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Stephen Harper has been fashioning this tragedy in Lac – Megantic since he came to power. He is turning the Country over to his employers [ the American oil monopoly ] and giving the pipeline / rail companies free rein. Harper deregulated the railways. Meaning that he pulled most of the inspectors off the job. As well Steve turned a blind eye to the fact that the pipelines and railways were breaking the laws with impunity. And severely endangering all Canadians The transportation of flammable liquids comes under strict rules. The pipelines and railways are ignoring the rules, paying off the politicians and lying to the regulatory officials. The result the innocent are turned into crispy critters. The Kinder Morgan toxic tar spill in Burnaby BC, the Enbridge tar spill in Kalamazoo Mich., the EXXON Alberta tar spill in Mayflower Arka. and the tar spill in Lac-Megantic have gone largely uninvestigated. There is no reason to see a change in these coverups until the bodies are piled high enough for the public to become aroused.  Lyin Steve neutered the agencies in charge of the petroleum industry [ Transport Canada, the Nat. Transportation Safety Board, the National Energy, Environment   Canada and Natural Resources ]. I have been making this point for years to the petro $ media [ especially the Star, Globe, Post and Sun. ] But there has never been any acknowledgement of my concerns about the deadly black cocktail that is criss crossing the Country and down into the US. Namely  tar mixed with Zippo lighter fluid [ benzine and naptha are components of Hi Octane gasoline ]. I keep using the term lighter because people are familiar with its’ deadly potential. Over time it has become clear that Harper and his Facists followers have been well rewarded cashwise by the oilies for their betrayal of OUR Country.  They are modern day Fifth Columnists supported by oil money. Stealing this Country from under our noses. The media too was and is being paid by the oil monopoly in return for publishing favourable coverage, spin, lies, self censorship and regurgitating oilie propaganda [ CAPP ]. The coverup of the Black Death being piped / trained everywhere in Canada could only happen with aquiescence of the TV / newspapers [ not the CBC ].  If the media had been telling us the truth over the past half dozen years this loss of life at Lac-Megantic would never have happened. Steve’s plans to turn over control of Canada to the US oil monopoly would have been exposed long ago. and we could have put a stop to it.  As it is the media,  particularly Paul Godfrey’s National Post [ owned by Americans ] and David Thomson’s Globe and Tar get hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising from the oil monopoly. This is the reason Paul Godfrey and David Thomson print oilie propaganda exclusively. Calling the Black Death //  O I L  \\  is running 1000 to one in the $ media. A thousand mentions of a substance that kills being shipped as oil to only one mention of the truth, that is raw Alberta tar [ DilBit, the real cargo ]. Leaving the word DilBit out of articles is worth pure gold to the likes of Rex Murphy, Andrew Coyne and Claudia Cattaneo.  In this case too many Quebecers have died partly as a result of media greed and the shills [ those who do the dirty work for the monopoly ] who actually write the bogus stuff. The largest percentage of the victims were far too young to be sacrificed, this only in pursuit of greed, power and the bottom line.  Wall St.’s  bottom line to boot.  Stephen Harper should be ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR MURDER. Most of the Nazis tried at Nuremberg were hanged for orchestrating the deaths of millions. They didn’t actually commit the crimes personally. Harper set the stage for Lac-Megantic all by himself.  I buy 4 newspapers a day to survey how far the rabid right wing is prepared to go in converting Canada into an oligarchy, controlled by US oil monopoly executives. The Papers are the Toronto Star, the Globe and Oil, the National Post and the Toronto Sun.  Each one of them is on the of the Harper / oil monopoly payroll.  I access the CBC on TV. I still see Joe Oiliver, David Collyer  and Russ Girling teling their lies but the other side of the story is made available on th CBC. No wonder Lyin Steve wants rid of the CBC.  In the Harper press / TV the other side of the story is NEVER TOLD.  I also do research on the net, it is the only place you can find the truth and GET BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY. Harper is now trying to strangle the CBC by any means possible. And I also search out comments from independant bloggers and English Newspapers particularly [ the Guardian / Independent ]. It is interesting, after a week of kissing the asses of oil monopoly executive by Canadian petrol $ media it fell to the Guardian [ UK ] to call a spade a spade. The Paper calls what happened in Lac – Megantic a CORPORATE CRIME. Right on. Imagine, in Canada, having to turn to a UK paper to find out the real story. That is how dangerous our media is. They lie to us everyday. Please wake me up when Joe Oiliver tells the truth. This is also a Harper Facist Government CRIME, aid and abetted by the Star, Globe, Post [ chain ], Sun [ chain ], CTV, Global News and others [ not the CBC ]. I was particularly stuck by the July 9 / 13 issue of the Globe and Tar in regards to the lengths to which David Thomson’s Paper went to snuggle up and indeed kiss oilie asses. The Globe keeps repeating that the train in Megantic was carrying //  LIGHT OIL  \\.  Investigators have yet to say what the cargo was. The reason  Thomson keeps using the term light oil is a fear by the oil monopoly Canadians will find out it was Alberta tar mixed with lighter fluid that blew up in Megantic.  It is as if to the Globe the survivors of Lac – Megantic, Quebecers and Canadians did /do not exist. This is what happens when a newspaper like the Globe is on the receiving end of an endless number of full page oil ads at a $ 100,000 a pop.  Many such ads have been printed in Thomson’s Globe in recent days. The American oil monopoly can’t just give Thomson money to throw the fight. But it can place never ending full page ads to influence David’s coverage of megantic. The never seeing any evil monkey. Ad money trumps printing the other side of the story. At any time in the last 4 years Thompson could have blown the whistle on Harper, the oil monopoly and the Black Death. But Dave prefered / prefers  cold cash to the hard truth. Thomson prefers US Wall St. domination to seeing Canadians live free.  David is more interested in his own pocket than the future of Canada. Thomson also fools the average oil stock investor. He facilitates brokerage bottom lines.  I have all of the Globe’s energy articles in my files along with those from the other papers going well back. I also have the oil advertisments that bought / buy allegiance going way back. From these ads we could determine how many oil millions have been paid to the newpapers to betray YOU. THE PEOPLE OF LAC – MEGANTIC  HAVE BEEN BETRAYED. YOU HAVE BEEN BETRAYED. From my files we could get an idea of just what this Country is really worth in dollars and cents to Thomson, Post, Sun, Star and the US oil monopoly. Of course in every encounter, Dave, the other papers and the oilies win. They rig the game in their own favour.  We, Canadians are always the losers. Even the last election was stolen by Harper using oil money.  With the Toronto Star my collection of clippings goes back even farther, more than 8 years. These cover the years that the Star, Rob Prichard and John Honderich shilled for the nukies. And the Star is still taking nukie money.  For each of the papers I could write a book on the false and misleading information printed as well as the lies, corporate propaganda and connect each with extensive advertising campaigns by the rich and powerful. I can identify all the journalists who chose money over the welfare of this Nation.  The papers mentioned bear much of the responsibility for Canada’s now , much weakened democracy and specifically the Lac – Megantic trainwreck. I am going to push for laws which will jail the media moguls too [ Thompson, Godfrey, Peladeau and Honderich ] who publish lies, false and misleading copy that is damaging to this Country. Freedom of the press doesn’t mean selling out to the highest bidder and telling American oil monopoly lies in retrun for fat cheques. For a long time I have had a running battle with the Globe over inserts in the Paper under the heading ” Information Supplement “. These are advertising sections and are written to look like news columns [ they are meant to fool you ]. Thomson gets paid extra by advertisers for such  phony news columns. This subterfuge is not acceptable under Ontario Press Council rules but the OPC will do nothing about it.  When I complained about the Globe I struck out. The Press Council manager just yawned, he operates an industry front and runs interference for the papers The OPC is a sham.  I complained to Advertising Standards Canada too but that organization is just another industry front, from them I got nothing but silence. another sham. This is how our democracy is going to die. By having thousands of weak minded individuals like Andrew Coyne, Margaret Wente and Rex Murphy [ best termed  stenographers ] writing oil /  nuclear / corporate copy. They too chose to take money over Canada. You know, like the Nazi pencil pushers. They too are just following orders in return for a pay cheque. There has been hell to pay in New York State. The Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman has demanded that Thomson Reuters [ owned by David Thomson ] stop providing insider information to the rich in advance of the public / little stock investors being informed about crucial corporate information. This allows David himself to profit from the wide practice of insider trading.  David charges $ 6000 per month per stock firm for advanced info. This is without doubt criminal activity. And this is exactly how the rich get richer. Barbara Black’s famous little people get charged by the police for defending their stores against robbery. Thomson robs the public but walks.  Barb, little people herself, was born in London’s [ UK ] Jewish east end. Babs has spent a lifetime trying free herself from the ranks of the untermensch.  Barb indeed made it to money status. Even though Conrad stole the money. How is distributing insider information by Thomson any different than accepting US oil monopoly ad money in return for  publishing lies and  favourable spin?  Or sticking up banks for that matter. The Globe regularly features Gywn Morgan, formerly CEO with SNC – Lavalin who has been involved in criminal activities with a number of other firms over the years [ check the net to see what this crook Morgan is really all about, he loves other people's money ]. Gwyn and his wife live in a $ 7.5 million house in BC.  No doubt he bought the house with cheat money. And David Thomson features Gwyn. The Globe loves law breakers. You know like Conrad Black who made a career out of taking other people’s cash, even his employee’s pension money. The public is told that the Conman is a great Canadian businessman. Bullshit. Black destroyed every business that came into his hands. I wouldn’t have Gwyn and Conrad and their wives over for dinner the are so disreputable. They’d probably steal my silverware.  SNC threw Morgan under the bus to show their disgust with his behaviour.  But Thomson still gives Gwyn space to spout his discredited right wing nonsense and polish his halo. Morgan worked for Christy Clark which shows you where she is at in the scheme of things. Also still appearing in the Globe is Tom Flanagan, an American draft dodger and perv who helped Herr Harper launch his political career at the University of Oil in Calgary. That two bit University was built with oil monopoly money. Thomson claims Flanagan to be a Distiguished Fellow at the University. Tom is an American who ran away when his Country called. Maybe Lyin Steve learned about  running away from trouble from Flanagan? The University of Calgary is the centre for regime change in Canada backed by the US oil monopoly. And the University launders oil money and distributes the dough to climate deniers including those at Carleton University in Ottawa.  Another of Thomson’s stars  at the Globe is one Preston Manning who operates a phony educational  Institution in Calgary which runs on taxpayer’s dollars. Preston and his helpers Richard Ciano and Nick Kouvalis train Canadian Fascists, righties and the Harper Youth how to steal elections [ as happened in 2011 ].  Richard and Nick  have mounted a campaign against Tim Hudak to move the Ontario PCs into Herr Harper’s Fascist camp before the next vote. This Province’s next election is no doubt already being engineered by the American right. And Preston himself is busy gearing up to steal 2015.  On a regular basis Thomson publishes on his Comment and Analysis page in the Business Section the right wing blatherings of one Brian Lee Crowley. Another wimp who anointed himself an Uberman in the Nietzsche cult tradition. Brian sure looks like a real man doesn’t he?  Just like his friend Pierre Poilievre. I’ll bet they both drive Dodge Ram trucks with 550 cu in engines?  In the heading on each of Brian’s offerings in the Globe there appears one of his many lies. It says he is the Managing Director of something called the Macdonald – Laurier Institute [ Crowley probably operates out of a phone booth ]. And here is the interesting part. The   Mac. / Laur. Inst. is an extention of the PMO but it is descibed in Thomson’s Paper as an idependent non-partisan public policy think tank in Ottawa.  Just another Globe lie.  Crowley too operates on taxpayer’s nickel. Brian is non partisan my behind. Crowley like Ezra Le Rant works for Harper and takes orders from the PMO then concocts economic data to suit, to justify Government  initiatives. How much does Herr Harper actually pay David Thomson for his services? Attack ads / oil ads of course.  Brian Crowley is connected with right wing think tanks in the US and the Heartland Inst. [ the oil funded home of climate deniers in North America ]. He is a member of the secretive Civitas Society. Civitas is small right wing group funded by the rich. Lyin Steve and Preston Manning are both members. They are the ones [ Civitas ] who really run Canada. And they too are partly reponsible for the Lac – Megantic tragedy. The Civitas Society promotes corporate greed, the destruction of Medicare, eliminating pensions, curbs on education, the elimination of social programs for the mongrel mob [ us ],  reduced business taxes, the end of regulations for corporations [ the tar sands, pipelines and the railways ], the lowering of Canadians to slave status and other right wing causes like book burning. The US oil monopoly supports the Civitas Society as does David Thomson. The Civitas message is the same as we get from the Fraser Inst., C. D. Howe Inst., Canada West, Carleton University, the Montreal Economic Institute and the U of Calgary. Did you know they are all connected. Gwyn Morgan gave the Fraser Inst. a million bucks. No doubt laundered oilie money. Margaret Wente, an American and a plagiarizer, is another of the Globe’s featured stenographers. Marg, is an airhead who just writes what she is told, more false and misleading copy. Recently, when the Keystone pipeline was hot Wente was repeating the oilie line word for word. Lately she has been going on about nuclear. All the same nukie lies that go back 40 years. Wente is too stupid to think for herself. In fact Thomson should create a LIES section in the Globe and call it an information suppliment.  Where readers can go to get all their Fascist updates and false copy quickly and in one place. The foregoing is a short history of  just one newspaper [ a leading one at that ] bent on handing Canada over to the Americans. There are a hundred more such publications. Hiltler controlled the press by force. Herr Harper controls the press with oil money [ except the CBC and the Guardian UK ].  Do you really think David Thomson and the Globe would utter a single  disparaging  word about Herr Harper and his employer the American oil monopoly. Not bloody likely. Thomson can’t make any money telling the truth. There is more money to be made reprinting lies. There is no money to be made taking up the interests of Canadians and protecting them against tar / lighter fluid explosions. There is lots of money to be made kissing the asses of  Harper and oil monopoly executives though. The deaths at Lac – Megantic and the destruction of the Town are seen by Harper, the US oil monopoly, US pipelines, the US railways [ they are all owned by Wall St. hedge funds ] and petro $ media as just the cost to //  US  \\  of  //  THEM  \\  doing business. They take the money, we take the risks, including death. This possible fate awaits along every pipeline and railway in the Country. We bow too willingly and too often to the self anointed superior people it would seem. The rich / right [ Nietzsche inspired ] see the majority of Canadians as  mindless, undeserving untermenschs, to be controlled and exploited. They feel the sooner WE come to understand our place in the scheme of things  the better for THEM. This is the right wing’s idea of democracy. And the Globe and Tar makes money pushing their agenda. In fact our Lady Black famously said, ” The little people should know their place “. That’s YOU Babs is refering to, BY THE WAY. The question I have is this. Will you go willingly to the ovens at the time and place they decide???


According to the petrol $ media we now know the causes of the the Lac – Megantic disaster. Tom Mulcair blamed Harper for the tragedy and Steve was. Since Megantic Stevie has run away. It isn’t the first time he has wimped out. The $ media would have us believe Tom started those fires,  polluted the ground with benzine and fouled the air / water ]. David Suzuki only spoke out about immigration problems. Even so, he is obviously partially to blame for Megantic. Some drunk who wandered over the police lines causing a huge problem [ he has to be included as one of the culprits of course  ]. And then there is the poor engineer who set the brakes which were probably faulty to begin with.  M, M and A. didn’t own the tankers. They were among the hundreds of obsolete tank cars rounded up to get the Alberta tar [ the Black death ] to the Gulf. The poor engineer was hung out to dry by M, M and A [ Mickey Mouse and Atlantic ].  CEO, Edward Burkhardt heaped blame on this guy without any proof whatsover. And the Harper media were quick to fall in line. Apparently the right to a fair trial or any trial at all has disappeared in Canada.  These are the scapegoat stories now being orchestrated by the PMO, among others. But you will note, not a whisper in the media about the cargo of Black Death [  raw bitumen ] .  Mixing tar with lighter fluid creates an even more lethal concoction than when they are individual substances.  Be assured, this toxic tar slurry will be coming to a place near you soon. On second thought, it is probably  already passing your window right now or maybe through a pipe under your front lawn. This is the big story the media is being paid to sit on. Thousands of Canadians facing ruin or death this very day because of Herr Harper.  What we have here is a two part accident that is being stage managed by Harper and the oil monopoly with the help of the petro $ media including the Globe and Tar. The first part, is the derailment of an overloaded train [ the little part ]. The second part, the lethal cargo, is the BIG PART. But the fact that this side of the story exists will never appear in the petro $ media. The papers / TV [ not the CBC ] are paid to censor the news in order to deflect blame away from those who are really responsible for this tragedy, Harper and his employers. This coverup is being done to  confuse Canadians and by extention, the world. It must be kept from people around the globe that this Nation is in the grip of the American oil monopoly like so many other third world countries. Delivered to the oilies by Lyin Steve and the petro $ media like the Globe and Tar.  The info that eminates from our turncoat media is fantasy,  spin, lies, omissions and oil propaganda. This is the visible part of the biggest deliberate fraud that North America has ever seen. The movement of dangerous tar / lighter fluid all gussied up to look  like  //  O I L   \\  . What is being shipped is not your run of the mill runny Vaseline type  //  O I L  \\. This here is the bitchy  //   O I L \\ .  It’s //   O I L  \\  with lots of attitude like EXOXN.  It’s //  O I L  \\  that will rear up and bite the ass off you if you create just the tiniest spark.  This fraud concerns an attempt by the US oil monopoly to get liquified Crude Bitument out of Alberta under our very noses, without obeying the regulations and on the cheap.  In the doing  the oilies are leaving behind a heap of toxic waste and polluted tailing ponds for the Albertans to clean up.  The removal of the raw tar is polluting the Province’s landscape, air and water. In fact the cost of putting things back right is gone way beyond Alberta’s ability to pay. As  happened in the past [ 1947, Leduc ] when Canada was forced to bail the Province out.  Albertans will take down their Harper firewall and come cap in hand to the rest of Canada looking for a bailout to deal with the deadly oilie  garbage.  This toxic tar / lighter fluid is being pumped or hauled to the Texas / California coasts to then be turned into //  O I L  \\  FOR THE WORLD MARKET.  DID YOU GET THAT?  THE WORLD MARKET.  NOT the Canadian market,  nor the American market as the Globe / Post and the other paid media [ CTV ] would have you believe.  I repeat, this  //  O I L   \\   is  NOT FOR Canada, NOT for the Americans, no matter what Joe Oiliver and the  Republican politicians say. They have all been paid off by the oilies. This  conspiracy involves Harper, the US oil monopoly, Enbridge, Kinder Morgan,  TransNotCanada,  CP / CN, the stock market, the $ media and others. Both members of the US Congress and our House of Commons have been well bribed in this regard. The raw tar mixed with Zippo lighter fluid [ naptha / benzine ] is required by the oil monopoly refineries that operate in Duty Free / Tax Free Zones  on the US Gulf / California coasts. These refineries pay NO AMERICAN TAXES.  In fact liquified Crude Bitumen is not  even considered to be  //  O I L   \\  BY  WASHINGTON.  As result EXXON, Enbridge, TransNot Canada, Kinder Morgan et al DO NOT PAY TAXES ON THIS TAR SLURRY WHICH IS BEING PUMPED / TRAINED ALL OVER NORTH AMERICA. But this is that old magician’s trick being used by the $ media on behalf of the oilies, now you see it, now you don’t.  For a couple of years the media has called DilBit  //  O I L   \\  . Next week they could call it strawberries? Or how about yogurt? If accompanied by a large oilie cheque the media will call anything anything the monopoly wants.  Even liquid Viagra, it doesn’t matter?  It’s the advertising cheque that counts to people like David Thomson of the Globe and Tar. The refineries on the Texas / California coasts, that can handle black tar were converted about 12 years ago to  process Venezuelan heavy oil, which is just a day away by ship. The Venezuelan Government was corrupt [ like the Harper Government is here ] and had been bought off while the peasants there could not afford food, to educate their children or receive medical care. Canada is not yet to that point but Lyin Steve is trying hard.  The US oil monopoly was assured of an endless supply of cheap, heavy oil with no cleanup necessary. Then the Venezuelans, led by Hugo Chavez revolted. This showed what a huge blunder the oil monopoly had made. The new, now useless refineries have cost oil stock holders billions. Hugo Chavez, the devil that he was, nationalized the Country’s oil industry [ Canada's next move ]. This cut the monopoly off from supplies of heavy oil, oops. Some of the smaller parts of the oil monopoly made deals with Chavez and agreed to a 32% royalty. You have got to remember those superior Albertans who are always mouthing it up give their Crude Bitumen away at a royalty rate of 8% on $ 40 a barrel of tar. The oil monopoly then turns around and sells that barrel for $ 106 after refining.  It is interesting that modern refining can extract an extra 2 gallons of product out of barrel of crude oil.  So letting the monopoly take the tar [ like raw logs of yesteryear ] means royalty on $ 40. That means a spread of $ 66 to the monopoly. Then the Americans get a 2 gallon bonus on top of that.  You also have to remember sometimes the oil monopoly cheats the poor saps in Edmonton out of their royalty. At times Albertans claim to be such a swift bunch, strutting about and such. You can catch this from all the right wing writers out of the west. But Harper has shown just how stupid Albertans are. Lyin Steve and his employer, the oil monopoly are picking their Western carcass clean and the $ media cheers them on.  And the Calgary petro media defends what amount to rape of it own people..  Pray tell me, which jurisdiction is in the 3rd world, Venezuela or Alberta? The oil monopoly majors would not play ball with Chavez and for a long time their refineries have been operating at 25% capacity. There is no money in running at 1/4 speed. Then one of them got the bright idea of using raw, unrefined tar from Fort McMurray but it had to be called  //   OIL   \\ as a means to cover up the dangerous truth. Even the tar sands name which had been around since the 1800s was labelled //  OIL   \\ sands.  This was repeated over and over to the media and drilled into reporters heads.  Never forget that it is  //  OIL \\. The words bitumen, tar, lighter fluid, naptha and benzine have been stricken from the English language all over Canada.  That’s what hundreds of millions in Oil money can do and exobitant gas prices can do. Canadians are paying the freight to dismantle their own hard won democracy .To be successful this whole tar operation had / has to be kept from Canadians and Americans by the media. That is what David Thomson is paid to do.  And it is working.  Crucial to what amounts to this theft of Provincial / Canadian  resources and the endangerment of Canadian and US citizens was the complete  surrender of the petrol $ media to the coverup cause. Complete obedience was and is  required from the papers and TV. This in return for millions of dollars of advertising hush money. David Thomson / Globe and Tar seems to be a major beneficiary of this scheme. His Paper leads the pack in promoting the oil monopoly pitch and get most of the ads. The tar [ it is NOT //  OIL   \\ until it is refined ] was / is pumped by pipe or trained to the Gulf  coast. And it goes by tanker from the BC coast to California [ not to Asia as Oiliver would have you believe ]. This toxic tar is refined and sold to the WORLD MARKET. The oilies make the huge profit margin of $ 40 on a barrel.  Alberta Premier Redford is running a deficit while the monopoly takes billions upon billions upon billions out of her Province. What P. T Barnum said is true, ” there’s a sucker born every minute ” and a lot of them live in the foothills of the Rockies. While the yahoos out there rail against the NEP and the east the Yankee oil monopoly are stealing them blind.  In fact BC could have had its’ very own Lac-Megantic.  The Kinder Morgan pipe was ruptured [ 2007 ] in Burnaby. You can watch the tar / benzine geyser on the internet.  Just a single spark could have burned out Burnaby and east Vancouver, just like in Lac-Megantic. But Vancouver is in a worse position yet because ships laden with liquified Crude Bitument leave through the Burrard Inlet every day. A fire on board one of these floating bombs would give us a repeat of the 1917 ship explosion in Halifax harbour. 1600 people were killed there by the blast and almost 10,000 were injured. You can see the cloud from that explosion in Halifax on the net. it is in black and white but it looks like Lac- Megantic. In Halifax the shock came and went.  Lac- Megantic blew and blew and blew as each tank car exploded. The Town burned for days.  If a ship blew up in the Vancouver narrows it would explode as each internal tank over heated and blew. The flaming benzine would fill the sky and the tar would burn for days. No doubt the fully engulfed ship would run aground somewhere because the crew would be crispy critters by then. And to think the only reason the tar is heading south to the Ruined States of America is to keep idle oil monopoly  refineries functioning. It is as plain and simple as that. Head wimp Harper knows which side his cheque is buttered on. And it is the only reason why we face all these risks, Thousands of innocent people on both sides of the border are being offered up as human sacrifices to the glory of the American oil monopoly.  Burn babies burn.  US law prevents the monopoly from shipping oil out of the US. Tar from Canada, going to the Gulf / Calif. is not considered American. Thus the monopoly can sell it at a huge profit with no American taxes. While Quebecers, Albertans and the rest of Canada gets shafted by Herr Harper. If there was a world oil crisis the monopoly might just sell gas /’diesel  to the highest bidder if they could get away with it. The monopoly was never trusted from 1932 to 1980 in the USA.  During the OPEC crisis the American Government, when it still represented the Untermenschs pass a law to prevent the monopoly from exporting oil. This would leave the little Yanks high and dry. This US law was brought in before Reagan.  This is the same kind of law that Pierre Trudeau passed in 1980. The NEP was meant to protect Canadians from a very greedy oil monopoly selling OUR OIL to the highest bidder somewhere else. And destroying Canada’s economy The oilies didn’t / don’t like Ottawa interfering in their business as they saw / see it. The monopoly believe THE OIL IN OUR WEST IS THEIR’S. Many a slow Albertan was misinformed over and over about the NEP back in the 1980s by the oilies, petro press in Calgary and Preston Manning.  Steve Harper, the wimp without a cause, found one in the NEP. A 25 year old from Ontario,  who took up a phony cause [ NEP ] and made someone elses’s battle his own. There are some in the west who have still not caught on to the lie about the NEP. Even to this present day. What oafs. In 2010 the oil monopoly took $125 billion in petroleum resources out of Alberta. The Province got back  8%, a little over $ 10 billion. And it is left with 175 accumulated tailing ponds of toxic sludge which Albertans are responsible for cleaning up.  Why the 8% royalty will never even come close to covering the cleanup, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. For more than 200 years this saying has existed. Beware of Yankee traders, ye will rue the day. Herr Harper is bankrolled by the oil monopoly and has remove all impediments to the theft and transport of the tar by the monopoly and the despoiling of the Province and the rest of Canada.  And Lying Steve has facilitated the monopoly in doing a dirty number on the air, ground and water in Alberta / Saskatchewan and anywhere else the tar goes like BC / Lac-Megantic / Toronto / Montreal.  This is the threat we now face. Wherever a pipeline or rail line runs  the locals face the prospect of being fried like the dead at Lac – Megantic. And the media, like the Globe and Tar are being paid to hide this info from you and me. The Town of Megantic has paid a hell of a price for pure greed and the pursuit of power. From here on in any community along a pipeline or rail line risks the towering inferno like Lac – Megantic. The only question is who will be next?  It is interesting to me that in regards to this tragedy Queen Elizabeth expressed condolences about Megantic to the very man, Herr Harper who caused this  devastation and loss of life. At the end of this piece I will take you through this criminal act step by step. I’ll cover the past, the present and look to the future. I don’t have a crystal ball but if one has many / most / all of the facts a good educated guess about what the future holds is possible.   Georgie Bush Jr. and the Republican Congress removed ALL RESTRAINTS from Wall St. and the banks. The result is they destroyed America. Lyin Steve has removed all the restraints on the tar sands, again, what comes out of the tar sands IS NOT LEGALLY //   OIL   \\].  Its’legal name is Crude Bitumen [ the Black Death ]. But the petrol $ media is paid to call it  //  OIL  \\. Thus many are facing ruin and death but you won’t find these facts in Thomson’s Globe. The people of Lac – Megantic have been dealt the first deadly blow. Could it be that the negligence of a little Mickey Mouse railway will bring about the end of the great bitumen [ Black Death ] fraud / conspiracy in North America??? The curtain has been pulled back. But I have my doubts that Edward Burkhardt is really responsible. The 77 oil tankers [ these tankers were not Burkhardt's property ] were not Red Placarded as hazardous [ HAZMAT ] and it was an exceptional long, heavy train. I question the mechanical state of these tankers. Were the hand brakes even roadworthy? Would the engineer even know if the brakes were in ood condition?   it just maybe that even if all those old covered wagon brakes were on they couldn’t  hold such weight on a 1.5% grade. If I had inspected those brakes you would have the answer right now.  It would be that easy to determine. Only if I had all the figures. But Transport Canada,  is now run from the PMO and they will never release such information. Get used to it, M, M and A  is Harper’s scape goat, he and  his  lackeys in the press will stick with the Government proscribed scape goat.  And as long as the Harper / oil money keeps flowing the petro $ media will run with this story.  Andrew Coyne / Ezra Le Rant are already on the case. No doubt they too can smell the money and bonuses. In the end we should be able put Steve Harper and his oil monopoly employers in jail for this massacre. The final part of this story will also include the end of the petro $ media as we have known it. Aiding and abetting the crime of murder in return for cash, as the media has done and continues to do should also bring punishment.  I have one question for David Thomson and his Globe. When is enough blood money enough enough blood money??? When does the greedy feeling subside David? When the corpses are piled high? Or Would it be when we put you in jail???


 I have written before that Herr Harper is mentally ill. He is a Sociopath who suffers from UPC [ an Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex ]. This relates to an undeveloped Societal Nodule, an area of the human brain [ on the left side between the eye and the ear ] which makes us what we are to – day, social animals. Beings who have a need to join together within a society and work for the betterment of all. Some even put effort into building a better society for tomorrow. One they will never themselves live to see. I believe this is an inner drive to see that their children have an easier time of things. This Societal Nodule has always been with us as Homo Sapiens and is the reason we have formed into larger groups over the centuries [ from 8000 BC on / the advent of agriculture ]. This joining together had many advantages, strength in numbers  and a realization that working as a unit we can produces better results than going solo. I believe UPC sufferers like Harper and Conrad Black have always been with us but over time their numbers would have been small [  in ancient times ].  I think UPC is inherited. Conrad has an errant son Johnathan who is completely irresponsible. I would suspect UPC. Like father like son.  Anyone who wouldn’t do their share back 10,000 years ago would be thrown out of the cave and banished to starve in the wilderness. If an individual stole his neighbours food his days would be numbered.  Only since the American Revolutionary War have we seen the proliferation of UPC sufferers, branded as Sociopaths in the 1970s. From the time of the US founding fathers there developed a special class of so called exceptional people. It was decided by Congressional leaders that when gifted MEN [ as in not women ] appeared on the scene their way should be smoothed. Having to appeal to voters for support and recognition in order  to climb the ladder of success was obviously a waste of a talented man’s time [ note MEN ]. While this may have made sense in 1800, it has caused considerable problems ever since. Just who would actually get to chose the exceptional persons?  The people already in the exceptional ranks?  Is it legit if an exceptional person is given a get-out-of-jail-free card based on the opinions of a few of his friends?  With this odd idea of special people existing were not the important Americans beginning to mess with their own  democracy? This exceptional person designation certainly did. In fact it has brought the USA to its’ knee [ 2008 / 09 ]. I posed this question in an earlier post. If an exceptional person was elevated by his fellows, those who recognized greatness, well okay. But when the said exceptional person died that should be the end of the line. Right?  But that is not how it has worked out. The sons of exceptional people became by virtue of their birth exceptional people too. This transfer of greatness was then bestowed upon young men who were not even close to being great. Some were village idiots.  Georgie Bush Jr. comes to mind. His grandfather Prescott [ Repub. ]  got rich laundering money for Hitler [ exceptional ? ]. While Americans were dying in Europe and in the Pacific  Presott Bush’s Union Banking Corporation was seized by the US Government [ FDR ] under the Trading with the Enemy Act [ 1942 ]. This exceptional people cadre made major incursions in the States from 1850 onward. There had been rich families before but by the middle of the century they began to form alliances. A clear sign of trouble to come. This gave them increased power outside Congress. Very Sociopathic.  The  exceptional people got smacked down by Teddy Roosevelt [ Pres. 1901 / 1909 ] who set out to curtail the big corporations like Standard Oil  [now EXXON ] and the robber barons.  During the Great War Woodrow Wilson [ Pres. 1913 / 1921 ], a Democrat, held the EX people at bay by passing numerous laws to restrict corporate / rich power. Taft and Roosevelt had split the Republican Party in the 1912 election. As a result the exceptional people and the big corporations joined forces. And they moved to the right. It was the beginnings of the present Republican Party whose moto was and is, ” If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying “. From the very start the Repubs were an anti democratic organization.  From day one it was populated by thousands of Sociopaths, corporate sharks and some of the selfish rich. That is why the Republicans sided with Hitler.  While having been born into a democratic society these Sociopaths were not of that society and sided with the Fascists. They saw the opportunity to feed off the masses and prosper by any means possible. They indeed saw themselves as an exceptional lot.  The other governing factor on the right was the rise of the Nietsche myth. Friedrich Nietzsche was a construct of his sister Elisabeth Nietzsche – Forster, an anti semitic and a German nationalist. Liz turned her mad brother into her meal ticket. Fred’s writings were altered, scraps of scribblings were turned into books, letters to others were forged, letters were altered or destroyed.  Liz went so far as to coach Fred’s old friends from University as to how to remember her brother. The outcome was a body of work which was made to appealed to the German right, much of it made up on purpose.  Hitler loved Nietzsche, the master race and all that important stuff. In 1907 H. L . Mencken [ 1880 / 1956 ] translated what he thought was the literary output of Friedrich but got Elisabeth’s pro German printed  propaganda instead. When Mencken began work on what he thought was Nietzsche’s output he was only 25 and wet behind the ears really. A cub reporter. The material he worked with was in fact the recreation of the writings of a lunatic who had not put pen to paper in 20 years. Mencken was a wimp who found Nietzsche’s ideas as presented by Liz very attractive. Friedrich, very early on had divided the people into Ubermen [ a few exceptional people running the show] and the Untermensch [ the mob ] who were supposed to do all the heavy lifting. Nietzsche obviously thought of himself as an exceptonal person. He had decided he was. As well he had no use for democracy. One reason, he had never lived in a democratic state. So he had no experience.  He liked authoritarian rule as long as he was in league with the few exceptional people barking the orders. You know, those who decided whether the individual Untermenschs go to the left or go to the right. The US has always been home to a large German minority.  Mencken  was of German descent and thought that the bulk of the American people were dolts. He said so many times. I find Mencken’s position strange as I do that of Preston Manning here in Canada.  H. L. lived in a democracy and prospered from it yet he lived for the day when the exceptional people would take over.  And the majority, the little people would move into their rightful place at the bottom. Mencken’s articles in papers / magazines and his books were dedicated to regime change. I don’t know if H. L. thought through the consequences of his ideas. Sociopaths have no insight.  If the exceptional people take over as they wish.  Isn’t that just another form of tyranny?   Mencken supported Germany in the Great War and was sympathetic to Hitler, as was Georgie Bush Jr.’s grandfather.  Mencken added a bit of his own stuff  to his so called Nietzsche translations. Let’s go back.  Nietzsche plagiarized earlier German philosophers.  His scribblings were often  recorded by his friend Heinrich Koselitz a wannabe philosopher. Friedrich called his friend Peter Gast to coverup the younger man’s involvement. At times Nietzsche could not even write so Heinrich took dictation.  5 years after Nietzsche was declared mad and put in the nut house, his sister Elisabeth showed up, fresh from South America. Liz bought the rights to her brother’s literary output from their mother. The problem was that Koselitz had possession of much of what was supposed to be Fred’s writings. Liz got some money from her late husband’s friends to set up a Nietzsche Museum. Koselitz was invited to help set up the museum so long as he brought along the files on Fred. Once Koselitz handed over the material he got pitched out on his keister by Liz. Herr Hartper does the same thing. So what Mencken ended up reading was Nietzsche’s interpretation of earlier academics.  As seen by Koselitz.  As reorganized by Elisabeth.  Then cherry picked by H. L.   Mencken.  He massaged  the mythic Nietzsche into something that was saleble to the American right wing movement . So began 100 years of crafting a bogus Netzsche by thousands of writers in the Republican Party to suit their Sociopathic bent. Exceptional Americans, the right, the rich and the Republicans over the years have very much liked what they read.  Especlally the part about the Uberman and the Untermensch.  H. L. had found his life’s work. There was however a shift in the exceptional persons approach. Someone else didn’t have to anoint you, You could / can just anointed yourself as exceptional like Harper, Black, Manning Flanagan, Poilievre and jenni Byrne.  All of a sudden, every wimp / Sociopath in the USA / Canada could / can self proclaim and join the club [ like the Civitas society, a private Fascist club ]. These misfits and wimps who had been left out of society had finally found a home. They could prove themselves and draw comfort by bullying the little people. After all we should know our place as lady Black would say.  Mencken introduced Ayn Rand [ 1905 / 1982 ] to the possibilities of trading on HER studies and knowledge of the Nietzsche myth, this in 1925.  Ayn was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum in Russia and for a time supported the Communists. When the Bolsheviks began to mistreat the Jews, Ayn came to America where she found a place as a second rate writer. Mencken showed Ayn the way. She was soon turning out right wing Nietzsche copy for the  exceptional people. Those on the right didn’t / don’t care much about the quality of their reading as long as it was / is faithful to RIGHT WING THINK.  Canadian newspapers are overrun by right wing think. It is without doubt lousy journalism.  But as long as the copy relates to the Ubermen myth and that the rest of the population as a mongrel mob [ Untermensch ] to be fooled and misled consistently it is food and drink to the righties. The Republicans came to power in the 1920s and allowed the oil companies to once again form a monopoly although such a monopoly is illegal in the USA and Canada. Calvin Coolidge and his Republican Congress began removing Roosevelt / Wilson’s restrictions,  to unfetter business and release the exceptional people.  This move was meant to free them from our clutches and prosperity for all would follow [ their prosperity ]. To Coolidge, small Government was good Government.  As such the powerful people, the rich people and the exceptional people unencumbered would make America rich.  But they were the ones who got rich.  Coolidge, the Republicans and the exceptional people brought us  the world the stock market crash of 1929. FDR came to power in 1932 and began enacting various laws to rein in the exceptional people as Roosevelt / Wilson had done earlier. One major piece of FDR Legislation, among many was the Glass / Steagall Act  [ Sen. Glass, Dem. / Rep. Steagall, Dem. ]  which cut the ability of the Wall St. sharks to mess with taxpayer’s bank deposits and it imposed restrictions on the stock market. Did you know that there are 4 times as many Sociopaths on Wall St., in banks and in politics than in the US general population. FDR’s laws lasted for 50 years and nutured prosperity in the States. All during those years the Republican / exceptional people chafed. And the US middle class grew. Vast amounts of money were spent by the Repubs. to undermine FDR and his efforts to pull the Country out of the slump caused by Coolidge and his Congress.  During the late 1930s the Repubs. took Nazi money to keep America out of the coming war. Hitler promised the Republicans control and his support once all of Europe was under his thumbs. However Adolf was working on an A Bomb and adapting it to the V2. Of interest is the fact that the Nazis were developing a giant submarine to deliver V2s to the US seaboard once Europe was his. The Republicans / Sociopaths have no insight. The Fuhrer promised King Edward the VIII the same kind of deal. He would become the puppet King of England.  With the attack on Pearl Harbour the exceptional people went into hiding immediatley but continued to try to derail FDR [ as the Repubs. are now doing to Obama ] [ The Repubs. say to - day, if we can't have America then no one shall ].  One of the characteristics of Sociopaths is that they never learn from their mistakes. They keep on doing the same stupid things over and over but expect a different result. FDR / Democratic measures were fully entrenched after WW II and the American middle class prospered. The exceptional people suffered  some loss of control and a reduction in how much of the financial pie they could steal. The right however never gave up because they knew they were right. Nietzsche was their patron.  The Exceptional people set up a base at the University of Chicago to promote Calvin Coolidge economics and the Nietzsche myth.  In the shadow of Chicago U the right began to brainwash Americans about the advantages of a free market, smaller Government, unrestricted stock activity, hobbled unions and lower business taxes [ even no taxes at all ].  The University of Chicago press became the centre of subversion in the USA. Their press, funded by the exceptional people was used to publish books, pamphlets and economic reports pushing the view of the right. Many of these publications were termed best sellers.  Bullshit. This material was distribute to all the libraries in the US free of charge.  Not satisfied with this level of propaganda coverage a group outside the University of Chicago but operating in one of their back rooms [ nicknamed the Chicago School ] decided to use a loophole in American law to set up right wing think tanks and call them educational organizations. These right wing fronts could then dishonestly claim charity status and give them access to tax dollars. This dodge is only allowed in the US and Canada.  So the American general public ended up funding the very group that was / is promoting the end of democracy. Canada then  followed suit about ten year later at the University of Calgary. From the copycat Calgary School [ not an official part of the University ] duplicate right wing think tank charities were set up. I am sure you will recognize these phony Institutions, Fraser, C. D. Howe, Preston Manning, Canada West,  Montreal, Macdonald – Laurier and others.  Calgary U is funded by the American oil monopoly and is the centre of subversion in Canada. The University played a part in the theft of the 2011 election in which Lyin Steve got a slim majority of ten seats which has now disappeared.  In the States the exceptional people began to invest in TV networks and newspaper.  By 1975 about 70% of the revenue stream going to the media was from advertising.   There was a coming together of various forces that set the USA on its’ downward slide. The rich right, Republicans, exceptional people joined with their $ media friends to begin to fashion the America we see to – day. The domination by the Ubermen [ possibly 10 million Sociopaths ] and the plight of the more than 300 million Untermenschs. Front man, Ronald Reagan, a grade B actor, came to office supported by the right wing media. The Republicans were ecstatic. Now they could wipe away all of the laws and legislation put in place by Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR and the Democrats. Like Harper is doing away with everything that smacks of the Liberal  brand here.   Much of the support for the Republicans came / comes from the American oil monopoly. The final protection against the onslaught of  the greed of the  exceptional people was the repeal of the Glass / Steagall Act in 1999. From that time onward US citizens were no longer financially safe. It took Coolidge / Republicans 8 years to orchestrate the Great Depression [ 1929 ]. It took Georgie Bush Jr. / Republicans 8 years to do a repeat performance and bring America’s economy to its’ knees once again. It is interesting that the right wing measures that Coolidge introduced in the 1920s and didn’t work were tried yet again by Bush, 2000 to 2008. And do you know what? These same measures were tried by Mike Harris in Ontario and they were a disaster. And do you know what? Tim Hudak is selling the very same snake oil to- day. Do you know what? The Province in now in the 3rd world category.  With Hudak we will make it to tier FOUR.  Right now we are on a Sociopathic merry go round. The exceptional people, in pursuit  of the Nietzsche myth have destroyed the economy of the USA and are now doing a number on Canada. In terms of our young people always moving upward. They are now stalled or even going backward. They can’t  look forward to an easier time in the future, thanks to the American oil monopoly, the Republicans and the Harper Fascists. Most of Herr Harper’s followers do not have children. Of huge danger to any society are people like Harper and his gang of misfits.  Most of them are sociopaths who have never had real jobs in their lives. Many are from the ranks of wimps in the Harper Youth.  Steve and his Fascist Party live off the fat of the land.  Where do you think Duffy and Wallin learned their craft.  Being exceptional people, they think It is due them. After all they are self appointed and part of the cult of Nietzsche. They are entitled to their entitlements.   Lyin Steve is joined in this hallowed circle above the laws of the land by Conrad Black, Pierre Poilievre, Gwyn Morgan and Neil Reynolds among others. All being wimps, they need some kind of opponent who doesn’t fight back, this to prove their manhood. And all chose to battle our democracy and its’ laws. Democracy means Government. And Government means the citizens. That mob of little folk, the majority that  is most feared by the exceptional people. As long as we have the vote they can’t control us. So they will cheat us out of our Country like Bush Jr. did Stateside.  Black stole other people’s money because he viewed them as patsies, as are all of the little people to the Conman and Barb. Poilievre has chosen Canada as his opponent. Pierre never had a real job in his life, much like Steve.  Backed by unlimited US oil monopoly money Harper and Poilievre are tearing off chunks of our democracy without meaningful opposition. If you read Gwyn Morgan’s bio on the net it would seem this man has made himself rich by taking advantage of every loophole in the law and sometimes outside it. Gwyn and his wife live in a mansion in BC thanks to taking everything Canada has to give and giving nothing back. Except a gift of a mill to the Fraser Institute. An organization that stands on guard for the Republicans. Neil Reynolds was a newspaper man who I could never fathom. I could not get a fix on where he was coming from. Neil was what I call it a very confused thinker. But his obituary in the Globe, May 22/13 helped me solve the riddle. The headline read, ” Editor fought for free speech and liberty “. In Canada ? Huh? I thought we had those things? Neil is yet another Nietzsche adherent. The Government by and of the people is the enemy of the thin ranks of exceptional people as seen by Reynolds.  In the USA it is estimated that 4% of the males and 1% of females are sociopaths. 1% of males are psychopaths. I have long held that Harper is a Sociopath but he has now crossed into Psychopathic territory by his prearranging of the killing of approx. 50 innocent victims in Megantic on behalf of his oilie employers.  It is clear that Lyin Steve is setting us up more deaths. In Britain the prison authorities imaged [ MRI ] every inmate. They found that 85% of those in jail were Sociopaths. There are 16 behaviours that identify Sociopaths. Medical investigation of the criminal mind began in 1942.  [] 1 [] Superficial charm and intelligence. [] 2 []   Absence of delusional thoughts and nervousness [ as in a cold killer with a sneaky smile ]. [] 3 []  Manipulative. [] 4 []   Unreliable.  [] 5 []   Untruthfulness and insincerity. Continual lying.   [] 6 []   Lack of remorse or shame. No empathy.  [] 7 []   Anti social behaviour.  [] 8 [] Poor judgement and a failure to learn from past experiences [ also a factor in Autism ]. [] 9 []   Never admitting to a mistake. [] 10 [] Egocentric, not capable of love. [] 11 []   Lack of insight. [] 12 []   Unresponsive to interpersonal relationships [ cold ]. [] 13 []   Univited behaviour. [] 14 []   Suicidal thoughts that are not carried out. [] 15 []   Little or no sex life. [] 16 []   No life plan. From this list we can see some of Harper’s traits. He is superficial but very intelligent. He lies continually. He says one thing and does the exact opposite just like Hitler did. He is not sincere.  He lacks remorse for his deeds.  He feels no shame after dumping his friends Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Nigel Wright. They served Himself, but like so many others they’ve been tossed aside, with their names sullied. In 1934 Hitler shot all of those who had helped him gain power. They were no longer of any use to him.  Now here is the biggie, NO INSIGHT. Sociopaths like Harper are unable to project their actions onto future events and exercise caution. Letting the pipelines / railways  carry liquified Crude Bitumen containing 1/3rd benzine without meeting strict regulations is guaranteeing innocent people will die.  By facilitating the pipeline companies, deregulating CN / CPR, gutting the environmentl laws where did Harper think he was taking the Country? By laying off Transport Canada Inspectors and allowing the pipelines and railways to police themselves it meant that the hedge fund owners on Wall St. would  always self deal. Herr Harper took us directly to Lac-Megantic. The Streeters ruined the USA with their self dealing. Now it is our turn.  In such  situations plain Canadians and Americans always lose [ even their lives ] because to-day’s Governments refuse to protect us. The reason? They have all been paid off with oil money.  Since Harper tells lies every day.  Can we expect Joe Oiliver, Gary Doer, the his trained seal MPs or the pipelines [ Russ Girling ] and railways [ Hunter Harrison ] to tell the truth? It is clear that a lot of boardrooms are run by Sociopaths.  Steve has appointed his flunkies to Transport Canada,  the Transportation Safety Board / National Energy Board specifically to lessen the load on the oil business. But this shifted the risks onto the average citizen. As Lyin Steve and Nietzsche would say, ”  THE MOB “.  By removing the environmental regulation and restrains on the American oil monopoly and the US pipelines / railways [ owned by Wall St. hedge funds ] it is clear what the outcome would be.  Dangerous tar / Zippo lighter fluid spills. There have been at least 1000 spills in the last ten years. Most were Alberta tar. this fact was not published by the press. Really nice, the $ media gets paid for NOT DOING SOMETHING. But missing in all of these spills has been one small thing. A single stray spark.  just a little spark can ignite the poisonous naptha / benzine used to thin the tar. But the clock ran out in Lac-Megantic. A single spark did killed 50 people. It would have been better in my view if the 6 tank cars on the Bow River bridge in Calgary containing pure lighter fluid [ benzine ] had blown up. The oil monopoly exectives there would have been fried instead of the innocent people in Lac-Megantic. If Enbridge gets its’ wish and begins pumping Alberta tar mixed with lighter fluid [ benzine ] through No 9, across Southern Ontario and through Toronto what would be the death toll if that pipeline ruptured and caught fire?  A broken pipe, a spark or even static electricity [ when you walk across a carpet and touch a light switch ] can cause what you saw in Lac-Megantic. Only in Toronto it would be 100 times worse. At Lac-Megantic the fire only ceased when all the tar was burned. If pipe No 9 bursted along Finch Ave. between Dufferin St. and Bathurst St. the tar / lighter fluid would burn for days as many thousands of gallons would continue to be pumped out long after the rupture. Enbridge has no way of knowing there is an Alberta tar spill. The sensors located in oil pipes don’t work with tar / lighter fluid. The quartz sand in the tar tears the sensor diaphrams to pieces. Enbridge would not be informed for hours of a spill in TO. People who have been burned to a cinder or died of asphyxiation don’t make emergency phone calls.  To make matter worse the oil monopoly toxic garbage / materials have and are been strewn across our countryside [ air / ground / water ]. The oilies have no intention of cleaning the mess up or ever paying for its’ cleanup.  Herr Harper has given the monopoly, his employers a free pass. Dispoil the landscape at your convenience says Lyin Steve.  Quite some deal. Fry as many little people as you wish. Tens of millions flow under the table to Harper and his MPs to finance their Facist cheat machine.  David Thomson, CTV and the rest of the media play along in return for cash. All the while the American oil monopoly gets to take  hundreds of billions of petroleum resources out of Canada. And what do we get in this regard? A royal screwing, that’s what. Everybody along every pipeline or railroad is at risk of being driven from their homes, gassed or incinerated. Some of you nincompoops put Lyin Steve and his Facists in office. Thanks. You should be ashamed of yourselves. In a sense the Lac -Megantic conflagration is partly your fault. Harper supporters put the right wing ideology ahead of their fellow Canadians to go along with Steve’s cheating. But one thing is constant. Republicans  / Harper’s Fascists never take any responsibility for their mistakes and the petro $ media fulfills their every wish by covering up.  In this confligration, we must make the monopoly pay up and pay big. Or WE will pay even more, forever.  If you have spine Canada will regain its’ place in the world?  If you keep on acting like jellyfish as too many of you are. Then the clanging of the concentration gate behind you and your children will be your reward. Don’t your kids and grandkids deserve better???


