hewers of wood and drawers of water. To that we can now add, diggers of bitumen. Taking tar out of Alberta will mean few jobs locally in spite of what Girling tells us. Especially if all those Chinese workers are let in. Both Saskatchewan and Manitoba can kiss oil and nat. gas royalties good bye in the present market. Royalties to Alberta will be rock bottom on tar. It takes one barrel of energy to retrieve 3 barrels of oil in the tar sands. A lot of dirty energy for a meger result. It pays the cartel to dig the tar as long as they don’t have to deal with the mess and the garbage. 25 barrels of conventional oil can be had for one barrel of energy used in fracking. If conventional oil fracking continues at the present pace in the US it will match the outcome of fracking natural gas.  If the output of fracked conventional oil expands in the USA and around the world then nobody will want the Alberta tar. I can see Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba becoming have-not-provinces. The present market for oil and natural gas is becoming so volitile the future can’t be predicted playing the old game. If the Keystone IS built it could be abandon within two or three years if the world turns its’ back on the Texas refineries due to cheaper / cleaner oil available elsewhere. In that case Keystone investors will lose their shirts. So the Keystone pipe benefits just whom??? The answer is the management and insiders at TransNotCanada / the US oil cartel / Wall St. will get rich quickly and then walk away if they have to. In fact, if profits of the US oil cartel and the pipe lines fall too far and the attempt to extort money from Canadian and American drivers fails you will see gas stations close in areas with smaller populations. Detroit is bankrupt. Whole areas of the City have been abandon. People are living under the highway overpasses. Now take away all the gas stations. You are back to the stone age. And our politicians are letting the cartel get away with this, for a small price that is. Look to Montreal to see how it is done. These are the people who should be going to jail rather than Daryl Hannah. The bribed media will do well in the short run getting oil cheques but eventually most of the papers will fold due to the constant flow of misinformation and lies. Newsweek just went belly up. Mclean’s is in trouble. The National Post is next down the toilet. People with pitch forks don’t buy papers. They are too busy slicing off heads. The National Post is a good example the right wing approach gone wrong. It is owned by Americans and is operating illegally in Canada. But Herr Harper won’t enforce the law in this regard. The Post if filled with useless / cheap US  wire service copy, ads posing as news and cursed by the presence of Conrad Black. The Paper is now downsizing yet again and laying off even more journalists.  But Paul Godfey still wants to collect the same price per issue. Mind, the Post is now being given away in so many retail store you are sure to find a copy for free if only to watch the thing die. It will soon be so small you won’t be able to wrap your fish and chips in it. I am sure you will join me in offering  Rick George a one way / third class ticket back to Colorado along with Ted Morton and Tom Flanagan.


JOE OLIVER, HE OF A SOFT HEAD   —   Joe’s over in India trying to sell Alberta’s bitumen, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous. The Asian market for DilBit doesn’t exist nor does a market in China either. This is a pipe dream dreamed up by Herr Harper and his oil cartel employers to provide a cover for the Gateway pipe. Enbridge [ Gateway ] has already applied to the US Government to import the tar / lighter fluid coming from Fort McMurray into California.  A map of the proposed route [ Kitimat to Calf. ] already exists. So Harper and Oliver are lying as are Russ Girling and Pat Daniels. How is this bunch ever going to sell to Canadians and Americans the moving of raw tar from Alberta to Texas or California just to restart the idle US oil cartel refineries. Everyone is at risk or stands to lose except the cartel and pipe line insiders. Their only option is to tell lies and pay the papers to repeat those lies. Someone should tell Joe Oliver to come home. Here’s the scoop. Eastern Canadians are paying full world price for gasoline. Allbertans are being paid peanuts for their oil / tar if they can sell it at all. Ontario and Quebec natural gas customers are paying Alberta prices for cheap fracked nat. gas from Michigan. After taking government sanction screwing at least 20 times we are about to take another screwing. Send Eastern hydro electricity to the Alberta and Saskatchewan tar sands to power the infrastructure. Install centrifuges to eliminate the tailing ponds. Recycle all the water required in a closed loop system. No more polluted rivers. There is already a small oil sands operation in the USA that uses wind for power, centrifuges and uses no outside water. The EPA demands it. The EPA would not approve of the manner in which the Canadian tar sands is managed. Why should we?  Dear Joe, send oil refined in Alberta and Saskatchewan and nat. gas to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes via the Twin Beaver pipe line. Which could be spurred off to Churchill Man. to sell surplus oil and nat. gas to England and the Commonwealth of Nations [ 2.2 billion people ]. In this way Canada would become energy self sufficient and the premier clean energy provider. The tar sands in Alberta is fast becoming worthless and one by one each facility will close, no way to get the stuff out. The Keystone and Gateway pipes, if they are ever built will only  last a short time. The oil market will change dramatically or there will be a spill of tar and Girling or Daniel will just walk away. It is interesting that the bribed media never says anything about the cases before the Supreme Court regarding the results of 7 disputed seats in the elections of 2011. If new By-Elections are ordered Herr Harper is toast and all of this fretting will be over. The new Parliament will be able to overturn all of Harper’s nasty right wing  Legislation. Then we can get back to the business of building a much better, energy clean Canada for our kids and grandchildren. We will build a cheap / clean  energy  firewall around Canada  meaning we will no longer serve at the whim and pleasure of the US oil cartel, TransNotCanada, Enbridge, Wall St. and the Chicago futures market. Free at last, we will be free at last. You my dear friend hold the future of the country in your hands, vote for a MP /MPP  WHO WILL LOOK AFTER YOUR INTEREST AS OPPOSED TO THE TRAINED SEALS WHO SERVE IN HARPER’S FASCIST PARTY, HUDAK’S  PCs AND THE ONTARIO AND OTTAWA LIBERALS. Maybe we could get Joe Oliver a job as a greeter at Walmart.


LISTERIOSIS ROUND TWO   —   In the present fiasco at the XL packing plant in Brooks Alberta many people, journalist and politicians are speaking about the Listeriosis outbreak in 2008. They don’t know what the hell they are talking about. That God damned Michael McCain, Herr Harper and Gerry Ritzburger made me sick. Ritz pulled most of the meat inspectors out of McCain’s Maple Leaf plant before the Listeriosis outbreak. Letting companies like Maple Leaf and XL Beef police themselves is a favourite of the right wing. But it never works. If you pull all of the police off the beat crime will go up. Even decent citizens will push the limits if there is no penalty to pay. Michael McCain, Brian and Lee Nilsson stuffed extra bucks into their pockets by cutting corners. Corners that could be cut because Harper and Ritz were asleep at the switch. I wonder how much McCain, Brian and Lee paid Harper to be able to cut corners which put profit ahead of public safety. On August 6 / 08 CFIA knew that the Listeriosis contaminated cold cuts were coming from Maple Leaf. McCain did not close the plant till August 20 / 08. For 2 weeks food was being shipped which killed people. Another ten days goes by and product is still being recalled by McCain. Harper, Ritz, CFIA and the bribed media were more interested in the business problems which were piling up for Maple Leaf than in the lives of Canadians. This Listeriosis was a replay of the Walkerton outbreak and now we have a replay in Brooks Alberta. Will right wingers never learn that when government is reduced people die. Will voters never listen that when they vote for parties on the right they are putting them and their families at risk. And much of my contempt is directed at the bribed media. The part that the TV and newspapers played in white washing the Listeriosis outbreak ensured something like XL Beef would happen again. And in this present crisis the bribed media is doing the same white wash job because if they didn’t spin the story Harper would cut off the advertising tap. The Harper Fascists have blood on their hands again as does the bribed media. The Party of death. As I said McCain, because he fucked around for 3 weeks it made me sick. The moment CRIA traced the Listeriosis outbreak to the Maple Leaf plant it should have been closed and a warning sent to all customers to cease using / selling the cold cuts. It would have stopped the outbreak immediately and limited the health fallout to those who had already consumed the tainted products. And that stupid son of a bitch Gerry Ritz  made jokes. I would have like to stuff some of the tainted cold cuts down the throats of Ritz and McCain and making them as sick as I was. McCain was praised by the bribed media for taking full responsibility. Responsibility my ass. Maple leaf bobbed and weaved trying to do as little as possible. In fact when things became normalized at Maple Leaf there were 2600 cases of weiners that had been condemned sitting in the warehouse. Somehow they got shipped out and Company officials knew from nothing. This was a huge story which could have killed more people but the bribed media just kept applying whitewash. Maple Leaf buys a lot of advertising don’t you know?  Now we are faced with another meat health scare orchestrated by the very same Gerry Ritz. Who is as incompetent as ever. The minute E-Coli was traced to XL Meats the plant should have been shuttered. But all the CFIA did was wring their hands on orders from Ritz. More than 14 days passed by before action was taken. Contaminated meat continued to be shipped and the bribed media just spun and spun the story and they still are. With the Listeriosos outbreak Harper, Ritz, CFIA and the bribed media were focused on preventing a loss of business for Maple Leaf and reduced stock prices. The health of Canadians be damned. McCain lost 50% of his business. Looks good on him. We were heading to the lake and stopped at a Sub Sandwiches in Peterborough. I got a beef sub. Within a day I had stomach cramps and the runs. I drank a half gallon of Pepto Bismal and the problems eased. I knew all about the Listeriosis epidemic. Coming back to Toronto we stopped at Sub again, no beef was available. The owner said it had all been recalled by Maple Leaf. Ya right McCain, two weeks too late. Michael’s concern for a buck killed people. and the Harper Government and the bribed media coverted up for him. Since that time Mabs and I have never bought any more subs. Nor do we buy Maple Leaf products ever, ever. In terms of XL Beef, a Company from Brazil has been brough in to manage the place. What a crock of shit. It just gives Brian and Lee Nilsson a chance to run away from their responsibilities, just like Herr Harper. Every time Steve gets into heavy sledding he hides away. This Brazil manager will last long enough for the bribed media to bury the story. Then the Nilsons will just go back to their old ways, toying with health of the public. Before the Listeriosis outbreak CFIA had one inspector in the plant FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY AVERAGE.  J U S T   O N E. Harper allowed McCain to reduce inspectors in advance of the Legislation. So when the Listetriosis hit Maple Leaf was operating illegally. Say, our Harper doen’t have much respect for the laws of Canada does he?  The fallout at Walkerton resulted in a number of sick people and some deaths. The bribed media went easy and provided a lot of misinformation. In the Caledonia / Mohawk the bribed media was AWOL, they DID AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. In the case of the Listeriosis the media did a great whitewash job and just guaranteed the XL Beef outbreak. This latest E-Coli outbreak in Alberta is being covered by the bribed media in the same way as the Maple Leaf  health scare. Too little real coverage and too much white paint. In fact in every case of threats to the environment, health, finances, Medicare and pensions etc the bribed media has failed to provide adequate and truthful information. Think of the bribed media as extentions of the rich, big business and the special interests. You will never get a fucking break from them nohow. Phil Crawley is now going to charge for the Globe on line. Phil has to be mental. The problem with going on the net with the lies his paper contains every day is that people like me can go on the net and punch holes through Crawley’s copy. Look what a blogger did to Margaret  ” plagiarizer ” Wente. Her stealing copy from others and getting caught has ruined her Globe career. Even if people read Marg they will take everything she says with a grain of salt. Wente should go back to the USA where she came from. There were 5 big articles on oil in the Globe over the last couple of weeks. Never mentioned in any of them were Canadians, consumers and drivers. Apparently we are only around to pay the bills. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been cowed by Harper. The Nuclear Safety Board has been cowed by Harper. Elections Canad has been cowed by Harper. Rev. Can. operates as an arm of the PMO. Finally the RCMP is now the Royal Canadian Harper Police, completely cowed. Some country???


CHRISTINE SINCLAIR A CLASS ACT   —   I am not a socer fan, only saw replays of the game which the USA stole and saw the fallout caused by the reactions after. I did quite a bit of research later. I have a mindset that Americans cheat, lie and steal anything that is not nailed down. I have been involved deeply in politics since 1960 when my relationship with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives began. For 50 years I have had a more in depth view of what was /is happening in Canada and around the world than most. As a matter of course I fully expect the Americans if they don’t win, to cheat, change the rules or rig the game. I can say I have never been disappointed. My favourite is the softwood lumber dispute. Canada got more judgements in its’ favour but the US always pulled some swifty, sometimes very imaginative. There is no doubt that the USA stole the game  question. It was just a matter of how it was done. I believe the American team officials thought it would be a walkover against Canada. When it became apparent that the Yanks would not win by just walking onto the field US officials pulled a usual. I would expect that a US official approached someone in FIFA to impress on him or her that the USA had to have a win. FIFA needed the US in the final and the Canadians were screwing everything up with their excellent play. Christina Pederson the Norwegian ref had to be gotten to at half time. I would guess she was told to call it by the book against Canada and favour the USA. I can imagine FIFA being offered a sum to slant the game by the US which would have translated into some kind of advantage to Pedersen later. After the game Peterson disappeared and has yet to surface. The world media has been strangely silent, no doubt their advertising revenues would be affected if they pursued Pedersen. The suspension of 4 games and the fine handed to Christine is a joke. According to reports the FIFA soccer organization is one of most corrupt sports groups  in the world. I think that the Canadian Soccer Organization should be aware as I am that if the Americans are involved they will cheat if necessary. You can take it as a given. Just be aware and be prepared to counter them. Forewarned is forearmed. People in the USA worship their Constitution as if it was a monument, then they go about their business ignoring what it says. Way to go Christine Sinclair and team. You never quit and won us a Bronze. In truth you got a Gold and a Bronze. The Americans actually have possession of the Gold but what is the good of a medal if you had to cheat to win???


JAMES COYNE, FORMER BANK OF CANADA GOVERNOR, DEAD AT 102   —   I voted for John Diefenbaker in 1957 and 1958. I soon realized my mistake and withdrew my support. John was a disaster, he was a one man band like Harper. No wonder Steve likes Dief. The Chief surrounded himself with weak Ministers like Harper and was very erratic in his governing. Apparently he had epilepsey and the early drugs created strong side affects. I kept abreast of the Coyne Affair and faulted Diefenbaker for trying to use the Bank for political purposes and was all over the map like Harper. Coyne was strong minded and his experience at the Bank went back to 1944, just at the end of the War. And by the time Coyne resigned he had been at the Bank almost 20 years. Diefenbaker was a small town lawyer who never ran so much as a lemonade stand. Operating a Country’s financial side on by guess or by gosh wasn’t going to work and didn’t. Dief tried to railroad Coyne over a pension granted him, frame him actually. Dief’s big majority [ not like Herr Harper's slim majority of just 3 seats now ] passed a Bill to fire Coyne. The Liberal Senate refused to pass the Bill and it went to Committee. James Coyne appeared before that Committee to explain his situation then resigned the next day, pure guts. This gave the Chief yet another black eye. And it set precedent. No Government has had the balls to take on the Bank Governor since. James Coyne got a BA in 1931 from the U of Manitoba. He went to Oxford in England got a BA and a BCL and played for the University hockey team. He joined the RCAF and when he got out James went to the Bank, an impressive Canadian. Andrew Coyne, the journalist was on various TV programs remembering his Dad. Andrew was 6 months old when his Father resigned from the Bank. Andrew talked about his Father’s integrity, his commitment to duty, his honesty and sterling reputation. I found it amazing that Andrew would recognize such human qualities and find them of such great value and so inspiring. How then can Andrew write so lovingly about Steve Harper, the most deceitful, the most dishonest, the lyingest son of a bitch of a PM that I have know in my lifetime. Surely a man of such stature as James Coyne would not approve of a son who is a defeatest and has sold Canada to the Republicans for money. Andrew’s pay cheque comes from the US oil cartel as does Herr Harper’s. Now that is important. Right???

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                  LAOCOON

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I have switched gears in order to take a quick peek at the latest happenings. The past month has been taken up with the new NEP [ parts one and two ] [ part three is almost ready ], investigating Conrad Black’s brain [UPC ] and exposing the phonies who hide out at the Calgary School [ the Strauss / Hayek dreamworks ]. A branch of the University of Calgary  whic launders oil money. All 3 topics are related. [ 1 ] Canada has a very unique opportunity to become a world clean energy powerhouse by becoming self sufficient. Events like the loss of the American market for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba nat. gas and oil [ for Canadians it is like winning the billion $ lottery ] and the coming together of the Provincial Premiers at the invitation of Premier Redford, these hold great promise. Of course the US oil cartel and the pipe line companies [ TransNotCanada / Enbridge ] will spend as much as they have to scuttle such bold Provincial initiatives with an able assist of the money grubbing conventional media. The possibilities are enormous including  supplying fossil fuels to eastern Canada, England and the Commonwealth of Nations which constitutes in total a market of 2.2 billion people.  All of whom are already friends of our’s and suffering under the yoke of the US oil cartel as we are. [ 2 ]  In terms of the Conman’s mental condition, he should will his brain, being an acute UPC sufferer, to Canadian science while he is still alive. MRI imaging detects the electric activity [ or lack thereof ] in the brain while it is still operational. Imaging doesn’t work on dead people. So Conrad act quick. Black, no doubt is a brilliant man but he’s plagued with anti social defects. Black has a mature main brain and body. The rest of his brain is 16 years old. Norman Mailer once said, ”  There is a law of life, so cruel and yet so just, that one must grow or else pay more for remaining the same “. Conrad continues to act the teen and pay more and more. His societal nodule [ a personal governor most of us have ] [ left side between the eye and the ear ] is broken. Conrad thinks he can make up all the rules even when they clash with the rules the majority in our society have decided upon. The medics says that UPC can not be fixed but there may be some wiggle room in this regard. Many teenagers suffer from UPC but as they mature their irresponsible ways become much modified for the better. Eventually most teens mature, thank God. But as some teens get older their nodules don’t not kick in. Like sticking your head out of the EMG roof hatch of a double decker bus as you go under an overpass. They move into adult life and continue to do stupid things like in the case of Black. On occasion however a teen will have a traumatic experience, such as hitting a tree with dad’s car. In some this seems to activate the sleeping nodule causing it  to resume its’ maturing process. Therein may lie the answer to helping teens grow up and reduce the number of adult sociopaths who clutter up our streets, raising hell and filling our jails. Conrad Black could redeem himself by being in the forefront of the cracking of the UPC mystery. For 50 years he’s had a wasted / selfish life. Then in these final years, it would be a huge gift to Canada. Whoda thunk it??? [ 3 ]  Now I have outed the Calgary School and exposed the fact that Tom Flanagan and Barry Cooper are purveyors of right wing made-up-poof. Their propaganda is imported directly from the University of Chicago, a right wing front. The info these two charlatans disseminate is actually lighter than air. It doesn’t exist in the real world.  All of the Mises, Strauss and Hayek theories and teaching have no basis in fact. That which is offered by Tom and Barry [ sounds like a cartoon team? --- and is ]. It is pure propaganda PR American style. Tom and Barry are intimately connected with the Fraser Institute in Calgary which is a branch plant and under the wing of the US Fraser Institute. Now Niels Velduhuis told the Paul Godfrey’s American Post that he never engages in political activity. The audience, after Tom and Barry’s appearance is now in stitches listening to Veldhuis. Of course the only reason for the Fraser Institute to be in Canada is to promote the US right wing political agenda. The Volker Fund [ 1930s / 40s/ 50s ], attached to the University of Chicago paid for all the political activity there. The School elders could therefore could claim to be keeping their hands clean [again sociopathic lies ]. The Volker Fund was folded into the Foundation for Economic Education which was an even bigger front for right wing propaganda [ and even bigger liars ]. Now being linked to education FEE’s hands were tied so they created another front called the Atlas Economic Research Foundation which was the idea of Friedrich Hayek. It was set up to birth right wing think tanks which would operate as charities funded by the taxpayer’s nickels in the US, Canaa and abroad. So it was an action of subversion against the United States and our Country. Brainwashing  paid for the citizenry, misinformed at their own expense. Only Sociopaths could dream this kind of dangerous flim flam up and carry it out. The Atlas group now sponsors about 400 think tanks around the world all geared to facilitate regime change in countries that don’t genuflec to the right wing masters. Of course that is the real reason for Niels Veldhuis’ Fraser. It is one of the centres in Canada dedicated to regime change. Interesting, the Sociopaths involved at the Fraser, Tom Flanagan and Barry Cooper are also profs at the University of Calgary. Included on roster are Prestom Manning [ who just set up his own Institute dedicated to funnelling oil money to universities including Carleton U and training Harper Youth to steal elections ], Danielle Smith, Ezra Levant, Michael Walker, Brian Lee Crowley [ who just set up his own Institute Macdonald - Laurier to further spread the subversive activities at public expense ] and the list goes on and on. To all of these purely political organizations, sponsored by the Americans, Revenue Canada turns a blind eye. I am sure this sheltering of American right wing branch plant think tanks by Rev. Can. is as a result of a direct order from Herr Harper. Favourite quotes and reports come from our Fraser’s Veldhuis and the other Canadian phony institutes I keep mentioning. You, my dear taxpayer, pay for all of this right wing propaganda that is published in the Harper press. To add to the blanket coverage of the mutterings our Canadian sociopaths we are forced to read stuff  from the US right wing think tanks, the Cato, American Enterprise, Goldwater, Heartland, Heritage, Hoover, Hudson, Ludwig von Mises Institutes and the National Center for Policy Analysis.  This is free copy sent to our paid media to brainwash Canadians. Paul Godfrey doesn’t have to hire reporters. The Post gets unpaid interns to regurgitate these US E Mails. These fronts are operated on behalf of America’s biggest businesses and they get to write off the expenses. I mean this is real neat.  All of the above claim charity status. It is an ingenious scheme to overthrow the American / Canadian Governments on the cheap. The taxpayers on both sides of the border pay the freight for killing their own Countries. It is amazing. This activity dwarfs the propaganda organization run by Joseph Goebbels for the Nazis [ 1930 to 45 ]. Hundreds of million dollars being spent by fat cat American sociopaths while homeless people in Detroit live under the highway overpasses and the food bank line grows longer in Fort McMurray. The Republican right treats their own fellow citizens like poop on the end of a stick. When the Yankees take over Canada with Harper’s help, we should expect even worse treatment. Some of us will be living under the Gardiner dodging chunks of concrete.


The Harper press is now trumpeting the fact that the Redford Government’s deficit will climb to $ 3 billion. Of course Alison should have solved this problem already, after all she has been in office all of 4 months. Of course again, Danielle Smith is out blathering over this already. The previous Stelmach Government tried to raise the oil / gas royalties from a pittance to a semi pittance. The US oil cartel fully bought the media and everyone else who could be bought to attack Stelmach. I think that is why he resigned. Who would want to put up with the slings and arrows from sociopathic Canadians in the hire of the US oil cartel and unlimited money to maintain the assault. Stelmach’s timing was way off. Fracking was sweeping across America, particulary in the natural gas industry, in the usual Yankee free-for-all manner. Huge / unrestrained fracking activity had the potential to flood the gas market and in the end destroy the price structure for the US and Canada as well. Before fracking the price of nat. gas was $ 16 a unit, now it is a dollar seventy five. True to form the gas utilities here in Ontario are still charging customer as if the price was $ 16. McGuinty has not raised a finger to stop this ripoff. In terms of unrestrained fracking, Hello, Hello Herr Harper. THIS IS WHY CANADIANS HAVE SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. It takes the boom / busts cycles out of various market, provides suppliers with a stable income and consumers with a stable supply and retail price. Of course the American think tanks through their Canadian branch plants like the Fraser, argue for unfettered capitalism and always quote the lowest prices for products in their reports. These are the lowest prices in the particular cycle and all of the rest of the mayhem / high prices is never even  mentioned by the Fraser or the paid media. A couple of years back when fracking was just beginning I could see what was coming down the road, a bloody blind man could see. Lower and lower gas prices, a gas glut and many bankrupt start up drillers and their shareholder. I do not consider myself an expert in this regard, I just keep my ear to the ground and do a lot of reseach. Don Drummond appeared on BNN back then and fracking was discussed. Don said he didn’t know much about fracking and would look into it. It have said for years in my letters that Don, Jeff Rubin and Doug Porter were totally out of touch with the brave new world. They serve the interests of the status quoers in Canada [ most of our big businesses ]. I said the boys continue to play on the same old checker board. Don, Jeff and Doug think all knowledge is now in their hands. There will never be anything new come along.  The fracking for nat. gas was followed by fracking for oil and there has been the same result. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have not only lost their US nat. gas market but their oil market too. Royalties began tumbling during the Stelmach years and continue to get worse. In terms of oil royalties the US oil cartel underpays the royalties it owes Alberta. This is plain old vanilla theft. No, we might call it US corporate theft. Of course this is all Redford’s fault. I mean what the hell is she doing, she has been in office 4 month and the US oil cartel is stealing the royalties. Herr Harper and Joe Oliver have been trumpeting the huge dollar figure for Alberta’s tar sands output. But those figures are for the US oil cartel profits, not the smaller and smaller royalties going to Albertans. I wrote 3 weeks before the election, that the only support Premier Redford had was the people of Alberta. After the election Danielle Smith called Albertans stupid. I would disagree, I think they were quite smart thank you very much. Albertan’s have inadvertantly secured a bright future in regards to cooperation between the Provinces on the energy question. All that can be said is the sky is the limit. Don’t listen to Herr Harper. Everytime he opens his mouth he lies. He is a shallow wimp who suffers from UPC and who perfectly fits the sociopathic profile. When Steve is impeached, we will get him imaged to prove it. I am a Red Tory and proud of it [ about 65 years ]. My Mother worked in the local PC riding association [ 1940s ] in York Township. I have had both of my Progressive Conservative Parties stolen from me by American money from the right. In Ontario Hudak is an American puppet as was Mike Harris. In Ottawa the US oil cartel point man, Steve Harper stole the PCs nationally. In fact Herr Harper gave a speech to the Civitas Society, a subversive / shadow group which includes Americans and Canadian sell outs like Brian Lee Crowley. In the speech he said the Red Tories should be jettisoned from his Fascist party which at its’ very core worships the Nietzsche myth. So in to-day’s newspapers and Maclean’s we get nothing but US oil cartel spin and right wing think tank [above or below the 49th ] reports which means we are the most ill informed people on the planet. But when our country goes our spot in a concentration camp will be guaranteed.


 I have two big files containing newspaper clippings [ each possibly 6 inches high ]. One file covers public transportation [ TTC / Metrolinx ] and the other Toronto gridlock. Althought these clipping [ from a surprisingly small tight group of journalist ] contain hundreds of thousands of words there is not a single solution hiding within. In a sense all of this verbiage is paid for by those who make money from the status quo. The politicians get paid off and the conventional media just loves counting the money for misleading the public. Now guess, who gets screwed by this arrangement??? YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU. These clipping are purposely confusing, do nothing more than back and fill and  show anyone outside the group with any good ideas gets shut out. A lot of you buy into what you are being fed by the media. Actually, you are paying for misinformation and lies by buying newspapers and Maclean’s. You, at least some of you elect Liberal / PC Party machine candidates who once in office sell you out. Let’s look at public transit this time out. McGuinty created Metrolinx which is run along the same lines as Ornge. But instead of having Mazza in charge Dalt appointed Rob Pritchard, a noted two time loser who is doing a repeat job on Metrolinx. I monitor everything that Rob says and it is clear he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I wouldn’t allow this guy to handle tickets at a TTC  station. The whole Metrolinx plan is based on allowing McGuinty to score political points and ensuring that all of Dalt’s friends get to tap into the taxpayer’s wallet. The US auto makers and  the oil cartel will do anything necessary to prevent  public transit from succeeding in Toronto. They wouldn’t want an exciting new hi speed system to excite other cities. All of the Liberal insiders and their associates are going to make sure what we get if we get anything will be ancient technology and at an outrageous price. So Torontonians and those in the GTA should expect a lot of expensive nothingness.  Back in the 1930s / 40s GM led an industrial group consisting of Firestone Tire, the US oil cartel, Mack Trucks and the Federal Engineering Corp. which bought up about 100 steet car systems across the US, destroyed the assets and replaced them with gas buses, using fake companies. In fact GM was charged in 1949. It is all typical Yankee free enterprise, right?  This was all done much like the US oil cartel operates to-day, on the QT and in the shadows. Since that time the USA has been a wasteland for public transit. The gas vehicle rules the roost. Bombardier is a Canadian rail equipment giant but most of its’ work comes from Europe and the rest of the world. It doesn’t build product in Canada, there is no market. I did research on the management of Metrolinx and most of them are Americans, they too don’t know there asses from a hole in the ground just like Prichard. The media’s job is to keep you in the dark and cause confusion so McGuinty can steal you blind. The newspapers make a lot of money keeping you in the dark and confusing you. We will not begin to accelerate the move to a better public infrastructure until we drive the newspapers out of business. All they do is stand at the side of road and throw tacks in our way. And every delay COSTS US MONEY AND PUTS MONEY IN THE POCKETS OF McGUINTY’S FRIENDS. We are in a sense suffering from self inflicted wounds on transit. We are being had by Dalt and Rob but never a wimper passes from our lips. 5 Years go my son James and I worked for a time on the, ” Cool The Tube Project “, initiated by the London Underground. Temperatures in the subway ran about 60 deg F  100 years ago and now at times the temp reaches 90 F. Under Ken Livingstone, former Mayor a move was made to deal with the overheating problem. London Underground hired an outside engineering firm to come up with a solution. After a couple of year and stacks of money the outsiders drew a blank. They were a complete flop. and should have been taken to the Tower.  Then they came up with a neat idea,  hold a contest to solicit a fix from the general public, wherein the  citizen with the winning solution would get $ 200,000 from Mayor Livingstone [ check the net ]. There were  about 3500 entries that ranged from having a stream of water running alongside the subway track which would cool the tunnel plus allow for gondola rides or giving every rider a popsicle or putting blocks of ice under each seat. Of course nobody came up with a fix, the contest was rather stupid. It was a publicity stunt by Livingstone to direct attention away from the fact that his expert engineering team had dropped the ball. People reponding to the contest knew nothing about the makeup of the subways, the technical problems involved and the resources available. James and I came up with the solution to cool the tube, we taped it. But then we came up against a major obstacle. I wonder if Mayor Boris Johnson knows this story? The engineering team was more interested in getting credit for the fix than the fix itself. Livingstone and the team thought ideas would come in which they could then purloin and claim for themselves. Later I learned that Livingstone never intended to award the prize money. The engineering team would just make minor changes to any idea submitted and the respondent would be unable to dispute the Mayor’s call. This contest showed Livingstone’s concern for the fried rider, waste a lot of time so the heat proble would pass and if a good idea came in those involved could take credit, best of all it would be free. In any event James and I kept our fix to ourselves. The engineering team already had a rough outline of our plan but we left the secret sauce recipe out. Our lawyer wanted an agreement that our plan was proprietory and could not be used unless we were paid. The team was caught in a bind. Our solution was so simple that the team would have looked like a bunch of turnips for spending millions on no solution. As well for a leading engineering firm to be upstaged by a couple of Canadian colonials would be hard to swallow.  Many more millions have been spent since that time and the subways are still overheating. Way to go Ken Livingstone, great leadership. In the process of investigating the London Underground I had to do research on many public transit systems around the world. This showed what was being done elsewhere, what was available in terms of equipment and it revealed how far Metrolinx thinking is behind. But since the conventional media is paid by McGuinty and Prichard to censor out anything not sanctioned by McGuinty, friends and Metrolinx the citizens of Toronto remain ignorant of the options available to them. Torontonians will pay through the nose for a system they will know nothing about, which will not work. The plans on the table now will result in failure and 10 years from now things will only be worse. Since my London Underground experience I have sent out a plan for a bold, high speed, electric, elevated Sky Liner system and other documentation to Queen’s park, City Hall, other interested parties and the media. I never had a bite. My suggestion is to ring Toronto with elevated track. A rider would circle around the outside of the City in both directions, get off at his / her stop then penetrate to their destination. The present Metrolinx plan looks like a Xmas tree with Yonge St. being the trunk. This based on a Toronto 50 years ago. Anyone at the end of one of the branches has to come back in to Yonge St., go north or south then back out another branch. It is madness bloody madness. Now if you want to see what A REAL MODERN, HIGH SPEED, ELEVATED, ELECTRIC RAIL LINE WOULD LOOK LIKE go on the net and look up the inner, middle, outer and super outer circle rail lines which had their beginnings in Victorian England. Toronto is not too far behind, just 100 years or so. London is mostly north of the Thames River much like Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario. London is similarly shaped like Toronto. London subways go round and round in ever greater circle TO SERVE THE RIDERSHIP QUICKLY AND AFFORDABLY. On the other hand Toronto just goes around in circles period. Our transit system is in the hands of a few incompetent nincompoops  who look inward and backward determined to cling to the status quo. This will not change until the Liberal and PC Party machines are removed from power. I have written many times before I started my blog that a breakout all electric public transportation could be created in Toronto at a fraction of the cost Rob Prichard is proposing, I’ve had not even a nibble. You are going to have to pick up the ball and elect a MPP WHO IS GOING TO LOOK AFTER YOUR INTERESTS FOR A CHANGE. And you are going to have to stop supporting newspapers and Maclean’s, the very media that is making life difficult [ hell ] for you. If you like what is going on do nothing at all, but button your horn. I don’t want to hear any more complaints from you.


If you want to know why Canada is going into the hole so quickly is that keeping all the right wing think tanks going is draining pour purse. Think tanks like the Fraser, Manning, C. D. Howe, Macdonald – Laurier, Mises, et al Institutes give out tax receipts  and get grants from Herr Harper. All of them are tied together in a giant web which is connected with and even bigger web of right wing think tanks in the USA. They are dedicated to to regime change, from democracies to oligarchies, rule by the elites. And being trusting souls above and below the 49th these sociopaths have already seized contol of the USA and are now trying to do the same thing to Canada with Herr Harper’s. These think tanks have already infiltrated some of our universities and are turning out right wing clones who seem to be springing up everywhere. Reading the offerings of young bloggster from the various rightie think tanks here show the level to which they have been brainwashed. Their heads are full of fairy tales. This whole scene became very clear to me studying the changeover of the University of Chicago from a Progressive school to the hard right wing. The Volker Fund started the ball rolling and then the various big corporations joined in due to them being able to hide in the shadows, sheltered by the conventional media which suffered instant blindness and hearing loss each time a big corporate cheque arrived. Activities moved from the University to FEE an even bigger right wing front. Then the Atlas Foundation [ about 1970 ] was set up to create many small think tanks. This was done to fool the public that they were all independent of one another. The exact opposite is true. So sociopathic. Say one thing and mean the exact opposite. Slowly these think tanks proliferated all taking historical names, blue sky and apple pie. Each achieving charity status and sharing the corporate spoils. Canadians take credit for setting up an independent Fraser Institute. Give me a flipping break, This rightie front is a branch plant out  of the Fraser in the USA. And during my investigation I found that personnel easily shift from one to another in the US and Canada. People have a right to position themselves on the left or the right. Here in Canada they can speak freely. Our media should cover the entire debate without favouritism. Why is are the righties always sneaking around, hiding behind the bushes and passing  money back and forth under the table. I can answer the question. For the last 100 years the Nietzsche Cult has dominated the Republicans. Thinking you are exceptional and that you and your friends should be in charge without benefit of a vote is a very difficult package to sell to the bulk of Americans. Who would vote for, ” we are the kings of the castle and the rest of you are dirty rascals “? The Republicans will never be  able clinch a sale for this Uberman claptrap. It flies in the face of representative democracy. So Herr Harper by virtue of being Ubergroupenleader stole the 2011 election, where does that leave the voters? Out on their asses. Will the next vote be rigged?  Harper’s American spin doctors who organized the Robo Calls laughed all the way to the bank. I am sure they are planning to come back. Elections Canada seems to have turned into a mouse hiding inside a little hole, very fearful of Herr Harper. If you read any reports from the rightie think tanks I have listed know that it is false and misleading copy. And important stuff will be deleted. The secret is to become self sufficient, determine what your political interests are and go do some research on the net. If Stevie boy says something I immediately check it out. The conventional media should be doing this for me but their not. The media is taking money from the elites to screw me but it won’t work. I am going to screw them. My aim is to put every law breaking sociopath in jail. And to expropriate their estates. If I had my way Conrad Black would have come out of jail in a barrel.


AN ODE TO HERR HARPER WHO IS A BIGGER  LIAR THAN BRIAN MULRONEY   —    I have been reading a book by Peter C. Newman, ” Here Be The Dragons “. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the part about Conrad Black and Barb Amiel. These are two different men, Mulroney and Black, both liars and both law breakers. Herr Harper operates on that same wavelength, he lies contiually and breaks laws. The papers have covered the end of the Canadian Wheat Board as required of all the drones who toil for the Harper press. Do as I say says Steve or you lose our advertising and the cash the US oil cartel and associates send you. Harper made a big deal out of pardoning a handful of Western grain farmers who were convicted of apparently selling outside the Board’s jurisdicition, they were fined and served jail time. That is Steve’s story, repeated by the ever obedient media. But as you might expect it is not a true story. However truth is not what you find in the press to-day. The drones don’t know where the truth lives. Newspaper journalists lost the truth so long ago that they wouldn’t even know where to search for it now.  The pardon got big play at the very same time  Harper closed down the Wheat Board. The two are not connected. A small group of rebellious wheat farmers tried to take grain across the border into the USA without export permits. You know what, THIS IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF CANADA and they were charged. The Wheat Board was not involved. The shutting down of the Board was an illegal act by Herr Harper, the Ubergroupenleader. So the farmers broke the laws knowingly and Steve lets them off. Harper breaks the laws continually and lets himself off. I find it interesting that the Globe did this story on Harper’s pardon and never once told the truth in the paper. However on the net this article garnered 744 comments which were about 90% anti Harper. Apparently dummy Steve who buys total allegiance from the papers at great expense to the taxpayers is being cuckholded by the press. They print the mandatory spin articles in support of Herr Harper on the face of things and then on their net sites they encourage comments. In such comment sections you can see the real feeling of Canadians and the truth. In terms of the Globe this is playing both sides of the street. Many times in the past I have asked the question about the anti Canadian actions of the Globe. Do the Thomsons need the money so badly that they are prepared to sell out their Country. I think it is clear that they do. Now that the Wheat Board has been throttled all the individual Western farmers will be able to sell their grain to the huge US multinational corporation.  Now the wee farmer will arrive in front of  corporation headquarters and demand a certain price per bushel. What do you think his chances are of gertting HIS PRICE. Like zip to ziltch. Harper has handed the western grain industry to the Americans. It would be interesting to know how much he got for us? Of course central to the closing of the Wheat Board is the activity behind the scenes by Archer Daniel Midland, a rogue company which never saw a law it wouldn’t attempt to break. ADM has been bugging the shit out of Herr Harper because our Wheat Board was getting in its’ way. Can’t have that now. We can’t have our American friends inconvenienced in any way, now can we? In 1996 ADM pleaded guilty to price fixing in the lysine market and paid  a fine of $ 70 million. The firm was also fined $ 30 million for price fixing in the citrus acid market. The company paid $ 30 million to settle customer’s laws suits. Dwayne Andreas, was CEO and his son, Vice chairman Michael Andreas paid a steep price. Dad was ejected by the Board of ADM, they had to and Mike went to jail. In 2001 ADM paid $ 400 million to settle a customer’s law suit in addition to violations of the clean air act which cost the firm $ 1.46 million. ADM is your typical John Wayne free enterprise operation, competing in the market place and standing alone. Bullshit. In terms of corn sweetner for every one dollar of profit it costs the American taxpayers $ 10. As regards ethanol for every buck profit the taxpayers are on the hook for $ 30. So it would seem that ADM is a perfect mix for Herr Harper, they have the very same modus operandi. Breaking laws and stealing. Come to think of it this is why Conrad Black is such a close buddy of Harper. If you read me at all you will know I am doing research on sociopaths. This ADM situation may hold a clue in a couple of ways. Both Dwayne Andreas and his son are sociopaths. Both of them and their company ADM were filthy rich but they wanted even more, enough to cheat and break the law. Not once but many times, this is so sociopathic. Sound like Black??? 3 other ADM execs were involved with the price fixing. One of them became a witness for the FBI in the case. All during his time working with the FBI he was embezzling money from another company. Is it that companies run by sociopaths hire other sociopaths? It would seem so. Can it be that UPC is passed from father to son? Imaging would settle things. If UPC is hereditary then by letting sociopaths run loose around the neigbourhood without restraining [ jail ] them they’ll breed like rabbits. It could be that Herr Harper’s jails will come in handy after all. Vic Toews, before he gets a judgeship should be imaged. Maybe it is too later for Western societies. I think this is what has killed the USA. Sociopaths are in control and have accumulated most of the money in the US. The greatest percentage of Americans are thus enslaved and now have no voice. But if I was one of the sociopaths I wouldn’t count my chickens just yet. The consequences of entraping the little people [ as Barb Amiel calls us ] is that we always can turn to revolution, again. Now the Harper ode. In Peter Newman’s book there is a quote from Edward R. Murrow, famed broadcast, whose voice from London during the blitz went like,  ” I speak to you tonight from a City in flames “.  At the end of the War Murrow made the following comment, ” I am persuaded that the most important thing that happened in Britain during the last 6 years was that this Nation chose to win or lose this War under the established rules of Parliamentary procedure. It feared Nazism but did not chose to imitate it. The Government was given dictitorial power but it was used with restrain, and the House of commons was ever-vigilant. While London was being bombed in the daylight, the House devoted 2 days to discussing the conditions under which enemy aliens were detained on the Isle of Man. There was still law in the land, regardless of race or nationality. Representative Government, equality before the law, survived. Future generations who bother to read the official record of the proceedings of the Commons will discover that British armies retreated from many places, but there was no retreat from the principles for which their ancestors fought. The record is massive evidence of the fexability and toughness of the principles Britain professes. Murrow said, I have been privileged to see an entire people give reply to tyranny that their history demanded of them “. I say to Herr Harper, we Canadians shall retain our traditions and laws in spite of your best efforts to give our Nation to the Americans. We’ll do it one way or the other. In the end we always hold the pichfork option in reserve.