Let’s cut to the chase. The Lac – Megantic disaster was a TWO PARTER although the petro $ media won’t tell you that. The Globe and Tar and others are being paid to cover up the facts. Total load, more than 4 million gals. petroleum product. The oilies and their employee Steveie Harper are desperate to stop you from finding out that 1,400,000 gallons of  what amounts to Hi Octane Gasoline [ benzine ] fuel blew up, The remaining  3,000,000 gallons of tar burned or leaked into the lake / river, The train didn’t carry Red Hazardous Cargo Placards because the obsolete tank cars were not licenced to carry benzine / naptha [ HAZMAT ] [ hazardous materials ].  [] 1 [] FIRST concern, there was the runaway train which Harper is concentrating on. He has found his scape goat. The young of lac-Megantic be damned. If that train had been hauling orange juice there would not have been any deaths.  [] 2 [] SECOND, the cargo of liquified Crude Bitumen [ mixed with 33% Zippo lighter fluid ]. This Black Death is being pumped and railed all over Canada.  Harper and the monopoly have plans for increasing the volume of alberta tar. This is the part that is being hidden from your view. The train parked uphill from Lac -Megantic could have been too heavy for the antiquated handbrake syste. It was to be left overnight unattended. I don’t think the engineer responsible knew what was on board and that the cars weighed too much to be left on a hill?  M,M and A is a railway Company running along the edge of bankruptcy, it was cutting every corner it could. The tankers were obsolete and should not have been carrying benzine. Transport Canada was oblivious to the transportation of hazardous materials as per Harper’s wishes. It was an accident looking for a place to happen. The cargo //   OIL   \\ was one eagerly seized upon by M, M and A as a way to replace their diminishing wood business in Quebec. It is my sense that Ed Burkhardt, CEO, M, M and A  wasn’t aware of how hazardous his cargo was and that it was being illegally hauled in old tank cars. CP Rail just looked the other way and hauled this load of death clear across the Country. Every community CP Rail traverses could have been a Megantic. Each tank car carried a total of 60,000 gallons of tar slurry. 20,000 of that was naptha / benzine which is the equilavent of Hi Octane Gasoline. It was used in the B-29s over Japan.  40,000 gallons of tar / sand / trace chemicals made up the rest of the load in each tanker . It should have been  identified as Hazardous material by use of a Red Placard on each car for rail or a Red pipeline ticket. Waybills are supposed to accompany each shipment of petroleum products and describe the contents in detail. Those involved fudged the Waybills. This paperwork allows local authorities to respond to spills, derailments etc in a safe and proper manner. By not describing the contents , first reponders, firemen and the public are put at great risk. There is no point finding out a year later that the soil in the centre of Lac – Megantic is soaked to the 3 ft level with benzine ensuring another 50 people will die slow deaths. That is what Herr Harper is allowing by impeding the investigation.  As far as I can tell the pipelines / railways are ignoring the laws and hiding the makeup of these lethal cargos all over the Country and down into the States. The authorities / investigators are turning a blind eye and withholding information from the public. Those who were on site in an official capacity already know the cargo was Alberta tar mixed with benzine [ look benzine up on the net ], it is one of the deadliest chemical compounds going. It can burn you fast or kill you slow.  How much did it cost the US Oil monopoly to buy the investigators? It is called double dipping, working for the people supposedly? But all the while taking money from the US oil monopoly to ignore their duties.  It looks to me like Burkhardt was duped and is now the target of the petro $ media as per Harper’s instructions. M, M and A, in trying to escape the scapegoat label which will be used by the monopoly paid Globe and Tar etc to keep attention away from the real problem.  Burkhardt will best be served  by going bankrupt. That will suit the suits. In fact Harper and his employer the oil monopoly could be paying Burkhardt to close M, M and A’s doors.  Then no one will be resposible to pay for the cleanup.  Then the  petro $ media will spend weeks punching at a phantom. 50 people innocent people killed and nobody to blame. Neat don’t you think? Liquified Crude Bitument goes by the names tar slurry or  diluted bitument [DilBit ]. It is a mixture of raw tar, quartz sand, trace chemicals and about 33% lighter fluid [ the naptha / benzine family ]. The lighter fluid part is the dangerous part of the load and it can be in liquid form or gas off when heated. In a Coleman camp stove naptha is poured into a little tank and the pressure is pumped up. When the valve is opened you put a match to the burner and it goes whoosh just like Megantic. The naptha passes through a manifold on its’ way to the burner and is turned into a gas.  A hundred thousand Coleman stoves constituted the part of the load that incinerated 50 approx. people in Lac. Megantic. Now the soil in the centre of Lac -Megantic is soaked with benzine.  A sure sign of DilBit.  LIGHT OIL CONTAINS NO BENZINE. OIL as we know it is benign before refining. However toxic tar mixed with lighter fluid can be catastrophic. So that is why YOU are being snowed by the papers each and every day. Oil it ain’t but that is what the oilies pay them to say.    Benzine fumes are very  dangerous. And that will probably be a barrier to replacing any of the buildings in Town  because of the noxious fumes in the ground. All the soil will have to be removed to whatever depth the benzine goes.  [] / [] The Naptha / Benzine family is the lightest, most volitile petroleum liquid going. This liquid is added to Hi Octane Gasoline to increase it’s power. Naptha is used in Zippo lighters and Coleman camp stoves as stated. It can be carcinogenic. It can cause failure of the central nevous system. The Material Safety Data Sheet gives health guideline for what is considered a very hazardous material. Naptha can explode violently if it comes in contact with a spark, flame or overheated surface. Dangers include skin irritation. Ingestion can cause chemical pneumonia, severe lung damage, respiritory failure and death. Fire fighters must use full SCBA breathing apparatus to avoid health risks. In Burnaby, Kalamazoo, Mayflower and Lac-Megantic first responders were not told what they are dealng with. It was always  OIL, OIL , OIL said Pat Daniel [ of Enbridge ] and Rex Tillerson [ of EXXON ]. Joe Oiliver says it is oil. Garry Doer says it is oil, The Globe and Tar, Post and Star call it oil.  How many of these young men and women who fought the Megantic inferno will die early deaths because of  the failure of Gordon Campbell [ Burnaby ], Herr Harper [ Megantic ] and the Governors of Michigan [ Kalamazoo ] / Arkansas [ Mayflower ] to call it DilBit tar instead of OIL.  All fire residues from Naptha / Benzine must be disposed of in accordance with the regulations and must not be released into the environment. Is this being done by the Megantic cleanup crews or do they still believe it was OIL that spilled. The penetration of Naptha / Benzine into the subsoil or water should be prevented at all costs according to the laws. The benzine can migrate in all directions and permanently damage the soil well beyond the spill site. Naptha / Benzine vapours must be kept below occupational exposure and flamibility limits. All clothing used in the containment of Naptha / Benzine events must be disposed of where there is no possible ignition source. Vapours  can explode when mixed with air. Soiled clothing must not be put in a washer or dryer. Sparks could set off an explosion. The huge fireballs at Lac – Megantic were NOT CAUSED BY OIL. Oil doesn’t burn like that. As the tank cars telescoped there would have been  tearing / grinding metal which would have created plenty of sparks. The liquid Naptha /Benzine would have been ignited first and it would burn. The vapours generated would actually explode. Heat would build up from the burning tar around the tankers that had not burst. The pressure build up inside the thin skinned tank car would eventually rupture them and they would explode too and shoot Naptha / Benzine high into the sky. One by one the tanker would blow up. Eventually when the Naptha / Benzine was all consumed the tar would keep the fires going.  Harper, [ the Sociopath ] would never have give a thought ahead of time that such a tragedy could occur. Steve crafted this confligration link by chain link. His only thought was the oil monopoly’s bottom line. But isn’t that what Lyin Steve is paid for?  Stevee  remove all the impediments to the transport of killer liquified Crude Bitument by pipeline or rail strictly to increase the profits of his employer, the American oil monopoly. On April 29 / 13, in my post, I wrote about just such a confligration happening in Toronto. This in regard to the Enbridge application about Pipe  # 9  to the NEB.  This toothless tribunal is stacked with Harper cronies. The Company wants to reverse the flow on Pipeline No. 9 to carry the Black Death right across Ontario, going through the middle of Toronto.  I can just imagine the death toll and destruction here if the toxic tar / lighter fluid blew?  If No # 9 let go the oilies would be sure to kill some little kids and their grandparents this time. The Pat Daniel Company might even score some babies while they’re at it as kids and older folks would be present. Not like in Lac-Megantic where just partiers fried. Enbridge operatives are now travelling across Southern Ontario paying $ 25,000 bribes to mayors / reeves / community organizations to buy their support. Mind you after the oilies bribing Congress, Parliament and Queen’s Park why should municipal politicians and community leaders be left out of the beanfeast?  If Naptha / Benzine is carried by train the person in charge must complete the documents listing the cargo and the tank car must be placarded in Red. That placcard must be clearly visible for inspection by Transport Canada [ who on Harper's orders check nothing but their cell phones ] under the Dangerous Goods Act. In terms of //   OIL   \\ pipelines themselves, they should not be used for Naptha / Benzine as it is a totally different product. It is much more volitile and poisonous than oil.  And the tar is laced with quartz sand which erodes the inside of the steel pipes, making them thinner. Therefore the pipelines and railways should not be able to mix Naptha / Benzine with tar and transport it unless all of the Government Regulations are met, as regards pipe [ plastc pipes that can't be eroded by the sand and and don't overheat ]. And double hulled rail cars. 40 year old, rusty pipelines and obsolete tank cars should be off limits to liquified Crude Bitument. The only thing those cars are good for is carrying orange juice. As well these restrictions go for the pumping / transporting of 100% Naptha / Benzine like in the case of the 6 derailed tankers on the Bow River bridge in Calgary.  Just 6 rail cars held 500,000 gallons of Naptha / Benzine.  If I had had my wish, I would have prefered to see that train blow up in a fireball and take out  downtown Calgary. Frying all those bastards in the oil office towers who bear a huge responsiblity for Lac – Megantic. Now that would be sweet justice. Everyone in the oil business knows that they are pumping / shipping tar slurry //   NOT OIL   \\. In fact when trains carrying liquified Crude Bitumen  arrive at their destination the tank cars must be heated to get the tar out.  Oh swell. Just imagine the entire Irving Atlantic refinery blowing up? Under the circumstances  complying with Transport Can. regulations as they are now written would make  it extremely expensive if not impossible for the US oil monopoly to ship raw tar.  But of  course our very own Stevie has done away with all the rules on behalf of the monopoly. Added to the fact that liquified Crude Bitument is presently being pumped / shipped through / in antiquated pipes and obsolete tank cars. This is a clear threat to the investors in tar sands companies. Are they out of their minds? No, not the smart ones,they have dumped oil stocks.  The values of tar sands companies are depressed, it is little wonder.  Why would anyone open themselves to such liability?  The Black Death, as we now know it can strike anywhere, any time. That is why oil stocks in the west are languishing. Initially, Ed Burkhart says that the M, M and A insurance would cover the Company’s damages. Burkhardt was dreaming in technicolour. The total cost is going to be in the billions and insurance companies don’t pay off when there is neglect and a willful disregard for the laws. Lying on the Waybills and not afixing Red Hazardous Goods Placards to tank cars is a crime and will mean CP will share some of the responsibility. CP, which had been cutting costs and laying off staff is owned by Wall St. hedge funds. A slap up the side of the head for CP would be mighty satisfying to me. Since the tar was not identified as a hazardous material I think the insurance companies involved will stop answering the phone. I believe the Mickey Mouse and Atlantic outfit will declare bankruptcy and escape liability.  If our Government had been truly acting on behalf of Canadians this transportation of Naptha / Benzine mixed with tar would never have taken place.  The oil monopoly is transporting  this  hazardous / lethal material behind the backs of Canadians with the full participation of the petro $ media. All the insiders in Ottawa  know the game  that is being played here.  Joe Oiliver was fully aware of the dangers before the Lac – Megantic blow up and the extent of the law breaking by those involved.  Both Joe and Steve are now in hiding.  Tom Mulcair was right on the money. What happened was that Herr Harper just removed all the regulations and HE HIMSELF let’r rip. Or let her blow might be a better way of putting it. And one million, four hundred and sixty thousand gallons of  Naptha / Benzine blew up in the little Town of Lac – Megantic.  The US oil monopoly, the pipelines, the railways are hard at work endangering hundreds of thousands of Canadians by claiming that they are just  transporting //   OIL   \\. This  //   OIL   \\ message is carried to the public by the petro $ media in return for millions in bribes in the form of advertising. It is a message that AGAIN is being repeated over and over hundreds of times. Everyone involved should be in jail. This is modern brain washing is in the Goebbel’s mode.  This //   OIL THINGY   \\ is on display particularly in the National Post and the Globe and Tar. In the last couple of days a new lie has emerged. As if to make sure Lac – Megantic is never connected to Fort McMurray tar in the minds of the citizenry the press is now saying that the contents that exploded in the Town was light oil from the Bakken field in North Dakota. IT IS AN OUT AND OUT LIE. This Bakken oil field nonsense is being repeated incessently  by those 20 year old unpaid intern writers who the media is abusing. One junior / starving scribe even mentioned Bakken twice. I am sure Paul Godfrey gave her an extra muffin. The only problem with that story is US  law prohibits the export of real OIL beyond its’ borders. But this shows the arrogance of the American oil monopoly, it is actually  admitting via the media that it is breaking American laws. In this case it is more important to hide the fact that what blew in Megantic was Alberta tar. This shows me that the  monopoly doesn’t have to fear anything because Republicans in Congress and the Facists in our House of Commons have been bought off by the oilies. Each one of  Herr Harper’s MPs has a fat oil money bank account which will be used to steal the next election.  The monopoly has no respect for the intelligence of Canadians. The monopoly tells endless lies through CAPP and the $ media, the veracity of which is easily checked on the net. The oil monopoly has taken a page from the Republicans play book. Basically that the bulk of you are just like your American cousins, merely part of the mongrel mob.  Although the voters are the majority.  H. L Menken, the darling of the right said something like, ” All governments of the people are conspiracies against the superior mind. Who decides if someone is superior like Pierre ” Skippy ” Poilievre. Being that Skippy is a certifiable wimp, Pierre, a product of Calgary U is allow to elevate himself on his very own say so according to the creators of the Nitzsche Myth Cult. Whether we are or are not an unruly mob that needs taming, that is not for the elites to decide., If the Black Death continues to be transported around the countryside by the American oil monopoly, that endangered mob could get very nasty. I suggest we get very nasty quickly. There will be many more people fried like at Lac – Megantic  if the transport of tar is not stopped. But if you are more savvy than Harper and the oil monopoly gives you credit for then the deaths from the black death will end here and now?  What will it be?  Your very important call? Lives are depending on you.


Let’s go back in time to see just how we ended up with 50 people dead in Lac -Megantic.  I am a Progressive Conservative with emphasis on Progressive. Both my Federal and Ontario Parties have been taken over by the American oil monopoly funded Fascists. Let’s return to 2000, during the second mandate of Mike Harris, he threatened  to sell Ontario Hydro to Bay St.,  PC insiders and ENRON. I was and had been a minor PC Party functionary in Pickering [ starting in 1960 under Leslie Frost ]. Mike said sell O H, I suggested,  fix it. After discussions Mike ignored me and listened rather to the PC Party, [ currently run by Harper ] machine which  has Tim Hudk as its’ puppet leader. The sale initiative proceeded. As I walked away from Harris and the PCs my parting shot to Mike was, ” sell Ontario Hydro and you will lose the next election, fix it and you will win a third term “.  As you know the PCs were turfed by McGuinty and have never regained power since that time.  I also warned King Dalt, early in his first mandate  that the high cost of nuclear KWs was the elephant in the room. Although I am a PC I offered to help the Liberals in this regard, no dice said Dalt. McGuinty was bent on using our electrical system to enrich his own  friends as Harris had done before him. I wrote to McGuint [ 2004 ], saying, that if the electricity problem was not  addressed, it would be his downfall too. Now McGuinty, the nukies best friend has paid the price. The Dalt is now in hiding, he’s as reviled as Mike Harris.  With Tim Hudak as leader, the PCs will be in the wilderness for a long time to come. The people of this Province had their fill of Harrisisms.   Thus my interest in Ontario Hydro was whetted back in 2000 and so I began doing research on same. I now know more about electrical generation / transmission in a general sense than anyone in Canada. But those in control and in the $ media do not want to hear about me or my ideas or any other innovators for that matter.  Any proposals for a new KW system which puts the ratepayers needs above corporate interests and greed will never see the light of day in the present Ottawa / Queen’s Park environment nor in the right wing press. Innovation has actually been cancelled for the  foreseeable future and will remain so unless YOU the voters wake up from your slumbers. I have a strong feeling that even to-day there are Canadians who would march to the cattle cars without ever asking any questions. It is called docility or indifference. It is a part of human nature in some to believe anything  they are told. They wait and hope for the best. Some people can be led around by the rings in their noses.  Just look at the Germans from 1930 to 1945 and that practise is still the case to -day.  Harper seems to have found some similarly flawed people here in Canada who are quite happy to be led around by their noses. If you remember Mike Harris, he had accumulated a $ 3.5 hidden debt. A story that has been buried by the Harper press. Right wingers always like to tell us that they know what they are doing economywise. They don’t.  Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan prove my point.  Mike Harris was no economist, nor is Lyin Steve. When mistakes occur the right wing just buries the wreckage or blames someone else.  Harris leased out # 407 to cover HIS hidden debt and was about to sell off Ontario Hydro for the same reason. But thank heavens, the Courts ruled against an Ont. Hydro sale. So smart old right winger Mike got all the bad publicity for the planned sale of Ont. Hydro which caused the demise of the PCs. But he never ended up getting any of money. And ONTARIANS just barely missed having their ENRON moment. Both Harris and ENRON were soon in the history books. The sale of Ont. Hydro shows Harris’ gross  incompetence and lack of political savvy. No insight.  Little wonder that the Province faltered under Mike’s thumb. I suggested to John Tory that he fix our electrical system and win the Premiership.  John, it turns out was rather slow on the uptake. Tory lost his Blackberry for a time. He ignored the electrical elephant in the room and lost. I was going to advise Tim Hudak to fix the electrical system and become Preem. But concluded Tim was even slower than Mike or John. I decided not to waste my time.  Sociopaths Republicans / Can. Fascists have no insight and the KW situation is a good example. Mike’s # 407 lease was flawed and has cost Ontarians billions. # 407 is now a highway for the rich, who can deduct the cost of its’ use as a business expense. Thus the money comes directly out of the pockets of Babs Black’s little people. Heads the rich win, tails, the little people lose. Years ago it was revealed that the # 407 agreement had more holes in it than swiss cheese. I am not surprised, Mike needed the money, like immediately. As a businessman I tried to avoid making deals from a position of weakness. Harris did exactly that. He gave away the store and on top of that even agreed to have the Government play the mob role of collecting # 407 accounts. Drivers are muscled to pay by MPPs who act more like sheep.  # 407 drivers stand convicted and must pay without a hearing. The Magna Carta did away with this kind of stuff in 1215.  How many other governments abuse the rights of the citizens by stong arming them for money on behalf of a private corporation? Dictators do that. This # 407 thuggery has to stop.  McGuinty was in a position to cancel the # 407 deal and take back the highway on the basis of an agreement which is not in the best interest of Ontarians.  Devious Dalt, the crook who would be  Premier, refused to expropriate # 407  because his friends and the Liberal party machine were / are making too much money working with the bandits who operate # 407. Dalt just replaced Mike at the # 407 graft payout wicket. Eventually Ontarians are going to have to buck up their courage and take # 407 back.  Now # 401 across the top of Toronto is poisoning the City with carbon monoxide when packed with cars / transport trucks.  David McKeown, Medical Officer of Health refuses to act on carbon monoxide question. My research says the level of CO in the Toronto core goes beyond the safe limit.  But the City Council, being true to Jane Jacobs, cares little about Torontonians suffering ill health or even death from the Gridlock they have engineered.  We need to have carbon monoxide testing done all across # 401 and at key locations in the City.  Dave however is more interested in grand standing than protecting the health of Torontonians. But in the end # 407 will have to come back into public ownership.


Once I dumped Mike Harris and the what has become the Fascist PC party in Ontario I took up a study of this Province’s electrical system. I always had a soft  spot for Ontario Hydro and its’ harnessing of our vast water resources. Water was cheap, clean, unlimited and this resource belong to the people.  Water made us what we are and success reigned until 1975 when the nukies took over. Nuclear power has destroyed Ontario’s economy and relegated us to have-not-status. The nukies have been and are continuing to bleed us white and PC / Liberal MPPs close their eyes. We still have enough hydro electric capacity [ both installed and potential ] to power Ontario without any nuclear, coal or gas plants at all. In fact we have more water power than Manitoba and Quebec put together. But you wouldn’t know it. The story of this Province’s water resources has been tucked away on the shelf by the nukie insiders, well out of our view.  The $ media was / is paid to keep silent on the existence of this clean / cheap KW resourse. Much thanks to the Toronto Star, PCs and Liberal insiders who get far too many benefits from the nukies to ever allow the use of OUR God given resourse, water, WHICH THE PEOPLE OWN. This huge hydro potential has been hidden from the citizens here for 40 years. This, because the papers, particularly the Toronto Star were /are paid big money to mislead us. And John Honderich is still taking nukie money and trying to fool YOU. After the War, Ottawa wanted to find peaceful uses for uranium. We had mines at Bancroft and Elliot Lake and nuclear was cutting edge technology that offered jobs.  But the Feds and AEC needed a guinea pig to work out all the bugs, pay some of the bills and serve as a show case for the new nuclear technology. Ontario was chosen to serve the nukies’ interests. Quebec refused [ a very wise move ].  Premier Frost was taken in by Ottawa and AEC with promises that were impossible to keep. Leslie Frost was lied to and the nukie lies have never stopped coming over 40 years. In the end Ontarians were / are left holding the bag with electricity rates 3 times that of surrounding jurisdictions. Business, manufacturing , mining and forestry jobs have gone elsewhere . Queen’s Park and the nukies will not let YOU escape bondage until they have taken your very last sou. The actual end cost of KWs to Ont. ratepayers was never of interest to the nukies. They were into doing experiments all along to prove their nuclear theories. Ontarians were just around to sign the cheques and keep their mouths shut. No two CANDU plants are alike. Each is a one off.  Each new plant, is yet another expensive experiment. There has never been a truly successful CANDU system built. With each new nuke that pooped out the cry was wait till next time. And by the by, for the next generation model the nukies say, we are going to need some more money. And Queen’s Park has always given it to them, no questions asked. The nukies have never found a way to generate electricity too cheap to meter as they promised. However  they have found a way to generate nuclear electricity too expensive to buy.  But still Queen’s Park holds the citizens here in servitude with the Toronto Star’s help. Many of you voted for the now disappeared / disgraced  McGuinty. Imagine people voting for self poverty, bad times and no future for their children. And yet that Liberal Party machine was still in full swing during these current By-Elections. When I was doing early research on electricty I didn’t have a computer, no net. I relied on the Whitby Library and the Inter-Library Loan system. I even got books from the Library in Parliament. Then I began to puzzle over the nuclear coverage in  the Toronto Star? It didn’t sound right. The Paper’s nukie copy had a phony ring to it. By  the time my KW investigations began I had had a 50 years history with my beloved Star. First as a carrier [ 1947 / 1952 ] with a route of 150 Papers. Then as a customer. The Star was the only paper I read for all those years. As I got up to speed on Ontario’s electrical system I became aware that the nuclear content in the Star was not quite Kosher. I began writing to reporters and eventually to the editor at the Star with the correct information. I got nowhere. The nukie misinformation continued and continued and continues to this day. What you read about nuclear in the Star TO-DAY IS ALL LIES. Eventually I was writing to Rob Prichard, CEO of the Star. You are familiar with Prichard who is a three time loser. He and his Bay St. pals halved the Professor’s pension fund at the U of T. Rob was asked to leave the University. He took over the Star and proceeded to load the Paper with more than $ 500 million in debt. No doubt Rob and his friends benefited.  Because of this debt the Star’s days are numbered. Honderich is heading for oblivion which gives me much joy. The Paper’s Board of Directors gave Rob $ 9 million to go away but by then it was too late. Prichard he had driven a stake into the Paper’s heart.  John Honderich’s poor Star is on life support. Then McGuinty installed Rob Prichard at Metrolinx to facilitate the shoveling of taxpayer’s dollars into the pockets of devious Dalt’s friends and the Liberal Party machine. Rob is still hard at work passing out your money to Liberal insiders. His main talent seems to be giving away other people’s money and keeping some for himself. That is why Torontonians WILL NEVER SEE THE END OF GRIDLOCK AND NEVER SEE A WORKING PUBLIC TRANSIT SYSYEM UNTIL PRICHARD IS THROWN UNDER A SUBWAY CAR. Rob is planning a Union Station / Pearson rail link for the rich, to be paid for by Babs Black’s  little people. Prichard’s Eglinton subway is an underground track from noplace to nowhere.  However it will allow developers to buy up cheap Eglinton Ave. frontage from end to end upon which to build condos. The developers are in on Prichard’s deal but the little people are not. The rich will have their own private subway all the way downtown. Now there are plans for a subway in Scarborough, again for the affluent. Prichard is making us look like suckers. And if we fall for Rob’s pitch we will prove him right. In terms of the Scarb. subway, the working people in Malvern have been forgotten once again. My letter writing to the Star about the nukie lies yielded ziltch result even though I often sent copies of technical data to prove what the Paper was printing was false, pure nukie propaganda. Prichard actually called me on the phone about my anti nuclear letters but we agreed to disagree. The Star never missed a chance to accept a cheque for writing stuff right out of the nuclear handbook. It took me a very long time to come to grips with this unsettling situation. About a very old friend who continually lied /  lies and who took / takes money under the table. And here I thought the Atkinson Principles really meant something. You know those very Principles which John Honderich doesn’t honour and yet is always spouting off about. SO WHAT IS MY TAKE AWAY   ?  If the vaunted Star can take cash from advertisers to lie and make up the news then every newspaper in North America is capable of taking money to tell lies. I arrived at this conclusion some years ago and the fact that the  media puts money ahead of the truth. Over the years this has forewarned me.  In EVERY CASE where the public is being screwed you will find the local $ media deeply involved in facilitating the screwing and being paid to lie to YOU.  Now right before your eyes there is a massive  coverup in regards to the Alberta tar / lighter mix that killed 50 people in Lac-Megantic. And the destruction of the Town which will probably never rise again if things go as the American oil monopoly / Sicko Harper wish. The oil monopoly causes   towns / rural areas to disappear into which they have spill Alberta tar. Now the lying has caused 50 deaths. This Megantic affair speaks loudly as to just how far the petro $ media is prepared to go in printing / broadcasting US oil monopoly talking points and propaganda. The job of closing down the media coverage of the Megantic tragedy has already started. The soil in the area of the blast is deeply saturated with lighter fluid [ benzine ]. To rehabilitate the Town all of that soil will have to be removed. But you can’t build on the replacement fill. Each and every new structure will need pilings. This cost is beyond imagining for a small Town and there will be no money from M, M and A.  And there will be little money from the oil monopoly / CP Rail if the $ media takes its’ usual cue from Lyin Steve.   Benzine and tar have leaked into the sewer system and rendered it useless. The tar will have congealed and trapped pockets of benzine. Whose poisonous fumes will seep into every nearby building.  It could cause long term health problems and even more deaths. The poor people of Lac-Megantic are still in danger and Harper and his hirlings are not protecting the little people. And with the help of the $ media Canadians are being misled. Lyin Steve is forcing the folk of Megantic to wander into the valley of the shadow of death, friendless. No different from the Jews who forced to walk friendless to the cattle cars, Steve should be jailed. This latest load of the Black Death has come mysteriously all the way from Alberta not via the Bakken oil field. It is my guess that the dangerous materials paperwork required of CP Rail for each shipment, [ by Transport Canada ] has already been doctored to erase the true origins of this load of the Alberta tar. The insiders / investigators  already know the full story of Megantic [ bitumen / lighter fluid ] but they fear losing their Harper pay cheques if they spill the beans.  And the papers like David Thomson’s Globe are not about to ask any embarrassing questions. Thomson just keep saying  //   LIGHT OIL   \\.  Just publishing one honest article about the health risks to Canadians of shipping liquified Crude Bitument all over the Country would cost Thomson’s Globe and Tar hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost advertising from the US oil monopoly. Dave obviously looks at himself in the mirror each and every morning and says, ” do I tell Canadians the truth about the dangers of Alberta tar or do I take the oilie’s money “. At least up to this day Thomson has always opted to take the cash. Canadians are second on the list.


A number of years ago I became interested in the plight of California. Much in the news at the time said the State was going broke. I was hard to believe?  How?  Why?  Those 34 million people do live in a Garden of Eden don’t they? It would seem that the trigger for their economic downturn was California’s get-tough-on- pollution initiatives. Georgie Bush the Jr., the US oil monopoly, GM, Ford and other car makers decided that the State lawmakers were going too far in wanting the kids to have a chance to be normal, breath and live long lives. The American oil monopoly took the initiative. George Jr. as usual was just a bit player. Cheney the oil man pulled the strings. The monopoly recruited all OF THEIR EMPLOYEES in a scheme to elect State Republicans. The far right has always had the support of about 20% of the voters [ USA ] [ 15% in Canada ].  These are Neanderthals and Sociopaths. Sometimes that number swells a little on certain issues. Thus the only way to gain power is for the Repubs. to rig elections and cheat. That’s where Lyin Steve learned his craft.  Each oilie employee was given the $ 1000 [ approx ] max political contribution. This scheme skirted the rules. When do Sociopaths ever play by the rules? Just look at the Conman Black. This is the same dodge Dean Del Mastro, Peter Penashue and others used to steal the 2011 election here. But they need not worry Arthur Hamilton and his Bay St. law firm have a blank cheque from the American oil monopoly. I thought lawyers sworn to uphold the laws of the land. But Art Hamilton does the exact opposite but what can we expect? Herr Harperhas been ignoring Canadian laws for 30 years. Lyin Steve is also funded by unlimited oil money, a subject that I have written about many times. But the Globe and Tar and other media won’t touch that story. Harper is doing away with political party subsidies. The reason? Lying Steve is already bankrolled by the US oil monopoly under the table just like the Republicans in California. Harper, with the open ended oilie financial arrangement desn’t need subsidies. When the Liberal Leadership race was on Herr Harper changed the rules for political contributions in the middle of the game just to hamstring the Lib.  candidates. Those rules also affected his Fascist Party but Steve doesn’t care. The oilies give him all the money he needs. Harper’s riding association has $ 330,000 on account. You can become a rich man kissing the oilie rears as long as you do what you are told. Seving the oil monopoly means a man loses his freedom. Sicko Harper is a modern day quisling.  At the same time as giving under the table money to the Republican candidates,  the monopoly bought up all of the California $ media so the opposition would not have look in on the Repubs. One area of concern for the older, white voters was paying taxes to cover the cost of schooling and health care etc for blacks and Hispanics. It was and is generally thought by the right that these people are lazy bastards who have to stop relying on the hard working elites. Such comments from the right show they care little for democratic rule like Harper and Manning The righties say that the minorities should be able to climb up the ladder all by themselves and not sponge off the whites. After all most of the whites wimps have elevated themselves to a position of money, power and privilege using daddy’s money. Georgie Bush Jr. had a grandfather [ who was in Congress ] who laundered money for the Nazis in 1942. Because of oilie efforts the Republicans were able to gain control of the Cali. State House with a big helping of oil money. Various laws were passed to allow the minority on the right wing to govern. Californians thought they had a democracy and that the will of the people would prevail in the end. Wrong, wrong, wrong again. Now it doesn’t matter what the majority in that State  wants? Revolution is their only option now. Otherwise they can go whistle Dixie. Herr Harper is creating the same situation in Canada with oil money, just like the Repubs. in California . Right now  in view of the Senate scandals Stevie, like the true psychopath he is has run away again. Harper’s  distiguished mentor, Tom Flanagan, is a draft dodger who also ran, this when his Country called. Tom taught Steve well. It has been said of our soldiers, especially those who stormed the beaches of Normandy or took the Italian Town of Ortona from the German Paras,  that it is in our DNA not to run away when the bullets begin to fly. For little Stevie Harper it is the exact opposite. Even the slightest difficulty and Lyin Steve is arunning away as fast as his legs can carry him. This time he’s up in the Arctic driving his wife’s motorcycle but with training wheels. This is a real man??? I don’t see Parliament coming back till December 2013, if even  then? The activities in the House with members of the opposition hammering him with questions he can’t answer  is clearly not to Harper’s liking. I want to be clear about this. Lyin Steve keeps getting caught with his pants down by Tom Mulcair. So with the Government not sitting and the petro $ media having bought off the $ media [ not the CBC ] the only news we see will be whatever the PMO makes up.  SO WHAT IS MY TAKE AWAY   ?   That the American oil monopoly which is in deep trouble in the world oil market, will spend any amount of money to buy politicians, the $ media  and control governments. The monopoly now owns California, Ottawa and most of the North American petro $ media.  The monopoly has been quite successful in changing California from a democracy into a donkey state run by a few oil executives. Now the local Republicans merely act as errand boys. What you see in California is OUR FUTURE.  We will soon be getting that same full treatment in Ottawa. The Government is laying off civil servants and hiring public relations people to produce right wing propaganda  [ many are from the USA ]. Goebbels would be proud.  It is just a replay of the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. Harper, 25 years ago belonged to the Northern Foundation along with Preston Manning and Conrad Black. It was a white, all male organization that included some neo-nazis and white supremacists. This group was funded by oil monopoly. Herr Harper will be quite at home when his Fascist MPs begin goose stepping around Parliament Hill while giving Himself the Heil salute. His Caucus will sit quietly in the House and await word from the American oil monopoly as what their duties of the day will be. Can you imagine a sellout crowd at the Toronto Dome, all waving little Canadian flags as Herr Harper is driven around the infield in an open Rolls to shouts of the multitude?  Once the oil monopoly is fully in charge on the Hill there will no longer be a need for the $ media like  Thomson’s Globe and Tar / Godfrey’s American Post. The oilies will simply issue decrees. And I know that there are many docile Canadians who will just bow to their new masters and obey. In California all the papers supported the oilies / rich right / Republicans during the takeover. But it did not bring them good fortune and happiness. Once the newspapers there had served the oilie purposes the monopoly threw them under the bus. The LA Times went broke and the San Francisco Chronicle is hanging on by a thread, among others. The media bosses chose wrong. They bet on the wrong horse. These and other papers threw in with the oil monopoly instead of protecting the people’s interests. Possibly David Thomson and his Globe and Tar should consider the wisdom of backing Harper and his employers, the American oil monopoly. This, as opposed to the concerns of Canadians. The Globe and Tar is now telling lies about Lac-Megantic each and every day day. This is not a wise move on David’s part. Siding with the bad guys instead of the citizenry is a bad long term business decision.  Continuing to tell Globe readers that what burned in Megantic was Bakken light oil is far too easy an explanation to shoot down. Benzine is not added to light oil. The soil in the downtown area of Megantic is soaked with benzine. Diluted bitumen is tar mixed with benzine. The stuff is even in the sewers, the lake and it is migrating into the Town. This migration of Benzine will continue until the contaminated soil is REMOVED. Hiding the fact that it was Alberta tar that blew up will probaly mean the death of Megantic. An addition to those who have already died. In My opinion  Our Transportation Safety Board is finishing off its’ investigation. They already know it was DilBit that blew up and burned. Not light US Bakken oil.  But dollars to donuts Harper will keep the agencies that were set up to protect us, gagged. This, until he thinks the public has lost interest.  It has fallen to the petro $ media to put Canadians to sleep with any diversion from Alberta tar that can be dreamed up. The oilies have it all planned, Lac-Megantic will soon disappear into the mists of time as with all the others spills. Once the US oil monopoly takes control of Canada the Globe and Tar will be history, like the LA times. David will no longer be of any use to the Americans. For those like myself, the Royal Canadian Harper Police will probably rough me up too and  seize all of us troublemakers in the middle of the night. Why did you think Lyin Steve built all those new jails?  If you study the history of Hitler and the rise of the Nazis you can see Herr Harper is repeating the process. The Fuhrer was bankrolled by German industrialist who feared the unions. Lying Steve is bankrolled by the American oil monopoly. The planing to steal the 2015 Canadian election is already well under way.  Young, mindless [ UPC ], male  Canadians who are impressed by right think are now being indoctrinated by Preston Manning at his Calgary Institute for regime change. Preston gets oil money as well as running a phony charity. He too, like the Fraser Institute operates on taxpayer’s cash. Revenue Canada now operates as an arm of the PMO so Manning and the Fraser have nothing to worry about.  Rev. Can. only has its’ sights set on Harper’s political opponents and Babs Black’s little people [ the majority mongrel mob ].


The City of Burnaby in BC was the scene of a Alberta tar spill 5 years ago from the Kinder Morgan pipeline which carries DilBit from Edmonton to the Pacific coast. You can go on the net and see the geyser of Black Death shooting into the sky. All it needed was a little spark to burn out Burnaby and most of east Vancouver. just like what happened at Megantic. The Kinder Morgan tar mixed with benzine was and is being shipped directly to California heavy oil refineries.  Not to Asia, as Lyin Joe Oiliver keeps telling you.  If ever one of those tankers loaded with two thirds tar and one third benzine caught fire in Barrard Inlet, Vancouver would be toast. The $ media hushed things up in return for? You guessed it, money. But Sicko Harper doesn’t care. When he was a member of the Northern Foundation its’ focus was on keeping Nelson Mandela in jail in South Africa.  Lyin Steve’s interest is in the American oil monopoly making as much money as possible. If the monopoly is not concerned about youngsters being able to breath in California why would they fret over a few Canadians croaking in Quebec?  What’s a few dead bodies got to do with making money? The petro $ media just let this Burnaby spill disappear even though 150 people were sickened by the Benzine fumes. ah yes, Benzine. And to this day the cleanup has yet to be completed. Mind the cleanup for the EXXON Valdez is still not complete after almost 25 years. EXXON was assessed $ 5 billion dollars at the time but to date has only paid $ 500 million. Ronald Reagan and the Republicans Congress let EXXON off the hook in return for political contributions. Reagan thought no Government was good Government, just like Harper. So you can see where our no Government is headed with Megantic and any future fatal Alberta tar spills. In Toronto? In Montreal?  This possibility exists, as long as Herr Harper is in driver’s seat. He’ll make sure his American oil monopoly employers prevail. The oilies have made so many business blunders of late someone has got to pay the bills. YOU. Why not those dummy Canadians who are always in the losers seat. If the Valdez had been carrying the tar and benzine mixture any little spark would have created another Hiroshima experience. As a matter of interest Rex Tillerson got the Green Cross for Safety Award from the oil industry. He was presented with this award 4 days after an EXXON pipeline destroyed a Mayflower Arka. subdivision, innundating it with Alberta tar. In terms of the spill Rex initially said he didn’t know what had happened. But did say it was //  OIL  \\ that was spilled. It was, it was  //   OIL  \\ Rex insisted. The Waybills proved it.  EXXON kept up this //   OIL  \\ nonsense for days while the petrol $ media stayed mum. Again, this time would you believe it? For more money. Then Tillerson finally admitted it was DilBit but since it was NOT  //  OIL  \\ Congress does not require EXXON to pay for the cleanup. Paying Republicans in Congress millions in bribes looks like a good investment for Rex.  This is like living with fairies in fantasyland. Keep changing the rules, always In EXXON’s advantage. Thus the company creates its’ own reality? Of  course Georgie Bush Jr. created his own reality and look where it got him and America?, A one way ticket into the wilderness.  Bush Jr. is scarcely mentioned now. What’s wrong with S. Harper creating HIS own reality? The S stands for sicko. Charles Darwin’s theory is explained by the Fascists / right as the, ” survival of the fittest “. Not true. Rather, Darwin meant that the ones who survive had / have the ABILITY TO ADAPT. If one doesn’t know what is coming down the track how does one adapt? That is the chink in the right wing’s armor. If you live in in Harperland the violent storms are not detected and as a result you get a Megantic. Which in the end has ended the shipping of Alberta Tar [ the Black Death ]. There is human nature and nature nature.  I can at the sound of thunder in the distance and being alerted to those towering anvil clouds begin to gather the kids, tidy up, take in the washing, close the car windows and put the animals away safely into the barn. That, I have the ability to do. However I am powerless in the face of that cumulonimbus monster cloud and its’ destructive forces. It is a fool like Lyin Steve who  thinks he can master a huge cloud on the scale of the thievery in the Senate. He can part the sea. The management of EXXON feels it can control such clouds just like Steve and any other happenings in the world. EXXON spends money and bend everything to its’ own liking. The Company , based entirely on its’ partnership in the illegal American oil monopoly and bribing has been able to survive the twists and turns life throws at the rest us, Babs Black’s little people. But now world events are threatening EXXON’s very foundation. The bulk of the world’s oil and gas now resides in other lands. More and more petro states are doing their own refining. The oil monopoly’s only customer base is in North America and the people here are being squeezed ever so tightly to maintain oil profits and pay for the gastly oilie business blunders. The oil monopoly created by the Republican Congress [ 1920s ] spends vast sums to deny Global Warming while the global population adapts. The monopoly spends vast sums to kill any alternative energy idea that makes itself know here between the Atlantic and the Pacific. But alternative energy options are blossoming in most other western countries. Innovation has been killed off here by the monopoly. The monopoly fears that even the smallest new idea in this regard could be the straw that breaks their camel’s back. Crucial to the monopoly controlling the agenda in North America is a subservient $ media. A press, that for money is prepared to print / broadcast the tallest of oilie lies. That Alberta Tar mixed with Benzine is really  //  OIL  \\.  But the press itself is under extreme pressure. The internet, with increasing speed is occupying their seat at the table. The papers to – day talk about the Un Inspectors going into Syria to check on the possible poison gas release on civilians. Actually, the Inspectors are already there and have fallen under sniper fire attempting to get to the site of the disaster. The mission has been halted now. Why buy a paper with news that is 2 days old. To buy a paper nowdays is to be ill informed. To buy a paper on Monday means you are finding out well after the Saturday race was run who won. And that the bet you placed on Sunday was ill advised. So the oil monopoly can no longer count on the $ media to succeed in brainwashing the citizenry. All the problems the monopoly is having piping / hauling dangerous raw Alberta tar across the countryside and endangering hundreds of thousands of little people is running afoul of an increasingly educated population in the whole of North America. The oilies are playing a foolish game. Canadians may well forget Megantic as the petro $ media is paid to execute. But that just sets up yet another Megantic somewhere else. I would suggest that when the burned bodies begin to pile up eventually Canadians will act. The monopoly’s loud campaign of lies in the media about the Tar grows fainter and fainter. Much hope is now being engendered in the USA industry that oil fracking will make the States a leading oil producer. Fracking can be seen as the ability to clean out what is left in the bottom of the pots after a community supper. Fracked oil wells have a life span of about 5 years. And more and more chemicals, electricity and fuel have to be used to extract the last little pocket of oil. Driving  chemical crud underground is poisoning  the ground water and rearranging how surface water drains. Lakes and river can just disappear. Now the citizens are facing damaged lifestyles and the increasing cost of gasoline to pay for this very activity and monopoly mistakes. How long is the public going to sit still while the monopoly picks their pockets. And at the very same time poisoning / frying  them and their children? So for the monopoly oil fracking it is just a flash in the pan. The monopoly has full control of the refining in North America so it matters little where the oil actually comes from. The monopoly has control over the end product, gas for vehicles. Consumption of gasoline in North America has dropped 20% in the last 7 years. This means there is a surplus of refinery capacity. So what does the US oil monopoly do? They are closing refineries in Canada and turning us into more of a vassal state than we already are. Our conversion to nobodies being aided and abetted by one S. Harper. This Country is being lumped in with the Untermensch Americans to create a captive market for gasoline / diesel where no competition exists [ against the law ]. But the fatal flaw in the monopoly’s approach is to push this huge captive market of over 300 milion into a position where their very lives and futures are at risk. When there are no restraints on Sociopaths like Harper or the monopoly leaders there is no limitting factor as regards their excesses. If Parliament is incapable of guaranteeing honest elections and of reining in this illegal monopoly then civil disobedience or rebellion will be the only answer. It is for this very reason monopolies were banned in the west. They allow unlimited self dealing.  In every other democracy monopolies are illegal. Except in the USA where the Republicans granted the oil companies the right to collude in return for bribe money. And by  extention the oil monopoly operates in Canada as well. Masters in our own house? Not. This bribing Congress has gone on for more than 80 years. brBribing Parliament only started 6 years ago. Old, bad olie habits are hard to break but break them we must. So in North America we are reaping what was sowed by Calvin Coolidge and the Republican Congress in the 1920s. The US oil monopoly tail wags the American dog.  But there is no reason why Canadians should play along with the oilies and go quietly to the cattle cars. We have oil, tar and natural gas. We consume same in finshed petroleum product now imported from the USA at very high prices. There are idle refineries here. Put it altogether and it spells self sufficiency. All we need now is a Government that puts Canadians FIRST.  SO WHAT IS MY TAKE AWAY   ?    To change the direction that Canada is now heading is to ban the transport of liquified Crude Bitument beyond 150 miles from the mines. The tar can be mined and refined in situ by using plentiful / cheap / clean hydro from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. This will reduce the cost of production and cut CO2 emissions drastically. The Twin Beaver pipeline would carry refined crude oil [ as in real, benign oil, ready to turn into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, plastics ect ] across the 55th Parallel to Thompson Manitoba. From there a spur would go to Churchill Man., a deep water port, to access the world market for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba upgraded, refinable crude oil [ not tar mixed with lighter fluid ]. The Twin Beaver would then traverse Northern Ontario and then on down to Toronto and Montreal. And eventually to the Maritimes. There would be a parallel natural gas pipeline, Alberta / Saskatchewan  to Ontario / Quebec.  Eastern clean / cheap hydro electricity from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba would be transmitted west to Fort McMurray along the same utility corridor. Made in Canada oil, using made in Canada hydro electricity is a made in Canada solution to our energy needs. We need no longer tolerate the American oil monopoly, an illegal / rogue business. That makes money destroying peoples lives and bespoiling the landscape. when is enoug enough???  Jail Sicko Harper.


Three years ago an Enbridge pipeline ruptured in Kalamazoo Mich. The liquified Crude Bitumen continued to be pumped out for 17 hours [ 800,000 gals ]. The sensors on a pipeline meant for light oil get destroyed by transporting Alberta tar ladened with quartz sand. The Company didn’t know there was a leak of liquified Crude Bitumen until someone local called in.  Sensors on an oil pipeline get scoured away by the quart sand contained in unrefined bitumen. It has been estimated that if the Gateway is built it will pump 50,000 lbs of quartz sand A DAY. Talk about your 80 grit sandpaper. The sand tears away the inside of steel pipes as well. Eventually the pipes get so thin they rupture, especially at the welds. Welding out in the open countryside with cold breezes as the pipeline companies do can cause embrittlement.  Joints that are like rough glass. The sand makes micemeat out of such welds. But the $ media would never tell you that. Especially Thomson’s Globe and Tar.  Little wonder there have been at least 1000 DilBit spills in the last 10 years that nobody has heard about. All potential Megantics. The media has been paid to remain silent. Enbridge has had hundreds of spills but covered them up with the paid aid of the petro $ media. For days Pat Daniel, CEO of Enbridge, the shipper of the Black Death which was actually owned by the US oil monopoly, maintained that it was only an //  OIL  \\  spill. I saw Daniel on TV and he said just that a number of time. Pat, CEO of Enbridge was lying through his teeth but the press said nothing about the Waybills being doctored. By the way Thomson’s Globe got a full page ad [ maybe worth $ 100,000 ] showing Pat Daniel getting the 2013 Business Leader Award from the Alberta School of Business. It doesn’t seem the //   OIL  \\ community is much bothered by people’s lives being destroyed or death by benzine fumes or fires?  I must alleviate your concern for poor David Thomson doing without. Beside the Daniel ad there were at least 4 more full page ads from the oilies. It pays to wag your tail like David does when the monopoly calls.  So in the recent tar sands wars the Globe has scored at least $ 500,000 for repeating oil monopoly lies. The sole  reason? Is to FOOL you and you and you. The American oil monopoly is prepared to spend big bucks with the Globe to make you look like a sucker. This Kalamazoo spill has been buried by the media in return for cash. The story is of 550 sick residents, 18 deaths, 150 homes condemed, 53 miles of river destroyed and a cloud of Benzine gas that had an affected on people 50 miles down the valley to the southeast.  The ground is saturated with Benzine [ remember that fact ]. This was a story that was put to bed early by the greedy media in return for ad cheques from the oilies. Pat Daniel  finally  admitted that the thousands of gallons that had escaped was not //  OIL  \\  at all.  But raw Alberta tar mixed with lighter fluid. The media mogals took the money and buried Daniel’s admission. Thus few North Americans actually saw that admission that it was thousands of barrels of DilBit that spilled and destroyed the whole area. Smiling Pat never blinked.  The media did its’ job well. The ground at Kalamazoo was / is still saturated with Benzine, and more homes will be condemned and many more businesses will be shuttered due to the migration of Benzine through the water table. Those citizen who raised a stink were intimidated by Daniel.  Armed, private security guards were brought in to patrol around the homes of complainers. The media saw nothing and said nothing. But made lots of dough. Daniel quit in 2012 unexpectedly, he was pulled out of the glare of lights by Enbridge.  He had said too much and was an embarrassment. The Company threw the poor guy under the bus. But to soothe his feelings, in 2013 Pat Daniel was named BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR BY ALBERTANS. Did you know that 18 people who died in the Kalamazoo area since the spill were never given any consideration by the petro $ media. That’s how much the oilies in Calgary care about the people of Burnaby, Kalamazoo, Mayflower and Lac-Megantic. These disasters allow us to peek behind the curtain at the elites. Kill a few people [ Pat Daniel ], steal a little money [ Gwyn Morgan / Conrad Black ] , run away from duty and dabble in a bit of perversion [ Tom Flanagan ]. You’re still one of us they are told by the rich and powerful.  Never mind the mongrel mob [  you and I, the Untermenschs ].  The cleanup for the Kalamazoo spill is going to top a billion dollars. This doesn’t even to begin to pay for the damages to the community, future health problems, deaths and businesses lost. Now Enbridge is kicking up a stink and doesn’t want to pay any more for the cleanup. The same thing will happen in Lac-Megantic. Once the petro $ media puts this story to bed and they are all being paid to do so right now, the Town will probably never see any money. Harper offered $ 60 million. I say bullshit. My guess is that he’ll never pay up because the media NEVER, NEVER CHECKS BACK ON STEVE’S ANNOUNCED GIVE AWAYS.  Just to compare, Herr Harper gave his employer, the American oil monopoly $ 850 million for carbon capture and storage. A technique that has never been proven. C,C and S was just a cover promoted over a couple of years to allow even more toxic waste to be dumped in Alberta. Foolish Albertans. Carbon capture is a pure boondoggle. The only thing missing at Kalamazoo was the necessary spark to set off the Benzine. It would have been Lac-Megantic 50 times over.  SO WHAT IS MY TAKE AWAY   ?   It is clear that the management of all of the operations in the tar sands will start  LYING AT THE DROP OF A HAT. IT IS ALSO CLEAR THAT HARPER WILL SAY NOTHING ABOUT THE FIERY DEATHS. It is also clear that the petro $ media will print any and every lie without asking any questions or investigating. The spill of tar slurry containing 33% benzine at Kalamazoo was but a prelude to Lac-Megantic. It is interesting that US elected officials were never seen around Kalamazoo. For Washington it was hands off. The people in Michigan were abandoned by their Government and the petro $ media. They were left to fend for themselves. If the US Government had come down hard on Enbridge like a hammer in this regard Lac-Megantic would never have happened. Millions spent by the American oil monopoly was not for nothing. Republican Senators and House Members were all well and suitably bribed. They are the wimps who would be self appointed Ubermen. And who have no regard for the little people. They are all part of the master race along with Steve who are self appointed exceptional people who worship Nietzshe as their god. The Nietzsche myth only resonated in Nazi Germany and the United States of America. And now the Nietzsche disease is being spread in this Country by Harper and the University of Calgary.