THE CLOSER   —   Even to-day I saw another reference to the Austrian School of Economics. It is a complete fabrication made up by spin doctors on the American right in the 1940s. It is like a wild card, it can be anything you want it to be yet many professors and hundreds of student have given it serious close study. How unpleasant for them to have spent so much time studying what was and still is a completet fake theory. This kind of stuff only attracts the brainless and that is what the Republican membership consists of, the brainless. THEY NEVER EVER SAY, JUST HOLD ON A MINUITE. Those with UPB suffer from incuriousity.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                     LAOCOON

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Steve Harper is NOT a Progressive Conservative like me. He is NOT a Canadian Conservative at all, he just hides behind the name. Herr Harper is an extreme right wing American Conservative representing all of the evil things that can possibly afflict a democracy. Harper is a Straussian disciple, in other words a believer in Nietzshe. Such dark forces have  mortally wounded the USA, a once mighty Country, now a financial cripple and heading for oblivion. In regards to this predicament the conventional US media has not been coming clean, not leveling with Americans. They have not been and are not now warning the Yanks that the river is rising. By normal Canadian standards Harper is mentally ill just like the Conman Black. Both are hybrids, bully / wimps [ look up passive / aggressive ].  Quite simply Harper is in the process of trading Canada to the US oil cartel and other special interest like the US grain lobby / American Health Care Industry. This in return for personal power and money. I ran across an interesting web site when I asked the thing about connections between Harper and the oil cartel. I have found the best thing to do is ask the computer direct questions and I am often surprised at what turns up. Examples  —  Where does Vivian Krause get her funding. It turn out that in her early career she worked for the oil cartel stateside. Of course her questions were fair, right? Not at all. Vivian Krause lied. Where does the Fraser Institute get its’ funding from. I have a collection of clippings by Niels Veldhuis from the time he was just a researcher up until recently, when he became the President of the Fraser. In one clipping our Niels told Paul Godfrey’s American National Post that the Fraser respected its’ charitable status and never engaged in political activity. Now that is a whopper of whopper proportions. As stated before Veldhuis is a  liar which is tied to his affliction, UPC. These being a cancer affecting most of those on the far right in the USA. Everyone at the Fraser is to the right of Attila the Hun and the Institute is funded in part by the now disgraced American Heartland Institute [climate change deniers central ] and the US oil cartel. If I wasn’t so focused on the future, upping the prosperity quotient, keeping the country safe from the Straussians, searching for the truth and solving Canadian problems I would publish a selection of Veldhuis’ lies. Niels is a sociopathic liar just like Herr Harper and Preston Manning. In the last 50 years there has been much study done on the boy / man situation. Terms like Anti Social Personality Disorder [ ASPD ], Psychopath and Scociopath have been coined to cover various ailments of the brain. These disorders found mostly in men relate to various fields of study, relationships and the work environment to name a couple. These observations were made from outside the body and after much consultation. Now that brain imaging has become a new pillar of medicine it is being used in an ever expanding way. I have already commented on the studies of irresponsible behaviours on the part of teenage boys. It has been found that the societal nodule in the Prefrontal Cortex of each of these boys is barely working or not working at all. This mean these troubled boys have no governors in their heads to cause them to pause before acting. Without a working nodule the boys rely on an old area in their brains called the limbic lobe which relates to the suvival mode in ancient times and includes strong emotional reactions. The scans of these troubled boys were compared with normal scans and it became clear that in each the nodule circuitry was weak or non functional. The same traits were evident as those in the earlier visual studies of Psycopathy, Sociopathy  and Antisocial behaviour. What we have now are the older observations from outside and the new scans from imaging. All of these conditions point to the nodule in question that doesn’t work properly. As said various imaging programs have now been done on British criminals, misfits in that country, Wall St. and politics.  85% of those tested in England had undeveloped or underdeveloped nodules  [ UPC ]. Wall St. and Washington had FOUR TIMES THE RATE OF UPC SUFFERERS AS IN THE NORMAL POPULATION.  That is a scary proposition. A huge number of males with sociopathic traits in charge of America’s money [ what little there is left ] and the elected people in charge of Congress. Most of these deviates have gravitated to the teachings of Loe Strauss who was a disciple of Nietzsche. Here are some of the many Straussisms.  []  Americans should trade liberty for security.  []  The noble lie. Lying is the grease of politics in the cause of regime change.  []  Every type of unscrupulous behaviour is permissible if it serves the goal of regime change.  []  Seize power. Having seized power do whatever it takes to keep power.  []  He taught prevarication. He rarely said what he meant or meant what he said.  []  His core perception. the greatest clarity is contradiction and confusion.  []  Enemies are the right wing’s aphrodisiac.  []  Far from being a regrettable necessity of political life, lies are virtuous and a noble instrument of wise policy.  []  The rule of the wise must be absolute.  []  Wise ruler ought not to have responsibility for their unwise subjects.  [] Strauss advised his pupils never to write in plain English so as to not give the game away, namely regime change.  []  The main advantage to following natural law instead of historic law is that you can make it up as you go along. Preston Manning, Steve Harper, Tom Flanagan, Ted Morton, Barry Cooper, Ezra Le Rant, Conrad black and many others are disciples of Strauss. I will leave you to draw the parallels between Leo Strauss and the nest of right wing vipers as listed above many of whom are part of the University of Calgary which launders oil money. Strauss was not taken seriously in any part of the world except America by the right.  This harkens back to the embrace of Nietzsche by the same right wing clique 100 years ago. The common theme has always been the attraction of the Uberman / underclass divide, very appealling to the wimps on the right. Strauss traded on Nietzsche’s notoriety and just added more nutty stuff to please his right wing followers. Imagine telling people like Harper and Black they can be among the chosen as long as they ignore the niceties of democratic system. The Straussians congregated in Chicago and his poison spread out across the US. This poison also travelled to Calgary, the most American of all Canadian cities in which a lot of Republican / right wingers reside, work or visit. Regime change has always been at the heart of Straussian activities. The formula for attaining regime change in the USA has been connected to the stealth approach preached by Strauss. Leo legitimized stealth by saying lying and cheating were honest pursuits if your heart was in the right place. That of saving humanity from itself. Only after the Republicans began removing restrains on Wall St. did the right amass sufficient wealth to buy the conventional media in the USA. This meant their stealth campaign could proceed unexposed while the media was paid to bore the citizenry with piffle and propaganda. The Republicans saw the creation of an oligarchy as an ideal situation for their new Ubermen ranking. They have indeed been successful in crippling the present American regime upon which they had hoped to build new. The UPC sufferers have accumulated most of the wealth. One of their number just bought Munch’s Scream # 4  for $120 million while people in Detroit are living under hi way overpasses. The right has attained what it sought, a continution of black slavery, the newer Mexican Slavery and the much newer white slavery [ the middle class ].  However the greed of the UPC sufferers and lack of discipline on the part of the Republicans / right has burned the American barn right to the ground. There is no foundation left upon which to build that oligarchy they so fervently sought. The Republicans / right have created a huge sea of disadvantaged people whose patience will soon be exhausted. What do the Straussians do when the Americans begin the march. My advice would be to run like hell.  Now let us explore where Canadian money goes. There is clearly not enough $s  left for Harper to cover all of the social initatives listed in my title and pass some of the taxpayer’s money back to the cartel as well. I am troubled and have this old fashion view as regards the use of MY CREDIT CARD without MY permission. Giving the US oil cartel large helpings of our cash when they take $ 125  billion a year out of Alberta and give back only 8% is a little rich. I think a cell in the Kingston pen would reinforce the requirement in the Fasist mind that EVERYONE must obey the laws of Canada. But laws, to have any meaning must be enforced against wrong doers. Mind, Conrad Black has had a tough time accepting the fact that he doesn’t make up the rules. It is time to smack this guy down and send him back to Britain, they took him and they can have him. Apparently Black wants to go before the Order of Canada Board, to do what? Fill them in on his crime spree? Or how about telling the Board of his links to Harper’s Northern Foundation in 1989, a shadow group with ties to the western white supremacists.  Conrad prepared Herr Harper’s entry into politics by giving him coverage, muffling negative comment from journalists across Canada working at his newspapers and those who wanted to be. Tough journalistic scutiny at the beginning to show Harper’s far right views and his intolerence would have scuttled his chances. Black, Harper and Barb Amiel were thick as thieves at the Fraser Institute in 1990. Was Herr Harper ever going to turn Conrad away from Canada after he got out of jail??? The fix was in from day one. Will Black lose his Order???  Not while Steve is PM, even if Harper has to replace the entire Board. The two are right wing blood brothers. Conrad can plead his case in writing to the Board but is now going to Court to force Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and the members of the Order of Canada Board to change the rules and face a confrontation with Himself personally. I might suggest that Garth Drabinsky be given the same opportunity if this Board / Black get together takes place.  Doing the two for the price of one would be a good deal for Canadians. Now to get serious,  David Johnston, GG is to blame for this Black lawsuit. More than a year ago Harper [ he lied again ] arranged for Black to come back to Canada, it was in the bag. It is my view that the Brits really don’t want him. Returning to a hostile public in England would be too much to bear for our bully / wimp Conman Black. Too embarrassing for a phony Lord. I suspect that Johnston was appointed by Harper because the GG is a classic wimp too. One who can be bullied.  NOW RIGHT TO THE POINT, Conrad is a cheat, a liar and a thief.  Justice Leo Strine of the Delaware Court said Black’s testimony was not to be believed. a liar.  Justice Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit Appeal Court in Chicago said Black’s responses could not be relied on. A liar.  Judge Amy St. Eve said at Black’s trial that she was left scrtaching her head as to why a man in his position would resort to such illegal measures. Black was too frightened to take the stand nd show HE IS A MAN. The answer is that Black is a boy / man. Part of his brain is still locked in his teens without a working societal nodule. The problem with the conventional media in regards to Black is that everything bad in his past has been hushed up, for which they have been paid. Robert Fulford, a writer I have enjoyed over the years did a whitewash in the Post on Black. My only question to Robert, how much was your cheque??? What we see now in the papers particulary, are all of Conrad’s new lies, boasts and claims of grandeur published without question. The conventional media started taking money 30 years ago from advertisers, industry and politicians to spin stuff and lie. And the monster the media began fabricating way back then is now visited upon America. Once word got out that all you had to do was pay the media money, you could tell lies by the yard. One of the first moves made to add this extra jingle to the bottom line of the media outlets was to get rid of  the  journalists and commentators with integrity. What we have to-day are people who will write or say anything for money. Now almost everyone who wants to get near taxpayer’s wallets lies. To-day I saw the CEO of the Can. pipe line organization on TV answering questions about the Kalamazoo DilBit spill. Brenda Kenny sat there and told one lie after another. Patrick Daniel, CEO of Enbridge appeared on TV and ignored the DilBit spill in Kalamazoo Mich. Pat, it wasn’t oil spilled, it was tar mixed with lighter fluid. You even lied to the Safety Board. The assistant to the Science Minister spoke about the protest in Ottawa about cuts, she claimed there would be extra spending when in fact Harper has cut $ 400 million from the budget this year. Ted Opitz was interviewed about the Supreme Court’s consideration of his appeal, he sat there and told one lie after another. The Opitz lawyer, Kent Thompson told lies to the Supreme Court Justices while they were in session and he should be disbarred. In 1798 the US Government passed the Sedition Act. It was a federal crime to write, print or utter lies about Washington. In this Country we need a law that makes it a crime for Ottawa to write, print or utter lies to the people. Dean Del Mastro would be the first MP jailed under the new statute. Is it that we Canadians are so polite that we are afraid to point out the fact that someone is lying??? If that is the case then this Country doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of resisting the takeover of the nation by the Americans oil cartel and their paid Straussians. In future when Tom Mulcair becomes PM I would suggest that every time a person from the Government, oil business or the grain industry etc is interviewed by the media someone with an acute knowledge of the subject must be there to keep the interviewee honest, either by virtue of a knowledgeable / independent reporter or a neutral party. Better still I would recommend that the new NDP government create a media council with teeth with the ability to fine / jail lying journalists like Terry Corcoron or force the media outlet out of business. The english are about to do that. This would in no way affect freedom of speech. However this would mean the end of the career of Ezra LeRant who lies continually and whose lies are interspersed with made up stuff. Misinformation has no place on the air and in print in our democracy. Ezra should be deported to a dictatorship of his choice.  Until this happens remember everything you see or read is lies [ except the CBC ].


Various programs were listed on the net which related to the tar sands during the time of Premier Stelmach and of course Herr Harper. Some programs wherein the Fascist Government gave money to the US oil cartel did not have dollar figures and so I left them out [ but check the net ].                                                                                                                                 [] Alta. – $ 1.8 million for exploring wood waste to biofuels processes.      { A Boondoggle and a Failure }                                 [] Alta. – $ 18.2 million for exploring cogeneration of cow plops and food waste.      { A Boondoggle and Plain shit }             [] Alta. – $ 4 million for investigating reducing CO 2 emissions.      { A Boondoggle }                                                                            [] Alta. – $ 16.5 million, identifying sources of CO2 emissions.      {  An Expensive Boondoggle }                                                     [] Alta. – $ 375,000 for improved lighting at the tar sands.      { Expensive Xmas lights ? }                                                               [] Alta./ Can. – $ 760,000 for Carbon Capture and Storage [ CCS ].      { A Huge Boondoggle [ so much taxpayer' money wasted with nothing to show for it ] }                                                                                                                                                                         [] Alta. / Can.  – $ 5 million for CCS.      { Boondoggle Plus }                                                                                                                             []  Alta.  –  $  2 billion for CCS.        { same as above }                                                                                                                                           []  Alta.  /  Can.  –  $ 60 million for CCS.        { ditto above }                                                                                                                               []  Alta. – $ 60 million for CCS.       { Another Boonie }                                                                                                                                         [] Alta.  –  $ 2 billion for CCS education.       {  A Double Boonie }                                                                                                                    [] Alta.  –   $ 865 million to Shell for experiments with CCS.       { A  Corporate Ripoff }                                                                         [] Alta.  –  $ 1.35 billion to Shell for experiments with CCS.       { A King Size Corporate Ripoff }                                                       [] Alta.  –  $ 355,000 for investigating the burning of waste wood and old railway ties. The cave men did this 30,000 years ago.       { What’s To Learn?}                                                                                                                                                                                [] Alta.  —  Enbridge 300 MW hi tension line from Great Falls Montana for hydro to Lethbridge. More than enough Green KWs are produced by wind turbines in Pincher Creek. Why buy American KWs?        { Somebody Inside Is making Money }                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [] Alta.  –  $ 4 billion to oil cartel for experiments with bio-fuels.       { The Cartel take $ 125 billion out of Alberta each year in oil resources } { Bio-Fuels, Whatttttttttttttttt ??? }                                                                                                                               [] Alta.  –  $ 2 billion for more experiments with CCS.       { Carbon Capture and Storage doesn’t work, but we gotta keep on trying until the taxpayer’s money is exhausted }                                                                                                                                                 [] Can.  –  $ 1 million to the University of Alberta to study turning animal fat, vegetable oils and alge into BIO-Fuels.       { The way to get the University population to vote Fascist }                                                                                                                           [] Sask. / Can.  —  Joint project to investigate CCS. Sask. $ 1 billion and Can. $ 240 million.        { The way to get Sask. to vote Fascist }                                                                                                                                                                                                                        [] Alta.  -Determination of the extent of CO2 emissions. Study done by Jacobs Labs Encino California.       { Was an American Lab paid for a whitewash job. Maybe it was subcontracted by the Fraser Institute ? }                                                     [] Alta.  –  $ 7 million for a study on the effects on the forests and water of the tar sands.       { Maybe hire a helicopter and open your eyes??? }                                                                                                                                                                                                           [] Sask. / Can.  –  To Husky Oil Ltd. for studies into CCS. Sask.  –  $ 9 million. Can.  –  14.5 million.        { More vote buying for the Fascists in Sask. for a useless study.  Of course the conventional media paints a glowing picture of all this nonsense and gets well paid for printing / broadcasting  by the US oil cartel / Herr Harper   propaganda .                              [] Alta.  – The Province [ on behalf of all Albertans ] takes resposibility for the CCS projects. If problems occur the people will pay the cost not the US oil cartel. Man, this is absolutely insane, bloody insane. The oilies must just think we are insane, handing our money over then rolling over to play dead. And that is where we are headed, dead.


I didn’t even bother to add up the give aways above. This is state sponsored theft and citizen stupidity. The Conman Black is hero in Canada, no wonder. He is among his light fingered friends. The new wild west. There are so many elites with illegal noses in the public trough.  Conrad is just another participant and his friends who are all raiding the public purse have circled the wagons to protect him.  Lest we find out how much the other takers are cheating. If  Black goes, who will be next? They say? Well I say, on a ride in a cart to the city square and a date with the guillotine. I must be fair about this as Vivian ” oilie ” Krause was always scrupulously fair. The cartel makes $ 125 billion a year and pays Alberta just a 8 % royalty. Very, very generous of them, those Yanks. Now out of the $ 125 bill. the cartel has to pay wages, buy equipment, pay for KWs and natural gas, build transfer pipes, pay local taxes, pay fines and for cleanup, compensation to the families of the soon to be jailed management, of course Canada gets a cut and Herr Harper get his large cut under the table. His bribes from the cartel are as large as his majority is tiny [  5 seats to go. Just think  6 floor crossers or 6 By-Elections and we have Steve by the short ones ]. I think the oilies would net about $ 100 billion in the end. I have been saying for years that Harper is cheating and his Fascist machine runs on covert petro dollars. But the conventional media has never ever picked up on this huge story. Too many advertising dollar would be lost by the media if it protected the interests of Canadians and told the TRUTH. My understanding of how the US oil cartel operates come from studying how democracy was lost in California. The cartel gave every oil worker money along with a premium to reward them for keeping quiet and to pay the extra payroll tax. Just like Dean Del Mastro’s cousin. These individual donations were given to the various Republican candidates. The cartel then bought the paper / TV media and sweetened their pot to make sure  the Democrats were shut out. This media bill was paid for completely by the cartel and never showed up as election expenses. Various public relations shills were hired to smear the Democratic candidates and engage in dirty tricks. Californians never heard the other side and woke up after the election to find their voices forever silenced in the State House. This is politics Straussian / Republican / right style.  That is the experience of Canadians  watching / reading the Harper media [ except the CBC ], there is always a right wing pitch. If we are forced to wait for 3 years to get a crack at the Fascists we may find out that rule changes by Harper will deny us that opportunty. The oilies would have us then like they have Californians. Now the least Harper could do with his hidden cut of the oil windfall [Mike Harris hid his $ 3.5 billion deficit and got away with it with the help of the media ] is donate to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo [ Fort McMurray ] to reduce the number of people who are surviving on Food Bank handouts, those stuck in substandard housing and the people who are having difficulty making their way in a boom town environment. What tar sand jobs???  Why is so much tax money being spent to spin our wheels on CO2?  One $ 2 billion grant for CCS withheld from Husky would make a world of difference in the Fort. The US oil cartel has never cleaned up its’ filthy messes and is not about to start now. The trick for them is to say they are going to do something and then do nothing just like Enbridge. This is exactly what  Harper does. Carbon Capture and Storage is a mechanically, technically and economically failure. Taxpayer’s cash is being spent on this boondoggle to make it look as if the cartel is addressing the problems. The media is well paid to provide great cover for this theft of public money and Herr Harper can keep claiming something is being done when the exact opposite is true. Let the Harper attack ads roll, which are much beloved by Paul Godfrey


I have been very critical of both Revenue Canada and the Royal Canadian Harper Police,  now arms of the PMO. Rev. Can. is at present conducting  witch hunts centred on environmental charities like the Suzuki Foundation and Tides. Environmentalist under Canadian law can now be labelled terrorists. Shouldn’t Patrick Daniel of Enbridge be charged with terrorism for the Kalamazoo raw tar spill???  This is Herr Harper’s idea to get those who are trying to save the planet off the back of his employer, the US oil cartel. Fair is fair as Viv Krause would say, if Suzuki and Tides are being audited to make sure they are not involved in political activities then I have suggested that Rev. Can. look at the CPC fronts, the Fraser, Manning, C. D. Howe, Macdonald – Laurier, Montreal Economic, Historica – Dominion, Ludwig Mises Institutes, the Frontier Centre, Canada West, Ethical Oil, Dorchester Review and the Can. Constitutional Foundation et al. They are  costing YOU  millions. Little wonder pensions and medicare are being cut. I guarantee the conventional media won’t touch this story. I have done a study of all of these organizations and they are all right wing fronts supported by taxpayers. A number of them are branch plants store fronts for the American right. That is truly insulting to me, that we up here can’t even run our own far out right fronts.  Many of them have the same members / contributors. Double / triple pay anyone?  But each front has its’ specialty. One will cover pensions or medicare or marketing boards and each has immediate access to the  Harper media. The opposition is shut out just like in California.  It is interesting to take a step back and realize that Canadians are being fleeced by Harper’s pals, with his approval to fund the loss of their rights as citizens. It is like buying the gun and bullets with which to shot yourself in the head.  Slavery anyone? Most  of  those living on the public bucks at these fronts suffer from UPC and have been hirlings [ Brownshirts ] of  Herr Harper in one way or the other. Obviously those at the top of Rev. Can. have been instructed as well as paid to look the other way in regard to the large number of right wing charities engaged in destroying the Canadian way of life on the taxpayer’s nickle.  When the new NDP Government takes over I want the top brass of Rev. Can. fired, especially the CEO.  Rev. Can. must be investigated with a mind to charging them with criminal behaviour. In terms of the RCHP, they were in attendance at various universities when Herr Harper was on the campaign trial during the 2011 Federal Election. The police rough up some students. Mind you when Harper and Manning first organized the Reform they used white supremacists as body guards. At the same time the RCHP were taking out the young  folks who don’t like Herr Harper it was reported on the net that Preston Manning was conducting seminars at the Institute for the Harper Youth on how to disrupt an election. Main topics, right out of the Republican dirty play book, polling station  tricks and voter suppression tips. Most of the instructors were Americans like Frank Luntz who had worked closely with Preston since before 2006. Luntz was in the Newt Gingrich and George Bush Jr. camps. I would call him a Karl Rove clone, the master of dirty tricks. This story about Luntz having a secret meeting with Manning and Harper did not appear in the papers??? Why??? I will answer my own question. The press is paid to misinform, omit things and lie. The story of this meeting only appeared on the net and that tell you everything you need to know about the tactics of the right wing.  Those leading the indoctrination in Nazi tactics at Preston’s seminars in early 2011 were Fraser McDonald, Nick Kouvalis and Richard Ciano. I believe that is where Matt Meier of Rack Nine was shown how to set up a phony communications centre to be used for Robo Calls by the Luntz communications experts paid for by the oil cartel. And then Matt was able take a convenient powder and say he didn’t know his business was being used by Harper and the Robo Callers. Nick Kouvalis runs Campaign Research which specializes in supporting the CPC and misleading the voters of the other parties. Richard Ciano is now Pres. PCs  Ont.  God help my Party with scum like Ciano, Tim Hudak and Randy Hillier at the helm. Nick Kouvalis orchestrated a smear campaign against Irwin Cotler. In the 2011 Fed. Election Kouvalis worked for many CPC candidates including Deal Del Mastro.  The Manning Institute is a registered charity and is located in Calgary. Preston teaches treason. Does Rev. Can. know that???  RackNine is in Calgary. As is the Can. Assoc. of Petroleum Producers and the University of Calgary, both of whom launder oil cartel money. What I mean is that the Calgary Foundation is given money by the oil cartel. The Foundation hands it over all cleaned up to the U of C with strings attached, the U of Calgary hands out that money to cartel sanctioned projects which can then claim no oilie involvement. Kinda neat, wouldn’t you say. Does Canada need Universities like Calgary and Carleton which deals in such an underhanded manner and which preach and promote treason. We now find out the Carleton University is also laundering oil money. They are using the same conduit to the oilies, namely our very own Preston ” Democracy ” Manning. The reason these Universities are involving themselves in such criminal behaviour is that there is NO SCRUTINY BEING DONE  BY THE CONVENTIONAL MEDIA [ not the CBC ]. Is this just Rev. Can. looking the other way again? Harper must have got a free economics diploma from the University of Calgary. All during his so called time in School he was involved in organizing the Reform, the Northern Foundation and rubbing shoulders with white supremacists. When did Steve have time to study?  A good look at the Republican election tactics in the US during the Bush years provides a road map to the election of 2011 [ read on the net, " How to Rig an Election ", by Republican Allen Raymond, who went to jail ]. Cells were set up here whereby individuals [ mostly young men with low intelligence like Michal Sona ] were formed into small groups, each constituting a single piece of the larger puzzle. This allowed people to know nothing beyond their own job and then be able to deny responsibility for the dirty tricks. Everyone on the Harper team in 2011 knew the whole campaign was based on lies. Most of the dirty tricks were committed by the Harper Brownshirts who were trained by Manning. If one of the youngsters behaved badly and messed up they were just thrown under the bus by Harper. And then they were paid to disappear. All of these young men who actually carried out the Robo Call cheating have been  given free passes by the conventional media after the fact and not one of them has been questioned. What happened to investigative journalism? More importantly, what happened to honest journalism? Is lying now part of the job of a journalist? Is taking money to misinform now part of the job of a journalist? Is leaving out important information the job of journalists?  For damn sure. The period of time for registering complaints about an election is very short so the Luntz people made the right call. Harper engaged Americans [ illegal ]  in all kinds of dirty tricks knowing ahead of time that  by the time people could put two and two together the door would be safely / legally shut.  His theft of votes would then be made whole, beyond the reach of Elections Canada and the Courts. Remember Strauss. He said seize power and then do everything necessary to keep power including lying. Harper’s dishonest lawyers are doing just that. Not trying to clear up the doubts of Canadians about the 2011 election by to close every remaining door possible to Court appeals. Did the CPC  lawyers go to Calgary University by chance and share some of the oil money?  This election was stolen by Her Harper with the help of right wing Americans movers and takers. California here we come. That State is now ungovernable and broke, citizen’s rights and wealth has been stripped away by the oil cartel and Republicans. Everyone who has half a brain knows Herr Harper tightly controls his fascist Party. And that at his beck and call are Canadian sellout lawyers involved in criminal behaviour, trying to justify cheating and lying before the Courts. By countenancing such treasonous acts by his followers Harper has failed in his duty to Canadians and our Queen. His resignation is required forthwith. What kind of a game are we in here? Is it a matter of  WE THE PEOPLE must play by all the rules and show our identification card at every main intersection on orders of Vic Toews. While Steve, Preston and Conrad makes their own laws up as they go along. Nazi Germany is staring us in the face. Who’d of thunk it??? But we who oppose Harper still face an uphill battle. We can lead Canadians along the path of freedom but we CAN’T MAKE THEM CLAIM IT. Will they only wake up when they hear the clank of the concentration gate clang behind them???


There is a sameness to all hard right wingers, their characteristics are very similar. They lie, never accept responsibility for mistakes, always blame others, they say one thing and do another, they have no empathy for others, won’t share, they cannot look down the road and foresee the consequences of their actions, they cheat, they intimidate, indoctrinate and manipulate people, always giving themselves the biggest share of the pie, they limit their pursuits as related to their own selfish interests and then adhere violently to their choices come what may. No matter how many little people get mowed down. Scociopathic liars [ an old term  that came before brain imaging ]  are  defined as people who lie incessantly to get their own way, has little concern for others, they have no respect for the rights and feelings of other, they are often charming and charismatic, a good example Tom Flanagan. Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex [ UPC ] has been coined to explain why some teen age boys act so irresponsibly. Boys being bad has been an unexplained problem since records were first started. Brain imaging is very new and has become a valuable diagnostic medical tool. In the old days doctors looked from the outside and tried to figure out what people like Conrad Black were up. Once imaging became an accepted tool new uses were found, a couple of areas began to be studied. Problems with teen boys and those suffering with autism were closely allied. The Prefrontal Cortex [ behind your forehead ] is the last part of the brain to develop. It is small and located within the soft skull of a baby. This allows it to pass through the birth canal. By 15 the Prefrontal Cortex is full size but its’ interior is still developing. One of the areas within the PC is site 25. This relates mostly to behaviour in regards to one’s society. It is crucial for a person’s long term survival to be able to operate within the bounds of a society. Stable societies have gone one step further by developing democratic systems based on finding a way in which the will of the majority can be expressed. If most of the citizens therein agree on a certain course of action then things will not get too far out of hand. And to this democratic process we must add that the interests of the minority must always be considered. NORMAL Canadians find comfort in working wit their fellow citizens for the common good and having relationships with others. Societies that are successful like this Nation were built on this foundation and history shows us that following these instincts is indeed the right road to travel. Canada has a bedrock foundation of families [ not the families that Mcguinty / Hudak so often talk about ], friends and relationships. Who live within an orderly governmental system that respects the will of the people. That is why we now face such a difficult future. The right has become the UPC Party and is bent on regime change, following the path of Hitler. In the States the UPC Party has done irreparable harm and in Canada we face the same onslaught. The right is a tightly knit group of crazies. Ezra LeRant is a good example of a crazy. Our Ez supports Preston Manning  feeding Carleton University oil money under the table to train the young how to rig elections. This money laundering is just like what happens at the U of Calgary and with Herr Harper. This organization of  UPC sufferers  have accumulated vast sums of money illegally and purchased our politicians and the conventional media [ not the CBC ]. The bulk of North Americans are on the outside looking in. The electeds, although put in power BY OUR VOTE quickly gravitate to the control of the money bags. The conventional media likewise can smell the loot. The right sees a system much as we have to-day called the new democracy in which the chosen few run everything as the Conman Black and Harper do now. Leo Strauss preached this approach. He advised Americans to give up liberty for security. George Bush Jr. was well along to accomplishing that goal. Bush and the crazies in Congress imposed upon USA their new rules and look where the Country is to-day. And true to form, the right / UPC Party blames President Obama for all the problems and this view was /  is widely broadcast by the paid / conventional media. It has been found in brain imaging that some teens [ with problems ] and those suffering from autism have a societal nodule in the Cortex which develops too slowly or doesn’t work at all. I would describe this nodule as a sort of  Etch A -Sketch screen upon which the things that confront us appear in a flash by the moment. Say you are going out the front door and it starts to rain heavily. That scene comes on your screen. In an instant the nodule reach back into the brain, you need a rain coat, where is it, running shoe will not suffice. You are going to walk to get Jodie at school, you must take her rain gear too, you were to go to the store on the way home but that you’ll do that tomorrow. As well you should check the windows in the house and the car before leaving and so and so on. This is all done in an instant, a shake of the screen and a new scene / situation will immediately appear. What we confront is quickly enlarged to take in all of the relevant information, our files on past experiences and the sum of same dictates our reaction and judgement. For someone who’s societal nodule is not operational the first thing is anger at the rain, this shouldn’t be happening to them, this anger clouds the mind and will not allow for any sort of preplanning, the reactions come from deep in the primitive brain, so Jodie will get soaked, too bad. As well the thought that she might develop a cold if she gets soaked never occurs and the store visit is on, nothing will interrupt this angry /confused mind. Usually the societal nodule is fully develped by 25 and in some cases it takes till 35. It seems that a very few young women suffer from UPC. It is my thought that since they are of child bearing age  nature ensures that most of them reach the state of maturity quickly. In some young men whose societal nodules are developing slowly a shocking event like running dad’s car into a telephone pole will kick start nodule growth. Maybe it is a matter of oh s–t, I won’t do that again. Fortunately this can be the trigger in some. In a few cases the societal nodule NEVER develops. In olden times a few men reached old age with UPC  if they are extremely lucky to survive and yet they never matured. They were always outside society and without lasting relationships.  Over time I believe there have always been male UPC sufferers but by natural selection those outside the societal unit would have died in greater numbers than the normal population.  Thus the chance  they could pass this defect on would been greatly reduced. It may be that in childhood certain injuries or failings of parents and society would have damaged the societal nodule. But when we look back over 20,000 years to the Solutreans, they were Woolly Mammoths hunters in both France and England.   They created such striking paintings on cave walls. Those in the majority with fully developed societal nodules won out. For sure there were Black Sheep [ UPC sufferers ] back then but they were too few to affect the Mammoth hunter society. In fact Mammoth hunting required close teamwork. Something a UPC sufferer like Steve Harper would never be capable of doing. The Solutreans would have drowned Steve in the Loire River for being a nuisance. An imaging study was done in England on criminals and misfits and in most cases the societal nodule didn’t fire up, they were suffering a form of UPC. In fact in England studies were done 60 years ago into Anti Social Personality Disorder [ ASPD as they called it then] sufferers and the symptoms were exactly the same as to-day’s UPC  imaging. At that time 85% of British prison inmates were diagnosed with ASPD. The problem CAN’T BE FIXED. It would be interesting to find our if  UPC  is inherited.  After reviewing this study, doing other research and related  behaviours my mind immediately flashed to Conrad Black. I have been journeying with this man since his teens when he stole exams from Upper Canada College. I am 10 year older than he and a whole lot wiser. Black suffers from UPC and wasn’t helped by his father who extricated him for every scrape. My thoughts about Black going way back were that he had a screw loose. He had everything going for him but he was cursed by being anti social. Conrad worked so hard against the very things he sought. He was his own worse enemy. He spent his life lying, cheating, stealing and trying to bash through society on his own terms. He destroyed every business he ever owned. A successful society can’t tolerate people like Black / Harper. Canada has 34 million people. What if everyone made up their own rules? Fact is that in 1812 if the people had all been like Conrad there would have been no Canada. The Solutreans, 35,000 strong, created a society that lasted 7000 years and which eventually relocated to Clovis New Mexico, following the Woolly Mammoths there. They were the first humans in North America. It is my bet that young Solutreans who acted like Black would not have survive for long. Most Canadians are societal animals and go along to get along. Cooperating is in our blood and in our best interests. The mature brain fully appreciates this requirement.  Not Black, who is very intelligent but he lacks a societal governor [ a referee so to speak ] and he gets more outrageous as he gets older. Each UPC sufferer is different in that the total behavioural pattern depends on what is in the rest of the brain. A teenager can act irresponsibly due to UPC but the rest of the brain is empty of experience and knowledge. With Conrad, he has a lifetime of experiences and learned skills. He killed every business he was involved with because he was using other people’s money. They had other ideas. Conrad was and is a lousy husband and father, he always comes first and never admits mistakes. I have 3 kids, two sons and a daughter. Over 50 years manys the time when my interests came second. And with a wife sometimes third.  A judge famously said if something doesn’t belong to you, and you don’t have permission to take it and yet you still take possession it is called stealing. Black went to jail because he took what belong to his partners / shareholders without permission no matter what Mark Steyn and Ken Whyte say. David Radler helped Conrad steal and pleaded guilty. Why would Radler plead guilty if he didn’t do it? A Judge in this City, said to Black, your Company records are being taken into the custody of the Court and will be bonded at 10 Toronto St.  Conrad could get access to his records by applying to the Judge and having a Court appointed representative accompany him to 10 Toronto St.  If a document was required by Black he could make a copy and leave the original at Toronto St.  Conrad knew all about this kind of thing. During trial it was revealed that in terms of Board Minutes Black sometimes added things to the bottom that the Directors never saw. In the Court case it was felt by the prosecutors that Conrad’s records should remain undisturbed, since there might be records material to the case. Covering up a crime is many times more serious than the crime itself.  Black supporters, like Peter Worthington, can’t get their pea size brains around OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE.  Nixon got nailed for trying to cover up. Martha Stewart covered up an illegal stock purchase which netted her only about $ 40,000. This happens hundreds of time a day on Wall St. Martha thought she could cover up but once caught the Streeters thought, here’s a women, she’d be great to sacrifice to the SEC. Black’s records at 10 Toronto St. obviously contained damaging documents. Being in the presence of a Court official he couldn’t just walk off with stuff. So Black did what he always does, he thumbed his nose at the law.  We have to expect by now that Conrad will make up his own laws as he goes along just like Herr Harper. Black took his assistant and his addle brained secretary along and they removed boxes against the Judge’s orders. They were caught on video doing it. This was typical Black, damn the torpedoes, he was going to bluster his way out of this, intimidating everyone who got in his way. At trial his secretary, Joan Maida, said she needed the documents to do book work. To do book work on records held in 12 file boxes would take months yet Conrad returned them in a few days. At trial Maida said once they left Toronto St. she never saw the boxes again. So Black took the boxes without getting the Judges permission and what he did was quickly go through them to remove incriminating evidence, lying all the way. This whole affair at Toronto St. is so juvenile. Because Black ignored the Judge’s Order, the Court  here was going to be asked to cite Black for contempt of a Canadian Court. My thoughts on this matter are that the prosecutors in Chicago realize that Black had made a major blunder and they had been handed their Xmas present early. Hey, if someone gives you free a chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, sit back an enjoy it. Conrad had lifted the 12 boxes in full view of the video camera when a Judge had told him not to do so. This was an easy peasy Obstruction of Justice and easily winnable in Chicago. A contempt charge in Toronto against Black would have just muddied up the water. Obstruction overshadowed all the other charges with the jury. If this guy breaks into his own office to remove documents against a Judges orders he is up to no good. Add to this the fact that Black did not have the balls to face the jury [ UPCs can't face the music / Harper has run away from trouble before ].  Earlier Justice Leo Strine of the Delaware Court had to deal with Black’s attempt to sell his newspaper chain in England out the back door. Strine concluded that Black’s testimony did, ” not have the ring of truth “. Thus Black lied yet again. In the matter of Skilling v United States as regards the Honest Services Statute  Black  lucked out. If  Black had been convicted after Honest Services had been loosened the evidence against him, on its’ own would have been sufficient to convict him on the two counts of fraud, so said Justice Richard Posner. The 7th Circuit Appeal Court Justice also said Black was not to be believed. In plain English, a liar, yet again. If the Skilling Judgement had come after Black was out of jail it would not have applied. So the Conman got a bit lucky. On appeal two of the fraud charges that had been tainted by Honest Services were sent back to the prosecutors for possible retrial if cleaned up by removing the offending  tainting elements. The coverage of these proceedings was sanitized in the conventional media here by Conrad’s friends. How do you like paying for newspapers and watching TV that purposely misleads you? Constantly. Like every day.  One fraud charge stuck along with the more serious charge of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. If obstruction had not been involved the one standing fraud charge would have probably been discharged and Black released on the basis of time served. Black would have been out more than a year ago but the part of his brain where his intelligence resides is always being undone by his deficient teen age Prefrontal Cortex. The man in the end is stupid societally.  As stated, over the years UPC sufferers by virtue of their irresponsible  behaviours did themselves in. I think Conrad is very interesting in this regard. He is a brilliant man with a fatal flaw. Even this latest move to sue the Order of Canada Board shows off  his madness. Black is a British criminal visiting  Canada. He is wasting the Court resources of the Country without justification just to prove to himself once again that he is above the laws of the Land. Since 1989 when Black chose to support Steve Harper as the perfect American conservative candidate in this Country Conrad’s  papers have run interference for the PM. Black was always spinning the news and rounding off Herr Harper’s sharp corners. Harper would have never gotten to first base if he has been subjected to the normal scrutiny that is demanded by Canadians of their media.  Harper,  Black , Lady Barb,  Byfield and others go back to the founding of the Northern Foundation which was formed for the express purpose of supporting the white supremacist Government of South Africa and ensuring that Nelson Mandella would never be released from prison. Some of the Northern Foundation members belonged to the Heritage Front [ white males only with shaved heads ]. You didn’t know about this of course. The Black media never let you in on it. And the rest of the media followed suit to keep you in the dark.  The conventional media is very malleable. It will twist itself into any shape you wish if you pay it enough money.  Black threw cream puffs at Harper and it show the quality of his weak / yellow writers over the years. Possessed of skills not unlike those who write for the phone book. The rest of the conventional media has been drawn into supporting Harper more recently by virtue of  US oil cartel money. So now we have a media which operates in an alternate world, separated from us in the real world. In terms of  Black’s trial and jailing the Canadian media has continued to lay it on real thick. Himself’s  halo will  be arriving soon. The coverage of  Conrad’s return to Canada has mostly included misinformation, omissions and lies. How could we expect anything less. There have been 35 newspaper articles about Black since he came back to this Country illegally with a free pass from our dictator [ 30 pro / 5 con ].  Yet 75% of Canadians say they don’t want Conrad in this Country. Peter Worthington said in the Sun that the 75% constituted an anti Black cabal. This shows the divide between the media and the people. And shows why Pierre Peladeau will go broke. Pissing on three quarters of the population is not a smart business move.  But to Straussians this is no problem, the elites must maintain control over the masses for their own good.  In the end the little people will realize the error of their ways and if told things that mimic the truth often enough they will obey.  Conrad has apparently amassed quite a following, which he see as justifying his criminal / outlandish actions. I think some of his so called admirers are just like those who gathered in the Paris City Square to watch the blade drop. His fans are just waiting to see him self destruct. Black did have a nervous breakdown at one time and this is quite common with UPC sufferers. Faced with a major setback like the new NDP Government stripping Black of his Order and deporting him in his Red Robe back to England may just trigger his meltdown.  Along the way friends have tried to advise a more conciliatory approach to his problems but Black has always refused. He was / is going to follow his own rules come hell or high water. Eventually the US law and angry shareholders caught up with him. Barb Amiel once said to a reporter when the couple encountered choppy waters, ” The little people should know their place “. Very Nietzsche / Reform like. As a descendant of Yorkshire men I was not amused. Barb was born in the east end of London England. Not the place where real uppy up chicks come from at all. Amiel is a little people like the rest of us.  Who the hell does she think she is?  Black lost many good friends over the years because they challenged his high and mightyness and self damaging tendencies. Judge Amy say in her Chicago Court that she scratched her head as to why a man with so much going for him would engage in such illegal behaviour. I wrote before and after his jailing that Black was indeed mentally ill. Now I think differently, his societal nodule is inoperative , reason,UPC.  Out of New York in the past couple of weeks, came a study which included work from various universities. It found that men with the aforementioned UPC traits were 4 times more plentiful on Wall St. and in politics. A couple of days ago another report came from the Canadian Forces about the imaging of servicemen who were having difficulties much the same as UPC. I went on the net and studied brain imaging of teenage boys and those suffering from autism. In most cases the Societal Nodule was not operational or had been damaged or affected by disease. So we now have a list of anti social traits based on imaging which indicate why certain people are anti social and why they just don’t fit in.  Once they were rare because those on the outside of societies were deprived of the support system needed for life and they didn’t survive. But in to-day’s world we have UPC sufferers coming out of our ears.  That brings me around to the American Republican / right,  Herr Harper’s Fascist Party, Fraser / Manning Institutes, the Universities of Calgary and Carleton, the US oil cartel, CAPP and the pipe line companies to name a few are confirmed Straussians. The inmates have taken over OUR nut house. You can’t tell one rightie from another. They possess all knowledge and there is no point looking any further they say. Discussion, debate, and an exchange of ideas, there is no point. Since the time of Ronald Reagan those on the right have shut their minds and 2008 / 2009 finally proved their right wing ideology doesn’t work. It was a shame they had to ruin the USA trying to prove the concept.  It is as if they were all created using a single cookie cutter. They all have the same antisocial behaviours. There are a few females with the same traits like Danielle Smith, Vivian Krause and Diane Finley. The main things that identify them all are that they show little empathy for others, they lie openly and are intolerant of the views of other, they are secretive and all are dedicated to regime change. You can read Wiki about Friedrich Nietzsche [ died 1900 ], a writer and a wing nut who had syphilis just to boost his nuttiness. His pitch was that society should be under the control of Ubermen [ the smart ones ] and the rest of the population which would constitute the underclass [ dummies ]. This approach perfectly fits the needs of UPC sufferers who are very much bully / wimps. Their numbers had been self limiting over time due to their anti social behaviour. Societies prosper because the bulk of the population is prepared to honour their commitment to the larger community. Even if they will never share in that success.  At the birth of the USA the Founding Fathers didn’t have a royalty [ they fought against George 111 ] so they thought it wise to create a sort of unofficial natural nobility wherein exceptional men would get to the top quickly because of what they might offer to the young Country. That didn’t sound like a bad idea  but once the great man died that was it, right? My worse fears were confirmed, once a family got into the natural nobility circle they never left.  Even if the son was a village idiot or UPC sufferer he was and for all time in a most favoured place. The son would be indulged and to make matters worse he would have money and access to even more money. In a trusting society someone who had little regard for others [ UPC ] could use their money illegally or immorally. Even though the Americans have a constitution much of the time they don’t really pay any attention to it. You know the part about everyone being equal. The growing army of UPC sufferers can take that document  or leave it at whim. Saying one thing and do another, so Straussian. If the bulk of Americans  had respected the Constitution the problem of equal treatment for blacks would have been solved over 100 years ago. So at their very core there is the belief among people in the USA who are important in their own minds that all this respecting the will of the people and voting nonsense takes second place to the will of the elites. In California the will of the majority no longer applies. Nietzsche was NOT very successful in selling his books in Europe, they bombed. But a few on the right and some Republicans in the US latched onto Fred N. after his death and promoted this Uberman an idea which was seen coming out of the centre of world learning [ Berlin ] at that time. This gave legitimacy to the natural nobility movement and spurred its’ growth. At that moment in time, 100 years ago, the fate of the USA was sealed. In the 1920s the Republicans in Congress and the Republican President granted the then 7 oil companies a monopoly that they have had ever since. Other such arrangements were made, you know that old Yankee level playing field. It is against the laws of the US and Canada to operate a monopoly / cartel. It infringes on the will of the people and their right to free expression. The captains of the oil cartel became rich Ubermen. During the World War 11 George Bush Jr’s  grandfather was a partner in a NY bank that laundered money for the Nazis. The University of Calgary launders money for the oil cartel. There’s nothing new. It would seem that Ubermen could / can break the rules whenever they felt / feel like it.  Ludwig Von Mises was born in Austria in [ 1881 / 1973 ]  into a rich family and was influences by the kind of thinking floating around at the time of Nietzsche, this Uberman nonsense. His group was given the name of the Austrian School of Economics. When Mises  came to America he tied up with the John Birch Society, an ultra right wing group that is still in operation, they liked his ideas.  Friedrich Hayek was born in Austrian [ 1899 /1992 ] and worked for and was much influenced by Mises. Hayek was welcomed to the US by Republicans / right. Harper loves Hayek. Leo Strauss was born in Prussia, [ 1899 / 1973 ] worked in the same circles as Hayek and wrote about nutski Nietzsche who as you know was used by Hitler to justify his Ubermen dreams and attacks on the common folk. All three of them [ Mises / Hayek /Strauss ] came to the USA and found a willing audience among the Republicans / the right wing. The ideas of the 3 Austrians fly in the face of American democracy.  This Uberman nonsense negates democracy. The UPC sufferers were outnumbered by those on the left and those on the right WITH GOVERNORS like me. And moderate Republicans. These ideas of the 3 Austrians have been floating around for over 60 years on the right. The right says democracy is an okay thing as long as we are in control. For a long period this right wing approach made little headway until Ronald Reagan became President and he turned the Government into an enemy of the people although he was the Government. Do one thing and say another. Ronnie pushed for smaller Government,  lower taxes for the rich, cutting programs to the less well off who should be pulling themselves up by their bootstraps [ the Pres. had no concern for the welfare of other ]. Reagan began removing the rules that regulated Wall St. without telling Americans. The media got paid off to bury these initiatives. He was setting the markets free so to speak just as Mises, Hayek and Strauss preached. In terms of the 2008 / 2009 crash orchestrated by Washington and Wall St. Reagan lit the fuse and Bush Jr. provided the dynamite.  How these Presidents and their supporters  could do such things to the larger population and not have a sense of how the larger community would suffer is hard to fathom? Except that those with UPC never consider others and can’t look down the road and gauge the consequences of their actions. Every day in the news there are Madoff stories where an individual  started down a dead end road where the outcome was as clear as a bell. When Black first got in trouble about 8 years ago he made a deal to pay $ 70 million to injured shareholders for their inconveniences. At the last minute Conrad changed his mind, ” Nobody was going to tell him what to do “. Even Lady Black said, ” pay them the money “, but he wouldn’t listen and got himself 3.5 years in the slammer.  Those with UPC are parasites who set out to devour the host and enjoy the feast. They never consider, what then?  Of course the host dies as America is dying. The parasites with nothing to feed on die themselves. But UPC sufferers are unable to make this connection. At the University of Oil at Calgary there is a shadow group dedicated to Leo Strauss which included / includes Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan, Ted Morton, Barry Cooper, Preston Manning and Danielle Smith.  Straussian teachings  dictate that citizens need to be led and told what is good for them. Allowing them to determine their own destiny could / would cause a society to break down. Leo was said to be anti democratic as is Preston Manning. Strauss taught unsuspecting American conservatives that the USA was justified in intervening in the world to bring blessings from the west to the benighted [ unenlightened ] rest. The Iraq War.  Sounds a lot like Nazism. During the late 1930s the Republicans were taking money from Hitler to keep America out of the coming War. Leo said telling lies, ” The Noble Lie “, to accomplish the goals of the right was honourable. Move slowly by stealth behind the scenes so that the citizens doesn’t catch on. Now the main instigators in spreading the Straussian view in Canada were / are the University of Oil in Calgary, Preston Manning, Steve Harper, Tom  Flanagan and Ted Morton [ Flanagan and Morton are US draft dodgers ]  they are hybrids, bully / wimps [ passive / aggressive ].  As with Black I thought the bunch of  them were mentally ill but now I have discovered the existence of this societal nodule and brain imaging. I can see they are all suffering from UPC. The bunch of them are  scociopathic liars. In my research I was curious about the extent of impact on Canadian politics by a few wing nuts at the U of C. I know they started the Reform party with money from the US oil cartel which paid for the swallowing of my Party, the PCs. But the right has a much larger hold on this Country and part of this is due to the proliferation of right wing think tanks like the Fraser and Manning Institutes [ and the media ] which are supported by the unknowing Canadian taxpayer. I have also been dismayed at the number of cheerleaders on the right who are in our faces every day in the media. Then I discovered something called the Civitas club, a shadowy organization about which there is little information available. I did find ties to similar Civitas orgs. in the US and UK, all to the right. The agenda of the Canadian Civitas club includes regime change from a democracy to an oligarchy funded by oil. Western alienation is a key part of this process championed by Ted Byfield.  While I didn’t get too much info on the organization I did get a list of names of people who have connections to Civitas. And this list of names tells exactly what the Straussian graduates are up to. In May 2006 about 200 Civitas members and hangers on got together in a secret meeting in Ottawa to listen to Frank Luntz [ a George Bush Jr. operative ] describe how to win elections Republican style. Luntz and Preston Manning are very old friends. Telling lies is an important part of a change in regime [ check Strauss on the net ]. Now here is the rub. People with mental problems do impact a society but they don’t endanger the society in its’ entirety. UPC sufferers who are free to do as they wish in finance and politics would again impact society but their individual actions would be exposed and they would be punished, defeated in elections and / or jailed for theft. And of course the sentry on duty has always been the press which was granted the special powers we know of as, ” Freedom of the Press “. To-day that has been changed to freedom of the press to sell out to the highest bidder. In 2006 I could see the subprime storm gathering. Action could have been taken at that time which would have save America. I got my information from those inside the financial establishment. The toxic nature of the subprime threat NEVER APPEARED IN THE MEDIA. My family didn’t make money on the coming storm but the hatches were batten down and this family closed all the shutters. When the media went silent in return for a slice of the pie a lot of Streeters made big money. You wouldn’t now have to keep tabs on Harper and his fascist threat if the conventional media had been / was doing its’ job. And therein lies the undoing of America  and presently threatens Canada. The UPC sufferers have flourished, their personal wealth accumulated by breaking all the rules is now huge. Look at the US oil cartel, which now own the conventional Canadian  media. Slowly turning up the heat on us frogs sitting in a  pot of water as Strauss suggested will see us cooked before we ever realize we are in danger. But 30 years ago the conventional media stopped telling the truth or informing the citizens. They began printing / broadcasting soothing messages with never a hint of the hell that was acoming our way. We are not told about the past. We are not told about the future. And only a snipit about the present, crafted to please the US oil cartel and Canadian politicians. In America there are now over 300 million well cooked frogs. Harper and his Republican / oilie friends have the heat on in Canada but WE ain’t cooked just yet. Most Canadians are onto the Fascist Goverment’s Straussian plans. By the way Strauss did  support  fascism. And the University of Calgary made a place for his elitist / anti democratic nonsense. I am sure the University attracts every UPC sufferer in the Country.  So Herr Harper’s political birth place, the University of Oil in Calgary preaches treason. And Preston Manning teaches treason. Fortunately the internet has awakened this Country to the Harper’s threat. We frogs have to blow this pot of water, Put Harper and his henchmen /women in jail and take control of the burner switch. Here is a partial list of the people who meet in secret under the name of the Civitas Society. Secret societies have no place in a democracy. Subversives  –  Ted Byfield, Michael Coren,  Tom Flanagan, Tom Long, William Gairdner, William Robson, Michael Walker, Ross McKitrick, Steve Harper, Link Byfield, Preston Manning, David Frum, Peter Worthington,  Conrad Black, Barb Amiel, Barry Cooper, Lorne Gunter, Jason Kenny, Danielle Smith, Colby Cosh, William Watson, Andrew Coyne, Marcus Gee, Scott Newark, Stockwell Day, Brian Crowley, Ken Whyte, Ezra LeRant and on and on up to the 200. These are the people who rule Canada now. Knowledge of this Civitas Fifth column must be set along side some comments in the July 9 / 12 Maclean’s piece written by someone by the name Chris Sorensen.  I am not familiar with the name and can’t find a trace of him. He must be one of the many unpaid interns working in the press these days. Chris wrote about Enbridge, Pat Daniel  CEO  and the oil business. In part he said, ” Enbridge has at times appeared surprised with its’ new found clout, at least publicly. Insiders say that’s because oil executives are still adjusting to the new reality of having industry supporters controlling the House of Commons which is effectively doing its’ bidding “. There you have it folks, the US oil cartel now controls Parliament. Exactly the same thing the oil cartel / Republicans pulled in the California State House. The story of two democracies lost.