March 29 /13  a pipeline owned by EXXON ruptured in Mayflower, Arkansas.  Rex Tillerson lied to the media saying it was //  OIL  \\  that spilled and that he didn’t know the cause. Rex was reading from the same script used by Pat Daniel of Enbridge, Russ Girling of TransNotCanada, Rick Kinder of Kinder Morgan, Hunter Harrison of CP Rail,  Claude Mongeau of CN Rail and Joe Oiliver. They all know it is Alberta Tar that is being shipped illegally and thousands of Canadians are being put at risk. This is the same stance that EXXON took when the Valdez ran aground. Lie, lie, then delay, delay. With the spill from the Valdez it was oil. The US Government was nowhere to be found In Mayflower.  It was liquified Crude Bitumen that blackened the streets, inundated the wetlands and poisoned the water supply. To date EXXON has only paid a small amount to cover the cleanup there. So this lying about so called //   OIL  \\  and a refusal to take responsibility shows there is a pattern. Nothing but falsified documents and lies. The backing and filling by Tillerson is a required move while the petro $ media gets a chance to shut down yet another Alberta tar spill. Only after a few months and things go quiet do the real facts come out.  But by then the bribed media is well paid to never mentions such findings. It is interesting that the newspapers never mention information posted on the net.  Many days after the spill EXXON finally admitted that it was liquified Crude Bitumen that destroyed a subdivision of 25 homes in Mayflower. Did you know that 11 homes there have now been condemned. The surrounding soil is so soaked with Benzine, the fumes of which have seeped into some homes. The local sewers are filled with congealed tar and Benzine fumes. Everywhere those sewer pipes go in the Town will carry the fumes making many other houses / businesses unliveable / unusable. People returning to their homes to retrieve belongings find they can’t breath and their eyes burn. There is no electricity in the subdivision, a spark could blow an individual house up, then the rest would go boom.  State, US Government environmental officials and a local Judge are all playing footsie with EXXON. They are obviously being paid to look the other way. The Mayflower police have been hired off hours to patrol the site. But they are still wearing their uniforms and using cruisers paid for by the Town. The police are paid by the CITIZENS TO PROTECT THEM. However the police are now being paid by EXXON to screw the very people the cops are sworn to comfort and  protect.  Thus this whole subdivision which was engulfed by Alberta tar will probably have to be bulldozed. And the tar slurry mixed with Benzine leaked into the local lake affecting the Town drinking water. Rex Tillerson finally said it was DilBit that spilled after which he further said that  EXXON would NOT PAY FOR THE CLEANUP BECAUSE WHAT LEAKED WAS NOT //  OIL  \\. By maintaining they are shipping  //  OIL  \\ the monopoly, pipelines and railways avoid letting the citizenry in on the secret. Saying that it was just //  OIL  \\ allows the politicians off the hook.  It is the lighter fluid part of the raw tar slurry that is a killer and a destroyer of communities. This coverup could not have happened without the full support of the petro $ media like the Globe.  Thomson seems to make the most money from the great Alberta Tar coverup. This is quite apparent from the number of oil ads place in the Globe by the US monopoly. It is very simple, as long as Thomson keeps singing the oilie song he’ll get hundreds of thousands of dollars in full page advertisement. The people of Kalamazoo and Mayflower are getting little in the way of assistance and are being given peanuts for their ruined lives. Again, the only thing missing was a spark in Arkansa.  I keep using the terms lighter fluid, Naptha and Benzine. They are variations of the same solvent. Few people deal with Benzine or Naptha but they certainly understand when I say lighter fluid. The  Mayflower media has remained  silent.  While those in the Canadian media [ not the CBC ], like David Thomson are being paid hundreds of thousands a pop to mislead the wider population and censor the news. What you are reading in this post and my earlier ones will never appear in David’s Globe and Tar, nor the National Post. By the way Paul Godfrey is going to be the CEO of the Year. Apparently the business community loves its’ killers. It is interesting that the papers are being paid to NOT REPORT THE NEWS, as in self censorship.  Nice.  SO WHAT IS MY TAKE AWAY ?  What we have seen in Burnaby, Kalamazoo and Mayflower was  the precursor to Lac-Megantic. I waited a few days before commenting to see if things would unfold in Megantic the same way as with the other spill?. And that is exactly what has happened. CP Rail keeps insisting that the cargo was light oil from the Bakken field in ND. That is a lie which Herr Harper should have dealt with immediately. Harper and everyone in his Government, including Joe Oiliver and Gary Doer knows what blew up in Lac-Megantic was Alberta tar mixed with a 1/3rd lighter fluid. In Burnaby the spill left the soil soaked with Benzine. At Kalamazoo the soil in a large area adjacent to the river is soaked with Benzine. In Mayflower the subdivision is knee deep in Benzine. The remedy to Benzine contamination is to dig a deep hole and remove all the soil, very costly. If the Benzine is left it will migrate and contaminate an even bigger area. In the end the affected area will be like a moonscape, unihabitable. Unable to grow anything. If this keeps up the people on the moon will be able to look up at earth and see all the blighted areas caused by the DilBit spills. In Mayflower it is early days but we seem to be headed in the same direction. I think the subdivision will have to be bulldozed. I don’t think the soil will be removed as much of it is wet lands. The benzine will migrate down into the valley to the south and again after much sickness and many deaths Mayflower itself may well be abandon.  Just after the spill the FAA announced a no-fly-zone at the request of EXXON. Thus Mayflower became the newest State of the Union. The State of EXXON. Local police and private security guards strong armed anyone attempting to enter the site. The local media was bought off or threatened by EXXON. There was a public outcry about the no-fly zone and the FAA quickly retreated. No doubt FAA officials were paid off by EXXON. But in the interum EXXON had spread thousands of rolls of white paper towel over the wet lands covered with Alberta Tar so the black could not be seen from the air. This is what you get when your government  grants a monopoly to the oilies as Republican President  Calvin  Coolidge and the Republican Congress did in the 1920s. This same crowd that caused the 29 crash on Wall St. This monopoly, which exists in the US and dominates Canada is responsible for the high price of your gasoline and Harper won’t raise a finger.  In Lac-Megantic where the flattened centre of Town is knee deep in Benzine too the officials in charge already know what happened. As soon as the flames died away and the investigators could get onto the site those in charge had all the answers. By Harper not informing the first responders and clean up crews that they were dealing with liquified Crude Bitumen [ Benzine ] not light oil all of those involved were put at risk. Daniel of Enbridge did the same thing, lie, lie, lie until public interest waned. Dollars to donuts some of the Kalamazoo worker are now suffering long tem health problem, especially with their lungs. Benzine fumes can ruin one’s lungs and cause chemical pneumonia. The press has remained silent.  Tillerson of EXXON likewise did not inform first responders and cleanup people they were dealing with raw tar / lighter fluid. Again Benzine soaked the soil at Mayflower. The press has remained silent. Now the good people of Lac-Megantic and their heroic rescuers have been put at risk by Harper maintaining it was just //   OIL  \\. The centre of Lac-Megantic is saturated with Benzine. LIGHT OIL DOESN’T CONTAIN BENZINE. In Mayflower the die has been cast. The Medical Officer of Health in Arkansa has stated that anyone who develops health problems is on their own, EXXON can’t be held reponsible. I wonder how much EXXON paid him for that statement? Like I wonder how much Gary Doer is getting paid to tell lies about the Keystone project which will carry the Black Death? What the investigative officials at Lac-Megantic are doing is marking time till public interest dies out. Then the petro $ media can concentrate their sights on M, M and A, the engineer  and poor Edward Burkhardt, their chosen scapegoats. M, M and A is going to go bankrupt and that will keep readers occupied for a while.  Story after story will appear but nothing about the towering inferno caused by Alberta tar mixed with Benzine. When the coast is clear some official will quietly report, it was really tar not Baken light //  OIL  \\.  By then things will have become so confused, a confusion orchestrated by the oilies, PMO and the media.  The public will not understand that it was Herr Harper, is the person who sentenced 50 people to a fiery death. The coverup campaign now in full swing by the petro $ media will guarantee another Lac-Megantic conflagration at another time, in another place. Then there will be another. And yet another. This because Harper and his Fascists are convinced most Canadian are patsies. So far they have been proven correct. Too many Canadians keep falling for Steve’s line of bullshit, hook line and sinker.  The question is. How many patsies will have to be fried before the remaining patsies show some spine??? Hitler had his ovens.  Herr Harper has his Lac-Megantic thanks to the likes of David Thomson’s  Globe and Tar and Paul Godfrey’s American owned [ illegally ] National Postl.


How do we get out of this American oil monopoly trap? And escape total servitude?  These would be my recommendations. []   1   []   Charge Stephen Harper with murder [already explained ].  []   2   []    Remove him from Office.  []   3   []   Harper’s majority after he stole the 2011 election was only 10 seats. He has now lost more than that number with MP resignations, criminal charges against MPs and other misdemeanors. He doesn’t have the Confidence of the House. Crooked MPs who tell lies don’t count in our system.  []   4   []   The NDP and the Liberals should form a Unity Government along with those who are true Progressive Conservatives like me. Not Fascists who hide behind our stolen banner. This could mirror Winston Churchill’s War Cabinet.  We too have a crisis on our hands. Simply put, the US oil monopoly needs Alberta’s raw tar to feed its’ heavy oil  refineries that are idle. These are located in Duty Free / Tax Free Zones on the Texas gulf and the California coast. Said refineries were converted to process Venezuela heavy oil about a dozen years ago. A huge, huge blunder by the oil monopoly.  Hugo Chavez put a stop to that idea by nationalizing his oil industry and raising the royalty rate to 32%.  Eat your heart out Albertans. They only get 8%. The only way to get the raw tar to the these refineries is to add lighter fluid [ naptha / benzine ] in order to thin the mix for transportation by pipeline or rail. Burnaby, Kalamazoo, Mayflower and Lac Megantic and a thousand other spill are the result. About this carnage we are never informed by the petro $ media in return for money. The victims have been the dead, the dying, the injured, those who have lost their homes and businesses. As well as communities that have been gutted. The only people who make money from this Black Death cargo are the poiticians, the American oil monopoly, the American Enbridge Corp., the American TransNotCanada Corp, the American Kinder Morgan Corp., the American CP Rail, the American CN Rail, the American National Post, the Canadian petro $ media [ Globe / Sun / Toronto star ] and others. Alberta gets 8% on the raw tar. In other words the Province get the price of the pigs tail. The monopoly makes money on the whole pig. Some business people those Albertans? In areas around Fort McMurray some of the 175 toxic tailing ponds have been breached by the recent Alberta floods. Not a word from the press.  Spilling poisonous swill into the river systems brings no punishment. It is an ecological disaster which the 8% royalty will not begin to clean up. So the US Government gets no taxes when the tar is refined in Texas or California before the resulting oil is sold overseas. In fact there is no tax on DilBit when it goes through the pipelines of EXXON, TransNotCanada, Enbridge or Kinder Morgan. In regard to spills the taxpayer’s foot the bill and will continue to do so until they grow some spine. It is such a sweet deal, no wonder the monopoly keeps Steve Harper on staff. []   5   []  The Unity Government  should ban outright the transportation of liquified Crude Bitumen beyond 150 miles from the source.  []   6   []   Transport Canada staff should be cleaned out and replaced with competent, knowledgeable people. As must the National Energy Board.  []   7   []  A new Environmental Act should be established by Parliament.  []   8   []  New pipeline and rail regulations should be established. []   9   []  The Unity Government should meet with the Provinces to give force to the National Energy Stategy wherein cheap / clean hydro electricity would be transmitted to Alberta and Saskatchewan for use in the oil /tar industry. This from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. The only link missing in the Cross Canada Electric Grid now is between Manitoba and Saskatchewan The Twin beaver pipeline would transship refined crude oil and natural gas to the east across the 55th parallel hydro right-of-way. A spur would take finished crude oil and natural gas north to Churchill Man., a deep water port. This would give Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba petroleum products access to the world markets. The Commonwealth itself has 2.2 billion people who are now being screwed by the American oil monopoly.  The Twin Beaver lines would continue into Northern Ontario, down to Toronto, west to Windsor and east to Montreal to existing refineries to be made into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and plastics. From there the refined oil pipeline would travel to the Maritimes. There is already natural gas on the Atlantic coast in Canada. Many of the existing oil refineries in Canada have been closed by the US oil monopoly to render Canada further helpless. Those shuttered refineries should be expropriated. Tough new environmental laws might just force the monopoly to sell infrastructure cheap. In Alberta and Saskatchewan the new laws would force the monopoly to clean up all of the tailing ponds and their accumulation of toxic waste. If they failed to do so we would obviously seize their assets. Mark Carney said there is about 600 billion dollars residing in Canada looking for investment opportunities. We don’t need foreign investment and we don’t need foreigners coming in here to pick the Canadian carcass clean. This Nation is extremely blessed and well endowed. Harper has us limping along while his American friends walk out with the bulk of the booty.  In short order by tackling the liquified Crude Bitumen crisis we could as Canadians become masters in our own house. All it would require is the will of the people. We had better move soon or like the Californians we will have our democracy snatched away by the American oil monopoly. And for many the clang of the gate at the concentration camp as it close behind us will long be remembered. Life will not be an easy one under Commandant Jenni Byrne, Harper’s right hand girl. Jenni reminds me of Dorthea Binz, a bonde Nazi who ranked high at Buchenwald. She always carried a whip which she used at will. Binz was hung in May 1947 a Nuremberg. Byrne doesn’t use a whip. Our Jen prefers a Hakapik. A Hakapik looks like a surveyors hammer with a very sharp needle point. It is used to kill seals with a single blow. When Harper’s concentration camps are set up Jenni Byrne is going to be the Commandant. Wish me good luck.


And finally, what can we do about Lac-Megantic. I have some ideas. The Unity Government must move temporary offices into the Town in the form of trailers. Mayor Colette Roy-Laroche and Council could decide what services are required. Premier Pauline Marois could be offered office space to house her officials. There is no way Quebecers should pay a cent toward the Town rehabilitation. The Unity Government would immediately set up an inquiry into how liquified Crude Bitumen got from Alberta to Lac-Megantic behind the backs of the people. Obviously those responsible are all lying. And should be jailed.  If the actions of those involved as well as companies are not satisfactory all of their assets should be seized and held until the completion of rehabilitation. The soil in the centre of the town is soaked with Benzine and it must be removed forthwith. All of the sewers damaged by the toxic tar have to be dug up and replaced so that benzine gas doesn’t render standing homes / businesses uninhabitable / unusable. Once the Benzine contaminated soil is removed there will be a crater in the middle of Lac-Megantic. Houses / buildings cannot be constructed on fill. The rebuild can take place on pilings. The contaminated soil should removed immediately. A plan should be drawn up for the new downtown. The necessay pilings should go in first, then the sewers and then the other services like water and electical. This part of the operation should be fully covered by the Unity Government. Once up to ground level the owners of the property would determine where they go but their costs would be borne by the Unity Government. THEY MUST BE MADE WHOLE. After all Herr Harper gave the American oil monopoly $ 850 million for Carbon Capture and Storage. That dough went right to their bottom line. The oil monopoly / CP Rail has more than enough assets in Canada that could be seized / sold to recover the cost of of restoring Lac-Megantic. Executives with the monopoly, pipelines and railways who have lied / are lying and who have broken environmental / transportation laws should face jail. I’d take great pleasure seeing them in the hoosegow with Harper. Another group that should be fined and jailed are the media owners who aided and abetted this crime. We can recover from this but it will take guts to tackle the American oil monopoly and their errand boy Lyin Steve. Or should that be Hiding Steve.


Answer me one question. Where does the American oil monopoly find so many Canadians who are prepared to lie for money? But in the lying lives are put at risk. What is the forfeiture of a life worth in this Country? A few points increase in the stock value on Wall St.? The loss of innocent lives should translate into a term in jail at the least. 

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                               LAOCOO

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HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY *** BILL ACKMAN, hedge fund media and rock star / DON MacKINNON, THE LAST THING HE THINKS ABOUT ARE ONTARIANS / GWYN MORGAN, a favourite of the Globe and Oil / RUSS GIRLING AND AL MONACO, in their dictionaries the word truth doesn’t appear / THE FRASER INST., cover blown, it’s an ABC / PETER VAN LOAN, all fingers / ONTARIO’S ELECTRICAL SYSTEM / KILLING KIDS MUST STOP / THE F-35 YUCK 16/12/12

BILL ACKMAN, THE RUINER OF LIVES   —    I was in business for 50 years and survived. Not a dime was made shortchanging customers. I made my money fair and square. My idea was to produce a good product, at an affordable price and provide good customer service. Sadly things have changed for many larger businesses. Now management is tasked with keeping the price of the stock high even is it costs the shareholders money in the long run and destroys the company. Such managers are incompetent in my view. They only way they can succeed is to cheat like Conrad Black did. The Conman complains about his treatment at the hands of the US  justice system. If the American Supreme Court was a real Court he’d still be in the slammer. The majority of Justices on that Court are Republican stooges. Judges are supposed to judge on the basis of the facts not the right wing ideology. The Black Team constantly reminds us in the $ media [ Post, Globe, Sun, Maclean's and CTV etc ] what a great Canadian businessman the Conman was. That is a crock of shit, he destroyed every enterprise he ever touched.  The most important people in the game to-day are stock brokers / hedge fund managers who make their money short term and who buy the $ media to manipulate the market and spread rumours. This problem is especially serious when long revered companies like Singer Sewing Machine, CP Rail and the Yellow Pages are manipulated right out of business. While the Wall St. manipulators like Ackman walk away with pockets of cash.  Bill should be in jail. If you read his statements Bill comes across as wimp who is heavily into bullying and he is backed by people who are making big money from bullying. As a society we can’t afford him but the government regulators are marshmellows. That we have to change by enforcing the laws already on the books and taking back our OPP [ from the Liberals ] and RCMP [ from Harper ]. While Bill and his den of thieves pile up the bucks they create a pile up of broken lives and broken dreams. The result is the loss of jobs, ruined communities, supplier bills unpaid, lots of little people [ Lady Black's term ] hurt and losses for stockholders who read the Globe and Oil or are too slow or too stupid to react. For the saps who follow Kevin O’Leary stupid is more fitting.  Bain Captital which was run by Mit Romney pioneered stripping the value of well known firms and then letting them fold [ go on the net and look up Bain ].  Domino’s Pizza was bought by Romney for $ 1 billion. Immediately he borrowed  $ 1.5 billion against the assets and paid it out as dividends to insiders. This is state sponsored theft. And this guy was put up by the Republicans to be President, they’re sick.  No wonder the one percent has all the money. Really, should the larger community have to put up with the likes of Bill Ackman and Mit Romney???. I think not. A few individuals with a lot of money, much of it accumulated illegally if not immorally should not be able to the disrupt the lives of the many for the benefit of a few. The US law was changed to allow companies to borrow against the value of good will etc rather than being limited to borrowing against hard assets like land and buildings. Republicans are paid off so the least they can do is rig the rules in favour of their benefactors. Romney used this law dodge.  So an accountant would be hired to do a fancy / phony evaluation, the sky being the limit and the beanfeast for insiders would begin. An AAA would be bought from a rating agency.  The principles [ like Romney ], banks, Wall St., accounting firms, rating agencies and the $ media would all share in the take. Such a company would be starved for capital and at the first economic downturn the poor enterprise  would be allowed to fold. Ruining the lives of so many Americans who had foolishly trusted their Government. As I say go on the net and check out Bain Capital and Romney. The story will curl your hair if you are an honest citizen. This is the right wing ideology at work, vetter by the right wing but it doesn’t work for the majority. The righties are Nietzsche lovers, wimps who declare themselves exceptional.  Since we live in a democracy. I think we still do here. But lyin Steve has to be factored into the equation and that is unsettling. However, once he gets control of the Supreme Court and does away with Elections Canada I think we’ll be cooked.  Anyway the will of the majority [ if we do survive as a democracy ]  should be enough to clip Bill Ackman’s wings and prevent him from doing his dirty business in this Country. The Sociopathic Party [ the Republicans ] are bent on wiping the US out completely, following Hayek’s flawed theories [ read Hayek on the net ]. I think Canadians should take a pass on Hayekisms. If lyin Steve really, really, really wants to  mimic the Republicans, then he and his close friend Arthur Hamilton [ obviously Art was the one responsible for sweeping all the evidence away ] can move south of the 49th to live in a gated community with their employers, the US oil cartel.

NOTE   —   I think Art Hamilton is making fools of the Supreme Court Justices. Hamilton knows the complete story of the stolen 2001 election [ he was involved for sure ]. He knows exactly how it was done and the extent to which the Republicans [ illegally ] were involved. I am struck by the similarity in the secret little smiles of  Harper and Hamilton. It shows a knowing dishonesty. They have pulled off this theft of the 2011 election and Hamilton has left us no legal recourse. The only option is to revolt and that is why the RCMP is now an arm of the PMO and there are so many new jails. The Repubs have used these exact same tactics Stateside in the past so the fingerprints of the Americans are all over this election caper. Who better to defend  Harper and his Fascists before the Supreme Court than Arthur Hamilton the man who disposed of all the bodies for lyin Steve. Our democracy is different than that of the USA, which is not really democratic. More like something that came out of the blender when the following were thrown in Nietzsche, Rand, von Mises, Strauss, Hayek and the Austrian school of Economics [ whatever that is ? ]. From these wing nuts the right wing Republicans have developed a Creed which is not of America nor the real world. The righties who helped Harper and Hamilton steal 2011 DO NOT UNDERSTAND CANADA ANY MORE THAN TOM FLANAGAN UNDERSTANDS CANADA.  We have Provinces that figure in the governing of the land. We have an appointed Senate which has some of the levers of power  as well. And we have a Supreme Court which has yet to become a partisan dumping ground for ideological zealots on the right. Republicans who seem to be devoid of any semblance of good judgment. The American vote suppressionists, Hamilton and our AmeriCANs [ turncoats ] calculated that the Robo Calls and dirty tricks would catch Canadians by surprise and with a 30 day limit for complaints we’d be cooked geese before the word got out. Then the legal door would be closed for good.  Later, Hamilton covere all bases by threatening to sue anyone who screamed bloody murder at  our loss of freedom. Rack9 and Matt Meier were at the centre of the Robo Calls. My take is the whole operation was funded by the US oil cartel and that the Harper Youth were all trained by Preston Manning at his Institute for Regime Change. Our boy Meier had his call centre set up in his bedroom using the type of system pioneered by Nick Kouvalis. It is interesting that Kouvalis was in Guelph a dozen time during the election. I think Nick made all those calls to Rack9. If the $ media was doing its’ job these stories of treasonous acts would have been on the front pages. But alas Godfrey, Crawley, Peladeau, Honderich and Whyte had their palms crossed with silver. Mums the word.  If success had been Harper’s  Canada would now be an American prize trophy ruled by the same system that now inhabits [ afflicts ]   California. The minority right wing in the State is now in charge. The majority there has lost its’ voice and can’t legally gain it back, the Statehouse is rigged. The only option is revolution and unrest has already broken out in some cities which is not being reported by the $ media. However for Harper and Hamilton, they didn’t quite have us well into the trap before springing it. Gen. Wolfe famously said, don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Steve and Art were just too anxious. And now the protests are mounting. The snap of the thing was enough to alert a lot of Canadians to the dirty business afoot. Herr harper has not been able to change the basic rules of our representative  government so we are going to get another crack at him. Let us make sure Harper is gone this time. Next election  the American vote suppressionists won’t dare even come here. And Harper’s numbers are so low now he will be defeated if we can stop him and Art cheating again. Hamilton might think he can win this battle in the Court and that might be the outcome but the Fascists have already lost the war of public opinion.  Art set up this heist so that any and all legal channels could be thwarted. Knowing how he has left the Justices with almost nothing they can get their legal teeth into Art must be extremely pleased with his efforts. His sly smile gives him away.  But the public has turned against Harper and every assault on their rights only causes the knifes of the citizenry to be sharpened with even greater care. Hamilton’s mind is an evil one in that he has gone to these lengths to hand us over to the Americans. It is called treason my friends, TREASON. I would like nothing better than to wipe the smirk off Hamilton’s face. The fact that there are dishonest lawyers like Arthur Hamilton around is not surprising. The Law Society of Upper Canada is an old boy’s club which is in the lawyer protecion racket. Supposedly the Society maintains high standards but that is a crock. Instead of protecting the citizenry from bad lawyers like Art it protects the likes of Hamilton from the people. I will work to see Art behind bars and disbarred. When the dust settles it is imperative that we take the self policing role away from the Law Society and hand it to a Government panel. That is if we ever see democratic Government in Ontario again. Maybe Hamilton will be able to get a cell close to Harper. Then Conrad Black would be able to visit his old Neo Nazi friend Steve and his lawyer before we deport the Conman back to the UK.


DON MacKINNON, PRES.- POWER WORKERS UNION    — Don spends lots of money on advertisements [ union propaganda ] in the newspapers which are disguised as news. Now some years back I t0ok this matter of the printing of ads as if they were the news up with the Ontario Press Council whose rules do not permit this, supposedly?  Ads have to look like ads so readers are not taken in. The OPC proved to be a toothless tiger in this regard like the press council in England. Just a front for the newspapers. I complained to the OPC, Ad Standards Can. and Globe and Oil about advertsing inserts which were titled Information Suppliments. An ad is an ad is an ad. There is an old saying, that patting yourself on the back doesn’t amount to much. Such as these Globe Suppliments.  Some of these phony ads  appeared under MacKinnon’s name as if he was some kind of  reporter. They have continued to appear over the last couple of years and are full of false and misleading union / nukie  propaganda. The is NEVER any counter opinion allowed and  NEVER the other side to the story. Two things I take from this. If you have lots of money you can say anything you want in Canadian newspapers and be guaranteed that no one will BE ALLOWED to take issue with you. And to the Power Workers, keeping their jobs is much more important than the fate of Ontario and Ontarians. Don is just expressing their views. Screw you Ontarians. A bankrupt Province is not on their screen as long as they get their cheques. Don has long sided with the nukie rape of Ontario’s finances. I’d like to ask MacKinnon, if everyone is left in poverty or leaves this fair Province seeking a better future for their children, who then will buy the KWs???  Daaaaaaaaaa. Don is completely devoid of creativity. Earth to MacKinnon. Anyone with half a brain can look around and see the potential for wealth here. Our wealth is being badly mismanaged by the Liberal Party machine and MacKinnon is helping make things worse.  People in other countries would kill to have such an embarassment of riches. Both Mike Harris and devious Dalton McGuinty  spent the last 15 years trying their best to squander our riches. Don and his Power Workers are just like the buggie makers of 100 years ago as they faced the motor car. Hang on dearly to what you have and don’t allow change to take place. A prosperous Ontario will create more jobs not less Don.  MacKinnon has an ossified brain. This Province has had to put up with too many of his kind already. The movers and shaker who are self dealers with no interest in the plight of the ratepayers. The sooner we give them the heave ho the better. It is time for the vision thing and an application of the pioneering spirit. If we ever get to vote again use your ballot wisely. A vote for a political party machine is a vote for continuing servitude. How do you like the idea of working for the state for peanuts???


GWYN MORGAN, THE DARLING OF THE TAR PATCH, A GRADE A CROOK IF THERE EVER WAS ONE   —   The Globe and Oil regularly features columns written by Morgan who seems to support every crooked petroleum business in Canada [ check Gwyn on the net ]. It is interesting what Gywn has to say in the Globe, then look into his background and the list of what might be termed the abuses of Canadian and American people [ the little people as Lady Black would have it ] inflicted by his various companies. Always the same pattern, screw the customer. A divide  has developed between the net [ portraying real life ].   AND     newspapers / TV / magazines [ a dream featuring the Harper / Bush Jr. La La land ]. Two different planets. Mark Twain once said, ” It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so “. The $ media is paid to mislead, misinformand and lie you, so can trouble be far behind for you?  Nope. The circulation of newspapers in North America is plummeting. The Toronto Star has dropped by almost 40% in 5 years. I believe this is a natural peeling away. Readers are getting sick and tired of being fooled. If you still subscribe to a newspaper and come across a piece that doesn’t ring true go ask the net. For example there is an obscure Legislative Committee [ Elston /Laughren / McFadden ] that was set up by devious Dalt last April to investigate our electrical system. It title says consumers first. The truth is consumers last or probably NEVER CONSIDERED. What would one expect from His Deviousness. A few facts have come out in the press which are very disturbing. The report is a cover for selling off hydro which is opposed by the majority of Ontarians. You are going to lose control of your electrical system behind your backs and the $ media is being paid to help accomplish that. Don’t believe what you see / hear in the $ media. GO ON THE NET AND CHECK THE REAL STORY. YOU WILL HAVE TO DIG A BIT AND ASK YOUR OWN QUESTIONS. WHATEVER YOU WANT TO KNOW JUST PUNCH IT IN. AND WHAT YOU FIND WILL NOT BE IN A SANITIZED / CONDENSED FORM. You either educate yourself or see your future vanish. Back to Gwyn.  Morgan was involved with TransAlt, an American electrical Company that overbilled Albertan’s to the tune of $ 5.5 million.  Then only paid a fine of $ 300,000 to a very weak / blind regulator. Such a slap on the hand with a piece of spaghetti only encourages crooks like Gwyn. In all such cases those we hire to mind the store get bought off, politicians and regulators alike. This will give  you an idea of what is going happen as the US oil cartel moves out of the Alberta and the Chinese move in. Which is what Harper is now promoting. The Chinese will deny responsibility for the cleanup, the costs will be enormous, in the billions. And those costs will be borne by Albertans. It may be their turn to freeze their asses in the dark for backing the Americans instead of Canada? They will freeze all by their lonesome. Morgan created a separate natural gas company, Encana and hived off the oil resources under the name Cenovus. This,  just at the time when fracking was coming in. It all went over smart guy / extremely well paid guy Gwyn.   It showed lack of foresight in not recognizing the coming fracking storm. It is amazing that such stupid people get such big money but the $ media covers up.  Now natural gas has dropped from $ 16 a unit to about $ 2. Encana has a huge infrstructure, large overhead and weak cash flow now. The firm is in deep financial trouble. But the $ media will not tell you that. At the present depressed nat. gas price, no one in the business can make any money. Morgan had sold another company to the Chinese Government in the past. His Company had environmental problems and rather than face the music Gwyn sold out to the Chinese and buggered off. Just like McGuinty. Now only 4 days after Harper’s approval of Nexen the Chinese are back with their cheque book with a bid for Encana, a Company fast becoming worthless. So we will be seeing a Mandarin management taking over Encana too, in the near future. The USA market for Western natural gas and oil has disappeared. There is no place / way to sell these Western resources now and most of the tar sands companies in a sense have little or no value. Enter the Chinese. Wall St. wants out,  the Chinese are the only bidders and they are smart. These tar sands establishments really should be going at fire sale prices. Rather the Chinese are offering a premium to give the shareholders an escape route. Wall St. needs to see a profit and higher stock prices each quarter. The Chinese can sink money into the tar sands and wait until they need the oil or gas. In the meantime Alberta gets nothing from the resource except the rent for the lease. The only thing that will be required on the Nexen site is to maintain the infrastructure over time and of course Chinese workers will be used for that job. China just bought a LNG project in Australian. Shareholder in private oil / gas companies are now waving at the Chinese.  However the citizens who actually own all these resources will get sweet fuck all except having a totalitarian state owned enterprise in their midst to tell them what to do. Our free enterprise system in North America was never designed to be taken over by outside states with loads of money. And it was never intended that the holder of company stocks would be able to sell the very ground from under the feet of citizens and pocket all the money. Welcome to the Republican free market system. Freedom to screw the majority. Gwyn is at present Chairman of SNC – Lavalin, now involved in a bribery scandal wherein the CEO has been charged.  Morgan has a special talent for making his money from shady companies that operate outside the law yet Phil Crawley just loves what Gwyn has to say. Mind you when the Globe and Oil gets full page ads from CAPP, Enbridge, Shell etc. and now SNC Lavalin [ at $ 100,000 a pop ] Phil Crawley’s Paper is of course going to say nice things about the bunch of them. The Kalamazoo bitumen spill took place and Enbridge flooded the press with full page ads. This was to guarantee the papers would say nice things. With the SNC Lavalin scandal Gwyn has done the same thing, flood the press with full page ads. Crawley’s Globe and Oil will in response to a few hundred thousand sanitize the SNC scandal. The real story about Canada being sold out from under us will never be told in the $ media.  The Globe is apparently thoroughly  dedicated to dishonest business owners like Gwyn Morgan and Conrad Black. Cash has flash.  If you have big money then the law doesn’t apply to you according to the Globe. To the Thomsons family, the only thing that counts IS MONEY. Mind, there are a lot of movers and takers who view money as being MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE TRUTH. Canada was built on truth but it is now  being destroyed by the Republican influences just as they have destroyed their own homeland. Lyin Steve is yet another hired employee of the US oil cartel. Doing their dirtywork for them in return for money and power. Some democratic PM.


RUSS GIRLING  / TRANSNOTCANADA AND AL MONACO  / ENBRIDGE   —    If you ever see anything coming from either of these men that bespeaks the truth will you write to me and wake me up please. I fear I will remain asleep for ever.  Both Companies have bought the $ media so when either of them utters a lie it is immediatley printed without scrutiny. No tale is too tall for these two. Big cash buys them exceptionally  friendly coverage. Every media mogul will sit up and beg if you wave a big bill at him. Women never seem to paint themselves into such corners, they’re too smart.


KNOWN BY THEIR COVER NAME, INSTITUTES ***   FRASER, C.D. HOWE, FRONTIER Centre., CANADA WEST,  CANADIAN CONSTITUTIONAL Foundation., MACDONALD – LAURIER, PRESTON MANNING, CANADIAN CENTRE FOR POLICY ALTERNATIVES, NATIONAL CITIZENS Coaltion., AND MONTREAL ECONOMIC  Foundation —   All of the above are right wing think tanks with direct connections back to the University of Chicago. Actually the think tank idea was first suggested by Friedrich Hayek [ in the 1950s ], a phony economist from Germany who by the way is loved by Himself Harper. At the very time poor Fred was being taken advantage of by the Chicago U he came up with creating think tanks [ by calling them charities the citizens would foot the bill for right wing propaganda ]. The above and many  in the US masquerading as well meaning institutions dedicated to the good of the community. The only good they promote is for the righties. Hayek’s idea was really a way to spread right wing ideology on the public nickel. It is almost impossible to find out who is behind these bogus entities but every now and they let their guard down. The Fraser Institute is supported [ hundreds of millions ] by shadow companies. Lately the US oil cartel has been a huge contributor. Calgary U and the Fraser have graduated such illustrious staunch Canadians as Herr Harper, Danielle Smith, Preston Manning and Mike Harris. For a long time I have been trying to investigate this spider by tackling the task one leg [ subversive call ] at a time. I have also been doing research on Friedrich Nietzsche, the little man who never existed and in chasing this phantom I discovered the real story behind Friedrich Hayek, the phony economist. Hayek led me to the University of Chicago which was and is the propaganda center for the right in the world. Those operating at the fringes of the University, are in when they need to be in and out when the University wants to deny involvement in their right wing dirty work. Based on Hayek’s work about 400 think tanks have been established around the world to brainwash the citizenry thereabouts. Some of those brainwashing establishments are listed above. The idea is to turn out copy masquarading as free reports and have same published in the press particularly. This either in whole or used by reporters and journalists as filler. Sometimes they make up an entire piece just to showcase and attack our Medicare for example.  Medicare is constantly under attack by the $ media and the think tanks. I find that this brainwashing does indeed affect some people and it can be seen in the Letters to the Editor sections of the papers. Many Canadians who never think of thinking for themselves swallow this right wing propaganda hook, line and sinker. Goebbels said it and he was right.  If you tell a lie often enough people will begin to believe it as the truth. Lyin Steve is sure trying hard to get Canadians to believe that his lies are the truth. So far it hasn’t work out very well. So next time you read anything connected to these right wing fronts don’t believe it. The press and their journalists are pulling your leg at the same time they are destroying your Country on the instructions of the US right / Republicans. To ad insult to injury you are actually paying for the demolition job. Go figure. It was this same group of Americans who helped Herr Harper steal the last election. I have a new name for these US branch plant think tanks. Right wing ABCs [ American Brainwashing Centers ]. Any newspaper, magazine, TV / radio station that publishes, broadcasts or promotes the above ABC’s material is anti Canadian. Fascist MP Russ Hiebert sponsored a union busting bill in Parliament and it passsed. Now Russ Hiebert has some time on his hands over Xmas I would like him to propose a bill requiring all of the right wing ABCs listed above to tell Revenue Canada where their money comes from. The Fraser Inst. got $ 500,000 from the oil companies, Gwyn Morgan gave them $ 2 million and money came from various tobacco companies to Nils Veldhuis. The Fraser operates as a charity, you are allowed to laugh now.  Hello Rev. Can., still asleep? Mind Rev. Can. is now an arm of the PMO. WHY WOULD THE AGENCY INVESTGATE THE FRASER INSTITUTE???  Let this destruction of our Nation and the theft of the future of our children and grandkids influence how you spend your money. DON’T BE FOOLED.  Don’t go quietly to the ovens. Please.


PETER VAN LOAN, THE BOY FINGER WAGGER   —   A few days ago our Pete [ one of Herr Harper's fascist Ministers ] threw a wrangy and cross the floor of the House to chew out Nathan Cullen, the NDP House Leader. If you watch the video you can see poor Pete mouthing it up and waving his finger as he crossed the floor. There was no sound with the video but our boy has now admitted using foul language and apologized, well sort of. Of course the $ media concentrated on the larger group of MPs who ended up surrounding Loan. So he wasn’t alone in their coverage. And the comments of  others were thrown into the mix by the $ media as if it was some kind of heated debate among many. Not just one MP who blew his cool.  Only Van Loan stands convicted of this breech of Parliamentary conduct. Much was made of the response from Nathan Cullen and particularly Tom Mulcair by the Harper spin doctors who fanned out across the Nation quickly to put lyin Steve’s stamp on the incident. One of my rules in life has always been to say in so many words to my opponents, if you want to duel, you chose the weapons. In other words if you get down and dirty, I’ll get down and dirtier. I am amazed at the bullies I have encountered over time who think they can play dirty while the opposition is restrained by some strange attachment to the marquess of queensberry rules. The reason bullies think this way, is so many of their opponents will in fact make nice rather than fight back. So if  Nathan Cullen and Tom Mulcair had just given in without comment the Fascist bullying would have continued or gotten even worse. What you have to understand is that lyin Steve’s merry little band are all wimps. They suffer from an Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex [ UPC ]. They are Sociopaths like Harper who when they join his organization are encouraged to  begin the bully people with abandon like Pete.  Who is a pompous stuffed shirt by the way. With the collective security of the right leaning crowd and unlimited money from the US oil cartel there is no end of left leaning targets to demonize. I am a Red Tory, a PC, a free enterpriser and a 50 year businessman. The Fascists consider me left leaning, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. As I have said many times over, the $ media in Canada is in Harper’s clutches. What Himself says goes or a media outlet / journalist which puts forth the truth is taken off the Government advertiser’s list. Why would Phil Crawley of the Globe and Oil go near a story that contains the truth. Going against the oilies and telling Canadians the truth could cost the Globe hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Hitler controlled the press by force. Harper controls the press by advertising [ mostly tax dollars ]. In terms of the fracas in the House the Globe and the Sun showed a picture but left out the first frames showing Van Loan crossing the floor and wagging his finger. This is slanting the news towards the Fascists. On the net the American National Post had a headline saying Tom Mulcair started the whole thing. When you buy a newspaper do you want the truth or are you happy to be made a fool of?  But I think the true meaning of Van Loan’s meltdown went right over the heads of the right wing $ media who qualify as being stupid. To some people a paycheque is everything even if it means cleaning out the gas chambers.  A true champion who is in number one spot never looks over his / her shoulder. What is going on behind is of no consequence. Herr Harper is a weak pretender to the throne. He spends all his time looking backwards and dreams up schemes to trip anyone close behind.  Attacking others rather than governing is becoming a bit tiresome.  Steve’s Party is begining to run out of steam. Harper’s Government reminds me of the one led by John Diefenbaker who in 1962 went from a majority of 208 [ in a 265 seat House ] down to 116. Dief tried to run a one man band too. And he didn’t trust anyone either. Van Loan’s performance says to me that Harper and his insiders are getting frayed around the edges. The roof is making noises like it is going to fall in and lyin Steve has lost control of the agenda. He and his boys and girls are starting to sweat. His Fascist dream is not going to come true no matter how much illegal money the US oil cartel gives him. Here is a mind twister. It was reported last year that the Harperites collected 3 times the donations of the other parties combined. Now the opposition garnered more than 60% of the vote. It doesn’t add up. I reminded the $ media about this discrepancy but there was no response. More people donated to the Fascists than all the other parties combined but only a small percentage actually cast ballots. There were a lot of donors who gave money to the Fascists but who didn’t bother to vote. That doesn’t sound like right wing zealots who would actually vote on their last trip to the cemetery. The hearse would go by the polling station first. Further study showed almost all Harpers donations came from the Calgary / Edmonton area. But I had a head start on this one. Some years back I did research on California’s slide to financial ruin. How could a State with 36 million of the smartest people on the earth living in a paradise enviroment go so wrong? Their big mistake was to start trying to clean up the environment by cleaning up the air. Pollution caused mostly by transportation was trapped against the mountains especially in heavily populated areas. Breathing problems were greater than the national average for the young and the elderly. The California Air Quality Board began developing tougher standards. Of course the US oil cartel didn’t take kindly to such measures and combined with the Republicans to thwart Government efforts to improve air quality. The oil cartel [ monopoly ] was formed in the 1920s by the 7 large oil companies but they continued to operate under their original names to hide this illegal arrangement from the American people. This collusion was sanctioned by a Republican President and a Republican Congress before the crash of 1929 and has over the last 90 years extracted much of the wealth in the USA and concentrated it in a few hands. The defining feature of the cartel is the fact that it owned at one time more than 75% of the refineries and owned or controlled about 70% of the world’s oil. Now the cartel owns about 50% of the world’s refineries and less than 10% of the oil. That is why the cartel wants Alberta’s tar cheap to keep their refineries running in Texas [ Keystone XL ] and in California [ Gateway ]. None of Alberta’s tar will go to Asia as Harper, Oliver, the oil cartel and the $ media would have us believe. That pitch is a crock of shit. In California the oilies started to give the State Republicans money under the table in contravention of their election act. Oil workers were each given money with which to donate to the Repubs on an individual basis. Dean Del Mastro did this very same thing in Peterborough. Also the same thing the US oil cartel does in Calgary and the money goes to Harper. Did you know that various groups in that City are now trying to raise a million bucks to feed the homeless. Homeless people who have nothing to eat in Calgary???  When, when, when the cartel took $ 125 billion in oil resources out of Alberta in 2010 and gave back a little more than $ 10 billion. In California the oil cartel bought up the entire $ media and only Repub initiatives and election messages got broadcast or published.  Gaining a majority the Republicans passed legislation to prevent the overturning of any laws on the books unless there is a 75% vote to do so. California is now ruled by the natural number of right wingers [ about 20% ] and there is nothing the majority can do about it save a revolution. The State is now broke and ungovernable. This is where Canada is heading thanks to the US oil cartel. Harper is supported by cartel oil money under the table as is Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose. The University of Calgary is funded by the cartel to graduate right wing zealots like Harper and acts as a centre for Canadian climate deniers. The Manning Institute is funded by the cartel. Preston’s job is to indoctrinate young righties in the ways of dirty tricks and stealing elections. So we can see in Canada the same move to take away our democratic system as happened in California. In that State the cartel succeeded. But in this Country the process is not yet complete even though Harper rigged the election of 2011 and gained a very slim majority. Stealing 2011 was a one off voter suppression gig and it won’t work a second time.  Lucky us, lyin Steve has yet to grab all of the levers of power. That is why our Pete Van Loan is getting anxious and publicly showing his anxiety. Things are not working out as planned and time is running out for the Fascists. Time is also running out for the US oil cartel in Canada. America is now using far less oil [ gasoline ] due to reduced travel and more efficient vehicles. As well unrestricted fracking is producing a glut of natural gas, so much so that the price has gone through the floor [ the typical US freeeeeeeee enterprise system ]. Nobody in the nat. business is now making any money except the pipe line companies, TransNotCanada and Enbridge. They own most of the pipes and the distribution systems as in Quebec and Ontario. They are charging Alberta natural gas prices in Ontario / Quebec but getting their cheap supply out of fracked wells in Michigan. They have no competition. It is state sponsored theft.  So Eastern Canadians are being screwed [ inflated prices for nat. gas ] and Albertans are selling little if any natural gas. Some country. Both Harper and McGuinty have been bought off. In terms of fracked oil the story is a little different. To make use of the oil you need to have a refinery and the US oil cartel owns most of them. With a glut of oil now developing in the USA the cartel can buy oil from the many little producers cheaply and sell high in America and Canada. The cartel have no competition and everybody has been paid off. That is why we must build upgraders and refineries in Fort McMurray. The only way tar leave this Country is in the form of finished oil products. We control the CO2 and emissions, eliminate the tailing ponds and restrict water use.  As the US cartel shrinks due to the activities of world competitors they can still be very profitable soaking the shit out of North Americans. Politicians have been bought and are now onside. The $ media has been bought and they are now onside. Then along comes an upstart Premier, by the name of Alison Redford who suggests a National Energy Strategy which will see the 10 Canadian Provinces and 3 Territories pool their resources to create a world energy superpower.  The jobs and wealth which is now being  removed [ theft ]  will be kept within this Country. Foreign workers will be sent packing. We will train and employ our First Nations people, especially the young.  Obviously the US oil cartel doesn’t like this NES development and as usual the management of the cartel lacks the balls to come out of the shadows to do their own dirty work. They hire grade 8 level writers like Ezra LeRant, Vivian Krause and Mary Janigan to act as mouthpieces. The cartel  has employed the $ media to destroy Premier Redford politically and scuttle the NES. It is a huge expensive oilie smear campaign which must not be allowed to succeed. The advance of the NES will kill the Keystone / Gateway pipe lines so the cartel refineries in Texas and California will have to be shuttered. Tough bloody tough. New upgraders and refineries in Fort McMurray will supply gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to western Canada. Fort McMurray will pump semi finished OIL [ not bitumen ] to dormant refineries in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes to produce gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to Eastern Canada via the Twin Beaver pipe line. A parallel pipe will carry Alberta and BC natural gas to Eastern Canada. The Enbridge and TransNotCanada pipes and distribution in Ontario and Quebec will be expropriate and encorporated into the NES. These Companies, owned by Wall St. have been screwing Canadians for just long enough. The screwing has to stop and the Twin Beaver will do that very nicely. A spur from the Twin Beaver will branch off at Thompson Man. [ check the proposed route in your kids atlas ] and travel to Churchill Man. [ a deep water world port ] where an oil tank farm and a liquid natural gas facility will provide supply via combo tankers / icebreakers to the world market. We can build those ships in Quebec and BC. Of course all that I have described will accomodate the oil / natural gas resources of Saskatchewan and Manitoba for distribution as well. Hydro power will come out of Eastern Canada. The NES will allow for an orderly harveting of the Province’s energy resources and processing based on, firstly a stable and secure market in all of Canada and then world demands. In the 1920s the USA was almost self sufficient in that with such a vast Country almost everything the Americans needed was available within their borders. Only 10% of agricultural and manufactured products were exported. America is a very different Country to-day. The elites there have shipped all the jobs to Asia but still expect to sell in the US, Daaaaaaa.  Canada is in much the same position as our neighbour was years ago in regards to energy. We have the ability to mine / extract it / pump and process it and supply our own market of 34 million people. In terms of the world market it would natural to consider the English and Commonwealth markets numbering 2.2 billion people for our energy. These people are now being abused by the US oil cartel as the cartel has been doing to us for far too long. No wonder the cartel doesn’t like the NES. No wonder Harper and his Fascists don’t like Premier Redford. And no wonder lyin Steve and his Ministers are getting anxious. As I say Peter Van Loan is only the tip of a nervous iceberg. If Canada takes charge of its’ energy resources and cuts its’ own costs drastically we would have a huge competetive advantage over other countries in all areas of endeavour. In fact Canada could become the energy leader and show the way for other countries. Then it wouldn’t matter if the USS Titanic sinks or the Chinese throw money at Wall St to gain control of our resourses. We would go back to an earlier time when being self sufficient was the way to go. We have been there, done that and can do it again no matter what the AmeriCANs like Terry Corcoron says.


BEFORE THE USS TITANIC SINKS LET’S GET DOWN TO BRASS TACKS / ONTARIO’S ELECTRICAL SYSTEM   —   I think your would agree the thing is in a mess and getting worse. IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. During Mike Harris’ second term 1999 / 2003 I tried to convince the Boss that promising to fix the electrical system would pull our PC Party out of a tailspin. Right wing tactics had turned off a lot of our supporters and I suggested to Mike and Janet Ecker [ my MPP ] to do something big  and in doing so the fix would affect all Ontarians. This move might have pulled our chestnuts out of the fire. Harris would not listen and as it turned out he was planning to sell Ontario Hydro to his friends [ including ENRON ]. When I heard about the sale I was very angry. I took a powder, abandon the PCs and have never been back. The PCs with Ernie Eves at the helm crashed and burned, as has the Party every election since that time. Hard right wingers never admit a mistake, they never learn from their mistakes and they keep doing the same thing over and over again. As well the right  has no insight. They can’t see going into a barn full of hay to play with matches might cause a fire. Daaaaaaaa. Tim Hudak still hasn’t gotten the message. The bulk of the voters in Ontario are in the middle. Hudak spends all his time chasing the 15% on the hard right. When I walked out on Harris I had spent almost 40 years as a minor worker with the PC Party. Hudak and company have abandon the PC grassroots and he continues to come up short. When devious Dalt came to power I wrote to him offering my Ontario Hydro expertise. I was of the opinion that the electrical system was the elephant in the room for any government and it could only get worse. I said the same thing to McGuinty as I had said to Harris. Fix the system or you too will go down to defeat. As it stand now the Liberals are toast. They have fewer seats that the PC / NDP opposition, a ex Premier who is still playing at being a bit of a Premier and a bit of a Tyrant, cardboard Liberal leadership hopefuls [ the winner will serve as a front for the Liberal Party machine ]. The nukie electrical system has crushed Ontario financially. Since we no longer live in a democracy, those we elected are sitting at home thanks to devious Dalt. Who knows what will happen in the future. It is my guess that the  Lib. machine will not want to submit itself to the electorate  for judgement if there is only a dim hope of retaining power. My only thought is the the Liberal machine will empty the cupboards, grabbing every buck they can and then they will call  back the Legislature in a year, if even then. Remember, David Onley took away your freedom and he should get the boot.  McGuinty got his million dollar plus free house from the nukies and all his friends have been well looked after or will be over the next year. Right after devious Dalt took power Murray Elston [ former Liberal Cabinet Minister ] became the President of the Canadian Nuclear Association. I smelled a rat and I began to file away clippings of Elston’s activities. I concluded the Murray was acting as the Liberal bag man and playing both sides of the street so to speak. Acting for the nukies by delivering their payments to Dalt. It was said Elston had direct access to the Preem’s office and I would guess the nukie money went right there. I have written about this greasing of the Liberal machine using recycled tax dollars by the nukies many times especially to the Toronto Star. But the newspapers were not interested in the truth.  Ontario is in the financial soup now and a lot of the blame can be laid at the doorstep of the $ media. When we needed the papers they were always AWOL. When I become the Ontario Electric Tsar the first thing I will do is cut the KW price in half.  Half of your KW bill goes to the friends of Harris and McGuinty. I would put a stop to it.  Next I will begin to create a workable / sensible corporate structure to get from A to B as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Harris broke old Ontario Hydro into 5 parts to sell it off.  It is the worst corporate mish mash you can imagine.  Then I will go after every bastard who has helped himself to the ratepayer’s money since the time of Harris with the intention to jail some of them including McGuinty. Your question might be, ” will this be a witch hunt “? The short answer is YES. You can bet your sweeet bippy on that.


TO THE $ MEDIA / PLEASE * PLEASE * PLEASE / STOP THE HANDWRINGING   —   There has been a terrible tragedy in Connecticut. 20 children and 7 adults were gunned down by a young crazed gunman who had mental problems. He was a psychopath. The $ media will milk this story for all it is worth and then go right back to taking money from the American National Rifle Association to bury the story. The NRA has already started saying what it always says when these tragedies happen. ” This is not the time to discuss gun control”. Never is a good time for them. And the $ media will be paid enough money to see that never it is.  Absolutely nothing will done to stop these nutbars from gaining access to firearms. In Canada a very small group of gun owners are mimicking the NRA in wanting restrictions taken off  them and gun possession. The last time I looked we lived in a democracy, majority rule. But the right wing in this Country is at most 15%. The only way they can get their say is to rig the voting as they did with 2011. People with guns must buy a licence and those wanting to buy a gun should have to qualify. No nutbars please. Anyone possessing an unregister firearm should go to jail without passing go [ 6 months for the first offense, 2 years second and 5 years third ]. It should be an automatic conviction. If you have such a weapon off to jail. The second matter is all of these young men who kill others using guns should be imaged / tested for Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex [ UPC ] when they show signs of mental illness. This imaging would include Anders Breivik who killed 80 in Norway and the Quebec man, Guy Turcotte who killed his 2 children and has now been released. Another candidate for imaging is the 50 year old fire bug in Toronto who wants to start fires and watch people burn. The study of Psychopaths goes back to the 1940s and over time more and more data has been collected on people who kill but show no feelings or remorse. Gradually a profile of different behaviours was developed which assisted pychiatrists in assessing law breakers. After about 30 years this area of concern was split in two and the designation Sociopath [ check on the net ] was added to cover people who were not killers, mentally unstable but not killers. In the 90s another split took place and the term personality disorder was added. The 16 tell tale behaviours remained the same for all three but to varying degrees. Remember these are used to only observe people from the outside who show signs of instability. In this respect doctors are only able to guess what is going on in an offender’s brain. No we have the MRI machine. Three of the behaviours which seem to fit these cases [] 1 [] Lack of empathy. [] 2 [] Being smart. [] 3 [] Being cunning and manipulative. The last two mean that the person being examined can fool a doctor or pychiatrist. Too many time have the sick been judged fit for release and they have reoffended.  Those responsible seem to be willing to put society at risk until a killer does something so horrendous that they can then be safely locked up. What if this Quebec doctor kills again? How many times will they let him out? Imaging has made great strides in the last dozen years. It is a valuable health tool which is showing greater and greater versatility. Imaging tests are directed at various activities and the technicians have gradually mapped the brain. These tests are applied to Parkinsons, Huntingtons, Alzhiemers, Autism and Dementia and others. One new area which opened a lot of eyes was that in Britain the prison population was imaged and 85% suffered from UPC. These convicts had behaviours exactly like those ascribed to Psychopaths and Sociopaths 30 years ago. In the US in a few cases lawyers are asking that their clients [ quite often young men ] be imaged. If UPC is involved then it can be said the person is not responsible. If imaging can be used to protect a law breaker from society we can use imaging to protect ourselves from people with defective brains. Everyone who is in trouble with the police or who suffers mental problems should be imaged to find out if they suffer from UPC. I’d bet every one of those listed above has an Undeveloped Prefontal Cortex. This is a societal nodule in the left side of the brain midway between the eye and ear. It is our plug in to a democratic society and controls our behaviours in this regard. I maintain that imaging should become the chief factor in determining the illness of people like those listed above. Once we know their exact problem [ no more 3 doctor panels trying to guess ] we can deal with it. Once the gravity of UPC suffering is determine we can then look for a cure. It is as simple as that. A person is shown pictures of a gastly crime. A normal person is horrified, the nodule lights up. While a UPC sufferer remains cool as a cucumber, not a spark. These electrical impulses can’t be faked. After a lot of testing a person can be diagnosed as a Sociopath. Further imaging of the brain can determine other traits which allow the next step to being called a Psychopath. So we need strict control placed on firearms. And we need to identify Pychopaths and Sociopaths by the use of imaging. The medical profession say there is no cure for these ailments. I don’t believe that. Wouldn’t it be better to make 4 % of the male population more whole in terms of being able to operate successfully in society instead of losing 20 kids at a crack and having the shooter sit in jail for the rest of his life at our expense. This is bloody crazy. Mind, don’t expect that the $ media will do anything but take money from the gun lobby and remain tight lipped.


THE F- 35, AH YES THE F-35   —   I can bet you have had it up to here with the F-35. An outpouring of thousands of words if not millions from the $ media. And another bet. I’ll bet you don’t know any more now than you did 3 years ago. 99% of the people writing or commenting on the F-35 don’t know what the hell they are talking about including the MPs. I started to fly 62 years ago at age 15. I was the youngest student pilot in Canada at 16, the youngest Private Pilot at 17, the youngest Commerical Pilot at 18 and had served almost 5 years as an apprentice Air Maintenance Engineer. You can not hold an AME until you are 21 years. I was one of those rare pilots who could also also fix flying machines, I wore two hats. I worked for Stan Deluce, owner of White River Air as a bush pilot / mechanic. Stan is the dad of Robert Deluce, owner of Porter Airlines. I used to go over to the Deluce home in White River for breakfast each morning and sit at the table with Robert. He would have been about 5. I worked for Leggatt Aircraft as a mechanic and tested repaired  aeroplanes. I got out of the business at 21 because there was no money in it. You need some jack when you start having kids. Over a period of time I designed the Blue Jay, a sort of little DH Beaver that would go skis, wheels and floats. We built the prototype but never went any further. I have said many times that Canada is a place where ideas are born to die. Too many of our elites have a branch plant mentality. Joe Oliver would rather sell logs to his American friends than make lumber, furniture and prefab houses. Little wonder that Canada’s economy is so shaky. For about 20 years I wrote articles and columns for the Canadian Owners & Pilots Association. I have a library of about 1000 aviation books, many of them maintenance / engineering manuals. All of this toing and froing about the F-35  just makes me a smile. Under normal circumstances I would say, forgive them Canadians, for they know not what they do. But Harper is SPENDING YOUR MONEY AND IT BORDERS ON THEFT. I will not go into the history of the F-35, you can look up the troubled life of this fighter on the net. The story will curl you hair and you will be left asking the question. Why are we even involved with this turkey??? The F-35 is actually 3 different aeroplanes, a standard fighter, a jump jet and a carrier based aircraft. A sort of Swiss army knife, very handy by a lousy axe, saw or sword. We have seen this in aviation before with the flying boat. It is at the same time a lousy boat and a lousy plane. The F-35 is supposed to be a ground attack weapon, engage in aerial combat and do long range surveillance. So the US Government / US airforce which have no money are trying to do it on the cheap and get other countries to pay the freight. Nice work when you have someone like Harper who is prepared to stand at the 49th, drop his pants and bend over with his ass pointing south. Canada has a long and honoured history building world class aeroplanes. The Americans have never like us showing them up and grabbing unique markets. Since 1945 the Yanks have always tried to sabotage our efforts in this regard. The Liberal Government and C. D. Howe would have none of it and we went our own way in the late 40s and 1950s. That is until Diefenbaker came to power. It is interesting that the Chief hated the Liberals as much as Steve does now. Both of them wasted time trying to get even. Canada although a small Country is 4th in aviation production. We were fortunate that during WW 11 both the US and England transfered technology to us to be able to manufacture Lancasters, Mosquitoes, Ansons, Tigers, PBYs and the list goes on. After the War we made Chipmunks, the Beaver, the Otter, Twin Otter, Dash 7 / 8 , the Canadair Water Bomber , Challenger, Avro CF-100 [ Canuck / 600 and change built ], CF-105 [ Arrow ] and the Jet Liner [ second to fly in the world ]. And the list goes on. This Country was never able develop the budgets for aircraft like in the US. They padded things to pay off Congress, located facilities in the district of important politicians and give contracts to friends and supporters. That is the environment our naive Steve has wandered into. It is completely understandable that the price of the F-35 is going through the roof. As one country after another peels away from the F-35 the suckers left on the list keep seeing their costs escalate. You don’t need someone from KPMG to get a grip on this situation. But our Stevie is bent on giving Canada to the Americans. What for? A pat on the head? As I say to you, read all about the F-35 on the net and check out the Boeing  F-18 / Super F-18 while you are at it because that is where we are headed.


YES THERE IS A SOLUTION VIRGINIA / GEE, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER ASK   —   Here’s the skinny.  To understand the requirements of the RCAF we can go back a few years and see the list of jobs needing attention. Ground support for the Army. Dog fighting to drive enemy aircraft away. Long range surveillance IN THE ARCTIC. Peter MacKay, the resident loonie bird has been selling the F-35 based on its’ stealth capabilities [ a low radar profile ]. However to be stealthy the F-35 can’t carry wing tanks or ordinance on the outside. Thus the range is reduced from that advertised and it becomes an almost unarmed a pea shooter. The enemy can’t see the F-35 but who care, it can’t go very far and it has little firepower. A bad pick for $ 250 million a copy without any other costs being factored in. We jail people who steal don’t we? Fully loaded up with ammunition and extra fuel in wing tanks increases the size of the radar target so stealth goes out the window as should our Peter. The F-35 is never going to go into quantity production. The Congress is going to kill it. The Americans can’t throw money after nonsense any more, like the used to. Here’s the plan, Stan. I going to put in some numbers but they can be adjusted on the ground according to need.


A WHOLE NEW INDUSTRIAL PLAN    —   Overhaul all of the existing CF-18 Hornets, the A [ one seat ] [ approx # 70 ] / the B [ two seat trainer ] [ approx # 30 ], upgrade them and install the latest British avionics / computer systems as the world airforces are doing. This will make them compatible with US fighters and those in NATO. The original US F-18 from which the Canadian model was derived was a carrier based aircraft [ folding wing, heavier undercarriage, strengthened fuselage to take the strain of the arrestor hook  and other features ]. Originally McDonnell / Douglas [ went broke ] and Northrop shared the manfacturing of the F- 18. But Northrop had been a close ally of Douglas which got into financial trouble and was swallowed by McDonnell. Trouble flared between the McDonnell management and Northrop over the F-18, a law suit ensued and Northrop was bought out. M D continued on with the F-18 Hornet, hamper by a production system that occupied two manufacturing plants. A proposal was made to the Navy for an uprated verson, the Super Hornet, 25% bigger, 40% more payload and much greater range at the same speed, Mach 1.8. Speed is determined by the shape and the engine size. Doubling engine power doesn’t double speed. Any aircraft shape can only be pushed through the air so fast, a point beyond it will not go. In the mid 1990s after the Canadian CF-18s had been delivered M D  was in financial difficulty itself and it was bought by Boeing, a big plane maker. Boeing inherited the F-18 Super Hornet. The orginal F-18 was designed for easy maintenance and an engine can be replaced in half an hour by a 4 man crew. The F-18 design has two engines and single / twin pilot [ trainer ] cockpits. It is a ground support / dog fighter / surveillance aircraft.  MacKay’s CF-35 has one engine, a single pilot and is a ground support / dog fighter aircraft and would be useless in our north. Rebuilding Canada’s CF-18s to R status would intitally entail the overhaul of about 100 airframes and 200 engines. This would require new jigs and tooling because the aircraft are now 30 years old. Since the original F-18 was designed for carrier use it is much more strongly built which means a longer life airframe. There were about 1400 F-18s manufactured in all and they are in operation in about 7 countries plus the US Navy and the Marines [ about 600 ]. If the 100 Canadian CF-18s are competely overhauled to present day standards and a remanufacturing system is established we automatically develop the capability of upgrading possibly 600 more fighters from the smaller countries. With money so tight around the world being able to have your existing fleet of F-18s upgraded to to-day’s standard and a 25 year extended life span for a fraction of the cost of new fighters would be very attractive. So our Country could go into the overhaul business as well as making spare part and providing logistics for 700 machines [ our 100 and the other 600]. So we end up with 100 refurbished CF-18Rs. The next step would be to approach Boeing to buy say 40 Super Hornets in kit form to be assembled on the same refurbishing  lines used for OUR original CF-18. The reason I suggest the kit idea is we don’t need carrier based planes [ neither do the other countries ] so the Super Hornet could be scaled back by us to a slightly less than Superduper  Hornet. It would be cheaper, lighter, have better performance. The Boeing components which have carrier application and would not be required could be maufactured in BC, Winnipeg, Fort Erie, Montreal and NS/NB [ wings, gear, wing root assemblies and lighter fuselage and tailplane parts ]. Having a scaled back Super Hornet, CF- 18 LB [ land based ] for ourselves we would be in a position to supply same to smaller countries in finished kit form. Boeing is trying to shop the Super Hornet around to compete with the F-35.  Having a cheaper model in kit form, manufactured by Canadians would sell more Super Hornets for Boeing, it being more maintenance friendly and having after market and logistical support from us. Using plain F-18Rs rebuilt by us would prompt other countries to buy Super Hornets in kit form from Canada. The beauty of a kit is that the aircraft comes in pieces and can be assembled using local labour. This training is valuable to a smaller country once the aircraft go into service. To go into the CF-18R overhaul business doesn’t need the permission of Boeing and once the remanufacturing line is set up countries themselves could chose to use our services and parts. But I think this overhaul scheme would greatly benefit Canada as well as Boeing. The F-18, F-18 Super Hornet and the F-35 all have a top speed of Mach 1.8. The F-35 is limited to two roles, ground support  and dog fighting. The Super Hornet fills three roles, ground support, dog fighting and surveillance. However, H-O-W-E-V-E-R,  Canada’s land mass makes it too big for the Super Hornet to be used effectively. There are not enough operational bases to cover the whole Country due to the short range of the CF- 18 Supers. So there are areas in Canada where the Russians and the Chinese can stooge around our Arctic and we wouldn’t even know it. But maybe that is what Herr Harper wants in chosing the F-35 Peashooter. Then he and his friends can make big money selling off OUR NORTH. It is interesting that the American Airforce is now talking about acquiring light /high speed bombers to deal with Chinese aircraft carriers particularly. China stole the F-35 design and has now turned it into a carrier based fighter.  That puts North America at risk. How does the US deal with a Chinese carrier sitting off the Pacific coast? Not very easily.  The new Chinese fighter is the match of the F-35, F-18 and F-18 Super [ all mach 1.8 ]. May I suggest the CF-105 Arrow [ fighter / bomber ] [ Mach 3 ]. The Arrow is a delta wing aeroplane which is the fastest shape going. The configuration, while fast also allows for a slower landing speed than the 35s / 18s. The problem with the Arrow is that it’s a lousy ground support aircraft and it can’t dog fight. It isn’t nimble enough. After all the CF-105 was designed to counter Russian bombers which were quickly replaced by ICBMs. Then the threat disappeared.  The Arrow delta wing allows for a large fuselage bay between the two engines which can house ordinance or extra tankage. There is nothing hanging out in the breeze to slow it down or reduce the range as with the 35s and the 18s. Both of which have a speeds of 1200 mph [ clean ]. The Arrow will go 2000 mph loaded or empty. I would guess that 3 dozen CF-105s would do quite nicely. Remember all of the engineering documents still exist so we do not have to reinvent the wheel. It would be a matter of just upgrading the materials and using modern manufacturing techniques. If you go on the net and look up the 35 / 18 / 105 the Arrow is actually an easier plane to manufacture, not as many little bits. I see the components for the Arrow being made all across Canada in the places mentioned above. The CF-18Rs and the CF-18 LBs would be assembled in Montreal. The Arrows would be assembled and maintained in Winnipeg. There are reasons for the use of these locations. Montreal is now the centre of aviation manufacturing in the Country. Toronto used to be heavily involved in the business but nuclear power drove the cost of electricity so high they everyone bailed. Mcguinty lost Ontario all of those good aviation jobs. The reason I suggest Fort Erie as a component manufacturing location is it is just across the Niagara River and it could probably buy cheap American KWs through the international grid link. The Super Arrows would be tasked with patrolling our Northwest Passage and OUR  Pacific / Atlantic coasts. There would be Arrow bases in BC /  Newfoundland and Winnipeg is centrally located. An Arrow could make it to either ocean in under an hour and fly 700 mph faster that the 35s / 18s / Chinese and Russian fighter and fly 20,000 ft higher. There is no fighter in service or on the drawing board that could stay with a Super Arrow. And the CF-105 has bomber capabilities with its’ big fuselage. In addition to getting their CF-18s refurbished and buying CF-18 Super kits I can see some countries [ Australia / New Zealand /Japan / Israel ] being interested in Arrow bombers. The CF-105 could do large / fast sweeps around a coastline high above everything else. Under such circumstances I think Chinese and Russian carriers would remain well behaved. There is an old saying, protect it or lose it. I think the US Airforce might just be interested in our Super Arrow bomber too. After all they are out of money and the CF-105 is sitting on the shelf waiting. I would estimate that with all of this activity, rebuilding 18s and manufacturing Super 18 kits that we might just end up with our full compliment off fighters / bombers for nothing [ zero ] after all of the offsets are factored in. So is this a good idea or would you rather have $ 45 billion of your hard earned dollars handed to the Americans by Herr Harper. Steve claims he is an economist but I don’t believe it. Nothing he does would indicate he has a clue about economics. When Harper procaimed his love for Hayek [ a total fraud ] my suspicions were confirmed. I was in business for 50 years and can spot a phony a mile away. I don’t believe Harper ever graduated from the University of Oil in Calgary. Even if the University released Steve’s transcripts [ if there are any ] I suspect they would be forged. The guy we should go to for clarification of Steve’s academic qualifications  is Tom Flanagan. He’s the guy who knows where all the bodies are buried. Including who is behind the Robo Calls. Little wonder that Peter Van Loan is getting so anxious. I believe their end in nigh.  The $ media is laying low on the truth about Robo Calls. They are all afraid Harper will take them off the Government advertising list if they spill the beans. The inside story of stolen 2011 election is soon to come out.  In the meantime let’s build some aeroplanes, provide our young people with jobs and keep all of our money at home.  Buy Canadian first.


 NOTE   —   I have described in some detail a workable aviation industrial stategy. In terms of the $ media they just ignore this type of thing. Better for the press to keep taking money to mislead Canadians. What I have outlined is the type of thing we should be discussing but Harper just shuts down such debates and the $ media bows. The solutions to our many problems can be found in what other countries are doing. It is a great thing to learn from the mistakes of other. But in this Country we learn nothing from nobody. And all the while your wallet get thinner and your nerves more frayed.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                             LAOCOON

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ON TIME AND UNDER BUDGET / THE YEARS  1793 / RIGHT / NO WRONG / ACTUALLY THE 1920s / THOSE WERE THE DAYS  —   After the great War [ 1914 / 18 ] a temporary Cenotaph was erected in T. O.  using wood. It was erected in front of the old City Hall. In 1925 Council decided to put up a real Cenotaph and engaged local architects Ferguson and Pomphrey to build it for $ 25,000, not a penny more. The architects were to get a 10% commission. The Cenotaph was used on Nov. 11.1925, the ceremonies included Baron Byng of Vimy, Governor General of Canada and Field Marshall Earl Haig. The end cost was $ 27,525, twenty five bucks over the estimate. Them were the days. Cabals had not taken the City over just yet. The Toronto City cabal [ 2012 ] is a loose knit group of politicians, businesses, the Tor. Board of Carpetbaggers, lawyers, accountants, marketing / PR people, unions, special interest, other assorted hangers on and of course the $ bribed media. All of these people contribute to maintaining the staus quo on projects in terms of accessing the public treasury to the max. When the idea like street cars on St. Clair was discussed the interests of Torontonians was not at the table. There is just too much money to be made screwing the public to let them into the decision making or allowing  the money tap to be turned off. The idea is to keep the citizenry confused and in the dark. That’s the job of the $ bribed media. So the St. Clair streetcar line was $ 140 million instead the  $ 60 million estimated. Former Councillor Kyle Rae said it best, ” there was nobody in charge “. I’d say to Kyle. You dummy, the cabal was in charge.  When public money is being spent everyone who is responsible for protecting the public interests looks the other way. Mind you, this is done for a small payment. And sometimes a large payment.  Beautification of Bloor St. was double the price and two years late. Rebuilding the rink at Nathan Philips Square is now way over budget and behind schedule. It is possible to build things on time and within the budget except the $ bribed media IS PAID BIG CASH TO MISINFORM YOU AND CAUSE CONFUSION. We could nail these bastards who are stealing our money if the media didn’t cover up their identity. If you as a citizen don’t have the details and you don’t know who is responsible what action can you take? I have a suggestion, burn down the local newspapers and TV station [ not the CBC ]. Or maybe stop reading or watching their garbage. Make advertisers in the Star etc understand they are off your list. Ten years of taking cash [ taxpayers ] to print nukie  propaganda by the Star has helped destroy Ontario’s economy and relegated tens of thousands of our young people to dead end jobs like flipping hamburgers. The next generation is paying a price for a system which permits a few to grab almost everything behind closed doors. Thanks to Mike Filey [ Toronto historian ] for the Cenotaph stats. I have some of his books on the history of the City. If you want to learn about the Great T. O.?  Mike is the go-to-guy. Mike will have another book to write soon. It will be this City’s break out to world status and a much fairer distribution of wealth when we drive the parasites away. The immediate task is to break the grip of the movers and takers who see Toronto / Ontario as their own personal profit centre. Look back over the ages. Every society in which a small group accumulated all the wealth and the population as a whole suffered, the arrangement ALWAYS came to a bloody and violent end. Such graspers and grafters were / are sociopaths, they had no empathy for the people at large and had no insight. In the past they could not see what was coming down the road, like hanging from the gallows or losing their heads. The UPC sufferers of to-day still can’t see the forest for the trees. However, we the people MUST LOOK DOWN THE ROAD FOR THEM AND TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION IN OUR OWN SELF INTERESTS.  AND BY LAW TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS,  the wealth that was taken by stealth and crime. If necessary we must get their attention, even if we have to give those like McGuinty a little slammer time. Once labelled as a graduate with a slammer degree like Conrad Black sociopaths are effectively neutered. They may still be a pain in the ass like Black but HE can’t really affect the upward trajectory of Canada. Now all we have to do is jail Harper, McGuinty and Preston Manning [ him for treason ]. And send Conman Black home to the waiting arms of his kin in England. Who are sure to give Blackie a jolly old time.


HURRAY / HURRAY / JEFF SIMPSON GOT HIS CHEQUE FROM THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY   —   I was really worried. Jeff hasn’t done a column for a few a weeks outlining the ills of our Medicare. Our health care system has been with us for 30 years, is very successful and 90% of Canadians just love it. Simpson is among a small group of AmeriCANs who take money fr0om the USA to derail our Medicare. I became concerned that the Yankee  health care industry had cut him off.  But we can all breath easier now, Jeff did get his dough from the USA. The COST of the Canadian Medicare has NOT EXCEEDED THE COST OF INFLATION IN 20 YEARS. The problem is that the $ bribed media including Jeffrey refuses to break down the over arching term, ” health care “, which includes dental, massage, sport medicine, chiropractic and drugs to name a few. These service are the ones that are skyrocketing in price. Our medicare was meant to cover anyone who is really sick [ not having a tattoo removed or a nose job ]. People should not have their health and homes put in jeopardy because they can’t afford to see the doctor. The Yanks are a barbaric lot. The Repubs spent more than 3.5 billion bucks on dirty tricks and lying in the recent election and yet many Americans suffer ill health due to not being able to afford to pay a doctor, simply barbaric. As if that isn’t enough the right in the US interferes in our medicare by engaging AmeriCANs like Jeff. Turncoats willing to sell out Canadian interests for a Yankee cheque. Ditto the Globe and Oil. Lack of universal health care  hastened the ruination of the Ruined States of America. The majority on the right down south are young, strong, healthy and stupid.  They have rich fathers. Look at Paul Ryan. Doesn’t everyone???  Jeff’s column in the Nov. 14 / 12 Globe is based on a report out of the University of Calgary which is the Nietzsche Cult’s home base in Canada. This is the University that threw up Steve Harper and now houses Tom Flanagan, my favourite American draft dodger. Calgary U also launders oil money [ who   doesn't get oil cash in Calgary ? ] and is also the home to Climate Deniers in Canada. At the University [ under the wing of the US oil cartel ], Herb Emery, David Still and Tom Cottrell were the number crunchers for Simpson’s piece. I wouldn’t trust these 3 bird to take out my garbage. Let me explain Two Tier. The Canadian Health Act says a doctor can work for the state or have his own practice but he /she can’t play both side of the street. Doctors are of course trained at the expense of our society, something the shit disturbers never mention. That doctor’s diploma cost taxpayers a ton. Now a private practise is expensive to operate like any business, I know because I ran my own for 50 years. The government didn’t help me when I operated my appliance service business or manufactured basket. Rather than face the cold, hard steel of free enterprise / Two Tier doctors  want to see the cost of their facilities underwritten by the state. Nice work if you can get it. Then they can sell the rich quick access to treatment for a few thousand extra. The taxpayers wait times would then just get longer despite what Dr. Brian Day says. I wish Day would go back to Manchester and stop meddling in Canada’s affairs. Wait it get better. In the Two Tier situation [ the CMA union supports T T by the way  ]   doctors would contract with hospitals for say the use of the x-ray room wednesday mornings. This would put a few extra bucks in the institutions bank account, nice. The hospital would make money renting out OUR equipment [ paid with taxes or community donations ] for cheap to the doctors. Again the rich would get preferential treatment . Such equipment has already been paid for by the taxpayers and our wait times again would only get longer. It is a case where people like Dr. Brian Day and the CMA are looking to make extra money but cheating  the system. What we have here is that Day and the CMA docs lack the balls to stand on their own two feet and run a private practise which is quite leagal.  But they never reveal this truth lack of nackers and the $ bribed media, like the Globe and Oil is paid to bury that truth, including Jeffrey Simpson. Canadian are quite happy with Medicare. Why is the US health care industry spending so much money trying to take medicare away from us? And why are their so many AmeriCANs [ Canadian turncoats ] happy to take the money to turn this Country into an unhealthy hell hole like south of the border?  Each time you buy  the Globe YOU DRIVE ANOTHER NAIL IN YOUR OWN COFFIN. You are actually paying to destroy your own Medicare? You are inviting in a Yankee system that will raid your wallet and increase your wait times?  Go figure?


THE GLOBE SAYS CANADA SEES RISK IN US OIL BOOM  / ONLY PROBLEM / THE WARNING COMES  TWO YEARS LATE  /  THE TAR SANDS IS NOW INVOLVED IN AN ONGOING LIQUIDATION    —   Where has the Globe [ now the Globe and Oil ] been for the last two years? On Pluto? 3 or 4 years ago the term fracking showed up in the media the odd time. Being able to recover unreachable natural gas and light oil deposts using an old technology opened up new possibilities. It was easy to see where this trend was going. If you have a dozen chickens you will get so many eggs. If you increase your flock ten times you will get ten times the eggs. Daaaaaaaaaa. Fracking took off and mom and pop natural gas and oil wells popped up all over the place with no restraints from Washington. Unscupulous promoters roamed around paying property owners for the use of their land for fracking. One hole is drilled down and many horizontal drill holes can be drilled, radiating out like a wagon wheel. Such an operator could actually recover nat. gas / oil from under adjacent properties without the owners even knowing it. and thus it is free.   All of a sudden a farmer’s well goes dry or the water is poisoned by chemicals. A farm or a family can be destroyed overnight. To just make some carpet bagger rich? Under the circumstances who does the damaged owner blame? If it is clearly caused by fracking a homeowner / farmer has to hire a lawyer and fight in Court. All of these fracking companies have an army of dishonest lawyers.  So it is almost impossible to fight such injustices unless one has loads of money. This is the standard American free enterprise bubble. A small number of highly place sociopaths join in a beanfeast with no thought for tomorrow or others. The US oil cartel and the big natural gas operators could only stand by helplessly and watch this fracking craze. They have lost the control over an industry that has been their’s for more than 80 years. This fracking was / is a replay of the American wild west or the great Dust Bowl or the destruction of the value of real estate in 2006 / 2009 [ caused exclusively by George Bush Jr. ] [ the destroyer of his Country would go nice on his tombstone ]. In each case it is every rugged individual for himself with no government rules to interfere [ the Amerian way ]. We Canadians are different. We  have made a success of this grand land by working together. A history that goes back to the start of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1670.  North of the 49th parallel [ more or less ] there was an uneasy alliance between the various First Nations tribes from the Bay to the Rockies and the English / Scots of the HBC. The whites offered knives, axes, pots and guns etc while the Indians reciprocated with Beaver pelts. Each thought the other daft. Their close relationship proved advantageous to all involved. Settlement was not permitted on the leased Rupert’s Land [ the watershed of all of the rivers flowing into Hudson / James Bays ]. Neither the British Government nor the HBC wanted the responsibility / cost of settlers in such a wide expanse of land. Besides, habitation would scare the animals away. South of the border the Americans were trading in furs too but in little pockets of unorganized  freelancers who came and went. They depended on the weather, the availability of the Beaver and an iffy transportation system. Shipments of pelts going east in the States could be hijacked. In fact, at times is was more profitable to join a gang to steal what the fur traders had gathered from the aboriginals.  Settlers moved across the US with abandon, many were drawn west by what they read in the papers and in books. There was no government and no law and order. In some cases the Indians were seen as valued trappers but in other cases it was a matter of pushing them out or killing them. The opening of the American west was relentless and undisciplined. North of the 49th there were few people but a tightly controlled environment with the HBC and the Indians forming an uneasy bond. Outsiders upset the balance. Disruptions cost everyone up here money.  Those Yanks who came to believe that the entire western part of the North American belong to them made individual forays into Canada but with no backing from their central Government.  The HBC had a bit of muscle, sufficient at first to send the interlopers packing. As the incidence of more Yankee trespassing took place London sent in troops who could quickly travel to anywhere in Ruperts Land. So the population in the Canadian west grew in a slow orderly fashion. During the later years of the HBC, a time of transition took place under London’s watchful eye and eventually Rupert’s Land came under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Government. If anything can be said about the success of the HBC is that there was a close relationship between the  aboriginals, the Company, the Parliament at Westminster and Ottawa. There was a smooth transition from those early days in the late 1600s to to-day. In the American west it was / is totally different in that the the civilization there was built by individuals who cooperated when they had to but as little as possible. And they fought often. They killed the indigenous people or crammed them into little areas too small to sustained life. Canada now pays a price for these Yankee abuses. Many First Nations people crossed our border looking for sanctuary but in their oral culture the tales of the terrible deeds of the white man still linger and are passed on to their young. Many do not see the 49th parallel when they see the abuses of the white man. If one bad man owns a pickup truck, someone else who own a pickup truck is not necessarily bad. The decendants of many aboriginal refugees refuse to differentiate and this attitude costs THEM dearly. Some of the Mohawks inside the Oka were Americans, still fighting George Washington on the New York frontier. This group of so called Mohawk  warriors would never be able to get away with what they do up here in the US. They’d be in the slammer in a blink. To them a white man is a white man is a white man. Little wonder we can’t come to some understanding with OUR INDIGENOUS PEOPLE with interference from non Canadians, always stirring up the pot. From the foundations of the HBC we here have developed systems like the Wheat Board and other marketing agencies which combine the efforts of the growers / farmers and governments to eliminate the boom / bust cycles that life throws at us. Thus eliminating the pain the Americans keep inflicting on themselves. It is so Sociopathic, to keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over. Driven by a right wing ideology.  In fact we might call the Republican Party the Sociopathic Party. Continually entrapped by their defective brains [ UPC ]. Here, quantity and quality of supply is maintained and those involved can live secure lives without detroying their / our own environment. The one big exception is the oil cartel. THEY are dispoiling OUR  environment.  Canadians were protected against US financial sharks whose only interest is gaming the system until Harper came along and stole an election. It is a totally different approach than that  practised in the USA. And the $ bribed media here will never tell you the real story. The wholesale and mindless fracking of natural gas and oil wells shows the disadvantages of this every man for himself routine and the bit about government hands off. Romney was going to kill FEMA, why spend money helping out people involved in disasters. What would Americans affected by Sandy have done??? All their rich fathers would have bailed them out of course. Not.  Most fracking companies organized in the last few of years were strictly stock plays conceived on Wall St.  Many of those who created these companies have no long term plans to create sustainable businesses. Money, lots of it and quickly  was / is their only aim.  I think the idea for the frackers was to hit gas or oil deposits, pay little or no attention to environmental damage, ignore the surrounding community and then sell out to one of the majors. The US oil cartel is of the same stripe and has shown the way over 80 year.  Pitch garbage all over the place then take off with the help of Harper and Kent.  At no time does the environment ever get considered. For the US oil cartel buying Harper and his Fascist government in Ottawa was /  is much cheaper than cleaning up the mess. Peter Kent, the man who talks a lot and says nothing is in charge of securing the cartel’s poisonous garbage situation. If the poison is ever to be cleaned up it will be at the expense of all Canadians. Alberta is heading back to being a have-not-province. Due to fracking  however the importation of nat. gas from Canada Stateside is being  replaced with local US gas, more and more and more and more of it. This mindless glut has caused the price of nat. gas to drop from $ 16 a unit to $ 1.75.  Now nobody in the nat. gas business is making any money. This is plain stupidity. With gas drill sites being abandon by failing companies in the US the environmental damage from dry and poisoned wells will not be remedied.  Added to this the standard American free-for-all craziness. There is now a glut of oil developing from indiscriminate and uncontrolled oil fracking. Again so sociopathic. Mistake after mistake but the US never learns.  The oil price midcontinent is now down $ 30 a barrel and dropping. Herr Harper, with an assist from the $ bribed media is withholding news of the coming storm from Alberta particularly [ no market for their oil or nat. gas period / NO ROYALTIES  ]. I saw the infamous economist Don Drummond interviewed on the business channel about 2  1/2 years ago. Someone mentioned fracking. Don, who has played on the same old checkerboard for years said he had heard about fracking but knew very little about it. Hello, earth to Don. Our Donnie is a man who is still lost in the 1980s. This guy is supposed to know about such things. Drummond, Jeff Rubin and Doug Porter et al all work for the status quo movers and takers of to-day who do not want anything to change.  Drummond was the guy who got a big cheque from that rogue McGuinty, the Junta leader, for giving useless advice. Little wonder that Ontario is in such a bad way and the young can’t find jobs. So now the Globe & Oil is all of a sudden saying to Canadians, see here, there is a risk of the loss of nat. gas / oil markets [ Nov. 13 / 12 ]. Daaaaaaaaaa. Phil Crawley is only 2 years behind the information curve. But I fully understand. Phil didn’t want to alarm the investors in oil companies that buy lots of advertising in his newspaper. The smart money in the west is already being pulled. However the suckers who buy the Globe and Oil Paper are still well invested. And the idle infrastucture is being sold to the Chinese and other Asian countries, dumped really. They have lots of money and the time to wait. The resources belong to the people in the Canadian provinces. It is time to create one giant marketing board under the jurisdiction of CPEC. Ottawa only controls the externals [ Army, national secrurity etc ].  A transfer of energy and resources between provinces is none of Harper’s fucking business. By following our heritage of governments working closely with business we can create an orderly / secure supply of cheap / green energy FOR CANADIANS. Clean up the system. Bring all of the jobs home. And make a good buck doing it. The profit motive is always with me. The Americans have fracked themselves into a whole mess of trouble. Why should we go down with the USS Titanic.  Let’s grab this chance to free ourselves from their grasp. Those who are the swiftest of foot win the race. The dumb or those who live in Harper’s La La Land will perish because who makes business deals with a dying man? Only those who are playing with someone else’s money. Would the word taxpayers come to mind? Thanks to Peter C. Newman for some of the bits on the Hudson’s Bay Co. I am quite familiar with the formation of Canada and the involvement of the HBC in our success. But Peter’s 3 volume set of books brought the early days of this Country of our’s into much sharper focus. If you want to get deeper in this marvelous land read Newman’s huge undertaking. I would also like to tip my hat to Ken Burns, the documentary film maker for his 4 hour piece on the Great Dust Bowl. Watching it on PBS caused me to decide that the Republican Party is itself Sociopathic. Unrestricted ploughing by many get rich quick operators destroyed the mid west States for ALL OF THE RESIDENTS [ 1931 / 1938 ]. Once the dust storms started the carpetbaggers collected up their money and left. Just like the US oil cartel is about to do in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The only thing that saved tens of thousands of people in the mid west was FDR and the new deal. The Republicans had turned their backs on the dust bowl as they would have done with Sandy. The Republican / right wing press attacked FDR all during the 1930s [ including H. L. Mencken ]. In fact during the late 1930s the Repubs were taking money from Hitler to keep the US out of the War. Geo. Bush Jr.’s grandfather was involved in a Wall St. bank which was laundering Nazi money during World War 11. If America had stayed out of the War wimps like Mit Romney and Paul Ryan might now be Sonderkammandos in a Nazi concentration camp somewhere in the mid west, close to the ashes of their whole families. One of the hallmarks of a Sociopath is lack of insight. Churchill had insight, Hitler did not. Harper and his friends in the Republican Party DO NOT have insight. Nor does the Conman Black.                    


I AM DYING OF LAUGHTER / THE LYING COMMERCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISERS ARE MAD AS HELL AT THE  REPUBLICAN ELECTION ADVERTISING LACED WITH LIES.  AND THE PART TIME LIARS ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE  / THE RIGHT IS RUINING EVERYTHING FOR THEM    —    It would seem that the boys who have been lying to us in the $ bribed media for   —     l i k e   y e a r s   — are mad at the Republicans for spending a gazillion dollars on advertising lies during the recent election. Of course the $ bribed media  has been broadcasting / printing commercial lies for years and it is only getting worse. But there was a delicate dance going on.  Lie to the viewers and readers but don’t let them find out you are telling them lies. Say one thing but mean another. Most of this phony info will be believed the advertisers thought. We can have it both ways so no harm done. Some time ago I was after the Ontario Press Council and Advertising Standards Canada [ do you remember their ads, people holding up signs with the word truth ] [ ASC is actually dedicated to protecting lies , funny eh ]  for the false and misleading advertising and press abuse perpetrated against Ontarians by the nukies. This,  particularly in the Toronto Star. I got the back of the hand from the OPC and ASC  [ both industry fronts ] and John Honderich’s Paper. Now then, Romney / Ryan and company have abused the public with so many outrageous lies that a media turn off is occuring rather quickly. Americans are closing their eyes and ears to all advertising. The TV stations, newspapers and magazines were already in decline but now the dive will deepen. Repub lies, bought using the big bucks from the hard right will only speed up the demise of the media. Newsweek has disappeared. Maclean’s is getting very thin. Both the Sun and the National Post are going to go bankrupt. Pierre and Paul are going to begin charging for their content on the net. But if people are not buying their newspapers because of the crap printed therein why would they pay for the same crapolla on the net? After the Alberta By-Election, on Tuesday last, the Sun ran a half page article written before the results were in. Does Peladeau really  think Canadians are stupid enough to buy stale news?  Reading a cornflakes box would have been more informative. Do busy people have the time to go backwards?  Eventually the Toronto Star will be gone too. The $ 500 million Rob  Prichard debt is going to kill it. I think the only paper that will survive is the Globe and Oil, as a business paper with a much smaller circulation catering to the stock market and the US oil cartel as long as it continues to suck in unsuspecting citizens. Mclean’s will go. Like the Post, aiming all of the copy towards the hard right does no a good business plan make. Trying to run a legit business at the same time as pumping out propaganda for the righties is like trying to suck and blow at the same instant.  All of the immediate news will be on the net in the future. Even TVO is in trouble. 5 or so years ago Channel 2 was converted into the official propaganda outlet for that rogue McGuinty. That along with the OPP becoming the Junta leader’s personal police force. Sure children’s programming continued on TWO and there were movies and talk shows but TVO was bent to the service of the Liberal Party machine at Queen’s Park. Although funded by the Government [ us ] to a greater degree public donations were / are needed. Why should the citizens contribute money to keep a TV station on the air that is the tool of a corrupt Government? Steve Paikin and I dueled by letter about this situation after TVO’s shift to partisan political content. He would not listen and so the end nears for both Paiken and McGuinty. I am reminded of my advice to Mike Harris many years ago, fix the electrical system and the PCs will have another 42 year reign. Continue to push for a sale to the Americans and our Party will be toast. The PCs under Hudak are still toast and show no signs of getting any smarter. This Red Tory [ me ] will have nothing to do with them. The PCs can burn in hell for all I care. Harris and John Tory could have fixed the electrical system and gone into the history books. Ontario would still be the economic engine of Canada. This Province’s wealth put Alberta into the oil business back in the 1950s / 60s. There was still a chance McGuinty could have fixed the electrical system but devious Dalt, did not take my advice. His only interest was letting his nukie friends into the vault at Queen’s Park. And Steve Paikin, my old buddy with the jelly spine sat on his hands and never spoke up. I have advised Andrea Horwath to promise to fix the electrical system. A fix is eminently fixable but it will take nerves of steel to face down the Liberal insiders, Americans and Wall St.  I am now Canada’s leading expert on the subject of KWs. I struck out with my own PC Party. I struck out with McGuinty. Will I hit one out of the park helping the NDP?  Time will tell. Ontarians are due for a spot of good luck and fixing the electrical system would be a good place to start..


PERU’S FORMER PRESIDENT FUJIMORI, IS CRIMINALLY CHARGED FOR HANDING PUBLIC FUNDS TO THE PAPERS FOR FAVOURABLE ELECTION COVERAGE / WHY NOT HARPER???   —   When a leader of a country gives money to the media to say nice things about him, he can be charged? I am floored. I thought it was normal practice for a PM to buy such favours. Although Herr Harper is much smarter than Alberto Fujimori. Harper has a list of all the media outlets [ TV / newspapers / magazines ]. Himself has personal photgraphers who take beauty shots of him [ no doubt retouched ] which are sent out to all those on the list. As well everyone on the list gets nonsense  advertising which is paid for with taxpayer’s money. You know, a nice shot of the latest Gazebo or someone hugging a Spruce tree.  Each morning E-Mails go out from the PMO giving the stories de jour which the papers particularly pay attention to. So what you see and hear each day has been cleared through Tim Powers at Gestapo headquarters. If one media outlet was ever critical of Harper or used an unauthorized photo of him or members of his Fascist Government they would be  stricken off the list. This could mean for a paper like the illegal National Post a loss of possibly $ 500,000 a year in revenue. It is frightening that the bribed media is controlled completely by Harper, the oilies and the rich right. Of course 75% of the media coverage is favourable to the right. The Harper attack ads are put together by Powers, the Chief of the Gestapo and taxpayers pay to have them printed or broadcast. Other ads are paid for by the US oil cartel. The oilie front, CAPP spend millions on ads.  Then there are the so called left-leaning articles which are also paid for by the right. Very seldom does someone on the left or in the environmental movement actually get to say anything first hand. I am thinking here of David Suzuki or union leaders. They are only quoted. These quotes are usually not very flattering to those who utter them, some are just made up and for the most part are probably not really true. This whole media choir is carefully orchestrated by the PMO and every effort is made to convince YOU that the coverage is balanced. When in fact it is all just right wing propaganda. In fact Harper is always railing against the left leaning press. There ain’t none, believe me.  Hitler controlled the German press by force. Herr Harper controls the Canadian bribed media by the use of advertising. Mostly paid for with taxpayer’s dollars. This is hard for me to understand. WE are paying to sink our own democracy.   Steve doesn’t just hand out money like Fujimorri, that’s illegal. Himself  just places ads and the bribed media snaps to attention. Not snapping to attention can cost them big bucks. Big bucks are far more important to Honderich, Crawley, Godfrey, Peladeau and Whyte than the truth.


NAFTA’s BEST BEFORE DATE HAS PASSED  / LET’S CAN IT —    Lone Pine Resources Inc. is an American leech [ blood sucker ]  Company whose activities relate to taking in investor money based on various energy schemes [ stock plays ]. They go around looking for resource leases and other arrangments which can be used to attract investment money. Do you remember Bre-X.  These firms have no ability to  make use of such properties, they are just leeches waiting for a major [ nat. gas / oil etc ] to make a big strike. Then they can cash in. You would be surprised at how many leech firms are waiting for the Nexen Chinese payoff of $ 15 billion. Now you know not a penny of that dough will go to Canadians. It is all going to Wall St.  Nexen has leased land from Alberta and constructed an infrastructure [ machinery ] to harvest tar. The USA doesn’t want our oil anymore so the Nexen facility sitting on land that belongs to the people is quickly becoming worthless. All of the pipelines to carry Nexen output go to the mid States. The only buyers for such worthless properties now are the Chinese and other Asian countries. The are buying up oil assets and oil banking them for the future so to speak. If nothing comes out of the Nexen facility for a half dozen years it will not matter to the Chinese. If  Herr Harper cancels the Nexen deal you will hear the howl go up from the leech firms. They will say that NAFTA protects INVESTORS from arbitrary and capricious political actions [ the will of the people, the public having a say is totally foreign to Wall St. ]. Translated, this means if  YOUR legislature passes a bill on the banning of fracking like Quebec recently did a leech firm  like Lone Pine can appeal to a NAFTA panel for redress [ cash ]. These panels are dominated by Americans and their sympathizers and they by-pass our Courts. What is being complained about is  the fact that this leech firm was looking to make an easy buck fleecing investors. This rather than doing anything businesswise. Such firms never plan to actually go into a real business. So the NAFTA panel can say, if Quebec hadn’t banned fracking then Lone Pine [ registered in Delaware ] would have made $ 250 million dollars. The Quebec Government and our Courts  apparently have no jurisdiction over these matters. The opinion of three Americans [ or shills ] is rated higher by NAFTA than the will of Quebecers or our Courts. Some democracy? Under NAFTA Canada could be made to pay $ 250 million for absolutely no loss to Lone Pine. The Republicans have tried 3 times in the last couple of years to recind NAFTA. Let’s help them out, let’s bail now. Trade between the US and Canada has actually dropped below the figure at the time NAFTA was signed. We are being screwed royally. You can identify all of the AmeriCANs, just look at all the people who are boosting NAFTA now. They get their Yankee cheques regularly. The present energy crisis in the West, particularly in Alberta offers us a GOLDEN window of opportunity. That Province, Sakatchewan and Manitoba have oil and natural gas and no market now. The east has surplus hydro electricity and no market. Quebec was selling $ 3 billion a year in hydro to the USA but that business is drying up. Towns and cities south of the border can’t pay their bills. Cheap US natural gas and make-work-in-America legislation is pushing the building of nat. gas generating plants there. KWs from Quebec are no longer needed. Maybe Marois will notice how isolated Quebec is becoming.  The west only gets $ 60 for a barrel of oil, that is if they can even sell it. The east is paying at least a $ 100 a barrel. Ontario is paying Alberta prices for nat. gas but getting cheap / fracked gas from Michigan. We are being manipulated by Enbridge and TransNotCanada. It is state sponsored theft.  So do we sit here like poor, stupid souls or take matters into our own hands. The open road to a more prosperous and green future awaits us. NAFTA’s got to go.  From a business standpoint the Lone Star initiative to frack for natural gas in Quebec is insane. It is so in keeping with the American flaw in character. The Dust Bowl [ 1930s ] mentality. There is so much fracked gas in the USA now that the glut has destroyed the price.  Many of the majors like Encana move closer to the fiscal cliff but  the Globe and Oil would never tell you that investor. Even if there is nat. gas in Quebec why do we have to harvest it now? It ain’t going anywhere. We have to move on the formation of the Canadian Provincial Energy Corporation [ CPEC ] in which every province inventories its’ energy resources and a collective effort is made to see how various combinations of same add up to more than the sum of the parts. Alberta harvests tar, upgrades and refines it into finished oil products in situ at Fort McMurray for shipment east via the twin Beaver pipe line. Natural gas can also be sent east using this pipe line. All of the electrical energy [ clean hydro ] used at Fort McMurray would come via the Canadian Power Grid from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. We have to put a stop to leech firms like Lone Pine whose only interest is to come to Canada to rape and pillage under the protection of NAFTA. What I have yet to see is a population in this Country that sees raping and pillaging in a bad light except Quebec. Pauline Marois has the right idea. Cut the pillagers hands off and send them home like Caesar did to the Gauls. Maybe some Canadians will stiffen their spines but in the meantime, rest assured, the cattle cars are always close by.


THE HUGE LOSSES ON THE STOCK MARKET THE DAY AFTER PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS ELECTED   —   The day after the election a stock downturn was orchestrated by Wall St. to make the President look bad. This, to say to Americans look at the mistake you have just made. Not one in the bribed media stepped out of line to report / condem such manipulation. For some months Wall St. has been attacking our RIM. I have never bought stocks but after having been in business for 50 years I can recognize a hatchet job when I see it. It is imperative that the boys and girls in the stock market churn things. Creating constant movement up or down. Just letting a company make a good product or offer a good service and make a profit isn’t good enough for them. Stocks that keep creeping up and paying regular dividends don’t produce the fees the brokers need to live their gold plated / comfortable lives. The stockies love to drive a stock up by way of rumor or manipulation. Then the signal is given to insiders to bail leaving the all  the suckers hanging out to dry. When the stock bottoms out as in the case of RIM the stockies begin boosting it again. It is a constant cycle.  Now the bribed media like the Globe and Oil, is right in there like flynn facilitating the manipulation and misleading the investing public on RIM. The latest victim to come into the Street’s sights is APPLE. It is really amazing that 28 somethings can make a half a million sitting at a computer on Wall St. cheating people, the US Government sits on the hill with its’ finger up its’ nose and the $ bribed media rakes in the bucks. Do you know the biggest business in Canada is mergers and acquisitions. This is another form of state sanctioned theft allows a small group of sociopaths to reap max benefits from these scams while contributing nothing to society. And the politicians are paid to look the other way.  Let me explain. There are two companies, A and B.  Neither is doing very well and their stock is in the doldrums. The insiders don’t like that.  The management gets together and proposes a merger. This causes the stockies to get all excited. Joining two lousy firms into a gold plated one is the pitch. The stock of both firms shoots up. They join together, lay off workers, close plants, sell off real estate, outsource jobs and the management empties the vault to reward themselves for doing the marvelous deed. The end is a very weakened company, it stuggles on and the remaining workers are constantly asked for concession as are suppliers and cities. When a financial downturn comes the company is carrying too much debt and it folds, unable to pay the interest which borders on usary. This leaves the investors, workers, suppliers and local communities out in the cold. Those few sharks who pulled the caper are long gone with cash in their pockets looking for more prey. Where do you think the one percent got their money? And to think this is the number one business in Canada. Something is badly wrong. Our politicans like ex Premier McGuinty have sold us out. I am awaiting the opportunity to go through all of devious Dalt’s contracts with private operators as regards to Ontario’s electrical system when I become the KW Tsar. I would guess that half the cost shown  on our electricity bills goes to Government insiders? You know all of those new jails that Herr Harper is building. We might just need them. Besides putting McGuinty’s friends in the slammer I’d seize all their assets as well. Nobody should make money out of crime.


THE US OIL CARTEL TAKES ON TRUDEAU’S NATIONAL ENERGY PROGRAM / THEY ARE ALL WRONG   —   Rather than Trudeau attacking the west, the oil cartel and its’ campaign against the NEP was an attack on Canada. In the late 1960s the US oil cartel started to muscle the Arabs wanting lower prices on their oil. The cartel’s greedy profits were not enough [ as we find in Canada now ], they wanted more, ever more. The Arabs responded and formed OPEC. That Organization imposed an embargo, thereby reducing the oil supply. The cartel, run by Sociopaths never figured their actions would cause an Arab response, that of cutting off oil. No insight, Daaaaaaaaaa. There are 16 behaviours of which any 3 can cause the term Sociopath to be applied to such troublemakers. Lack of insight is one. The cartel management, when they pushed for ever lower prices could not foresee the Arabs forming a club [ a sort of union ] with which to retaliate. All of the pain the USA and the world went through after the OPEC oil embargo can be laid at the feet of the American oil cartel [ an illegal monopoly ].  This was a huge blunder by the oil cartel. This illegal organization was formed with the blessings of a Republican Presdident and the Republican Congress during the 1920s and it cost Americans dearly in the 1970s. It was one of the times when the cartel leaders came close to losing their heads. The cartel went into overdrive to shift the blame to others. Mind you, owning $ the Senate, $ the House of Representatives, most of $ the US media and $ the media in Calgary and Alberta. Such monopolies are illegal in western countries but you know the Yanks. They are notorious self dealers and don’t like to pay on a level playing field ever. From 1973 to 1979 the price of oil in North America climbed. It was clear that if  a shortage of oil developed in the USA, the cartel would serve the interests of Americans first, screw Canada. To whom did the cartel owe its’ existence? In Alberta the oil price rise created boom times. The Iranian revolution in 1979 [ caused by the US Government and the oil cartel ] put another stick in the spokes and the price of oil went even higher. Alberta again benefited for being nothing more than an accomplice of an illegal monopoly. But an accomplice with absolutely no say, Albertans were just along for the ride. And the cartel $ bribed media were happy to see that Albertans had no say. The NEP was formulated by Trudeau to ensure that Canada had its’ oil requirements MET FIRST. Ottawa and Ontario had put up the money $ to PUT ALBERTA INTO THE OIL BUSINESS. You would think there would have been some appreciation on the part of Albertans for the financial support they received from Eastern Canada. No national Government in Ottawa would have lasted if this Country’s economy had tanked because of preferential treatment for Americas by the US oil cartel. But events quickly overtook the NEP. Unknown the everyone, Saudi Arabia feared that the US economy would die like it did in the 1970s. They opened up the oil taps. Russia, which had just become an oil exporter saw a chance to grab some market share and it also opened its’ oil tap. Prices dropped in the year the NEP was INTRODUCED from $ 90 a barrel to $ 25 a barrel. So the NEP had no real affect on oil prices no matter what the US oil cartel, Steve Harper or his right wing minions and the $ bribed media said. From the time of the OPEC embargo [ 1973 ] the price went from $ 45 a barrel to $ 90 a barrel right after the Iranian revolution. So Albertans won the million dollar lottery which lasted for about 7 years. They were just along for the ride. Of course like many humans they and their Government lived up to every penny. Then came the flood of oil in 1981 [ look under Trudeau / NEP / Wiki on the net ]. There’s a great graph even a village idiot can read which shows that at the exact time the NEP came into effect the Saudi / Russia oil flood was taking hold. The sudden drop in oil prices for which the US oil cartel was largely responsible had to be blamed on somebody. The cartel never accepts responsibility for anything [ like CO2, the current spills of DillBit or tailing pond cleanup ]. Some Albertans were miffed at what they saw as eastern meddling in their affairs. The poor souls were told over and over and over that the east was meddling. Not true.  All the while the cartel was the entity MESSING UP THEIR AFFAIRS.  Great to be in Canada when the money is incoming.  Albertans  had been quite happy to see the east coming to their rescue with dollars  in 1948 when Leduc oil blew in. Alberta then was a have-not-province then. It had no money, had no market for its’ oil, no transportation system and no oil infrastructure. Who bailed them out? Not the Americans. Ontario bailed them out. This Province was forced by Ottawa to buy Alberta oil. I had to pay extra for my gasoline to subsidize Alberta’s oil industry. The NEP never took hold. World oil politics took over and some Albertans suffered financial reversals which directly relate to typical American boom / bust cycles. Calgary, in the 1970s, acted like any other place in the US, a free-for-all. Great going up. But a financial pain going down. Look south of the border now.  That is the reason Canadians have supply management. The cartel and some Albertans were quick to blame eastern Canada. Shifting blame to others is a well established Yankee trick. Most Albertans and some Canadians were totally taken in by the oil cartel propaganda which lives on to this day. It proves Goebbel’s claim. Tell a lie often enough and some of the citizenry will believe it to be truth. And just jail those who don’t swallow the crap. It is easy these days to identify AmeriCANs [ Canadian turncoats  who sell out this country for money ] [ they are seen in the pages of Maclean's, the Globe and Oil, the US National Post and Peladeau's setting Sun ]. Destroying Canada while you live and work here again shows a lack of insight. The sellouts are mental.  From 1973 till now the US oil cartel has continually screwed up one country after another around the world including Canada. The cartel has always succeeded in ducking its’ responsiblilities and shifting blame for problems elsewhere. To accomplish this in Canada you need shills like Joe Oliver and Peter Kent and a $ bought media. Trudeau’s NEP had no affect on the economy of Alberta. Rather it was used by the cartel to fool Albertans and to drive a wedge between Alberta and the rest of the nation. Thus Albertans became orphans and just putty in the hands of the US cartel. They are to this day.  This has allowed the cartel to take $ 125 billion in oil resources out of the Province in 2010 [ in just one year ] while paying something more the $ 10 billion in royalties back. And Albertans continue to be mad at the east??? Daaaaaaaaaaa?  To add insult to injury the cartel cheated Alberta out of and additional $ 100 million in royalties which the Province is now trying to regain in Court. The Province in truth gives away its’ oil for free. I have always heard that Albertans are whip smart. But looking at the present situation they look more like whipped pups to me and dupes to boot.  Alberta is its’ own worst enemy. The Province clings to the cartel which is now going about ruining its’ economy while Albertans close the door on the only entity that can save it,  Eastern Canada.  Herr Harper and Danielle Smith are being paid [ Rev. Canada are you paying attention? ] to help the US oil cartel withdraw from Alberta at the smallest cost possible, avoid its’ obligations, leaving the destroyed and polluted landscape for the people of the Province to clean up. Premier Redford has the answer to a better alternative. She holds the key to Alberta’s future, in fact Canada’s future. Namely a National Energy Stategy which is completely different from Trudeau’s NEP. In effect the NES creates a  FIREWALL AROUND  CANADA AND PUTS CANADA FIRST AND CANADIANS IN CHARGE.  What’s not to like about it. Would you rather starve or have plenty? Daaaaaaaaaaa. Alberta, it is time to stop being a punching bag for the US oil cartel and American speculators. First, first, first.  We can’t move forward until we put our own house in order, the whole house. This by forming the CPEC. Then we will be masters / mistresses in our own house. It is time to turf the foreigners out and kill NAFTA. ShortlyI want to see the time when if a Yankee shows up here with another NAFTA LAW SUIT, we deport him or jail him. Just like in 1850. 