It is clear that Preston Manning was key to rigging the 2011 Federal Election. His conduit was the Civita Society, a subversive, shadow organization dedicated to regime change. Preston is good pals with Republican operative Frank Luntz who worked for Karl Rove, George Bush Jr.’s Chief of Staff. Whether Luntz was involved in 2011 I have yet to determine. But his fingerprints are all over the Robo Calls. So successful was the stealing of the 2011 election that Manning was working with the oil cartel to set up a new anti democratic cell at Carleton University to go along with the Global Warming Denier’s cell [ funded by the US Heartland Institute ] already in existence there. I have wondered for a long time how all of the journalists on the right could be so coordinated. When the Keystone was in everyone was on the beat with the same info word for word. The same happened with the Gateway, then Tom Mulcair’s Dutch disease and his visit to Calgary. Well the Civitas is the common link. Harper’s Civitas / fascist press includes Andrew Coyne, Michael Coren, Lorne Gunter, Colby Cosh, Ken Whyte, Ezra Le Rant, David Frum, William Watson, Brian Crowley, Marcus Gee, William Gairdner et al. I am sure I will uncover more names.  We need to have another Federal Election to clear the air, this time without the Luntz American Republican carpet baggers. When the new NDP Government takes office I have suggested that Conrad Black be stripped of his Order of Canada, his membership on the Privy Council and deported to England. As well Davis Johnston GG, should be sacked for his mishandling of the Black affair and his genuflecting to Herr Harper. But the thought occurred that while we are at it Preston Manning should be stripped of his Order of Canada and then jailed for treason. But the law may require we imprison Preston first so we can then take the Order away. While we are at it let’s completely clean house and deport Herr Harper, Tom Flanagan and Ted Morton to the Ruined States of America. Let them full enjoy what their right wing ideology wrought. The Civitas Society web site contains nothing more than a peep hole to see who is there. As usual with those on the right their motto is the exactly opposite to the truth. Rather than a place where ideas meet it is a place where the Straussians get together to plot regime change.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                            LAOCOON

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THE TORONTO SUN / SUN TV / THE WORLD’S LARGEST COLLECTION OF VILLAGE IDIOTS   —   On second thought that may not be entirely true. Paul Godfrey’s American National Post is at least running a close second in this regard. Paul and his business experts Terry, Pete and Bill combined did not have enough smarts to hang on the the Postmedia building in Don Mills. And THEY tell us how to run our lives??? Maybe Godfrey will take a leaf out of Detroit’s book. Many people there are finding is quite comfortable living under Hwy. overpasses.  Pierre Peladeau let one of his editors out of his cell to write a piece about the CBC’s [ where the truth still rules ] plan to make a documentary on the life of Jack Layton. This is a man who won over a hundred seats in Parliment in the 2011 Federal Election, leading the NDP to victory.  Herr Harper, his employer the US oil cartel and the hard right command the allegiance of no more than about 15% of the Canadian population. Probably half that number in the leadership role suffer from UPC [ Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex ], the rest are either brain dead or hired flunkies. The only way Harper was able to get from [ 15% ] to 39% [ 2011 election ] was to suck some people in by saying things he didn’t mean, by telling endless lies and cheating, with the help of his paid media. In Etobicoke [ 2011 ] the Justice found 79 bogus ballots in just 10 polls, the other 210 polls were not scrutinized. The stuffed ballots were in every one of the polls, that’s roughly 7 stolen ballots per poll. Now multiply 7 by 220 polls and you have 1540 phony ballots. That is clearly enough to win in every tight riding. Once the Mulcair Government takes power I want  the results of all of the polls in Etobicoke scrutinized to determine to what extent Opitiz / Harper cheated. This would form the basis for criminal charges. I want Opitz and his riding executive jailed.  I believe that if  Herr Harper hadn’t lied and cheated, for a fleeting moment Jack Layton would have been Prime Minister??? The person who wrote the June 15/12 Toronto Sun editorial about Jack Layton / CBC is the scum of the earth. I think we should financify [ take away all revenue that he doesn't earn / stop the payments from Harper and the oilies ] Pierre Peladeau right out of the newspaper business [ don't advertise with him, don't watch Sun TV  and don't buy his papers ]. To the larger conventional media I again express my contempt. Nobody has come forward to defend Jack, you are all scum bags as well. Rather than complain about the CBC using taxpayer’s money to make a documentary about such an important Canadian the media should be investigating the Fraser Institute. I asked Vivian Krause to do a run down on the Fraser but since she is on the payroll of the US oil cartel, I am sure they told her no. The cartel also funds the Fraser Inst. It is a Harper front which is under the protection of Rev. Canada, now an arm of the PMO. A considerable number of  low level Rev. Can. employees have being fired by Harper. I can understand. Since Tim Powers, Harpers Gestapo Chief assumed office  the midnight pickups are taking place. A police state is always most efficient. With Harper’s opponents being grabbed by Tim the workload at Rev. Can. will certainly diminish. Therefore only a small staff will be required. Conrad Black the British crook is safe although, he is a convicted criminal. Those being taken in the night are actually law abiding citizens but THEIR CRIME IS THAT HARPER THINKS THEY ARE UP TO SOMETHING. That alone brands a person as a Gestapo suspect.. The Fraser operates as a charity on the taxpayer’s nickel and is dedicated to destroying our democracy by installing the same system you see south of the border. The Republican States of America. It is difficult to accept the fact that in the killing of Canadian society  Hangman Harper requires YOU AND I to pay for the noose. Look at the extent of the ruin over the border. The city of Stockton Calif. declared bankruptcy yesterday. The oilies and Steve are taking us there.  Hiels Veldhuis also got $ 500,000  from the oil cartel. Does he get this much every year? Gwyn Morgan a featured writer at Phil Crawley’s Globe [  the Paper is also a good friend of Conman Black ] and his oil friends gave the Fraser $ 2 million. How many out of work Canadians would that amount have helped? 25% of working Albertans make less than $ 15 an hour. The use of food banks in Fort McMurray is above average. Each year the US oil monopoly take $ 125 billion out of the Province and gives back a little over $ 10 billion in royalties. God, that’s a good deal for the Yanks, wouldn’t you say.  The Fraser Institute got money from the Heartland Institute too, an American charity [ so called ]  ????  Which got $ 60 million from the US oil monopoly itself over the last 20 years. Heartland is the centre for Global Warming deniers around the world. All the cheques to deniers come from Heartland. Every kook [ Tom Flanagan / Barry Cooper / Bob Carter /Tim Ball/ Tom Harris / Tim Patterson / Brian Crowley / Ian Lee  / Rupert Darwell / Bjorn Lomborg  / Ross McKitrick / Rex Murphy / Terry Corcoron / Pete Foster et al ] who has ever graduated from Fly-By-Night- U is employed to write propaganda for big oil [ the bought mind is a spoilt mind / Greece 400 BC ]. The Fraser, which can boast  Danielle Smith as one of its’ alumni actually came over from the leading centre for the laundering oil money in Canada, the University of Calgary. Niels Veldhuis, Pres. of the Fraser was quoted in Godfrey’ Post as saying his Institute never engages in political activity. I damn near died laughing. Veldhuis is a sufferer of UPC and a sociopathic liar as well, just like the mental patient he serves, Steve Harper. When the new Government is installed, all of the top brass at Rev. Canada have to be fired and those who are prosecuting this witch hunt against the Suzuki Foundation, Tides and the other environmental charities will have to face criminial charges for exceeding the law at the behest of the cartel and Herr Harper. Following orders is no longer an excuse. It is said that Veldhuis is an economist, the same thing that is said about Harper. Neither one of them has a clue about economoics. I attempted to looked into Niels’ background but came up empty [ his net bio is vague ] other than he taught at a community college. Some expert. He like Harper and the climate deniers seems to be a phony. Maybe Veldhuis never graduated university like Harper never graduated from the U of Calgary??? Herr Harper actually graduated off Preston Manning knee. Talking about Manning, he seems to have lot to say about Tom Mulcair. Maybe Preston could hold his fire for a moment and tell us what is has been like to live off the avails of oil cartel money for the past 30 years. Oil dollars even helped in setting up the Manning  Institute. Whose interest do you think Manning serves, big oil or Canadians?  Now of interest to me is the fact that Brian Lee Crowley [ Harper friend ] is the head of the newly established Macdonald – Laurier Institute [ as if we need one more right think tank / the taxpayers can't afford it ] in Ottawa, another right wing /educational charity the promotes Herr Harper and the US oil cartel. His close associate is Ian Lee [ Harper friend ], from Carleton University which is also on the take from the US oil cartel. The Fraser’s Veldhuis gets money from Heartland, Preston Manning, Tom Flanagan and Danielle Smith are involved. Both Manning and Harper got started in politics taking oil cartel money, as did Danielle Smith. Both Brian Crowley and Ian Lee have worked in Government in Ottawa at the ministerial level and written a book together. a book about you know what, right wing ideology. Crowley himself is connected with the now discredited Heartland Institute. Does the  Macdonald – Laurier Institute, a right wing front get money from Heartland too???  Heartland is in league with the oilies. It is clear that Brian Crowley, Ian Lee and Gwyn Morgan have close ties with Herr Harper. Does Harper donate to the Heartland Institute? Wouldn’t that be sweet, himself, living off the US oil cartel and supporting Global Warming deniers? Is that why Peter Kent seems so clued out on the environment?  Heartland [ on behalf of the tobacco companies ] is also undermining the second hand smoke campaign. I have to say, way to go CBC, honour our great Canadians and pay no mind to Peladeau’s scum. As well, pay no attention to the likes of Brian Crowley, Ian Lee and Gwyn Morgan. I think everyone appearing on the CBC should sign a declaration naming their sponsors [ from whom do you get a cheque? ] . The US oil cartel should not be allowed to employ slow wits like Brian, Ian and Gwyn as fronts and then pay the media to publicize them. They along with all the other oil shills are destroying our democracy as they are destroying our planet by telling lies and accepting oil dollars under the table. If the end comes I hope the grandchildren of Tom Flanagan, Gwyn Morgan and the other deniers die first. Universities like Calgary, Guelph, Lakehead, Victoria and Carleton should be ashamed of themselves for laundering oil dollars. Mulcair’s new Government must investigate universities that accept  US oil cartel money and don’t reveal it to Canadians. This can only serve to dishonour their names. In the case of Calgary their giving in to the influence of the US of cartel and producing so much misinformation that damages the Canadian brand should have their charter withdrawn. In terms of Fraser, Macdonald-Laurier Institutes and the Frontier Centre are doing just great work on behalf of Herr Harper spending taxpayer’s money to turn Canada into another California which thanks to the Republicans is broke and ungovernable. 

I WORKED FOR JANET ECKER / SHE WAS ANOTHER SUPPOSED PC,INCLUDING MIKE HARRIS, WHO WOULD NOT LISTEN TO THIS RED TORY   —   I started as a minor official working for Leslie Frost and our Party in 1960. Janet was a seven years old, going to public school at that time. The advantage I had and have always had is that I am a mechanic / technician. Most politicians are lawyers. Much of what goes on in our society to-day relates to machines and their uses. It was revealed that newspapers no longer hire science / technical writers. Thus this huge segment of North American society no longer has any expertise in the conventional media. The reason is that for the politicians, big business and the oil interests to broadcast their lies there should be nobody in the ranks of journalists / commentators to make critical comment. All the better to recopy press releases from the above. Years ago in terms of business there was some of competition between businesses which I understand having been self employed for 50 years. However there is little competiton now, above a certain level it is mostly government sanctioned monopolies / cartels, OPG, Ornge and the tar sands. I was a Pickering Councillor [ 1973 /76 ] when the first Ont. nuclear plant was built and still have a plastic paper weight puck from the sod turning.  I followed the twists and turns of the nukes and became aware that what was being said in the papers was not TECHNOLOGICALLY CORRECT [ tech spin / lies ]. This from the Toronto Star [ the paper has spent the last 12 years printing false and misleading information, plus the nukie lies ].   Thus over time I became less / less impressed with nuclear and the Toronto Star their chief publicity agent. I complained to the Ontario Press Council, a toothless front for the newspapers. There were unhappy people in Pickering, protests about plants and a few books written on the subject of nuclear but all this was never in the media. By 1990 I was up to speed on the nukes, well beyond the general public and as I found out later that MPPs like Janet Ecker were no better informed than the ratepayers in Pickering. My involvement with the PCs in the late 1970s and 80s, was not all consuming. I had a family [ a real one Hudak ], a business and was involved with municipal politics. However I eventually went to work for Mike Harris, much driven the by the disastrous Rae term. My PCs committed hari kari when they chose Frank Miller as the leader in 1985. He was surrounded  by hard right wingers with money behind them who took control by stealth.  Just as Harper did recently to my PCs nationally. Since 1985 Ontario has been going downhill like the fall of the Roman Empire. The David Peterson / Bob Rae partnership sort of marked time for a couple of years and the public took notice of Rae who supported the Liberals in the minority Legislature. He didn’t make waves. David Peterson was a narrow minded, vindictive man who was poor leadership material. His Government won on some issues and lost on others but in 1988 economic clouds began to gather in North America. Three things on the surface brought about Peterson’s defeat. He made a crazy call to go to the people 2 years early in order to grab a majority before the roof fell in. It was seen as a  cheap political trick by Ontarians. Most in his own Party were opposed. The Patti Starr affair further weakened Peterson. Patti was Liberal fund raiser who was charged and jailed for activities like Herr Harper is now involved in. Starr was hung out to dry by Peterson and the rest of the Liberals who were involved, they escaped notice. Typical party machine politics. As well Peterson’s so called surplus budget eventually  turned into a $ 3 billion deficit. This was all politics, which the party insiders and the media love, just another Habs / Leafs game. But behind the scenes this small minded man, who should burn in hell forever, dismantled the Ontario Industry and Trade Ministry. This was the secret economic engine of the Frost, Robarts and Davis Governments. The Ministry nurtured and supported innovation, new ideas and promising products and technologies. The Scarborough Town Rapid Transit was one. GO double deckers was another. The idea behind Industry and Trade was to support Ontario entrepreneurs who were developing EXPORTABLE PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES. The normal fate of idea men and women here is that sharks like Kevin O’Leary put money in, create a big hullabaloo, sell stock, pocket most of the cash and leave the skeleton company to struggle on. So many break through products have been thought of in this Province and have blossomed in other jurisdictions over the last 20 years, especially in the USA. Ontario had become the place where good ideas die by the hand of the Government  and that is still so. Peterson saw Industry and Trade as a real threat. There would have been a steady stream of business successes for which my Party could rightfully have claimed credit. During the late 1980s Peterson slowly strangled Industry and Trade. And to make sure no green sprouts appeared he withdrew funding from idea people already in the works. Peterson destroyed many entrepreneurs financially in the doing. In 1987 the Ontario Energy Board began to have concerns about the way the nukies were managing Ont. Hydro. Happily David Peterson was punished but for the wrong reasons. Calling an election too early, a Liberal funding scandal and a missed budget forecast were events of fleeting importance. The kind of fluff  much loved by the conventional media. But the gutting of a unique approach to fostering and encourging new and emerging businesses for purely petty political reasons was and is contemptible. This ill-considered  move by Peterson and the bankrupting of Ontario Hydro by the nukies [ McGuinty's employers now ] killed Ontario’s economy. Peterson suffered a huge defeat [ 59 seats lost ] , the second largest in Provincial history. And the Premier couldn’t even hang on to his own seat. By 1990 the nukies had overspent by $ 40 billion. Although Ont. Hydro was an arms length crown corporation those in the Legislature were unaware of the level of nukie theft. It just shows what a poor crop of MPPs we had then. Everybody was asleep at the switch and the public slumbered on because the media looked the other way, especially the Star. Of course Honderich got a goodly share of taxpayer’s money of course. Bob Rae took power and I fault him for two things, not those ones believed by the public which were taken from the myths put forward by the conventional media. Rae and his Party were not aware of the delicate financial situation that Ontario Hydro was in. But there had been rumblings.  And to a lesser degree Rae didn’t know about the Province’s sad financial shape. Peterson pulled a fast one. The opposition as well as all the Gov. MPPs were asleep on this issue as was Peterson [ are you suprised? ].  Bob came to power thinking he would not win. He never went through the, ” What if ? He didn’t have the measure of the coming recession as many of us civies did. Imagine the underclass having a better understanding of economic conditions than the Legislature. MPPs are the last to know. Well in to-day’s world Canadians know a lot more about the world economy, Europe, never mind this Country’s financial state than Herr Harper and Jim Flaherty do. Rae had no executive talent in place to allow him to seize the reins of power quickly. He thrashed around for months, flying by the seat of his pants.  Early on Rae decide he could spend his way out of the recession that eventually turned into a depression, a big mistake. The dividends from the work done at Industry and Trade over many years had been thrown away by Peterson so he could play king of the castle and Ontarians ended up being the dirty rascals. Peterson left a deficit for Rae when Ontarians were promised a surplus.  Bob has been vilified for his almost 5 years in Office but I don’t know of any senior politician in Ontario in 1990 who was capable of besting the recession. Mike Harris came to Office in 1995, I worked to get him elected in Pickering. I was interested in returning to the days of the Davis Government when people who were less well off or who had fallen behind were given consideration with the understanding that we WOULD MAKE THE MONEY FIRST. The old Industry and Trade Ministry was part of that trajectory. Being slow on the uptake I assumed Harris would again adopt all those things that had kept our Party in power for 42 years, including Industry and Trade. Suprise, suprise, Mike seized upon a hard right wing agenda with little reference to the PC grass roots of which I was a part.  Bashing unions, creating chao in the educational system, reducing hospital beds, selling off Government owned assets, cutting nurses and leasing Hwy # 407 to Spanish bandits, naming just a few. These ill considered measures upset my Pickering  folks. Hudak will just repeat these bankrupt policies. Please will someone turn Tim’s right wing brain chip off.  All of Mike’s various measures only added to the turmoil of the previous 5 Rae years. Bill Davis, Harris was not. Mike turned his back on his own supporters, it made no [ common ]  sense to me. Isn’t getting elected important?  More or less his Bay St. machine [ which included imported Republican operatives ]  said, we have a majority now so we can do anything we darn well please. Harper read the same far right pamphlet. The Harris ” No Sense ” agenda made many Tories angry and increasingly so.  In the 1999 Ont. election Harris went from 82 seats to 59 [ the number of seat had been reduced from 130 to 103 ]. In 99 / 300,000 more people voted. McGuinty took all of them plus 200,000 from Howard Hampton. Clearly Mike was on the slippery slope and growing more unpopular by the day[ shades of Herr Harper ].  Mistakes were made by my Party. Harris ignored the grass roots [ Mike was real deaf ]. Real people in real communities [ an NDP specialty ] offer  politicans a way to get a real heads up. Ignore such voters at your peril.  But this expression of the will of the people proved to be very unsettling for Mike’s insiders and PC machine spin doctors. Just look at the recent Alberta election. Danielle Smith / Wildrose didn’t have a clue where the voters were. Harper’s people  interfered.  He made the same mistake when the Harperites interfered  in the Manitoba and Ontario elections. Out BC way Harper is again interfering in a provincial election. I look forward to seeing Himself’s face all covered in egg. Gwyn Morgan, Harper’s pal is assisting Christy Clark for $ 300,000 [ whose money ? ]. There is big dough being a mindless supporter on the right.  In a democracy the will of the people is what counts. Nothing else.  Those who surround the leader of a party should work to get him / her the very best / true intelligence possible. Queen Elizabeth 1, said, ” I must bring my people with me “. In a democracy a leader should lead but with the knowledge that the bulk of the citizenry are not far behind. Leslie Frost and Bill Davis were past masters at staying close to the voters. In a CBC poll the other night 97% of those who responded  were thumbs down on Herr Harper’s Omnibus Bill. Harper has abandon Canadians and will pay a price in the soon to be held election[ Harper's majority is now 6 seats ]. Once the 7 riding elections are nullified, add it to the one in Etobicoke and then the coming resignation of Dean Del mastro.  That means 9 seat gone and only 6 to play with, Herr Harper is toast.  Harris also mistakenly believed that the voters were so fed up with Rae and that the McGuinty Liberals would be in the wilderness for years as a result of the Peterson curse he thought was home free on a downhill pull. Mike thought he could ignore the populace and proceed to implement his Ronald Reagan agenda which Hudak has just dug up again. In 1999 Harris saw his seat count drop to the point where he only had a 7  MPP majority, a slim one indeed, just like Harper. This should have set the warning bells going. From dayone after the election the  Tory healing should have started. I saw no evidence of change. We had Walkerton, the shooting of Dudley George at Ipperwash and Torie tax cuts which severely weakened the Province’s financial position. It turned out that Harris was hiding $ 3.5  billion deficit, just like Peterson. Hudak learned the same outdated math. Mike had announced the sale of Ontario Hydro which had been driven into bankruptcy by the nukies. The nukes had rung up a debt of  $ 2o billion and another bill for $ 20 billion for the toxic radioactive waste stored at our nuclear plant sites. That toxic waste remains to this day in temporary storage and has continued to increase, probably adding another $ 5 billion to the bill by now. AEC slipped one by Premier Frost, the nukies never revealed the toxic waste problem. Ontario NEVER ACCEPTED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE NUCLEAR WASTE, THAT IS HARPER’S PROBLEM. This is madness, just bloody madness.  Harris broke up Ontario Hydro into 5 parts which was meant to do two things. The parts would be easier to sell and each group of  insiders would get a piece of the action meaning the ratepayers would face 5 executioners instead of one. The total sale was to net Harris $ 5 billion so he could cover the hidden deficit. ENRON was in on the deal as well, oh swell. From a business point of view breaking the utility into 5 bits made no sense whatsoever. It was just a ploy to unload the thing, get some big bucks, reward his friends with a $ 800,000 slice of the pie plus  ongoing profits. Harris would  then be able to claim it was not his fault when KW rates went through the roof.  I was not aware at the time of much of these behind the scenes considerations. As an old hand I just looked at all this accumulated baggage and said to Janet Ecker and wrote to Mike Harris to tell them that our Party had to go big with something that would touch all Ontarians. I said FIX ONTARIO HYDRO, DON’T SELL IT.  The fix did not have to take place immediately but just the announcement to fix the system was crucial.  Setting in place a way to measure progress so the people could see progress would have restore our Party’s fortunes. I met with Jane Ecker a couple of time at her constituency office. And I apprised Harris by letters [  this is the olden days remember ]. At that moment Ecker could have rocketed to the top in terms of becoming a legendary MPP. Reaching those heights by seizing the moment and saving the Province’s economy. This by overhauling the electrical system. I warned Mike and Janet that if they didn’t announce a KW fix, the only big initiative we had available at that time to grab the voter’s attention the PCs would go down to defeat. I was also mindful of the important role Industry and Trade had played during the Party’s last, long term in office. Government support of fledgling businesses was a pump primer that stepped around the view held by financiers that ideas should almost instantaneously generate revenue. This is like planting wheat and thinking of harveting a crop the next day. Many real good ideas take years to blossom. Only governments have that patience and then only if the people cast an educated vote for MPPs who do their homework. Who don’t bow to the Party machines as in the case of the Libs. / PCs in Ontario. The first Apple computer was born in a garage. Red Tories understand such ideas must be cultivated. I wouldn’t waste a minute trying to make Hudak understand, he doesn’t understand and will NEVER understand. The only thing the citizenry can expect from the  hard right wing is the back of the hand and a life of hard scabble. Righties are motivated to reward themselves and their friends. In Canada’s case it is the oilies who are on the receiving end of the taxpayer’s largess. The general public is expected to survive on the crumbs that fall from the table. In the old days in Ont., once an idea had taken off the private sector was bought in by Industry and Trade to take  the exportable product to the heights. Exportable products that would fill world needs, they create real good jobs.  The Davis Government  always kept a piece of the action and insured those they were  partnering were not like Kevin ” Ponzi ” O’Leary.  The trouble in to-day’s world is that we have seen the American business model adopted here. Rapacious businesses keeping stock prices high even if they have to cheat or cook the books. They look for ever increasing profits each quarter and fail their duty to employees, community and Country. It is a matter of what they can skim off immediately. I am in favour of free enterprise not illegal / greed enterprise. One of Conman Black’s favourite motivations is greed. He said so. Neither Ecker nor Harris would listen to my cry to fix Ontario Hydro. But I realize NOW that what I was saying was beyond Janet’s comprehension. She is too stupid. Her’s was a bought and enfeebled mind. She became Finance  Minister under Ernie Eves and presented her first budget at the Magna Plant rather than in the legislature. I was just floored. This was an insult to our democracy. It seemed that every day my Party did dumber and dumber things. Almost a death wish. It became obvious that they were going to ride this thing right into the wall. Eves, Ecker and the PC machine didn’t realize many Red Tories like me were bailing out. When Janet got flack over using the  Magna Plant because it was an afront to the Legislature,  She said, ” AS THE MINISTER I DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS IN THE BUDGET UNTIL TWO DAYS BEFORE I READ IT “. If you know Janet, ask her?  That was all she wrote folks. Here was a Minister of the Crown, allowing herself to be pushed around by a group of Republican insiders and Bay Streeters, part of the PC machine who were on the take. This was unacceptable to me. Ecker should have resigned at that moment and called for the overhaul of the electrical system herself. Doing so would have allowed her to keep her head held high to this day. Instead Janet appears back then as now on TV regularly defending the same old tired right wing ideas that have never worked and never will work. She is really a sad case.  Now she’s a Harper party mouthpiece with nothing new to say. Geoff Norquay is another sad PC retread and Harper hack. Geoff should go back to the graveyard from whence he came. Janet’s opportunity to shine came and went. To be someone who was an integral part of a new and more prosperous Ontario was her’s for the taking. But Janet chose to be a person, like so many others who will  just disappears into the mists of time. I remain a Red Tory and I never went back. Even to-day,I still have no political  home. Hudak’s machine continues in the same vein, cursed with Republican imports, righties  insiders, PR people, Harperites and spin doctors who guarantee that the PC party will remain out of office probably forever. I would suggest Hudak stop releasing these silly White Papers which are geared to making his friends rich or keeping them in that state. If the PCs want to form the Government in Ont., read my lips, ” F I X    T H E    E L E C T R I C A L    S Y S T E M “.    The internet is educating all the youngsters and the smart oldies. Watching the disintegration of the Distressed States of America and not wanting to occupy the same black hole that is now theirs Canadians must resist being taken over. We did resist in 1812 and we will do so again and be successful in 2012 in spite of Herr Harper.

 WHERE OH WHERE COULD THOSE MARKETS BE?   —   Don’t expect to hear this from Herr Harper, Joe Oliver, Peter Kent or the conventional media. The markets for oil [ like you purchase to put in your car engine / finshed oil ] and natural gas from Alberta and Saskatchewan has vanished as in gone or disappeared completely. The Americans used to buy all the oil / nat. gas  Alberta / Saskatchewan could produce. The USA was their only market. The Americans don’t want our fossil fuels now,  they can’t take them anymore, period. Their storage tanks are filled to overflowing. The only thing the US oil cartel wants [ to maintain their own high profits ]  is raw tar containing some sand. This is mixed with lighter fluid to facilitate the forcing of this dangerous slurry through pipe lines never designed to handle this toxic stuff. Neither Harper nor the cartel nor the bought media will tell you how dangerous this slurry is. Strange that an elected leader would convey his people into the swamp just to get money and power. This raw tar is needed to reactivate the cartel’s idle refineries in Port Arthur Texas and California. This is the only reason why the cartel is seeking the raw bitumen. As usual with the Americans, it is all take and no give, lots of toxic garbage left behind, only a pittance paid for the tar, everyone along a tar pipe line is put at risk and at the end of the journey big profits for the oil monopoly which are shared with the Congress, pipe line companies and Herr Harper. The cartel has a large / idle refining capacity these days but very little cheap / raw oil to feed it. The US oil cartel controls less than 10% of the world’s oil now. That number used to be over 70%. The attempt to grab cheap tar with the approval of Harper / Oliver is just another typical American move to offload their financial problems onto others. Lose their ten bucks and they just steal $ 20 from someone else. Make some poor sucker pay to make up the loss. The oilies don’t care if every Albertan only makes $ 15 an hour, dies from drinking tailing pond sludge or has to line up at the food bank in Fort McMurray. Most of the countries with oil / nat. gas are now refining these resources themselves within their own borders and keeping all the profits. Canada is way behind the learning curve. We’re stupid as a matter of fact. We let the cartel take our fossil fuel resources to the USA and the only thing Alta. / Sask. gets paid back is a small royalty. The Alberta Government is running a deficit. This when the cartel takes $ 125 billion in resources out of the Province each year and gives back a bit more than$ 10 billion. This is apparently not enough for the cartel, it still owes Alberta a hundred million dollars in royalties due to cooking the books, just more theft, theft piled on theft. There is now a lawsuit. This is not fair but the conventional media would never tell you any of this. Rather, Godfrey’s American Post gives us paid oilie propaganda  by Claudia Cattaneo and more Harper ass kissing by Conman Black.Everything but the inportant stuff. Even the Arabs would never put up with this kind of shit. One quarter of Alberta’s residents make less than $ 15 an hour and the Province has a deficit. Herr Harper is sitting in the PMO in Ottawa for one reason and one reason only, unlimited oil money given to him under the table. Who do you think paid for all the Robo Calls, Dean Del Mastro’s illegal actions and dirty tricks?  Harper and Oliver keep talking about Asia markets for Alberta’s tar, that market doesn’t exist. It is usual Harper, say one thing and mean another. Or he just lies.  Japan’s energy cartel is tied to the Arab countries already [ go on the net ]. China has made deals with various neighbouring countries to take all their oil in return for a guaranteed price and a signing bonus like an airport or a highway or city centre development. Here is an idea for you to ponder. One of the cardinal rules in business, have more than one customer. Not following this rule has  put Alta. / Sask into a box but not of their making. Having the commercial component of the oil business in Alberta in the hands of the US oil cartel saw every barrel transported into the USA at great profit. Why would the Yankees bother to diversify the oil market to benefit those simple Albertans. The whole reason for Herr Harper’s ride to power on a sack full of oil dollars in the beginning was to prevent the Government in Ottawa from imposing the Kyoto environmental rules on the cartel. This was a follow on to Harper’s Alberta firewall declaration. Harper was too stupid to see that the oil cartel was saying Alberta belongs to us, keep you nose out of our business Ottawa. Steve is just a Toronto boy, a paid oil messenger and is being used. The oilie brass never does its’ own dirty work, like Vivian Krause [ former oil cartel employee ] the cartel just hires slow folks like Viv to do that. We can view this present problem one of two ways. It is the end of the world for both Alta. / Sask. Or it is a once in a lifetime oportunity to break  our US oil cartel chains. The USA doesn’t want to buy oil / nat. gas any more so the Provinces have every right to find new customers. And Alta. / Sask. MUST find new customers. I would exercise this right immediately.  How about the British Commonwealth as Canada’s energy market??? In an  earlier post I  outlined my proposal to join all the provinces and the NWT together into an energy union [ an itegrated system/ all for one /one for all / Can. Prov. Energy Cartel ].  The common goals would be , full control over our energy, cheap energy/ clean energy for Canadians and access to the world energy market. The Twin Beaver Pipe Line would consist of parallel pipes [  pure oil / nat. gas ] and the cross Canada electric grid. The Beaver would go from Fort McMurray [ WHERE ALL BITUMEN WOULD BE REFINED ] across the Country, then down to Montreal, Toronto and the Maritimes with hydro electricity coming the other way from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario [ 20,000 MWs hydro ] and Manitoba. The pick ups would be nat. gas from the Mackenzie Valley nat. gas pipeline, a pipe from Horn river, all the pipes from northern Alberta and northern Saskatchewan nat. gas wells. Pure oil pickups would be Norman Wells, Fort McMurray, southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. A spur from the Beaver would branch off at Thompson Man. and travel NE to Churchill Man., which is a deep water port with access to the Atlantic. England is a leading industrialized Country with a small land mass and a population of 62 million. It has one of the two major financial centres in the world and the fact that the English retained their Pound is golden. The Country is not tied to the EU by a currency. The big advantage that the financial centre in London has over Wall St. is that it is not populated by crooks and has laws to deal with theft. England has North Sea oil and nat. gas but supplies are diminishing. Thus they are now being forced to begin making other  arrangements. The timing could not be better.  By forming the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel and combining all of our energy options as a Country we could give England security of supply, security of price and deliver CO2 reduced energy. By building a firewall around Canada this Country would be energy self sufficient, create wealth and a massive number of jobs. No more Yankees telling us what to do and picking our pockets. We could then extend the firewall around England greatly enhancing that Nation’s position in the world as it relates to energy. It is better to be in a postion of financial / industrial strength. Canada and England are already closely linked. We here are part of the Commonwealth and Elizabeth is our Queen. We have a population of 34 million and England 62 million. Now lift up your eyes. What about including within our energy firewall the whole of the Commonwealth [ Excluding India and Pakistan. Very large, self sufficient countries with their own spheres of influence. ]. Right now the lives of most people in the world are governed by the US oil cartel, Wall St., the oil futures market in Chicago, energy speculators and the governments in Washington and some States. A Commonwealth that was energy self sufficient would leave people within it more money to spend, jobs would be created and governments would have more money to use to benefit their societies. Just think, the Commonwealth is home to over 2 billion people, some market. The pound is one of the 4 currencies that the IMF is based on [ US dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound ]. When the financial Tsunami in the US hits the best place to be be invested is in the New Commonwealth, fully based on the energy foundation of Canada.  This situation is well within reach without giving Canada away as Herr Harper is now doing. The key to this future is Premier Redford. Finding new markets for Alberta / Saskatchewan nat. gas and oil and powering the machinery / infrastructure needed to harvest these resources using eastern hydro electricity is the first order of business. This process could be started tomorrow. I kid you not. I call myself an infrastructure architect, I’m one of a kind. My approach to energy will in the future be taught at universities once the world is free of the US oil monopoly. Creating a strong energy based Commonwealth will only help the EU, success breeds success and hope will lift all boats. People who do not have or who are losing hope would be reinvigorated. An energy vibrant Commonwealth would be a beacon to the world as opposed to tiny brained people like Herr Harper who couldn’t care less about others. All he and his US Republican friends can think of is gimee, gimee, gimee. At one time Europe was the centre of power around the Globe. Then the USA took over but now the Americans are flat on their arses due to the gross ineptitude of the Republicans. They no longer have the right to lead. Marshalling all of the forces in the Commonwealth as I have suggested above holds the promise that Britannia and all her dominions could once again rule the bounding main. Under those circumstances progress for all peoples would get a kick start. And here is a cheeky finishing note. The Bakken Oil Field underlies southern Manitoba / Saskatchewan, much of N. Dakota, the northerly part of S. Dakota and eastern Montana. It is estimated to hold 3.65 billion barrels of true oil [ not tar ]. The Field’s potential has been advanced by fraking. If this process had been known 30 years ago there would be NO TARSANDS now. Tar is much more expensive / dirty to mine. The process is filthy and CO2 dirty as well. The actual tar itself is almost worthless until it is upgraded and refined into true oil by using dirty energy. When the Twin Beaver Pipe Line [ 36 inch true oil / 20 inch nat. gas ] is built from Fort McMurray to eastern Canada [ Montreal / Toronto / Maritimes ] with a spur off Thompson Man. to Churchill Man. there are many market possibilities. True oil / nat. gas would of course go to the 23 million Canadians east of the Manitoba border. The world market would be accessible through our deep water port at Churchill. As stated, it would seem to make sense to firm up a position of principal supplier of true oil / nat. gas to England as that Country’s North Sea oil and nat. gas reserves become depleted. Since the Commonwealth is already an established trading block of long standing it would seem that offering Canadian energy to the various countries that exist under the Crown would be a sensible next step. They would retain some of what they now pay the oil bandits. With increased business from the Commonwealth adequate raw supplies might become a concern. Additional takeups of nat. gas could come from the Mackenzie Valley Pipe Line and the new Horn River Field in Fort Nelson BC. In terms of true oil the Beaver could access the existing pipe line from Norman Wells. Now for some cheeky stuff. From the Fort McMurray terminus we could build the Little Beaver Pipe Line down to join the Kinder – Morgan pipe lines into the Bakken Oil Field which straddles the Can. / US border. We would expropriate those portions of the Kinder – Morgan pipe system we needed. True oil from the Bakken could be pumped to Fort McMurray for refining and fed into the Twin Beaver for world export. Right now most of the operators in the Bakken are juniors oilies who can’t get pipe line capacity from TransCanada and Enbridge. The US oil cartel is hogging the pipes, the oil monopoly doesn’t want any competition from the new upstarts. The 90 year old oil monopoly  has never wanted competition. It spends tens of millions to ensure there is NO competition. That is the only reason for Corcoron, Foster, Cattaneo, Wente, Murphy, Goldstein, Levant, Krause etc to be published. So the Bakken Field like Alberta has fossil fuel resources with no market either. They are landlocked, a situation that could be remedied by the Twin Beaver. The Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel [ an integrated energy system ] could buy oil from the small Americans firms on the Bakken Field at a fair price that would relate to a secure and stable distribution system to England and the Commonwealth [ a sort of supply management arrangement ]. This pricing system would cut out the US oil cartel, Wall St., the oil futures market in Chicago and the oil speculators. Commercial end users of energy are much more comfortable and profitible dealing with a supplier [ CPEC ] that can guarantee a price on clean energy and long term stability. The exact opposite is happening now with the US oil cartel which when it buys true oil from Alberta if at all now offers less than $ 60 a barrel. Then the cartel true to form turns around and sells it to Eastern Canadians at $ 100 a barrel. What Canadian PM would tolerate such abuse? Why Harper. Why? Under the table oil dollars have given him power. We Canadians don’t do business like the Yankee traders do, chiseling on every deal. Tapping into true oil in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Bakken Fields would open up new sources of wealth for these Provinces. Of course all of the infrastucture would use clean hydro electricity from eastern Canada [ possibly BC ] with the added advantage of manufacturing hydrogen in situ to provide electrical back up, heat, ERC carbon collection and to use to upgrade true oil to the more valuable light oil. In terms of TransNotCanada, Russ Girling can stuff the Keystone pipe up his ass. In terms of Enbridge, Al Monaco can shove the Gateway Pipe up his ass.  In terms of Kinder – Morgan, Ian Anderson can jam his pipe line up his ass. And to make the point we’ll expropriate some of his lines. Gee, TransNotCanada [ a Wall St. company ] can use Eminent Domain to steal  property from their fellow Americans, we can play the same games. The provinces can get together and form a monopoly and then expropriate American pipe lines which are of little use to them now. In fact is we refuse to allow the oil monopoly to remove the raw tar all of their oil infrastructure in Canada would be redundant [ pipe lines / refineries / storage tanks etc ]. We will be able to scoop it all up at fire sale prices. And Herr Harper and Joe Oliver can shove their non existant Asia market up THEIR ASSES. With this integrated energy system we can start all new, only finished oil products would be shipped or exported. No more raw tar would be allowed to leave Canada. ALL the profits from these resources would accrue to this Country. By adding such energy and economic activity to the England and the Commonwealth I would expect the  financial centre in London would provide the funding, underwrite the costs of the CPEC and this energy monopoly. Such a world energy system catering to over 2 billion people, operated on the basis of sound business principals would be profitible for all concerned. People, the likes Conman Black would have no place in such an enterprise. He and his kind have fingers that are too sticky. Why shouldn’t London provide the financial heft for a closed market of over 2 billion people. After all the City IS THE PREMIER MONETARY CENTRE IN THE WORLD. And there is a bonus, the English are trustworthy.