PARLIAMENTARY SKETCHES IN ONTARIO   —   As you know responsible government in this Province is a distant memory. Our illustrious Junta Leader Dalton McGuinty now exercises personal control over 14 million people. You are living history folks. After almost 150 years of responsible Government we now have one man rule.  If your remember, in our earlier episode devious Dalt had been rejected by the people in the last election. Officially the McGuint is but a lowly MPP, duly elected, but one among 106 other MPPs. His position during the election was that he had been picked by the Liberals to lead them [ boy is that going to turn out to be a big mistake ]. Big deal, Dalt found favour by attracting the biggest number of vote out of maybe 1500 Liberal delgates. So that might represent 800 actual supporters.  Now in any other contest, when you compare 800 to 8 million voters the 800 doesn’t  count for much if anything. Except in Ontario. Once the leader of a party is chosen he / she is only answerable to the Party MPPs. Now that is the  parliamentary process in THEORY. Here we have two policial party machines [ Liberals / PCs ] who take turns running the Province and rewarding their friends. Both party leaders have to approve the candidates picked in each riding and that is where our democracy comes unglued. A riding association can democratically select a candidate then have the party machine nix that candidacy. In some cases the party will parachute in a candidate in spite of who the local  riding  association really wants. In some  such cases the riding association members will resign in protest or some Liberal / PC supporters will vote for another party but the machines hold all the cards and money. With lots of money above and below the table the bribed media is ready to turn in any direction the machines direct. You vote for a Lib. / PC  MPP. That MPP then hands their proxy over to the party machine for which he or she only gets the occasional pat on the head. You thus vote for democracy and a day later begin living in an oligarchy, rule be a small group of insiders. To the governing machine your tax dollars are of the upmost interest and your other real concerns are at the bottom of their list. That is why your wallet is constantly being emptied while none of your problems get solved. The bribed media is paid by the Libs / PCsd to present their postives and spin. The papers NEVER GO NEAR THE NEGATIVES. So you didn’t learn that the Province was broke until well after it went broke due to nuclear power. John Honderich / Tor. Star have known for years that the nukies were destroying Ontario’s economy with McGuity’s help. This, because I told him / them.  John, fat with nukie advertising paid out of tax dollars never uttered a word. But like so many sociopaths, Honderich has no insight. If you bankrupt the place in which you live who pray tell me is going to buy your Papers? Or buy advertiser’s products?  So McGuinty has been letting his nukie friends fill their pockets and there have never been any consequences. If you rob a store and there are no repercussions, you’ll probably make a return visit. As well as tell your friends. Soon the biggest line up at the store will eventually be robbers waiting their turn. I think McGuinty and his friends in many areas just got too greedy. There was no price to pay for robbing Ontarians. The Preem and his machine got money, his friends got money and the bribed media like the Star got money. and you and I got screwed. I mean devious Dalt even got a free million $ house out of the deals. When was the last time YOU GOT A FREE HOUSE? So finally the roof has fallen in and McGuinty and his Ministers are facing criminal charges. The ideal way to escape paying the piper is to do what Dalt did. He resigned but that was not enough to let him escape with the Legislature still in session. So a Premier, who does not have the confidence of the House took powers unto himself which were NOT HIS TO TAKE. McGuinty prorogued the Legislature with David Onley’s permission. Onley never questioned devious Dalt’s intentions. A grossly incompetent Onley just said yup, yup Mr. Bergen. In a minority, both the Preem and Onley had / have a responsibility to ensure that there is a government in place. If the minority falls it is the job of the Lieutenant Governor, under Parliamentary tradition to approach the opposition to see if they can form a government or call an election. So the will of the people is ALWAYS THE GOVERNING FORCE. Not now. That is why I wrote to Queen Elizabeth asking that David Onley be removed, a new Lieutenant Governor be appointed and that his / her first task is the recall of the Legislature to take up all the measure that were before the House [ that letter is an earlier post ]. And start impeachment proceeding against the in or out / on again, off again Premier and his  5 man Junta. This to make sure all of the work put into more than 100 Bills and the inquiries is not wasted. And further McGuinty and company don’t escape their date with the jailhouse. Dalt had the right to resign period. But in Proroguing the Legislature and getting away with it just emboldened him. McGuinty now can be Premier or not be Premier, his choice, its’ one man rule. Is this what hundreds of thousands of Canadians fought and died for in two World Wars, one man rule? They gave their lives or many their health to stop the Kaiser [ one man rule ] of Hitler [ one man rule ]. They always say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But McGuinty is, he can duck in and out of the Premiership on a whim. One of the foundations of the  parliamentary process is to remove the whim of  single person and take it out of the equation. Not now, not in Ontario. It has taken 400 years to get to where we were before Oct. 15 /12, Prorogation. So the House now belongs to the Liberal Party machine and it is their toy to play with now and for who knows how long? Liberal MPPs along with their counterparts in the PCs and NDP, although they were duly elected and are legally sovereign, holding all power, they have been sent home by one man who has no power whatsoever. This was a criminal act to add to his other criminal acts. But the Dalt  could not have pulled it off without David Onley’s help. Our House is now in McGuinty’s hands. He was quoted the other day as saying he is able to get more things done without the impediment of the Legislature. Impediment, some impediment, that is what responsible government is all about, debate between the representatives of the people. Where was McGuinty educated? In Nazi Germany??? The Legislature, now a mere toy will become the responsiblity of one of the Liberal leadership hopefuls. Some of whom are not even MPPs. So it is possible that a private citizen with a Liberal stripe will be in charge of the House come February?  Sandra Pupattelo, who has more nerve than a canal horse said that if she becomes leader the House will not be recalled until she wins a seat. Again this is government based on the whim of ONE PERSON. So Sandra would have to call a By-Election in which she would be her own  candidate.  The only way to trigger a By-Election is to pay someone off  like in the case of Liz Witmer of the PCs, $200,000 can be very enticing. Or McGuinty’s personal police, the OPP could grab one of the opposition MPPs and jail them on trumped up charges. This would leave a riding vacant. You might say to yourself, this could not happen. What’s to stop the Dalt?  He’s in control, unrestrained, thanks to the clueless Onley. So if an opening occurs Pupatello HAS TO WIN IT. Losing such a By-Election would be a disaster for her and the Lib machine. If you think Harper cheated and stole the 2011 election wait to see what the Ontario Liberal machine will do? The Libs losing would be out of the question.  If Sandra actually lost in spite of hundreds of thousands being spent on her would said machine throw in the towel and recall the assembly. Not on your life. Maybe the Liberals would try 2 out of 3 or what about 3 out 0f 5?  Pupatello could spent the next couple of years trying to win a seat. Maybe she would call Harper for the number of his Republican team of cheaters. The Liberal machine will become entrenched by then. How do we get back our Legislature? Go into the streets with pitchforks???  The OPP would be waiting. That is why the Queen has to act. I am being bold and blunt I know. But wishy washy will not work. Especially since the bribed media is hands off Prorogation. You will note that there is almost nothing in the press about the theft of our Legislature by devious Dalt. There are a few reasons why the silence. Both the Liberal and PC Party machines include big advertisers who support both so they are always on the inside no matter which gets into power. The media is certainly not going to print anything detrimental to the movers and takers lest ads be withdrawn. There used to be freedom of the press. Now it is freedom of the press to sell out to the highest bidder. Whatever news comes up is reported, the media can’t be blamed for life’s little happenings. Mind, it helps if the media moguls spin a little here and shave off a little there. So what you get from the media is sometimes close to the truth and sometimes far away. On balance you are left no knowing what the hell is going on. You are all mere toadstools fed manure and kept in the darkness. Citizens who are misinformed and struggling to make ends meet don’t have time to occupy. The bribed media is paid to keep you ill informed and short of rations. Thus you are not likely to make trouble. Another reason for media’s lack of interest in the relegation of Ontarians to serfdom is the Liberal leadership race. There is a lot of money floating around of which the bribed media hopes will come its’ way. Having the press comment on the destruction of democracy in this Province by the Liberals can only result in the advertising money tap being turned off for the scribes.  To the media moguls what counts is the big bucks coming their way. The flight of our responsible government and the truth which remains unspoke is of little consequence to those who own the TV stations [ not the CBC ] and the newspapers / magazines.


PREMIER REDFORD AND THE PREMIERS MOVE EVER CLOSER TO A NATIONAL ENERGY STRATEGY MEANING CLEANER / CHEAPER FUELS AND ELECTRICITY / THE TWIN BEAVER PIPELINE EDGES EVEN CLOSER   —   Ever since Premier Redford was elected gaining 61 seats she has been under attack by the Harper press. Himself was deeply involved in the Alberta election but since the writers and the Fascist pollsters had Smith in a cake walk the real dirty tricks and Robo Call meddling were not seen as necessary. Tom Flanagan, my favourite American draft dodger managed Danielle’s campaign right into the ground [ 17 seats for the loser and I do mean loser, in fact a stupid loser ].  After she lost Smith called Albertans stupid. Now that takes real brains. Harper is deathly afraid of Redford, she keep making Steve look like the poor fool he is. In particular the American National Post, the Sun and the Globe & Oil find fault with Premier Redford almost every day. Much of the so called damning evidence is just made up stuff. Paul Godfrey. Pierre Peladeau and Phil Crawley are indeed scraping the bottom of the barrel in continually kissing Harper’s ass. In 3 recent attacks on Premier Redford by Gary Mason, a noted BC mouthpiece, Ezra Le Rant and Lorne Gunter, both right wing bigots going way back to the Alberta Report days. They tried to do hatchet jobs on the Premier with no ammunition. This is what passes for journalism these days, Grade Nine stuff . Somebody is paying these no talent people to write this dribble. If Vivian ” oilie ” Krause is calling for David Suzuki to produce financial statements to Rev. Can.  How about Mason, LeRant,  Gunter, Harper, Smith and Preston Manning revealing their sources of money. Dollars to donuts it is the US oil cartel. Are these shills paying their taxes or getting a free ride from Rev. Can [ which is now an arm of the PMO ]?  The papers print the celebrity photos of the PM under threat then use the most unflattering pics of Redford they can find. Danielle Smith get lots of top coverage and celebrity photos, even her babble and her 17 seats put her exactly nowhere. Harper and Smith are employees of the US oil cartel and would be happy to see Albertans living in mud huts if that pleased the cartel. Let’s see the Calgary newspapers investigate cash oil payments to Harper, Smith and their parties.  Danielle Smith must be rolling in dough, she also shills for big tobacco. Can you imagine she likes smokers, for a price.  ALL of the raw oil and tar should be upgraded and refined in Fort McMurray. The finished oil products can then be pumped east to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes via the Twin Beaver pipe. Any surplus oil from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba can be pumped to Churchill Man. [ a deep water port ] to the world market. Pumping pure oil through steel pipes is a whole different ball game than sending raw tar, sand and lighter fluid through a steel pipe. Look at the Enbridge DillBit spill in Kalamazoo. The cost of cleanup is over a billion and climbing. 3 days ago there was another Enbridge DillBit spill in the USA but the $ bribed media again looked the other way. Think pouring baby oil over a sheet of steel, would you ever wear a hole in it? I think not. Take that same sheet of steel and begin rubbing it with 80 grit sandpaper. I think you’d have your hole sooner than later. All the tests of DillBit pumped through steel pipes by firms [ shills ] the the oil cartel hires says it is no different than straight oil. Chemically, that is true. It is the abrasive sand that destroys steel. Just another big fat lie. DillBit is so hard on the steel pipes that the bribed media never mentions DillBit in Canada, they always say crude oil.  Another big fat lie. It must be unique in human history to be paid big money to repeat lies as the $ bribed media is now doing? I can’t understand the constant lying by the $ bribed media on this subject, just a click of the mouse and there WE HAVE THE TRUTH.  Daaaaaaaaaa.  Most of the present nat. gas / oil pipe lines go from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba into the middle  of the USA.  All of those pipes are now obsolete. What do you do with mile after mile of useless pipes? Not much.  For the oiies it is now save your own skin. That is what TransNotCanada and Enbridge [ both owned by Wall St. ] are trying to do now in an attempt to stop their investors from fleeing. As well  the stock prices have to be kept up no matter how many lies it takes. Every day there is some hairbrain scheme announced by these and other oil companies, trying to kid investors to save THEIR bacon, not our’s. The public interest never enters the equation and Herr Harper is the last one to protect the interests of Canadians. Himself can’t seem to sell out Canada fast enough. Harper lies wiith every breath. I think schools should start teaching Mandarin in advance of the Chinese taking over Canada. In all the boosting of the tar sands mention is never made of Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC  NATURAL GAS.  Alberta, particularly used to get 60% of its’ royalties from nat. gas, now it is about 10%. No wonder Premier Redford can’t balance her books. Nothing the cartel, Enbridge and TransNotCanada are doing is remotely connected to inproving the lot of Albertans. That is why my Twin Beaver pipe line proposal has a natural gas pipe line running  alongside to carry the fuel to the east and Churchill. This nat. gas pipe could also take gas from the Mackenzie Valley and northern BC to export markets.We Canadians have more than enough nat. gas and oil to serve our own needs as well as a surplus to sell to the world. Why would we then buy any of this stuff from the USA cartel from offshore? That is just insane. Natural gas and pure oil pipe lines seldom spring leaks and sensors / atomatic valves guarantee a quick shut off.  The sand in DillBit destroys sensors, valves, welded joints and elbows  therefore a leak can last for days before the clues at Enbridge and TransNot Canada notice the break. The XL Keystone pipe from Fort McMurray to the tax free zone in Port Arthur Texas [ a refinery complex from which American people get NO TAX REVENUES ] [ now you know why the one percent has so much money in the US ]. Russ Girling says this pipe will cost $ 7 billion for a pipe 2200 miles long. The Twin Beaver would be about the same length but will double up on pipes [ nat. gas and oil ] [ two for the price of one ]. So I guess the cost of constuction would be the same as the XL but since most of the T. Beaver pipe crosses crown land [ above the 55th parallel ] the external costs would be much lower. And there are plenty of First Nations people across the north who could be recruited and trained to do the work. Why bring in Chinese workers and have them send our dollars home?  CAPP stated that the US oil cartel took $ 125 billion in resources out of Alberta and paid a royalty of 8.5% [ or just over $ 10 billion ] [ 2010 ]. Except, except oil / tar were taken out of Alberta and some of it returned to the Province as hi price gasoline. So in actual fact Alberta got nothing for its’ oil /tar, other than a big fat bill . Albertans, you are giving your resources away for nothing? Is that really smart? No matter what harper says.  How’s this for an idea. Why not harvest only half of the bitumen produced at the height of recent activity. Keep pumping the pure extracted oil. All of the tar would be upgraded and refined into oil products to suit the market. Gasoline, jet fuel and diesel could be refined for the west and BC.  Semi finished oil [ not DillBit ] could be pumped via the T. Beaver to refineries in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes to be turned into gasoline, jet fuel and diesel for the east. The cross Canada Electric Grid would follow the same right-of-way as the T. Beaver from N. F., Que., Ont. and Man. sending clean hydro in the other direction. Alberta would get clean KWs and the east could stop importing expensive oil from the world’s hot spots. This would neutralize the oil speculators in Chicago. Keeping all the jobs in Canada [ no Chinese need apply ] and we’d be totally self sufficient in clean / cheap energy. We would borrow Herr Harper’s firewall but put it around all of Canada, not just Alberta. The executives of the US oil cartel are guilty of giving Harper money under the table, they should be deported or jailed along with Himself. Oh yes, the money to build the T. Beaver pipe line?  Investors all over the world are looking to get a good return on their money. Investments in such government infrastructure project rank high. Why give your money to a hedge fund to turn around and invest it in a very iffy Keystone pipe?  we can easily attract investment in the T. Beaver / cross Canada Grid.  The unlimited resourses of  all provinces aggregateded is a $ winner. A secure infrastucture for natural gas and oil. An educated population. A full transportation system. Access to an internal market as well as to the world market. Our own pension funds invest in such projects in other countries, why not here? Creating the CPEC would eliminate all of the money being spent by the US oil cartel trying to kill the introduction of conservation programs, alternative fuels and Green technologies. There is much more to this as you can imagine. We the people and our Premiers are trying to move towards the promised land. Arrayed against us are Herr Harper, his Fascist Government, the big oil interests, especially the US oil cartel and the $ bribed media. They are simply not going to allow our provinces to get their heads together. And they have been after Premier Redford ever since she proposed the NES. I keep saying. Will you chose servitude or freedom. Will you chose to live in a vibrant Canada or wear a Yankee / Chinese collar and chain???  In the end Canadians must decide their own fate. Can we match the commitment of those we celebrated on November 11th? Do we indeed hold the torch high? High enough to pass it on to those who follow us?  Or do we hand future generations over to the Americans / Cninese in one way business deals that render us little more than slave labourers cutting trees and hauling water?  Which would make our poppa, Joe Oliver mighty proud.


 CONRAD BLACK IS NOW CLAIMING TO BE A GOOD CANADIAN  /  SOCIOPATHS CAN BE CUNNING —   In recent American National Post pieces, our very own Conman Black is given wide range in which to make statements both true and false [ mostly ]. Paul Godfrey never pulls rank and says to Black, you can’t say that, it isn’t true. Rehabilitation will take years and money before Blackie is loved here if ever. For years I have marvelled at the misleading / false copy contained in newspapers, especially the Toronto Star on the subject of nuclear. It was in my beloved Star that I was introduced to purposeful newspaper lies. FOR YEARS THE PAPER HAS MISINFORMED ONTARIANS  ON NUCLEAR AND SPREAD CONFUSION.  Back then I frequented the local library and used the Inter Library Loan system [ no net then ]. Misinformed material and lies were regularly published in the Star and stupid me I would write to John Honderich and others at the Paper trying hard to correct  them. Sometimes even sending copies of tech pages from books to prove my point. The Star never lost a beat or changed a word. It continued to print nukie propaganda with seeming great delight and a monetary reward for doing so. The Star continues to print nukie propaganda as do the others right up to to -day.  Even though a click of the mouse  reveals the truth, right there on the net.  It would seem that the $ bribed media brain trust in Canada is way behind the failing American media. Many of  the US papers and magazines are being reduced to ashes. But here the moguls have yet to catch on.  All of the hot conversations south of the border are on the net now which allows complete coverage on any subject. A real debate. Newspapers are being ignored. The net is democratic and an upside down pyramid. Rather that all the info coming from a few people at the top, it comes from the bottom. But the few people at the top have yet to catch on. In fact if you read American papers and magazines the writers now rely on many quotes off the net. In Canada we still have the same old pyramid and those involved will not touch the net for info. That is why Herr Harper controls the conventional media by use of advertising dollars. Many in Canada and most of the movers and takers are still not computer / net literate. Conrad Black doesn’t have a blog that I know of. I can’t see why he would have. In Godfrey’s Post the Conman is given half a page each week to TRY and convince the 75% in this Country who want him gone, that he is really a wee pussy cat. As well Paul loads the Letters to the Editor section with phony bouquets to Conrad. Godfrey does not allow the other side of the story to see the light of day. When you are in business you need customers from right across the spectrum. Advertisers need news like Pablum and to not upset anyone. However coverage in the Post is geared to appeal to the 15% on the extreme right, a very small audience of  Sociopaths, mostly mindless. It is great to keep your political base happy but a disasterous business model. Little wonder the Paper is flirting with bankruptcy. It has falling advertsing revenues [ Daaaaaa ], circulation is dropping [ Daaaaaaa ]  and the New York hedge fund owner is owed a lots of money, in the hundreds of millions. Americans can’t own more than 49% of our newspapers. But the sharks on Wall St. own the Post and Herr Harper just looks the other way. Someday an author will write a book about all of the laws Steve Harper has broken and lies uttered. Come to think about it maybe 3 volumes would be needed to do the subject justice. McGuinty is beginning to give Harper a run for his money as regards breaking laws. It is interesting that Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto has been removed from office because of a conflict of interest and not knowing the Robert’s Rules of Order. Col. Henry Robert of the US Army devised a book  [ 1876 ] which outlined how Parliamentary Procedure worked. The general thrust was to allow the will of the people to be arrived at in an orderly way during debate. It followed English tradition. Yet Harper and McGuinty still retain their offices in spite of constantly flouting the law and the rules of Parliament. Am I missing something here? In terms of Conrad Black, he flouted the law and ended up in the slammer in the USA. But like both Harper and McGuinty, our man Black gets to pick and chose which laws he will obey in Canada, if any. As well, being that Conrad is so special special, he gets to make up his own rules and truths, Godfrey is a marshmello and bows to the Lord. In the Post the other day the Conman talked about Canadians just like him. Conrad IS NOT A CITIZEN OF CANADA and when he left us for England he called us a bunch of nasty names. Black in now in Canada illegally, being a convicted thief and all. As well the Conman is now all lovey dovey, concerned for our welfare and such. What a dishonourable man. Steve personally left the gate open for the Blackster to get in but Harper denied it [ a true Sociopath ]. To understand Conrad’s presence in Canada you have to go back to the late 1980s and the semi secret Northern Foundation in Calgary. It was organized to support the South African Government in its’ bid to keep Nelson Mandela in jail. Among the many members were Steve Harper, Preston Manning, Conrad Black, Neo Nazis and leading Canadian white supremacists. It was a white male club only.  So it was obvious, from the moment Black was sprung from a Miami jail he would come back to this Country to see his old white supremacists buddy and friend, Harper. Interestingly, the Post did a tribute to Nelson Mandela this week. Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth Paul. It is interesting that Steve, Preston and Black are all wimps [ UPC ] and are afflicted with the Nietzsche Complex. This is a recognized condition for those with inferiority complexes who are drawn to visions of grandeur as laid out, supposedly by the Nietzsche faith. It is possible for a wimp to self proclaim Uberman status and join other Ubermen. Sociopaths of a feather flock together. Thus allowing them to bully the multitudes of little people [ Barb Black's term ].  Black has always been a big suck, living a life among the movers and takers in keeping with his family name. Conrad’s father was a heavy drinker who let the bottle destroy his business career. Dad constantly got Conrad out of trouble during his teen age years, thus no life lessons were learned. As well his dad instilled in the younger Black that everybody was out to get them. What a way to be launched into life. Never having to pay for any mistakes and seeing the need to bully others before they got to you. I am 10 years older than Conrad and have grown up with all his misadventures.  The sanitizing of Black that is now going on [ in the Globe, Post and Maclean's etc ] is being paid for by the rich on Team Black. It is truly a scream. How can a group, no matter how much money they have turn a pig’s asshole into a silk purse???  Conrad secretly feels he must stay in Canada, he’s deathly afraid to go back to England. His appearances on various BBC programs  in London recently in which he was confronted by interviewers with balls showed his/ their true side. The Brits think Black is an overstuffed baboon. I can just image Black being ridiculed every day of the week on the streets of London. His inferior / jelly core would let him down. People over the pond can’t be bullied like the marshmello set here in Canada. Black is like a rat caught in a trap. When Tom Mulcair becomes the next Prime Minister he’ll send Black back to the Brits. And Conrad’s Neo Nazi friend Steve Harper and the executive of the US oil cartel [ his employer ] will all be in jail for money laundering, theft of Canadian resources and election irregularities. I am sure you get my drift. I don’t like Conrad Black a whole lot


COULD IT BE THAT THE OPP, McGUINTY’S PERSONAL POLICE FORCE IS ALREADY COLLECTING UP THOSE WHO ARE PROTESTING THE LOSS OF DEMOCRACY IN ONTARIO  / IF I WAS A STRIKING UNION LEADER I’D GO INTO HIDING TO AVOID THE LIBERAL POLICE    —   If this was happening already how would we know? The House of the People is dark so there is no one there to look after your interests. Now you did elect a MPP to look after your interests and you are paying that MPP to look after your interests.The problem is only one individual, devious Dalt, has taken dictatorial powers unto himself which puts HIS INTERESTS AHEAD OF YOUR INTERESTS. A democracy???  In Egypt Pres. Mohamed Morsi has set himself up as a dictator and the people are in the streets. If Ontarians are taking to the streets we wouldn’t even know that the OPP  was picking them up?  Plus the $ bribed media is not  about to tell us. The Liberal Party machine, Ministries and nukies spends too much money on buying advertising from the media for them to tell the people of this Province the true facts. If a knock comes on your door in the middle of the night then you will know the end is near and the Liberal concentration camp beckons. Can the ovens be far behind? From an early age I was taught the we must be eternally vigilant in protecting this democracy of ours. Germany was a democracy when Hitler came to power. The Fuhrer soon changed that status. But not as quickly as McGuinty however. Our Queen’s Park disappeared at a private meeting of the Liberal Party machine on Oct. 15 /12. Maybe 30 people were there at most. 14 million Ontarians didn’t count. What will be your response?  S I L E N C E  to avoid the OPP picking you up??? The $ bribed media has fallen silent on the loss of responsible government which came our way in 1867. The Upper Canada rebellion occured 170 years ago when Ontarians rose up against the Family Compact [  not unlike McGuinty and his 5 man Junta ]. Even our freedom ranks below the almighty dollar with to-day’s media moguls. Various academics and experts have made comments on the net about Prorogation but it is clear that they are covering their butts. Afraid to speak the truth???  Being part of the establishment has its’ rewards. You hold your tongue.  One thing that leaders like is lots of lip prints on their rears.  Various rules and traditions have been put forth on an individual basis over the years but the framers of such rules and traditions never in their wildest dreams would or could envisage such dishonest actions on the part of ex Premier McGuinty [ or whatever hat he is wearing to-day ].  McGuinty has gambled that David Onley’s position is merely ceremonial thus removed from Queen Elizabeth’s real grasp. And that Onley was very slow on the draw which has proven the case. What McGuinty has done is make poor / dumb Onley the goat for the loss of democracy in Ontario. Devious Dalt can say, ” the Lieutenant Governor gave me permission to do this although I didn’t tell him what I was up to, plus the fact that Onley never asked “. [] 1 []  McGuinty resigned as Premier but didn’t actually resign as Premier. Although all of the $ bribed media reported his resignation. McGuinty is still ruling as if he is Premier until he decides not to. Democratic? No. Despicable? Yes. What can 14 million Ontarians do about it? Nothing but go into the streets. Can they write to their MPP? No, the MPPs have been sent home. My advice to everyone is to lie low. Anybody who is pushing back, like strikers should watch their backs. Who knows when and for whom the OPP will come looking. As I keep saying the clang of the concentration camp gate is not that far off.  [] 2 []  McGuinty was the leader of the Liberal Party which had the most seats in the House BUT NOT A MAJORITY. Dalt need the support of members in the Opposition to govern. Otherwise he was in a caretaker position with no mandate to take any action whatsoever. McGuinty and Onley under the circumstances were obligated and charged with making sure there was a Government in place. There is NO GOVERNMENT IN PLACE NOW AND BOTH OF THEM ARE GUILTY OF DERELICTION OF DUTY. If McGuinty was not capable of governing David Onley’s responsibility was to canvas the leaders of the Opposition. This he did not do.  [] 3 []  Prorogation by a Premier in the majority has to be announced in the House of the people. Not at a private meeting of 30 members of the Liberal party machine. Even the Liberal MPPs were excluded, right now they should be screaming to the rooftops over the setting aside of our democratic society but not a wimper from the Liberal sheepollas. Apparently Parliamentary rules can be ignored on a whim?  [] 4 []  So Prorogation was announced to the Liberal party insiders  by one man who resigned his post but did not really resign his post. As ex Premier McGuinty sent duly elected MPPs home which he no right to do. This is supposedly a land governed by the rule of law but not any more. McGuinty determines the laws from here on in.  [] 5 []  McGuinty has apparently passed the fate of OUR Legislature on to some unknown Liberal who may or may not recall the House. In fact we don’t even know if McGuinty and the Liberal party machine will relinquish control of the Province at that time. Running a police state might prove very attractive.  Ontarians are now living history. The Civil War in England [ King Charles 1 / Cromwell ], the War between England and the USA in 1776, the War of 1812 between Canada and the Americans and the Rebellions of Upper  / Lower Canada in 1837 had far reaching affects. This so called little drama is only at the beginning stages. Let your imagination run free. It is impossible to know where this journey is taking us, jail or rebellion?  McGuinty was facing criminal charges and these desperate moves show exactly how desperate he is. The Queen, must act by replacing Onley and appointing a new Lieutenant Governor whose first act would be to recall the Assembly of the people. This to snatch us back from this journey through the valley of the shadow of death. If the Queen is unable to act in this regard I would suggest that 55 MPPs [ any stripe ] gather together to exercise their sovereignty. The Legislative building has NO POWER , it is just a meeting hall.  The gang of 55 can choose a new Speaker [ and an assistant ], hire staff and arrange for other necessities. The 55 control the Ontario treasury and could begin to pay the bills that accumulate. I would tell the Liberals that nothing eminating from the Party would be considered legit. This majority of MPPs legitimately governs Ontario. The Liberal Party machine is illegitimate.  My take on this affair. Devious Dalt and the Liberal machine were behind the gas plant cancellations but Chris Bentley was picked to take the fall by McGuinty. The fact that Bentley accepted to goat horns shows what a wimp he is.  Buying PC Liz Wilmer’s seat as McGuinty did a majority did not produce. The PCs and the NDP found poor Bentley in contempt of the Legislature. This could have resulted in criminal charges and jail for Bentley. But the fact that the opposition had the votes to force the issue AND PURSUE IT FURTHER SCARED McGUINTY AND THE LIBERAL PARTY MACHINE. Even if devious Dalt resigned he could not have escaped the closing net so he seized the moment, stole the House and took it with him. Thus killing more than 100 pending Bills and the censure proceedings. So McGuinty without authority set himself free from suspicion. Although he has resigned McGuinty still is acting as Premier because nobody is challenging him. Supposedly the recall of the House awaits the choosing of a new Liberal Leader who will just be a front for the Liberal machine. Calling the Legislature back could come sooner and then again later with ONTARIANS HAVE NO SAY WHATSOEVER. We can always hope our executions will be humane and that the  notification of our kin will not be too long delayed. From this time till the chosing of the new cardboard cutout Liberal Leader the Dalt will be shredding every document which incriminates him in the gas plant affair. Just like Conrad Black did when he took the boxes of docs from 10 Toronto Street. So in the end McGuinty can wash his hands of the whole crime, walk away [ under a cloud ] but walk away just the same with his record intact. Maybe. There is always more ways than one to skin a cat. 55 MPPs do have the power to move us forward. Go after your local MPP no matter the stripe and demand that he / she takes action. Many of the Liberal MPPs do not agree with the fact that McGuinty hung them out to dry. Go after the Liberal MPP in your riding and help him / her stiffen their spine. This is a historic moment in Ontario’s history and I am sure elected representatives will want to be on the right side of history. Can you imagine having to tell your grandchildren that when the battle for democracy raged in the castle above you hid in the basement.


ONTARIO TEACHERS, UNDERSTAND, YOU ARE BEING SCAPEGOATED BECAUSE McGUINTY HAS GIVEN BILLIONS TO HIS NUKIES FRIENDS   —   Now that the Legislature is no more and we in Ontario no longer live in a democracy it would seem that documentation covering all of the money given to the nukies will do a disappearing act and McGuinty will be as free as a bird. Devious Dalt will use the excuse given by Harper on so many occasions, ‘ you PROVE WRONGDOING “. But all of the proof will have been destroyed by McGuinty before the people regain control. The $ bribed media is still calling McGuinty Premier, gee I thought he resigned. But then again more and more we do not live in the real world. The truth and respect for the law are fast vanishing.  It is interesting that Liberal MPPs [ sheep ], were not in on the Dalt resignation, not in on the Prorogation and not even in on the dealings with the teachers. The Lib MPPs are becoming concerned Dalt is leaving them out of the loop. Talk about being slow. McGuinty said it was much easier to rule without the impediment of the House [ this included Liberal MPPs ]. My guess is that the Liberal sheep are hearing from their constituents and what they are hearing is not very encouraging. McGuinty’s MPPs probably don’t like the prospect of having their political throats cut so to speak. The $ bribed media is having nothing to say about Prorogation but the internet is all afire. Ontarians are incensed. I would suggest that the teachers move outside their focus on education and add support to the taking back control of OUR electrical system. Cutting the cost of KWs in half and jailing McGuinty and his nukie friends will put some money in the piggy bank and support education and the health care system Ontarians want. Once the voters in this Province find out the extent of the looting devious Dalt and his friends are guilty of, the boys will probably prefer the security of a jail cell rather than walking the streets and facing a lynch mob. Ontario’s economy has been destroyed by nuclear power over the last dozen years with the able assistance of McGuinty and friends. Only by reforming the electrical system [ I have offered many times to play a part ] and jailing devious Dalt and his devious friends will we get the train back on the track. How about we start tomorrow??? 

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                   LAOCOON

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  1. PETER WORTHINGTON OF THE SUN IS AN OLD FART WITH A SOFT BRAIN   —    The problem is that when you get old like Peter and I the old bod begins to give out. With me its’ the hips and knees and with Peter it is the brain. Worthington for a long time has been defending Conrad Black. I have watched the Conman’s antics since he was in his teens. He is a sociopath and he sufferers from an Undeveloped Prefrontal Cortex [ look UPC up on the net ]. Part of Black’s brain has remained undeveloped since his teens and thus he acts like a teen at times. A very intelligent man unable to function properly in our society. And for people who are anti social, to lie, cheat and steal and push the limits jail is the only answer. My knock on Worthington and the others on Team Black, the rich hirers who remain hidden and the simpleton hiries like Peter is that they believe those with money can play by different rules than the rest of us. I keep making the point that Canada is doomed if we continue to allow various people, like Herr Harper to live outside the law. History shows that when you have a society wherein a small group is allowed to amass all the wealth, made off the backs of the majority it is only a matter of time before everything flies apart. The French revolution destroyed the Country. So Peter, the trajectory that Conrad Black is on is poison to Canada’s well being. The notorious thief who started his career stealing exams at high school should be deported and sent across the sea to England without his Order of Canada. If  Worthington wants to have dinner with his old, disgraced, sociopathic friend then he can fly to London and sup with Conrad and Lady Black without having to be bothered with all us little people.

THE NEW MULCAIR GOVERNMENT AND ONE OF THE FIRST JOBS OF PARLIAMENT   —   The new MPs should be tasked with reviewing all of Herr Harper’s legislation since the US oil cartel launched him into power. Anything which smacks of being unCanadian should be put forward for review. In each case those laws and regulations which offend should be Canadianized or tossed out. It will be a busy time but we will see our Country snatched back from the grip of the Republican right in the US, the American oil cartel and China. One important matter is the repeal of the increase in the age requirement for Canada pension. We are a rich Country but we are seeing our wealth syphoned off to Wall St. Last year Steve gave his employers at the oil cartel $ 850 million to allow them to mess around with carbon capture. We can’t afford to pay about $ 7 million to bury our veterans but we can give the bastards who run the cartel hundreds of millions for Carb Cap, a boondoggle of the first water. In 2010 the oil cartel took $ 125 billion in resources out of Alberta and paid a little more than $ 10 billion in royalties. In addition the cartel cheated the Province out of more than $ 100 million in royalties and is now being sued. The cartel only makes $ 250 billion a year. ah. Enough already. Alberta is running a deficit now because the US market for its’ natuural gas and oil has gone by by. Those resources should be harvested, turned into value added products completely in the West using the latest clean / Green technologies and distributed all throughout Canada with any surplus of product going to the world market through Churchill Manitoba. When the new Parliament assumes power the  senior staff of Revenue Canada should be relieved of command and investigated for allowing the movers and takers to cut special deals, like Conrad Black and Brian Mulroney. Look at the corruption involving the Montreal cabal. I would suspect Parliament Hill holds at least as many illegal surprises. I would forecast that once we find out how much money Herr Harper is getting from the US oil cartel we will have enough info to jail him. Now that would be funny. The Conman Black visiting his Neo Nazi friend Steve in the slammer.

RUSS GIRLING OF TRANS NOT CANADA pipe AND PAT DANIELS OF ENBRIDGE pipe  HAVE SHOWN THEMSELVES TO BE HABITUAL LIARS / MEN WHO CAN’T BE TRUSTED / NOW WE SHOULD SHOW THEM THE DOOR   —   When the Keystone XL pipe line was first announced Girling went before the US Government and said that the project would create 2000 to 4000 jobs. In the past couple of months Republican politicans in the mid west have been saying 500,000 jobs. This is what happens when the media has been bribed to say whatever the payee has in his head. Enbridge has had more than 800 DilBit spills since 2009 but the bribed media says nothing. Now the US market for western nat. gas and oil has disappeared CEOs like Girling and Daniels are hard pressed as to what to do with 1000s of miles of pipe and nothing to put in it. The Chinese, who are now oil banking for the future [ smart? right? ] see a bargoon. They are offering to buy up the failed divisions of the US oil cartel in Canada at a premium price. Nexen is a failed Company now, little business. But China is prepared to pay a 60% premium on the stock. The Wall Streeters are falling all over themselves trying to get the deal to happen and bail. The problem for Herr Harper is that his employer the US oil cartel is under threat from China all over the world. They have to dough to buy up cartel assets because they are held by individual shareholders. Those holding oil and nat. gas stocks have no loyalties to anyone other than themselves on a 3 month cycle. Nobody on the Street can think more than 3 months ahead. Canada was built by people who could think years and years out. So there is a lot of valuable oil and nat. gas infrastucture owned by the cartel and the various pipe lines which is fast becoming worthless. China is stepping in to snap up the bargains which the Can. Provincial Energy Cartel [ CPEC ] should be gathering in for Canadians.  Harper is passing legislation that will allow the Chinese companies owned by a totalitarian regime to supersede provincial laws. I think not. The people in each province OWN THE NATURAL RESOURCES. What Harper is doing is taking away the right of the provinces to pass laws which protect their environment, their workforce and determine the extent of the benefits which will accrue to their people. Recently China blocked stories on the net from the US press about corruption in their Government. As well we find out that secrets deals are being made with Harper wherein the the workforce on the various projects now being eyed by China will see them filled by people from the homeland. Canadians will be eligible for the throw away jobs. There are three trials going on south of the border in which Chinese agents have stolen industrial secrets. The new Chinese Shenyang F-35 is a direct steal from the american F-35.  Not bloody likely. When the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel is formed one of the first step should be the acquisition of properties like Nexen, TransNotCanada, Enbridge, Talisman, Encana and others. Without any business the stock of  these Companies is falling and they’ll will not be able to pay their bills. Everyone selling out to China is not an option. Parliament would be stormed and Harper would lose his head. Shareholders put their money in and look for a return plus if possible an increase in share value. In the present shoot out even if we let China have everything it wants at least 100 oil / nat. gas firms would see their companies fail. Meaning many investors no holding stock will be worth bugger all. Here’s a new angle. CPEC cancells all existing lease agreements where production stops. This relieves businesses of the need to make payments. These companies would be invited to participate in the planning of the new Twin Beaver pipe line and the attendant infrastructure. Remember this new twin pipe would carry natural gas and refined oil products to Easten Canada and to the world market from Fort McMurray. The Fort would be the centre for upgrading and refining oil in Canada. The surrounding tar sands projects would send DilBit through double walled pipes to the Fort from the Peace River and Cold Lake districts to eliminate tar slurry [ made up of sand and lighter fluid ] spills and to reduce to a bare minimum the number of miles of pipe carrying the dangerous / toxic DilBit. By creating a very efficient/ clean / Green extraction system with steady demand firms like Nexen would become profitable on a long term basis and a steady stock price with a dividend component. I think that there are a lot of investors who would like to invest in long term / safe enterprises with government involvement?  Those hedge funds on Wall St. would be discouraged from involvement. There is a long history of American carpetbaggers making off with the cash. The ability to churn stock and boost values by way of rumour in the short term would be eliminated. It might be possible to eliminate provincial royalties altogether. With all of the jobs and the processes remaining resident in the West the taxes and revenues derived from refining aviation fuel, diesel, lighter fluid and petro chemicals should boost provincial revenues and eliminate deficits in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Of course all of the electricity would come from Green hydro and wind supplied by the East and BC to Fort McMurray. I would suggest the TransAlta, an American Company that supplies part of Alberta’s electricity and which was caught cheating Albertans on the KWs recently [ shades of the US oil cartel ] be bought out or kicked out. An abundent supply of Green energy will firstly reduce operating costs so any tar sands project will make more money for the private operators. As well, cheap / Green electricity would allow the introduction of clean coal technology into Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.  This technology allows coal to be used whereby the emissions are LESS THAN FOR NATURAL GAS. The West should be exporting natural gas to the East and the world and using their own coal for heat and clean electricity. The sequence is as follows. First you need clean KWs from hydro or wind which can be used immediately or turned into hydrogen and stored for future use. These KWs would then be used to clean up the coal burning process. So clean KWs facilitate the use of an abundant / cheap fuel [ coal ]. Thus Ontario, where the nukie electrical cabal, supported by ex Preem McGuinty, refuses to install clean coal technology could continue to buy Sask. / Alta. coal. This to provide cheap KWs to Ontarians. The joining of the provinces together at this time to make the most profitable use of their resources is our path to the future. The other path leads to a world in which China rather than the Americans govern Canada’s destiny. I would suggest to the Chinese and other foreigners that they be very careful with their money right now. Investing in other naive countries is probably a good idea. With the formation of the CPEC and a new NDP Government in Ottawa foreigners will find it impossible to impose their laws on Canadians no matter what world trade organizations say. WE RUN THIS COUNTRY NOT FOREIGN ACCOUNTANTS AND LAWYERS. The Republicans in the House have tried to nullify NAFT 3 times and have come close. This agreement is seen by 50% of Americans as a giveaway to Canadians. The states have imposed buy America provisions which fly in the face of NAFTA. In fact the new bridge being given to Michigan by Canadians [ $ 500 million with no hope of repayment ] is under the Buy America scheme. Workers and steel etc will come form the USA exclusively. Are we stupid or something??? Why should WE WAIT FOR THE YANKS TO PULL THE PLUG ON NAFTA???  This agreement only covers 15% of Canada / US trade. An every time there is a dispute the Americans decide they won. Look at the softwood lumber deal, Herr Harper the boy PM caved. In the 1920s the USA only exported 10% of its’ manufacturing and agricultural output. Having such a large Country the States was almost self sufficient, they had almost everything they needed. Canada is in the same boat but we let foreigners come in and pick the place clean and we get but a few crumbs. We are like a father with a beautiful wife and 6 lovely daughters. But we allow strangers to waltz in at any time and take what they will. A self contained Canada, without the Americans and Chinese etc can also be self sufficient. If we distribute our own energy resources across the Country FIRST, FIRST, FIRST we can have security of supply and at a cheaper price. This by cutting out all the cheating done by the US oil cartel and Wall St. As well as being able to supply a broad range of refined petroleum to the world this capabilitywould be of special interest to England and the Commonwealth of Nations with whom we already have special relations. That market numbers 2.2 billion people.  All of them are now under great stress due to abuses by the US oil cartel. In supplying them with petroleum products the door is open to doing expanded trade. Who the hell needs the jackboots in China.  Special combi tankers which double as ice breakers could carry cargo, refined oil products or natural gas from Churchill outward bound to the UK and the islands. And bring back their good that we need. One special advantage of refining aviation fuel in Fort McMurray is that Canadian airlines would have a huge competitive advantage, cheaper jet fuel and no uncertainty. Every government we do business with would be represented in Canada. We would share the wealth with nobody except ourselves. Fair trading not stupid trading.  By the way the combi ice breaker tankers could be build in Quebec and BC. Dark clouds are now overtaking  Herr Harper and I would suggest that he resign. The other possibility is that as Conrad Black is kicked out of Canada his place in jail will be taken by Steve Harper. After release Harper could be sent to live with Romney and all his American right wing pals.

THEY SAY THAT THE UKRAINIAN VOTE WAS FLAWED   —   We should know. Many Canadian MPs were sent to monitor the vote. Harper’s Fascist MPs would certainly know a flawed / fixed vote if they saw it.

RICH CANADIANS HAVE MORE THAN $ 20 BILLION STASHED OFFSHORE IN THE ISLANDS   —   After the new Government is installed in Ottawa a window of opportunity should be opened to allow the rich to get legit, bring their money home and pay the taxes due. After that anyone caught cheating on their taxes should be sentenced to lengthy jail term and their assets seized. I am a Red Tory, a free enterpriser and a 50 year businessman. Canada is a great place to do business but I have absolutely no time for cheaters like Black. Even the dumbest person can get rich if we don’t enforce our laws. I respect businessmen and women who are smart and earn their money honestly. I have no time for people like Black whose only talent is lying, cheating and stealing.  The first law we need to enforce after a new Parliament is fining and jailing liars. I foresee a Canadian Press Council, sort of like the CRTC. People could complain about lies like those that appear in Godfrey’s Post and Peladeau’s Sun. The CPC would print the truth on the net and the papers would have to print retractions. Now that would make the National Post particularly a good read and worth the money. Can you imagine the Post half lies and the other half retractions. Those politicians and businessmen who lie and endanger the state could be tried.  Harper might just find Russ Girling and Pat Daniels in the same cell block.

NICK KOUVALIS   —   I think once we get to the bottom of the Rob Calls scandal it will be found tha Kouvalis was at the centre of activities. Nick was an instructor at the Manning Institute where the Harper Youth were taugh how to steal the 2011 election. Kouvalis originated the home based call centre some years ago which he used to smear Irwin Cotler, Liberal MP for Montreal in February in 2012.  This is similar to the home based call centre set up for Matt Meier, owner of Rack9 in Calgary. Of course the Manning Institute is also in Calgary. Kouvalis was involve in 39 ridings in support of the Fascists including that of Dean Del Masto. Kouvalis was in Guelph, home of Pierre Poutine on at least 10 occasions during the election exactly when all the Robo calls were being set up. I think we should find out just what Mr. Kouvalis was up to during the 2011 election. By the way our Nick raked in more than $ 400,000 from Harper’s boys and girls. What exactly did he do for all that money, standing waving a little red Canadian flag at the PM’s photo ops?  Now there would be a good start for the new management at Revenue Canada. Investigating Kouvalis and the US oil cartel under the table money to Harper.

DR. DAVID McKEOWN, TORONTO’S MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH IS A GRANDSTANDER   —   I just wish Dave would do something useful. This could be done by first putting his brain in gear. Vehicles driving at very slow speeds produce much higher levels of pollutants. So slowing down the traffic on Eglinton Ave. say, as Toronto Traffic Services has done in response to the car hating City Council that held power for 30 years is far more dangerous than the odd idling vehicle. To make matter worse the back streets on either side of Eglinton have had speed bumps installed at$ 3000 a copy. Even though our streets are cursed with pot holes and resemble ploughed fields all the best asphalt is used for speed bumps. The people at Tor. Traffic are mental and should be fired. I have written to Dave about his hairbrained idling scheme and suggested he monitor carbon monoxide at slow/ depressed intersections / streets like Bayview and Eglinton / Broadway Ave. CO2 goes skyward and does nothing more than kill the planet. Carbon monoxide pools on the ground in low lying areas mixes with the air and can cause health problem, especially affecting children. I told McKeown all this a couple of years ago but he would rather get headlines. Now Dave is at it again, advocating reduced speed limits and even more carbon monoxide. His pea size brain can’t seem to get the message. The major thoroughfares like Eglinton should be opened up to speedier vehicle traffic from east to the west. Daaaaaaaaaaaaa And the speed bumps on the back streets should be removed. Major traffic will not go onto the back streets if they are unimpeded. Dave, Daaaaaaaaaaaaa . What McKeown should have been doing is monitoring the carbon monoxide levels around the City. I suggested back then that he start with Bayview and Eglinton and Broadway Ave. But to delve into this problem means coming to grips with gridlock and solving it on the basis of eliminating a health hazard. Part of the solution to gridlock, dangers to pedestrians / cyclists and carbon monoxide / CO2 is to take a holistic approach. Everything on the table. The Toronto cabal, the Toronto Transport cabal and the cyclist cabal should be shut out of the process. We need to involve people who bring expertise to the table but who can see the bigger picture beyond their own interests. DaveMcKeown is not one of them. Maybe Janet Leiper should get real too. Here is what McKeown might do to earn his $ 250,000 a year for a change. Hold classes for pedestrians. Teach them not run across busy streets at mid block, not to dart out between parked cars, especially in dark clothing and OBEY   THE   TRAFFIC   LIGHTS, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa. An there could be classes for the Greek Gods who cycle. learn the rules of the road and obey them, Daaaaaaaaaaaaa.