 I AM IN AWE OF THE ABILITY OF THE CONVENTIONAL MEDIA TO CRAFT THE SO CALLED  TRUTH USING LIES    —  I have been hammering away about DilBit for months. Pumping tar / sand slurry mixed with lighter fluid increases the chance of a spill by 16 times. Hello conventional media, it is not oil as the cartel tells you to call it.  That is why there have been so many spills lately [ DilBit ]. In each case the company responsible will cordon off the area, restrict public’s right to know and prohibits the media which then goes along with such bans like a puppy dogs. The press doesn’t want to jeopardize their US oil cartel advertising revenues. These spills are causing private and public damage yet the citizens are shut out of the process. Canada is not a police state just yet. In every case I have followed the firms involved, they tell nothing but lies about these situations, duely reported by the media no questions asked. If I can follow these events with my limited means why can’t the media do a better job of investigating and informing the public. Reason, they don’t wana. The media gets paid to lie to you.  The simple answer is the media can’t make money being honest with the population. However there is big money to be made printing / broadcasting oilie propaganda and lies thus the papers no longer hire science / technical writers. A person with such credentials would write this crap even for a big paycheque. The pipe line companies are operating on the cheap and using pipes that were designed to carry REFINED OIL, not carry tar. All of these spills are the result of cutting corners. In the old days when pure oil was being pumped there was the odd spill. The cleanup methods were successful  having been developed over time they minimized the damage. Now with the US oil cartel playing games with DilBit we are into a whole new game, 300 spills this year. Didn’t the media tell you? My, my, I wonder why? The oil monopoly and Harper has ordered them not to tell you. The cartel is cheating by trying to put tar through pipes never designed for such a use.  The spill costs are going out of sight. Have the insurance people been hoodwinked too or will they sue the pipe line companies for misreprentation. If Enbridge loses its’ insurance who then pays for a spill. That’s simple YOU. Every step of the way, the cartel, Russ Girling  and Al Monaco are telling lies. The media looks the other way for money and Herr Harper and Joe Oliver don’t blink either. But all is not lost. There may be some light at the end of the pipe [ sorry I could not resist ]. Both TransNotCanada and Enbridge, Companies own by Wall St. have made a fatal mistake. THIS IS A BIGGIE. I hope someone in the stock business reads me. The pipe in a line is made from steel and butt welded along its’ length after being rolled into  tubes like a toilet paper roll. It is important as the weld is being done that the finished joint be normalized slowly. A joint that is rapidly cooled will be brittle so pipes that are welded outside need the joint to be slowly cooled after the torch has been moved on. This pipe line type system has been used for a hundred years. Only lately have pipe line companies started to sneak  DilBit [ asphalt ] into the system. An increasing amount of tar / sand slurry mixed with lighter fluid is being shipped in Alberta but the firms involved continually lie about what is in their pipes. Under the law they don’t have to say what is in their pipes as this is considered proprietory. Only after a spill does the government become involved. Too little too late, which serves the oilies well. Who then protects the public? Exactly nobody. If the public knew that there were 300 spills in the first 6 months of 2012 and the extent of the damage not a single DilBit pipe line would ever get approval no matter how many environmental laws are loosened by Herr Harper. Even after a spill, seldom is there any admission that DilBit was involved. The pipe firms know what they are doing is morally wrong and dangerous but like Herr Harper they say one thing and mean the exact opposite. A plastic peanut butter bottle will work forever. Put that plastic bottle near heat or certain liquids and it will melt or become misshappen. So peanut butter yes, other stuff no.  Oil in steel pipes YES, DilBit in steel pipes NO. Someone at one of  the pipeline companies came up with this bright idea a few years ago that if they shipped Alberta raw tar down to the US the profits would be much higher. With the extraction mess [ polluted air / tailing ponds / gaping holes /ruined soil / poisoned rivers ] being left in Canada to be cleaned up by the use of royalties. Huge benefits with no responsibilities, NEAT-OH.  From a technical point this idea won’t fly. Each regular pipe line transporting tar would pass 50,000  lbs of sand per day. DilBit contains various chemicals which WILL corrode steel. Lighter fluid can at times turn into a gas and the bubbling mimics a spill. Since bubbles form all of the time in the steel pipes running at 150 deg F  the companies actually boost the pressure to blow the bubbles away. If it a real spill this only make the spill worse. In terms of the  monitoring devices inserted in the pipes at regular intervals the constant sand blasting past renders them inoperative. Like sandpapering your finger down to a stump. So the pipe line companies are flying blind on our nickel. Oliver’s pledge of safe operation of tar pipelines can’t be be believed. Let the Government put up $ 25 billion in an emergency fund to cover things if  Oliver is wrong. Now the one thing that could still save us are the pigs that they can send down inside pipes to inspect the interior for corrosion or thinning. This will only let us know when the steel is getting paper thin so the line can be shut off before a spill. Thereafter the closed line would have to be abandon and a new one built. Do potential investor know of this flim flam? Russ, we are going to get you your 100,000 jobs building replacement pipe lines each 5 years. The use of pigs is mandated but there are no inspections of same so the pigs are just stored in warehouses. I am sure when this idea made the rounds [ remember this is the US oil cartel ], [ many names but one monopoly ] there were engineers who pointed out to the brass, ” This will never work “. This would be a guess because nobody has had any experience with DilBit until the tar sands came along. NO TESTING HAS EVER BEEN DONE ON DilBit.  But an experience mechanic like me when given all of the information will be able to say if a contraption will fly. I have been doing repairs for 65 years on a variety of machines and can look at something and tell you if it will work or not. I believe any engineer who spoke out against the DilBit scheme would have been out on the street tout suite by the cartel. I think the engineers who work for TransNotCanada and Enbridge know what the suits want and give them what they want. After all a paycheque is a paycheque. So sending DilBit through steel pipes, especially older ones in an exective driven initiative. I got a handle on this sometime back and wrote some posts. If you buy a 1000 hour light bulb that is what you will get plus / minus. Take a steel pipe, drive DilBit and after a certain period of time it will blow. I am sure this could be worked out on a computer, so much sand, chemicals, travelling in a liquid, at so many ft per minute, at 150 deg F, the steel pipe gets holed in 28 months, plus or minus. The Pipe line gets shut and it is finished.  At bends or poor welds or cracks 17 months, plus or minus. Again, the pipeline is finished, junk.  If I could get the data on the 300 spills so far in Alberta the picture would be quite clear. This DilBit thing WILL NEVER FLY, EVER . Russ Girling, Al Monaco and the US oil cartel have painted themselves into an expensive corner. This is a matter of executives who don’t know what they are doing who have subscribed to that old song, ” Wishing will make it so “. They are in la La land just like Herr Harper.It doesn’t matter how many environmental hearings Harper cuts, how many speeches John Oliver and Tom Kent make and how many lies pipe line operators tell us transporting DilBit is not going to happen. Eventually as the tar spills continue the people in alberta will revolt. The only thing left to do is cancel the export of asphalt immediately and get on with the construction of the Twin Beaver / Cross Canada electrical grid.  Or watch the spills rise in number until Albertans take to the streets with their pitchforks.  Rather than put up with this cartel abuse let’s just move on and build a new, modern oil / nat. gas infrastructure, the Twin Beaver Pipe Line and link it to the rest of Canada. Out with the old and in with the new. Who wants to spend a life time holding back the hands of time like the US oil monopoly is doing? They have lost but just don’t realize it.  NOTE  —   TransNotCanada, a Wall St. company is using something called Eminent Domain [ in Canada we call it expropriation by government with compensation ]. Girling is stiff arming people along the proposed Keystone route to sign permission for the pipe to go across their property. The pitch is, take $ 10,000 or so and if you don’t accept we will just take it anyway and you’ll get nothing . Remember TransNotCanada is AN MERICAN COMPANY PUTTING A GUN TO THE HEADS OF AMERICANS. This is why the USA is in so much trouble, for the elites enough $  is never enough $. I want Representative Ed Markey to  pay special attention to what I am going to say. I always advise people to put their mind in gear before opening their mouth. Eminent Domain is something used by US government or a designated third party [ in this case TransNotCanada ].  It can be used for the public good or for civic reasons or economic development that benefits the masses. Is the Keystone related to the public or civic good? Clearly not. So it has to relate to economic development to benefit the people of  United States in a major way. Right?  So let’s trace the Keystone from beginning to end. The pipe starts at Hardisty Alberta. Raw Bitumen is brought  from the tar sands by the US monopoly which leaves behind piles of garbage, ruined soil, tailing ponds and polluted rivers. The tar is put in a big kettle, heated and mixed with lighter fluid. Once in slurry form it is injected into the pump and from there into the pipe. Although the slurry has value of $ 100 a barrel in finished form in Texas as slurry the value is about $ 37 a barrel at the pipe head. Alberta’s royalty is only based on 37 bucks and on top of that the Province is responsible for cleaning  up the cartel’s mess. And Joe Oliver says he is a banker. This is good for Canada??? The tar slurry travels happily along with the people at TransNotCanada not having any idea whatsoever if there are going to be problems along the way. The sensors will be sand blasted off in short order. The only warning of a spill will come when some farmer in Oklahoma looks out his window and sees his cows standing in a jet black pool of thinned tar. When the Keystone reaches Texas it goes directly to Port Arthur, a free trade zone. This means that although the Port is in the USA for tax purposes it is not. The refineries there get subsidies from Washington and they are free to come and go with oil in the world market  BUT THEY PAY NO TAXES TO THE RUINED STATES OF AMERICA. Now the oil monopoly that was responsible for loading up the asphalt in Alberta is there in Port Arthur as well to welcome the tar that they stole from Canada. The Keystone pipe levy for shipping may be $ 8 a barrel so the cartel is working on a $ 55 a barrel spread and we are takling 800,000 barrel a day. Them’s big bucks.  Now the US oil cartel will have operated in this case as it usually does, buying low, selling high and offload its’ filthy garbage onto the shoulder of various levels of governments [ taxpayers ].  But the problem is that with the Keystone, Eminent Domain is being used on the basis of a claim of providing for the larger public economic good. Who will benefit $ from the Keystone? The US oil monopoly and to a lesser degree Russ Girling / TransNotCanada. That is it. Mind, Congress will make a lot on this deal as will the Republicans and the media. In respect to the Keystone,  Eminent Domain was Government sanctioned and used by Girling  to  muscle  Americans out of the use of their property. The American oil monopoly and TranNotCanada, a pipe line company owned by Americans has been using strong arm tactics on their fellow Americans with no basis in law. When the pipe line is finished not a dime of taxes will accrue to the USA. In fact under this scheme the oil monopoly will actually collect a subsidy adding insult to injury. Making life even more difficult for Americans. Better the Republicans worked to clear up this criminal activity by Girling than spend time trying to destroy their Medicare. It is a matter of an illegal use of a statute [ Eminent Domain ] in order to cheat individuals out of their legal rights, to gain the means by which to avoid US taxation and as icing on the cake get a taxpayer funded subsidy to boot. This is just like Harper giving the cartel $ 850 million for carbon capture, another boondoggle.  No wonder the rich in the US are getting richer and the poor are getting it in the neck. Canada is close behind.  Just think how the taxes avoided by the oil monopoly could be used to help the people of Detroit living under the highway overpasses. Oh, the conventional media didn’t tell you about those homeless people? It is a sure bet that Conman Black’s back taxes, excused by Rev. Can. [ now an arm of the PMO ] would have helped the Aboriginals in the north pay fifteen dollars for small bags of potatoes. Black addressed a 1000 well heeled takers at the most recent  meeting of the Empire Club in Toronto. They paid $ 70 a plate to hear this cheat, liar and convicted thief   BLOW—HARD. The President of the Club,Verity Sylvester came across as the classic blonde bimbo. I figure the take was about $ 40,000 after expenses. The Conman and his friends are buying big space in the papers in his rehabilitation campaign which is aimed at erasing all of Black’s crimes. The friends of Black have helped him create this movie in which he stars and which he wrote, directed and produced. It follows closely the book Conrad wrote in the 1990s which accentuated all of the accomplishments he himself considers superlative and he left out the miscues and criminal activity entirely. There is an old saying which applies here, ” Patting  yourself on the back isn’t worth very much “. The $ 40,000 take could have been donated to Sick Kids by the Club if the 1000 mental dwarfs attending were really serious about Black’s comeback. Instead the forty Gs will go into the, ” Get to know the Lily White Connie Better campaign “.  In terms of the great Alberta bitumen theft I am sure the monopoly would be pleased with Herr Harper’s accomplishment. That of reaming Canadians out big time as well as regular Americans.                                              A TECHNICAL NOTE   —   what is in DilBit as compared to pure oil [ acid content 15 times higher, viscosity 50% thicker,  sulphur 8 times higher, pipe runs at 150 deg F, sand content – quartz, pyrite and silicates and weight of sand flow / 50,000 lbs per day. Nice stuff. EVERY STEEL PIPE  THOUGH WHICH DilBit IS TRANSPORTED WILL BLOW AT SOME POINT. We could develop a computer program which would forecast spills and when. It will take the Alberta Government putting its’ foot down to end the spate of Dil Bit spills which will only get worse. All present spills and future spills must be taken out of the hands of the US oil cartel. The cartel must be forced to put up a bond to cover spills or their company assets should be seized to compensate. Sneaking DilBit through pipes meant for refined oil is not an idea with legs. Everyone who has invested money in this doomed tar sands scam read it here first. It ain’t smart to put your money on the Titanic reaching New York. To anyone invested in the tar sands I would bail quickly.

HER HARPER’S TPP / PACIFIC DREAMING   —    All of this free trade talk by Harper [ TPP  ] is for domestic consumption. The Harper TV network and the Harper press will do this one to death [ except the CBC ]. Herr Harper and his crew are famous at changing the channel. No matter what subject a Harper talking head is covering they always switch to Nigeria or the NEP. Things are worse in Nigeria. The oil pollution is worse in  Nigeria. In terms of the NEP, it is worse than the Spanish Flu which by the way was started in Fort Riley in Kansas / USA. But the Americans worked to get the name changed for a disease that killed 100 million people. Harper says he will not bargain away the Canadian  supply management system for a deal. Don’t for a minute believe him. Again Herr Harper is lying through his teeth. Now this statement as of to-day’s date will be buried by the conventional media, it will never be mentioned again. Now the media will be paid big bucks not to mention it again. That is cash for NOT DOING SOMETHING.  Any reporter who makes a mistake and brings it up again will get fired. BUT I WILL PUT IT IN MY FILE AND  REVIST IT IN 6 MONTHS. Seven months ago it was all the Keystone. I collected about 150 newspaper articles all containing the same bogus information. Then 3 months ago it was the Gateway. I didn’t count all the articles but again the shills all said the same thing. Now we are into supply management, same drill. Article after article as far from the truth as possible. I even caught Martha Hall Findlay on the TV spouting all of the same nonsense. It was interesting to me that this so called Liberal has teamed up with the University of Calgary. The premier oil laundering school in Canada. I guess every woman has her price. I mean everyone who is anyone on the right  likes getting the US oil cartel cheques being handed out by Calgary University. Supply management is a system which relates to two things. An uncertain natural product or good which has a short shelf life and a government which wants to remove the volatility from the process to protect society in the long term. Take dairy farmers for instance. They have barns, out buildings to store feed, storage tanks, feed,  fuel systems, equipment, cows of course, vet care, insurance and they must contend with the weather. Of course farm families are going to create all this and invest all their money in hopes that a buyer from  the big dairy will show up with the tankers and say, we have a lot of milk this week so we can only give you so much per gallon. Now this is a lie and this milk will be sold high. Even if this is below the cost of production what would the farmer do? Dump the milk? No, he would take his lumps and hope that next week the market would be better. Too many bad weeks and the farm would be up for sale. No more milk from that place. Now comes along a drought or some disease and milk production drops. The big dairy is anxious to get milk and pays more. Only the farmers aren’t producing as much so their payments don’t actually go up. They stay in the same place. The dairy of course increases the retail price to consumers and buys advertising in the media to warn people of the reasons for pricey milk. This is all lies but what the hey?  And the media never asks any questions. Rather Canadian governments have organized supply management systems. 1000 farmers sell their milk to a central agency for a set price. Standards are implemented as the condition of the cows and their environment as well as the purety of the milk. No matter what happens in the market, hi / low the farmers gat the guaranteed price. Only so many farmers are involved, the number governed by licence. New farms are added as needed. Of course all this pisses off the big dairies, they can’t manipulate the price. They buy at the government set price or go out of business. Our supply management also pisses off the Americans who believe in the greed enterprise system. Such  Canadian arrangements as with our Medicare put bad thoughts in the minds of the American underclass. Better they get destroyed even if in the doing such activities infringe on this Country’s sovereignity. Archer Daniels Midland Corp., a huge US food processor has wanted rid of the Canadian Wheat Board for years. Our Board gets in the way of ADM picking off individual farmers in order to steal wheat crops. And it gives US farmers bad ideas. In this recent assault on the Board I wonder how much Archer Daniels Midland paid Harper. It would be my guess that Steve got the money personally, when he is forced out by the oil cartel, no longer being needed, he’ll be a rich man, set for life. The dismantling of the Board has yet to commence so there is still time to reverse the move. I am certain that the Supreme Court will uphold the nullification of the Etobicoke riding and nullify the cases of the 7 other ridings before them. In that case Harper’s majority evaporates. By-Elections would have to be held within 6 months and under the circumstances Harper would not win one of the 8 ridings up for grabs. At that time Tom Mulcair will take the helm. But what Harper could do is prorogue Parliament [ like Hitler did to the Reichstag ] and then he wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of a majority. Herr Harper could possibly rule until the end of his mandate during which time he could dismantle democracy in this Country and take away our rights to a free vote. This like the Republicans did in California, a State of  33 million that is now broke and ungovernable [ Reaganomics ]. Under the circumstances David Johnston would be required to remove Harper and call a new election. However with the Governor General’s reluctance to remove the Order of Canada for Black, our resident cheat, liar and convicted thief  shows who’s pocket Johnston is in. If the G G doesn’t remove Harper under such circumstances Canadian’s have one of two options. An appeal to Queen Elizabeth to insure that the Americans don’t take control of Canada. OR, or a revolution, again. In terms of yet another bogus assault on supply management is being made by Martha Hall Findlay. In reviewing her qualifications I see nothing more than Bay St. in her past, which would limit her knowledge of  the farming . I saw Martha on TV the other night pushing her Paper. It was quite evident that she didn’t know what she was talking about. Someone had stuffed a lot of right wing nonsense in her head, she spouted stuff but didn’t understand what she was saying. Why is Martha making a fool of herself? She is apparently eyeing the Liberal leadership and an attack on supply management is getting her noticed. Normally Liberals can’t get a look in on the Harper media but our Martha is getting the full Monty. Why? Harper is out to kill supply management but in his usual wimpish style he’s not coming clean. Someone from another [ Martha ] Party  pushing to kill the system is a very valuable commodity. This is pure gold to the Fascist party. Findlay was first out in a previous leadership try and I would think that she doesn’t have a prayer this time either. So why? Martha is $ 60,000 in debt from the 2006 leadership race. This up to a few months ago.  She had to pay it off by Dec. 2011., could not do so and was given an extention until June 2012 [ this month ]. Harper retroactively changed the rules so that the losing Liberal Leadership candidates were hung out to dry including Findlay. Having little chance to pay off their debts. This while HE takes money from the US oil cartel under the table. It is interesting that Findlay’s paper came out from the University of Calgary [ the premier oil money laundering university in the country ]. At the end of 2011 Martha was not hooked up with the University. Now she suddenly is connected and brings out a very timely and thoroughly researched  [ claimed / by who? ] Paper that aids Herr Harper in his hidden adgenda to kill the system. I think Martha saw no light at the end of the tunnel. She owes $ 60,000 and if it isn’t paid by the end of June  she risks going to jail. This is a case where our criminal Prime Minister used retroactive legislation to put Liberal leadership hopefuls in jeopardy. Nice guy. We are going to put this guy in jail. So here is my best guess. Harper makes an offer to Findlay as he did with Chuck Cadman. He would say, become a Fellow at the University of Calgary and the oilies will pay off your $ 60,000 debt. Harper would say something like you can then be a spokeswoman for the right on current issues and possible issues that will disrupt the Liberal Leadership race. Findlay was in debt 6 months ago left little room to move by Harper.  All of a sudden Martha is making noises about running for the leadership again. I have tried to find out if the $ 60,000 debt has been paid off and if so by who?  Supply management has not been on anyone’s screen until the last few months. Findlay only ended up at the U of C doorstep in February so this would not have given her enough time to prepare an in depth report on supply management as claimed. Farming is a subject which is outside her qualifications.  This was proven by Martha’s blathering during her appearance on TV. She was in over her head and obviously mouthing words given to her by Jack Mintz. It is interesting that on the same day as Findlay’s Paper written by Jack Mintz of the U of Calgary arrived, a report authored by Brian Crowley and Jason Clemens of the Macdonald – Laurier Ints. on the evils of supply management came out. The C. D. Howe was out of the gate same date, same subject. These stories have got to be organized in the PMO, Keystone, then the Gateway, next was Mulcair and the tar sands, now it is supply management repeated day and night. Every happening covered by full blanket coverage was misinformation or lies. Now you are going to need a program to keep all the names straight. Brian Crowley is a friend of Herr Harper and is connected to the Heartland Institute [ which WAS operating as a US charity ]. The organization has been discredited due to its’ under the table funding of most of the climate  deniers  in North America. Heartland got $ 60 million from the US oil cartel in the last 20 years. As well Heartland was working on a program to be used in US public school to undermine the UN campaign on Global Warming. Heartland has also developed a campaign to confuse people about second hand smoke. This was sponsored by the tobacco companies. Jason Clemens is the coauthor with Crowley of an anti supply management book. Ian Lee is a coauthor with Crowley on another new book. Ian is a friend of Herr Harper and is located at Carleton University which gets money from the Heartland Inst. and the US oil cartel. Carleton is a nest of climate deniers funded by Heartland. Jason Clemens co authored a book with Niels Veldhuis, the President of the Fraser Inst. Veldhuis gets money from the US oil cartel and the Heartland Inst. and is a co author with Brain Crowley. Gwyn Morgan is a friend of Harper. Morgan and his pals donated $ 2 million to Veldhuis / Fraser. Nice way for oil companies to give money in Harper’s interest and get a tax deduction. As I say we are even paying for the rope they are going to  use to hang us.  Tom Flanagan, Danielle Smith, Preston Manning are part of the Fraser Inst. and of course they are part of the University of Calgary which launders money for the cartel. Jack Mintz is involved with Imperial Oil as was Stephen Harper. Archer Daniels Midland wanted to get rid of the Canadian Wheat Board. Viterra is a world grain company vying to buy the assets of the Board with its’ value now destroyed. The Farm Leadership Council which has been pushing for the end of the Wheat Board is a front for Viterra. The Western Producer magazine which was pushing for the end of the Wheat Board is also attacking the supply management system and is closely associated with Viterra. None of  these criminal activity and underhanded dealings take place without the close cooperation and support of the conventional media. The Paul Godfreys, the Pierre Peladeaus, John Honderichs and the Phil Crawleys / Thompsons are slowing selling your Canada out from under you. Money is more important to such people that the future of this Country. Their quest is to kep you ignorant.  But here’s what we do. Findlay must answer some Fair Questions.  Has her $ 60,000 debt been paid off and if so by who. When did she join the University of Calgary? When / where was the study done on supply management, is Martha the author?  And in this regard where did she carry ou the study? The whole Findlay Paper smells to high heaven and reeks of Harper’s dirty Republican tricks. The question is for the Liberals, has Findlay accepted money from Harper to damage the Party brand? Findlay, Crowley, Lee, Veldhuis, Clemens Flanagan, Smith, Manning, McKitrick, Morgan and the Universities of Victoria, Calgary, Lakehead, Guelph and Carleton and the Calgary Foundation must be investigated by Rev. Can. due to the fact that there is all this money flowing from the Heartland Inst. and the US oil cartel. If the money getting into the wrong hands? However I am concerned that Rev. Can., now being an arm of the PMO will be too busy pillorying the Suzuki Foundation, Tides and other environmental charities to attend to the real criminal element as above. By the way Gwyn Morgan is connected to TranAlt / US electric utility which stole $ 5.5 million from Albertans. Gwyn is chair of SNC Lavalin which is accused of making bribes overseas, the CEO resigned and $ 56 million is unaccounted for. Morgan’s Company Encana stands accused of price fixing in nat. gas holdings in Michigan. Little  wonder the Conman Black was welcomed back to Bay St. at an Empire Club soiree. It would suggest to me that most of the Club’s membership is crooks. They were happy to clap and cheer for a law breaker. Are they supportive of no laws at all. If so, the rich and powerful are not safe. It was obvious that Black is among friends. Paul Godfrey, who publicized Black’s speech at the Club is operating the National Post illegally in Canada, it is American owned which is against the law. Rev. Can.’s present targets [ Suzuki / Tides etc ] are merely trying to save the planet by holding Harper’s employers, the US oil monopoly to account.                    

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                           LAOCOON

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NET TROLLING / TRYING TO PRY OPEN THE MEDIA’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET / THAT OF PLAYING BOTH SIDES OF THE STREET  AT ONCE    —  You can’t take money from big oil and have any concern for mankind. On occasion I stumble on something that opens up a whole new vista. And it causes one of my, ” Hey wait a minute “. One such moment occured when I read an article on the Global Warming Hoax by a Bob Carter in Paul Godfrey’s American National Post. Hold on I said to myself, the mindless attacks on the climate crisis in the Post are always handled by Terry Corcoron, Pete Foster, Lawrence Solomon and on occasion Bill Watson. Who was this new denier and why was he being allowed to muscle in on the boy’s territory? Godfrey listed Carter’s credentials at the end of the piece. It turns out this Carter guy is a complete fake who is in the pay of the Heartland Institute, apparently the Global Warming denier centrl in North America. This Heartland scandal has opened so many doors for me and has answered many of my questions. Questions I have been asking for years.


Here is a run down of the games being played by Herr Harper and big oil. They are taking Canada by stealth. You will be able to use my road map as a general guide on Ottawa twists and turns but it will also give you a sharper focus on the tar sands. The US oil cartel [ monopoly ] was permitted to be formed by the US Republican President / Congress in the 1920s. The rational behind this move was to take the 7 oil companies [ look on the net ], allow them to stay separate and keep their names but work together in a partnership [ illegal under North American law ]. This was done to drive the British out of the Arab oil fields. But really it  is just business done Yankee style. They are no better than the mob. Recently Goldman Sachs [ 2001 ] made an under the table loan to Greece to allow it to get into the EU against the rules. An amount of  2.8 billion Euros showed up in the Greek bank account for a few days. This was duely presented to EU officials. As soon as Greece got through the gate it paid Goldman Sachs back the Euros and took on an obligation of $ 800 million plus interest. At an rate Interest bordering on usury. Now two things are interesting. Firstly the 2.8 Euros never left Goldman Sachs vault. So the $ 800 milion was paid on the basis of a few numbers appearing in a bank book for a blink. Greece didn’t have $ 800 million so the Country took that amount out of the EU pot in some way. In other words the people of Europe paid for the entry ticket for Greece Goldman to get into the EU and have been paying the exorbitant interest rate ever since. Sachs came up with this scheme to cheat the people of Europe and advised Greece that it better not cast about looking for another partner in this subterfuge or Sachs would blow the whistle. Thus the Country’s entry into the union would have  been doomed. This meant Greece was blackmailed into accepting an illegal move at a usurious interest rate. Thus Goldman Sachs is partly responsible for the present EU meltdown. But this successful move to undermine Europe financially was connected to a much larger issue. The US oil monopoly’s displeasure with the EU’s pursuit of solutions to the climate crisis. The oilies totally own North American politicians and the conventional media. All the efforts of these hirlings has been concentrated on killing the Global Warming initiative and eliminating alternative forms of energy. The same can’t be said of Europe, where big oil doesn’t hold the whip hand. The chink in the EU’s armour was found to be a weak financial regulatory structure. Wall St. and the 3 American rating agencies injected financial contagion into Europe, prompted by George Bush Jr and the Republicans who broke trust with Europeans. With friends like these who needs enemies. The US oil monopoly was going stop EU  progress in the battle against climate change one way or another. And many of the measures that the European are now trying to use to stabilize their ship at present are being sandbagged by Wall St. and Washington. In aid of his employer, big oil, Harper had representatives over in Europe trying to derail consideration of the toxic filth produced by the US oil cartel in tar sands. This garbage problem doesn’t have to exist. It would not be allowed inside American territory by the EPA. But with Herr Harper as PM anything goes, money does buy him happiness and power. In the last few days Herr Harper has been over to shake a finger at the EU. Any wimp can be a bully when his pockets are loaded with cartel cash and the ten foot tall Frankenoil monster is standing right behind him.  I believe the real battle facing us now is between the world and the US oil monopoly. Let’s take a look. All of the bad actions of big American oil over the last 90 years shows why monopolies are illegal in western societies. Yet the oil monopoly lives on. Why? The oilies employ more politicians that any other business, ever. Oil money supports a vast army of drones not unlike Nazi Germany who collectively control the state. What is of particular interest to me are the whole series of small oil backed PR firms that monitor the conventional media. If an article, letter, report, editorial etc appears [ Especially David Suzuki and Al Gore ] which displeases the oilies pressure is brought to bear on the papers owners, shareholders, advertisers and editors et al. These hired oil cartel thugs can make a lot of trouble for a particular media outlet. They can even sue, backed up with a lot of long green. The possible withdrawl of oil cartel advertising is another huge club to use on a publisher / TV operator. It would be like cutting off an addict’s heroin. What would Godfrey’s Post do without the endless full page CAPP ads. In fact I don’t think Paul has much say in this matter. After all the Paper is owned 90% by Americans [ illegally ] [ while Revenue Canada, now an arm of the PMO, looks the other way ]. This is why the Postmedia organization has become the propaganda bulletin board for the US oil cartel. The oil monopoly has two thrusts beside maintaining high profits, even if it means destroying North America, getting oil supplies dirt cheap and never cleaning up its’ messes EVER.  The first thrust is to get the oilie message out and since they own the conventional media outright [ except the CBC ] this is not a difficult task. CAPP and it’s offshoot propagandist operations keep loading us up with one bogus report after another and timely plants that look like news but are meant to put lipstick on the pig currently in the limelight.  Practically every weak minded writer who has some sort of a reputation writes for CAPP. So you can expect most articles that deal with oil, other kinds of energy, new ideas and innovation or anything to do with transportation will be false and misleading, there will be lies and omissions as well. If you believe in and base your decisions on the above oilie claptrap written by Marg Wente, Rex Murphy, Claudia Cattaneo, Loren Gunter, Lorrie Goldstein, Ezra Le Rant and the like you will be on thin ice. As in not equipped to deal with real life. I especially enjoy the Globe’s constant barrage about the lack of innovation in Canada. The old forked tongue routine. The car bumper tied to a tree with the accelerator full on. Our record is indeed pitiful. But Phil Crawley knows full well why this is the Country where breakout ideas go to die. The oil monopoly doesn’t want there to be any changes [ the status quo must be maintained ]. And with Crawley’s help and the rest of the conventional media the status quo will remain supreme till our last breath and dollar. The oilies have purchased almost every public voices [ not the CBC ] in North America, and the oil monopoly’s word and their money rule. The huge profits and power of big oil amounts to Republican sanctioned theft. The second task for the oilies is to combat Global Warming and in this regard the highly honed skills of the veteran tobacco apologists at the  Heartland Institute [ check the net ] have come in very handy.  When the battle was being waged over the health hazards of smoking the tobacco giants had to find a way to fight back. They couldn’t argue the science but could certainly spread confusion. Which was exactly what they did. Tobacco hired hundreds of graduates of Fly By Night University through fronts like the Heartland Institute. Thus the Baccies could keep their hands clean just as the oilies do to-day. Vivian Krause is a good example in to-day’s world of the type of slow witted person perfectly suited to write tobacco / oil propaganda copy. As well as Rex Murphy. Recently some of Heartland’s internal documents were leaked which showed who was contributing to the Institute and who was on their payroll. The oil monopoly was the biggest contributor, about $ 60 million over 20 years to buy third hand lies and spin. In essence we are confronted by 3 groups of people who are prepared to work together to screw North Americans. For what? M O N E Y? The CEOs and management of each of the oil monopolies divisions spends money to mislead the public. Politicians take money to mislead those who vote for them. And lastly the conventional media takes money to mislead the readers and the viewers.  All of the above are loyal to the opportunities that come with citizenship and take full advantage. But they are disloyal to the SPIRIT of citizenship. There are so many levels to the US oil cartel money laundering. My knock on Wente and Murphy [ and there are a ton of other culprits ] is the technical dribble they write. Everything they put down I can pull apart. But in the conventional media there is no pulling-apart-section. No counter comment is allowed, the oilies wouldn’t hear of it. Any media outlet that permitted such counter comment would have their oil / Harper attack ad advertising cut off. Hitler ruled the press and radio by force. Harper and the oilies control the conventional media by the use of advertising [ not the CBC ]. I don’t know that we will ever find out how many shills are on the oil monopoly payroll in terms of propaganda. Many of these shills have been already been identified by the leaked Heartland papers. Some of the shills have admitted taking oil money and others who took the cash deny that it was from the cartel. This is where third parties become useful. One of these Global Warming deniers, Bob Carter has admitted to being paid by Heartland to attack climate change. Bob has no expertise in the field, like Corcoron and Foster who have none either. Carter has had two such denier articles in Godfrey’s National Post in the last few days. The Post is the clearing house for Warming deniers in Canada. The stable of deniers is organized in this Country by Terry Corcoron ably assisted by Peter Foster. Godfrey gets paid by the cartel to run all of the bogus articles, reports or letters. And all the warming shills featured in the Post including Corcoron and Foster get an oil cheque. Of course I can’t prove any of this [ except Bob Carter ] because the money trail has be competely obliterated just like with the Robo Calls, Dean Del Mastro, the Etobicoke election disruption and the 7 other disputed ridings now before the Supreme Court. The present vote in the House of Commons on the Omnibus Bill is immoral and corrupt. The 2011 election was stolen by Herr Harper. And with eight ridings now in question including Del Mastro [ majority now of only 6 ],  Harper has in a sense lost his majority and lost the right to govern. After the filibuster on the Omnibus bill is over I would suggest that Tom Mulcair and Bob Rae march their members out of the House of the People and take the summer off.  If the elections in the 7 riding are nullified by the Court,  Harper will see his majority vanish for real. Under such conditions he will prorogue Parliament and the House will be closed anyway. Why not a premptive strike Mulcair and Rae? Leave Harper and his trained seals sitting alone in the House of the People looking like the fools they are. What we are seeing now is a replay of Hitler and the Reichstag with a little Nixon thrown in.  Now back to the oil monopoly army of shills. Some of the shills who have been found out are now seeing their dishonesty and phony credentials revealed. They have been leading double lives as university academics and such but who have been taking money from big oil. The public now knows truth [ but not in the conventional media ] and their reputations are being destroyed. This is as it should be. The reason this denier cancer has been allowed to spread throughout North America is because the conventional media was on the take as well as the electeds. You can see all of these scandals on the net but not in the papers. But here is a little slice of insider stuff that will clue you in. This is how it is done by seemingly upstanding citizens. In Alberta there something called the Calgary Foundation. The OIL cartel gives money to the Foundation which is all fair and square. The Foundation then gives money to the University of Calgary but you have to understand this isn’t OIL money any more. It has been washed clean, Peter Kent understands money laundering like this. Now the cartel actually wants the money they gave to the Foundation to be used on important OIL projects like portraying Global Warming as a hoax. Or attacking wind turbines or electric cars or hydrogen vehicles. Sort of holding back the hands of time. Now the U of Calgary has all the bases covered in case you were worried about the oilies being found out. The University put the OIL money, the exact same amount less their cut INTO A SPECIAL ACCOUNT MARKED ENERGY PROMOTIONS AND STUDIES. So if  the Warming deniers want to make a video claiming that the UN scientists / Suzuki / Gore don’t know what they are talking about Calgary U dips into the special account to provide them with funding. This works because there are dishonest people running the oil monopoly, dishonest people running the Calgary Foundation, dishonest people at the University of Calgary and the Global Warming deniers who are just plain dishonest. If you want to check this story out just contact Professor Barry Cooper? This oil money laundering scheme at the University of Calgary has been known for years and yet the conventional media has never mentioned it. The problem for the media is that oil cartel money IS INVOLVED in the scheme. Does saying anything jeopardize those ads from CAPP?                                                                                                                                                           

 TORONTO TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK / AN EXCUSE FOR ANOTHER TAX   —   This pattern is set in stone. Politicians having a major problem don’t fix anything they just use the mess to extract more money from the citizens. Don’t clean up the tar sands, use the poison / filth / polluted rivers as an excuse to give the oil cartel even more tax dollars. Don’t fix Ontario destroyed electrical system, just paint the problem green and turn what is in reality cheap green into very expensive green. This has turned most Ontarians off green, thus preventing green from endangering McGuinty’s nuclear friends. This has provided the Liberal Party machine with an opportunity to sell cheap green as expensive green and make huge profits at the expense of the populace. Gridlock has been made worse by the actions of Toronto Traffic Services. For 30 years we had a car hating Council. Jane Jacobs, the curse that keep on giving was partly responsible for Toronto hating autos. TTS has put every obstacle in the way of drivers know to man and even some new wrinkles never seen before. This makes life difficult for 70% of Torontonians who own cars. I have written to the Star a number of times in the old days but they never responded to my views on gridlock. The Paper’s editorial of June 11/12 shows me that over the years the Star has learned zilch about gridlock. This is not surprising to me. After 10 years of badgering, John Honderich has never allowed the truth about nuclear power to seep into his brain. Thousands of taxpayer’s dollars spent on nukie advertising with the Star has tended to keep Honderich’s mind closed shut. I had an appliance service business for almost 30 years and drove almost every street in the City. I was also a Pickering Councillor when we only had a population of 28,000 people. We had to look after every aspect of the Township be it subdivisions, parks, roads, sewer and water, animal control and so on. You name it, we did it all.  Toronto has departments to do all these things and TO Councillors just travel over the surface not knowing if they are listening to malarkey or not. I heard that to do a study of gridlock in the City would cost $ 385 million. What a crock. This would only make the friends of the city hall administration richer and solve nothing. Some time back I offered to ride around with Mayor Ford or his designate, along with a secretary armed with a clip board and a map. I suggested that we  just drive up and down the main streets. And I can easily point out the artificial choke points purposely created by TTS to penalize and frustrate drivers. I think with a little thought we could reduce gridlock by as much as 25%  without major modifications. Part of this process would entail firing all the senior managers at TTS and confining them to the Jane Jacob’s old folks home. Here is an example of the kinds of measures needed. First would be to develop a plan to install an elevated / electric rapid transit system to belt the City [ I have posted this idea before. Never had a response ]. With that plan in place I would begin dealing with the major roads  . Example – Eglinton Ave. the only east / west road that traverses the City. Put up No Parking Ever signs from Leslie to Black Creek. Cut the number of traffic lights on this stretch in half. Have 3 tow trucks patrolling Eginton day and night. Anyone leaving a vehicle on Eglinton including couriers, big trucks and Mr. Shred, it would be towed to a central yard and held for ransom. There would be big money realized from this scheme for the first little while, until the traffic blockers got the message, the No Parking law has teeth. It would be a sure cure for laziness. Many times commercial drivers have an opportunity to park on a side street or in a parking lot and walk a few steps. But if there is no penalty for blocking 40 cars and 5 buses why walk? There would be an Eglinton Ave. traffic coordinator who would organize construction projects like cranes / dumpsters etc to have as light a disruptive traffic footprint as possible. The way it is now is private companies can do as they please in regards blocking main streets. Block a hundred cars, who gives a shit, not us they say? Apparently not Council? The abilities / time of intelligent / productive Torontonians is being wasted sitting in a 40 car backup and it is COSTING TORONTO MONEY. Having Eglinton buses backed up and delaying those who can’t afford a car is even worse. And all the while the parking ticket fairies are flitting about the back streets and leafy glades handing out citations to seniors and young moms. It is insane. What if we tackle Eglinton Ave. as a demonstration project?  I would expect my expense would be covered and I would leave my level of remuneration to await an assessment  by Council as to whether gridlock had been reduced on the Street. Of course a speeded up Eglinton would draw traffic for other east / west roads. Like the road to hell, St. Clair. The carbon monoxide challenged home owners on Broadway et al, burden with TTS speed bumps would finally get a little relief.

ENBRIDGE CUTTING OUT THE LITTLE GUYS   —   Enbridge is not playing ball with the small Bakken Field oil producers. and favouring the oil cartel.  US oil consumption [ gasoline ] is dropping like a stone. The distribution system [ pipe lines and storage tanks ] was developed over many years to serve what was then a stable market. As with all of life changes have come about. But the conventional media would never tell you. Did you now that it is an offence under the elections act to make a campaign donation on behalf of someone else thus hiding their identity. This is the very same thing that lost Californians their democracy. The US oil cartel gave their employees money to donate to Republican campaigns thus hiding the identity of the donor. This is how Herr Harper works and is the reason he is cutting the subsidies to other parties. In terms of the USA, there is too much oil in storage, especially in Cushing Okla. It has no place to go. Okla. Governor Mary Fallin, is a Republican who is using the Keystone tar line as a political weapon against President Obama. Fallin is lying, she’s distorting the pipe line situation for her home town crowd. The media falls for every word, swoons at the appropriate time and NEVER MAKES A CORRECTION. The Keystone would carry tar from Fort McMurray all the way to Port Arthur Tex. to kickstart the refineries there that are now running at 25% capacity. Not a drop of oil from Port Arthur will ever make its’ way into America.  Alberta’s tar / sand / lighter fluid slurry is looked upon as being real cheap, wherein there is every opportunity for the cartel to cheat on royalties and no environmental cleanup required [ that will be left to Canadians ].  DilBit from Fort McMurray will bring Texas refineries back to profitablity. What’s in it for Fallin or Oklahoma, nothing. Well maybe a DilBit spill or three. The Americans are not buying enough gas but even with a glut the US oil cartel is still artificially maintaining a high price for gas. Now there is a real issue for Mary Fallin. This is where the Government should step in but the whole Congress is on the monopoly’s payroll. Some of the pipe lines in the mid west are running half empty and in other areas like Bakken there are few if any pipe lines. This is the kind of problem that occurs when a government turns energy totally over to private enterprise, a good example is ENRON. Small oil companies are fraking tight oil in the Bakken Field without regard for the present glut. These small companies are intent on making the most of the leases they have acquired by proving there is actually oil in situ. Then the suckers [ investors ] are lured in and the principals divide up the sucker’s cash. The shell company tries to make the best of it.  If things go sour the principals are off down the road with their money looking for another play and a new group of suckers. The major problem is that by worsening the glut of oil the price goes down as it has done for natural gas. Nat. gas is now below the cost of production. 60% of Alberta’s nat. gas production is turned off. The Government in Edmonton GETS NO ROYALTIES FROM SHUT OFF NAT. GAS FIELDS. So the lives of Albertans are already adversely affected by private firms playing stock games. This is American stuff, totally foreign to Canada. Right now nat. gas and oil at wholesale are real cheap. However Canadians are seeing no relief at the pumps and heating homes. As I have said before this is crazy. Are we mere sheep, who will go quietly to the cattle cars??? Enbridge is not concerned about the welfare of Canadians. They should be working for us not the other way round. And you can have it that way vote for the NDP both Provincially and Nationally. Real people can still influence the NDP. This is a marvel.  The CPC / PC and the Libs are all controlled by machines. To them you are just a number. Maybe in the not too distant future if you continue to sit on your ass and do nothing that number will get tattooed on your arm.

40th ANNIVERSARY OF THE WATERGATE BREAK-IN   —   If you remember Nixon ordered the break-in at the Watergate complex, new information reveals that you ain’t seen nothing yet. Nixon and the Republicans were on the verge of turning the US democracy into a dictatorship. The Republicans were never too far away from a dictatorship. They supported Hitler from 1935 to 1939. In reading again some of the tricks Nixon pulled reminds me of the moves Herr Harper is making now. Dirty tricks, rigging elections, smearing opponents, buying up the media bribing donors and looking to destroy reputations. Bob Rae has chosen not to run. What a shame. Tim Powers, Harper’s Gestapo Chief wasted all that time and money on Rae attack ads, all for nought. Herr Harper is doing a Nixon on Canada.