ONTARIO A ROGUE STATE WITH A ROGUE LEADER WHO IS ANSWERABLE TO NOBODY LET ALONE  MORE THAN 100 MPPs ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. WE DON’T COUNT ANY MORE . THANK TO A PINHEAD OF A L. G. / DAVID ONLEY —   I  have had more to say on the Prorogation of the Ontario Legislature in other posts. Especially a letter to Queen Elizabeth which has had an amazing response. Onley apparently graduated with a degree in political science but he obviously didn’t learn much. The Lieutenant Governor is going to go into the history books as the man who destroyed responsible government in Ontario. The Preem arrived on Onley’s doorstep asking his okay to Prorogue the Legislature. It would seem that Onley didn’t ask A SINGLE QUESTION of McGuinty. Not the reason, not the duration, not the fate of the various scandals, the fate of over 100 bills on the order paper, nothing. And he forgot to inform McGuinty that he was in the Minority and COULDN’T PROROGUE THE HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE. Of course Onley would not have known that Dalt was going to pull a swifty and quit. So the Prorogation was obtained by fraudulent means.  Onley who now comes across as the village idiot blundered badly and pulled a Mortimer Snerd, yup, yup Mr. McGuinty. But as bad as this is the Assembly can only be Prorogued in the manner as outlined in the Standing Orders for the Ontario Legislative  [ check on the net ]. Subsection #7 says as related to Meetings of House, ” Before a Session is Prorogued, the Government House Leader [ John Milloy ] SHALL announce the approximate date upon which the Assembly will be reconvened “. What do you think that means? I take it that before Prorogation could take place Milloy, Liberal House Leader would have to rise in his seat and say when the House would be coming back. This doesn’t limit nor remove the right of the Premier WITH THE CONFIDENCE OF THE HOUSE  to Prorogue the House as he / she sees fit. But a Premier  is just another MPP who has been chosen by the Liberal to lead. He has to abide by the rules of the House. This doesn’t mean setting himself up to run the Province with his 5 man Junta without the bother of the duly elected MPPs to scrutinize his actions. McGuinty decided on his own to close the House down and hand the job of calling the MPPs back to some future [ my guess is a year or maybe never ] Liberal Leader who is unknown at this point in time. I am surprised that the Liberal MPPs are not screaming to the rooftops over this travesty and this Constitutional Crisis. They have been completely cowed by the Liberal Party machine.  Liberal MPPs who were supported by the majority of people in a number of ridings have turned into sheep. 107 MPPs were elected to govern Ontario, not the ex Preem [ or premier in hiding ] and 5 insiders. The Prorogation was illegal because it did not follow the rules. And to add to the upset Prorogation  was done by McGuinty who resigned from the Premiership and thus he has no standing to do anything [ maybe ]. This present situation defies Parliamentary tradition. Which excludes strong minded despots during normal times.. The Queen has to be brought into this. I am sure she will concerned about the plight of 14 million Ontarians who have had their democratic institution at Queen’s Park stolen from their grasp. This reminds me of the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion. Back then we had the Family Compact, a little like McGuinty and his insiders running the show but answerable to no one. Mind, they did have  Legislature back then although it had little power. at least better than we have now.  One story I have told over the years to show the kinds of things which caused people to pick up their pitchforks. John Graves Simcoe laid Ontario roads out in a grid pattern. During the early 1800s surveyors were sent out to divided each area between sidelines [ 1/2 mile ] and concessions  [ 1 1/4 miles ]. Each rectangle held four 100 acre farms. Now the dirty Family Compact stuff. When a surveyor found a nice farm his report was signed in red ink. The questionable farms were identified with black ink. The good farms were grabbed by the Family Compact families and some were set aside as clergy reserves. So called to provide protestant churches with an income. Now here’s the rub. Owners of the farms had to work on repairing / improving the local roads for 2 weeks or pay a fee to get someone else to do it. The farms owned by the Family Compact or the churches were not required to provide any road assistance nor pay any fee. The poor farmer with the poorest land had to maintain the roads for the convenience of the rich. Pushed to the wall they took up arms under William Lyon MacKenzie.  We haven’t come very far have we??? When the fighting broke out in late 1837 it enveloped both Upper Canada [ Ontario ] and Lower Canada [ Quebec ] and some of the people involved in the uprising were American sympathizers looking to gain what they had faileded to grab in 1812. At that very instant an 18 year old became Queen of England. King William had a number of runins with Victoria’s Mother who sought to be Regent. However a very sick King William was determined hang on to life to see Victoria succeed him and not her Mother. Almost immediately the revolt broke out in Canada and the English Prime Minister cautioned the Queen that if the unrest was allowed to fester here the Yankees would have us. Lord Durham was sent by the Queen to do a quick once around and report back. From his findings responsible government came to Canada in stages until the Country’s formation in 1867. Now in Ontario, we have lost that freedom so dearly won, thanks to David Onley. And shortly we will find out who will rule Ottawa, the Americans or the Chinese?  Neither of these nightmares needs to come true. Proroguing was illegal and the House must be brought back and the Queen has to intervene. It is her representative, David Onley who failed in his duty to protect the people . In Ottawa Herr Harper must be driven from office to bring an end to this Republican inspired experiment to bring about regime change. Just look at the Ruined States of America. DO YOU WANT THAT HERE?  Then become an educated voter. Harper’s Fascist Party is fueled with money from the US oil cartel. Such monopolies are illegal in Canada. I would suggest the the RCMP and Rev. Canada investigate the US cartel, this after the new NDP Government takes over. We should break up the US oil cartel and fine them heavily. Particularly for making illegal campaign donations to Herr Harper.

MAD * MAD * CONMAN BLACK    —   Conrad is beginning to wear a little. His babblings are not much different that what was heard from the insane outside the bars of Bedlam England beginning in 1403.  I have lived with Conrad since he stole exam papers from the office of Upper Canada College. Black was doomed to the life he has led by his alcoholic Father who using his money extricated the Conrad from any scrape he got into. As well Black was taught by his dad that everyone is against you, certainly feeding his Nietzsche complex and his UPC condition. All of Conrad’s misadventures can be traced to his nonoperating societal nodule. The Conman seems to think he can live IN OUR SOCIETY, SHARE IN ALL OF ITS’ REWARDS BUT PLAY BY HIS OWN RULES.  I have said many times, this shows the level of  Black’s madness. In a society with no rules everyone is equal right? Black would no longer be exceptional as he believes himself to be. So others would be making up their own rules, emulating Conrad. Fair’s fair, right? But a big suck like Black could never survive in a wild west world like that. Say Black’s fellow law breakers decided they didn’t like Lady Black refering to the Nietzsche Herd as the little people. So Barb gets beaten up and the bat wielder says what I did was not a crime because I HAVE DECIDED IT SO. What kind of a society would we have then? Black can only act like a bully because our society afford him protection. Canada has to protect itself from Black and Harper as well. He and Steve are old Neo Nazi friends from the Northern Foundation days in the 1980s at the University of Calgary. Harper had Black lined up to come back to Canada after the US Supreme Court questioned the Honest Services Act because of its’ huge affect on Republican CEOs who were stealing shareholder’s money. The case was brought before the top Court by Jeffrey Skilling and other right wing CEOs. They all liked to steal like Conrad but they didn’t like jail, Black likewise. Honest Services did taint 2 of Black’s fraud convictions but only slightly. Once a judgement is brought into question it must be reconsidered and it was appealed. Justice Richard Posner spoke for the 3 on the panel. His report is on the net. I wish all of those journoshills now writing for Team Black would read the comments of Justice Posner. Mind, that would mean 90% of Black’s muttering would be eliminated and they would have to forgo a pay cheque. Justice Posner said Black could not be believed. Obstruction of Justice stood as did one count of fraud. Two counts of fraud were SENT BACK FOR REPROSECUTION. Justice Posner said if the Honest Services component was removed from 2 contested fraud charges there was overwhelming evidence that Black HAD INDEED STOLEN THE MONEY. Put that in your pipe Phil Crawley and smoke it. While I am in this place. When the rebellion of 2013 comes where will the Thompsons hide and hide their money???  Justice Posner sent the two fraud charges back to the Chicago prosecutors for another look. He said, is it worth retrying the Conman when he had already been sent to jail. And secondly was it worth expending limited resouces on one more kick of the cat? On British TV what Black said flew in the face of the real world where he is not present. Black is not a Canadian and is here illegally. Steve, his old friend bent the rules to get the Conman in then lied to Canadians which is what Herr Harper does every day of the week. Black is CLUTTERING UP OUR COURTS, USING THEM AS HIS PERSONAL TOYS WHEN IN FACT HE DOESN’T RESPECT THE DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES IF THEY GO AGAINST HIM. My Grandma Hobbs used to tell the story of the London boys who were marching away to the First War. One of them was not keeping up. His mother said loudly, ” everyone is out of step but my Johnnie “. Thus everyone is out of step but Himself  Black. Conrad and Barb were out for a meal in T. O. with some of Team Black. They were accosted by an opponent who verbally abused them. The party was shocked and tried to escape via the side door. But Black is only getting a glimpse of what an unruly society would look like. He wouldn’t survive. I don’t understand Paul Godfrey, he keeps featuring Black when almost 70% of Canadians want to see the back end of him. I am a Red Tory, that is a free enterpriser with a heart. Everything that Harper says is filtered  through the rigid right wing ideology like Romney. Everything I say has the profit component embedded. 50 years in my own businesses will do that. The National Post was started by Conrad and lost $ 210 million [ this is a good businessman ? ] before he sold it to a family of dummies, the Aspers who bankrupted the Paper. The Post is now more than 90% American owned and is operating illegaly in Canada thanks to Harper looking the other way. IGNORING THE LAWS OF CANADA ONCE AGAIN. Of course some demented folk believe that the Conman is a great Canadian businessman. Black destroyed every company he ever laid hands on thus destroyed those investors involved, who trusted him. What a stupid thing to do. The other day Paul Godfrey sold the Post headquarters in Don Mills for $ 25 million and moved to some dive on Sherbourne St. I would guess that is why the resident business expert Terry Corcoron [ who has never been in business ] is seen so seldom these days. Working in a basement on Sherbourne is probably just too much to take. With all Terry’s business acmen the Post has not been able to arrest its’ slide into a second bankruptcy. Godfrey lost $ 26 million in the last quarter. He got less than that for his office building. So the Post is in big trouble even though Paul is trying to fake us. Why then would he keep jamming Black into our faces when the Conman is out of here when the NDP takes over. If you are in business you don’t go around pissing on two thirds of you potential customers. I suspect the Team Black is paying Godfrey a huge sum to feature Blackie. If this is right the Post gains in the short run but the end will come much quicker. Back when the Post was launched it had promise if it had pursued a moderate right wing approach. But that was all thrown away because a demented Conrad Black was involved.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL’S  GYNORMOUS * U * N * CAMPAIGN   —   I would like to add a couple which have yet to be used. UNtruthful and UN reliable. Phil Crawley doesn’t know where the truth lies and his Paper is so filled with propaganda and spin its’ only real use is to put it under the kitty litter tray. If you read the Globe every day you fall behind yet another day. For a long time I have been writing that fracking natural gas and oil in the US, the deep depression the Americans find themselves in and the improvement in auto technology which lets vehicles drive farther while using less gas has killed Alberta’s tar sands. Their natural gas business is now already dead. Alberta used to get more than 60% of its’ royalties from nat. gas. Nobody in the bribed media will mention that fact. It used to be that the Globe fooled the citizens about the oil and gas business. That initiative has now been forgotten. Right now the Globe is fooling investors in the sector, withholding the information that all of the tar sands infrastructure in the West is fast becoming worthless. Wall St. is concerned that shareholders will begin to flee and take their money with them. So each couple of days the Globe prints glowing reports about oil / gas company plans and promises of future successes. But in the real world the tar sands majors are cutting back activities and mothballing equipment. The only option now is that China, now in an oil banking phase will come along and offer a 60% premium on stock so companies can get out from under the slump. This whole meltdown has been created by the poor business plans of the US oil cartel and the two American pipe line Companies, Enbridge and TransNotCanada. The arrogant / incompetent people running these businesses like Russ Girling and Pat Daniels are in over their heads. With the American market gone and no daylight at the end of the tunnel it is time for the citizens of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to take the bull by the horns and seize the moment by taking direct control of their natural resources as should all of the Provinces. With the forming of the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel the huge number of failing energy businesses would allow the CPEC to take control of them at vastly reduced prices. In fact I believe many of  such businesses could be had for next to nothing. If I were a shareholder in Nexen and my only option was to sell to the Chinese and take a bath even with the premium I’d certainly have some of my money back but then what? Look for a new investment in to-day’s uncertain climate? I think I would look favourably upon a master plan wherein the CPEC would coordinate the Twin Beaver pipe lines [ along the 55th parallel ]  to carry oil and natural gas to the East and to the world markets through Churchill Man. The provinces would cooperate bringing Eastern / BC Green / cheap hydro to the prairies to power the tar sands and nat. gas infrastructure. The tar sands resources are in 3 areas, Peace River, Cold Lake and the main area  Athabasca [ containing Fort McMurray the gateway to Eastern Canada and the world ]. The main problem for tar sands operators is they only have access to pipes that were designed to carry oil, not tar slurry consisting of bitumen and lighter fluid. Since the raw tar carries sand it scours the insides of steel pipe and  sands away sensors and gate valves. Those managing the pipes don’t know when a spill occurs and can’t shut the valves off when they do. Bringing lighter fluid all the way for Chicago just so as to get the tar to go through the pipes is madness.  The thing to do is to put in double walled pipe lines from the main terminal at Fort McMurray to Peace River and another to Cold Lake. These two arms or main lines would recieve DilBit from the operators in each area using portable / double wall mini lines that could be moved to suit the changing dig pattern. At each dig would be a portable centifuge to separate the water and heavy metals thereby eliminating tailing ponds. The water then could be reused and the heavy metals sold as scrap. Each dig could be rehabilitated at the same time as the dig site moved. This kind of thing is not rocket science, it is just that the US oil cartel and the US pipe lines have always operated in a certain / outdated way and they’re not about to change their ways now, especially with Herr Harper being paid to be on their side. But change is coming whether the oilies or Steve like it. The business for western oil and gas is drying up and even the almighty can’t save them. New markets have to be found and new market are hiding in plain sight. But it is beyond the oilies to comprehend. The creation of the CPEC and a new way of harvesting the people’s resources would provide market security and guaranteed bottom line. Instead of each company trying to fight its’ way through the regulatory thicket CPEC would spearhead all of the needed measures. Imagine leasding land, setting up the infrastucture, mining tar with few emissions and have a guaranteed contract for so many barrels a year. Upgraders and refineries around Fort McMurray would produce a wide number of petroleum products which would be piped out to the East. At the same time natural gas would be pumped east. In fact nat. gas from the Mackenzie Valley and Norther BC could be accomodated by the Twin Beaver. Pumping finished product would increase volume for the same size pipe. Just as it is easier / cheaper to ship finished lumber instead of logs. The tar sands is a most amazing place. If there is an inefficient manufacturing / mining system or confused managerial approach in the world you will find it in the tar sands. Lillian Moller Gilbreth [ 1878-1972 ], was an American psycologist and engineer who along with her husband were time study pioneers. They were hired by industry to develop better / more efficient ways to make stuff. The Gilbreths followed in the footsteps of Frederick Taylor, the father of scientific management. Henry Ford’s assembly line came out of this efficiency movement. When I was manfacturing Apple Baskets, in the 1970s/80s/90s I studied the methods of Taylor and Ford. It was an eye opener. In 1924 Lillian, at 46, with 12 kids, lost her husband and their customers would not deal with a woman. To keep food on the table she turned her attention to the kitchen although she didn’t cook. She reorganized the kitchen layout just as electrical appliances were coming in. To this day Lillian’s innovations still carry weight. Revamping the kitchen got her out of industry and into a field where she had no competition. I read about her the other day in a review of a book by a son and daughter. I immediately thought of the tar sands. If I brought her back, one look and I think she would throw up. So I think I won’t bring her back, that would not be fair. The CPEC has to take the bull by the horns, take back ownership of the peoples resources and create a framework to harvest the resources, reduce the environmental footprint and ensure the rewards are shared equitably between the owners and the businesses involved. Why do you think that the Progressive Conservatives governed Ontario for 42 years, 42 golden years during which this Province was the economic engine of Canada. Leslie Frost, John Robarts and Bill Davis facilitated business. The right wing with Frank Miller as front man took over the PCs.  David Peterson destroyed the Ont. Government / business relationship because he didn’t want any Tory successes coming back to haunt him. There were projects in the pipe that had PC stamped all over them. Their flowering would have boosted the Tories as Peterson saw it so he killed the whole cooperative Government / business arrangement. The depression of 1990/95 was made much worse by Peterson’s pin headedness and vindictiveness. The salvation of the tar sands and Canada’s opening to become the world’s Green energy leader is to duplicate the approach of the Ontario Tories of which I was one. Namely a government / business partnership wherein each side contributes their strengths. Of course this will upset the stock brokers and Terry Corcoron whose only interest is hyping values and using companies as currency in the game. I believe there are a lot of  investors who would like stocks of value which paid a regular dividend off into the future with Canadians as the guarantors. The tar sand is beginning to die. To all Canadians it is the time to strike it rich. You mustn’t dally. I terms of Corcoron, he gets paid to act like a trained seal. So he does exactly that, acts like a trained seal

HOW THE e-car RAN OUT OF JUICE by Eric Regulay of the GLOBE AND MAIL   —   This is just another example of the Globe’s dishonesty and unreliability. As per usual I don’t know whether Eric is jusy plain stupid regarding cars or does he know he is lying but prepared to take the money anyway. I suspect he is lying as he is just one of many jounoshill now covering the deth of the e-Car. Mechanical stuff and technology are my meat. I started pushing H ICE [ hydrogen internal combustion engine cars and trucks ] vehicles more than a dozen years ago. Much was being written about the possibilities of hydrogen by knowledgeable people and there were some good articles in the bribed media. The pieces began to appear by journoshill who knew very little about the subject. Their work cast doubt on H ICE vehicles. What I found interesting was that they all used the same erroneous information is exactly the same order as if being coached from some central location. This same type of confusion campaign was used by the tobacco industry to create doubts about the threat of lung cancer and other maladies. The bribed media was paid big money to cause confusion over the health threats caused by smoking. It is interesting to go on the net and see how many celebrities and models involved in the big tobacco’s campaign died of lung cancer. Boy did they bet on the wrong horse but they did make a lot of money selling poison. Knowing of the efforts by tobacco companies and the media to minimize the affects of smoking alerted me to the campaign waged by the US oil cartel to kill the hydrogen car. Every article on hydrogen that I ran across in the newspapers was clipped and is in my file. I have the names of all the journoshills who participated in the confusion. My first focus about hydrogen was on the Toronto Star. For a couple of years previous John Honderich had been printing nukie propaganda and advertising that was full of lies. I wrote to Honderich, Rob Prichard, the Ont. Press Council and Advertising Standards Canada but was ignored. I began purchasing 3 other papers [ Globe, Post and Sun ] and to no surprise found the same misinformation on nuclear. Then the anti hydrogen campaign began, same approach, relentless knocks on hydrogen vehicles. As stated I clipped these articles. It was interesting that during this period Global Warming arrived in the headlines. Almost immediately the bribe media began another campaign casting doubts on the climate crisis, piece after piece was printed by so called climate change deniers. The Universities of Calgary and Carleton were / are centres in Canada for this activity. We now know that the US oil cartel funded the anti climate campaign through the now disgraced Heartland Institute [ a US charity, I kid you not ]. A whole network of journoshills and second banana academics filled the pages of the bribed media to cause doubts about Global Warming. We were never going to see monster storms crashing into new York City. It would not suprise you to know that Heartland got started running the Tobacco campaign against restrictions on cigarettes. When lung cancer could no longer be ignored governments had to get off their fat asses and act, reluctantly but they did finally stir. Big tobacco was fined out of business but the bribed media already had its’ money for promoting poison. It is clear now that the US oil cartel was the hand behind the anti hydrogen vehicle campaign and they succeeded in killing it off. Governments were interested in the taxes from gasoline and individual politicians liked the cash being handed out by the oilies. In terms of Global Warming the same course of action was followed by Big US Oil. I would guess that at least a 1000 journoshill were paid to spread confusion about climate change. These writers were paid by the oilies as were think tanks like the Fraser Institute that produced erroneous reports. The bribed media thus had writers writing for free using free anti climate reports. Again politicians didn’t want to muddy the waters and THEIR cash cut off  so they said lots and did next to nothing. Look to the scandal now unfolding in Montreal to see how it is done. Now the bribed media is declaring the climate crisis scare is over. It was all caused by 2800 scientists who were reporting their far flung work to the UN as to the changes that were occurring in nature. The US oil cartel spent hundreds of millions misleading 350 million people in North America about the coming climate storm. The biggest beneficiary of these payments was and is the bribed media. When the E-Car came on the scene the campaign of confusion started right up again. The auto writer who had made so much hay killing the hydrogen car were reenergized in a campaign to kill the electric car [ Dave Booth, Jim Kenzie, Peter Gorrie, Michael Vaughan among others. I think we can accept it on Eric’s say so that the E-Car is now dead. Again the politicians will heave a sigh of relief. Their tax revenues from gasoline and diesel will remain high and their envelopes of cash will keep coming from the oilies. The Globe and Mail [ as with the other media ] was engaged in all of these campaigns to kill people or impoverish them or both. Eric Reguly takes special glee in telling us the E-Car is at an end having been part of the media industry that was paid big money by the US oil cartel to kill it. They succeeded in misinforming the public and accomplished what the oil cartel wanted. I am sure Phil Crawley and Eric will get their heads patted by the oilies. Every time there is a big event like the tar spill in Kalamazoo, the Keystone, the Gateway etc oil industry spin and propaganda takes over in the bribed media. Problems go unreported or are quickly buried. But I find it galling the these American bastards who run the oil industry in this Country are so fucking arrogant. Their constant directions to the bribed media operate with clocklike precision.  And lies and misinformation appears in the same order and format in each paper. Having bought the media the oilies have no fear of contradiction. So be forwarned, believe what you see in the newspapers and Maclean’s at your own peril. Now here is a funny one. The papers are desperate, they’ve spent all the money given to them by the oilies. With slipping circulation numbers the paper owners like John Honderich and Paul Godfrey are looking to make money on the net by charging for the same spin, lies and oilie propaganda. Nerve I tell you, it takes nerve to sell tainted stuff  when they know it is tainted. And the tainted stuff gets sold because of a Government looking in the other direction.

WHAT DO THE F-35, THE SHENYANG 35 AND THE SUKOI 35 HAVE IN COMMON???    WHY THEY ARE THE SAME FIGHTERS * ALMOST   —   This is one area with which I am very familiar. I know where all of the bodies are buried. On the whole issue of Canada’s purchase of the American F-35, Harper tell nothing but lies and the bribed media dutifully prints his lies and Government propaganda. The Yanks are trying to go cheap on the F-35. They’re trying to get one aeroplane to do the job of 3, sort of like a hammer that can drill holes and saw wood. I can tell you that going back to the time of the Wright Bros. this approach has never ever worked. In addition the US plane makers are looking for other nations [ suckers ]  to share the cost. Canada and these other nations will sort of get seconds, not the real McCoy F-35s. The Yanks don’t trust us with all of their technology. The price starts about $ 500,000 a copy with a few local jobs thrown in to protect our politician’s asses. You know table scraps. The new Chinese fighter just announced will go along nicely with the used aircraft carrier they just purchase from Russia. China now has an ice breaker and is building more. Of course there is quite a bit of ice in the south China Sea to break. My thinking is that after buying up Canada’s tar sands, a deal that is being facilitated by our boy Prime Minister so the Chinese, the Russians and others will be able to sail through OUR NORTHWEST PASSAGE ON A WHIM. And what might we do about that? Maybe throw a hissy fit?  The Sukoi 35 is already flying. Go on the net and compare the 3 aircraft, almost the same. The Russians have the capability to develop fighters as good as the USA. However the Chinese don’t. China’s fighter was certainly built with stolen tech data from the Americans. The Russians will supply the Chinese with all of the avionics and hardware, thus they can’t be accused of arming a belligerent. The difference in the Chinese /Russian aircraft is that they have two engines. The F-35 only has one engine and is a single seater, very much in the Top Gun / old west / gunslinger tradition.  Canadians build practical / utilitarian aeroplanes. The Americans build Hollywood. I would think the Chinese are looking to dominate Asia, New Zealand, Australia and the Arctic. With carrier based fighters they could easily do that.  So you will see them now develop a separate jump jet like the Harrier. Do you remember the Falklands and the English Harriers The US had nothing like it as they had nothing like our Arrow. The Russians are looking  more to dominating their satellite countries and Eastern Europe so the Sukhoi fits that bill. The F-35 is 3 planes in one. a ground attack aircraft, a hi speed interceptor and a jump jet. It is like a Swiss Army knife, very useful but a lousy axe or sword. The US needs aircraft to protect only its’ coasts [ there is no danger from the north or south ] and engage in military operations around the world which can be supported by carriers and a fleet of huge transports planes. This short range, single seater fits the bill but it doesn’t satisfy Canadian requirements. A couple of years ago the protection of Canadian sovereignty in the high Arctic was high on the RCAF’s list. That has been quietly dropped because the F-35 just can’t do that job. So what are our options? Let’s sell out all of the tar sands to the Chinese complete. All of the Wall St. investors will be happy about peddling worthless assets. No market for western oil or natural gas now exists. We and the streeters could have one hell of a party to toast the end of an era.  The Chinese will oil bank the tar sands to be called upon at some future date. No oil or natural gas will come out of the west for years. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will become have-not-provinces and be guided in their deliberations by Chinese law [ whatever that will be this week ]. The Chinese, Russians, the USA and others will traverse our North West Passage without reference to Ottawa. China is now meddling in Greenland looking for minerals and oil. We ourselves will revert to herding Caribou and living in Yurts like the Outer Mongolians. Joe Oliver will be proud of us, his hewers of trees and drawers of water. But at least the CO2 will not be a problem in the tar sands anymore. All of the environmentalists will have to find work. One great advantage will accrue. We will be able to set up laundries for the Chinese sailors right across the top of Canada and call them Canadian laundries. Uncle Joe Oliver will pat us on the head for being so entrepreneurial, minimum wage guaranted. With our Nation sliding into fiscal heel I would suggest that all of those pesky right wingers like Tom Flanagan and Ted Morton go back to their homeland to help out their Republican family. I mean Mitt needs all the help he can get. Tom and Ted will be confortable  in gated communities to protect them from the roving gangs of homeless Iraq / Afghanistan veterans out for blood. Tom might do alright for a while in jail, being a draft dodger and all. But let’s get real. Cancel the F-35 contract and buy 40 super CF-18s [ we already operate CF-18, 75 are operational at the moment ].  Upgrade the existing CF-18s with the view of having 40 reconditioned machines for training and kicking around jobs. All this work would be done in Canada. The new Super CF-18 would be built totally in Canada under licence from McDonnel / Douglas / Boeing. We would revive the Avro Arrow and call it the Bombardier Arrow. While it was oroginally a 1950s aircraft you have got to remember it is the delta wing shape that is important. The performance of the delta wing fighters [ USA and England with its' Concorde ] has never been bested. The US, Chinese and Russian fighters above travel at about 1500 miles an hour and have service ceilings of about 60,000 feet. The Arrow will go 2000 mph and its’ service ceiling is 75,000 feet. There is a lot of talk about stealth capabilities. This means a special shape and some carbon fiber parts which do not reflect radar. However hang all of the ordinance from the wings and add drop tanks to increase range and the stealth capability goes out the window. As well the speed is diminished with all that crap hanging out in the wind. The Arrow carries all its’ weaponery and tankage inside the fuselage between the engines. It’ll go 2000 mph loaded or empty and can catch any fighter now in existance. The original F-18 cost $35 million in 1977. Both the Shenyang and Sukhoi fighter are estimated to cost $65 to $ 100 million per copy. The F-35 will cost us $ 500 million each. I would guess the Bombardier Arrow might set us back $ 135 million each and we would need 25 plus spares. The overhaul of the existing CF-18 might cost $ 15 million and the Super CF-18 might be $ 80 million [ homebuilt ]. I see the CF-18 rebuilding and the production of the Supers taking place in Montreal. The production of Arrow parts could take place in Ontario and BC with the assembly being done in Winnipeg. The Arrow would be used to patrol Canada’s coasts [ all the way to Greenland ] and our North West passage. Canada’s ice breaker combi tankers would carry petroleum products from Churchill Man., east to Europe or down to the islands or west through the passage to Asia, New Zealand and Australia. of course Canada’s fleet of ice breakers [ built on the St Lawrence and in BC ] would keep the passage open for navigation. All nations would be able to traverse our passage but they would have to ask permission first. If they took matters into their own hands as the US tends to do we would arrest the captain responsible and fine him. Our Arrows would need a central base where manufacturing would take place and repairs made. There would be Arrow bases in Newfoundland and BC. Patrols might take 2 hours BC / Newfoundland to Winnipeg. The engines for the reengined CF-18, the super 18s and the Arrows would be built in Malton and be based on Rolls Royce technology under licence. But eventually we would have our own jet engines in 3 horsepower ranges for the 3 aeroplanes and future fighters. I can see interest in the Arrow coming from England, New Zealand and Australia.  A high flying fast interceptor that can chase anything out of the sky might be very attractive. The Canadian tradition of manufacturing great aeroplanes on a shoe string is a winner in to-day’s world. All of the manufacturing  jobs [ CF-18 / Super 18 / Arrow ] would remain in Canada. Don’t expect any of this to take place under our present boy Prime Minister who is in the running to be the most hated PM in Canadian history. We do not like living under rules imported from the Republicans by Harper. In fact Americans don’t want to live under Republican rule either. The day after the election of President Obama the stock market plunged. It was engineered by Wall St. and the brokerage houses to make the Pres. look bad. These are the people who helped Bush Jr. destroy the USA and the Streeters are still at it. This is what sociopaths do. They never learn from their mistakes and like those who suffer from Autism like the Republicans keep on doing the same thing even if it continually results in disaster. Conrad Black is on the same losing trajectory. The only way for this nonsense to end is for the Conman to die or be put back in jail. Canada’s renew will begin the day we jail Herr Harper for breaking our laws. More on the Arrow later. Mark my words, we are going to build this sucker.

JOHN HONDERICH AND THE STAR AT 120 YEARS   —   John, where do I go to throw up??? You were a one year old sitting in a baby carriage when I started my Star paper route. I have always taken the Star and am sad to say I’ve watched it deteriorate over the last 20 years. The conversion to a rag like the Los Angeles Times [ bankrupt ] has accelerated over the past dozen years. Rob Prichard’s more recent meddlings saw the paper’s stock drop precipitously and the Star’s debt climbed to $ 500 million. Prichard had previously chopped half the value of the pension fund belonging to U of T professors. I believe in the Peter Principle, one rises to the level of their incompetence. Prichard was at the U of T and proved himself incompetent. Then Rob went to the Star to really prove the theory. Now Prichard heads Metrolinx and has shown himself to be a class above incompetence. But with Junta Leader McGuinty heading for impeachment Prichard’s days at Metrolinx are numbered but he won’t get $ 9 million serverence this time. I will push to see that not one of McGuinty’s insiders like Rob gets a penny of taxpayer’s money. In any event the circulation at the Star has dropped from more than 3 million in 2007 to 2 million in 2010, a 37% drop. John, this is success when you have debt of $ 500 million hanging around your neck?  In your piece in the 120 anniversary section of Nov. 3 / 12 you made a number of statements that were untrue. If you believe this stuff you are delusional. When a group of printers bought the Evening Star in 1892 it was described as a blatantly and unshamedly an organ of the predatory financial interests. The Paper in the last 10 years has returned to its’ roots. Not a Paper of the people. But a Paper of politicians, advertisers, special interests and the nukies. I began writing about the lies and misinformation being printed in the star at least a dozen years ago. A quick look through my file shows a letter to Honderich and Prichard, Sept. 2008. If the Star had cleaned up its’ act back then we would not have had the recent meltdown in our electrical system. But the nukie cheques to the Paper were more important than plight of the people. Money was more important than the truth. The Atkinson Principles are a thing of memory. Honderich has been ignoring them for years but still claims that they guide the Paper. Hogwash. When I was a Pickering Councillor I got to know a couple of oldtime Star reporters. After politics we would communicate separately. Eventually both were let go by the Paper. In separate phone calls both complained to me that the Star had hired young reporters because they would work for less money. It was interesting that both of them said the same thing in separate calls. The young reporters HAVE NO PERSPECTIVE.  Watered down journalism while Honderich charged the same price per copy. Subscribers were / are paying for a dozen in a box and only getting ten. A 37% drop in circulation seems about right to me. Now the Star is going to try and sell this watered down crap on the net and call it journalism, rots of ruk John. Finally it was the Star’s effort to drive the little local papers out of business that really ticked me off. Metroland would approach the owner of a small town paper to buy him or her out. If no sale, the Star would move in with a cover paper that had little local content and offered local businesses a ridiculously low advertising rate. The owner surrendered or went broke. The 100 Metroland local papers are given away free and have been supported by advertising over the years. That advertising has been shrinking for the last couple of years, going to the net. So Honderich is now stuck with Metroland, printing 100 papers for which he derives less and less revenue over time. It looks good on him. When I began delivering the Star Joe Atkinson was still at the Paper. Even after he died he had a powerful influence on the Company for a long time but no more. Atkinson must be turning in his grave over what has happened to his Paper. Not only have his principles been jetison but the Star is lying about their present predicament, going broke. The dilema for the bribed media is that the truth and the intersts of the citizenry don’t pay. But they needs the big circulation that provides eyeballs for the advertisers. How do you lie to and misinform the readers without them knowing it? How do you cheat the customers and in the very same breath tell them no cheating is going on?  John Honderich / Toronto Star are trying damn hard. We will have to wait for the answer.

HALF PRICE KILOWATTS   —   When I become Electrical Tsar of Ontario [ read earlier posts ] I will recommend to the Legislature that the price of KWs be cut in half IMMEDIATELY. That a new corporate structure be created along the lines of our original old Ontario Hydro to put all of  Mike Harris’ many bits back together. What Mike did could be described as a dogs breakfast. We have to blow it up first, then get out the glue. In addition every payment to private firms other than for KWs contracted for will be stopped pending close audits. I would be looking for hanky panky. If a contract doesn’t deal fairly with Ontarians I would recommend cancellation. If there are illegalities I would recommend charging those involved [ private operaters and politicians].  Firms like TransCanada should not get cent until McGuinty’s cozy arrangements are thoroughly investigated. Tim Hudak’s contacts with TransCanada  should also face close scrutiny. Hudak’s wife is getting money from Russ Girling at TransCanada. To put it bluntly, those who are involved with our electrical system and on the take should be treated harshly. The harsher the better.  As in cancellation of payments, expropriation, fines or jail. The French resorted to the Guillotine. Our approach should be just as sharp. For the last 15 years the Governments of Harris, Eves and McGuinty HAVE NEVER LOOKED AFTER THE INTERESTS OF ONTARIANS AS REGARDS OUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. The next inning has to be different. let’s make sure it is different.

McGUINTY’S COUP D’ETAT   —   In digging around there is no doubt that major shredding of documents is going on at  a darkened Queen’s Park. If you remember in the ongoing Murdock newspaper scandal in England people have been charged with Obstruction of Justice for shredding documents. A very serious charge about which Team Black and their hero Lord have yet to come to grips with. Destroying evidence to cover a crime only moves one closer to a barred cage. What is being shredded are the documents which enumerate McGuinty’s illegal involvement with the cancelled natural gas plants. McGuinty resigned as Premier before 14 million Ontarians but is still Premier as a result of not signing the necessary papers. So our Dalt can be in or out as he choses. It shows deceit and a lack of respect for our Parliamentary system. He was not in a position to Prorogue the House as he is in the minority. McGuinty has no power without the support of a few MPPs in the opposition. The House rules state that Prorogation HAS TO ANNOUNCED IN THE LEGISLATURE. John Milloy did not do this. McGuinty’s announcement of a phony resignation and Proroguing was done in front of the Liberal Party machine. The plain old ordinary Liberal MPPs were left on the outside of this affair looking in. These MPPs along with those of the PCs and NDP were elected by the people and ARE COLLECTIVELY SOVEREIGN. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THEY MAKE THE RULES. AS IN ALL OF THE RULES. McGuinty has pushed them all aside and HE IS NOW MAKING THE RULES. I can only think Dalt is so desperate to hide evidence of wrongdoing that he would break or abuse every rule in the book. There was a contempt motion before the Legislature based on the fact that McGuinty would not release the documentation pertaining to the gas plants being cancelled. Some documents were released and other hidden. Eventually some of the hidden docs made it into the sunlight but many were missing with no explanation. This matter was to go before the Finance Committee where witnesses could be called. It is clear this scandal [ now estimated to be $ 1.4 billion ] could blow wide open and blow McGuinty, Ministers and friends out of office. In terms of Prorogation, it can’t be called by the L. G. on the advice of a Premier based on an intolerant violation of the spirt and intent of the Constitution. David Onley had an obligation to reject the advice of McGuinty because the actions about to take place did not protect parliamentary democracy. Onley handed the Legislature over to McGuinty and the Liberals to use as their personal toy. Prorogation has always come in Canada with a time limit. No Prorogation has ever taken in this Country by a Premier who is in the minority and who is facing possible criminal charges. McGuinty knows exactly what he is doing. Closing the Legislature was illegal and is bad public relations but not as bad as being charged criminally along with member of his Government. Sandra Pupattelo, a leadership hopeful does not have a seat in the Assembly. She said that if she is elected Liberal Leader the Legislature will not be called back until she wins a seat. Gerard Kennedy is vying for the top job. He says the legislature will return in February. Do you think that parliamentary democracy should be in the hands of the UNELECTED Pupatello / Kennedy. This make a mockery of our system. Here is a better idea. Why don’t we set up a sort of wheel of fortune at Queen’s Park. All of the Liberals [ who now own Ontario ] can draw lots. Dave Onley could spin the wheel and where it stops, that’s when the House comes back.  I think there are two avenues we must pursue. I am confident that the House will quickly be called back into session by a new Lieutenant Governor named by the Queen. Firstly, every contract as regards the cancelled gas plants and the various activities have to be scrutinized immediatley by the Finance Committee. If there is the slightest indication that documents have gone missing that contract would have to be cancelled, not another cheque would be cut, end of story. Those on the losing end of this cancellation could plead their case by supplying all of the missing documents themselves, screw McGuinty. He may have thought by shredding documents he could wipe the slate clean. There are more ways than one to skin a cat.  No play the game, no dough. If a company like TransCanada’s Russ Girling threatened a law suit over non payment of blood money, fine. Remember MPPs are sovereign, they make the laws and the Court administers the laws. Legislation could be passed to void any money owing to Girling / TC . This will be a sobering fact and one that might just bring contractors involved with McGuinty to the table to spill the beans. I think the corruption herein could top Montreal. It will be the only way they will GET ANY MONEY AT ALL. With the Legislature back in session one of the first orders of business is to start Impeachment Proceeding against the phony Premier McGuinty. As like Charles 1st, we shall have Dalt’s head on a pike pole and exhibit it at a FUNCTIONING Queen’s Park. 

Note   —   The use of Impreachment has fallen into disuse but is still a part of Parliamentary procedure. In the past legislators would call upon the the Sovereign to act in such cases. However when the PM / Premier and other executive   officers became answerable to the House a politician / officer could be held accountable by a motion of non confidence. However Queen’s Park has been shuttered and the assembly is no longer in operation. So in no way can McGuinty be reprimanded, he is no longer answerable to the people. The Liberals now rule Ontario at their own convenience. I am angry at the Liberals, especially the leadership hopefuls. NOT ONE OF THEM HAS LOWERED THE BOOM ON McGUINTY.  Apparently our loss of democracy doesn’t register with them. Charlie Sousa says he will give a voice to rural residents. That’s nice but what about the remaining voters [ 75% ] who are without a voice now? Miss in and out Pupatello said she would not call the Legislature back until she was ready. Swell. Representative government is supposed to eliminate one man / woman rule. Hitler dispensed with the Reichstag when he had less than 40% of the seats. Just like McGuinty. He controlled the press by force. McGuinty controls the bribed media by the use of advertising. The Fuhrer was in charge of the police so political opponents could be intimidated. The OPP is under McGuinty’s thumb. Hindenburg, an old man was manipulated by Hitler. Poor David Onley, the L. G. was manipulated by McGuinty. We can draw a straight line from where we are now to the gas chambers. The problem is that a lot of Ontarians will only wake up when the sound of the concentration camp gate clangs behind them. When the phantom Premier is finally confronted he can just sign the necessary official papers and flee the job with all his criminal activities nicely erased, he thinks. That is where impeachment comes in. It can cover criminal activity, a conviction on which can mean jail time. I await the recall of the Legislature, the electrical system problems must be addressed first before the private contractors make off with any more taxpayer’s money. Under the circumstances nobody is in authority to sign any cheques. If  Duncan hands out a red cent he should be prosecuted too. Then let the impeachment of McGuinty begin. Dalt got a free house [ 1 1/2 million ], supposedly from the Liberal party. I disputed that at least 4 years ago. I concluded that the nukies gave McGuinty that house and that Liberal officials were lying. I arrived at this opinion because during that period the nukies, who had seized our electrical system to pay for their nuclear experiments were under great stress. Getting a contract for a couple  more overpriced CANDUs was crucial for the survival of AEC. At every turn McGuinty favoured the nukies over Ontarians, a way over the top. I decided that giving this rogue a house was the way to gain favours from him. And favours AEC got. I wrote letters to a number of people about this free nukie house, to John Honderich of the Star, MPPs and  TO McGUINTY HIMSELF AT QUEEN’S PARK. I never heard a word and the Star remained mum. This free house has to be investigated along with the gas plant contracts. I will see Dalton McGuinty go to jail.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                     LAOCOON

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THE N E W W W W W W W W *** NEP *** part three 20/08/12

  • You will never find a mention of this but during the recent Alberta election at least ten sociopathic journalists declared Danielle Smith [ another sociopath ] the winner before the vote. This mainly because of right wing group think and the fact that the pollsters hired by the US oil cartel had the Wild Rose Party 17 points ahead of Alison Reford and her PCs. Redford captured 61 seats to the Wildrose 17. I have been writing for years that Herr Harper and his gang of sociopaths live in La La Land, a land of their own making which in no way relates to the land you and I occupy. Every time the Ubergruppenfuhrer opens his mouth his utterances are not of this world. Follow him at your peril.  A George Bush Jr. staffer told a reporter who questioned the veracity of the President’s statement , ” we are now an empire so we can create our own reality “. What a way to run a railroad? More importantly, what a way to ruin a Country? I CAN GUARANTEE CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY DOESN’T WORK. In the end, this kind of thinking ran the USA right into the ground. There it lies. From what I hear / see in the present Presidential race America, IS NOT COMING BACK. During my time in business [ 50 years ] if one of my employees was so far wrong as the right wing journoshills / pollsters were in the Alberta contest he / she would have been fired immediatley. My main concern would have been lack of good judgement as it relates to real life. Staying tuned to real life is like having a life jacket. Darwin did not say survival of the fittest. His point was that those who survived had THE ABILITY TO ADAPT. If you don’t know what is going on you CAN’T ADAPT. The only way to show the level of incompetence that Smith and the Wildrose displayed in Alberta and actually elect members is to cheat. Which is exactly what Preston Manning is busily engaged in, teaching right wing cheating techniques. Leo Strauss [ 1899 / 1973 ], [ one of Harper's patron saints ] said if your heart is true in terms of cleansing society by implimenting regime change [ a democracy to an oligarchy ] it is okay to lie.  Straussians [ who worship Nietzsche ] believe that  to save society the masses [ mob ] must be rigidly controlled, on a short leash so to speak.  And that is what Herr Harper did and does. Tom Flanagan, the noted American draft dodger who ran the Smith / Wildrose campaign into a wall, after election night had egg all over his face.  Yet not suprisingly, Harper, the journalists, pollsters, Wildrose officials, Smith and Flanagan never ate a single portion of crow. Sociopaths never do admit a mistake. This shows typical rightie thick headedness and the ability of the conventional media to cover up the truth in return for a cut of Harper’s US oil money.  As true sociopaths they carried on as if  no election had taken place. Immediately after their abject election failure Smith and the Wild Rose began attacking Premier Redford. So far the record shows that Danielle has not a positive word to say about the Preem. And she wants to take over Alberta on behalf of the US oil cartel? It makes me shudder. In copying the White Rose, Pat Daniel of Enbridge has decided the US Safety Board spill report doesn’t exist and the media is obliging him in return for fat oil cheques.  A couple of the sociopathic  behaviours exibited by those with non operational societal nodules [ UPC ]. Besides never admitting a mistake is to blame someone else or say one thing when you mean another. The right / Wall St. continues to say the 2008 /20o9 meltdown in the USA was caused by poor people buying homes they could not afford. It is a matter of blaming someone else again. Every reporter, commentator, academic or author who supports that statement about the US financial collapse is sociopathic. They are being paid by the right to tell lies. Immediately after the votes were counted in Alberta everyone listed above and all the others writing / broadcasting in return for an oilie paycheques turned on Redford and that pressure has been constant ever since. Even if the Post and Sun have to make stuff up. Do you want to live your life with a head full of fiction? Remember Darwin, adapt. Particular attention by the right is being paid to Redford’s new National Energy Strategy. The US oil cartel fears that under Premier Redford’s leadership  Canadians will wake up, assert their rights and take control of the Country’s energy resources in the fullest terms. The US oilies are scared shitless. The power of the US oil cartel diminishes with each day and they are hanging on by their fingernails. They’ve lots of dough but a shrinking customer base. The tar sands has become a white elephant. The only product of interest to the cartel is raw tar to be sent via the Keystone / Gateway pipes to restart tax free refineries in Texas and California. Alberta’s tar going to Asia my ass. The cartel’s individual investors only option seems to be selling their failed companies like Nexen to the Chinese. As the Chinese buy up our tar  sands they are not required to make any money, they can just sit on it. There are no pipe lines to get the bitumen out of Alberta so China is stuck, thus no royalties for Alberta. Do you think Enbridge and TransNotCanada [ American investors ] are going to build pipe lines to facilitate the Chinese takeover of oil assets in North America. What Harper is proposing to do is facilitate the takeover of Alberta’s oil resourses by the Chinese. In that event Premier Redford will be taking her orders from Beijing. But you know, what goes around comes around. The Albertan’s put Herr Harper in power. Many of the people in the Province exhibit the same characteristics as Republicans, they bow to the right wing and VOTE AGAINST THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS.  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  But being Canadians I am sure we can figure out how to break out of the Harper / Chinese concentration camp?  Redford’s initiative will dwarf any other undertaking seen in our last 140 years including the CPR and the St. Lawrence Seaway. In terms of these attacks on Redford, all the copy in print carries the same message, uses the same facts, in the same manner and is done at exactly the same time. The attacks are being orchestrated by the PMO.   It is clear that the US oil cartel is the moneybags behind this massive smear campaign of the Alberta Premier Redford. As always the conventional media is happy to take oil cheques to do the smearing. I wrote 3 weeks before the Provincial election it seemed that Redford’s only support was coming from the people of Alberta. That proved to be true. No matter the oil cartel propaganda.  Democracy is alive and well in the Province no matter what that traitorous Preston Manning says. Preston talks democracy but he used his taxpayer funded institute to teach young sociopaths [ Harper Youth ] how to steal the 2011 election. He also promotes a US backed regime change in Canada. Manning, is a liar, wimp and a sociopath and yet another criminal who has the Order of Canada. I find it difficult to understand this when he is guilty of treason. We should set up a criminal division of the Order of Canada. To include Manning, Conrad Black, Garth Drabinsky and the other crooks who had their Orders lifted, like Fonyo, Ahenakew, Eagleson and /Singh. Here’s an idea. Why not call the criminal division of the Order the, ” Dishonour of Canada “.  Before such ceremonies all new recipients would be asked to sew up their pockets by David Johnston [ a Harper lackey ]. Mind, all the silverware would have to be locked up just to be safe. Their yearly get togethers could be held at the Empire Club whose members support criminal activity. Can you imagine the recipients of the Dishonour sitting at the head table and the 1000 members of the Empire Club who don’t believe in the rule of law, standing and cheering?  Premier Redford is the key to the new NEP.  Raising the financial benefits of the oil / natural gas resources accruing to Albertans as well as the rest of Canada while cleaning up the industry’s CO2 filth is doable based on the Province taking greater control over its’ own destiny. Premier Redford’s exemplary leadership in this regard will strengthen the hand of all provincial premiers [ but they must hold hands tightly to resist her Harper's efforts to create splits between them ].  This joining together will lead Canada towards being THE prosperous world clean energy superpower. Since the Premier’s Conference the Harper / oilie press have kept up critical comment about Redford. As a followup to the Premier’s conference there has been a meeting of Provincial Energy Ministers in Charlottetown, the second most powerful group in the Nation. In their hands is the total energy of all of Canada. Due to Premier Redford’s bold announcement of her National Energy Strategy a vein of gold a mile wide has been revealed unto us. And we like gold don’t we?  Things that were nothing but dreams in the past have come together and I think all of the possibilities of the NES have yet to impact the Energy Ministers fully. Harper won’t meet with the premiers but Steve had Joe Oliver crash the Provincial meeting in PEI,  this prevented the Ministers from really getting down to brass tacks. Oliver kept saying to anyone who would listen that Redford’s NES was not necessary because he already has one [ check the net on this one ]. The conventional media did not ask Oliver to produce his NES. Poor Joe, he of loose brain.  He is apt to say anything that pops into his head, no matter how ridiculous. Do you remember him offering to drink from a tailing pond. Yuck. That’s something the conventional media never repeats but it is a hot topic on the net. If Canada’s energy is allowed to remain in little silos [ isolated in each province ] as is now the case it just invites the American / Chinese carpetbaggers to come in and help themselves to what ever they want. Invited to do so by Harper. Borrowing an old saying, which had meaning to the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1800, protect it or lose it. Sir John A. Macdonald had the CPR built right along the US / Canada border to keep the American carpetbaggers out.  Any appearance of unruly Yankees in Canada could have been met by a quick acting force.  Such force being transported west by train in a matter of days. More of this government sanctioned US / Chinese theft will give YOU more of what you’ve already got, a weak economy, uncertainty, an empty wallet, taking orders from foreign capitals and an ever darkening future. This while the energy interests pocket billions in profits of which our polititians and the media get their share. Joe Oliver crashed the Energy Minister’s party and so did the US oil cartel. The conventional media said what they were paid to say, that this whole Energy Minister’s exercise was a waste of time and accomplished nothing. What Harper, Joe Oliver, the US oil cartel and the paid media really said to Canadians, screw you. We will do anything, spend any amount of money and leave no stone unturned to ensure you don’t get off  the oilie hook. That is exactly why Oliver was sent by Harper and his American advisors, to disrupt the proceedings [ ably assisted by the paid media and the oilies ]. Harper used the same tactics employed by Doug Finley [ the resident goon, now sponging off us in the Senate ] to disrupt Parliamentary Committees, a while back. It is another example of the citizenry paying for the demolition of their own Country. We are paying to have the road to hell paved so the journey will be gentle on our abusers. I think we can get the measure of Joe Oliver as snake in that he had a group picture taken with himself in the centre. Remember, this was not Oliver’s meeting. Wes Sheridan, PEI Energy Minister was host and Chair. Oliver muscled Wes out of the way in terms of press coverage. At a later news conference Joe said a new NES was not needed as he already had one. In addition Oliver revealed words he had with Premier Redford without the Preem being there to speak for herself.  The whole affair was hijacked by Harper. Then to put the icing on the cake Oliver [ with himself in the centre ] distributed the group photo of the ministers to the conventional media who would kiss Harper’s ass in a flash. This free picture was used by all the papers. The glaring omission was the fact that Oliver never identified any of the Energy Ministers, nor did the papers. Joe missed out entirely on the ministers from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Was this on purpose? This is so yankee trader, grab what isn’t your’s and force someone to fight for their OWN PROPERTY.   But all is not lost. I spent 2 hours and identified everyone. The names of these men who hold the future of a prosperous Canada in their hands will be named at the end of this post. The ministers were completely ignored at their own meeting like it never happened, like the Alberta election never happened, like the Enbridge Kalamazoo DilBit spill never happened.  Pay the media enough money and they will make anything never happen. Oliver, having his own NES was a big surprise to everyone. Nobody has ever heard of Oliver having a national enegy plan. But the media printed it anyway, no questions. The various oilie representatives spoke with the press and put their side forward unquestioned and unimpeded.  The Energy Ministers couldn’t get a word in edgewise. The throttling of this promising meeting is an example of how the Republicans operate. Whether it belongs to them or not the Yanks just take it.  In this regard there was never any attempt to balance the debate by injecting the truth. Oh why oh why would we expect anything different from the Harperites. His Yankee employers have sharper elbows than Gordy Howe.  Enbridge, which has been despoiling the landscape for a dozen years with many dozens of DilBit spills is off in La La Land like the Ubergruppenfuhrer. The recent US Safety Board’s damming Report on the Enbridge spill in Kalamazoo has been completely downplayed by the conventional paid media [ not the CBC ]. The Report was never fully covered and then it was squirrelled away never to be seen by the public again. In the last couple of weeks another Enbridge spill happened in Wisconsin. About the only news we get on these spills and others are press releases from Enbridge which do a Tom Flanagan, Danielle Smith, the Wildrose etc by completely ignoring the issues. Enbridge and the media decided nothing happened therefore nothing happened. And when nothing happens no coverage is required of nothing happening. Except on the internet where news about Enbridge  just  ahummin away. To show you how out of step Enbridge is, the Company has launched a multi million dollar advertising campaign across all media outlets. In the papers these full page Enbridge statements completely ignore the Safety Board Report. It is as if the Report never existed and the media just lies there and rolls its’ eyes. These public relations gestures by Daniel / Monaco are so full of lies that it calls into question the loyalty of these news outlets to their homeland, Canada. Even if I were to complain to the Ontario Press Council and Advertising Standards Canada, as I have done so often in the past I would get no satisfaction. Both the OPC and ASC are industry fronts.  Apparently the truth is a thing of the past where media money is concerned. The US Supreme Court ruled recently that the media can lie and you can’t sue them for it. Just think, the American media has helped run the Country into the ground but can’t be held responsible.  But Enbridge and the media are on the same side of a devil’s bargain to screw the citizenry. Pat Daniel has placed all of this advertising with the media, simply to pay them to play his game and mouth his words without question. The media is happily and with full pockets consigning Canadians to the ashcan. The Enbridge ads are not intended to cause you to change your thinking about this disreputable  Company.  Daniel has attempted to explain away Enbridge’s’ dreadful stewardship record with falsehoods and in such a cavalier manner.  If you continually reprint our lies [ papers ] and don’t criticize us it will be a very lucrative  proposition for you, adwise, so says Daniel. It shows you how far we have strayed from reality. In the media we are told that the debate is about piping Alberta OIL TO ASIA. Rather the real story is about using substandard refined oil pipes to carry roofing tar / sand / lighter fluid to the now closed refineries in Texas and California. Herr Harper, Joe Oliver and Peter Kent appear regularly on TV and in print telling whoppers about the Gateway yet the media never holds them to account or investigates [ except the CBC ]. We now find the Chinese have hacked into a computer at a Calgary company which supplies all of the software used to operate most of the pipe line systems in Canada along with the secrets of the traffic signals in some of the western cities. Harper has dressed Canada up like a big turkey and the Chinese are waiting for him to serve us up. Steve is not only a wimp, he is naive. He will be eaten too.


Now for the good news. I didn’t know that Premier Redford had moved so swiftly in organizing a first meeting of Energy Ministers. I am impressed. In a sense it is the first step for the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel.  As stated these Ministers will do the heavy lifting on weaving together all of the energy assets this Country possesses. United we stand,  divided  by Harper we fall. What will be your choice? A future for your kids and grandchildren. Or serfdom under the Ruined States of  America. The Civil War between the North and the South occured  1861 / 1865. Presently you are seeing the beginnings of another US Civil War, between the haves [ 4% ] and the have nots [ 96% ]. There is revolution in the air. It will be short and bloody, because everyone has guns. But the moneyed people have bet on being safe in their gated communities, with armed guards patroling the perimeters. They even having gun instructors coming in to provide instruction to the members of each family including the kids, it won’t help. If you want to see what happens to people who take refuge in a walled compound look up Caesar’s defeat of Vercingatorix [ 55 BC ] who was holed up in Alesia. What can a few Ubermen do against the huge tide of the underclass??? I mention it this way because all of the Republicans, who are exceptional in their own minds will have studied Nietzsche. What Caesar did was cut off the water and food. When all of the homeless people living under the highway overpasses in Detroit, the mobs now in the streets of Anaheim [ within sight of Disneyland ] and all the others near the breaking point finally pick up their pitchforks this is my suggestion. At each gated community cut the water / gas pipes and drop an electric tower or two. Not a shot need be fired. The only mob requirement should be all of the elites would turn over their bank accounts, safety deposit box keys and investment. The 4% will just disappear. The Republicans [ sociopaths ] want to downsize the Government. The north gave a commitment to the families of those who fell in the Civil War that they would attempt to indentify each soldier and give him a proper burial. Out of 360,000 dead, 260,000 were so treated. The Government vowed that in future all Americans who serve their Country and die on foreign soil will be brought home and buried in honour. If  the Republicans are voted in and they carry out their promise of reducing Government who then will bring home the brave men and women who fall defending the Ruined States of America?   THE ELITES? ****** THE RIGHT? ****** THE TEA PARTY???????????????????


With the assembling of the Provincial Energy Ministers we see the beginnings of the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel. There are so many things to be done, an overall strategy which would include taking jurisdiction over oil, natural gas, coal, the tar sands, hydro power, wind, solar and tidal. The burning of wood chips [ biomass ] would be cancelled as will Ethanol. Nuclear would be phased out over time. Companies involved in energy would have to abide by the new regulations as set forth by the CPEC or make other arrangements [ like leave ]. NAFTA will be jettisoned. Trade with USA was at 31% before NAFTA and rose to almost 59% 5 years ago. Canada was dealing with a vibrant but indebted Country. Now America is at death’s door financially and trade has dropped down to 37%, and falling like a stone. NAFTA is used now to steal wealth from us. Look at buy America. It flies in the face of NAFTA, we get screwed abd Harper says no a word. In terms of the new NEP, all private firms with contracts with the provinces in regards to all forms of energy will have said contracts subjected to forensic audits. Over the years there have been many such deal [ with my PCs as well as the Liberals ] that smell to heaven, especially where politicians were involved. In cases where wrong doing is proven those involved would be jailed. If those involved pleaded guilty, suspended sentences would be imposed but whatever assets were involved would be forfeited to the crown without payment to the firm. For the Americans, who are mostly involved in oil, nat. gas and bitumen there is no US retail market for these  now. So the Yankee’s famous free market system with NO RULES  sees American frackers taking business away from Americans in the Canadian oil patch. The US oil cartel has a huge infrastructure sitting on leased land in Alberta with no customers. Little wonder the failed Nexen shareholders want to take Chinese money. Most are foreigners who don’t care if they sell Canada out. It is a little like a guy offering you a million for your 1960 Ford Edsel.  Best take the money and run. The thing about this deal is that Nexen shareholders are selling a business sitting on leased land wherein they reap the financial windfall from the Chinese and Albertans get sweet fuck all. But the Provincial legislatures collectively, would have to then deal with the Government of China, a rogue Country, long on the abuse of its’ citizens and real short on human rights.  See how the Americans are reacting to China getting oil cartel [ Nexen ] production in the Gulf. Nexen down there has free leases and these are being sold to the Chinese. This kind of arrangement can only happen in a society where government is non existant as the Republicans are pushing for. If you are a student of history, it is becoming clear that the period from Ronald Reagan to George Bush Jr. can be called the Nazification of America. And when the Chinese arrive they will not have to make a profit with the Nexen holdings in Alberta. But it will give them a little piece of the action wherein they will be able to gently squeeze our nuts every time we don’t obey. The Chinese do not want us to build the new Arrow so we can monitor our Northwest Passage and keep an eye on their ice breakers and aircraft carrier. The F-35 is perfect for the Chinese, harmless, it is a short range pea shooter.  Of course there is an continuing interest by cartel refinery owners in Texas and California to steal Alberta bitumen at firesale prices. The stolen DilBit was to have been shipped via the Keystone / Gateway using pipes  manufactured in India or China. Thus inflicting a double whammy on the US and Canada. The pipes themselves will be of questionable quality and then only designed to convey real oil. Through these pipes Russ Girling and Pat Daniel will cheat, using a loop hole and  transport tar slurry mixed with sand and lighter fluid to Kitimat or Texas [ why do they call it DilBit? ] [ diluted bitumen ]. Kinder Morgan is right now pumping DilBit  through an old pipe line in the Rockies built in 1953. I expect a blow out at some time and BC will get a full taste of what solidified tar does to the rivers and landscape. It will be like asphalt on the roads. How would you lift a road surface? A hammer and chisel?  The Keystone , if it is built will go to Port Arthur, a tax free zone which pays no American taxes while the US oil cartel gets rich. No taxes on the bitumen being pumped and no taxes on the outgoing refined oil. Do you see why the USA is in the tank. The rich always avoid paying taxes by paying bribes to the Republicans. Port Arthur is a filthy place with polluted air and a high incidence of toxic pollution. There are more cases of cancer and asthma than the national average. Many people in Kitimat are prepared to welcome a DilBit terminal. They are either insane or drinking too  much. People have to realize that DilBit contains about 30% lighter fluid which is used to thin the tar, otherwise it is too thick to pump through the pipes [ the raw tar is just about like peanut butter ]. The oil cartel calls the thinner condensate [ look it up on the net ]. Such spin further bullshits you. Even when it is thinned DilBit is 100 time more viscous than light oil. It has to be pumped at much higher pressure and with the high sand content it scours the inside of the pipes, especially at joints and the welds. This thins the pipes. The Enbridge spill at Kalamazoo was caused by lousy welding. Problems with the deficient welds were ignored by Pat Daniel. Now, there is little condensate in Alberta so it has to be brought in. Enbridge now pipes the lighter fluid from Chicago to Edmonton so the bitumen can be transported back to the USA through old pipes, yikes. The question is, wouldn’t it be easier to mine the tar and put it into an upgrader right on side. There would be no need for lighter fluid / condensate / thinner at all. An upgrader cleans up the tar, separates the sand out and removes chemicals. The resulting crude oil can then be piped to a refinery close by to produce gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel and lubricants. Thus the tar must be upgraded and refined in situ in Alberta then piped safely via the Twin Beaver Pipe Line down to Toronto and Montreal with a spur off the main pipe to the deep water port Churchill Man. which would give Alberta access to the world petroleum market. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba would receive much larger royalties and get paid in full by Easterners. No ripoffs, as now occurs with the US oil cartel, skimming of royalties due Albertans. In terms of the Gateway it will have a return pipe of smaller diameter to move lighter fluid from Kitimat to Edmonton. You mean Harper didn’t tell you. It is an expensive, dangerous and unnecessary add on. Do you think we should have a lighter fluid pipe line traversing our Rockies, not paying any taxes? But the Gateway won’t work without the lighter fluid and it is expensive to bring it all the way from the US Midwest. There is a problem with shipping Asian condensate through BC to Alberta because the Gateway is meant to supply shuttered refineries in California. This foreign condensate is not permitted by NAFTA to be added to a product going to California. So Enbridge has a problem beyond piping the bitumen to the Pacific, in that they can’t bring in cheat condensate legally. I am sure Herr Harper will find a way to bend the rules for Enbridge and the US oil cartel. For Steve and Conrad laws are there for the breaking. Most of the important stuff going on in the tar sands, especially those things which affect the pocketbooks of Canadians is being hidden from view by the paid media. It is hard to get one’s mind around the fact that the media, which is supposed to act as our sentry, to inform the public about the downside,  is being paid big bucks to withhold information by the right wing. The idea is to keep the mob [ Canadians ] aslumbering until the American sociopaths have complete control as they now do in the USA then it will be too late. In terms of NAFTA, the Republicans have put forward 3 bills to repeal NAFTA claiming we are stealing American jobs. You have got to understand that the sociopaths who now completely dominate the Republican Party will keep hacking away at NAFTA until it is gutted. Sociopaths like those who suffer from Autism are doomed to keep doing the same thing over and over even if it results in disaster. When President Obama was elected and he offered an olive branch to the Republicans who said in so many words if we can’t have America nobody will. My knock on Obama was that he continued to offer compromise after compromise to the Republicans who were having none of it. The right was and is determined to take back control. If that is not possible their policies are geared to destroying the Country. Even if they don’t have power the Republicans will use every tool at their disposal to turn NAFTA in an agreement which benefits the US and penalizes Canada. Just how long are we going to put up with this kind of shit??? NAFTA only affects about 15% of the trade between our two Countries. This Nation is at the fork in the road. Do we chose freedom or do we chose serfdom??? Do we chose home rule or submit to the role of lackey forever??? We should seize thisw moment and deep six NAFTA. When Canada has the potential to break the 4 minute mile why continue to wear the American ball and chain??? Remember that each Provincial Legislature make the laws which pertain to their jurisdiction under the British North America Act. In terms of Ontario’s electrical system McGuinty has sold pieces of it to his friends under dubious circumstances. The warning is always present that unless the Province [ the people ] honour such contracts the lawyers will have field day. And the cost will be greater than letting graft go through. Fuck off lawyers. The legislature has the power to just wipe out such contracts and to facilitate criminal charges. Dr. Mazza got an interest free loan from the taxpayers with no papers signed. He is an out and out thief and should be in the slammer but he has been let off the hook. Mazza has too much info on McGuinty and his friends, this sicky is free and clear. When Andrea Horwath becomes Premier at the next election one of her first acts should be to prosecute Dr. Mazza and all the Liberals who took bribes. It is my prediction that most if not all electrical system contracts involving private companies have criminal elements. I think once an in depth audit is made of said contract by Horwath the individuals involved will be gald to surrender their company assets in exchange for suspended sentences. While we are at it why don’t we just expropriate Hwy # 407  [ the Mike Harris folly ]. The contract that covers the # 407 lease was flawed and there is sufficient wrong doing to nullify it. Again those involved in the Harris camp will be offered suspended sentences if they just go away. However it may be that some of the Progressive Conservative who made money under the table on the lease of # 407 will have to give the dough back as well.


Did you know that going Green is a huge boost to the environment and IT IS IN ACTUAL FACT CHEAP. In to-day’s world however that isn’t the case, so let me explain. Green has been hijacked by governments, the energy interests and big businesses. As always, they to take our money then misinform. The media filters out any idea that would help the public break their energy chains. John Spears and Ty Hamilton of the Toronto Star come to mind. Between them they have written hundreds of thousand of words but the environmental ball has not been move a single yard down the field. Your hydro bills keeps rising, as does gasoline. The local natural gas utilities are securing supplies from frackers in Michigan at a $ 1.75 a unit but selling the natural gas to Ontarians as if it was coming from Alberta at $ 16 a unit. The Ontario Energy Board is asleep at the switch. I can only assume they are being paid off too. So going Green is being used by McGuinty [ other governments ] to score political points. With businesses [ with the money ]  making tons on selling Green to us, which  they buy cheap. For people who are concerned for the welfare of their kids and grandchildren, they are being suckered into paying inflated prices for Green. For those who are less well off, Green is beyond reach and they feel guilty about damaging the planet. Can you imagine making the citizens who are already under stress feel guilty for not being able to go Green because the elites have put it out of reach pricewise. Just to make even more money. When you think of it it is a brilliant system for the movers and takers. McGuinty gets to score political points promoting phony Green. And he gets to protect his nukie friends all at the same time. You remember the nukies? They gave King Dalt a house for free. Big business and the energy interests can and do buy real low and sell real high with the stamp of approval from governments.  Those at the top then make themselves look like reputable stewards of the universe. They form organizations [ fronts ] which allows them give each other awards for being so Green. The conventional media is rewarded and fattened considerably as they feast on taxpayer’s money scewing you know who. That’s right, taxpayers themselves. I keep saying it is amazing that taxpayers will open their wallets to contribute to their own downfall. It is like having to pay for the sharpening of the blade on the guillotine which will be used to sever their heads. Just in the nick of time the iternet has made its’ appearance, just before the water begins to break over the gunwales on the energy issue. Cheap Green is making an appearance and having a significant impact. Ontario’s KW consumption has dropped from 25,000 MWs to 18,000 MWs in just 5 years. Much of this drop can be attributed to McGuinty’s insistence on forcing companies to pay for nukie KWs at 8.5 cents per instead of 1/2 a cent for hydro [ water ] electricity. Now the price quoted by McGuinty is always about 7 cents per KW but this is a lie. He gets you another way, Laura Formusa’s Hydro One delivery charges, are outside the Ont. Energy Board’s jurisdiction. In the past we never paid for delivery.  Laura’s Hydro One wires were paid for in full 50 years ago but that is something John Hoderich’s Star will never tell you. Back in 2005 / 06 Dwight Duncan was forecasting blackout because Ontario was pushing the limit of capacity which was said to be 25,000 MWs. Now we did at the time have about a hundred small hydro plants mothballed by the nukies. Capacity taken out of service on purpose by Duncan to make blackouts more onerous. To prompt us to give in to paying $ 60 billion to AEC for new nukes. Duncan actually engineered a blackout north west of Ottawa and people were without power for a couple of days. That was supposed to motivate people to swallow the nukie solution. This whole scare was facilitated by Dwight Duncan and it was common knowledge. The Toronto Star never went near this Duncan sabotage  issue although the Paper was well aware of my claims. Staying silent put lots of taxpayer’s money in Honderich’s pocket. There was also a major fire at the AEC facility in Chalk River around that time. 2000 employees were locked down and the local fire department was stopped at the gate and not allowed in. AEC wanted to keep a lid on this bad news and didn’t want prying eyes involved. This could have been a major meltdown but AEC was more interested in avoiding unpleasant publicity. The media said nothing and even while taxpayer’s were endangered more tax dollars were doled out. What I kinda liked was the fact that Parliment is downwind of Chalk River. If a lethal cloud had developed it would have taken MPs first, they would have become sort of sacrificial trained seals. So the well paid conventional media is paid to keep us in the dark as regards to dark side of energy like nuclear fires. Which causes the underclass [ us ] to pay more. As well, the paid media promotes expensive Green for pay and remains silent on cheap Green. The solution is to vote for the NDP Provincially in the coming election. The Liberals and Hudak’s PCs will keep you in energy slavery. Nationally your bet should be on the NDP. Trudeau’s Liberals are forecast to move to the centre. Sorry, Tom Mulcair is already wooing the national PCs like me who have no home. The next election will be coming very soon and Herr Harper will be out on his ass. My best guess is that the Supreme Court will uphold the nullification of the election in Etobicoke. And that the Court will nullify the 7 CPC ridings which were under the heavy cloud of Harper’s Robo Calls. If this does indeed happen Harper’s majority will be history and the combined opposition vote will defeat the Ubergruppenleader and cause an election. You will never hear about this from Margarte Wente or any of the other Harper journoshills. I am a Red Tory, always have been, as were my parents. I have no home now since a small band of Reform pirates stole the PC organization thanks to Joe Clark and Peter McKay [ a dolt if there ever was one ].  I am a right winger with a heart and am not influenced in any way by the Republican Nietzsche cult propaganda. I like what Tom Mulcair is saying and doing. There is nothing wrong with having a social conscience  yet running a tight set of books geared to allowing business to hum. I do not appreciate businesses that steal, they make up the majority to-day and pay the paid media to cover up their sins. It is a matter to-day of dishonest greed and lazy greed. Businessmen like Conrad Black are dishonest and with the paid media on their side they steal without facing any restrictions. It is like shooting fish in a barrel [ us ] while the game warden is away. We need our laws ennforced.


Now let’s get to the goods stuff, how do we cut YOUR cost of energy, reduce OUR environmental energy footprint, regain OUR sovereignty, lead the world in clean energy and make a few bucks in the doing. We have all the tools [ I mean all the tools ] we need to accomplish this task, but, but ,but. To succeed we will have to run the gauntlet of incompetent  governments, big business, the energy interests and the ceaseless paid media campaign to bury cheap Green, keep alternative energies hidden and pick our pockets. They have billions to keep us in energy chains. Why spend money on a newspaper when you are just cutting your own throat. I admire Premier Redford for belling the cat. To propose a National Energy Strategy is to go where angel fear to tread. For 30 years the US oil cartel has been able to divide Canada based on the NEP myth with the help of Manning, Flanagan and Harper et al. Hundreds of right wing drones [ American sellouts ] have produced millions of words about P. E. Trudeau’s NEP, all based on oilie PR make believe and lies. In fact the letters NEP are a sort of secret handshake for all those who write for oil cartel pay cheques. When a new journoshill comes aboard it is a requirement that he / she mentioned the NEP. Thus, he or she is saying I am one of you, a member of the Nietzsche Cult. A haven for wimps who can self imagine themselves into Ubermen status [ Rob Anders MP ].  Redford’s followup moves in getting the Premiers together was sponsoring the Provincial Energy Ministers at Charlottetown PEI last week. These are the first baby steps toward the setting up of the Canadian Provincial Energy Cartel [ CPEC ]. A ministerial arrangement  which will take over jurisdiction of all energy in the Country. After all Canada’s energy resources belongs to the people in each province. I am opposed to any more purchases of the tar sands assets until the CPEC writes the new rules on resources. There is a never ending din as regards allowing / encouraging foreigners to take over Canada’s resources and industries. The right wing and the Little Bo-peep economists like Harper say investment will dry up if we put roadblocks in the way of the American / Chinese / Martian carpetbaggers. This is typical Hayek nonsense. Herr Harper just loves Hayek nonsense. Funding drying up?  Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are trillions of dollars around the world sitting idle because investors WON’T GIVE THEIR DOUGH TO WALL ST. They don’t trust the American sharks. Do you blame them??? There are 4 times the number of sociopaths on Wall St. than in the general population.  I was in business for 50 years, I lived profit. I am a Red Tory as is Alison Refford. Lorne Gunter, the rightie clue calls us NDPers. I guess that means we can do business with Tom Mulcair. D0n’t you think that investors would rather invest in the Twin Beaver pipe line whereby there is a secure market for oil [ pure oil / tar sands ], natural gas going east. And in the east we can actually payfor what we get, not like the Americans. Wherein clean / cheap hydro electricity is routed to Fort McMurray via the Trans Canada electrical grid from Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. These Green / cheap water KWs would power the entire oil, bitumen and nat. gas infrastructure, reducing costs as well as CO2 emissions. There would be a secure market for oil, natural gas in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. There would also be a secure world market accessible through Churchill Man. to England and the Commonwealth of Nations for a total market of 2.2 billion people with whom we already have close ties. Can. pension funds would love to invest in an all Canadian Trans Canada Electric Grid. We don’t need Chinese engineering companies over here stealing our jobs.  What we are paying to-day for energy borders on usury, the USA is skimming off all the cream with the help the Canadian media who have sold out to the Americans. This is all our stuff for Christ sake. Why should foreigners make all the profits? Could it be that we are as dumb as Harper / the right believes us to be? Could it be that rather than being the self reliant Canadians of old we have turned into lap dogs? In any event  first things first, right?  The CPEC should do an energy audit of every house and small business in Canada. A Negawatt is a KW you don’t use. A NGW doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t cause any pollution and governments don’t have to generate it. We acquire NGWs by observing conservation measures. Phony conservation is front and centre with McGuinty’s Government. But it is strictly a very costly / bogus campaign to buy votes [ I don't know the status of conservation in other provinces? ]. Governments are geared by habit to giving financial help to the energy interests. And are happy to do so.  Reason?  Taxes and bribes. Promoting NGWs brings in no money to the powerful but they leave more money in the pockets of the citizens. As well conservation goes easier on the planet. But who ever heard of governments and big business paying any attention to the plight of the people [ remember Tom Flanagan, we're Nietzsche's underclass ]?  All of the potential of conservation programs stays on the shelf under current governments and what we get are 5 colour propaganda brochures. We can actually have conservation programs that really work for far less money than the phonies are costing us now.  McGuinty’s pals are making a bundle off bogus Green and conservation programs. These are the people who pay a thousand bucks a plate to dine with Dalton. In fact to keep their heads in the tent the nukies gave the Preem a free, million dollar plus house. That gift has ensured that a good slice of taxpayer’s money goes to the nukies, every year. What the CPEC has to do is  create an energy audit questionnaire  which will be posted on the net. People all across the Country could download a hard copy. Over time the questionaire could be filled in with the help of family and friends etc. Seniors could get their grandkids to help with the net stuff.  Examples of questions would be as follows. How much insulation is in your roof / attic in inches / cms or walls? Type of insulation? Do you have single panes windows or double? Are any of your doors facing the N W? Is your basement isulated? How is your house lit? And so on. After filling out the audit you would go back on the net and enter everything in and add the first 3 characters in you postal code for the affected province to ascertain your general location. An energy situation in Toronto would be different than on the English River in N. Ontario. Only listing the first 3 characters of you postal code means you could not be identified. When you filled out the audit you would be given a registration number known only to you. Each province would hire university student to handle the questionaires and they would have technical backup, an insulation guy, a HVAC gal and so on. After a month or so you would go back on the net, punch in your registration and download a complete energy audit for your house or small business [ large businesses are alway monitoring energy use and can afford to hire staff to do it ]. Those doing the audit would not know the homeowner / business owner. The audit would allow you to decide on the recommended upgrades without people selling you expensive Green. The CPEC would publish booklets on energy, insulation, windows and door etc. You could get you son- in-law to do the easy stuff. Or hire a contractor firm in the knowledge you know exactly what is required and the Units of Energy [ U of E ] which could be used to determine the cost in you local region. This audit would be fed into the computer in each province and the governments would know where they are at energywise. The audit might include vehicles which would guide governments in setting up hydrogen / electric filling stations for example. As well the CPEC would prepare plans for communities to reduce energy use, make their own or go off the grid entirely. Woking in England, with a population of 80,000 is right off the grid. They generate all their own KWs. Plans could be for towns under 10,000 pop., cities under 50,000, 100,000 or 25,000 etc. Municipalities could look at all their options as outlined by CPEC to insure a fair minded assessment of the capabilities of each energy product or system. Under the circumstances I would recommend to investors a wait and see attitude. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have seen their US market for natural gas and oil [ oil as pumped out of the ground or oil upgraded and refined from bitument ]. The only market that remains is the need for cheap Alberta raw tar mixed with lighter fluid to be sent to the US oil cartel refineries which ARE NOW CLOSED [ Texas / California, hello Diane Francis ] . This is the market Herr Harper is boosting because he is employed by the aforementioned US cartel. In the Canadian conventional media both TransNotCanada and Enbridge [ both owned by Wall St. ] are described as pumping oil. It is just another lie by Russ Girling and Pat Daniel. The Enbridge Kalamazoo spill was DilBit although Daniel and his paid media called it oil. For days Daniel refused to reveal that Enbridge was pumping DilBit to the authorities, Pat lied continually.  In Kalamazoo it took Enbridge 17 hours to discover the leak, none of their sensors worked. The USA Safety Board in its report about Kalamazoo called Enbridge, ” the Keystone Kops “. The same can be said of Gerry Ritz, the Agriculture Minister. He’s our Keystone butcher, a cut below everyone else with a brain to match. The Canadian media always says the pipe line companies are shipping oil. I have least 250 clippings about the Keystone and Gateway and not one of them clearly states that what’s in the pipes is DilBit. An explosive / dangerous slurry. However in terms of the Republicans in Washington Enbridge / TransNotCanada have been able to get an exemption. If a pipeline carries oil there is an EPA tax on the contents to cover spills. Girling and Daniel got a ruling that DilBit is not oil. Although once the DilBit reaches Port Arthur in Texas [ a tax free zone ] it is turned into oil. The US Government has ruled it ain’t oil so there is no tax. If the Keystone is built and the DilBit spills the taxpayers will be on their own so be forewarned. The Kalamazoo spill has brought the US EPA to the verge of bankruptcy, just like the whole Country thanks to the Republicans. Harper is pushing the Gateway because he gets paid to shill for the US oil cartel. Everyday now you can see Herr Harper telling lies. Fot the past ten days you have seen Gerry Ritz telling lies. Pat Daniel on TV and in prints lies as well. What chance is there that a project like the Gateway, promoted by a chorus of such liars, backed by the conventional media, will ever work out in favour of Canadians? Would you like to try ziltch to zero.


Finally to the photo taken of the Provincial Energy Ministers by Joe Oliver’s photographer wherein he wormed his way into the centre of the pic. Now of course Oliver crashed the meeting and then got himself front and centre, all the while saying Premier Redford’s NES was not needed. This hijacking of the Minister’s meeting by Oliver has the finger prints of Steve all over it. Yet Harper won’t meet with the Premiers. I would suggest to the provinces that in future when  meetings of the CPEC are held Oliver and the Federal Fascists are banned. If have a copy of Oliver’s group [ posed ]  picture here are the names [ which Oliver omitted ] of the Energy Ministers from the left.   *   Rich Coleman / BC   *   Peter Toptuna / Nunavut     *   Bruce Fitch / NB   *   Dave Chomiack   *   Manitoba   *   Charlie Parker / Nova Scotia   ****** Joe Oliver the star of the show   *   Wes Sheridan / PEI    *   Terry French and Jerome Kennedy  / Newfoundland    *   J. Michael Miltenberger / NWT and finally Tim McMillan  /    Saskatchewan. Alberta, Ontario and Quebec Ministers were not in the picture.   Although the Premiers are vitally important to the National Energy Strategy it will be the Energy Ministers who will do all the grunt work. I ask you to support their attempts to stitch the provinces together energywise to distribute the resource wealth to YOU, YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDKIDS.  Herr Harper, Joe Oliver and the conventional media didn’t want you to know the names of the Ministers who are about to make history. I did.


My hope is that Michael Coren and  Christopher Hume will go home to England, John Ivison and Doug Finley will go home to Scotland, Bryn Weese will go home to Wales and my favourite draft dodger, Tom Flanagan, will go back to the USA and face the music. When his Country called Tom beat it. He is getting up there like me and still has time to make amends. In fact I so want to see their arse ends I’d even contribute to a one way ticket on a cattle boat for each. We Canadians shouldn’t have to listen to foreigners telling us what to do. But the conventional media, flying in formation with the right wing sociopaths will probably keep inflicting them upon us until TV, the papers and magazines go broke which can’t come soon enough for me.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                           LAOCOON

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CONRAD BLACK   —   Will be released in a couple of days from the Florida prison where he has been residing since he was convicted of stealing other people’s money. Since his incarceration the Canadian Harper media has fed us a continuous diet of misleading information. Especially Godfrey’s Post. The truth has been missing from most of the reportage [ which I have in my file on Black ]. It is a case of lie after lie, something totally in keeping with what Herr Harper does every day. Right from the beginning Conrad’s supporters, most of them hiding in the shadows have tried to put a happy face on all of his activities and the Court proceedings. Paul Godfrey, Ken Whyte and the Thomsons / Phil Crawley have at least been up front with us in showing that they back Black. Some journalists [ Margaret Wente / Peter Worthington and Brian Stewart ] have shown real backbone going to bat for Black in the open. Paid big bucks maybe? They are all wrong however, each adding a straw to break Canada’s back.  I suspect that most of Conrad’s team on view or hiding have had personal dealings with him, been paid by him and he hasn’t picked their pockets or called them names. So often when people commit crimes those close refused to believe the criminality of a person no matter how horrendous. But the laws of the land can’t be based on personal feeling or attachment or the whims of a Prime Minister..  The constant slanted coverage in the press, the foot dragging by the committee in charge of the Order of Canada and Rev. Can.’s temporary blindness to taxes owing as regards Black’s obligations has been a well orchestrated campaign by a lot of moneyed people. And how much would these elites have contributed to Harper’s Fascist Party. German industrialists bankrolled Hitler’s rise to power. The Fuhrer had them all shot when he didn’t need them any more. The Nazis were slipping funds to the Republicans [ 1937 / 38 / 39 ] to keep America out of the War. So Harper’s forebearers were on the Nazi take long before J. S. Woodsworth [ a know pacifist ] spoke against the War.  The US oil cartel is bankrolling Harper right now, both legal and illegal. Bad ideas only come to the fore when back by big bankrolls. It goes to the heart of our democracy. Is the will of the majority supreme?  Do we actually have  a democracy now? Or is what we have a facsimile of a system wherein the power is held by a small group of rich people,  ubermen [ oil cartel / right wingers  / bought politicians ] and the remainer of the population represents the the oppressed underclass. Very  Neitzscheistic. California is one such desolate place where the rule of law doesn’t apply anymore. The oil cartel and the Republicans rule the roost. Is it that we the people must obey the laws while the ubermen can just ignore them? If this is so Canadians don’t have the freedom they think they have. Conrad Black is a liar, he cheats and steals. One Judge and two Justices have confirmed this and as a result of his brushes with the law Black sat in a Florida Prison in a business suit as Paul Godfrey would have us believe. When in fact Conrad was unkempt and dishevelled. Even his convictions for theft revealed that the scheme he and David Radler dreamed up wa so structured in order to rob Canada of taxes on $ 5.5 million. Rev. Can., now an arm of the PMO closed its’ eyes to this theft. The Agency let Black duck $ 13 million in taxes on his house in Florida. Conrad pleaded poverty and a friend had to put up $ 2 million for his bail. He owes the US / IRA $ 43 million in back taxes. Now it is reported that Black has $ 80 million squirrelled away. This guy is bad news.  The committee responsible for the Order of Canada has been asleep at the switch, they and David Johnson G. G. have put the revoking of Black’s order on the back burner. Is the fix in??? Have these people been gotten to, too??? In trying to justify Black’s return to Canada, having to return the Order would have been damaging to his case. Garth Drabinsky is also up for losing his Order. Both have stained the reputation of the Order and both should have them yanked. Apparently Black is up for a book award from the National Business Book Awards. I wonder how much money Conrad’s team had to pay to get him on the book list? Black was portrayed in the information as an advertising and branding expert and the founder of the National Post. The Post has lost money since day one, $ 210 million by the time Conrad sold out. He’s a good businessman??? He wrecks businesses, chunks them up and sells them in bits. Every firm he touched has failed. I wouldn’t let Black near my two bag popcorn stand. Great Canadian businessman, what a crock of shit. Conrad’s book, on which his team is spending money promoting and making so much of a fuss about is titled, now get this, ” A Matter of Principle “. Principle is defined in the dictionary, as a basic truth, a rule or standard of good behaviour etc. Black doesn’t know what principle means. Former Award winners give you an idea of the high standards, Ezra Le Rant and Jeff Rubin, both of them working for the US oil cartel.  Conrad lives in that dream world with the likes of Herr Harper and George Bush Jr. Where the occupants create their own reality. You see, he will not accept other people defining his actions. Can you imagine a society where every individual makes up their own rules. Harper, Bush, Black and Peladeau are all mad. Harper, Black and Peladeau are damaging the Canadian brand. I have got to wonder just how far the people in this Country will allow themselves to be push back into the dark ages before they say enough is enough? Black is a bad influence on the young. What are they going take away from this man’s actions? That those in high places can do as they see fit with no retraints? That cheating, lying and stealing other peoples money will get you ahead in Canada? Legally Black can’t come back to Canada. He is a citizen of Britain and a convicted criminal so he is not admissible. However in his weekly American Post HALF PAGE COLUMNS / YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY MISS THEM, he has said a lot of nice things about Steve Harper. Very kind indeed. What concerns me is that Herr Harper hates Liberals and especially Jean Chretien. Black has no use for the Liberal or NDP and he too hates Jean Chretien. Will all of the rules, laws and the sentiments of Canadians be pushed aside so that Harper and Black can give Chretien the finger. We will know on Friday next.


GWYN MORGAN   —   This retired oil executive write regularly for the Globe. His columns are pure US oil cartel propaganda. I can’t understand the Thomsons. They need the underclass to buy newspapers and frequent their advertisers. By misinforming and lying to the readers, thus empoverishing them, what is the point? Drive all of your customers into the poor house then who will buy the newspapers or even the oil for that matter. Morgan’s main complaints are about Global Warming and alternative fuels and energy. Most of what he write is ill informed dribble. Of course the oil cartel doesn’t want any competition or restraints. Morgan makes a great shill especially when he is a legend in his own mind. The oilies have bought 90% of Canada’s media in order to put out a steady stream of propaganda. Goebbels could not have done a better job. The Murdoch affair in England shows just how entwined Government and the media can become. The little people meant nothing to Murdoch, Parliament, the police and officials. Their Press Council was an industry front to cover up for the papers. We had an Ontario Press Council which was likewise toothless. Gwyn Morgan is no different than so many other second rate Canadians who have established their names and who are now selling themselves to the oil cartel. It is interesting that these know-nothings  write about technical issues which they know-nothing about. If the Gateway pipe line is a hot item everyone writing for the cartel chimes in at the same time saying exactly the same things [ lies and spin ]. Morgan’s column on April 30 / 12 talks about Green Energy and it is all BS. Does Phil Crawley know he is publiching BS??? A few days ago I noted that the Globe produced some schematic drawings of the various kinds of drive systems used in cars these days, conventional [ gas engine ], hybrid [ gas engine / electric engine / batteries ] and electric [ electric engine / batteries ]. Crawley featured a schematic which showed the GM  /Volt operated like an electric car [ no connection between the gas engine and the wheels ]. This is a lie. The Society of Automotive Engineers [ SAE ] ruled that the Volt is a hybrid, the engine at times drives the wheels. Yet GM has paid the media big bucks so that the Volt can be advertised as an electric car so it can compete with the Toyota Prius [ hybrid ] and the Nissan leaf [ electric ]. So it really a turkey that sometimes masquerades as a chicken. This has been going on for over 2 years and the media has made a lot of money making a fool out of you. Also Phil Crawley / Globe has made a ton of money fooling you about the Volt and the oil situation as well, among other things. Now let’s look at Gwyn, he recently took a position with Christy Clark, BC Premier as an advisor, getting big bucks for Clark to be able to use his name. Morgan is Chair of the Board of SNC – Lavalin which has been charged with paying a$ 54 million bribe in Libya. The CEO is toast.  Morgan is on the Board of TransAlta [ the Alberta Electric Co. ] which pleaded guilty to overcharging Albertans $ 5.5 million when the firm pulled an ENRON. The conviction brought a $ 350,000 fine and TransAlta did not have to refund the stolen money. Gwyn Morgan’s various companies in the US and the world have run afoul of the law in terms of damaging the environment and the health of people living near his operations. In 2008 Encana decided to split in two and separate the oil side from the natural gas side. In late 2006 I KNEW THE AMERICAN ECONOMY WAS GOING INTO THE DUMPSTER. Yet in 2008 Gwyn and his pals were fast alseep. Did the sharholders know the management was having a nap time? Me and my family and friends were nailing up pywood over the windows so to speak. Encana was in a deep slumber and it became the natural gas partner just as fracking for tight nat. gas began to occur. This is like buying a transport truck full of ice cream the day before the predicted heat wave is supposed to occur. So not only did Encana make a major structural move at the wrong time in the business cycle it went all nat. gas as the market disappeared. This shows what we see so often. CEOs who are incompetent making big money to make big / bad business decisions and destroying investor value. the exact opposite to what they are supposed to do. Nat. gas went from $ 16 a unit to less than $ 2 a unit. When it hit $ 6.50 a unit most of Alberta’s nat. gas wells were turned off. Nat. gas has alway provided about 65% of the Province’s royalties. Many people, including Herr Harper, Joe Oliver and the media tell us most of  the wealth comes from oil. Tain’t so. So now Encana is selling off the office furniture to cover the bills. This can only fool the shareholders for a short period. Then when the investors find out there is no money to be made at $ 2 a unit they will bail, some already have. So what does our boy Gwyn do. He talks about bad Green Energy on behalf of the US oil cartel so that the underclass is forced to continue to pay sky high prices for gasoline, diesel, coal and natural gas . All the while Morgan and his wife moved into a $ 7.4 million house in BC built on the backs of the underclass. Apparently the newspapers prefer to give crooks like Conrad Black and Gwyn Morgan free reign without counter comment. If you look at the history of those on the right it is clear that the Republicans have been on the take for 100 years. They have it down to a fine art. The Republican President / Congress gave the 7 major US oil the okay to form a cartel in the 1920s in order to push the British oil companies out of the Arabian oil fields. It worked. By moving as a monolith with the backing of the US Government the cartel was able to dislodge the Brits. Many deep thinkers have pronounced on monopolies and not one of them was in favour. You can’t have a democracy with a free enterprise system and tolerate monopolies. There are laws against monopolies in North America but Republicans and the right circumvent such laws every chance they get. Right now the US oil monopoly is finishing eating Amerca’s carcass and angling to make Canada its’ next victim with Herr Harper’s help. There are some steps to be taken to turn destiny around. STOP SUPPORTING THE HARPER MEDIA. Keep your eyes open. If there is something in the above media which is of interest to you like Gwyn Morgan’s Apr. 30/12 column write down all the points he makes then check them on the net. Actually it is an extremely good way to educate yourself. By comparing what is in the media, then checking on the net you will discover the truth. Once you know where the truth can be found you will never go back to the Harper media. Godfrey’s Post lost $ 11 million last quarter and advertising slid 10% from last year. To keep the advertiser eyeball count up Paul is giving papers away for free. The sun does the same thing. When advertisers find out that they are being shafted they will move to the net and never come back. The media is owned lock, stock and barrel by the movers and takers. You the people will never ever get a fair shake. You will be used and abused till the day you wake up and refuse to be used and abused any longer.


DAVID SUZUKI   —   Is a Canadian icon yet Harper’s media attacks him at every turn. Steve can’t call David the names his shills use but he can try to put the Suzuki Foundation out of business. There are a lot of environmental groups working to stop the Keystone / Gateway / Morgan Kinder pipe lines. Projects built on lies. With each line there is a single purpose. The US oil cartel has idle heavy oil refineries in Port Arthur / Texas and in California. The refineries used to use heavy Venezuelan oil but Chavez caught the Yanks cheating [ what else is new ? ] and kicked them out. Alberta is NOW OUT OF THE NATURAL GAS BUSINESS AND IS OUT OF THE CONVENTIONAL OIL BUSINESS. There is one thing still available which the cartel NEEDS BADLY. That is bitumen [ the raw tar ]. And they need to get the raw tar as cheaply as possible and send it to TEXAS AND CALIFORNIA, like now. The idea is for TransNotCanada, Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to use existing / new pipelines BUILT to carry conventional / finished light oil to carry Diluted Bitumen [ DilBit ], something they were not designed for. The Governments, Stateside and in Canada have their hands tied because the regulations for pipe lines were written for the transport light / conventional oils. Even if bitumen came into the picture it would be an accepted fact that the raw tar would be upgraded and refined in situ and the resulting pure oil piped to market where ever that might be. So the pipe line do not have  actual approval to run DilBit through their lines but there is nothing in the Gov. Regs. to stop them. So it is a loop hole which the oil cartel / pipe line companies are exploiting. They make the money, you take the risk. Government can only step in after there are blow outs. I think the EXXON Valdez tanker accident tell us everything we want to know. The Company was fined $ 5 billion but so far has only paid $ 500 million. The Republicans in Congress have been paid off to make sure the Company never pays the total fine. You can buy an awful lot of Republicans for a billion or two. Harpers are a little cheaper. So how does Harper counter the environmentalist’s campaign to kill the pipe lines. The Fascists have taken a page from Nixon’s book, he used the IRS to silence his opponents. Now that Rev. Can. is an arm of the PMO it is easy to threaten  charities which are concerned about the planet. Harper doesn’t have to take them all on just the most prominent, the Suzuki Foundation. Rev. Can. has been given $ 80 million to ferret out these so called charity cheats. My first targets would be the Fraser / C. D. Howe / Pastor Manning Institutes, Canada West and a number of others that do Harper’s dirty work for him and hand out tax receipts  to right wing companies especially the oil cartel. These charities have been cheating for years. In the meantime Rev. Can.’s Quebec office is running a shakedown racket. Businesses are being stiffed by the Agency’s auditors there. Isn’t this criminal activity more important than the Suzuki Foundation? Mulroney was forgiven taxes by Rev. Can. on hundreds of thousands in cash he was given while Prime Minister. Only after the information about this bribe was going to leak out did lyin Brian confess. So what did Rev. Can. do? They discounted his tax bill so that the little people in Canada were forced to pay more.  We as Canadians must face up to the fact that there is a law for Herr Harper, his Fascist party, his friends [ like Conrad Black and Gwyn Morgan ] and the US oil cartel. Then a law for the rest of us. Do you prefer bondage or freedom???

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                                LAOCOON

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JUST APPLY GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES  / YOU OILIES   —    I can’t understand why we are going through this big one sided debate on the tar sands, the media oil choir on one side and the people on the other, bloody ridiculous. The US oil cartel owns the North American  media. That comes in handy. Because the oilies want to be able to throw their garbage [ CO2 / tailing ponds / toxic water ] where ever they like, in Alberta as well as the rest of the world. No matter the financial loss, the inconvenience and health hazards wrought on the larger community.  The cartel hired Herr Harper TO LOOK AFTER THEIR INTERESTS EXCLUSIVELY as we have witnessed in Durban. Oil was the only thing on Peter Kent’s mind as he twisted himself into a pretzel trying to defend his oil employers. Kent would have made an excellent Nazi. He lies like Harper and Kent’s consumate skill is in just taking orders. The oilies also fund the Fascist / Conservative Party now holding forth in the Reichstag on the Rideau. Maybe the Liberal and the NDP should approach the US oil cartel and ask for equal treatment. Harper only got 39% of the vote. 60% of Canadians voted for the other parties. Now the oil companies make big money screwing the 60% so why does Harper get all the money? If you look back over time the US oil cartel has always dumped its’ garbage in someone else’s back yard and they have that mindset. They are not about to change now, for anyone, even very vocal Canadians. AS LONG AS THE OILIES ARE CONVINCED THAT THEY CAN BUY UP ENOUGH DISHONEST PEOPLE TO HOLD BACK THE HANDS OF TIME THEY WILL DO SO. POLITICIANS, THE MEDIA AND JOURNOSHILLS ARE ALL FOR HIRE THESE DAYS. We have to MAKE [ as in force ] the oilies understand that if we have to we will BREAK them in this land. Either they shape up or we will ship them out. Nationalization is a word that should be injected into the debate. Enough with the theft of our natural resources and the despoiling of the countryside. The Americans are underwater and will seize every opportunity to take what belongs to others to save themselves. Like Alberta’s bitumen.  Canada’s extensive and under used hydro potential [ especially in Ontario ] is the perfect fit to save Alberta’s bacon. Everything electrical in the tar sands could be powered by eastern hydro delivered by following Route 55. To give Alberta a secure market for its’ nat. gas and OIL the Twin Beaver pipelines could travel in the opposite direction on 55 to Ont., Que., NB, NS, and PEI. As well the surplus oil and nat. gas could be shipped to the world via Cuurchill Man. This would mean a cleaned up tar sands and a retturn to its’ rightful moniker OIL SANDS. Get out your atlas and check my route, the tar sands, 55 th parallel, Churchill Man., James Bay, the access to southern Ontario, Montreal on east to the Maritimes. Check Churchill Falls [ upper and lower ], its’ close proximity to the James Bay generating complex and the Twin Beaver pipelines would be just a stone’s throw away. This whole route makes great sense and the environmental footprint would be minimal as compared to pushing oil and nat. gas 9000 ft over the Rockies. This new scenerio, sending oil and nat. gas east would put serious money into the pockets of Albertans First of all they would be paid the true value of their resources and they WOULD GET PAID. Instead of taking American IOUs. It is a simple choice. If we follow Herr Harper, we’ll get sweet bugger all in terms of real cash, the Yanks can’t pay their bills anymore. Or a profitable energy partnership with ALL of Canada’s provinces???  The east, which now imports OIL and NAT. GAS would be sheltered from gouging or the price going to $ 250 a barrel. We should be battening down the hatches NOW, AS IN RIGHT NOW. This is what trade is all about. You have something I want and I have something you want, one and one makes six. Why do the oilies persist in running  filthy operations that makes Canada an outcast in the world when their dirty habits actually mean LOST PROFIT to them? I think it is pure stupidity with some arrogance thrown in for good measure. I was in business for 50 years, profit is the name in a LAWFUL game. Only incompetent business people cheat. They can’t get it up so they  fake it.  The oilies are hooked on ALWAYS HAVING THEIR OWN WAY NO MATTER HOW COSTLY AND DISRUPTIVE TO OTHERS. In the beginning Canada, Ontario and Alberta created the oil business [ conventional / tar sands ] in the Province. The energy resources there belong to the people, not to Harper and his oil buddies to whom he is bent on giving everything away. Russ Girling and TransNotCanada’s Keystone heist should be paid attention to. It shows how far Wall St. is prepared to follow their usual mantra, take everything and give nothing in return. Canadians have to make a choice. Although Albertans, according to their oil press, wanted us eastern bastards to freeze in the dark after we loaned them the money to go into the oil business, there is now a bigger issue. Preem Radford has NO MARKET FOR HER OIL AND NAT. GAS. Consumption of gasoline in the USA  has dropped 20% in the last 3 years and that downward fall continues. The central storage hub at Cushing Oklahoma is awash with oil and the pipelines radiating out from that hub are running half full. Ontarians including me had to underwrite the cost of  Albertans capitalizing on Leduc [ 1950s /60s ]. Now it would seem that Alberta is going to be in the need of a little more support from us easterners bastards. The solution to Alberta’s dirty world reputation is to use abundant eastern hydro [ most of it now going to waste ] to eliminate as much of the western emissions and pollutants as possible. Green / clean / cheap hydro could power all of the machinery in the tar sands. KWs can be used to make hydrogen necessary in the lightening of oil to attain a higher grade. Hydrogen can be used for heat [ it is a welding gas ] and when mixed with 15% diesel it can be used in internal combustion engines in cars and trucks including big ones. Cheap electricity could be used to power centrifuges which would separate the toxic water and solids [ no more tailing ponds ]. The water that would be recovered could be reused over and over in what is called a closed system. Demands on Alberta’s rivers would be eliminated by the use of recycled water and this would mean the poisoning would stop. With the hydro going west, the nat. gas and oil could be pumped east using hydro again to power the pumps along the way. One big internal market for everything Canada makes and grows would give us security in energy [ a big bonus for the future ].  We’d all be assured of being paid. Do you want to start accepting IOUs for the US or the EU.  The above initiatives would lower Canadian costs across the board and clean up our air, ground and water at the same time. True, but you will never hear / read  about these solutions in the media. The movers and takers do not want the word to get out. Namely, we can go Green and make moneyat the same time. The susequent lowering of internal Canadian costs would put more money in the pockets of  THE PEOPLE NOT THE RICH as well as enriching municipal, provincial and the Federal governments. No more closing Librtaries and arenas. Here is an example of what 10 cent KWs in Ont. would do. Hockey is big in this Nation of snow and ice. Arena overhead runs about 45% for KWs. Toronto is talking about reducing hours at arenas. The costs will be higher and the services reduced. This is lame brain thinking when belt tightening doesn’t have to be.  The price of nukies KW/Hs in Ontario is now pushing 20 cents per, ONE OF THE HIGHEST RATES IN THE WORLD. Nukie KWs are going to kill hockey in this Province but Honderich and the Star wouldn’t ever tell you that. Mind, your big hydro bills did accomplish something, it netted McGuinty his free house. This is the price WE pay for continuing to pray at the nuclear shrine. But we spend time on our knees of our own volition. Apparently, collectively we are too timid to challenge our nukie masters. Manitoba, Quebec and Michigan KWs run 6 cents. I am bent on stiffening your spine. It is proving to be a difficult thing to do. And then I’ll  reduce the price of KW to 10 cents all in for starters. This drop in price is based on water KWs will allow Ontario to have hydrogen car / truck fuel at 60 cents per litre [ gasoline is now $ 1.20 a ltr ]. Now wouldn’t that give Ontario’s economy a big kick in the ass in the right direction. I see the same energy savings all across Canada. THAT IS IF WE WORK TOGETHER. If we follow Herr Harper and splinter into little Tea Party groups fighting amongst ourselves over scraps as they are doing stateside we will face the same dismal outcome. What you see there could be coming to a town near you thanks to Harper and the US oil cartel.  England too has the opportunity to become a Green / clean /cheap energy powerhouse like us,  joining forces as I have suggested would greatly enlarge the size of the common.  In July 1940 Winston Churchill ordered the Navy to take into its’ possession the French fleet, 200 ships were already in English ports and the rest in Alexandria and Oran. The French Admiral, Darlan refused to reliquish his ships in Oran harbour. Intelligence coming out from Vichy [ by then under Germany's boot ] showed the French were going to send in additional assets to drive the British off. An ultimatum was given to surrender the Fleet by 12 noon but this was pushed back a number of times. The French Admiral was playing for time, hoping to see darkness fall. Finally Churchill had had enough and 5 pm became the action hour. But Darlan continued to stall, he was obviously playing games. AT 4.45 pm the Brits had had enough and opened up, many French ships were lost and about 1500 French sailors were killed. Churchill’s decision sent a shock wave around the world, Hitler was caught by surprise as was FDR. There was a realization that although these tough  island people were in grave peril  they could still bite and bite hard. This act brought many more citizens across the globe to Churchill’s side. It was described at the time as, ” cold courage “. I know you can’t compare political events, the circumstances are always different. But I see a trace of that cold courage in Prime Minister Cameron’s stand away from a mortally wounded EU. Canada’s response should be. First we support, stabilize and clean up Alberta, this would show leadership in the climate crisis. Peter Kent’s actions could be termed followership, the product of a bankrupt mind and a prominent yellow stripe.  Joining Alberta and its’ resources to all the other provinces would be like another CPR. I have suggested each province create a Regional Energy Devlopment Corporation to inventory energy assets with an added view of the needs of its’ neighbours. This had never been done before. The present view has always been too narrowly focused within provincial borders. I have a shelf full of power tools and you have a paint spraying compressor. You want to build a shed and I want to spray my antique car.  Such an exchange would greatly reduce the end cost to both parties. The reason why our politicians don’t do this kind of thing is the only winners are the people. The politicos lose the pay off option, friends of the governments lose out on juicy insider deals and the media loses out because the necessity to spin and tell lies vanishes. England could make the same energy asset search, what fits with Canada? In terms of oil / nat. gas we could see a British / Canadian Oil Company formed. Since the market for Alberta oil / nat. gas has collapsed the privately owned infrastructure there could be had for a song. Remember the oilies don’t own the land, Albertans lease it to them. The idea may be to just cancel said leases. The opposition in England to Prime Minister Cameron’s EU statements, like Nick Clegg  saying his island will become a, ” pygmy in the world “, is balderdash. Clegg is like so many minor politicians who forget, ” when hunting for bear do not become distracted by rabbit tracks “. Canada must cool its’ relationship with the USA and search for common ground with England. Herr Harper is binding us to the US Titanic.  A block of 94 million people [ England / Canada ], disciplined,  frugal,  fit and trim financially, with the tools to do the job and all rowing in common cause would be an unbeatable combination in a world hungry for a win.