DANIELLE SMITH / TRUE TO HARD RIGHT WING FORM   —   Right wingers have this very interesting view of life. Everyone but them has to play by the rules. Exactly like the Conman Black. I said in an earlier post that Smith was going to do nothing but shit disturb for the next 4 years, we did not have long to wait. Danielle is accusing that a public university has donated to Premier Redford’s constituency association. Would it be too much for Smith to look in the mirror. Danielle got $ 250,000 from the US oil cartel to start the Wild Rose. Where does her allegiance lie?  Smith is linked along with Tom Flanagan to U of Calgary which gets money from the cartel as well as from the Heartland Institute [ the world headquarters of Global Warming deniers which in turn get cartel money ]. Danielle and Tom are connected  as is Preston Manning to the Fraser Institute which get oil money and funding from Heartland. Where do the interests of Albertans / Canadians come in here? The Heartland Inst. has imploded. Leaked files show the org has been funding every denier kook on the continent under the table, paid to deny the climate crisis. Many of the kooks have given themselves phony / fancy titles and they occupy a huge amount of space in newspapers and on TV. The media is paid to accomodate this oil cartel propaganda. As well Heartland started a billboard campaign in Chicago that was disgusting , it was pulled in a matter of hours [ do a search on the net ]. The difficulty is that now many of these climate shills have been tied to Heartland payments and many of the companies that feed the Institute support money on the QT have now been exposed. Businesses like GM have no other recourse than to back away and cut off the funding. This has left Heartland without sufficient money to carry on. The kooks who are getting secret payments have attached themselves to Universities to make use of their names. It is naive of the universities to try and wash their hands of this misuse of their institutional names. Over the coming weeks we will learn the names even of more shills and who they are associated with. The aim of the oil cartel is 2 fold. To stop any alternative energy options from getting a toehold in Canada and there is a whole squad of writers misinforming and confusing the people for money in this regard. CAPP distributes the money on behalf of the oil monopoly. To eliminate Global Warming from the debate was Heartland’s task. The National Post is the propaganda billboard for the Heartland deniers and Terry Corcoron coordinates their actvities. Apparently Godfrey thinks this journalistic smell can be buried and nobody will notice. Bob Carter was published  a couple of days in the Post, Carter is a climate denier has been thoroughly discredited yet is connected to Carledton U. Ross McKitrick of Guelph has also been revealed as a Heartland shill and yet his piece on the GW hoax is in the June 14 /12 Post. Ross is also tied the the U of Calgary. What value is there to Canadian in printing  junk science when the US oil cartel pays all these people to fake it but remains hdden. Then the cartel pays the Post to publish the junk. The Macdonald – Laurier Inst. and Brian Lee Crowley are connected to the Heatland Inst. and is their connection to Herr Harper’s office.  Heartland started life as a front for the tobacco companies in their fight against the lung cancer rap. The front’s job was to blanket the media and cause confusion with bogus reports and misleading copy. I would suggest that Danielle Smith should play things a little closer to the vest before making accusations about the PCs. She who is without sin should cast the first stone. But you know, I don’t think the hard right can ever be trusted to tell the truth nor to shut up for a single minute, just look at Herr Harper’s 30 years of telling lies. And the conventional media remembers not  one instance. Having a faulty memory pays gret dividends.

LISA RAITT / OTTAWA DRAMA QUEEN / PLEASE SPARE US YOU HEALTH PROBLEMS   —    I am a student of American politics. Right wingers push the envelope as far as they can. Even if they go too far, they never admit a mistake or apologize. But all of a sudden they have health problems or they find religion. Low life lawyers usully recommend to those charged to buy a suit 2 sizes too big and show up in Court in a wheel chair. The Conman Black pleaded ill health during his trial, Barb had a phony faint to boost the drama. His health was an issue in Florida and on the day of his return the press reported he was frightened, called Barb in the middle of the night, was popping hi blood pressure pills and afrsid he would die. Why doesn’t the bastard just croke for god sake. As soon as Blackie reached Canada he was back to threatening to  sue everybody in sight. Raitt had just trampled on 3 unions and had workers who jeered her at Pearson suspended. Now as one might expect from dirty tricks Harper, Lisa, oh dear me is claiming to suffer from depression . A hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. These fascists will stop at nothing to hold power. Those in the PMO who were looking to soften Raitt’s image came up with a doozie. Let’s pretend you suffered from depression and most peoople will feel sorry for you. I do not believe it for a minute. Raitt’s spin doctors have to make public Lisa’s medical records and provide the name of the doctor involved to convince us. Dean Del Mastro cheated on the 2008 election and certainly cheated in 2011. Herr Harper stood up in Parliament to cover for Mastro and asked people to be nice to him. Dean is the PM’s attack dog.  It is like asking a person to kiss a pit bull after being bitten. With unruly dogs, to me the boot is the best response.  This is all politics American style. The problem is that if you accept all of these assaults on our democracy one day you will wake up and find you live in a right wing dictatorship. But it won’t be Harper in charge. Our Steve is just an employee of the US oil cartel. Once he has served his usefullness the oilies will throw him under the bus too. In 1936 Hitler shot most of the people who had helped him come to power. But Canada will probably end up being ruled by the oil junta. It could happen if you don’t vote sensibly. A word of advice, no listening to a Robo Calls, vote NDP and don’t go to the wrong poll no matter what Harper’s people tell.

DALTON McGUINTY’S MACHINE   —   Adam Radwanski is a young man who writes for the Globe and doesn’t seem to know what democratic government is all about. But that’s Phil Crawley for you, he hires writers who know next to nothing. He wants nothing to disturb the advertisers or politicians.  June 6 /12 Adam wrote about the revamping of the Preem’s office. It was if he was describing the workings of a corporation 20 floors up in a Toronto tower. Not once did Adam mention Ontarians. Lately the media has made comments about out Legislature being next to useless. It is a sad commentary on the MPPs we send there. Our elected officials apparently run for office with little knowledge as to how our system works. They arrive at Queen’s Park, turn their proxies over the the Lib / PC machines then flap their flipper on cue. If you have anything to complain about in Ontario just look to the Legislature, which no longer functions as it was meant to do. Insiders have  hijacked the legislative process. You, yourself are to blame. You have allowed the Libs / PCs machines to abuse you for the last 15 years and you know what? They will just keep on abusing you, only worse. My, my Andrea Horwath went back on her word did she? So says the Preem. McGuinty and Dwight Duncan are in a minority position in the Legislature and under the circumstances must satisfy to some degree the demands of the opposition. It takes smart, big men and women to make minority government work.  Rather the Liberal machine wants to return as quickly as possible to the gravy train days of E-Health, Ornge and Metrolinx. The PC under shifty Tim Hudak, surprised the Libs and voted with the NDP to remove an item from the Budget. This shocked the Liberals. Don’t you understand Ontarians, McGuinty feels HE IS ENTITLED to govern and YOU MUST return him to a majority as quickly as possible. In terms of breaking trust McGuinty and Duncan are close to the record holders. I wrote to Dalt just after he was elected [ early 2004 ] and introduced myself as a frustrated Mike Harris supporter who was doing research ON FIXING ONTARIO’S ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. Mike wanted to sell, I wanted to fix no matter who did the fixing. I was at the time of contacting the Preem becoming quite an expert on KWs. I offered my expertise and said it was the elephant in Ontario’s living room and would only keep growing more troublesome if not fixed. That’s 9 years ago.      McGuinty ignored me and he has been telling lies about electricity ever since. Almost all of his statement on the energy front are in my file. The lies I particularly like, Dalt says KWs are seven cents, when in fact the real world price is 20 cents. Both in Manitoba and Quebec the real price of a KW is 6 cents. The Preem says the nukes produce no CO2, a lie. and says that nuclear power provides 52% of Ontario’s electricity. Another  lie. the percentage is 34%. The nukies Libs / PCs  have ruined this Province’s economy. I have written this at least a hundred times. The conventional media won’t touch this story. There’s too much nuclear advertising to be had for keeping quiet. Telling the truth would jeopardize such advertising. As I keep saying about the media, money is far more important than the truth. The Dwight man is my favourite lying politician. Duncan not only lied he put his lies in action. About 6 years ago [ 2005 /2006 ], for two summers running Dwighty created or threatened brownouts / blackouts. These interruptions were completely unnecessary and they caused disruptions all over the Province. The reason behind this phony KW shortage campaign was to scare Ontarians into accepting MORE NUCLEAR POWER, like $ 60 billion worth. The whole idea was to put even more money into the hands of McGuinty’s nukie friends. I was during that period writing letter to the media, especially the Toronto Star and to politicians at Queen’s Park. I didn’t get one response. Your electrical system was being bled white and the people you elected  Libs / PCs and the media you thought was watching out for you were doing nothing of the sort.  Every time you open you electric bill remember, there are 3 groups to blame for your predicament, the politicians who governed and govern Ontario, the nukies who hold your KW system hostage and the conventional media. I think you should relish the thought of McGuinty going to the polls. The instant Dalt is gone we can start to rebuild this Province’ electrical system by removing the nukie cancer. Hudak is in favour of continuing the nukes because so many of his friends and PC insiders are involved with the nukies and making a pile. Horwath wants to get rid of the nuke and she is right on the  money. Immediately we fire up the 20,000 MWs of idle hydro electric power we can paint the schools, bring back the librarians, open the pools, put beds in the hospitals, pay doctorsd and nurses and create real jobs both in the south and the north. It is amazing to me that one man Dalt McGuinty, can hold back the hands of time, ruin the economy and bury the natural resource that made Ontario what it is, hydro power. And could do so again under a more enlightened leadership, not one  in the pay of the nukies. Demand your next MPP PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INTERESTS, NOT McGUINTY’S OR HUDAK’S Party machines or flunkies.

IMAGINE YOU ARE CABINET MINISTER ED FAST AND HERR HARPER TAKES YOU OUT OF THE GAME AND REPLACES YOU WITH NIGEL WRIGHT, WHO HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN ELECTED DOGCATCHER   —   This mean a unelected Harper insider who had no experience other than being a PMO ass kisser is dealing with the US government. A Cabinet Minister in our system once appointed has complete control over his / her area of jurisdiction. The PM has the right to interfere. If Harper is unhappy with Fast then it is a matter of informing the Minister and the only option then for him is to resign. Let’s see what kind of stuff Ed is made up of, a proud Canadian, ready to uphold our Parliamentary traditions or is he just another trained seal who flaps his flippers and balances a red ball? I would suggest that this Government has a very short life. If all the eight seat now in question are nullified Herr Harper’s HUGE MAJORITY is lost and Steve is toast. I am only joking about the huge majority. Every one of Harper’s writers / commentators called his 2011 stolen election win gynormous. Harper and his drones believed their own publicity as Danielle Smith did in Alberta. 200 seats out of 308 is big but 164 isn’t worth a plug nickel. Harper now is at 160, only 6 to the good. There are 7 seats in the Supreme Court up for grabs. And Del Mastro’s ship is fast thinking. That is eight gone and minority Harper would be back. Sometime in the lives of men and women a special moment comes along, a time to seize the moment. Minister Fast who has been embarrassed by Harper. He should seize the moment and resign. Score one for Canada and make your family and Abbotsford proud. Let’s see what kind of stuff Ed Fast is made up of. Is he prepared to defend Canada’s democratic system? Or is he just another CPC  jellyfish???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL   —   The first order of business in turning Canada into clean energy powerhouse is to have each province and the NWT do an inventory of all of their energy assets. Building an Integrated energy System. We occupy a huge landmass which contains many energy blessing. Each province is in control of its’ energy resources. They now sit in silos completely separated each trying to deal with energy problems, most only holding a partial hand. To me it is like going to Metro, an array of the most delicious food available. Some things are edible on their own like apples / cherries. But you can’t eat spaghetti or raw oats. Everything in the store in some way or another can be combined to make a meal fit for a king. The secret is to group many foods together. What if one province had spaghetti sauce, another had the spaghetti, another had cookies or dill pickles and so on. Eating would not be too pleasant. I am being silly. In terms of the provinces and NWT I already know roughly what their assets consist of. I’m not saying this is what should be done to politicians or government officials. I HAVE ALREADY CREATED A PLAN. There is an old saying, ” There is more than one way to skin a cat “. I am sure there are other technical people like me in this Country who have great energy ideas. But we are prevented from taking part in the energy debate by the conventional media and big oil. Only US oil cartel sanctioned initatives are given stage time. Everyone else is shut out. The result is YOU pay too much for gasoline, too much for natural gas and too much for electricity. Also the present system is despoiling our environment. So at the very same time we are having our pockets picked the pickers are destroying the planet and our grandchildren’s future. When you go to that yearly reunion of your family it is probably pot luck. Each family brings a dish. A delicious good time will be had by all. The attendees wouldn’t be thinking of bringing  food just for their individual  use. Sharing the variety of dishes makes things much happier. Why can’t the provinces /NWT bring all of their energy assets to the table. And then we could mix and match energy options. The outcome would be an energy combination which was much more affordable, convenient, cleaner and the bonus, it would contribute to building an even stronger Nation. You know what? We could start next week. I dare you.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                              LAOCOON

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Viv runs a blog in which she kids us that she is asking, ” Fair Questions “. Her so called questions have nothing to do with questions and in no stretch are they fair. Krause is a mouthpiece for the US oil cartel and does the dirtywork for their WHIMP / EXECUTIVES. Who don’t have the balls to get into the down and dirty, face the public AND HANDLE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS. The oilies don’t want to make it public that they don’t give a shit about your grandchildren. Global Warming is real but to tackle the climate crisis means affecting the oil business adversely. The cartel has hired the Heartland Insitiute for tens of millions to challenge climate change and spread confusion. Carter, Corcoron and Foster, among others, who are mental midgets and are the perfect shills for the job. Viv and Claudia Cattaneo likewise are mere pawns of  big oil. The cartel doesn’t want it known that they will spend whatever it takes to stop any other form of alternative energy from seeing the light of day.They don’t care if you go to the poor house. So CAPP organizes all of the oil cheer leaders on behalf of the US oil cartel to fill the media with misinformation and confusion. Isn’t it interesting that Carter, Corcoron, Foster, Krause and Cattaneo all find their way into the very American National Post NOW OPERATING ILLEGALLY IN CANADA.  Paul Godfrey’s Post is is taking money to destroy the planet and bankrupt our Country. Quite some undertaking? These shadowy cartel operators pull the strings fr0m above and never get their hands dirty. Harper is one of their puppets. I am amazed there are slow people like Krause who will carry the gun for the oilies. Why does’t the cartel get some spine and attack David Suzuki straight up. This would save them money as well. Paying Rev. Can. to audit Suzuki’s books must be very expensive?  Does Viv not realize at the first sign of trouble she will be abandon, denied, just thrown overboard, given no credit or acknowledgement for her loyalty. Look at the folks who have alreadybeen tossed under the bus by Herr Harper. And for that matter The Conman Black did the same thing, he called his flunkies underlings. They were the ones who caused Conrad all that trouble in Chicago, so he said. David Radler was Black’s partner in crime for 30 years. A very smart Radler realized that the jig was up and pleaded guilty. Dave served some time, came back to Canada and is apparently back in business. He keeps a low profile. Black on the other hand can’t keep his mouth shut and has always denied responsibility for his crimes as he does to this day. Huh. These guys were partners, one says, yup, we’s guilty and Conrad says never done nothing. Then Black called Radler a rat. Rat? Rat? For being smart and taking his punishment. With Black it is UPC [ juvenile brain ]. He is in his 60s and yet he has always managed his life like a teenager. The perfect speaker for all the other juveniles at the Empire Club of Can.  He / they never grew up. And now Conrad is abusing the US Court system once again. I hope the authorities bill him for the Court’s time for bringing this frivilous case. Prosecutors apparently left him without money for a hi priced lawyer says he, ah. I don’t remember the Conman ever appearing with a legal aid lawyer? This appeal has a sense of the unreal and self dealing  about it. Conrad bought a house for $ 3 million which was owned by a Company held by investors. Then he turned around, sold it for $ 9 million and put the money in his pocket. This very much looks like yet another bit of thievery. The prosecutors apparently froze this money as part of their case. Conrad was in the process of selling off company assets without the knowledge of the shareholders, even going to the point of fabricating the minutes of board meetings. He then went before Judge Amy and said he was broke. A friend had to put up $ 2 million for bail. Now [ 2012 ] Black says he has $ 80 million. Can we believe anything he says? No. To go from zero to 80 mill while sitting jail. Conrad should let Kevin ” Ponzi ” O’Leary in on his secret. I have always thought that the money stolen from Hollinger was stashed on one of the islands. As I said people like Harper, Black and the cartel don’t seem to have any problems finding dupes like Viv to brainlessly do their bidding. The person I feel sorry for is Mark Kipnis, a US lawyer who signed some of Black’s bogus documents. He got a measly $ 150,000 for signing. Black, who stood to make millions led this poor man into a trap, paid him peanuts and said he would be protected. This is clear sign of UPC[ Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex ], no concern for what you are doing to other human beings. All of Herr Harper’s underlings will face the same fate, aiding and abetting a criminal who has broken the election laws. The spirit of Honest Services applies to Harper too. Steve order the massive theft of the 2011 election but erected filters so he could claim innocence. A replay of Obstruction of Justice as at 10 Toronto St. Just as with Diefenbaker we are now beginning to see the rats deserting Harper’s ship. His Government is coming unhinged. His majority is now down to 5 with  7 ridings in dispute at the Supreme Court. As with the case in Etobicoke all the Justice had to do is determine there was deliberate  tampering by Ted Opitz [ ex MP ] and the election there was nullified. At the Supreme Court the Justices are faced with the same simple question. Was there deliberate tampering on the part of the CPC. Events of the past few days have shown there was massive tampering by the American public relations firms to do Harper’s dirty work. They were hired by the US oil cartel. It is obvious that in each of the 7 ridings the results were tainted. The only recourse for the Justices is to nullify the outcome in each of the ridings and let the voters decide by virtue of  By-Elections. If Harper did not cheat in the 7 ridings in 2011 and the support for the CPC was won fair and square, I would think Steve would want to see By-Elections held quickly to clear the air. If  Dean Del Mastro can win back his seat it will prove his constituents thought he did no wrong. However I suspect that Harper did cheat.  By-Elections would see all his candidates defeated. If one of the 7 ridings goes down, they will all go down and Harper’s majority will be history. It takes months before By-Elections can be organized and during that time the Fascist Party would not be in control [ not enough seats] of A SITTING HOUSE.  At that point we may have a constitutional crisis. The US oil cartel has invested a lot of money in Harper and has put so much money into stealing the last election. The oilies will not want their ownership of Ottawa to slip away easily. Harper will probably close Parliament down and the Governor General will become involved. Remember David Johnston is a Harper appointee and the person responsible for the fact that Conman Black still has his Order of Canada.  The outcome of the stolen 2011 election will be one of two things. Either the American oil cartel will gain complete ownership of Canada for good or we the people will take our Country back. Herr Harper is at a distinct disadvantage, he has never paid any attention to the ways of Parliament. Harper is a whimp and a Parliamentary novice who bullies people because he has big oil’s money behind him. Mulcair has a much better grasp of the ways of the House. Tom is going to drive Steve to distraction. I think bringing Canada back into our hands is where we are headed even if things get messy. Tom Mulcair will be the next Prime Minister with the support of the Liberals.  Bob Rae is apparently going to run for the leadership of the Liberals in about a year thus breaking a promise he made earlier not to do so. By that time Mulcair would have been able to put his stamp on Canada and he will call an election. During his initial months in office Mulcair will do a complete investigation of the theft of the 2011 election by Harper and the criminal activity of the cartel using  a special police force authorized by a Committee of Parliament. This will bypass the RCMP, now an arm of the PMO. In my view the outcome will be criminal convictions of Harper, his staff and cartel executives. During that year PM Mulcair will have assisted the provinces in joining together to support Premier Redford’s National Energy Strategy which will start Canada down the road to becoming a world energy superpower. When Rae takes over the leadership of the Liberals some in the ranks will protest his breech of faith and along with many Red Tories, including me will support Tom Mulcair. What is wrong with a Party on the left that moves moderately to the right. That’s where the bulk of Canadians are, in the middle. I am a Red Tory, on the right but at times in sympathy with the left.  At the moment of Bob Rae’s ascendancy would be an excellent time to hold an election. The Fascist Party will by then be in complete disarray and leaderless. Harper, his executives and staff will all be in jail.  I can see public pressure being brought to bear on bogus CPC Senators like Doug Finley, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy to resign and give their pay back.. I’m guessing at least 200 seats for the NDP, fall 2013. Now to my questions. My turn Vivian. Oh by the way [ Viv already knows this, she's one. ], the Heartland Institute is the Global Warming Denier headquarters in the world. Every time you see an article that is anti climate crisis, the author and the media outlet were paid by the Heartland. Punch in HEARTLAND INSTITUTE BILLBOARD SCANDAL. Heartland is going to go out of business because of the document leaks and billboard scandal. All the climate deniers are going to be out of work and their reputations ruined. Heartland has close ties with the National Post, Universities of Calgary and Carleton in Ottawa, the Fraser / Manning Institutes andthe Frontier Centre. The Fraser, which is an embarassment to Canada,  is going to be closed when our new Government comes in. Taking US oil cartel money under the table from Heartland or CAPP is surely something the people of this Nation will never accept.


[] 1 []  I would like McGuinty to reveal the details of his free house, when, how and who donated it.

[] 2 [] I want ALL of the details of the Airport Rail Link revealed, the corporate structure, private involvement, utilization after the games, full disclosure of the equipment [ make, model and new or used ], secret subsidies and a real route map not Rob Prichard’s propaganda map.

[] 3 [] I want Laura Formusa of  Hydro One [ $ 900,000 plus per year ] to give complete details of all of the hydro plants now shut or mothballed along with the utilization factor for those plants still operating. I know that to keep the nukies in business there are times when the hydro plant at Niagara Falls is turned off. This means that clean / cheap KWs are being thrown away while the most expensive / dangerous / toxic waste / CO2  nukes are kept in operation.

[] 4 [] I want to know if our coal plants can be refitted with clean coal technology. This technology is available and if the pioneering was done in Ontario it would be a system that could be exported. Clean coal could be used to make hydrogen in stu. Hydrogen transportation fuel can be made in your garage, at the Canada Post truck depot or even in your bedroom. Mabs doesn’t like that idea, so I won’t go there. I am sure OPG has done the required research because so much publicity has been given out about the coal closings by McGuinty. Surely the Premier’s initiative is based on sound technological grounds? Surely the Preem would not have ordered the closings based entirely on vote buying???  Tom Mitchell of OPG [ $ 1.6 million per years ] should have the details on coal readily at hand. Coal could play a major role in an overhauled Ontario electrical system. When do we start the fix going folks? Another 10,000 jobs just left the Province due to high nukie KWs prices.

[] 5 [] I want to know the levels of carbon monoxide on streets in Toronto [ example - Bayview and Eglinton ] owing to the fact that the Toronto Traffic Services has purposely structure our roads system to create gridlock. This obstacle course, financed by Torontonian was created to drive people out of their vehicles and drive them into the arms of the TTC. This is why our once famous TTC has turned into a customer unfriendly transit system. Force drivers out of their cars and they will come. And most of you put up with this every day and not a peep. I think if you had lived in earlier time you too would have gone silently to the cattle cars. The Medical Officer of Health, Dave McKeown spent $ 65,000 of your money for a year long study on traffic. His recommendation was to cut the speed limit, rubbish. McKeown is in fact himself slow, he hired an equally slow consultant and got a go slow report. It will only serve to frustrate you, you an you more. McKeown is a grand stander looking to make the headlines. However, actually solving problems, he is not so good at.

[] 6 [] I also want to know the levels of carbon monoxide on Hwy # 401 across the top of the City also. I believe there is a severe health problem which would justify Queen’s Park expropriating Hwy # 407 and turning it into a FREE HIGHWAY. People have died sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on American major hi-ways. When Mike Harris concocted this 407 lease to cover his hidden deficit the agreement was flawed. There are extenuating circumstances which may well void this agreement and I suspect there was some wrongdoing on the part of PC insiders. Wrongdoing could be the trap door to get Hwy # 407 back into the hands of Ontarians. I can imagine Harris insiders did quite well thank you very much, sort of like Ornge. That agreement should be carefully reviewed by the new incoming NDP majority Government. On a similar matter I concluded that the Ontario Government [ you and I ] never accepted the responsibility for the radioactive toxic waste now in temporary storage around each of our nuclear plants. I went after the McGuinty Government for a copy of the original Ont. / Fed. / AEC / GE / Ont. Hydro agreement to see how the waste was dealt with. McGuinty stalled and stalled. Eventually I went to Freedom of Information. After all that I was told such documentation had been given to the nukies. Oh swell. The foxes had been given a map of the hen house and a detailed list of all the occupants. I spent many more months trying to get OPG [ Tom Mitchell ] to surrender the agreement. Eventually they sent me the agreement on the very last day. The nukies fought me every step of the way and many of the details were blacked out. But the nukies think they are superior beings and the underclass is stupid. Not. The long and short of it is that Ontario DID NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY  for the $ 20 billion in waste sitting around in concrete coffins. AEC didn’t tell anyone about the waste problem, they lied and they have been lying to us ever since. Harper is responsibel. The cost of babysitting this stuff goes on your hydro bill each month and you sit there staring off into space. Call or write or E-Mail your MP /MPP. Well maybe it is not all your fault that you continue to meekly take such abuse from the nukies. All during this pursuit of the original agreement I kept John Honderich and the Toronto Star abreast of my efforts but the Paper NEVER / EVER RESPONDED. The reason was that the Star was getting a ton of advertising money from the nukies and Mcguinty. This ongoing / massive advertising campaign was paid for using your tax dollars. I think the Mike Harris / Hwy # 407 agreement holds some pleasant surprises. Some time ago I offered to  review said agreement for the Libs and the PC but got no response. I can tell you this, I am not a popular guy with the takers.

[] 7 [] I want the following think tanks to reveal the names of their supporters and the dollar figures donated. These are registered Canadian Charities and thus their books are open to public scrutiny. Taxpayer should know that their money is being well spend and not for political purposes beyond the 10% as required by Revenue Canada [ now an arm of the PMO ]. As follows Fraser [ Hearland funding ], C. D. Howe, Manning, Canada West, Frontier [ Heartland funding ], Taxpayer’s Federation, Macdonald – Laurier, Ethical Oil, Montreal Economic Inst., Can Centre for Policy Studies and the Canadian Constitution Foundation. Those would be a good start. When Mulcair becomes PM I would expect the CEO and the complete executive of Rev. Can. to be given pink slips for surrendering control of the agency to the PMO.  And conducting awitch hunt on environmental organizations [ Suzuki ] whose only aim is to protect our planet. Both the Fraser Institute and the Frontier Center take US oil cartel cash under the table. I would like to know just how much taxpayer’s money all of these Harper / oil cartel  friendly fronts have wasted. This is election spending isn’t it? In investigating all of the above orgs. it is interesting to note the cross pollination between the groups. Manning has his own oil institute but he is also connected to the Fraser Institute another supported by the oil cartel. Also involved in this partnership are Tom Flanagan [ my favourite draft dodger ] and Danielle Smith. God, these people must have a big laugh at just how gullible we are, mere lambs to the slaughter.

[] 8 []  Why is the Toronto Star still in business. In desparation the Paper is being sold for $ 1.85 a week with  Saturday  69 cents for the next ten months. The paper may not be in operation then?  This is a bad business model, I was in business for 50 years. When regular / loyal customers are being forced to pay full price and new comers are getting such a bargain, this will only lead to more readers moving to the net. The problem John Honderich of the Star faces is the $ 500 million in debt loaded on the Paper by Rob Prichard and his Bay St. friends. Imagine being paid $ 9 million to leave a sinking ship and leave the Star employees hanging by their thumbs. Quite a man our Rob? He should be putting some of his 9 mill back in the pot to cushion the affects on Star employees. The same with Conman Black with $ 80 in his pocket from raiding the Hollinger till. Couldn’t he set a soup kitchen and food bank for his former down and out employees, like Mark Kipnis? Can you imagine Barb and the Conman in frilly aprons?

[] 9 [] Why is my cottage electric bill so high? I already know the answer to that question, I had the answer 10 years ago. But the Toronto Star would never acknowledge my concerns and suggestions. My question to Laura Formusa [ one of McGuinty's poodles ] is how long do you think  you can get away with charging $ 75 for the KWs and $ 240 for delivery? Is this so McGuinty can claim 7 cents a KW/H instead of 20 cents per that it really is. In Quebec and Manitoba the real price is 6 cents per KW all in. In other words a house in Quebec using 900 KW/Hs per month would pay about $ 60. In Ontario the same amount of juice would cost $ 190. Little wonder Ontario’s economy has been ruined and businesses are fleeing. Another 10,000 jobs gone in the last quarter thanks to Laura, her boss McGuinty, the nuclear cult and the Star. You know, the conventional media loves to remind you constantly about your travails BUT THEY NEVER OFFER A WAY OUT. I do. When I take up an interesting subject part of the process involves how to fix the problem. On occasion I even come up with a plan B. We have a perfectly good electoral system which has been hi-jacked by the CPC /PCs and the Liberals. They have created party machines which run everything, ignore the interests of loyal supporters and steer all the benefits in society to themselves and their friends. That is why the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are going to the poor house. The party machines have installed a wire that by-passes the fuse panel. They siphon off most of the juice, we only get a little yet we pay the total bill. Our share gets smaller while the costs continue to go up. This is happening BECAUSE WE ARE LETTING THESE BASTARDS GET AWAY WITH IT. Putting up with abuse only brings more of abuse. In the upcoming Federal Election [ Harper and his pals will be in jail ] the only Party to vote for is the NDP. Remember I am a Red Tory. I gravitate to the NDP because it is the only party where the grass roots still has a say. From 1960 I was a minor worker for the PCs under Frost, Robarts and Davis in Pickering. We were certainly right wing but the left was given consideration. The PC reign went for 42 years and was killed off by the takeover of our Party by the hard right starting with Frank Miller. There is no reason why Mulcair can’t duplicate the balancing act of Bill Davis. The same applies to Ontario, McGuinty will be going down, maybe to jail too. The PCs are still controlled by Mike Harris and his friends. Neither party listens to their membership. I am Red Tory orphan. The one advantage the Libs / PCs have in the next election is the ownership of the conventional media. The US oil cartel calls most of the shots because of advertising but McGuinty also spends tons on advertising using taxpayer’s dollars. The NDP still has the ability to reach the man / woman in the street through their local riding associations. So this people power and the net / cell phones puts the NDP in a position of not only reaching out to real people but having the means to reach those people and circumvent the conventional media. I see Andrea Horwath being the next Premier of  Ontario. Then we can tackle electric prices, gas prices, Toronto gridlock and the City’ public transit problems. This grand takeoff is just around the corner and depends on YOU USING YOUR BALLOT RESPONSIBLY.

[] 10 [] Why are Enbridge / TransNotCanada, pipe line Companies which are owned by Wall St. able to roam across Canada looking for business opportunities without any regard for the wishes or security of the citizenry? Or any sharing of the benefits? Or concern for the environment?  There were more than 100 pipe line ruptures last year and the conventional media has given them ziltch coverage. There is spill now in Alberta on the Red Deer River but everyone in the media is tight lipped. And Tom Flanagan downplays. This is a case where all the money paid to the media by the US oil cartel is paying off. No tough questions are being asked. What I want from the conventional media this instant is no more full page advertisements filled with CAPP’s  [ Canadian Association of Petroleum producer ] propaganda. In a single page [  like the ones wasted by CAPP ] the results of these many spills could be itemized and delineated by the media. What is of interest to me is whether DilBit was being pumped through the Refined Oil Pipe Lines on the Red Deer river? Putting raw tar / sand and lighter fluid through a steel pipe is a misuse of pipes that are meant for only pure oil. I have since found out that the Red Deer spill involved DilBit although the Company responsible said it was only light oil [ another lie from the cartel ]. A local resident was taken to the hospital suffering breathing problems. The mixing of raw tar / sand and lighter fluid can create a toxic cloud if released by a spill.  Is it that we are going to have to see people die before the authorities act?  Not only is the cartel stealing Alberta’s raw tar but many of the pipe lines they are contracting  for [ from Enbridge / TransNotCanada ] will be used improperly  to wisk the tar away to Texas and California. This will put many Canadian communities at risk just at the time when Herr Harper is removing all of the pipe line restraints. Did you know that Enbridge and TransNotCanada have structured separate divisions for each pipe so that if a spill occurs and the cleanup costs go beyond the max coverage of cheap insurance they are required to buy they can just close the division and walk away from the broken pipe, leaving government and the people on the hook.  The conventional media would never tell you this. The press has let us down massively. Trusted sentries, who took money to look the other way. Here is a chance for Phil Crawley of the Globe and the others to partway redeem themselves. It could be a start. Do a full report on the DilBit spill on the Red Deer River. It is easy to see the difference between light honey coloured oil and black tar / sand and lighter fluid. You know what? I don’t think  Phil Crawley will lift a finger, neither will the others. I am assuming that the increase in spills in the last couple of years, 4 times the normal rate, relates to the pumping of raw tar slurry out of Alberta. This mean the cartel pays far less in the way of royalties on raw tar than it does on finished oil products. They are stealing from the Albertans and Canada.  US oil cartel doesn’t want Canadians to know about the increased risks associated with raw tar until after Herr Harper removes all of the environmental regulations. After that the oilies won’t have to give a shit.

[] 11 []  RACKNINE / HARPER SHOULD BE ASKING / WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MATT MEIER ?   —  The original Racknine story was interesting, now a law suit. These little public relations firms set up by young right wing bum boys are a dime a dozen.  They are nothing more than filters and serve to facilitate the clandestine political maneuverings of Herr Harper. Those involved are all liars [ Matt Meier, Andrew Hamilton, Michael Sona, Andrew Prescott, Marty Burke, Matt McBain, Christopher Crawford and Aaron Wudrick ]. Each was given a little part in operation [ cells ], the Election Theft of 2011. These drones were instructed not to ask questions or answer any. Each segment was a cell set  up so that anyone from Herr Harper on down to the grunts like Sona could claim to be innocent. Each cog helped move the voter suppression campaign along but the American oil cartel pulled all the strings from south of the border. And in the end an illegitimate Government was formed by Herr Harper. Let me set the scene. You have a building, it gets stocked up with food and booze and then you leave town. A bunch of bad guys move in and ravage the town then they leave. You come back, get your Harper cheque and swear on a stack of bibles that you are innocent of any wrong doing. Nothing can be proved because it has been arranged that way and all the evidence has been destroyed as Conman Black did to the incriminating documentation from 10 Toronto St.. Then you hire dishonest lawyers like Andrew Hamilton and Aaron Wudrick, backed by never ending oilies money to threaten anyone and everyone with a lawsuits to suppress public debate. How can anyone fight a mountain of  American money? A couple of years ago, this very same Wudrick was promoting Conservative shell organizations and front groups at our universities. I wonder how big Aaron’s Heartland’s cheque was. A few months ago the operator of a small PR firm in the USA got a letter from a company that wanted to smear Google. They wanted him to write negative copy about Google but the contract stated that he was not to reveal the name of the firm or person involved in the smear. This PR guy turned down the offer. When Tom Mulcair becomes PM it is clear we have to weed out these bogus right wing PR firms and charities. and their Yankee connections. I think the actions of Holinshed Research Group in their dealings with the CPC, documentation of which reside in Court files shows the sleazy side of Herr Haper and his Harper Youth. A look behind the curtain. There is no question now that Dean Del Mastro is guilty of the abuse of election laws and he may well go to jail, never mind just losing his seat.  As Elections Canada moves ever closer to a resolution of the Robo Calls affair, we move forward on the lost election in Etobicoke and the 7 other ridings before the Court. Witness the drip, drip, drip of info on the theft of the election by Harper, the last thing the Fascists need is a high profile damage suit against the NDP [ Meier ], the next Government of Canada.  It is ludicrous for Matt Meier to say his firm lost millions in business because of the Robo Calls response from the NDP. Matt is attached to Herr Harper and operates out of a phone booth. Meier is just another dupe who is adding one more nail to Harper’s coffin by keeping the Robo Calls case constantly before the public. The right / white / greedy / rich 20% are not really that bright. Like Harper they think that they can create their own reality. Matt Meier is helping to sinking their ship.

[] 12 []  Why are we letting Shell make business decisions that will put Alberta and Saskatchewan out of business? And why is Diane  Francis, another American mouthpiece so happy about it.  All of these Yankee writers cheer on the actions of firms from south of the border. They get paod to do so. And they never take Canada’s side. Shell has announced it will change the world’s transportation fuel over to natural gas. Oh how nice of them. They, they, they have decided to change the game, themselves. WE weren’t asked.  Shell bragged that it had higher revenues than BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan together. Who gives a flying fuck what Shell thinks? Cheaters can always accumulate big money especially when they are part of  an illegal oil monopoly sanctioned by the US Government in the 1920s. The energy world is in turmoil if you didn’t already know. The US oil cartel used to own or control more than 70% of the world’s oil supply. The cartel also owned / owns 70% of the world refinery capacity. Due to the new technology fracking, oil and nat. gas has become much more plentiful but the bulk of this new supply is in the hands of smaller energy companies, not the US oil cartel. The major problem is the over exploitation of tight oil / nat. sites has produced a glut and this has disturbed the price. Nat. gas was $ 16 a unit and is now less than $ 2 a unit. Companies can’t make money because the cost of producing the gas is more than $ 2. Yet  those who use nat. gas are seeing little price relief. It is called state sanctioned theft. Suppliers can buy cheap and sell high and the public has no control. Politicians / media, they’re missing in action. The customers just seem to bend over, drop their pants and hope that it doesn’t hurt too much. The oil supply is also at a record low level in North America and yet there is no relief at the pumps.It is called state sanctioned theft.  Because of the glut Albertans are being paid less than $ 60 a barrel for oil that is worth $ 100. That cheap Alberta oil is now being turned into gasoline in Chicago and sold in the east for full price. Again the politicians are even worse than useless. We have got to be crazy to put up with this abuse. There is a way out of all this, educate yourself and vote wisely. Canada needs a new NEP. There is now plenty of fracked oil in America, too much. Demand for gasoline is declining due to Wall St. and the banks destroying the US financial system. There is plenty of fracked natural gas in the States now and the Country has no further need for Canadian nat. gas. The difficulty with fracked energy is that the sites have very short life spans. It is a little like agriculture. In times of plenty farmers overproduce, this drives the price down and some of them go out of business. To avoid this  Canada has marketing boards. Then when a drought occurs and there is a crop shortfall and the prices go through the roof. When there is an oversupply the people never sees the benefit because the producers buy low from the farmers and sell high. When there is a shortage the producers sell at even higher prices to the public. The big multinationals  have us coming or going and our present political system of party machines wherein the insiders get paid to look the other way leads us like lambs to an unpleasant end. The oil cartel now has little in the way of oil and a way too much refinery capacity. They are looking for two things, to maintain high profits by not giving drivers [ anyone ] a break. And they have to find the necessary heavy crude oil to keep their refineries humming. This is why the cartel doesn’t want Alberta’s oil. It just wants the raw tar whose filthy extraction process residue will be left for future generations of Albertans to clean up on their own nickel. Joe Oliver keeps telling us that we should be proud to be hewers of wood and drawers of water, proud as in coolies. In terms of the Alberta / Saskatchewan natural gas the curtain has descended. The market in the US has evaporated and there is now too much nat. gas around the world. There is no market in Asia either for Canada’ resources. Harper and the US oil cartel keep releasing rosy reports so that the cartel can solve its’ problems on our backs. The media is misleading us again. Keeping us in the dark helps this cartel process along and Harper is paid for his assistance in delivering us into the cartel’s waiting hands. No, Shell has come along and is looking to change its’ profit strategy tby putting more emphasis on natural gas and is encouraging the population to switch over.  A switch that will cost us even more money. Auto makers build few nat. gas vehicles. It is just another case of a huge multinational [ Shell ] looking to make money without any consideration for consumers needs especially Canadians. This is the way a monoploy works.  Here is the scoop. The most dependable market for Alberta / Saskatchewan oil / natural gas is the 23 million Canadians east of the Manitoba border and beyond that in England where there are more than 68 million people. Why should we allow the Americans to own the eastern energy market and abuse us as they see fit?  We need a publicly owned integrated energy system. The Twin Beaver pipe line The  first move is to have each Canadian province and the NWT do an inventory on what energy resources they have. Once all of this info is available we will be able to see just how cooperation will create  prosperity, boost jobs, cut energy costs and clean up the environment. I am looking at a vertically integrated system, a firewall AROUND CANADA so to speak wherein the benefits of our resources remain within out borders. The US oil cartel now takes about $ 125 billion out of Alberta each year and gives back a little over $ 10 billion in royalties. A huge profit is made in the east and finds its’ way to Wall St. and the US banks as well. If we capitalized on Premier Redford’s  NES most of that dough could be kept at home. When do we stop this coolie thing and harvest Canada’s resources for ourselves?.  Did you know that the violent response to Trudeau’s NEP came for Washington. The US oil cartel carried the ball for the US Government by buying the western  media and the likes of  Byfield, Manning and Harper. Any wedge driven between east and west by these dupes was done at the insistance of Washington.

[] 13 []  WHY IS CONMAN BLACK BACK IN THIS COUNTRY OF LAWS / OR ARE WE NOW A COUNTRY WITHOUT LAWS David Johnston ???  —   The Conman Black will be speaking to the Empire Club of Canada on June 22 at 12 noon. Tickets to listen to this convicted criminal are $ 70 and $ 700 for a table of ten. I wonder if he will wear his orange jump suit? You can look up the Empire Club on the internet and see a list of the Toronto elites who disagree with 75% of Canadians, who don’t want this crook back in the Country.  It is an insult to read Black’s introduction by the Club in the Post. Such a person, as described no longer exists other than in his defective mind. This shows us the real divide in Canadian society. This small group of takers think they are above the law and thus are in sympathy with Black. They’re out of step with the rest of us. Do we the majority allow these people with warped minds fueled by greed to run our show? I think not. I would suggest that all of us refuse to support any of their adventures. Don’t patronize any of his cheer leaders.  Black wrote , “A Life in Progress “, in 1993 in which he tooted his own horn and left out all his misdemeanors. So it is a fiction.  He said of himself that he was a savvy judge of character but alas not his own. I am almost ten years old than Black and have witnessed firsthand his  juvenile behaviour. He wrote another book, ” A matter of Principle “. A more unprincipled man would be hard to find. But then again he is mentally ill.  He did own various newspapers as the Club states. But he lost them due to gross mismanagement and was jailed for stealing from the till. He did found the National Post, it never made a dime and Black LOST more than$ 200 million of shareholders money before its’ sale. To be sure Conrad has produce a number of articles which seek to drill into the public mind just what an important person he really is. He never informs his readers but  just heaps praise on himself. This affliction of self adoration has lasted a lifetime.  Black is a member of the House of Lords, an honour the Government of England has pledged to revoke. That is his reason for being afraid to go back to the UK. The Lords and his former bought friends will give him the cold shoulder. If  he returns it may prompt Parliment to act.  He is indeed a Officer of the Order of Canada but a cheat, a thief and a liar as well. As a convicted felon he is ineligible to hold the order of Canada. David Johnston, G. G. should have stripped Black of his Order a year ago. But Johnston apparently believes that once a person aquires wealth or steals it the laws of the land no longer apply. Some G. G. ?  Both Barb and Conrad think that the little people like us should know our place. After all the original English criminal justice system was implemented to keep the riff raff in their place. Serious offenses included sleeping in the parks and stealing bread. The nobility remained free no matter the crime. Black is a Knight of the Holy See with its’ corrupt background and illegitimate structure.  Now being involved with the See really does fits his criminal profile. The Empire club and E – L Financial have succumbed to what so many in the right wing do, namely creating their own reality. The ad in the Post for this event list credits for Black that are in the past. No mention is made of his history of taking what didn’t belong to him and his most recent time in jail. The person as featured in the Post doesn’t  exist except in Black’s mind. Those who attend this Empire Club event will truly be paying to listen to a man who is lost touch. Conrad Black should be pitied and put away.  Those who organized this event should have concern for Black’s health rather than encourage his frequent flights of fancy. There maybe ghouls who will actually pay the money to see the great one come unglued.

[] 14 []  You know me. I go on and on about the false and misleading copy that appears in our newspapers. Not to mention the lies and omissions. The truth has somehow been vanquished from the conventional media. It has taken years of study trying to figure out what goes on behind the scene at the papers. And how all this dishonest stuff makes it into the light of day. I am a self appointed leading expert on energy, especially electricity. The reason I can say this  is that when I read all of the crap on energy that is printed / broadcast two things leap to mind. The reporters, columnist, editors and commentators come across as being competely untutored and bent only on confusing the public [ taht's what they are paid to do ]. The blind leading the blind. There isn’t a single one of them I have seen or heard who comes anywhere close to my level of expertise but the don’t need it.. There have to be others out there who are up to speed but I / we can’t break into the advertiser dominated media. Representatives of the elite class don’t know what they are talking about but they are certainly well paid behind the curtain by big oil. What gives me a clue to the reason behind this barren energy informational landscape is the fact that what is written mirrors the propaganda that eminates from the various energy interests, word for bloody word.  With the Toronto Star it is the nukie line forever, never a beat is lost. I think articles in the Star about our failed electrical system are composed at the head offices of Hydro One and OPG. As far as the American owned National Post and the Globe the copy is all tar sands friendly. The US oil cartel / CAPP draw up the articles and then the Papers publish what they are told to. This is done without comment no matter how ridiculous. In regards to the the spill on the Red DeerRiver, the conventional media is nowhere in sight. Told to stay away??? It is a snapshot of the coming DilBit armegeddon. Harper, Oliver, Kent and of course the cartel do not want the details of this spill revealed to the public. What are Paul and Phil  supposed to do under the circumstances. If they tell the truth that spill detectors only work when pure oil is going through the pipe.The tar / sand slurry wears away all of the detectors and this nullifies the warning system. The alarm for every DilBit spill in the last couple of years came from the public. Due to the tar / sand /lighter fluid mixture the pipe line companies are flying blind. They have no way of detecting spills and haven’t informed the authorities. The Post / Globe would get no more oil ads or Harper’s attack ads is an article appeared which investigated the spill. For Paul Godfrey to tell the truth about the Red  Deer, will mean the loss of badly needed income from Harper and the oilies and may well cause the Post to go bankrupt. Sometimes telling the truth comes at a price. Weak media moguls opt for money /hiding rather than reporting the truth. Phil Crawly, if he told the real story of Red Deer spill would probably lose his job. The Thompsons apparently do not like underperformers, truth or no truth. I will again offer my services as I did in regards to the Enbridge Kalamazoo spill. Pay my expenses, rent me a small mobile home for a week and set me up on site WITH NO RESTRICTIONS. In a couple of days or so I will report the reason for the spill. The line in question is an old pipe line [ 1966 ] owned by Wall Streeters  which used to bring light oil from Norman Wells in the NWT into central Alberta after the War. It is now used to carry DilBit [ raw tar / sand and lighter fluid ]. A mixture which sand blasts the inside of steel pipes and cause them to run at 150 deg F because of the high friction. Toxic fumes inhabit such pipe lines and if a break occurs there is the potential of an unstoppable inferno. A lot of lighter fluid has a way of doing very bad things.  The resulting flames would melt the steel pipe, consume the tar slurry and travel miles in either direction even if the flow was cut off. Enbridge has specifically set up divisions for each pipe line. The minimum insurance is taken out. If a spill were to occur which exceeds the insurance policy, Enbridge would simply abandon the offending pipe. The company would declare the division bankrupt, leaving the shareholders holding useless paper, those residents affected up the creek and governments on the hook [ taxpayers ] for the clean up. The USA company responsible for the Red Deer spill says the line was transporting light oil. I don’t believe them, they are lying.  An earlier DilBit spill on the Kalamazoo River destroyed a huge natural habitat. Enbridge denied DilBit and is over $ 200 million behind in the cleanup.  There were pictures of the ruptured pipes. I am a welder and it was clear that poor welding had something to do with the spill. I wrote about this in an earlier post. There was so much toing and froing from Enbridge, Alberta, US Government and the press I offered to help. I said, rent me a small warehouse, give me the sections of pipe that failed, I’d do an inspection and compile a report as to what happened. I am still alone by the telephone. Backing and filling to confuse the public was the option chosen and the media carried out its’ mission. The politicians, Enbridge and the media did not respond to me. That IS WHY YOUR PROBLEMS NEVER GET SOLVED.  So how does this system of ad cheques work? Advertiser preferences dominate the news but who actually gets to who. Are the editors supplied with the propaganda first and then they tell the journalists what to write? This is a possibility because when there are big happening as in the case of the Keystone every paper was saying the same basic things. Much of what was being printed was TransNotCanada hipe. I wondered if there could be just hundreds of individual writer who were all mad and thinking the same disconnected thoughts at the same time? Remember when Russ Girling, CEO of Transcan told Congress that the Keystone would create 4000 permanent jobs and about 3000 temporary ones. Then once the hearings began Russ raised the number to 20,000 jobs which the media seized upon. Nobody in the press said, ” Just wait a minute. last month you said – – – “. Then Russ said 50,000 jobs and the media was on it like a dog on a bone, no questions asked. Then Girling said 100,000 jobs. The media was there to report the new number. John Boehner, Republican House leaders raised the number to 200,000 jobs and blamed Obama for killing that many jobs. Mind you  the oil cartel money comes in handy when your paper is on the losing side of the ledger, as is the Post. Then a Republican Senator took the thing to new heights, 500,000 jobs. The media fell for it once again. A few days ago I got a  peek behind the scenery. Paul  Godfrey’s  Post printed yet another attack on man made Global Warming. This has got to be the ten thousandth time the Paper has covered this subject. I decided some time back that Paul must get paid for each of these article, even if his writers keep repeating themselves. But how? And from who? On May 24 /12 yet another anti Global Warming story appeared in the Financial Post section. Usually Terry Corcoron, Pete Foster and Bill Watson share the honours. I could never understand why grown men or maybe boys would write the same malarky over and over and I questioned why Paul would print it? I’d go bananas copying the phone book or oil copy.  So I read this new piece about the climate crisis by someone called Bob Carter. It is the same crap as Terry, Pete and Bill spout. In term of Carter’s qualifications the Post listed him as a paleoclimatologist at James Cook University. As well, Godfrey revealed that our Bob is the chief science advisor for the International Climate Science Coalition [ ICSC ]which is connected to Carleton University in Ottawa. All pretty impressive, real uppy up. With Corcoron, Foster and Watson I did some investigating some time back as to what qualifications they had to be writing all this kooky anti global warming stuff. The only thing Terry has going for him, he graduated from journalism school in Ottawa. So that makes him an expert on, well, writing.  From what I can see he was never owned business. So in terms of climate change and business Terry is a fake. Now that does qualify one to criticize the UN Scientific Community doesn’t it?  I’ve seen Pete on TV a couple of times and he says the same silly things he writes. I tried to check into his background too but found nothing more than the fact that he is from England. He obviously has no qualifications either  for writing or speaking on climate matters. It is clear he and the Post work at hiding Peter’s past. He too is a fake. Bill is an academic who has apparently never had a job in the real world. He too is a fake. So now we add to this trio Bob Carter. Bob really has no qualifications whatsoever,  he made them all up. Yet another Post fake. In terms of James Cooke U, Bob Carter is an outsider who is not even paid. He has no academic qualifications whatsoever. Godfrey didn’t let us in on the fact that Carter is a nobody did he? And it gets better. ICSC is nest of climate change deniers headquartered at Carleton U. Look this organization up on the net. The ICSC is funded by the Heartland Institute in Chicago which is a front for the US oil cartel. Imagine a Canadian University shilling for big oil. Also look up Tim Ball, Tom Harris and Tim Patterson of ICSC, they get Heartland money too. It makes facinating reading, information you will never see in the conventional media because many of the writers if not the media outlets involved get Heartland cash. Now our Bob styles himself  as Prof. Robert M, Carter, James Cook U, as it appears on Global Research.CA. In truth our Bob is an adjunct fellow [ unpaid outsider ] with made up qualifications at  James Cook  U., another university tainted with oil money. In leaked documents from the Heartland Insititute of Chicago [ a not for profit charity like the Fraser Institue ]  it was revealed that this think tank is the headquarters for Global Warming deniers in North America  and that it has received $ 55 million since its’ founding from the US oil cartel.  Heartland has at least 50 employees who do reports, write articles, write Letters to the Editor and run campaigns against Global Warming, slag alternative energy and supports people who are trying to short circuit the democratic process. The Institute is even develping a curriculum for school teachers to inform students that Global Warming is a hoax. Heartland has a long list of people like Bob Carter, Tim Ball, Margaret Wente, Peter Foster, Terrence Corcoron, Rex Murphy and the like who write misguided nonsense about the climate crisis and who are on its’ payroll. Getting a look at Heartland’s leaked internal documents has started to unravel the whole inner workings of this denier front for the oil cartel.  After some digging I latched onto the fact that Godfrey’s Bob Carter is denier and a nobody, who has admitted he is on the payroll of Heartland and connected with ICSC at Carleton U in Ottawa. The Post lied to its’ readers, again. Tom Harris, a teacher at Carleton, is  the head of  ICSC and is also on the Heartland payroll. Harris has connections with the University of Calgary which itself  is involvement with Heartland. Profs at the U of C have been getting Heartland funding.  Now it is very difficult to know whether Margaret Wente is on the Heartland payroll. If they send her a cheque and she gets a cheque how would we ever know unless there is an admission by one or the other. It can’t be proved and this whole disgusting clandestine spider web of lies and misinformation undermines  our democratic system. And at the heart of this exercise in propaganada is the conventional media. The new rule is, ” Freedom of the press to sell out to the highest bidder, the US oil cartel “. Every writer and commentator who writes nonsense for Heartland can now be easily  identified. Once we got a glimpse of a few people who are actually on the Heartland payroll the jig was up. All that has to happen now, is to discover who these people associate with. That I am now doing. They’re dummies, who didn’t seem to be too concerned that they were operating so openly.I guess they never imagined Heartland’s files [ payroll / sources of funding ] would become public. Now the fat is in the fire and many of these Heartland shills are seeing their reputations ruined. And so they should be. Presenting  a supposedly honest public face then taking money under the table to support  the attack on climate scientists is reprehensible. Let’s do some linking. Mitch Taylor a prof at Lakehead U in Thunderbay, who studies Polar Bears, he says there is no problem with climate. Mitch is on the Heartland payroll. Some U of Calgary profs get Heartland money. Tom Flangan is a prof at Calgary U. Tom is also associated with the Fraser Inst. which gets Heartland money. Danielle Smith is connected the Fraser as are Preston Manning and Gwyn Morgan. Morgan gave $ 2 million to the Fraser. Gwyn Morgan is a close associate of Stephen Harper. It is clear that Heartland has representation in the PMO. It has been suggested that Harper donates to the Heartland Institute. Ross McKitrick is connected to the Heartland and writes climate dribble. He to is involved with the Fraser, Maybe Ross will tell us if he gets money from the Institute? He is an Associate Prof at the U of Guelph. Is this yet another university tainted by Heartland as is Carleton U, Lakehead U and Calgary U. There may be others. Are these Universities paid by Heartland to act as covers for the US oil cartel assault on alternative energy and the destruction of our planet. These are just some of the outpouring from Calgary University in support of the oil business. [] [] On Dec. 11/ 12 A  published  report on exporting oil through the Rockies  []  2006 Measuring Solvents in Oil sands  []  2006 Effects of  Boiling Water on Bitumen  []  2006 Insights into Recovery of heavy Oil  []  Michal Moore says the time to build refineries in Canada was 20 years ago and now it is too late [ this is bullshit ]  [] A Calgary U study found that a bonus for sending DilBit to Port Arthur Texas would be $ 10 a barrel [ this is bullshit ]  [] A  Michal C. Moore report says Canada will lose if oil sands crude [ bitumen ] remains landlocked because new pipe lines [ Keystone / Gateway] are not built [ this is bullshit ] []  The Friends of Science [ connected with Carleton ]  produced a video called ” Climate Catastrophe Cancelled ” which featured Tim Ball and Ross McKitrick promoting the oil cartel point of view. The University of Calgary paid more than $ 80,000 for that video  [][]  GM gives money to Heartland. As does State Farm. As does Diago. As does Microsoft. As does GlaxoSmithKline. As does Reynolds American. As does Time Warner. The Frontier Centre for Policy Studies is a Canadian charity connected to the Heartland Institute through Tim Ball. The Fraser Institute got money from the US oil cartel and is connected with the Heartland Institute. Gwyn Morgan / Encana gave the Fraser Institute $ 2 million.   Morgan is involved with the bribery scandal at SNC Lavalin and he is connected with TransAlta, the American electric Company which cheated Albertans out of $ 5.5 million yet only paid a $ 350,000 fines.  At least Crawley and the Globe are consistant. The paper puts Gwyn Morgan right out front as it does the Conman Black. Like a shiny button on the outside Gwyn has a dark / unsavory side to him. Black on the other hand is just a common thief.  These are good example for the younger generations on the way up. Cheat, steal and lie and YE WILL PROSPER.                                                                                                                                               


It is easy to explain to you why I find this Heartland Institute scandal so disturbing. We live in a democracy which treasures free speech. So one can say practically anything. I say put it out there and if the majority responds favourably then you have moved society, maybe not forward, but. If it is the will of the people to step backwards so beit because the people in majority are always right.  If the management of the US oil cartel says out loud to Alberta, we only want your raw tar, we are going to mix the tar/ sand with lighter fluid and send it through old pipes that were never meant to do this job. Wherein the spill warning system is inoperative. We have stuctured our operations so that each pipeline is a separate entity and we have insured them at the minimum rate.  If there is an expensive spill we will just abandon the pipe line and leave our shareholders, neighbours and the government holding bag. That is what the oil cartel is actually doing.  And of course the cartel would never say such things in public. In a democratic society has any individual or company the right to abuse the large population in such a way. Of course not. Supposedly standing on guard for us are our elected representatives and a media. It  will monitor cartel activities and report same to the people and especially the politicians. So where do we find ourselves to-day? The US oil cartel is doing all of the things mentioned above without restrain. Harper and other poltiticians have been bought off. There goes one safety factor. Then the media has been bought off, totally.  There goes the remaining factor. So here we are, 34 million chickens sitting in the hen house waiting to see who goes first. To add to our discomfort is the fact that there are so many so called educated individuals in our universities and civic organization who are prepared to take oil money under the table to misinform, mislead and lie. Ross McKitrick is a good example. He has very close ties with the Heartland Institute. Ross copies their copy to the letter. Nice looking honourable guy on the surface. Is McKitrick on the heartland payroll? Is Guelph U getting Heartland money too?  Would I trust Ross now? No. My investigations have only just begun but it would seem there are hundreds of shills like McKitrick, Mitch Taylor and Bob Carter who are paid to misinform and confuse us. How many universities are getting funding from Heartland besides Calgary, Lakehead, Guelph, Victoria and Carleton. What the oil cartel is doing is to spend a few bucks hiring a shills who are on the fringes of a campus. They then uses the name of the university to legitimize his anti Global Warming pitch. It would seem in most cases the shills don’t think for themselves they just write down what they are told.  It has come time for each university across Canada to combs its’ ranks to see who is taking money from the US oil cartel or the Heartland Institute. This will be easy. All I did was punch in Ross McKitrick’s name and ask if he has any connection to the Heartland Institute.  There it was. In Canada and the USA I have no problem with any legitimate business, oil, whatever giving MONEY TO A UNIVERSITY. Then there is scutiny as to where and how it is spent. Most of the names I have found that link a university and Heatland are outsiders who have  minor connections to the schools but who use the name of the institutions to give them status. This is what the oilies are buying, legitimacy. The shills are making money selling something that isn’t theirs, ruining the universities and destroying our society in the doing. Universities that claim such outside contractors are not their responsibility are kidding themselves. Bob Carter’s shenanigans and misreprentations at Carleton could severely  damage the University’s reputation. Since  exposure of the list of university shills who are BEING PAID UNDER THE TABLE BY THE HEARTLAND  INSTITUTE, MANY USA  UNIVERSITIES ARE INVESTIGATING THESE DISTASTEFUL ACTIVITIES. Only people who hold paid positions at the universities and who only get funding cleared by the institutions should be able to take part in public discourse. Having Paul Godfrey publish an endless number of  fraudulent Global Warming article by people, [ Bob Carter / Terry Corcoron / Pete Foster / Bill Watson ] who are linked to Heartland Institute is yet another breach of trust by the National Post. So in keeping with the founder, Conman Black.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

More questions, for another day. How’d I do Viv?

FINALLY   —   We have many problems in the world. Canada’s problems are manageable with out present level of skill sets. This position is rapidly deteriorating as Herr Harper breaks Canada into little hunks and hands them to his REPUBLICAN FRIENDS IN AMERICA. The press here supports Harper’s claim that he is an economist. I don’t believe it for a minute. In my view Steve has shown so much ignorance about Canada’s economy I feel sure that he never graduated Economics from the University of Calgary, now badly tainted by its ties to the Heartland / Fraser Institutes. I have asked the U of C to release Herr Harper’s credentials but there has been not a word. So here’s an explanation of what this Nation is suffering. Greece is in dire shape and the EU is in crisis. The problems in Europe were caused by Wall St. When the streeters ran out of suckers to fleece in the US they went farther afield, around the world. So there is a storm approaching our shores and what is our Calgary Economist doing??? Normally the population would be battening down the hatches and strengthening the system. What is Calagary Steve doing. Why our boy is setting one group against another and dividing east and west as well as the provinces and weakening Canada at the very moment we need to bring ourselves to max power. Individually the provinces have almost unlimited energy resources but in each there are limitations. If you look at the total energy picture, add up all the positives most of the negatives disappear. Strangely enough provincial energy assets compliment each other, 2 plus 2 no longer means four. It come to more like 12. The first move to combat the coming storm is to find out what tools the provinces and territories have and determine the best ones to do the job. If the the crisis hits and we are unprepared then you only have yourselves to blame. Your grandkids will be fully justified in asking you why you sat there and did nothing???

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                                     LAOCOON

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REALLY,  THIS A TALE OF THE DANGEROUS / MISGUIDED CONVENTIONAL MEDIA,  WHEREIN TRUTH HAS LOST OUT TO MONEY   —   TV, newspapers and magazines are going the way of the dodo bird. For a long time there was  COMPETITION between media outlets. So any story would be explored from many sides, ragged at times but the citizens had a pretty good grasp of the facts upon which to make decisions, cast their ballots or pick up their pichforks. Then about 35 years ago in the USA the major advertisers began putting pressure on newspapers particularly to soften their coverage of company stumbles. If a food firm caused illness or death it was expected that the local papers would minimize the problem and leave out important details in return for ad dollars. Supportive avertising and under reporting for the tobacco companies whose products were taking lives brought the big media big money.If there was a fire at a nuclear plant it might show up in a 30 second clip on TV but in the papers not a mention. The media could not argue the facts of these cases, all they could do is misinform, confuse, lie, censor news and raise the anxiety level like with Peladeau’s Sun.  As you can imagine this idea had legs. More and more big advertisers, governments and the like wanted cream puff coverage or non coverage in return for ad cash. A partnership [ US ] was formed by the 1990s in which business, politicians and the conventional media conspired to provide false and misleading copy and tell outright lies to shield those who would cough up a cheque. Remember the old battle cry among the newspapers, afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. By the 90s this had changed to comfort the comfortable for dollars and afflict the afflicted because they had / have no money. The only problem for the conventional media, especially the newspapers, is that they need all those afflicted eyeballs. Advertising rate depend on how many eyeballs buy a paper. Thus there developed a special breed of writer who would DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY. Someone who could tell a good story but paint a picture that didn’t exist. Making money from leaving out all the damaging parts which would drive away  customers or voters. These writers were basically talented and dishonest. How do you keep someone as a friend when you have just punched him in the gut or destroyed his family economically. The Toronto Star has been putting its’ thumb on the scale for years, taking nukie advertising money. Honderich greatly helped Mike Harris and Dalton McGuinty bring Ontario to its’ financial knees by supporting the imposition of nuclear power and wiping out all competition. However as time goes along things either move one way or the other, they never stay the same. If a politician told a lie there was no problem. He / she knew that the media would not print / broadcast it. A big advertising cheque gave him or her a free pass and the public would never know. This emboldened politicians and businesspersons. They could say anything that came into their little bonnets and the media would run a cover for them. Lloyd Robertson was great at covering up. The next step was for the movers and takers to start making things up. With all of the ad money flowing into the conventional media making things up became quite acceptable to them. This La La Land approach was slow coming to Canada but it did and now is in full flower. America has been living in a fantasy world since Ronald Reagan and just look at the mess they’ve got themselves into. Average americans didn’t have  clue as to what was happening. The media kept misinforming them.Two things have happened to disrupt this cozy little arrangement. The net media began to bite. People had / have an alternate information source. An informational source where LIES DO NOT GO UNCHALLENGED. GM quit the net the other day. The VOLT is a hybrid which GM is advertising AS AN ELECTRIC CAR. Now this is unfair to Nissan and its’ Leaf. Imagine a competitor claiming to have a better product when there is cheating like this going on. The VOLT has a 85 hp gas engine supposedly only connected to a generator. An engine of 35 hp would be more than big enough to drive a gernerator. However this is where the lie comes in. GM says the gas engine is not connected to the wheel. Right. The gas engine is connected to the generator [ that never goes on independently ], then the generator is connected to the wheels. A very expensive foola / foola system.  The Society of Automotive Engineers put the VOLT into the hybrid category. GM could not get away with selling an expensive / flawed hybrid without the aid of the conventional media. The buying of advertising by GM does the trick, make believe is trotted out as being the truth. Just look at the ad media. The VOLT is praised to the stars by auto writers and attacked on the net media as the phony it is. Do the conventional media moguls think that Canadians are stupid? In the beginning there were thefts of items from newspapers by net enthusiasts who didn’t have news gathering abilities. But this only speeded up the defections from the main line media. Comparing the crap pilfered from newspapers to other net content only emphasized the difference, night to day. If a misleading article from the Globe was posted it would be surrounded by posts written by people who were not on the receiving end of advertiser’s cheques. The lack of truth in the Globe piece would be immediately apparent. Only 17% of Canadians believe what they see in the newspapers. As interest in the conventional media waned and losses replaced profits the light went on among the moguls. ” Why are we paying big bucks for skilled / dishonest journalists to lie, omit facts and make things up. They said, we can use low paid or no paid interns, washed up writers like John Ibbitson, Monte Solberg, Lorne Gunter and people in India to do the same thing for peanuts. When there was an Enbridge DilBit spill at Kalamazoo Mich. the Company no doubt sent out a press release. All the papers needed to do was have someone [ small bain / no brain ] who could read and recopy. The writer didn’t have to know that diluted bitumen is raw tar from Alberta mixed with lighter fluid, sand and chemicals. This lethal mix kills oil pipe lines in short order by virtue of sand blasting the interior of them. This ain’t rocket science. You can run baby oil through a steel pipe until the cows come home. Fill the same pipe with chunky tar, thinned with lighter fluid and sand is just looking for trouble. Spills have increased 4 fold since the pipe line companies have started sneaking the tar into their pipes. The sand wears away to inside of the pipe and the friction causes the temp of the tar slurry to reach 150 deg F. It is like putting your blue propane plumber’s torch on a stove burner. The pipe lines in the west suffer from faulty welding which makes things even more dangerous. This is what the US oil cartel and Steve Harper [ their employee ] are trying to sell us. Mind the mouth being used to do Harper’s dirty work is Joe Oliver, one of the most dishonest men I have ever seen in public life. As well with all the necessary info in a company’s press release  a junior scribe or an old fart like Peter Worthington wouldn’t even have to do any research on the net. So what we have to-day is a lot of know nothings who write or broadcast copy which doesn’t relate to the real world. They work from home so their involvement come real cheap for the moguls. There are no longer any editors around to remove lies, nonsense and misinformation. Businesses and governments now have the game all to themselves. They bought the whole game. The elites send the conventional media a big fat cheque and whatever propaganda has been sent along,  gets printed or broadcast no questions asked. So, other than those who get all their information from the net media the population is misinformed, deprived of the facts, confused and anxious. Such people amount to uneducated voters and they are  adanger to this society. They are ripe for manipulation. Carl Rove, the master manipulator for George Bush Jr. [ the Pres. who destroyed America ] will be speaking in Toronto in the next couple of days. Like a bad guy in a movie Rove keeps coming back. Carl helped Bush destroy their Country, now with the help of Canada’s movers and takers along with the conventional media here he will try to destroy our Nation as well.

Both Tom Mulcair and Conrad Black are much in the news these days. The interns and the second rate writers are in full cry. Mulcair made some remarks about the tar sands, most Canadians would agree with him. What Tom said is only a small part of the story of the rape of Alberta by the US oil cartel. His comments should be the basis of a much expanded  / facts based  conversation about resources and energy, all of which  BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE. And the plight of Canadians in certain areas is due to rub of the green. Most parts of the Country have resources but the problm is finding a market under present condtions. Newfoundland has$ billions in unused hydro power. Quebec has harnessed its’ hydro power and was a short time ago selling KWs into the USA for something over $ 3 billion per. With Ontario’s economy destroyed by the nukies and their friends, Mike Harris and Dalton McGuinty our over built nuclear generating capacity is being handed to the Americans along with a cheque. Ontarians are paying the Yanks to take our nuke KWs off our hands. So why would those south of the border buy Quebec’s hydro when they get paid to take Ontario’s KWs. Manitoba [ Winnipeg ] keeps getting flooded which is caused by water coming from the USA  and Saskatchewan. There is a solution .Saskatchewan has trouble getting its’ potash to market and its’ oil and nat. gas industries are in the same boat as those in Alberta. The American market for their products is no more. The Twin Beaver pipe line would take finished oil products and nat. gas from Alberta / Saskatchewan to Montreal, Toronto and the Maritimes or Churchill Man., a deep water / world port. Coming the other way would be eastern hydro. This supply of clean / cheap KWs answers the problem of the Alta. / Sask. coal situation. Plentiful water power allows for the installation of Carbon Collection units on coal plants that would greatly reduce CO2 emissions. Carbon Collection is a new technology that has world wide potential for export. It would enhance the coal resources of Alta. / Sask.  Right now provinces have resources which private companies exploit for their own benefit. The US picks one off after another. Seemingly at will. In the process of screwing the owners of the resource, we the people, these Yankee companies pay off the politicians and run scare campaigns in the media about withdrawing financial support for such enterprises and the specter of job loss. The political leaders hide and the conventional media just lets them. I’ve watched this movie at least a hundred times. It is all bluff, but governments give in almost each and every time. In the 1960s overproduction of potash in Sask. by American companies caused a glut and the market almost collapsed. The Liberal Government there introduced a quota system and a floor price in 1969. People were ticked off with this arrangement, big profits were made by the Yanks during this tough time while the the Province got next to nothing. Allan Blakeney, NDP,  the Premier of Sask. nationalized the potash / oil industries which angered the American Government. The US oil cartel abandon Sask. after the Preem imposed higher royalties on oil and nat gas. Sask. moved closer to Premier Lougheed, Alta. in terms of demanding more rights / royalties over minerals, oil and nat. gas. The US Government took retaliatory measure against Sask. It picked off a little Province that had no bench strength. Never again. Right now the US oil cartel takes $ 125 billion out of Alberta each year and the oilies give back a little more than $ 10 billion in royalties. This out and out theft but Herr harper thinks this is just great. In addition the cartel has cheated the Province out of more than $ 100 million in royalty payments and the Government in Edmonton is having to sue. Premier Stelmach was running a deficit of $ 4 billion in his last term. Does this make sense? Lots of valuable oil resources that enrich the Americans and no money in the Provincial piggy bank. Now Alberta has lost its’ American market for oil as well as nat. gas. There is is enough there for Canadians to have real good conversation about and this is exactly what Tom Mulcair is proposing. However the oil cartel is having none of it and has marshalled all of the second rate writers, interns and washed up journalists [ Andrew Coyne, Rex Murphy, David Frum, Jeffrey Simpson, Lorrie Goldstein and the like to attack Mulcair. It is interesting that in this maelstrom of critical comment Tom Mulcair is nowhere to be seen. The conventional media is boycotting Tom, he is banned from his very own hanging. In full cry the papers particularly told readers what Mulcair had said [ which is not what he said ]. Then the media fanned out and asked others to comment on what Mulcair didn’t say. Letters to the Editor sections were flooded with citizens expressing opinions on what Tom did not say [ no doubt plants ]. Politicians were rounded up to make comment on what Tom didn’t say. It is actually crazy. Mulcair is the Opposition leader, a long time MP who has been bringing up concerns about the thugish US oil cartel, many such concerns already being expressed by Albertans. But when the cartel controls 90% of the conventional media in Canada this is the kind of one sided campaign that can be mounted about a big man who isn’t there. Now let’s turn to Conrad Black, a British convicted criminal who got into Canada by special invitation from Herr Harper. This whole return thing is base on lies. Let’s face it Conrad, cheats, lies and steals. He’s done the same thing since he was a teenager. I used to write that he was mentally ill but now I know better. Connie suffer from UPC.  Black left this Country calling us names, we were less than useless according to him. He bought his way into the English nobility and the House of Lords. The Government in London was supposed to take up the matter of Black and pass a law to cause any Lord convicted of criminal to be forced out. We have yet to see such legislation. But I understand that the Lords themselves have a way of dealing with trash like Conrad, they shun the outcast. Black would walk into the Lords bedecked in his fine robe and the other Lords would ignore him. If  Conrad rose to speak everyone else would walk out. Instead of huge / lavish parties as in the past it would be dinners for two for Conrad and Barb unless they went down to Pudding Lane and bought people to attend. Black is in Canada because he is deathly afraid of being humiliated in England. Conrad, the brave fighter is nothing more than a pill popping jelly fish. In the present outcry in the conventional media unlike Tom Mulcair nothing appears about what Black said and did in the past. Years ago he and Barb said the little people should know their place. Black stole exams at high school and purloined Argus Corp. from a couple of widows. Big man eh? Stealing from women. He never built a single successful  company. Every enterprise he ever laid hands on was chunked up and sold. In terms of him being a great author. Every time he writes he does so to tell all of us little folk just how important a man he is. Black always has to have the last word. Paul Godfrey, one of his backers allowed Conrad a half page a week in the American Post to endear himself to Canadians. Well after many painful months the snow job didn’t work. Just as many people [ if not more ] in this Country dislike him now as did  3 years ago. Those who wrote negative letters about Black in the Post Letters to the Editor were alway attacked by him in susequent Paper. The Letter sections are the only way readers can express their own feelings. But Godfrey din’t repect his readers. If  Black got half a page wasn’t that enough? Enough is enough already, Paul. I noted with interest that after Conrad’s return to this Country, smuggled in by Herr Harper the papers dispensed with letters about Black. The readers got the chop. I am sure the PMO called the media moguls and said if you value our fascist / oil advertising not a letter about Conrad. The media is full of propaganda  meant to soften up Canadians for his eventual retrun here. What is being said is pure media spin paid for by his team of supporter of which the Globe and Mail is one. Remember Black has been cheating, lying and stealing all of his life. Nothing he says now is believeable. One minute Conrad is popping blood pressure pills and calling Barb in the middle of the night from Florida thinking he is going to die and the next minute he is arranging a law suit against someone. A foreigner arranging a law suit here?  The conduct of this man gets more bizarre by the day. Remember, each day he lives he must live in this hell he has created for Barb and Himself. Her health is fragile and Conrad had a nervous breakdown years ago. This situation is  going to end badly. Black has too many problems and too few management skills. After all in the past he ordered it so and it was so. The Globe and Mail has been particularly misleading in the Black case. Phil Crawley must be on orders from the Thompsons to run interference for Conrad by bending the truth, ignoring the truth or saying things that are exactly opposite to the truth. One of the factors in this case that irritate me was the downplaying of Black’s conviction for obstructing  justice. It would seem that everyone covering this story in the media didn’t know what obstruction is or they were told not to ask any questions if they valued their pay cheque. Obstruction happens when someone commits a crime then tries to get rid of the evidence. If I kill Lollie, leave her nude in the park, get rid of her cloths, throw the gun down the sewer and drive the blood stained car into the river I am obstructing justice. A Judge put all of  Black’s records under a Court Order saying, if you need anything come back to me, I will give you access which will be witnessed by a Court Officer. Pretty simple, Conrad could access his records with ease. But Black never lets anyone have the last word nor tell him what to do. As well Conrad’s friends in high places have always made sure he got off. Under such a situation our Connie walzed down to 10 Toronto St. with his man friend and his secretary and took a number of boxes. They were supposed to go to the secretary’s house, supposedly she needed them for her work. She testified in Chicago that Black took the boxes, she never saw them. I would make two points. Black defied the Court Order because he never gets nail for any illegal moves IN CANADA. Why would this guy who has been let off the hook so many times think this time would be any different. Black took the boxes home, went through them, removed incriminating evidence and then took them back. The boxes were originally frozen in case they held important evidence. You wouldn’t want to think that those who commit crimes can not just wipe away the fingerprints and walk. The Judge said, by taking those boxes when you were prohibited from doing so means an extra charge of obstruction. Happily Black was nailed on 3 charges of fraud. Other charges were dismissed or dropped. Black claims this as some kind of victory. If you can get a guy on one charge and he goes before the firing squad getting him on 10 more charges, accomplishes what? Exactly?  Black lucked out in that Jeffrey Skilling [ ENRON CEO ] and other rogue business leaders appealled to the US Supreme Court over convictions they claimed related to honest service. Honest services was put in place by Congress to prevent CEOs from getting an underling to steal money then if trouble arose he could say he knew nothing about it. Congress said, if you got the money it didn’t matter how you got the money you were guilty. During Black’s trial his daughter was heard to say, ” After all Dad you did get the money “. Actually the scheme Conrad and David dreamed up was not to cover their tracks. History had shown that the chance of the two of them getting caught were ziltch to none, they were among friends. The scheme was concocted to cheat Rev. Can. out of the taxes owning on $ 5.5 million [ really cheating us ]. Since Black’s return was set up for 13 months ago it would not have looked good having tax bills outstanding for his home in Florida and his $ 5.5 million flim flam so Rev. Can. [ now an arm of the PMO ] quietly removed them. The conventional media stayed mum. The honest services statute was seen to taint some verdicts. Skilling got a break on the question of honest services and his case was looked at by the 5th circuit Appeal Court. Jeff struck out and went back to the slammer. Black got a break too and his case was heard by the 7th curcuit Appeal Court, Justice Richard Posner presided. There were 3 fraud charges and one obstruct to deal with. The obstruct was not before the US Supreme Court so it stood. It alone carried a penalty of 6 1/2 years which was the total Black got for all four charges. He got a break from Judge Amy. Of the 3 fraud charges two had honest services attached. Justice Posner found on the two that there was overwhelming fraud committed by Black and Radler, more than sufficient to convict. However Posner held that for justice to be done a conviction can’t be established if the proceeding are tainted in any way. A question as to the fairness can’t be left hanging. This is the same situation where 7 Fascist MPs are fighting for their lives before the Courts as regards voter suppression and Robo Calls. Every riding in Canada was tampered with in 2011 by the US oil cartel and their employee Steve Harper. My point is if there is the slightest hint of hanky panky then the election of those 7 MP has to be struck down and By-Elections called to clear the air. In terms of Black Justice Posner, he said of the 2 charges of fraud with honest services attached the fraudulent behaviour was so overwhelming that the honest services component could be removed and there would still be a conviction. Do you ever remember Phil Crawley telling you any of this stuff in the Globe? Not. Posner ruled, obstruct stands and one count of fraud stands. The other 2 fraud charges were sent back to the Prosecution for retrial. The Justice said two things. At retrial Black would be convicted of both charges becuse there was sufficient evidence to find guilt. But the Justice under the circumstances did not order a new trial. He left it to the Prosecution to decide whether they wanted to commit the additional resources to retry Conrad again. The Prosecution passed and Black went back to see Judge Amy. Conrad’s team had all along said he didn’t do anything wrong. Of course that is in the world where Black makes the rules as Harper does in his own world. Black appealed Posner’s judgement. No dice. Then he appealed to the Supreme Court again. No Dice. He then appealed to George Bush Jr. for a pardon. No dice. When Mitt Romney becomes President Black is going to appeal to him for a pardon. Conrad is crackers. But the Globe, Maclean’s, the American Post and Harper love crackers. What if Canada’s entire population was crackers like this man??? heaven help us. So these are the kinds of things Black has been doing  that somehow never make into the conventional media. What they are showing us as regards Black is a fantasy land. Such a fantasy existed in Germany in 1933 when the people actually voted to end their democracy and install Hitler. It is the same media fantasy land Americans have been seeing for 25 years and look at the mess they are in. Many and many uneducated / ignorant votes have taken place to bring the Yanks to this dark place.  And nothing has changed. The disfunctional governing  system in the US remains in place and no good can come from it. While Mulcair is the centre of a debate he is not allowed to be involved. Black is also in the centre of a debate and he is everywhere being interviewed. An elected MP, the Leader of the Opposition is shut out by the cartel owned conventional media and a convicted British criminal [ Black ]who is AFRAID TO GO HOME IS GIVEN THE RED CARPET TREATMENT IN CANADA. This is madness and treasonous.

The reputation of media, particularly the press in the UK is off the bottom of the chart. Look for the Government to step in there and impose tough new rules. No more self policing. The North American conventional media is a horse of a different colour. First in the US and now in Canada advertisers were/ are given first dibs on what get printed /broadcast. It can easily be seen that if every editor, journalist, reporter and commentator slightly skews his or her work to favour those who buy advertising then we have a huge problem. There is a practice about which a big deal is made but to my way of thinking it is just window dressing. It is called, ” A conflict of interest ‘. A lawyer can’t act for the two sides in a case. Sometimes this happens and there is hell to pay. Most auto journalists pimp for the GM VOLT, like Peter Gorrie. That doesn’t bother me as long as the paper in question states the fact that a particular column was written by someone paid by GM. It is advertising  plain and simple and must be identified as such but it isn’t. When I was in business an unsolicited recommendation was pure gold. If you pay someone to give you a phony unsolicited recommendation it is cheating. I would say that every major article in the major newspapers is advertising masquarading as balanced news. Everyday you pick up the Globe and Mail you are being cheated by the fact that you being subjected to misinformation, lies and omissions. When you buy the Globe you  pay only a small part of its’ production and distribution. The actual Paper is probably worth 6 bucks and you pay two. What the Globe wants is your eyeballs, the number of which determines the cost of advertising. Putting an ad in a newspaper with a circulation of 100,000 eye balls would be a certain amount. Triple the number of readers and the ad rates go up times 3. It has been a delicate balance over the last 30 years or so. Hand your readers over to the advertisers, who skin them alive. But make sure your readership doesn’t catch on and that it continues to believe your saintly intentions. This approach worked for a number of years. 20 years ago newspapers were said to be licences to print money. The sheep showed up to buy the papers and handed over money. Then the advertisers, including the politicians  paid the paper owners for a chance to do some shearing. It was a matter of getting money from both ends. Two things have contributed to the end of this beautiful dream. Wall St. was allowed to misadvise investors and bank customers by the media. The man in the street began to question why the information he got was leading him to the poor house. Just about this time the net media made its appearance. All of a sudden people could get free information which had the ring of truth.  The exodus of conventional media customers started earlier in the US, where the loss is the greatest and the numbers are plummeting. Our media here has diminishing numbers but the downturn is accelerating. Just as the readership / viewership shrinks the necessity to bring in advertising revenue becomes more intense for the conventional media. Paul Godfrey is crying in his beer to Herr Harper to bring in rules that give him a competitive edge before the Post goes belly up. Such free enterprisers alway talk a good game but when real competiton comes along, like Godfrey they run to poppa governnment for special treatment. What is happening now is the the floodgates have been opened. The height of dishonesty has never been higher. Advertisers and politicians can now say anything they want even if it is totally unfair, untrue, undemocratic or character assassination. Glen McGregor,a reporter for the Ottawa Citizen has started to delve into Tom Mulcair’s personal affairs at the prompting of Herr Harper. Of course Tom’s bank records / mortgages are all important to the welfare of the Country. Right?  Glen’s efforts should lauded for there are steeper hills to conquer and he can do it. Now if  McGregor is really intent on getting his pulitzer I would suggest building on the Mulcair revelations, here are two biggies. For a long time I have been trying to find out if  Herr Harper actually ever graduated from the University of Oil in Calgary. There are pictures of Steve in high school in Toronto. Then he went to the U of T and lasted 2 months. People said Harper was a loner and that he found it hard to fit in in Toronto. Steve then went out to Calgary and his dad got him a job in Imperial Oil’s mail room. From there Harper somehow got connected to the U of C and a group of Canada haters there led by Preston Manning. Now everyone in the conventional media says Harper is an economist but the man has made so many gaffs I just can’t believe he has had ANY schooling on the subject. Another thing that has arisen is the fact that diplomas from the U of Calgary are not worth the paper they are written on. They are given out if you can read from memory the Ronald Reagan creed. This lack of credibility is more or less confirmed by the fact that Tom Flanagan [ Calgary's favourite American draft dodger ] and Jack Mintz [ a man who never admits to being a Director of Imperial Oil ] hang out there. So Glen, since you are a personal friend of Herr Harper I think you could clear this matter up for us. Get Steve to produce his University diploma. On another front, Glen, and this will put you over the top in terms of a prize in journalism. Rev. Can. is now an arm of the PMO as you well know and your friendship  with Herr Harper comes into play again. Conrad Black owed taxes to Rev. Can. related to the sale of his home in the USA. The agency let him off the hook. Why? Also, it came out at his trial in Chicago that one of the schemes involved in the prosecution related to the hiding of $ 5.5 million so that he and Radler could escape paying taxes to Rev. Can. [ to us actually ]. Rev. Can. chose not to proceed against Black. Why? While you are talking to Rev. Can. ask them why they still allow advertisers in the National Post to deduct such expenditures as business expenses when the Paper is owned 90 % by Americans, which is not allowed under Canadian law?                                                                                                                                                 

Tom Mulcair is a huge threat to the US oil cartel and his employee Steve Harper. Tom has the power to bring their castle tumbling down with the resulting loss to the cartel of at least $ 100 billion a year. If the tar sands gets reconfigured over the next 5 year whereby pollution is drastically reduced, all of the bitument is processed in Fort McMurray and turned into finished oil products in situ, if the nat. gas taps get turned back on, if the Twin Beaver pipe line transports PURE OIL and natural gas [ from Alta. / Sask ] to Montreal, Toronto and the Maritimes and to the world market through Churchill Man., if hydro is brought from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba to Alta. / Sask. we might see the net accrual  to Canada as a whole of $ 250 billion a year for the energy sector alone. This would mean cleaner skies, water and ground, cheaper electricity, gasoline and natural gas. And a huge increase in good jobs. Mulcair has the only Party that is really plugged into the people. Both Harper’s Fascists and the Liberal are controlled by machines. Harper has a very efficient machine, very well financed by the oil cartel under the table and is dependent upon winning using dirty tricks and cheating. The Liberal machine is old, tired, rickety and almost beyond repair. Neither Party has ANY connection with real Canadians. The other day David Wilks, Harper MP for Kootenay – Columbia met with some of his real constituents and they didn’t  much like the Omnibus Bill. Dave agreed with them. When he got back to Ottawa Herr Harper called him and read the trained seals act to Dave. And Dave caved. That little story says it all folk. That is why we are losing Canada to the US oil cartel. In all of his ridings Harper rules and the people in each no longer live in a democratic sociey. Their interests and needs amount to squat. Those people who met with Wilks in Revelstoke were probably Party supporters. Now they have found out Harper runs their lives I can well imagine they’ll look to a Party that will listen to them and protect their interests, Tom Mulcair and the NDP. Just one last comment. Conrad Black seems to be incapable of keeping his mouth shut. Every time Conrad opens his blabber lips  Harper suffers another blow. Every bit of Black blabbering reminds people that Steve let him in here.

The 2011 election was stolen by the oil cartel and Steve Harper. He is an illegitimate Prime Minister. He ended up with a razor thin majority which can be explained by saying  he was able to turn away votes and stuff ballot boxes enough to win a poison prize. Etobicoke and the 7 other ridings now in the Courts should be fair warning that if we are able to claw back Canada from the clutches of the US cartel this should never be allowed to happen again. If the 8 elections are nullified Herr Harper loses his majority so this Country is in for a rough ride. The American oil cartel will spend whatever it takes to retain power. Dishonest lawyers, working for Harper will use every obscure law and every delaying tactic in the book to hang on no matter the afront to our democracy and our Parliament. The ways of the Republicans have been imported into this Nation by the US cartel. These people are vicious and Steve Harper is acting as their Quisling. While these court proceedings play out the way to take action is to go after your fascist MP at his / her riding office and make life miserable for the Representative, his/ her family and staff. This is serious stuff, you could be the last Canadians living in a democratic Country. Let things hang and your children could end up being residents of an oligarchy wherein a small group of ubermen hold power.

There is every indication that Tom Mulcair will be the next Prime Minister. Harper’s media is into attack mode and is being paid for by the Americans to wage a ferocious campaign against Mulcair. The exact opposite to the campaign to ease Conrad Black and Barb back into the throne room. A majority of Canadians now favour Mulcair / the NDP and the majority of them want Black out. The conventional media is on the other side to the people. Taking money in prefernce to the truth and betraying our interests. The lot of them should be punished and these traitors should be driven out of business.

And finally these thoughts. I will only confer personally with elected Canadian reprentatives be they municipal, provincial or Federal. I will involve myself with such electeds in Listening Situations only.  A Listening Meeting is where people gather together to get answers to important question. Canadians have had it up to here with empty speeches and media misinformation. This Nation has a bright / promising future if we can wrest it away from the Americans. Our society is at its’ strongest when THE VOTERS ARE EDUCATED.  Why should we remain lashed to a sinking USS Titanic???

Catch you next time   —     Ken                                               LAOCOON

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A FALLEN AMERICA   —   You may know that Canadians are very worldly. We know a lot about what is going on around the globe. Bilingualism has given us the edge. Having to move from our native tongue to the other official language is mind expanding and gives Canadians a decided advantage. On the other hand the Yanks look inward and most global events are not on their screen. Having a conventional media owned mostly by the rich right and watching the likes of FOX News the States has become even more backward. I have always been a USA watcher but took increasing interest after the collapse of Long Term Capital in 1998, to the tune of $ 4.5 billion. The principals stole investors money. What else is new? It fell to George Bush Jr. to use taxpayer’s money to bail the criminals out, some banks were exposed to the scheme and this was his major concern. So Americans paid for Wall St.’s follies in 2000. There were warnings at the time that if the money sharks were no reined in we would see more of the same only worse. Bush and the Republicans failed to act and Wall St. accepted their invitation to plunge into the deep end and grab everything they could grab. The sharks knew Republicans would bail them out no matter what.  Thereafter the money people and those on the right joined forces. By working together they had it all. The first order of business was to purchase the conventional media. Those who did not play ball, like PBS were to be silenced. The next bumper $ crop for Wall Street was the dot com bubble and another big harvest for the investment banks. Thousands of investor were fleeced. Then the street came up with a new wrinkle, subprime mortgages. Bush let the banks offload the mortgages they had  on their book and sell them in bunches [ investment certificates ] to investors especially in Europe. Normally banks are careful in handing out mortgage money because if these investments go sour THEY have to foreclose and THEY suffer the losses if there are any. In the subprime scam, mortgages while remaining financially solid on the surface were changed into a back door method for the Wall St. to skimp off huge profits for doing nothing more than pushing paper around. What developed was a new dodge, suckers on both ends of the scheme. People who were not credit worthy were sold on the idea of a free lunch. Buy a home at a low teaser rate and since the price of property was always going up the eventual interest rate would be offset by the increased value of house. and investors. For the banks and mortage companies this was one sweet deal. If a buyer defaulted the property could be foreclosed and sold for even more money than the original price. But the banks /mortgage companies did not hold title. The mortgages had been bundles into investment certificates whereby the investors had but a tiny share, of say 100 properties. But the banks and mortgage people were no more than agents for the investors then, agents who could skim money off for every transaction because they were in control. BUT THEY HAD NO SKIN IN THE GAME. The money sharks could game the game in any way they saw fit, Bush and the Republicans had given them a free pass. This time the money harvest was huge for the Streeters. The rating agencies [ Standard / Poor's, Moody's and Fitch ] [ licenced by Washington ]  gave the mortgage investment certificates which were not worth the paper they were written on the AAA stamp. Absolutely guaranteed investments the raters said. The subprime perpetrators actually bought the AAA ratings from the 3 agencies. This is like paying your prof for a high mark on your test. The Streeters sold a ton of these mortgage certificates to those in the EU. It was like sticking up the Europeans without using a gun and now they are paying the price. The rating agencies, in so many words said, ” If you trusted our word then more sucker you “. Of course to Bush and the Republicans this huge / successful scam was a continuation of good times in La La land. Wall St. made big dough, the Republicans got their share, the convential media got paid off as well.  Americans  were told they  could reaped the rewards of ever increasing house prices and if a few poor souls fell off the back of the wagon sobeit. Bush and his Republicans who all suffer from UPC do not have space in their thinking to give consideration to the plight of the losers. The only fly in the oitment as regards this grand scheme was the fact that 80% of America’s wealth was tied up in real estate. The danger was that if the price of houses topped out things could come unravelled pretty quickly. In normal times possibly 5% of real estate in the USA is for sale. If that is raised to 30% then prices will plummet. If that number is made to constantly swell by ever increasing forclosures you get what we now see in the USA. 9000 banks were foreclosing on homes all at the same time. Bush was nowhere to be seen and as is typical of UPC sufferers he could not see the danger of his lack of understanding. He should have been controlling the actions of the banks and declaring a moritorium on foreclosures as the Canadian Government in 1931. The banks here could not put the buyers out and they had to accept whatever payments could be made. The value of the houses did not change and the buyers were still obligated. Eventually the property had to be paid for. This ensured that people remained in their homes and were not forced to live under highway overpasses as they are to-day in Detroit. Canadian house prices remained secure and the owners benefited by not having the value of their property depreciate. In terms of the subprime fiasco [ 2005 /2009 ] it was a typical Wall St. / Republican / convential media construct. Just another way to get free money with no thought  as to what the consequences might be or who would be hurt. A perfect example of UPC.  This time it was not only the underclass who got hurt but this unholy trio have destroyed America financially. This is what Ronald Reagan’s [ a UPC sufferer too ] smaller government gives you, nobody is minding the store. This money harvest is Wall Street’s latest and last in the USA. There is no meat left on the carcass. Now Wall St. has its’ eye on Canada. We present a fat and happy victim, a juicy morsel ripe for the plucking by the oil cartel, their health care industry and industrialists like Doug Oberhelman of Caterpillar. The Streeters bought Congress and reaped the rewards. Now Wall St. has bought Herr Harper and his Fascist Party. This kind of takeover worked in California and later in Washington. We are seeing the the same process taking place in Canada and our conventional media is being paid by Americans to misinform and confuse. The papers particularly are aiming to bleed us white. For some the realization that democracy has been lost will only become clear with the clang of the concentration camp gate as it close behind them. The Great Nation Robbery. The wealth of the USA has been stolen by a few on right under the very noses of its’ citizens. It will be part of the story in the history books deliniating the rise and fall of America. A great Country cursed with a corrupt leadership and a docile population. And add to that a money grubbing conventional media that put cash above the truth.


PELADEAU’S SUN / A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING GOING ON   —     If you are a regualr reader of the Toronto Sun you will be no further ahead when you turn the last page each day. It is called spinning your wheels. In fact I would suggest that your life will be made much more difficult by having the Sun send you down any number of dead end streets with the wrong info. I mean the first 6 pages or so in the Sun are dedicated to the crime wave  THAT  IS  NOT  HAPPENING. The so called news is spun and important factors are left out. The right / UPC sufferers are well entrenched in La La Land and Peladeau gives them comfort that their reality really does prevail. With every new wrinkle Herr Harper dreams up Pierre is right there cheering him on. This MUST COST THE US OIL CARTEL ONE PILE OF LOOT?  The rest of us live out here, adults having to deal with the vagaries of life. The writers in the Sun come across as being in a constant state of hatred. No matter how much the oilies pay shills like LeRant / Coren to stay in this stage of rage perpetually it must be wearing. Canadians have a great country, they like to hear about it.  Maybe, like Conrad Black, they are all on hi blood pressure pills?  When all the intellectual dwarfs at the Sun have their editorial meetings they must be put in separate cages to keep them apart. Michael Coren whose shtick is saying outrageous things should be given a couple of weeks off to see if he can find anything good about Canada. Mind, my fondest wish is to send this mouthy Englishman back home. Maybe we can arrange to send Conrad Black, Barb, Doug Finley and John Ivison back with him. When that happens I would hope Doug takes Diane with him. I hate to burden the Country of my ancestors with these misfits but sometimes selfishness is called for. The preservation of Canada is all important to selfish me.


ROB PRICHARD IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A LOSER   —    I have no objection to people who are stupid being stupid WITH THEIR OWN MONEY. But I draw a line at stupid people being stupid with other people’s money, especially when the other people don’t know about it. Conrad Black was stealing investors money and told them they should know their place. In 1985 Black was under 28 criminal charges due to stock manipulations and the Ontario Government urged the Ont. Securities Com. to proceed but they let him off the hook. Before that Conrad purloined the Argus Corporation as well as stealing the Dominion Store worker’s pension money. When the brains of teenagers [ especially males ] are being formed the prefrontal cortex is the last part to develop. It is said that in some cases it takes till 25 years of age to reach maturity and there are occasions when the societal nodule [ executive function ] on the prefrontal cortex never fully develops. Individuals can be brilliant in every way possible yet still act like juveniles in terms of the standards required in an organized / successful society. One of the main indications of UPC is the inability to appreciate the positions or opinions of others. It is sort of my way or the highway. I make the rules. The UPC label perfectly fits Black. My Grandmother Hobbs used to use the term, ” Everybody is out of step but my Johnny “. Societies function best when most of the population is in step, a pace which they themselves set.  Also the majority has to give more than they take. For the right / Black / Prichard it is full speed, TAKE * TAKE * TAKE. Rob is someone who has made his reputation playing with other people’s money. At the U of T he destroyed half the value of the professor’s pension fund by VIRTUE OF questionable investments. Prichard then moved to the Toronto Star and hollowed out the Paper leaving it $ 500 million in debt. A debt that is now impossibe to pay off. Anyone now holding that debt should start looking to maximize their holdings by getting out. A day is coming when there will be nothing left at the Star to take. Suppliers should get John Honderich to pay them in cash. COD or no stuff. Employees should take whatever they can get now and try to ensure that their pensions are beyong the reach of the banks and the sharks. I think it would be fair for Prichard to dip into the $ 9 million the Star paid him to go away and assist all those people who are now suffering from his gross  mismanagement. All this is a leadup to my efforts to minimize the damage that Prichard is doing to Metrolinx and the future of public transportation in Ontario and Toronto. Way back then Prichard announced that he had made arrangements to buy used 50 year old diesel locomotives to run the Pan Am shuttle to Pearson and back. There were 3 major difficulties with Rob’s proposal. The old / rattly / filthy diesels would increase the pollution / disturbance through built up areas, particularly in Weston. Prichard’s toonerville trolley would further burden a main rail line already loaded with freight / Go traffic. Finally his apparent access to the airport is physically impossible. Diesel trains can not make U turns as pictured by Prichard and his proposed access would travel through 2 km of densely packed industrial / commercial development. It is all lies. A diesel locomotive weighs 80,000 lbs and needs a special roadbed which can’t be built over sewer /water lines / utilities. Prichard’s idea has always been to run the old diesels from Union to Greenwood Race Track. Off load the Pan Am folks onto school buses and take them to Pearson or the reverse. Then the poop laid heavily upon the fan with protests and Prichard backed down. Rob then said he would buy the most modern Japanese diesels that could be converted to electric. The only problem was that these diesels would be piggybacked on an order placed by a California rail corporation that was planning a hi speed rail line along the Pacific coast. The funding for this US scheme was iffy from the start. As well these Japanese diesels would be assembled in their US plant and because of Buy American no jobs would be forthcoming to Ontario. I think the Japanese diesel order was just another of Prichard’s sleight of hand maneuvers to score political points for his friend McGuinty. ARL was set up as a separate entity from GO and another gal who knows nothing was put in charge at a salary I would imagine equals Laura Formosa, the know nothing CEO at Hydro One. I wonder just how much people who know nothing get paid these days. I’d love to know how much Prichard is paid to scam Ontarians? ARL, is a unique creation, when the Games are over it will be sold the the private sector which then will collect a taxpayer’s subsidy forever more. Much like Herr Harper’s deal to sell AEC to SNC -Lavalin, he gave the nuclear firm away with a guaranteed subsidy for life, many lives. This is just another way the private sector is allowed access to the public treasury in Ottawa as well as Queen’s Park. Sell something belonging to the state, the politicians can spend the money buying votes, the costs of service to the public increases and friends of  McGuinty make dough for ever more. Hudak is proposing the same boondoggle with our electrical system. Prichard has now made a quiet little announcement that the Japanese diesel / electric trains are not coming. They were never coming, Prichard lied YET AGAIN. The California scheme probably fell through. So Bob Chiarelli, Trans. Minister, who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground said that there will now only be the old diesels. No electrics. So look for 50 year old diesels, all painted up with a phony Pan Am paint job polluting their way through Toronto to drop visitors 2 km from the airport. Prichard has spent a load of cash and once again delivered nothing but a costly disappointment. He and McGuinty’s friends will have made a lot of money from Metrolinx and it is an agency that will keep on giving just like Ornge. By the way Dr. Mazza’s excuse for not appearing before the MPPs [ those who have absolute power in Ontario ] was that he is too sick. Whenever criminals get caught they come to court in a wheel chair, wearing a suit two sizes too big and with a long list of ailments. I think Mazza wore himself out counting the $ 2.4 million he got from McGuinty for free. I understand that the Preem gave Mazza a truck load of brown envelopes [ he reused the brown envelopes Murray Elston brought Dalt from the nuclear cult ] full of tens. It takes a lot of energy counting that many tens. You will note that there was a Pan Am budget set for all the various venues. Now they are cutting down on the venues, it is called getting less for more. In terms of races I am still glad we have Bathurst St. If we had adults running Ontario instead of UPC sufferers the GTA would go all electric, elevated, rubber tired Sky Liners. The City would be encircled using existing rights-of-way with no connection with traffic other that relieving gridlock. By the way the management of Toronto Traffic Services causes 25% of our gridlock on purpose. From this encirclement there would be 2 spur to Pearson, from Union and Scarborough. The Sky Liners would connect with all internal buses / steetcars and external GO lines. You could go anywhere to anywhere in 20 minutes, quietly, above the maddening crowd. This would be just like London England, a wagon wheel. The hub at Union, all of the spokes radiating out and elevated lines around Toronto’s perimeter. Rob Prichard and Bruce McCuaig [ McGuinty's personal stooge at Metrolinx ] know all about my suggestions, as the conventional media does also [ possibly I am being hard on Rob and Bruce ]? [ After al they did both ride on GO once ]. There has never been a response to me. Instead we will see 50 year old diesel clunkers all lipsticked up to impress the world that will set us back a ton of money. Equipped with such funding we could be installing a fully electrictified / elevated hi speed system. In the Star, May 22/12 there was an article and a big picture of the airport parking lot shuttle, 30 feet in the air. That is Toronto’s future but McGuinty, Prichard and McCuaig stand in our way. I wonder how much money Metrolinx and Prichard’s / McGuaig’s friends made on the switch back to the 50 year old clunkers ?  Old diesels tarted up, bought for a song then sold to Ontarians for a king’s ransom??? Road tolls are going to be the next big scam.


PALLISER’S TRIANGLE   —   In the southern part of Alberta and Saskatchewan is a farming area discovered by John Palliser [ 1859 ]. You can go on the net and get all of the background but I will cut right to the chase. When I was working on my Twin Beaver pipe line proposal that would take finished oil products and natural gas from Alberta / Sakatchewan to Montreal / Toronto / Maritimes with a spur off to Churchill Man. to provide for a second market for the resources of the western Provinces [ finished oil and LNG ]. The core of my plan is to bring surplus hydro electricity from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba to  Alta. / Sask using the Cross Canada Electric Grid west along the 55th parallel alongside the Twin Beaver going the other way . These clean KWs would power every part of the resource infrastructure as well as make hydrogen for heat and as an additive to raise the grade of oil refined in situ in  Alberta / Sakatchewan. My plans indicated that there was still going to be a hydro surplus available from the east. Then Winnipeg flood occured [ again ] and I did some research. The water comes out of Saskatchewan [ Souris River ] down into N. Dakota [ Minot ] back into Canada east to the Red River. The Assiniboine River runs easterly / north of Regina across to the Red River which floods all on its’ own coming out of the USA. With all of this water, Winnipeg is under the threat of flooding each spring and Manitoba Governments never comes away unscathed. The conventional media loves a good scrap or disaster, screw canadians and they do. The newsies NEVER / EVER ] think of looking for a solution no matter how much blood is shed. More and more the media hires writer / commentators who don’t know anything. Most of them are drawn from the ranks that used to write for the phone book. The problem with the Red, it melts first in the south [ US ] when Winnipeg is still in the deep freeze. So here we have a surplus of hydro electric power especially in Ontario. But since McGuinty has been paid off for years by the nuclear industry, this Provinces hydro riches have been kept well hidden, ably assisted by John Honderich and the Toronto Star.  What to do? What to do? In doing research about the Triangle, which is in the rain shadow of the Rockies I came across a map showing the lakes in Saskatchewan / Manitoba after Lake Agassiz let go 10,000 years ago [ check the net ]. There was a long lake which went from Yorkton / Esterhazy all the way to Rosetown / Elrose south of Saskatoon which indicated flat land, a sort of east / west valley. Alberta has looked at sending more water to the triangle from the mountain rivers but it means taking water away from someone else. As well the Province can’t take all the water from the mountain rivers, 50% must be left for Saskatchewan. That is how Canada works, one province working with another province [ hello Steve ]. I am suggesting all of the provinces work together to identify / harvest their resources that belong to their people for the benefit of their people. So there is the means [ the Sask. valley ] to send water west into the triangle via pumps /  pipe lines from Estevan, Brandon and Morris on the Red. They are choke points along these rivers. Hydro from the east would power the pumps to send water to reservoirs in Western Saskatchewan and Eastern Alberta. The soil in the Triangle is about the best in the world but the environment lacks adequate water. The Rockies steal the water from the high clouds which is turned into snow. The snow does melt in the spring and fuels the various river that run across Alberta but once the snow is gone the lack of moisture becomes a problem. The way I see it we could begin to take water from the choke points mentioned above the low water mark and pump it  into reservoirs at Estevan, Brandon and Yorkton. Once partially full water would be pumped across the lowlands in central Saskatchewan to reservoirs south of Saskatoon. From there the water would go to smaller reservoirs in Sask. or be pumped up to the  Buffalo Alberta reservoir from whence it would be distibuted to existing lakes and river system like a wagon wheel. Once the flood situation at Winnipeg  ended the pumps could be shut off awaiting any more flooding. Local high water could be harvested to add to the reservoir system. There would be water enough to last through the growing / cattle seasons. The idea is to create a system that just keeps pumping a small volume of water westward 24 / 7. Taken only when there is a surplus in Estevan, Brandon and Winnipeg. This means that when the flood waters arrive the receiving lakes and rivers have capacity to accept to deluge. In addition I have developed a route in Ontario which would see water that normally travels through the  English river system into lake Winnipeg in Manitoba diverted to Lake Nipigon. From there this excess water would go into Lake Superior and end up eventually at Niagara Falls and increase hydro electric output there. Who needs nuclear / coal / nat. gas plants??? With the water level lower at Lake Winnipeg, it could take a lot more water from the Red / N. Dakota. With  oil / nat. gas from Alberta / Saskatchewan having two markets and the operation being cleaned up by using surplus hydro from the east energy would be plentiful, cheap and clean. Collecting water from Winnipeg to make Palliser’s Triangle blossom is just a glimpse of what is possible if  provinces join hands. People should listen carefully to what Tom Mulcair is actually saying. Harper’s media [ 90% ] has been telling Canadians what Mulcair said [ but is isn't what Tom actually said ]. Then Harper’s media responded to their own version of what Tom said. Then Harper’s media asked other politicians to comment on what Tom didn’t say. Then a whole bunch of shills working for the American oilies jumped in to express their opinions on what Tom didn’t say. Harper’s media created a straw man then proceeded to knock him down. This was and is pointless media babble perfectly suited to a Harper living in La La Land. For the benefit of the shills on the right like Andrew Coyne and Rex Murphy, Tom Mulcair has a secret weapon. I’ll do it simple so the boys can keep up. Both the Harper Party and the Liberal Party are run by machines. Their workers at the riding association level have ziltch imput. The paid spin doctors know everything there is to know except one thing. In a democracy the will of the people prevails. If it is the will of the elites that prevails it ain’t a democracy and very soon the elites get their heads chopped off. In the last Federal election the Harper media / pollsters hardly mentioned the NDP and look what happened. A huge blunder. In Ontario same story. Andrea Horwath made advances even though conventional media mostly ignored her. A recent poll done revealed that only 17% of people believe the Harper media. That is the only way the Cons. / PCs and the Liberals can get their message out. It is through the declining mediums of TV, newspapers and magazines. Mulcair has the luxury of having the input of real people in his riding associations and they can gather up their friends and neighbours via the net or cell phones. The Star, Globe, Post, Sun, Maclean’s and CTV have shot their wad. From here on in it will be all downhill. Such possiblities as making the triangle blossom have been sitting around for a long time but the US oil cartel, Herr Harper, right wing politicians and the conventional media have waged a campaign against anything that frees Canadians from dirty energy bondage. If we have the technology to push pipe lines through the rockies to carry raw tar / lighter fluid / sand / chemicals to the Pacific we can certainly pump wasted water west,  up a couple of hundred feet onto Palliser’s Triangle? We should be going in the direction of enhancing people’s lives by being good stewards of the earth. Rather than impoverishing Canadians and destroying their environment just to enhance the profits of a US ILLEGAL MONOPOLY. THE EXECUTIVES IN BIG OIL SHOULD BE JAILED. What we are going through to-day is the same campaign as waged by the tobacco companies 40 year ago. They knew cigs caused cancer but they fought tooth and nail to nulify any move to limit their businesses no matter what the death toll was. The oilies are doing likewise. We have now come to know big tobacco’s modus operandi. The tobacco moguls knew they couldn’t dispute the facts of the case. Their files show they knew exactly what the health hazards were. So the tobacco people hired hundreds of writers and public relations firms [ like Fraser, C. D. Howe, Manning, Macdonald - Laurier Institutes and the like ] to misinform and confuse the citizenry. This is exactly what is happening in terms of the tar sands, to-day, this hour, this minute in the Harper media. If you continue to pay attention the the media, especially the papers, you are saying to the oilies. Just keep screwing me, just like you are doing. In fact I will even pay you to keep on doing what you are doing to me. When do you get mad enough to do something about this situation. Your salvation is a MP who looks after your interests and doesn’t make like a trained Harper seal.


OUR BOY BLACK CALLED BARB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT JUST BEFORE HIS RELEASE AND REVEALED HOW HE WAS POPPING PILLS  * HOW BOTHERSOME, RIGHT WHEN HE WAS WORKING ON HIS  ” WHO ‘”  TO SUE LIST  —   Conrad says, ” Barb, I’m taking my blood pressure pills but I don’t know how many more I can take before I have a stroke “. Of course Maclean’s was on the Black team to get him back into Canada illegally. To say he got no special treatment is just another Harper lie. The whole thing was teed up last March. Of course the US Immigration people were pissed. Maclean’s, the Globe, the Post and others were declaring Black’s return a slam dunk early on as if the US authorities didn’t even exist. Our elites are above the laws of mere mortals and have more nerve than a canal horse. It would have been better if Black had had a stroke, our borders would have been shut to his return. Barb has been given a chance by Ken Whyte of Maclean’s to play the criminal’s sick card. We are supposed to feel sorry for a man who goes around calling people names and suing everyone in sight who disagees with him. Barb, the little people don’t give a shit about you or your husband. We don’t care if you die or not. I have commented in the past that Black is mentally ill and that is so but it is too simple and explanation. Recent studies that piggybacked on work done as regards the irresponsible behaviour of teen age males. It has been found that some older misfits in society exhibit the same irresponsible behaviour. Their prefrontal cortex wiring remains incomplete. Black was on the CBC the other night. I can’t abide listening to a 68 year old man with a teen ager’s brain babble on. The man is sick and should be pitied. As Oliver Cromwell said to the Speaker Parliament in April 1653, ” You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God go “. Blacks.


MY ADVICE TO TORONTO POLICE CHIEF  BILL BLAIR    —   There is a report out by a so called independent police watchdog agency which was released by one Gerry McNeilly. I watched this man being interviewed on the CBC and came away with the impression that he has his own agenda. I am sick to death of having our police officers blamed for so many incidents caused by mental patients, drunk and anarchists. Our police are there to protect the public from the bad guys and yet when there is some kind of disturbance it is all the fault of the officers. Back a while ago the Star showed the pictures of 4 forlorn G 20 protesters. That article was not truthful and was engineered to gain sympathy for these trouble makers. What I wanted to know was where they came from, did they have jobs, did they have police records and what was their business in Toronto? Of course the Star [ a rag of a paper engaging in yellow journalism ] answered none of these questions. But I do know a couple of stories about G 20 shit disturbers who came here for one reason and one reason only, to raise hell. One guy, 35 who still lives with his parents in Pickering. He got a phone call and left in a hurry for parts unknown. The next time his parents saw him he was in jail charged with being part of the riot. A drug addict from Windsor heard about protest plans and traveled to our fair City to burn a police car. Of course McNeilly said this was all a policing problem. Harper arranged for the G 20  summit in Toronto on short notice without allowing time for proper planning. McGuinty was AWOL. I think Harper staged this whole affair to support his tough-on-crime position. It is like destroying the records of those who buy firearms. The police then would not know who was armed and who was not. The Republicans always encourage violence. People who are killing one another don’t have time to make trouble for the Government. And if the unrest spreads the police can be used to collar the trouble makers. Here is my advice. Chief  Blair, should say to Torontonians, ” when next Ottawa or Queen’s Park stages a caper like this THEY CAN BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOOKING AFTER YOUR INTERESTS. We all are just going to hang around the station house and ignore those who are destroying your property.  Until our MPs / MPPs stop acting like trained seal, accept their responsibilities and begin to fulfil their duties to society, you are on your own “.


FLAHERTY IS GOING TO CUT THE NUMBER OF MEAT INSPECTORS AND REDUCE THE SEARCH AND RESCUE CREWS      —  With the new regulations the meat packers will be able to monitor themselves. A move is afoot to allow farmers to ship dead cattle. With few if any inspectors how bad does the carcass have to be before it is rejected.  Will our hamburgers begin to smell like rotten meat? In terms of those crews that repond to  maritime disasters their numbers are being reduced. So if your boat is sinking they will get to you in the next hour rather than 10 minutes. Harper’s just giving you the extra time to pray. When the present Fascist Government took power illegally in Canada, we had a budgetary surplus. Flaherty gave the extra dough to Harper’s friends. More recently, Steve gave $ 850 million the his employers, the US oil cartel.  You know the cartel that takes $ 120 billion in resources out of Alberta each year and pays the Province a little more than $ 10 billion. If that wasn’t enough, my favourite oil cartel cheated Albertans out of more than $ 100 million in royalties a couple of years ago. The Province has had to launch a lawsuit to recover the money. This is the cartel Danielle smith works for.  Harper’s gift was for a flim flam called carbon capture, a boondoggle that has yet to be proven. Wouldn’t you rather have enough inspectors to make sure your meat is safe or people to save you from an overturned boat rather than have the oilies experimenting on a scheme which is calculated to allow them to NOT clean up their pollution, in the air, on the land and in the water. I do not like mobs going into the streets to protest the actions of governments. We have a perfectly good political system when it is not circumvented by oil money. Harper had a ten seat majority after he stole the 2011 election with the help of the US oil cartel. It is a razor thin one in Canada’s 308 seat Parliament. He has already lost 2 seats. One involve criminal charges and the other, a sick MP went home and will probably not be back. That leaves 8 spare. A  Judge has declared the election in Etobicoke null and void. The now unemployed Ted Opitz, a former Fascist MP blamed Elections Canada for the mishap. Ted is a typical trained seal and as one might expect he lied about his involvement in stealing to seat and as well he speaks pure nonsense anti Canadian nonsense.  Elections Canada workers are part timers from all walks of life. They do get training but it doesn’t go far enough if the Fascist Party is going to lie and cheat as Harper did all across the Country in the 2011 election. Steve suffers from UPC, it is clear he has been lying and cheating since he came out of the University of Oil in Calgary. I have tried to access his school records, I’ve a sneaking suspicion that he never graduated. Canada is based on trust. If we can’t trust one another heaven help us. But the rabid right sees those who trust as being suckers for the plucking. Ted Opitz had his people go into the particular poll in question and run the same people through a number of times. Then they went to another poll and so on. Opitz workers invaded a retirement home, shouted at the seniors, scaring the hell out of them and they never voted.  Harper orchestrated the whole ballot box stuffing and abuse of senior voters. At being caught out by the Judge, Opitz the cheater then becomes  a liar.  So now Harper has 7 seats. There are seven Fascist ridings being contested in Court at this moment over Rob Calls and dirty tricks. These cases cast a big shadow over the last election. How many other Fascist MPPs are in the House of the People illegally, liars all. Will Herr Harper be the first Canadian Prime Minster to be driven from office over misconduct and sent to jail. It is my view that his entire office staff in the PMO must be investigated for criminal activity and ties with the US oil cartel. This by a new independent national police force. As well all of the employees of the US oil cartel in Calgary have to be investigated for supporting the Harper crowd with money under the table. We already know Danielle Smith was given $ 250,000 by the cartel to start up the Wildrose Party. How many other people did the cartel buy. I think you will see a lot of cartel executives boarding planes back to the USA. It would be nice to see Tom Flangan leave with them. As well, the U of C should be investigated for restricting free speech and public funding must be withdrawn as a result. How come an American draft dodger like Flanagan can flap his gums while ignoring the truth, yet the students are muzzled by the University???


EARTH TO DR. DAVID McKEOWN   —     Your demand to slow vehicles down proves even more  that you are a grandstander. Slow moving cars / trucks do not burn gasoline efficiently so CO2 / carbon monoxide / particulate matter are emitted in much greater quantities than governments let on.  CO2 goes skyward to mix and mingle. When there is too much CO2 up there the planet goes into the dumpster. Particulate matter is litle bit of unburned crap that can damage lungs. But it is the carbon monoxide that is the killer. You can’t smell it or taste it and IT POOLS ON THE GROUND PARTICULARLY IN LOW LYING AREAS.  One such monoxide trap is Broadway Ave. between Mount Pleasant and Bayview. The street goes down into an old creek bed that existed 75 years ago. It travels south / east, through the Metro parking lot and across into the Leaside High School playing fields. I would guess the air along Broadway is loaded with carbon monoxide especially when there are stop signs at every intersection and scores of speed bumps. These speed bumps /stop were installed to punish drivers who get frustrated with all the vehicular impediments installed by the management of Toronto Traffic Services and take to the back streets. Traffic Services has taken the main east / west vehicle route with 2 lanes going in each direction and turned it into a ploughed field. All the impediments compliments of the taxpayers. If you drive down lower Dufferin St. near the CNE the road approximates a ploughed field. All the real good asphalt was used on Broadway and surrounding streets on the speed bumps that cost $ 3000 a pop. It is absolute maddness. I wrote to Dr. McKeown [ as well as the media ] a couple of years ago about putting carbon monoxide testers along Broadway and at Bayview and Eglinton. But there was no interest shown, grandstanding apparently appeals to the Doctor as well as the media more than solving problems. For those over the hill or even approaching the hill they will remember the maintenance pits in service stations, used until hoists were legislated into being. There were too many mechanics dying each year. They would be down in the pit underneath a vehicle. If there was an engine running the carbon monoxide would pool in the pit, forcing out the air. The mechanic would collapse and by the time someone noticed he would be dead. Carbon monoxide under certain conditions hugs the ground or sinks. You have certainly seen factories with loading docks that are reached by a dug out ramp. Trucks must have their engines shut off. Pooling carbon monoxide will fill up the ramp and people have died standing beside a loading platform. Many people drowned swimming beside a boat that has the engine running. Carbon monoxide pools around the boat. Swimmers hanging onto the side of the boat, go unconscious and just slip beneath the waves. I have done a lot of research on this subject and it would seem the Toronto isn’t alone in not wanting to deal with the carbon monoxide threat. It would be interesting to find out just how many people [ regular people / the old / the young ] suffer from health problems caused by carbon monoxide? I certainly would not give the job to Dr. McKeown. I think the man has a clue loose. A couple of years back at one of our hospitals an orderly spoted water on the floor. He went into a closet, saw a valve and turned it off. Unfortunately it was the oxygen to the ward. A woman a few doors down was in an oxygen tent. By the time they disovered the problem she was dead. Never take any such action until you know what the result will be. Dr. McKeown are you listening. Lowering the speed limit to accomodate pedestrians, cyclists and skate boarders would only embolden them more. What has to be done with this crowd is to formulate laws to govern their behaviour. And enforce the laws to save them from their own stupidities. In terms of the subway that Prichard’s Metrolinx is planning there should be a study done on carbon monoxide before any more work is done. Eglinton is a main traffic route [ 4 lanes ], right across the City from Kinston Rd. to Hwy # 27. The old City Council allowed Toronto Traffic to screw the Street up royaly. It goes from noplace in the east to noplace in the west. Eglinton has the ability to get traffic from one side of the City to the other. But the Street is bedevilled by every impediment know to man and some impediments only known to Toronto Traffic. So Eglinton is a major carbon dioxide thoroughfare by virtue of endless lights, bump outs, scattered  free parking, unlit intersection where left turns are allowed but no advance. I’d love to drive across Eginton with the Mayor or his designate and show where the Street can be reclaimed for cars. Eglinton runs through an affluent demographic. People use cars not the TTC. The Street is located in a sort of ditch. People along St. Clair go south. People below Lawrence go north. Eglinton has a very limited population along it. On both sides are ravines and hills that limit north / south travel on side streets. Contemplating a subway along Eglinton could only be formulated in the head of one like Rob Prichard. an empty head. I looked up Rob’s management team. There are a couple of people from Toronto, some from out west and the rest from the US of A. These know nothing folks are looking at a flat map. I think the whole Eglinton boondoggle relates to how much money McGuinty and his friends can make from the project. It is just another ORNGE. Knowing Eglinton like the back of my hand [ I was born near Eglinton 77 years ago ], if I am right about the carbon monoxide it will pool down though the subway entrances. Do we keep killing people until Dr. McKeown wakes up and smells the coffee.


 AN ART EXHIBITION IS VISITED BY HERR HARPER’S JACKBOOTS   —    Apparently the Harperites think they should be the arbiters of what passes for art these days. The right is always pushing the idea that they don’t want big government because it messes with their efforts to have freedom of movement to rip off the citizenry. People should be able to own guns if they so wish and the state should stay out of it. Meat packers should be able to take in animals that are already dead and the authorities should mind their own business. Yet in terms of art Harper wants to call the shots. This is typical of those who suffer from UPC [ Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex ]. They say one thing and do the exact opposite just like juveniles. Harper’s actions  as regards the art show remind me of a story. Picasso’s companion from 1943 to 1953 was Francoise Gilot who although in her 20s was a very accomplished artist who had her own studio. Their relationship was different from that of the women who were earlier and later in Picasso’s life. She was alway her own person and feels that although there were negatives in their relationship it was mostly positive and both grew as artists. It must be said of Picasso that he was not only creative but he was always breaking new ground and had a major influence on painting and other art. Gilot displayed her paintings during the German occupation. Picasso’s efforts were verboten and he didn’t show his stuff in public. He was anti Franco and on the Spanish hit list, so he kept a low profile.  Gilot however was involved in many shows. She said that there was a group of about 10 plainclothes jackboot who visited each show and dictated what could be displayed. The art had to mirror Hitler’s tastes. Apparently Herr Harper thinks he has the right as a mere MP to duplicate Hitler’s efforts. Gilot said that when the galleries close at 6 pm the insiders would come back and the forbidden art would be rehung.  I keep saying if Canadians slumber on and don’t remove Harper from office at the earliest opportunity [ when the 7 Robo Call riding results are nullified ] they will indeed hear the clang of the concentration camp gate as it closes behind them.


GM QUITS THE INTERNET * IT CAN’T GET ANY TRACTION* WONDER WHY?   —   There is a simple answer. GM hasn’t yet learned that lying doesn’t make it on the net. GM can paid for ads in the newspapers and on CFMX to say the VOLT is an electric car  [ it is actually a hybrid ] and no counter comment is allowed. The papers do not scrutinize advertising, all they want is a cheque. Advertisers can say anything they wish no matter how outrageous. So a turkey like the VOLT can claim to be chicken. Harper’s media is already firmly planted in La La Land. Most of what they say or print is wishful thinking. For those of us on the outside, in the real world, the tripe the media spews is of no help whatsoever. Fortunately we have the net media to set us straight. GM’s ads don’t work on the net because in the exact same place a GM critic can let loose and speak the truth. Can you imagine billboards around Toronto with 1/2 ads for the GM VOLT and a disclaimer on the other half itemizing all of the misleading info displayed. Just imagine Phil Crawley Globe,  allowing me to write a critique about the VOLT highlighting the GM bullshit and then printing my piece on the same page. Is freedom of the press outdated? Apparently it has been rejigged to mean freedom of the press to sell out to the highest bidder. The VOLT is out of production, there have been fires and a battery exploded. Doesn’t Crawley have a responsibility to inform the car buying public about the vehicle’s defects? I find it strange. The Globe and GM both need the wider public in order to survive, which is now doubtful for both. Why then piss all over the very customers they desire? It is that UPC thing again. Not thinking ahead to acertain what the result of you actions will be in the long term. UPC sufferers act first and think later, that is if they are still alive?


JEFFREY SIMPSON IS FROM THE USA   —    You know I have this thing about the number of authors, reporters, columnists, commentators and spokespeople in print or on our airwaves who are from other countries. Michael Coren,  John Ivison, Christopher Hume, Bryn Weese, Conrad Black, Barb Amiel, and Richard Gwyn are all from the UK.  Mark Steyn [ with a limey accent ], Diane Francis,  Jonathan Kay, Margaret Wente and Jeffrey are from the USA. George Jonas is from Hungary and Lawrence Solomon is from Romania. I have no problem seeing people come to this Country and create a life for themselves. If they tend to be mouthy I ask that they go a little light and have respect for Canadians in the sense we don’t want foreigners coming here telling us what we should be doing. We are quite capable of making our own way, thank you very much.  This Nation at a critial stage in our history in that our American to the south have overextended themselves and their finanaces are in tatters. Yanks are not particulary good at saying sorry and / or stepping up to pay for their mistakes. They alway shift blame and look for someone else to pay for their mistakes. Do you remember the bird flu they said came from Canadian ducks, which spend 6 months of the year Stateside. How about 9 / 11, them were Canadian terrorists. We face two major problems which have the potential to destroy this Country. Firstly we have the US oil cartel lusting after our raw tar, the means to restart heavy oil refineries in Texas and California. The cartel wants the raw tar quick, cheap and at no environmental cost [ Keystone / Gateway / Kinder Morgan ]. And the timing couldn’t be worse. The conventional media is going the way of the dodo and the owners here are desparate for cash. What has taken place is an unholy alliance of the oil cartel, politicians on the right and the conventional media. Oil pockets are very deep and there is little they can’t buy. Our welfare and environment are of little concern to the oil cartel. The Republicans in the California Statehouse and of the Republicans in Congress have been purchased by the oilies. In both places democracy has been lost. It is no longer the will of the majority. America has become an oligarchy not only in the Country as a whole but in many of the states. The Republicans create laws which fill the oil cartel needs. The media campaigns on behalf of the cartel to mislead and misinform the public until the dirty deeds are done and there is no way for the people to regain their freedom. The same process is taking place in canada but we are not so far along to road to oblivion. The oil cartel has bought the Government in Ottawa [ Herr Harper ] by supplying unlimited money to it under the table and provide the dirty tricks industry support needed to steal elections. As well the Canadian conventional media has been purchased in total to convince us that what is happening isn’t happening. All of those shills listed above and many more are in the hire of the cartel to mislead and to lie. I am not sure thing are working that well in this regard. With a massive command of the media in Alberta and a load of  US pollsters the oilies struck out, bigtime. Smith and the Wildrose got hammered. The cartel / Harper  might own Parliament Hill for the time being but the PeeM has no provincial base now. The shills listed above don’t seem to realize the only 17% of Canadians believe what they have to say. So the huge US oil cartel media campaign seems to be a flop here. Harper is in a difficult position. His riding associations across the Country are just window dressing. Bright /committed Canadians of mostly a Red Tory bent have been silenced by the tiny band of reform thugs. The Liberals have been fighting an internal civil war since the Chretien and Martin days. The Liberals a well are operated by a machine and the Party has no meaningful grass roots riding organization either. The only way the voters can be accessed by Harper is through his personal media and cheating at the polls. The Liberals have no friendly media to speak of. Even the Toronto Star is on Harper’s payroll. So that leaves the NDP with its’ secret weapon, a vibrant network of riding associations chock full with grass roots supporters. This means that Tom Mulcair has the means to connect with thousands of real Canadians. If you go way back in British history our Parliamentary system started in a very simple way. Englishmen agreed to be ruled and taxed AS LONG AS THEY HAD THEIR SAY. When a King oppressed the people and took away their right to speak out they rose up. King Charles 1 lost his head over this matter. Herr Harper is at present trying to silence Canadians, what a foolish move. Full in the knowledge that in the next election, which is not far off the US oil cartel / Harper will try and steal another one. Certainly NDP supporters will not be affected by Robo Calls. Riding associations with lots of volunteers who have a love of this Country will be able to get the NDP vote out, nobody will go to the wrong poll because the net media / personal media will be used to organize the voters, including Liberal and Red Tories  to ensure everyone who wants to can cast a ballot. NDP scrutiniers, now aware of Harper’s tactics will be able to monitor things like persons trying to grab ballot boxes or vote multiple times. In each riding there is a Returning Officer. In terms of the level of cheating by Harper in the last election I am sure such attentive NDP scrutineers will be of some comfort. There are 7 ridings held by Fascist MPs that are now being contested in Court. They all relate to Robo Calls and voter suppression. If Harper goes down on one nullification Harper will go down on them all. And there goes his majority. Defeat will follow. I see a number of things happening. Harper will be driven from office by an angry public, he will eventually go to jail for corruption while in office, the US oil cartel will be shown the door and it will be forced out of Alberta and Sakatchewan by a new Federal Government. They will not get their cheap / dirty / raw tar as Harper has promised them.  All of the punative legislation enacted by Harper [ an illegal Government ] will be recinded. I would suggest that all of Harper’s appointees to the Senate be investigated for corruption. The entire Harper team knows all about the under the table oil money and the cheating in the last election. If they don’t they are brain dead and thus useless to Canadians. A new Government should strip the order of Canada from Conrad Black and Garth Drabinsky. Black should be deported to fgace the Lords and his friends [ ??? ]. These criminals sully the honour of the Order. David Johnston, GG, should be asked to resign over his handling of the Black Affair. The management of Rev. Canada should be sacked as should the leadership of the RCMP. Replaced by people who will serve THE INTERESTS OF CANADIANS.


TOM MULCAIR IS MAKING GREAT SENSE BUT THE HARPER MEDIA WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE HE IS DIVIDING THE COUNTRY AND THAT HE IS ANTI WEST    —    What a crock. It doesn’t matter what Tom says about any important issue Tim Powers, Harper’s Gestapo Chief will twist it in some way. Mulcair could say white is white and black is black and Powers would make something bad out of it. Tim makes sure all the Harper media get his E-Mail the next day. So Tom can’t win playing the standard game as we have known it whereby the conventional media controls the flow of information. The media moguls now have the ability to attempt to ruin political opponents in return for oil money. I would suggest that Mulcair develop a new National Energy Proposal which recognizes the energy strengths and weaknesses of each province. My research shows if the provinces form an energy cartel and pool their resources they compliment each other. Each area would come away a huge winner. Collectively, cheaper energy, a cleaner environment, the wealth of Canada would stay within our borders, each region would be much more prosperous and tens of thousands of cutting edge jobs would be created. Canadians could spend their time working together for the common good rather than fighting amongst themselves at Herr Harper’s urging. Pastor Manning, Harper, Ted Byfield, Ken Whyte, Colby Cosh, Lorne Gunter, Ezra Levant, Michael Coren, Karen Selick, Mark Steyn, Andrew Coyne and Kevin Lubin have been driving a wedge between east and west for 30 years. Now they are blaming Tom Mulcair for what they themselves have been doing for years. Sufferers of UPC will say one thing and do the exact opposite, never blinking  an eye.  With a new NEP the NDP could hold public meetings [ every stripe welcome ] in each riding wherein the possibilities and benefits of such a cartel could be broadcast and debated. This is one way to get out the good news, something I have been trying to do for a dozen years. The oil cartel can fart and fume [  I'm for stealing the cartel's free tar back ], the conventional media will run their misinformation campaigns [ and will ], Powers could do all of the twisting he wants and Harper could run away as he has done before. Who gives a shit. Canada and its’ bright future would be in the hands of the people once again thanks to Tom Mulcair. Please note again, I am a Red Tory and have been since 1957. I do not fraternize with those who sport jackboots and make the heil salute.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY * CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AT 30 YEARS OLD   —   One of the problems with democracy can be termed the tyrany of the majority. Further it is said the maturity of a country can be gauged by how it treats its’ minority. Sometimes people can’t wait for the majority to grow up. Our Charter serves that purpose. Those without a loud voice have recourse to our Courts. The Charter takes away the opportunity for governments to do silly stuff like we are now seeing from Herr Harper and his trained seals. A majority, even a slim one as Harper has now doesn’t allow him to say we won so now we can do as we like. Canada’s system of laws and the Charter still stand, something Harper doesn’t seem to understand. His Government is in trouble on many fronts and his lack of understanding as to the way things work is slowly sinking Harper’s ship. As stated having a whole slew of outsiders writing right wing propaganda for the Harper media is a distinct danger to our society. Fortunately the newspapers are going broke, circulation numbers are shrinking and advertisers are fleeing to the net media. You can help Canada by getting your news on the net. Sometimes stories are posted within 30 minutes of an event. As well such coverage is straight up, no spin or lies. As you know I have a particular dislike for Tom Flanagan, my favourite American draft dodger. This mouthpiece ran away when his Country called him. We do not need his comments. There are plenty of Canadians who can give guidance but this will never take place in the conventional media. It is owned by the US oil cartel and that is why Flanagan gets so much air time. I have invited Tom to go home and I would like to suggest that Ted Morton, another draft dodger accompany Flanagan. It is time they butted out of our affairs and went to THEIR HOME TO FACE THE MUSIC. That would please me no end.


THE HARPER YOUTH THUGS CLOSE DOWN VOTING AT A SENIOR’S HOME IN ETOBICOKE * ELECTION OF 2011   —   During the election a group of young Harper 28 somethings stormed a nursing home and shouted at the residents scaring them half to death. These thugs said the vote being taken there was illegal and closed the place down. This information was submitted to the Judge along with other documents upon which he declared the election null and void. Since the legal avenue available to overturn of this election was written many years ago when the law makers could not have envisaged an American oil monopoly trying to take over the Country. The question that the Judge had to consider was whether there were ballots in the boxes that should not be there. And he found that there were bogus ballots but only ten polls were scrutinized. That means there were many more polls involved in the Ted Opitz ballot stuffing caper. As well workers from Ted Opitz’s office stormed the seniors home and preventing the residents from voting. The one reason that the US oil cartel / Herr Harper engaged in cheating all across Canada was that they OWN THE CONVENTIONAL  MEDIA. The media moguls all know that if they were to report such assaults on our democracy they would be off the oil cartel / Harper advertisers list. The media telling Canadians that Harper’s young thugs beat up on old folks in Etobicoke  could cost them tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenues. Paul Godfrey and Phil Crawley just can’t afford the truth. Harper now has a majority of 7 seats. Seven seats are now being challenged in other Courts all on the matter of voter suppression. The nullified Etobicoke seat should surely give the Judges in the 7 cases pause. Harper, having been found cheating in one riding, a reasonable person would conclude he cheated in most ridings if not all. If the additional 7 seats are taken away from him by the Courts Herr Harper will be an ex Prime Minister. The first to be put out of office for cheating. As we go forward, I want you to keep this picture in your mind, of Harper’s young punks invading a nursing home, scaring the residents and depriving them of their vote. You must also keep in mind that these things were done by Opitz knowing that the conventional media would remain silent and it did. In all your considerations about the actions of this Government ask yourself, is this the Canada of 2012? Do you want this Canada? Please note again – I am a Red Tory who voted first for John Diefenbaker. I will have no truck with US Republican election tactics being employed in this Country and the illegal US oil monopoly attempts to steal this Nation.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                                LAOCOON

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We have reached a watershed in world development, a fork in the road so to speak. I would say that the single event that has brought things to the boil is the ongoing greed of those on Wall St. Looking back in US  history it is plain to see that when a few powerful / rich men get hold of the levers of power and pay off the politicians all hell breaks loose. The richer get richer and the underclass gets poorer, much. The 1929 financial crash was caused by probably no more than 1000 abnormal right / Republicans and yet the whole world was plunged into chaos. Just like all parasitic situations a parasite feeds off the host until the host dies. Then the parasite dies. The underclass rose up in revolt even while under great stress and elected FDR. Up until the War, the President tried everything under the sun to stabilize the ship. Even though the right / Republican had caused the smash up they marshalled their forces to derail FDR. They were even taking Nazi money starting in 1937 to undermine their Government and keep America out of the War. Hitler was capable of taking over the world but he had to take a bit at a time. Japan and Italy eventually threw in their lot with the Fuhrer in anticipation of getting some of the spoils. But I think they were deluding themselves. Hitler had an undeveloped prefrontal cortex [ UPC ] which did not allow him to feel the pain of others, to appreciate the value of support provided by others nor to project into the future and see where his actions were taking him and Germany. As the War neared its’ end the Fuhrer still could not see the mes he had made. Typical UPC. The Wall Streeters precipitated the 29 crash which in part affected a then prostrate Germany for the worse. Starvation and loss of hope gave rise to Hitler. Industrialists in that Country feared the increasing power of unions, some backed by Stalin. They saw Hitler as a strong policeman [ one who they could  control ] who could bring the unions to heel. They confidently funded his rise to power. Once in the carbird seat Hitler had most of his industrial backers shot and seized their industries. The right / Republicans / Streeters even though the US was on its’ knees saw the opportunity to make money from Hitler’s success. GM, Ford and International Business Machine among others threw in their lot with the Fuhrer. The trucks that carried German soldiers to War were made by GM. The punch card system that kept track of the inmates in the concentration camps were supplied by IBM. George Bush Jr.’s grandfather was involved in a New York bank that was laundering money for the Nazis. All during the 1930s the Republicans tried every dirty tricks known to man and some new wrinkles to blunt FDR’s efforts one of which was to rein in Wall St. Washington introduced many new regs including the Glass – Steagall Act [ Democrats ], 1933, [ Banking Act ]. Basically this Act separated investment banks from deposit banks. From long before the 1929 crash it is now clear that the rich and famous were not particularly smart. They were just prepared to cheat, lie and steal. Sort of like Conrad Black who also suffers UPC. The common comment among the rich and powerful was / is, ” If I don’t take advantage of the sucker someone else will  “.  Presidents  Harding, Coolidge and Hoover were all Republicans as were the leaders in Congress during the 1920s. They [ all ] put an end to the progressive era and appealed to Americans with the pitch that smaller government would benefit the Country. To further complicate things the Republicans granted the 7 US oil companies a monopoly [ illegal by any measure ]. The right thought it best to get out of the way of business with restraints on Wall St. being kept to a minimum in particular. For a while it seemed to work, we saw the roaring twenties, then the party ended in 1929. The Republican false prophets move back into the shadows with their accumulated riches. As Americans laid bleeding the right concentrated their fire on FDR. The attitude of the right was and is if we can’t control the US then nobody shall have it. Just look at the actions of the Republicans since President Obama took office, same deal. As FDR’s policies started to get traction the Republicans began to play footsie with Hitler. His dictatorship was gaining in power. Who wouldn’t be able to make progress by turning a Country into a police state with a population of 66 million. Germans traded freedom, which they had only briefly tasted for a  job, 3 squares, a roof and medical /old age security. The greedy Streeters saw this huge concentration of what amounted to slave workers as the way to make profits seeing as the American economy was in the dumpster. Through the latter part of the 1930s the Republicans sold out their Countrymen for cash. Only when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour did the Republicans abandon this heist. They crawled back into the cracks form whence they had come. Regular American are exceptional people. On balance there is nobody to touch them when at their best. However right now, their Country is on its’ financial knees. The main causes for the malady were George Bush Jr., the Republicans and Wall St. They were ably assisted by the conventional media that profited immensely from telling lies and assisting criminals. Of course this was all possible because most Yanks were asleep at the switch, fat and happy. Their residences en masse were being burgled as they slept. Many a great empire has disappeared and there is always one common thread. A corrupt / incompetent leadership and a docile public. 2000 / 2008 saw a corrupt leader, Geo. Bush [ afflicted with UPC ], the Republicans and the conventional media on the take to continue to keep a docile American public aslumbering. And do you know what ? It worked. It took Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and the Republicans 9 years to destroy the American economy [ 1929 ]. It only took one President, Bush and the Republicans 8 years to do a number on the USA this time. Only this time there will be no war to pull the Country out of debt. The Republicans who have slain the US and milked the place for all it is worth are now eyeing Canada. And the Yanks are paying Herr Harpers expenses and were an integral part of the Fascist theft of the 2011 election by way of US Robo Calls and other dirty tricks. I am a former Pickering Councillor, a PC, a fifty year businessman, a free enterpriser and a student of politics. I can’t figure out what Harper is doing doing all of this dirty stuff. Stephen also suffers from UPC. Which explains why the Peem lives in La La Land. He and his Harper youth [ all aflicted with UPC ] believe that they have a huge majority when the case is he has but a slim one. In a 308 seat Commons, 200 seats would allow a Government to run roughshod over the opposition. However Harper only had a ten seat majority which is as slim as it gets. And less than 40% of the popular vote.  He should have kept his powder dry but our Steve is impatient and very intent on having his own way NOW. Two seats have been lost. One Fascist MP has been charged criminally and he crossed the floor. Nine left. Another of his MPs has gone home sick and will not return. Harper will not call a By-Election there because it would open up an opportunity for Canadians to register their displeasure.   And his American friends and the US oil cartel would be of little help this time round. An 8 seat bulge remains. The results in 7 Fascist ridings are being contested in Court because of interference with the voting by Harper’s helpers. If the Judges find anything that smells they can order the election of Harper’s 7 MPs null and void. If any kind of proof is found in one riding it will take all 7 down. Then there will be a one seat majority. There are many Fascist MPs who are Red Tories like me and I hear tell some of them are fed up with Harper. Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What took you so long guys and dolls. If they are dissatisfied my suggestion is for them to stay home or sit on their hands during crucial votes. There will be no price to pay by them. Harper can’t afford to fire anyone not even Bev Oda or Peter McKay, he’s too close to the edge. Herr Harper is a bully who gets others to do his dirty work, he has a short fuse and is not a student of Parliamentary democracy. In terms of the House of the People MP Harper is actually a dummy. Steve as his oil cartel employers call him is convinced he can just ignore the will of the people. Harper has met his match in Mulcair. If one has knowledge of the ins / outs of the Commons as Tom does a shaky Government like Harper’s is going to be easy meat. As stated, in response to a challenge to duel my reponse is and always will be, ” you chose the weapons “. I would meet every dirty trick with a dirty trick of my own. Mulcair has called Harper’s bluff by delaying the Omnibus Bill. The Fascists are claiming that the NDP IS NOT SHOWING ANY RESPECT FOR PARLIAMENT. Boy that is rich. But accusing someone else of the very thing that you yourself are doing is one of the symptoms of OPC. That of doing one thing and saying another. When a baby is born its’ skull is soft and its’ brain small. This is so it can fit through the birth canal. The brain then expands and within the skull. The last part of the brain to grow to size is the prefrontal cortex which is like the bridge of a ship, the place that controls everything. And the brain bridge is right out front and in some males is not fully formed until age 25 and sometimes never. As in the case of Harper, Black and George Bush. I have run down a list of high profile rabid right wingers and found they all suffer from UPC. For the white /greedy / 20% UPC is also much in evidence. What has taken the USA down and is threatening Canada is a small group of men with Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex’s. They will take money wherever they can lay hands on it, they will break trust if necessary, lie and pay others to trample on those who get in their way. Those with OPC know what is right, they do not listen and are prepared to shout down the opposition And the right will pay the conventional media to tell their side of the story exclusively. It is interesting that Conrad Black’s friends purchased the conventional media [ it probably cost them millions ] to sanitize his criminal past and to welcome him home. This not Conrad’s home but UPC causes such grown men to act like juveniles. On the other hand the net media was all anti Black. One net site about Conrad’s possible return has 87 comment, all against Black. It is the old guard against the young as it is in the environmental arena. Again huge sums are being spent on the conventional media by the oilies /  movers  and takers to maintain the status quo and kill any form of clean / alternative energy. Every day they continue  this assault on reason with the help of the conventional media they endanger this planet for the coming generation if there are any. I am betting on the Team Youth and the net media.


MARK BONOKOSKI   —    I have been reading this guy’s stuff on and off in the Bancroft Times for a while but can’t remember for how long. Most of what I read was / is forgettable. He’s a sort of a cross between an old boy and a blowhard. I started paying for the Sun a couple of years ago on occasion because most of the time I could get it free at CTC. I got hooked on the Sun. No not the girls. But the parade of bozos / UPC sufferers. I saw that Mark was involved with the Sun and this involvment allowed me to frame him. Everything Bonokoski writes is through a rabid right prism. All righties are the good guys and everyone else is bad according to Bono. The right never makes mistakes but those tinged by the left, even a Red Tory like me, we’re all bad. Mark continues to itemize our failings every week and even makes things up like Ezra La Rant. The rest of the time it is endless bitching. As a PC I have encountered the odd right winger in my travels and I have the same question. How do their families put up with these juveniles and their juvenile behaviour? I have been informed that Pierre Peladeau is mad [ another UPC sufferer ] and I can understand it. Just look at his paper / TV roster of nutbars. In any event my back issues of the Ban. Times had piled up at the cottage. On April 19 / 12 Bonokoski proclaimed Danielle Smith the winner in the Alberta election which was to take place 10 days hence. He was the sixth  Harper shill connected with the Sun / Post to announce a Wild Rose victory before voting day. Now their is a 7th, Colby Cash, another mental midget on the right. It is one thing to take an educated guess as to a winner but to heap abuse on Premier Redford ahead of time was truly a low blow. Juvenile in the extreme. Only having gotten to the 04 /19 /12 Times after the election I awaited Bonokoski’s apology to Premier Redford for his rude remarks and his admission of abject stupidity. However like as is so common among those who suffer from UPC Mark moved RIGHT on never missing a beat. Wouldn’t it be nice to live among that tiny throng of right wingers, all suffering from UPC and never have to say you are sorry. George Bush Jr. announced to the World, ” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED “, aboard an aircraft carrier. His mission in Iraq was in taters and he knew it. But he blew his own horn anyway. Presidents can create their own reality don’t you know, as can Prime Ministers. The outcome of this blunder was that the conventional media owned by the right wing just airbrushed the banner out of the photo and their stands Bush, nothing behind him. So maybe we should give poor Mark a break, he’s at the bottom of the right wing tottem pole. If the Chief Executive can pronounce wrongly on the future maybe Bonokoski can get a-get-out-of-jail-free-card to allow him to avoid adult sanctions in this case. For after all he is still a juvenile in his brain and will remain so for all time. The problem is there is no cure for OPC. Once stupid, always stupid. 


ROYSON JAMES   —   Defended Daniel Dale, the poorly paid / unpaid Toronto Star cub reporter who was prowling around Mayor Ford’s house after dark supposedly taking pictures with his cell phone. Pictures? At 8 pm in the evening? On a cell phone for Canada’s major newspaper? James described Dale’s actions as snooping and defended the boy. I now question Royson’s judgement but mabe getting a pay cheque is more important than making sense. Apparently Daniel gets to sit with the grown up reporters although he has only been at the Paper a year. Apprentice plumbers spend 3 years before they reach Journeyman status. In a real business Dale would still be pushing a broom and fetching coffee. Rob Prichard, former CEO left the Star $ 500 million in debt and it is impossible for Honderich to make good on the money he owes. The Star has lost 95% of its’ value and is virtually worthless. Its’ advertising revenues and circulation are dropping and nobody is interested in buying the paper. Time to close shop John Honderich. In the meantime the Star is taking the results of Prichard’s gross mismanagement out on the staff. Rob got $ 9 million for screwing up. The kids like Dale get stiffed.  John Cruikshank, Publisher [ an American ], has outsourced 200 editorial jobs to India so that explains the continuous mistakes. A Yankee publisher, an Englishman as an Editor and 200 Indians writing editorial copy for Canadians / Torontonians doesn’t sound like a good business plan to me and it isn’t. Recently the Star and Globe decided to pool distibution duties to make ends meet. The Globe is laying off staff and asking people to take unpaid time off. Phil Crawley is asking his people to forego pay to help save his Paper. Wouldn’t telling the truth be cheaper? He said that the layoffs were only temporary because the good times are coming back.  In a pig’s eye the swell times are coming back. Crawley made a speech to one of the Toronto business clubs some time ago. You know where the suits put their heads together and try to figure out the next scam to separate hard working Canadians from their money. Crawley said it was his job to run the Globe in such a way as to provided business owners with the maximum number of eye balls. I responded in writing to Phil as well as the other papers and commented that I thought newspapers existed to inform the public. Covering the news truthfully is a long way from trying to just agitate readers by featuring the like of  Margaret Wente. I don’t think she has OPC, I just think Marg is none too bright.  I preached back then that telling the truth was a sure method of attracting and holding readership. But since that time the papers I get Star, Globe, Post and the Sun have deteriorated into mere propaganda bulletin boards for advertisers and the Liberals, PC and the federal Fascist party. There is nothing in these papers remotely connected with real life in Canada, just misinformation from those who pay the papers. I only get one thing from these publications. When there is an issue like the Keystone pipe line it is easy to see where the oilies / movers and takers are taking us next. All of a sudden 6 journoshills will fire up with identical stories all using the same information, word for word and number for number. So I know what the target-for-to-night is. Then I go on the net, do research and find the real story. The truth has been missing from the newspapers for years and the readers are shifting to the net media. Not one of the young people in our extended family buys or even reads a newspaper. Another angle is that they are fully aware of Global Warming and the need to go Green. All of the efforts of the papers, especially Paul Godfrey’s American Post to try and spread confusion about the climate crisis have fallen flat. The Post has closed its’ Ottawa bureau and will now be getting news via carrier pigeon or something like that. The conventional media abandon the truth years ago and now the citizenry is abandoning them. The net media has busted out and advertisers are much aware of the change. But on the net governments and advertisers have zilch clout. They can’t cloud the news or monkey with the facts.  The newspapers hereabouts are as good as gone. It is only a matter of which one dies first and the financial mess when they go. I suggest to investors, get your money out while the getting is good. Years ago I was concerned about the papers. Their demise did not have to happen. But greed has continued unabated and there has been a refusal to accept that their assault on the truth was unsustainable because it was and is unacceptable. So many problems to tackle and the papers have wasted so much paper and ink. The Globe wasted half a page on the cost of keeping a dog and then more space devoted to having a reporter ride the St. Clair street car. The Star had a young unpaid reporter steal his own bike, pictures and all. As well we have seen Honderich’s campaign to claim credit for Ernest Hemingway, page after page after page, wasted. I think it was the Post that had a half page piece about picking up dog poop in the park. This is an organized campaign to distract voters. Ontario is suffering from cancer, nuclear cancer which had destroyed the Provinces economy. No mention in the conventional media.  The tar sands, a vauable oil resource whose reputation has been killed by the US oil cartel NOT CLEANING UP ITS’ MESSES. The US oil cartel tried to steal $ 100 million in royalties from Alberta. And on it goes, unreported. The ad media could only fool the people for so long. Now the chicken have come home to roost. Personally I say good riddance.


TOM MULCAIR   —   He made comments about the Dutch elm disease as it related to the tar sands creating a strong dollar. Which then hurts the rest of Canada and especially Ontario. On the CBC both John Ivison and Bruce Anderson  said the Mulcair’s comments were a misstep and could hurt him with voters. John Ivison is a Scot who came to Canada 15 years ago and got a job with Conrad Black. I read him often and have seen him on TV. Without the fear of contradiction, in term of this Country Ivison doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Anderson is in the polling business and is looking for work anywhere he can find it. He comes across as pure Pablum which will never upset even the weakest stomach or customer. Anderson never says anything and say it very often. The way the tar sands is being run by the US oil cartel is bad for all Canadians. The various names of oil firms we see is just smoke and mirrors. They are all little bits of the same cartel and the multitude of names is just meant to confuse Albertans / Canadians.  The conventional media is well paid to confuse and misinform. American fracked nat. gas has killed the market for Alberta / Saskatchewan natural gas. Most of the wells are shut off and there is a ton of nat. gas in storage here. The 2 provinces get NO ROYALTIES IF THEIR GAS DOESN’T SELL. The con. media won’t say this though. Fracked pure oil found in the USA [ Montana / N. Dakota ] along with falling demand for gasoline Stateside has killed Alberta’s / Saskatchewan’s oil market for pure oil as well as oil made from bitument in situ. Business is business. So there is a whole can of rotten worms that will impact Alberta / Sakatchewan but Ivison and Anderson apparently don’t know about.  And they are so stupid that they probably wouldn’t understand if I told them. The conventional media in this Country won’t even go near this subject. However the cartel does want Alberta’s raw tar / lighter fluid [ at less than $ 40 a barrel ] [ low royalties ] [ no environmental cleanup ] to restart heavy oil refineries in Port Arthur Texas and California. Both US places have weak to no environmental regulations and once refined the resulting oil will be sold to the highest bidder. Due to this dirty American process the planet will be poisoned even more. Asia and the USA are not even on the oilie’s screen although Herr Harper, Joe Oliver, Peter Kent, Pamela Wallin and Rex Murphy keep telling us these phantom markets exist. It is all lies but what else is new with the Harperites. Right now the cartel will buy a few barrels of Alberta oil at $ 60 a pop, refine it for 4 bucks and sell it for $ 112 a barrel to us Canadians in the east. This is the kind of thing Canadians should be debating. The US oil cartel is giving us the broken end of the broom and pays Harper to lie and pays the conventional media to publish false and misleading information about the west and energy in general. Tom Mulcair is onto something. It looks like BC is going to go NDP, Christy Clark is trying to turn her Liberals into Fascists with Harper’s help. Alberta is now Red Tory. Saskatchewan has a coalition Government. Manitoba is NDP even though Harper tried to interfere in the Provincial election with the help of Air Canada. Andrea Horwath is going to be the next Premier of Ontario. The NDP here is on a roll. Mulcair / NDP own Quebec. Harper no longer has a provincial base. The solution to the management of the tar sands by the oil cartel is to deny them the opportunity to remove the raw tar by mixing it with lighter fluid and pumping it a thousand miles or more through pipe meant for pure oil [ Keystone / gateway / Morgan - Kinder ]. The right idea for all of Canada is to build the Twin Beaver pipe line to carry oil / nat. gas from the Fort McMurray to Toronto / Montreal / Maritimes via Thompson Manitoba with a spur to Churchill Man., a world  / deep water port. This would provide two markets for Alberta resources. Isn’t that what we want. Coming back west  from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba would be Green / clean / cheap hydro power along the same right-of-way [ above the 55th parallel ] back to Fort McMurray. This cheap electricity would power the whole area, all of the tar sands  infrastructure  and the upgraders / refineries located in situ. The tar would be mined, processed into oil on the spot and pumped along with nat. gas in the second pipe line and sent to the east or through Churchill to England. This would mean a combined  market of almost 100 million people. The US oil cartel would play no part in this operation. We’d say exactly what the Yanks say to us about doing business south of the border. Go home. Anything we couldn’t buy from the oilies we would expropriate. The Twin beaver will truly be all Canadian and an investment for this Country’s pension funds. Why not invest ot home instead of a third world country. By joining forces the provinces would eliminate any distortion for a hi or low dollar because prosperity would be spread across the land. We would, by provinces joining together have constructed a firewall around this Nation. Right now the Americans are on their knees financially. They will suck the blood of anyone who falls into their grasp. The oil cartel take $ 120 billion a year out of Alberta. The Province gets a little more than $ 10 billion in royalties. And we, Albertan’s and Canadians have to pay the cost of cleanup from our share. This is absolutely crazy. We can have the $ 100 billion all to ourselves. Not surprisingly Herr Harper is being paid by the oilies to deliver Canada over to them. England has by resisting the EU’s pleas to making charity payments to bail out errant Countries like Greece, Italy and Spain set itself on the road to renewal. And Canada can help by providing a stable / secure supply of oil / LNG upon which the Brits can build a new future. The USA is a frail power now but it still holds centre stage along with China, Russia and India. If Canada and England form closer ties along with the Commonwealth such a unity of countries could replace the USA as the western world’s leading power. Just like the old days. Isn’t it amazing when you begin to think about how people can work together for the benefit of all the kinds of opportunities that can arise. Britannia would rule the waves once more. We are heading towards a time where Canadian provinces and their various resources could create a cartel to develop a system to combine and utilize all of  energy options we possess as a nation to produce Green / clean / cheap power. This arrangement has the potential to shut Herr Harper and his Fascists out in the short run. When Tom Mulcair becomes the next Prime Minister then the skies the limit with this arrangement, Ottawa and the provinces working together. In the immediate future we need to take away Harper’s majority in a legal manner and send him packing down south with his Republican friends. Maybe Steve will be able to find a comfortable house in a gated community in the US with the oil cash he received. Most gated communities in the States have resident firearms experts. Everybody, men, women and teenagers regularly practise on a range. I think such activities anticipate a time when the American underclass finally gets fed up and rises up. To everyone in the rabid right community this is La La Land stuff. Oh, when one has OPC it can cause delusions.  If the mobs decide to attack gated communities a few puny side arms won’t be of much help.


Pamela Wallin   —   Pam has never been what I consider a bright bulb. She has had lots to say but it is all on the surface. I describe people like Wallin as 1/8 in deep and a 1000 miles long. She was elevated to the Senate by Himself as was Doug Finley and Mike Duffy, good flipper flappers all. The Senate is supposed to be a part of our Parliamentary system in which there is sober second thought. The work done by Senators over the years has been very valuable to Canada. They usually work in committee form and study important subjects. They have the time to consider such questions, can call witnesses and are not affected by the need to get elected or score political points. Now in the case of Pam, Doug and Mike they were indeed appointed to score political points and work to get Harper and his Fascist party elected. The sober part I am not sure of  but to think that this dynamic trio has the ability to develop any coherant thoughts is a flight of fancy. Now each one of these Harper cheer leaders cost us about $ 200,000 a year. That is expensive, we pay the price and Harper reaps the benefit. The PeeM is good at charging stuff to other people’s credit cards. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t pay any attention to Wallin but here she is in our faces writing in the Globe Letters to the Editor about the comments made by Tom Mulcair on the tar sands misadventure caused by the cartel. It must be Pamela Wallin / Senator’s turn to earn her pat on the head from Steve. I can’t imagine Pam writing this US oil cartel propaganda all by herself. Phil Crawley would know who submitted this letter, probably the PMO or Joe Oliver or Peter Kent. Why would our Phil publish such claptrap? He knows it isn’t the truth because I have sent him many letters over the years explaining energy. Does he want the readership to remain uninformed? For whose benefit? Shouldn’t the public be told Harper is funded massively by the oil cartel under the table? This allows the PeeM to shut the subsidy tap off for the opposition and maroon the former Liberal leadership hopefuls so they are trapped with their debt. This same thing happened in California in the late 1990s. The cartel funded the Republicans under the table and purchased the entire conventional media. Right wing measures were given full coverage, well camouflaged and the opposite was demonized and denied the opportunity to present counter comment. That is exactly what Phil Crawley is doing at the Globe, one side of the Conrad Black story and one side of the tar sands story. Everything that Wallin says can be picked apart, there is no truth to anything she says. Is this the kind of Senator you want? Pam’s yet another person who is prepared to lie for Harper. The Republicans were able to get Californians to ACTUALLY VOTE FOR CHANGES TO THEIR SYSTEM WHICH DISMANTLED DEMOCRACY THERE. Now to pass any legislation in the Statehouse a 75% margin is required. Thus the will of the majority can be thwarted. The minority rabid right can rule comfortably to the great satisfaction of the team of Republicans and the oil cartel. Same here. The oil cartel is present in Canada too. They have Herr Harper starring in the Republican roll and the conventional media has been purchased as well. The only difference in the contest is that back ten years ago the net media was in its’ infancy. And even more formidable is the rise of the NDP and the new Party leader Tom Mulcair. The NDP Party both nationally and provincially is not controlled by machines and its’ MP / MPPs are not trained seals like Pamela Wallin. The major problem facing Canada to-day is the state of the USA. The Country is bankrupt both in terms of thinking as well as moneywise. Many Yanks suffer from UPC. They don’t want to admit THEIR mistakes and they will try every which way to get someone else to pay for THEIR mistakes. Canada is being eyed as the next victim. The US doesn’t want our nat. gas and oil and they won’t let our businesses compete for contracts as outlined in the Buy American First legislation. Yet they want us to fulfil OUR obligations under NAFTA. It is a one way street, everything to their benefit. The US oil cartel used to own / control 70% of the world’s oil supply and owns 75% of the refinery capacity. 25 years later the cartel oil holdings amount to less than 10% yet they still own 3/4 of the refinery capacity. They have all kinds of sausage machines but only a little sausage meat. That is why it is worthwhile buying a Country like Canada. The cartel has no history of negotiating with others,  it just takes what it  wants and leaves a poisonous mess behind. EXXON was fined $ 5 billion for the Valdez spill in Alaska. The Company only paid $ 500 million  and paid Congress off to avoid the rest. Everything Harper does is to ensure that the US oil cartel gets what it wants. Oil money put Steve where he is to-day. Without oil money Harper would still be in the mailing room at Imperial Oil. Poor Pamela Wallin, she is nothing more than another little wind up toy in the great tar sands saga. Every week that goes by the federal NDP poll numbers edge up. Even Stephane Dion is upset with Mulcair, he had his chance and blew it. I wrote to Dion a couple of times telling him how to proceed and to forget the carbon tax. Part of the reason for the popularity of the NDP is due to the fact that voters dislike both the Fascists and the Liberal. [ Note - the way Harper, Manning and the right use of the term Conservative it is tied up with its' American meaning. This word has no application in Canada save in the minds of the right wing and their hired conventional media ]. I would suggest that both the Fascists / PCs [ Ont. ] and the Liberals are in the hands of party machines. If you understand this structure as I do with a machine in charge democracy goes out the window. Elected MPs /MPPs are voted into office by YOU, SUPPOSEDLY TO LOOK AFTER YOUR INTERESTS. However immediately upon being sworn in they turn their proxy over to the party machine and spend 4 years making like trained seals. Ottawa for the last 20 years had been controlled by a Liberal machine or a PC / Fascist machine. For the last 15 years Ontario has been controlled by a PC machine or a Liberal machine. The result is that all of the present problems both Federally and Provincially have been caused by the non involvement of your MPs / MPPs. They are shadows that don’t exist.  Why have voting? We should just flip a coin and install one machine or the other. It would be much cheaper. The NDP is not controlled by a machine so experience has shown if you elect a NDP MP / MPP you get someone who will got to bat for you. Now wouldn’t that be a big change? Remember I am a Red Tory. The NDP has always represented the middle and far out left. Those on the hard left are as scary as those on the rabid right. The Liberals were left of centre and sometimes put their toe in the water on the right side. Paul Martin was a Liberal but he handled money like a Tory. The PCs [ Bill Davis ] were right of centre but with an appreciation of social issues and the needs for programs to underpin society. I was with him. Up till Frank Miller we were able to keep the rabid right penned up in Ont. Then I believe money started to move to the PC  imposters here on the right and they began to throw their weight around far in excess of their numbers. This was a copy of the American experience that Dwight Eisenhower warned against. When Mike Harris took over the PC Party he was backed to the hilt by Bay St. He then looked after business interests and ignore the voters. Yikes, and I worked for this man. Federally the PC bottled up the rabid right in the west but that approach began to fail when the US oil cartel began giving this motley crew money, larger and larger amounts. Danielle Smith was give $ 250,000 when she started the Wild Rose Oil Party. The Wild Rose was not a political party in the true sense. It was a group funded by oil which happened to field candidates for election. The leanings of the Wild Rose candidates were not of concern to the cartel. Individuals can be as intolerant and bigoted as they wanted to be. All the oilies wanted was control of the Alberta Legislature like they do the California Statehouse. The needs of the underclass be damned. You can see this in Parliament. The cartel cares little for the needs of Canadians, they just want hands off the tar sands and will support Harper in any way to achieve that goal. Some of those helping to take our democracy away are Pamela Wallin and Phil Crawley of the Globe. Oil money is everywhere and so are these anti Canadians. I just can’t imagine what it would be like taking taxpayer’s money as Senator Wallin is doing and at the same time working to scuttle Canada. I never thought about it but maybe women also suffer from OPC?


TORONTO STAR / ERNEST HEMINGWAY   —   The author has been in the news the last few days. Apparently he wrote about 6000 letters to various people over time. Some of those letters have been put in a book which has just recently been released. Various reviews have been published. Not to be outdone in the cheesey department the Star is claiming Hemingway as their own. Ernie worked as a reporter for the Paper 1920 / 1924, on and off, their relationship was rocky. The first current article on Hemingway appear in the Star a few days ago. I was interested and the read 2 full pages. Then a couple of days later another 2 pager appeared by a different writer. I started to read and quickly got the message. It is clear that the motivation behind the first piece and the series that followed highlighted is the fact that the Star was very important indeed in Hemingway’s The Star created Ernie. So Michael Cooke was / is patting himself on the back. And on and on Hemingway goes in the Paper and on the net. What galls me with the phony show of self importance and even the selling of old columns is the shear waste of ink and paper over a whole lot of nothing. For  8 years I have badgered  Rob Prichard, John Honderich and a variety of editors to do a series of articles on the nuclear cancer which has destroyed Ontario’s economy. I sent letters and technical material to bolster my position. I must admit Prichard did telephone me once after I had started to circulate my Star letters to other conventional media. I thought one of them would be concerned enough about Ontario’s financial slide to respond. But I was wrong. Each one of them continued to walk  around a bleeding Ontario prefering to take nukie protection money. Murray Elston, immediately after McGuinty’s election was made President of the Can. Nuclear even though he was totally nukie ignorant. It is clear that he was the Liberal bag man shuffling cash to Queen’s Park. McGuinty was handed a free house worth more than a million dollars. I have written many times that I suspect that the house was nukie present to the Preem. I kept this kind of thing before the media and especially the Star but without a response. The charge that YOU pay for a KW is twice as high as it should be due entirely to nulcear. Everything that the Preem’s Liberal machine does regarding our electrical system relates to scoring political points. We here in Ontario have 27,000 MWs of hydro power, installed or potential. WE DO NOT NEED ANY NUCLEAR PLANTS NOR COAL PLANTS. We have so much water that in the off hours we could be producing hydrogen, enough to turn Toronto into the world’s first hydrogen City. Between Mike Harris and Dalton McGuinty they’ve  just about guaranteed you kids and grandchildren will be without work, no education, no health care or if they’re lucky flipping hamburgers. An assist for ruining Ontario’s economy has to go to Rob Prichard and John Honerich at the Star. They twiddled their thumbs and took nukie money while your family’s future slipped away. They have wasted hundreds of pages of print on crap like this Hemingway campaign. We are so much in the grip of the nuclear industry and suffering from being in bondage. Now Tim Hudak  says he will sell off the electrical system to the private sector. It is already in the hands of the private sector. The nuclear industry has possession of the utility, we the citizens don’t. And the Liberal /MPPs just sit on their hands and have allowed the nukies free rein in their costly and faulty experiments.


AS I REPORTED EARLIER REVENUE CANADA AND THE ROYAL CANADIAN HARPER POLICE ARE NOW RUN OUT OF THE PMO   —   Of particular interest to me are two recent happening. Rev. Can. has been ordered to go after environmental charities like the Suzuki Foundation and the Tides Foundation. Harper say that outside money is being given to such charities to interfere with Canadian resource development like the Keystone [ TransNotCanada ] / Gateway [ Enbridge ] / pipe lines. These pipe lines will, according to Harper / Oliver  / Kent carry oil to Americans [ Keystone ] and to Asia [ Gateway ]. Well I KNOW that TransNotCanada and Enbridge are lying. And Harper, Oliver and Kent are lying. And the environmentalists know the pipe line companies are lying as well as the Canadian Government. The problem for people here is that the conventional media is being paid to repeat those lies, not once but over and over. The problem for Canadians is that if these pipe lines go through it will cost them big money and there is every chance it will cost them their precious environment. Especially in the Rockies. With the only benefit going to the US oil cartel, the pipe line companies, Harper and his Fascist Government and the media. Let’s get one thing straight TransNotCanada [ Keystone ],  Enbridge [ Gateway ] and Kinder Morgan are all owned by Wall St. THEY ARE NOT CANADIAN OWNED COMPANIES. All of the major oil companies operating in the tar sands region fall under the umbrella of the US oil cartel [ a 80 year US monopoly ], again owned by Wall St. So when Harper talks about the oil business in Alberta, refering to the activity being Canadian, it is another fairy tale. The environmental movement [ Suzuki / Tides ] is actually endangering  Harper’s employer in that it could deny the cartel a supply of cheap raw tar mixed with lighter fluid needed to get their idle refineries in Port Arthur and California back up and running. Harper and his Fascist Government just have to get access to Alberta’s bitument as cheaply as possible and with all of the restricitons on CO2, tailing pond residue and poison discharges into the rivers removed. All three proposed OIL PIPE LINES will carry DilBit [ tar  /lighter fluid / sand / chemicals ] although the pipes are not approved to carry this dangerous mixture. In terms of the Keystone, the DilBit sent to Port Arthur will never enter the US  fuel system, there is already a glut. When refined, the oil from Port Arthur will be sold to the world market. The cartel isn’t even interested in the Americans, demand is falling and they don’t have any money anyway. There is no market in Asia for our DilBit. China’s economy is soft and that Country is fast approaching the point where it will be an oil exporter. The Gateway is meant to take DilBit to Kitimat, to be loaded on tankers to go to idle refineries in California. Morgan – Kinder would take DilBit to Burnaby to go by tanker to California too. These pipes will cost Albertans / Canadians money and endanger the environment. Again the winners will be the cartel, pipe line companies, Harper and the media. All Canadians should be protesting this heist not just environmentalists. Of course [ Suzuki / tides etc ]  are the only group the US oil cartel can’t buy off. The oil cartel wants all oppositions stifled as they did in California. Nixon showed the way didn’t he. Tricky Dick used the IRS to intimidate his opponents and purchased the conventional media particularly the newspapers. So Harper is using the same ploy and his woman servant, Gail Shea of Rev. Can. is beginning to hassle environmental groups accusing them of misusing their charity status by advocating for the planet. Harper consider this to be political in nature. But in fact the actions of all these groups is angering the oil cartel. Rev. Can. is supposed to be neutral. I would like to draw Gail’s attention to the three biggies, the Fraser, C. D. Howe and Pastor Manning Institutes, charities all are actively supporting Harper’s agenda. Isn’t that political activity folks? And they are charities just like the Suzuki Foundation and Tides. It seems to me that being concerned about the environment is of far more importance to Canadians and than sanctioning the actions of the US oil cartel whose environment stewardship record gets a failing grade. What is Harper, nuts? Well, why yes. He suffers from UPC. Giving one of such sufferer an unlimited amount of money without restrains and allowing him to operate above the law can endanger a society, as is happening to us. One guy I have been following is Brian Cowley who is president of the Macdonald – Laurier. If you go on the net you can see this operation is yet another charity like the Fraser Institute. Recently Niels Veldhuis of the Fraser had an interview with the National Post. You know it well, the dying Paper that lies. It will be lying as it goes to its’ grave. In any event, now get this, Niels said the Fraser never engages in political activity, a bold face lie but it was a good thing,Veldhuis was being interviewed by the RIGHT paper [ sorry, I could not resist ]. Godfey who runs a Paper that is full of lies wouldn’t dispute Veldhuis. You see, Niels doesn’t know I save many of his articles and reports. Nobody else does this. Of course the Fraser is at full speed politically backing Harper’s agenda. I can match their hot reports on the hill with old Fraser responses. You see the conventional media never goes back to their files to embarrass the Harperites. This only begets more lies. As stated, I have had my eye on Brian Crowley another Harper supporter running a charity on our nickel, the Macdonald-Laurier Inst. Go on his web site. Brian says he has no political affiliations, this is pure bullshit. The Globe ran a story on May 11/12 about our benevolent guy Crowley doing his good work for Canada [ see the net ]. Brian staged a luncheon which was attended by Harper’s people, others and Calos Pascual [ assistant to Hillary Clinton ]. Topping the list was the Keystone pipe line. Now don’t think for a minute there was anything political in what Crowley was doing. Brian told Carlos, ” Canadians are profoundly disappointed that the US administation appeared to have been swayed by political considerations in rejecting the pipe line. It is important to express our disappoinment and that we can get things back on track “. Crowley hasn’t been elected to so much as a dog catcher and yet he is speaking for Harper and the right / oilies. Now remember this is not political, after all charities are not supposed to do such things. Brian speaks for one person, himself. So here he is expressing disappointment about the Keystone while Harper’s trained seals, the seals some of you voted for sit mute in the House of the People. Where is the Globe in this? Where is Phil Crawley in this? Where is Gail Shea in this? A private citizen using taxpayer’s money is meeting with Clinton’s deputy and discussing Government business. Why the hell bother with elections and Parliament? The Globe / Crawley of course get paid by Harper to close their eyes to such abuses of our democratic system. Shea knows full well that all of these phony think tanks are part of Harper’s Government team. And yet the  Minister is going after environmental groups that are trying to safeguard the future of our children and grandkids. When Tom Mulcair take over as Prime Minister I want all of the Revenue Canada officials involved in this environmental witch hunt charged. Hunting witches is not part of the tax act. When Harper is himself defeated I want a revamped Rec. Can. to do an audit on his personal affairs in regards to under the table oil money. Canada must be returned to the rule of law. Harper’s non laws don’t count. I think Steve will be going to jail. Maybe he can get some tips from his old friend Conrad Black.

Bob Paulson, Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Harper Police has issued a letter to all Chief Firearms Office of police forces across Canada that it is against the law to require gun store owners to collect names etc of those purchasing firearms. This is Vic Toews doing, he doesn’t want any records kept. So any criminal, nut case, drunk or low life can walk into a store buy a gun and walk out without identifying themselves. If you read anything about Toews personal life a few weeks back this guy is a few bricks short of a full load. Vic is a cheat and a liar.  Be it resolved that all of these outrageous afronts to Parliament be removed in the first session of the new NDP Government and that all of  Harper’s staff be fully investigated for criminal activity by a new national police force, one that can be trusted.


CONRAD BLACK / PHIL CRAWLEY / THE GLOBE AND STAR   —    Well it didn’t take long for the big mouthed Black to get back into the swing of things. Conrad is not a citizen of Canada, he is a convicted criminal and he holds the Order of Canada illegally. Yet his friends at the Globe and Star and the American Post have waged a campaign to shove Black down our throats. It would seem that the oligarchy in the US appeals very much to our white / right / rich / greedy 20%. Black’s return to Canada was against the law and shows the divide between the haves and have nots. In addition 75% of Canadians didn’t want him let back in but he got in anyway by kissing Harper’s ass. The will of the people clearly doesn’t count with the elites. Black was fully supported by the conventional media which has been purchased by the  20%ers to promulgate their propaganda. The net media was totally opposed to Conrad sneaking into this Country by the back door. The conventional media is in decline and the fall is at an ever increasing rate. Paul Godfrey’s US Post lost $ 11 million last quarter and advertising dropped 10% from a years ago. He has just close his Ottawa bureau. The Star is carrying $ 500 million in Prichard debt and losing money and advertisers. John Honderich is selling the Paper for less than what I charged when I had a route 65 years ago [ inflation factored in ]. The Star now uses unpaid cub reporters and it sent 200 editorial jobs offshore to India to save money. Recently Honderich asked the Globe to distribute the Star for him. The Globe is downsizing and Crawley asked reporters to take 3 months off with no pay. On the other hand the net media is growing by leaps and bounds. Young people are ignoring the conventional media and older folk are finding that the truth is only available on the net. The conventional media has waged an endless war on Global Warming and the climate crisis all paid for by the US oil cartel. By any measure from 35 on down the dangers to the planet are seen as their number one concern. I have been badgering John Honderich for many years and suggesting the way to start turning the Star’s fortunes around was to start telling the truth for a change. This same advice was given to Godfrey and Crawley but to no avail. Too much money can be made by telling nothing but lies. My feeling is that the Globe and Post will keep pushing Black on us until that moment when they disappear under the waves. Crawley wastes a half a page to-day on Black when Canada is beset by problems, mostly manfactured by Herr Harper. We learn that Conrad will be working on his new book, ” The Unprincipled Man “, and losing weight. NOW TELL ME, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO THE GLOBE, IS IT???  Well, if I may I would like to tell you what I am about. Sometime this day I will go to the loo. As well I will begin to use my blog / followers to force David Johnston, GG, to get his committee  to remove their hands from their eyes and take Black’s Order of Canada away from him. As well I will work with the Canadian underclass to drive Black from our shores. OUR  Court  system is funded by taxpayer’s dollars. Conrad abuses OUR Courts by using them as his personal weapon. And the conventional media says nothing. In the May 15/12 Post there was a reprint of a supposed editorial in the NY Sun. Unnamed people sang Blacks praises which bordered on the sickening. Most of the comments were not based on the facts of the case and it was very poorly written. Maybe a Post intern wrote this piece of garbage? If this did appear in the NY Sun I question the competency of the Paper / editor. I think Conrad’s supporter here in Canada who don’t have the balls to come out of the shadows paid for this booster advertising in the Sun that was made to look like a editorial. Paul Godfrey, enough already. Years ago [ I am 10 years older than Conrad and have live with this spoiled brat's antics over time ]. Back when himself’s problems began with Hollinger he made a deal with shareholders to put back $ 70 million of the money he stole [ just like his theft of the Dominion Store's pension ]. Barb encouraged him in this regard. Then Conrad being Conrad [ a sufferer of UPC ] changed his mind. Nobody was going to tell him what to do and as so often happened Black reneged on the deal and he bought himself 3 years in a Florida prison. Like a real swift move. During the twoing and frowing Amiel responed by saying, ” that the little people should know their place “. Barb was born to a Jewish family on the wrong side of London England for cripe sakes. She is one of us. I kept Amiel’s comments stuck on my fridge for years. BLACKS, what is this little people bullshit??? Conrad, by being in Canada stains the reputation of this Country. The world now knows we live in a lawless Nation with an oligarchy run by the elites. Maybe in the dumping of Black, a non citizen we can ditch Herr Harper and his employer, the US oil cartel at the same time??? We will return to a society of free speech and the rule of law sooner if you stop supporting CTV, Star, Globe, Post and Sun.


TOM FLANAGAN   —   My favourite American draft dodger. I wish he would put a sock in it and just go home. What kind of a man, when his Country called him would run away? Do we have to listen to this scardy cat? Flanagan is a Prof at the University of Oil in Calgary. Possibly you heard the U of C was in Court, apparently they don’t believe in free speak. My take is that the University is in favour of free speech as long as it is the right that is speaking. Tom was on the CBC commenting about the student protesters. Obviously he was the wrong person to talk about Quebec, a province which he knows nothing about. But Flanagan did have one word of advice for Jean Charest, ” impose the law on the students “. I wanted to ask, what set of  laws is that Tom? Could they be the same laws that Herr Harper doesn’t adhere to???


Jeff Rubin   —   This man has been a fraud for years. I used to write to him, Don Drummond and Doug Porter accusing them of playing on the same old checker board year after year. They were handed a tablet when Moses came down from the mountain and they have used it ever since. There will never any new enterprises.This trio is of great use to the 20%ers who want to retain the status quo. The conventional media loves them for their nonsensical sound bites that are meaningless. They advocate for nothing new. There is a lot of complaining in the conventional media about the lack of innovation. We are falling behind the rest of the world it is true. But the movers and takers want to hold back the hands of time, the conventional media and Jeff, Don and Doug  do double duty making sure their wishes are met. Of course the boys are well paid to ensure the underclass get screwed. Rubin wrote, ” Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller “, in 2008. It is pure rubbish. Now we have to endure more garbage from Jeff in the name of, ” The End Of Growth “. When I first heard about this book two thoughts. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And that Rubin’s book should be titled, ” The Beginning Of Stupidity “.  It is people like Jeff, Don and Doug who are taking money to help retard growth and destroy Canada. 


IN CLOSING   —    John Baird was interviewed on the CBC. He said, ” Let me be honest with you “. Baird DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE WORD MEANS. Every time John opens his mouth he lies. He and I go back a long way. I was a lowly PC riding worker in Pickering and Baird a PC MPP. He was always shooting his mouth off, bullying the opposition and making things up / lying. I communicated with him, saying button your horn [ my exact words ], you are hurting our Party. Sure enough Baird, Faherty, Snobelen, Eves, Clements and the lot lost us the election. And the rabid right has succeeded in keeping the PCs out of power and will continue to do so. All of these people suffer from UPC. Three of the symptoms, having no capacity to see the other side of a debate, saying one thing and doing another and never learning from your mistakes. John is being John in the House of the People and sinking Herr Harper as surely as he helped sink our PCs in the Ontario Legislature. But as far as getting Herr Harper out of office is concerned I am happy with what Baird is doing. John keep being your stupid / lying best.

  Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                        LAOCOON

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