ADVERTISING / THE TOXIC FUEL THAT IS DRIVING THE MEDIA INTO THE GROUND   — Newspaper circulation is dropping as is their advertising. Revenues at TV networks are falling and the sale of new TV sets is sliding downward for the first time in history. The media refuses to accept the fact that they have become irrelevant in the modern day. The parallel planet that they portray on behalf of advertisers is of little use in the real world. The Wall St. vultures that destroyed America [ not one of them has gone to jail ] were supported fully by the ad media. Nobody cried, ” the British are coming “,  during the last ten years. I have in my files US oil cartel advertising that comes by the yard. The one I am looking at is by Shell and I don’t quite know what it means as usual. But it is certainly oilie propaganda. It talks about a Fuelling Change which awards $ 1 million to environmental projects, little more is said. The ad is mostly a picture of a northern lake, evergreens on an island which is being visited by a family of 4. It is all backlit by a glorious golden sunset. The cartel’s hope is that when you think of the tar sands, this is what your mind will see not, the stinking / dangerous tailing ponds. The tailing ponds do not have to be there. Just put the waste slurry in a centrifuge. But that would cost the oilies money. Did you know that of the thousands of square miles of destroyed landscape in Alberta,  ONLY 2% HAS BEEN RESTORED.  This half page ad was in the Dec. 12 / 11 Globe. When accepting the cheque from Shell in this regard Phil Crawley knew he was misleading the readers, plain and simple. It is the pay off for keeping quiet.  The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers runs similar pie in the sky full page nonsense ads with copy that suggests, ” breathing is good “,  CAPP features clean looking, earnest young  people who love our planet. But not enough to clean up their act. One young guy is sitting next to a small evergreen tree, probably his best friend. Love is in the air. Don MacKinnon of the Power Workers is responsible for a never ending series of full page ads that tell all about nuclear plants located on another planet. He certainly doesn’t describe the CANTDUs here in Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick. The CANTDU in N B has been down for 3 years, is a billion plus overbudget and the other day heavy water was spilled at the plant. Yuck. These nonsense ads say little but pay the media off for not asking too many questions. My point is, if you buy big ads you can say anything you want and the whole idea is to mislead and confuse the citizens about alternative energy. Companies like Shell can’t come right out and attack Green but they can sure misinform the population by way of the media. The world has many dishonest people roaming around like Conrad Black, Garth Drabinsky and Brian Mulroney. This has been the case over history. But where I draw the line is these people being able to get special and sympathetic coverage especially in the press in return for money. What MacKinnon says about nuclear power is all lies and is easily disproved. The press won’t print me. Can you see why? But the Globe in this case publishes the lies anyway full in the knowledge that nobody will be allowed to step in with the real story. Phil is PAID BIG MONEY TO NOT LET PEOPLE LIKE ME COUNTER COMMENT. The real story is permanently censored out. The Ontario Press Council is a toothless newspaper industry front dedicated to inaction like the one n England. The money being paid to the media by the US oil cartel would have cleaned up the tar sands years ago, ten times over. What drives me is that this pitching of garbage [ CO2 / toxic water ] by Americans in Canada’s backyard doesn’t have to be the case. In the States there is a small tar sands operation which uses green electricity, operates centrifuges to extract the toxic solids [ no tailing ponds ] which allows for a closed water system. No poisonous water gets into streams and such there. The EPA would not allow the US oil cartel to do what it does in Alberta in America. So the Yanks come here, dispoil our environment by means that are illegal in their homeland. Herr Harper and the Thompson’s of the Globe ably assist in this disgusting endeavour.  A society that is constantly lied to by the PeeM and press on behalf of the oilies, movers and takers won’t hang together long. As a rule of thumb I would suggest that you not believe anything you see in  the newspapers that pertains to energy, like oil, nuclear, coal, natural gas, ethanol and biofuels. These are all things we depend on [ forced to do so ] and wherein Governments have granted monopolies to private interests. The private interests always prevail. How come? We outnumber them 4 to one. Isn’t this supposed to be a democracy?  We are enslaved by mostly private corporations who have bought and paid for our political establishments. The solution is to vote for MPs / MPPs who will serve the interests of YOU  and the other voters. And not the unelected Lib. / PC  / Fascist / Conservative Party machines and their friends. They make money keeping us in harness. The US National Post published a map of political contributions around the time of the last Federal Election. Most of Herr Harper’s Fascist / Conservative contributions came from around Calgary. If I remember the per capita amount was $ 1.43 there when the amounts for Harper and the other parties across Canada ranged from 9  to 18 cents.  I call it Government by oil for oil. We need a Canada Press Council along the lines of the complaint arm of the CRTC. Wherein newspapers and journalist would be punished for printing lies and damaging tripe or Government spin. For the scribes I would suggest making them write their lies 500 time on the blackboards. This they would understand because they still have juvenile brains. From what I write you might think me socialist minded, this I am not. I am a former businessman who had to make payroll, making a profit is crucial. I am a pure Progressive Conservative who has no use for Herr Harper. I am deeply concerned about Global Warming. What upsets my apple cart is that we [ governments and business ] can clean up the planet and make money in the doing. However this would mean that the politicians and the white / right / rich 20% wouldn’t have all the dough to themselves.

US MINING GIANT / CLIFFS NATURAL RESOURCES WANTS TO SHIP RAW CHROMITE MINED IN NORTHERN ONTARIO TO ASIA FOR PROCESSING / HERE WE GO / KEYSTONE ALL OVER AGAIN   —   A deposit of chromite worth $ 30 billion has been found near James Bay. McGuinty says that if the Company fiddles around with the material a little bit and concentrates it [ just like DilBit ] then the shipping of the material to China for processing doesn’t need the Province’s approval. The elephant in the room here is the McGuinty’s nukie priced KWs. Xstrata in another mining Company that is processing ore in Quebec because of 6 cents KWs there. Soon Ontarians will be living in hovels. While the rich play, we pay. Nukie KWs have killed mining and lumbering in Northern Ontario. Don MacKinnon is full of shit but he pays enough money to the papers and gets his shit published exclusively.

CHEVY VOLTS BURNING UP THE TRACK AND FORD FUSIONS SANS WHEELS / TIME FOR RAY LAHOOD, TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY  TO RIDE TO THE RESCUE  / IN A SAFE TOYOTA???      —   You remember Ray. One Toyota car had an overspeeding problem because an aftermarket mat had been installed without an anchor. There is a sort of fish hook thingy in front of the driver’s seat onto which a genuine mat is impailed. The mat that caused the crash that was heard all around the world was thanks to a media frenzy that was well orchestrated. The scribes / papers that were involved were  handsomely rewarded for their part in the smear campaign and wide coverage. LaHood called Toyotas killers, forbade his family to drive in a Toyota and fined the Company $ 16 million for nothing other than to gain publicity to further enhance the smear. All of this was based on not one shred of evidence of wrong doing. I thought lynchings had been banned south of the border.This is just like western justice in Hollywood movies. In my view the attack on Toyota was organized by the US Government, Government Motors, Ford and the UAW. The smear campaign didn’t work, Toyota is back number one and has CASH IN THE BANK. GM is $ 60 billion in the hole and gasping for life. Who will win this contest? Stay tuned. In any event VOLTs have been catching fire lately. In fact the VOLT protoype burned up. That could be another killer problem?  Right Ray?  Where is our white knight Ray LaHood?  Not a peep. Now 129,000 Fords are being recalled because the wheels can fall off. Like they can  just do a wheelie  all on their very own and leave you airborne? Now this IS a real killer problem? Right? Ray LaHood where are you? We need you out here making critical comments about cars that kill.  This time there is evidence, burned up VOLTs and Fords sitting on their brake drums. How much are you going to fine these guys Ray? It has got to be double or triple Toyota’s fine of 16 mill. By the way I never heard whether our Ray gave Toyota back  its’ money?  But  when you look at this whole laughable situation it is that old American level playing field at work. Again. Always tilted in their favour. Let’s change gears. PM Cameron needs our support right now  Working more closely with the British will be a much pleasanter experience for us. We won’t have to watch our backs and wallets.

IT  WOULD SEEM THAT THE WORD DILBIT HAS BEEN BANNED FROM THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE   —    DilBit means diluted bitument. That is the idea the US oil cartel / TransNotCanada came up with to allow then to steal the raw tar  resources out of Alberta for chump change and pump it down to Texas for upgrading and refining. You know the drill, Canada supplies the logs, the Yanks make furniture and make most of the money. Nice work if you can get it. There is no proven / safe means by which DilBit can be pumped to another location through a steel pipe. The sand in the tar sand blasts the interior of the pipe. TransNotCanada was going to use a regular oil pipeline for the DilBit [  tar / sand / various chemicals / naptha ]. When this was tried the oil pipeline heated to 150 deg F. Some of the sand is made up of  pyrite, rock used to provide the spark for muskets. Tar will burn of course. And naptha is used in camp stoves and lanterns. This fun mix was going to be sent 1700 miles or so over fragile farmlands. All of it fairy taled by the well paid media. There have been two DilBit spills already on short pipelines so it is clear the idea won’t fly. In both cases the pipe companies said it was oil, they lied to officials about the cause. I suggested after the Keystone was announced that Russ Girling of TransNotCanada put up a $ 5 billion bond in case of a spill or explosion. Apparently that didn’t go down too well with Wall St. and the US oil cartel [ cartels are actually illegal for the rest of us. Start a cartel and Herr Haper will have you in one of his new jails, tout suite ]. The oilies have made lots of promises but what value are US oil cartel promises? Two names come to mind David Olive of the Star and Cliff May from a US right wing think tank.  I read Olive from time to time, he is a great business historian. He does well covering barn stories after they have burned to the ground. You know, when the bridge goes out and you find yourself in the river 20 feet underwater you’ll be able to find out from Dave what happened to the bridge. Olive owns TransNotCanada stock and yet he too says the Keystone will carry oil. Is our David just stupid or does he also get an oilie cheque? Is the weather report any good to you 2 weeks later? The Star is always behind the information curve and never connects the dots. Canadians want to know what the conditions are ahead but for the Paper to identify upcoming problems would tend to upset the advertisers. The Star doesn’t go there. Wall St. insiders KNEW THE ROOF WAS GOING TO FALL IN IN 2007. A N D  S O   D I D  I. The media, [ well paid of course ] never told the people about the coming crash. And the masses went like lambs to the slaughter.  Clifford D. May, Defense of, is a right wing Republican who received money from the State Department under Bush. It seems to me that the US State Deparment is one big money laundering operation and  is in the influence peddling business. May wrote a piece about the Keystone project which was published in the US National Post. I looked into May’s background and he has absolutely no qualifications to be writing about the oil business. But then most newspaper writers in the areas of electricity, oil, nat. gas, coal, nuclear, transportation, gridlock and waste disposal don’t know from nothing. They do have writing skills but they are all conveniently brain dead. This is why the movers and takers can maintain the status quo. Does anyone ever question Russ Girling, tough? A wall has been thrown up around North America to keep progress, ideas, innovation and climate change advances and technologies OUT. A massive information proof blanket is spread over the continent to keep good news out. And destructive stories in [ destructive to us ]. When there is news of a hydrogen car breakthrough say, the papers are immediately full of dire warnings about hydrogen and the negative articles go on and on and on. Being negative about a clean future is big business for the ad media. I find it funny but sad. Every time there is a technical breakthrough with hydrogen vehicles the negative articles get spooled up. Almost everyone of these negative spin stories features a picture of the Hindenburg burning. This is a code to convince people hydrogen is dangerous when plain old gasoline is moreso. Anyway our Cliff wrote a piece about the Keystone project which had to be free. Surely, even though Paul Godfrey shills for the American right he wouldn’t pay for this dribble? He wouldn’t pay for it, would he??? Who then paid Cliff? Or does Cliffie just have too much time on his hands? I guess that there are no foreign invasions planned on the US  presently. May doesn’t seem to know anything about the oil business but luckily he is able to read, enough to be able to follow his instructions from the oil cartel. I now have about 75 newspaper articles / editorials on the Keystone Project AND THEY ALL CONTAIN THE SAME MISINFORMATION. It must have taken a lot of coin to organize this propaganda campaign, with the papers, editors, writer, graphics. On the US oil cartel side, there would be all those suits, PR people, their support staffs, E-Mails, ink and paper. It is very satisfying to me that this huge expenditure of time and money failed even though the oilies will learn nothing from this experience. Recent pieces on the Keystone have contained a lot of whining, a little squiggle of a route change and the efforts of the Republicans in Congress to use this situation as a vote getter in 2012. From the oilies and the Republicans there is no interest in the plight of average Americans. Cliff May’s offering is shot full with errors and he again covers all the familiar fictitious ground including my 3 favourites. [ 1 ] That the oil carried by the Keystone will go to the Americans. Actually the oil would have been sold to the Chinese. [ 2 ]  20,000 jobs will be created in the States. Actually the real number from Russ Girling’s own mouth in 2007 was an estimated 2000 / 4000 temporary jobs. The Republicans are certainly getting desparate. Cliff May upped the ante by writing that the Keystone could possibly provide for ten times that number in the long run [ that's 200,000 jobs ]. This is pure pipedream. Pipelines are not big job creators. [ 3 ] In all of these articles DilBit has not been mentioned once. Most say oil or crude oil or heavy oil but never the big D word. Now the big problem for Girling and TransNotCanada is saying that Oil is being sent to Texas  from Alberta. If so there is no need for the refineries and upgraders on the Gulf  to get fired up. Russ old boy, you can’t play on both sides of the street at the same time. This whole Keystone gig was based on lying to the people, here and in the US. Lying to the politicians, many of  whom were happy to go along especially when their palms were crossed with a little silver. And lying to investors, lies the brokers are pleased to keep buried. It is interesting how Cliff May treated the DilBit question. Putting diluted bitumen through an oil pipeline would be like trying to put poop through a vacumn cleaner hose. So our Cliff said, ”  Keystone XL will bring 750,000 barrels of OIL a day into the US – which American workers would refine into higher value products and then sell “. Once you have oil why would you rerefine it? And what of Paul Godfrey who publishes this babble? He is quite happy to befuddle Canadians in return for cash, that is what it comes down to doesn’t it. A cheque is more important to Godfey than the truth and his Country. The DilBit was going to be stolen from Albertans and used as the means to make money stateside for a very greedy cartel. Really,why would we think Godfrey would act any differently. He heads an American owned newspaper whose owners see nothing wrong with picking pockets in Alberta. What we see in Keystone and the Republicans in the US is a move away from reality. They have become adept at wishful thinking. Early in Geo. Bush’s term a reporter queried one of his staff. After telling his yarn to the reporter it was clear that what was being said wasn’t true. The staffer replied, ” oh, we create our own reality “. I was taken aback by the thought of Presidential decisions being made based on pure myth. I am now more taken aback because this virus has affected the whole Republican Party in the States and it is now being imported into Canada by Herr Harper. The whole right side of the political spectrum has been group thinked. They tell each other stories. Outside opinion is ignore or derided. So the tales get taller and taller and it has become like a runaway train. Just look at the Newt Ginrich circus. These Republican are way out there, just how far out we do not know. But there is a real world lying in wait here where you and I live, ready to pounce. I think the US has to be brought to its’ knees before the bulk of Americans wake up. A big smash up is the only thing that will do the trick. Maybe the US Postal Service going broke will tip the scales, like as in NO MORE MAIL. Can you imagine Americans not having mail??? It will not be a pretty sight and that is why Canada has to seek closer economic ties with England. The make believe world has been slow to come to Canada. Herr Harper is doing his best to bring this Country down too. A lot of Canadians like me are too aware to be taken in but we have been greatly helped by having the CBC, a Crown Corporation that DOESN’T TELL LIES. No wonder the CBC is so unpopular with the Fascist / Conservatives. Here is a little exercise. When you read an article about Keystone in a paper go on the net and check it for accuracy. It will be clear to you just how virulent this Republican, ” wishing-will-make-it-so “, disease is. Looking across the border to-day is like watching a friend die. A friend who doesn’t know he is dying. It is the American economic Vietnam. Need I say more?

MELTING PERMAFROST WILL SPEED UP GLOBAL WARMING   —   In Canada’s north the snow on the permafrost is melting earlier and the black soil is exposed to sunlight longer. The frost comes out of the ground but each year the melt goes deeper and stays unfrozen. Eventually the soil becomes like a quick sand bog. This very warming process that killed off the Woolly Mammoths. Their habitat was on the tundra stretching from England to Siberia and from Alaska, along the eastern slopes of the Rockies and down onto the great plains. In the summer the tundra  thawed a few inches, there was a small amount of rain as water was locked up in the ice. Tall grasses grew. When the cold returned the grass died, dried and remained. Vast areas of Mammoth feed resulted. Once the last ice age began to retreat there was a lot of melt water along the southerly edge of the ice and the  ground got boggier. The frost did not go as deep each winter and soon the permafrost began to disappear. At 30,000 lbs, the Mammoths could not traverse the soft  / swampy ground. The habitat of this huge beast was quite fragile. Their forebearers were call the Steppe Mammoths [ with a little hair ], elephants out of Africa that did not go east into Asia. The Steppe Mammoths had developed during a lull in ice age activity. When the climate started to cool again the Mammoth’s coats got very thick and woolly. As long as it got colder or remained static tempwise the Mammoths were safe. When the last glaciers started to recede the Mammoth habitat began to disappear rapidly, first in England [ 17,000 years ago ], then France and across central Europe. Russia became a hostile place for Mammoths and the animals moved eastward into Siberia and Mongolia. Because of topography the North American ice sheet held out for a longer period, at least 6000 years longer. The Mammoths moved into Alaska, down the east side of the Rockies onto the Denver high plain where they died out 11,000 years ago. All the way they were trailed by the Solutrean people from the Loire Valley in France [ the cave painters ]. The activities and remains of these first humans [ Frenchmen ] in North America were found at Clovis New Mexico. The permafrost in northern Canada is just a fragile. What to do? What to do? The Swiss have had problems with early snow melts in the Alps, this affects skiing and avalanches as well. They use large white tarps to cover the snow and stake them down. This prevents rocks and raised ground from becoming bare hot spots from which the sun quickly melts the surrounding snow. The tarps are expensive, they don’t last, following snows and rain can cause problems. How about this idea. I call my white blanket theory Tundra Lace. Used car tires can be painted white, the side walls would be drilled to allow water to drain out of the bottom and provide holes on the tops to anchor straps. The tires would be lined up in rows and fastened together making a giant white lace like pattern. Tires along with hardware could be palletted and dropped by parachute into areas where the permafrost is thawing by the RCAF. The First Nations could contract with the governments to do the installation and maintenance. White tires assembled together like this would hold the snow in the winter. In the summer the snow would remain longer in the open centres and the 4 point star opening between 4 white  tires. Drainage would not be affected and probably the sun’s exposure would only strike 25% of the normal earth after the snow left. In North America there are millions of used car tires. In Ontario drivers have paid for their disposal but as per usual Queen’s Park has put the money into general revenues and done nothing.  We are paying millions to keep Aboriginal people unemployed in the north, why not let them do this work to help save the environment? Now one of the problems I see is the Aboriginal installers would have no home away from home. Living in tents would not be very satisfactory. Tires could be used to create a type of round Yurt. A series of rings of tires piled on top of one another up to 8 ft. Each layer would be off set half and each layer would be pinned to the one below. Two openings would left for prefab door sets. An under layer of insulating cloth would cover the outer wall and be covered itself by waterproof fabric which would also be used on the inside too. In the centre would be a cylinder from ground to roof which would contain a water tank and a propane stove and chimney. The roof rafters would fit like spokes in a wheel with vertical anchor pins that would go down into the tire walls and hook onto the the centre cylinder. Tires would be scatter on the floor and a portable wood sub floor would lie over the tires. This entire building could be put together in kit form, dropped by the RCAF at the job site where it could be assembled. Later it could be dismantled and moved. I call it a TIREPEE. Such buildings could be made more permanent by cladding the outside with aluminum and filling the walls with spray foam for insulation. a sort of igloo. The TIREPEEs could be used as workshops or for equipment storage or a thousand other uses. The Yurt, a modern day tent type round building was seen at the Occupy site in Toronto. The original Yurt was discovered in Mongolia in the 1300s. But the round tent idea goes back to the Solutreans who vacated their caves 16,000 years ago to follow the Woolly Mammoth herds east. Without caves to call home they developed a round dwelling that looks like the Yurt. These very intelligent hunter gatherers dug a round pit 3 ft deep / 20 ft wide. Around the edge rocks were piled up to make a wall. Sod was put over and against the wall. Mammoth bones made the roof frame and Mammoth hides covered the lot. Mammoth blubber was burned in stone bowls to provide a bright /  clean / smokeless light like they had used in the caves back in France, especially when holding painting classes. When in Siberia the Mammoth herds split, some went to Mongolia and the rest to the new world across the land bridge to Alaska. The Solutreans [ possibly 35,000 strong ] broke into two groups. Probably most of them came to North America and the rest went to Mongolia and lived in their round houses. So the Yurt in truth goes back 14,000 years. The Solutreams, [ Homo Europe ] made an appearance in France 23,000 years ago [ having come out of Africa ] and lived in the Loire Valley for 7000 years before moving to North America. Their DNA shows up in our Ojibway First Nations located north of Lake Superior. Quite  a successful people when you consider Rome last 700 years and the United State won’t make it to 300 years.

MAYBE HERR HARPER’S WISH FOR A FIREWALL AROUND ALBERTA IS COMING TRUE   —  It is beyond question that the market for Alberta’s oil and nat.gas has dried up. What do they do now, herd cattle? Gas consumption in the USA is down 20% in 3 just year years and the skid continues. Normally a 5% drop in any business is catastrophic. But in this case the US oil cartel and their hires the media will not sound the alarm because it would only cause general panic. So the insiders get the chance to cash in their chips, share some of the loot with the ad media and head for the hills. The great bulk of citizenry gets slaughtered monetarily once again. At a Fascist / Conservative Riding Association in Prince Edward / Hastings meeting I first heard about the Cleveland Effect. I was a Director and our executive met in the board room of the local real estate office in Belleville. A fellow Director sold houses / businesses.  Banks in the USA were beginning the subprime foreclosures especially in poorer sections of Cleveland.  This news was on MLS along with pictures but Gerry would not let anyone actually see the carnage but he told us about it. MLS is a private world network for realtors only. Whole streets in Cleveland were boarded up, street lights off and police / firemen pulled out. Taxes and utilities were not being paid. Vandals were stripping copper pipe, windows, doors, shutters, bathroom fixtures, sinks, furnaces, ACs and anything else that wasn’t welded on. Many residents were poor and or black, they resented what the banks had done and were doing to them. First the banks gave them mortgages on their own sub standard housing, money they could just blow. Then the banks were taking THEIR houses away due to the debts they had incurred. Thus the attitude of the dispossessed hardened. If the residents were going to be put out of homes they had owned for years they would make sure that there was nothing left. Subdivisions in Cleveland began to look like bombed out Beirut, as Gerry described the panorama. I didn’t see this for myself but I can make pictures. At Riding meetings we discussed the coming financial storm. It was clear to me that if the foreclosures continued apace it would destroy the value of all the real estate in the USA. Four fifths of the wealth of Americans was in real estate at that time. Once a subdivision has 30% of its’ homes empty the value of the remaining stock  falls to the level of the lowest priced house. We talked about this Cleveland situation in 2006 and into 2007. My family and I battened down the hatches as did the insiders including those in real estate. I waited for the ad media to latch onto this huge, huge story, the USA being in grave danger. Grave being the operative word. Nothing, silence, mum’s the word, not a peep or hint. I NEVER SAW THE NAME OF THE CRISIS, ” THE CLEVELAND EFFECT “, IN PRINT *** EVER *** EVEN TO THIS DAY.  George Bush did not act. I watched the foreclosures accelerate with never a word from the President [ obviously too stupid to figure things out ]. Nothing from Congress because they were owned by the Wall Streeters. And not a bleep from the media because they were being paid to stay silent. Of course the Streeters make money going up and going down. Knowing that a crash was coming allowed the Street to engineer big self payoffs while leaving the American people to carry the can. I have seen so many of the perpetrators interviewed on TV after writing books about the crash. Not one of them saw it coming. Ya right, pure bullshit. This is especially revolting when you realize that the media knew the meltdown was coming too. The politicans, Congress and the media have been playing the US people for suckers over the past 5 years and the Keystone project was just another wrinkle on the subprime scam. Another way to scam people. So in the present the same thing is happening, you are being kept in the dark and the media is being paid to keep you in the dark.  Cushing Oklahoma is the main oil hub in the central States and was built to allow the US oil cartel to hide oil so they could manipulate the market as they are doing to-day. A small pipeline came up from Texas to Cushing. Outward from Cushing went pipes going out in a number of directions, one being Chicago. This arrangement was meant specifically to spread gasoline and oil products across the middle States. When Alberta’s oil came in in 1947 some of it came to Ontario but most went to Cushing. Oil finds in the Dakotas and other local places also connected to Cushing. As long as the American economy chugged along it was happy valley time. Venezula and the US had differences and the oil industry there was nationalize [ something we should do here if the US oil cartel doesn't clean up its' act ].  Heavy crude [ not tar but thick just the same ] came from Venezuela to Texas to be upgraded and refined. There is no heavy crude to bhe had now now so the refineries were / are shut down. Then TransNotCanada got a bright idea. They could substitute Alberta tar for the Venezuela heavy oil and fire up their idle upgraders and refineries on the Gulf . By mixing the tar / sand with naptha [ DilBit ] it would approximate heavy crude. One problem however is heavy crude oil has NO SAND IN IT. But by keeping quiet TransNotCanada could slip one by the authorities and just use a normal oil pipeline. One of the real attractive features to Wall St. is that by just taking the raw bitumen the CO2 emissions, tailing ponds and the poisons being dumped in Alberta rivers could be left on the Province’s doorstep  for cleanup.  In terms of a steel pipeline having [ DilBit ] sand blasted through it is was only a matter of time before there would be ruptures. More than likely there would be many. If the Keystone had made like a swiss cheese the farmers along the way and the investors would have been the ones to get nailed. TransNotCanada would have just declared bankruptcy and the principals would have vanished like the Wall Streeters did 2008 to now. How much did the injured parties get from the EXXON Valdez  or the BP blowout in the Gulf? It is called getting screwed royally by the oilies. Fast forward to to-day. The Keystone project is as dead as a doornail. It would serve no purpose other than to enrich the principals of TransNotCanada and Wall St. And besides the US will be bankrupt before the matter can be brought up again. Add on, now that the cat is out of the bag Albertans will never allow their raw bitument to be stolen when they can upgrade and refine it themselves and send it down east or the surplus to the World through Churchill Man.  Sending oil to Cushing makes no sense, they don’t want it. There is so much oil in the US that the Albertans are accepting $ 65 for a barrel of oil that sells on the world market for $ 95 a barrel. This is a lousy business model. It is a recipe for bankruptcy. So what options does Alberta have?  Its’ present oil /tar sands industry is landlocked and it has no access to the world market. Alberta’s nat. gas production has fallen by half and it is landlocked. So right now the Province has a wall around it, just like Harper asked for. There was / is very little interprovincial trade with Alberta as the activities in the past were all related  to oil going stateside.  The only option is to pipe the oil and gas east and bring hydro west. Mind the Albertans will have to take Harper’s wall down and work closely with the rest of the provinces, something that  is not going to please our Stevie.

THE PERMANENT SHUTTERING OF PARLIAMENT HAS BEGUN   —    The Fascist / Conservative Party is now angling  to have all the House Committee meetings held in private. The public and the media will be banned. If you study Hitler’s rise to power it was accomplished by use of the democratic process. He was voted into office by the German people. Once in office he dismantled the Reichstag piece by piece and eventually rendered it impotent. Then he deliberately set fire to the Reichstag and the institution vanished from the earth as the representatives were sent home. Many did not make it home, the troublemakers just disappeared. The US oil cartel took control of Alberta after the two oil shocks, 1973, OPEC and 1979, the Iran Revolution. The cartel once owned or controlled 75% of the world’s  oil, now that is down to less than 10%. However the oilies own 50% of the globe refinery capacity. How do you run a refinery profitably if you can’t get oil. Alberta’s oil resources are coveted by the cartel. With the concern over Global Warming, the noises coming out of Ottawa and the adopting of Kyoto the cartel moved to install an oil friendly Government in Parliament that would protect its’ interests. Herr Harper from day one has been funded both above and below the table by oil money. Our system was never designed to take into account the funding of a political party by a large business such as the oil cartel. It is clear our safeguards can be set aside easily by someone with no respect for our democratic system like Harper. He has no love for Canada and I find it strange that he would want to lead it. I think the man is mentally ill.  But as powerful as Herr Haper thinks he is, he’s just another dispensible expendable oil cartel employee. In the summer of 1934  Hitler killed or imprisoned most of those who had helped him attain power, they had served their purpose. I was given a book on the oil business and along the way became interested in the demise of democracy in California. The State is now run by the minority right and the Republicans who are funded by the cartel. The Government  there has been stripped to the bone and education / health / social programs have been gutted. California is now broke and ungovernable which fits the oil cartel to a , ” T “.  And the media there had nothing to say all during this takeover.  Likewise here in Canada. Studying how the cartel stole the State’s democracy by using bribed Republicans is instructive when observing the actions of Herr Harper. The oil cartel is bent on taking control of Parliament so that there is only a shadow government in Ottawa that will be incapable of interfering in oil affairs. Thus the push by Harper to reduce the size of Federal Government. By cutting taxes of business and the rich this further limits Government power. By reducing programs, especially the middle and lower class Canadians will spend more time struggling to survive and less time finding fault with the oil cartel abuses. Apparently Harper has hired about 1300 communications people to further dominate the media with oilie spin and propaganda. Big brother is watching. This Gestapo like agency is now tasked with keeping dossiers on all you other trouble makers. I sure I will be included. This is so Tim Powers can create attack ads based on the words of people which will be taken out of context. If you are watching the antics of the Republicans in Congress they seem to be prepared to destroy America rather than let the other side have it. You will note that the House Republicans have passed an omnibus bill to force the President to give the go ahead for the Keystone Project. The route for the Keystone has mostly been bought already and recacitrant owners who have refused to sell have been threatened by TransNotCanada. The steel pipe, bought from India is already on site so it is clear that the fix was already in with the State department. In the Republican Omnibus  bill is a provision to take away the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency to control industrial pollution. Herr Harper is doing the same thing here with our environmental agencies and the Can. Nuclear Safety Commission. There has been a spill of heavy / contaminated water at the idle New Brunswick  nuclear plant. I wonder how the toothless CNSC will react? Will the whole thing be swept under the carpet and the media paid to bury the story as usual.  I’ll know in a few days. If Canadians continue to act in a docile manner we will join the US in a North America controlled by the oil cartel. Once the vote has been taken away from us like the farmers who belong to the Wheat Board the US oil cartel will not let us have it back. That is why Herr Harper is building jails.

THE US NATIONAL POST  / IS OWNED 90% BY AMERICANS / IT IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR FOREIGNERS TO OWN MORE THAN 49% / THE GRACE PERIOD FOR PAUL GODFREY RAN OUT IN JULY   —  Is it that Harper has set aside this law behind out backs. The Post carries a lot of oil cartel propaganda and lies. In fact Godfey is the biggest oil booster in the country. I have been waiting for this story to be picked up by the other media outlets but there is nothing but silence. Hilter controlled the press by force. In California and Canada the media is controlled by the oil cartel.

CONRAD BLACK’S ORDER OF CANADA SHOULD HAVE BEEN GONE BY NOW   —The Order cannot be held by a convicted thief and Black is a CONVICTED THIEF. The committee that administers the Orders which I do believe includes the Governor General has been silent as far as I can see. I know there is a powerful / rich group of his  friends who are trying to get Black back into this Country. Although he is a British citizen who turned his back on Canada and insulted us. Convicted criminals are not permitted to apply for citizenship. So it would seem on the surface that we will not be seeing Conrad back on our shores. But don’t rest on your oars I think the fix is in. There have been series of very nice articles about Black in the papers, especially the US National Post. We are being bombarded with this sanitization of Black to soften us up. Various journalists have extoled his virtues, no doubt prompted by a cheque each. Conrad has almost half page every week in the Post continually telling us how great a man he is and how unfairly he has been treated. Real men don’t steal. But Conrad is above the law, don’t you know?  I have written asking Godfrey to substitute the picture of  Black in his suit that goes with his blather for a more appropriate one of him in his orange jump suit. I mean the truth is the truth, he wears convict’s clothes. Most Canadians do not want himself back but I do not trust Herr Harper. I want the committee in charge of the Orders to do their duty and immediately / publicly give him the chop. I believe that the US Immigration authorities will snap Black up from the Coleman pen and hold him in custody awaiting deportation to England. Once in his homeland I want his title stripped from him. It would seem that if Canada takes his Order away here it will make it more difficult for him to get back in the Country. This will set precedent and make it easier for the British Parliament to strip of his Lord’s title. Conrad Black brings dishonour to the Order of Canada and the House of Lords in England. Rewards should go to those who lead exemplary lives. Having a common criminal holding these honours cheapens them if those responsible fail in their duty to maintain the high standards we expect.  Leaving the Order in place, allowing him to remain a Lord and or letting Black back into Canada will only reinforce his claim of innocence and make a mockery of the law. What would that tell the young? Cheat, lie, steal and obstruct justice and you will be rewarded.  Mind, Herr Harper lies to Parliament  regularly but pays no price. Every day that such abuse is tolerated our democratic system is further weakened. That is exactly why the US oil cartel pays Harper’s bills.

THE CLEVELAND EFFECT REVISITED   —   My connection with Gerry the realtor in Belleville gave me an early glimpse of the affects of the subprime market in the US [ 2006 / 2007 ]. In Canada a mortgage is obtained from a bank and it remains on their books. This means that they will not hand out money to just anyone. Even though mortgage is only for a percentage of the value of a home [ say 80% ] it is still a hassle to foreclose. At this percentage a bank would not probably lose unless real estate values plummeted. In the States Bush allowed banks to sell their mortgages, so they had no skin in the game. A US bank would grant a mortgage, skim off a fat fee and sell it. With the money back in the till another mortgage would be granted, another fat fee and so on and on. Then some smart shark got the idea to bundle a number of mortgages, like a hundred and create an investment certificate. Investors bought into this paper, high mortgage rates guaranteed a good return and the ever increasing house prices meant there was NO RISK. Investors didn’t  actually own a particular house. They just owned a piece of paper related to 100 houses. This paper, highly regarded by Moody’s and the like was snapped up, much of it going to Europe. The big job was finding people who would take out a mortgage once the home buyer market was satisfied. Salesmen [ I don't believe women could scam people like this ] would go door to door in working class areas offering to extend mortgages on huses that had been paid off or maybe had been in families for many years. Want to buy a car, motorcycle, boat or a set of drums just sign here and you’ll have cash in a couple of days. The salesman got his commission, a BIG commission up front. They were told just find us people, even if they don’t have job, as long as they are breathing. One of the catches was and many fell for the scam didn’t understand that after a couple of years the interest rate kicked up 5%. But this was explained away by the fact that in 2 years the house value would have risen and even more money could be borrowed. Now this was  sanctioned by Bush and the Republicans who were benefiting themselves financially from the scam. Gingrich did. Then the bubble burst and the price of houses began to fall. The people who were on the shakiest ground were foreclosed upon. And that is when the president should have stepped in and declared a moritorium on foreclosures. The were 9000 banks that were all in a position to start foreclosing. Now think about this. If you go into a barn full of hay to play with matches it is not too hard to figure out what might happen. Remember two things. 80% of the wealth of Americans in 2005 was tied up in real estate. And the 30% rule. If you have a subdivision of 100 homes [ average value $ 500,000 ] maybe a half dozen are for sale at any one time and possibly one would be a foreclosure going for $ 390,000. It would not affect the value of homes in the subdivision. Now say times got tough and ten homes were for sale and a couple three were forclosures the rest of the homes would retain their evaluations but they’d take longer to sell. Now raise that to 20 homes for sale and 10 of them foreclosures. Now thing would get dicey. Everything in the subdivision would probably drop to between $ 400,000 and $ 450,000 with the empty ones a hundred thousand less. Empty houses deteriorate especially in the cold north, foundations freeze and crack. The partially built Douglas Creek  subdivision in Caledonia seized by the Mowhawk thugs is a grave yard. Everything there will have to be bulldozed, the homes are worthless. Once you reach 30%  vacant home the game is over. The entire subdivision gets devalued to maybe $ 250,000 if they could get that. In our imaginary subdivision many people would own their homes outright or have low mortgages and because of this Republican folly they al took a bath of $ 250,000. The Cleveland Effect was the canary in the coal mine but the Bush Government was brain dead and he let his 9000 banks, all individually, begin foreclosures and it is still going one. And I keep hearing the Streeters say we didn’t see the crash coming. They are lying through their teeth. They made a lot of money and their excuses are meant to cover their tracks. The ad media kept mum on the subprime mortgage and had their reporters repeat ad nauseam that the meltdown was caused by poor people buying house they couldn’t afford. Poor people and the unemployed should not have had mortgages in the first place. The banks used them to make  huge profits then threw them on the scrap heap. I don’t even think President Obama understands the problem. George Bush destroyed America and he will go down in the history books for doing so. But that history will only be written on the net. The old line newspapers, magazines and book publishers will never touch that with a 12 ft pole. I accept that there are crooks in the world like Black, Drabinsky and Mulroney. Therefore it is important to have free press that can shed light on criminal actvity without fear of the Gestapo. But in recent years our free press has decided that what this means is that they are free to sell themselves to the highest bidder like the Keystone XL project. In the case of the subprime grand larceny it was the ad media remaining quiet that allowed the rich to pull way ahead of the common folk. MLS is a world wide private  communications system for those in real estate and attendant financial institutions. There must be tens of thousand of  MLS insiders who were privy to the Cleveland Effect in the flesh, something I was only told about. Our conversations at the Riding meetings specifically centred around what would happen to the million dollar homes in the hills above these burned out subdivisions in Cleveland. There was agreement that their value would drop too. Remember this talk was at meetings of the Fascist / Conservative party so Harper’s Government knew the crunch was coming. People with access to the MLS network had families, friends and neighbours who were probably clued in and yet not one of them said a word. And the media remained silent. It is like seeing a young girl being raped and not lifting a hand to save her. Next time you see or hear someone say the death of America was caused by poor people buying houses they could not afford ask  Madame Defarge to knit their name into her piece to ensure they keep their date with the guillotine in the village square.

THE CHURCHILL FACTOR   —   All during the rise of Hitler, Winston Churchill had the Nazi dictator in the cross hairs. Churchill realized early on that here was a dangerous man and not being a principal in the Government he assumed an observer’s role. As time went along and people at the centre of power realized that Baldwin and Chamberlain were not awake to the Hitler menace they began giving Churchill classified info. There was some question as the legality of this pass over of info but at some stage the Prime Minister had OKed the release of specific information to Winston and this approval was never cancelled. So Winston had all the inside stuff but was not in a position to act. He did not have to rely on newspaper reports which were self censored and Government friendly. Just like in Canada to-day. The British people were being lied to by their politicians as we are now and the English press played along to curry favour. Churchill was a MP but wrote columns for 140 papers, most foreign. So his opinions of Hitler were well known in the world but less so in England. The London Times played Government toady as the Post and Sun do here these days. With the takeover of part of France, Austrian and Czechoslovakia, Churchill was able to know first hand how Hitler operated. This pattern continued until the dictator’s death. Hitler would say one thing and do the exact opposite to throw people off. In the beginning if he did something that upset those he was dealing with he would pull back, make nice, apologize, offer guarantees and promise to make changes. This was when he was not strong enough to force his way through. Who does that sound like? Right, Herr Harper. Himself doesn’t like the CBC, the reason, the Government broadcaster won’t repeat lies. Harper hired Pierre Peladeau to launch an attack on the CBC for which the setting Sun TV channel would be repaid by circumventing CRTC rules and making it mandatory for Canadians to buy SUN service. Ezra Levant, a two slot mouthpiece [ such slow wits  have two slots in their back, one for money and the other for a card telling them what to say ] charged in for the attack. Peladeau submitted 88 Freedom of Information Requests to the CBC asking for thing like did the Corporation buy single or double ply toilet paper. It was a clear abuse of the Legislation. This abuse was encouraged by Harper. If I was an investor in Pierre’s setting Sun enterprises I would ask him what the hell he was doing spending Quebecor’s money on such a fishing trip when the company is in such poor shape. Pierre drove the US arm of his Company into bankruptcy and just layed off 400 people at the Sun. In any event the we-hate-the-CBC backfired and Harper go an earful from concerned Canadians. As is the case in these miscues the PeeM sent one of his trained seal Ministers out to pull Harper’s chestnuts out of the fire. Harper doesn’t have the balls to clean up his boners himself. So our trained seal appears to proclaim the Government’s love for the CBC and that the Corporation would get even more money this year. Peladeau was pulled off the case and Levant was silenced. I hope they stuck a rag in Ezra’s mouth mixed with Crazy Glue. But just like Hitler, Herr Harper will bide his time and then come at the CBC in a different way. My suggestion to the CBC brass, keep your back close tight to the wall.  Winston Churchill shadowed Hitler all during the 1930s and when he became Prime Minister he was a full warp speed. In fact in his office he had all of the War maps displayed with the necessary info there upon, there day one when he became PM. A good lesson can be had for the actions of Hitler during this difficult time for tour Nation, namely the takeover of Parliament by the US oil cartel. This could not have been imagined but we are in for the tussle now. Whatever Herr Harper says you know he will not do that but the exact opposite. If he angers Canadians he will back pedal, make nice and wait for the right moment to strike again as in the case of the CBC. Be aware that the ad media will never give you the straight goods on Harper. They do not want to have their names removed from the attack ad list. Either we rid ourselves of the US oil cartel and this tyrant or Canada cease to be a democratic Country. For just such an example of the loss of democracy look no further than California. I don’t believe you want to be singing, ” California Here I Come “?  In that State citizens are reduced to a number, their opinions no longer carry any weight. Isn’t this why we fought the Second  World War???????                                                                                              

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                    LAOCOON

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I am going to backtrack to the failed Keystone situation. Sorry. You have probably seen / heard enough of the oil cartel’s fairy tales / propaganda from Herr Harper’s hirlings and  in the old line media. To see just how far TV / press have deviated from real life, read a Keystone story in a paper then go on the net in search of the same story. Two different planets, the planet truth and the planet lies. You guess which is which? I am now up to 60 paper articles with exactly the same false message, almost word for word. It is truly amazing that more than 40 adults [ politicians / journalists as listed ] could promote the same set of positives and in the same order about the Keystone and the tar sands, there is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER a negative. The media bosses will claim they covering both sides of the debate by telling oilie lies and by showing the protesters with their hats and signs. If things are so good as TransNotCanada claims why are the oilies now losing all the battles? What we are seeing and hearing about are the extremes, two minority groups. The tree huggers on one side. The oil cartel and their hundreds of paid shills on the other. There is no in between and that is where the solutions lie. We are faced with eliminating oil use from the world or permitting the oil cartel to throw their garbage in everyone else’s back yard. The ad media loves this kind of a conflict, you know, the Habs and the Leafs. And for the media management which is suffering from falling advertising revenues it is a mostly sweet moment. The oil cartel has paid the big media and journoshills tens of  millions to put a shine on the Keystone apple and the tar sands [ is such a thing possible? ] [ yes and if you stage a one side debate ].  This whole boost-the-Keystone has failed miserably. I have questions? Questions? Will the media owners have to send back the oilie cheques? Will Margaret Wente and Rex Murphy et al have to hand back their oil cash too? Will the oilies mount another sell-the-Keystone campaign by pouring zillions into the media to try and fool you some more? Heavens to Betsy, the TV / press needs all the $ help they can get. It doesn’t matter what you say, so long as you have long money for us, so says the media. The Toronto Star is $ 500 million in Prichard debt and is desperate. Will more puzzles, a pile of flyers and reprints of the NYT save the day?  Did you know that our Rob got a $ 9 million leaving bonus for millstoning the Paper. The National Post is broke and is 90 % owned by Americans. It is against Canadian law for foreigners to own more than 49 % of our media but Paul Godfrey just keeps on operating. But seeing that Herr Haper and his Fascist Party hold sway in the about to close Reichstag on the Rideau, the PeeM is not about to cashier any oil promoting  / right wing newspapers. The Sun and Sun TV owner, Pierre Peladeau made surprising moves by buying into papers and TV just as these businesses were heading into tank. If Peladeau and a monkey were in an intelligence contest the monkey would win. Pierre may be able to hang on a little longer due to oil money, the Harper Government’s financial support for attacking the CBC and the fact that all those unemployable ranters on the right are hungry for work. And they’re prepared to work cheap or for nothing? Peladeau has been able to recruit the likes of Levant, Coren and the other ranters on the right for next to nothing to allow them to keep their names before the public. You know that in England there is a Government Inquiry going on into the behaviour of the press there. New rules are coming to prevent the dishonest and disreputable actions of paper managers and writers. Hacking, lies and making up stuff as now practised by the media is undermining Western society. Quebec is exploring the work of journalists in that Province. Ontario, like England has a self governing Press Council, both as useless as tits on a bull. Our toothless tiger should be  taken over by Queen’s Park. Printing or broadcasting lies should mean jail time. The level of lying and dirty tricks has reached the point where only 14 % of people believe what they see or read in the media. So the oil cartel Keystone money has come along to further misleading us on the pipeline and in so doing has slightly prolonged the death date of newspapers, magazines and TV here. But whenever they disappear it is still good riddance. The papers clamoured for freedon of the press. Which has morphed into freedom of the press to sell out to the highest bidder. Now the world needs freedon FROM THE PRESS.  What surprises me is the fact that people with reputations like Jack Mintz have sold out to the oilies too. I sometimes read his right wing views. But his,” Game Theory 101 “, in the Post about the Keystone, retells the oilie lies and adds a few new untruths of his own. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and 30 seconds to destroy it. I guess one of the important things we learn about  the University of Calgary is that it allows students and those on its’ faculty to lie. Mind, Jack is tied to Imperial Oil. Maybe lying is a required part of his job at the oil giant? Come to think of it Herr Harper worked at Imperial Oil and went to the U of C.  So that is where the PeeM learned to lie like a carpet?

As I have said before the Keystone project is NOT CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE TAR SANDS. Simply put, it is a pipe dream created by TransNotCanada / Wall St. / the oilies to steal raw bitumen [ Alberta's birthright ] for peanuts, run an oil pipe [ made in India ] across territory that is extremely sensitive environmentaly [ screw the Nebraskans et al ] and light up their idle upgraders and refiners in Texas [ idle since Venezuela won't sell the Yankees their extra heavy crude oil any more ] [ Venezuela nationalized the US oil companies ] [ I think Alberta should do the same thing and refine all their own bitumen ] . The resulting Keystone oil products would be shipped to China from Houston, the facts are being hidden by the media and the likes of Jack Mintz.  This whole scheme makes no sense businesswise, mechanicalwise or moneywise except for the Wall St. principals. Investors [ as in the Dot Com, ABC dodgie papers and the subprime ] who get sucked into this boondoggle will lose their money. I can see clearly why the backers of TransNotCanada promoted the Keystone and why it was proposed in the form it was. Alberta OIL goes mostly down to Cushing Oklahoma which is the storage hub for the central USA. If you go on the net you can see how our Canadian pipelines go down to Cushing and it shows the US  pipelines radiating out like spokes to supply gas stations in the centre of the Country. Cushing [ pop. 9000 ] was established in 1912 as an storage area for Texas oil. One of the reasons for this remote location was its’ central location. Another big reason was that oil could be squirrelled away there, away from prying eyes. This allowed Big Oil to create artificial shortages from time to time over the years. As a result they could charge inflated prices [ just like they do to-day even though we have a glut of oil ] . The amount of oil stored at Cushing  has never been revealed by the oil cartel. Just the fact that all the so called independent companies store oil in the same place proves there is NO COMPETITION. GOVERNMENT SANCTION MONOPOLIES CAN ENDANGER A SOCIETY BY PUTTING THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OUT OF BALANCE. If the food industry is charged usurious rates rate for electricity by a Government sanctioned monopoly [ as we have here in Ontario ] then the citizenry will pay too much for food or have to buy cheaper food or buy NO FOOD AT ALL. In a free enterprise system EVERY COMPANY MUST BE REQUIRED TO COMPETE ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. To maintain a system whereby the oilies and the nukies are given monopoly control over their activities the politicians have to be paid off, as with Harper and McGuinty. But the Cushing follies have come to an end due to two flies in the ointment. Analysts who want to pry into the workings of  Big Oil don’t trust what the oilies say. Egads, oil execs like Girling lying. What is the world coming to? So the snoopers  overfly Cushing taking aerial photos. Since the oil storage tanks are not pressurized the tops float. Pictures taken when the sun is rising show a shadow on the lid if partially full. So using a formula [ length of shadow and known capacity of the various tanks ] indicates how full a particular tank is. Thus traders know how much oil is at Cushing and they pay no attention to the bullshit from Big Oil. This allows the traders to trade and make money but the media wouldn’t dare TELL US ABOUT THE GLUT.  The oil watcher industry knows right now that everyCushing tank is  loaded. So much so that Alberta oil being sent down is been discounted by $ 30 per barrel. It is sort of, hey Alberta, if you really want to send us your stuff you’ll only get $ 65 per barrel instead of $ 95. So Premier Reford’s Province is taking a royal royalty shafting. Does Premier Redfford even know??? The problem for the US oil industry is that there is a market for their finished products in China. Cushing has small inbound pipelines from Texas and Alberta but its’ large pipelines go outbound in all directions to American service stations in the central USA. It is not an easy task to reverse the flow. So the idea behind Keystone was to go right from the tar sands, past Cushing  and on down to the Gulf Coast, spool up the closed upgraders and refineries and see the finished product off to Asia for the big bucks. TransNotCanada never planned to supply Americans with gas and oil. This pitch was just another Girling lie which the media was PAID TO PRINT AND REPEAT ENDLESSLY.  Because there is a shrinking market for oil Stateside, the glut is forecast to last for at least two more years. And this is only if the US economy returns to normal, another pipe dream. Thus US internal pipelines are operating half empty. US refiners and pipeline operators are suing each other because the market has gone so soft. Americans are not driving as much, they are driving more efficient gas vehicles, alternate fuels are moving in not matter what the oilies, ad media and Jack Mintz are saying. Other modes of travel are becoming popular, [ hybrids / Prius /Volt ]  [ electric / Leaf  ] no matter what the ad media says. So the market for Alberta oil / nat. gas is shrinking and the Province HAS NO OTHER CUSTOMERS.  Half the natural gas wells have been turned off in the Province due to the nat. gas fracking wells in the USA. TransNotCanada [ owned by Wall St. ] and Herr Harper were trying to cover up Alberta’s dire prospects by promoting the Keystone. The oil cartel in Alberta would still make big money at both ends from the Keystone [ Hardisty and Houston ].  Harper and his Fascist Government would still get their big oil money under the table. And Albertans would be the big losers, never mind Neb., ND and SD. With the Keystone Alberta would get lower revenues from the sale of natural gas because less nat. gas would be used in the tar sands for heat and hydrogen, lower returns from coal generated electricity and the pittance they would get from selling the unrefined bitument tar / sand mix. The ad media is still telling Keystone fairy tales.  Girling says in the US / 20,000 jobs would be created. Rather in 2007 Girling told the US Government  2000 to 4000 part time jobs. The media is not explaining the dynamics of the oil business. The US is the only customer for Alberta oil, they are oversupplied and they can’t pay their bills. And the press is not warning North Americans of rougher financial storms ahead. THE US POSTAL SERVICE WILL BE BANKRUPT BY NEXT SEPTEMBER IF CONGRESS DOESN’T BAIL IT OUT, ALLOW FEWER DELIVERY DAYS AND FORGIVE $ 580 MILLION IN UNPAID PENSION OBLIGATIONS, AS WELL AS THE ONGOING PENSION PAYMENTS OBLIGATIONS. Would you want to do business with the Americans without asking for a cheque with their order? Why is Herr Harper wanting to import the ruinous US governmental system here. It has proved to be a failure. And why is he persisting in sellingl off all of our big companies and natural resources to these losers? Years ago I read that each US citizen needs to have 28 people in the rest of the world working for coolie wages to support his / her lifestyle. Right now a US citizen who is retiring and has paid into the system all his or her life will have contributed about $ 150,000. He or she stand to get back $ 450,000 in retirement. Either he or she accepts less from Washington or someone beyond the US borders gets screweded. No wonder America is not only broke but hugely in debt. Who needs them? Alberta politicians have been putting on a happy face for the last couple of years, including Danielle Smith who was given $ 250,000 by the oil cartel. God, I hope she got her money up front. Making an ass of oneself as she has done and then getting no coin for the effort would be a real bummer. Alberta’s Energy Minister is pumping up selling oil / gas leases but that doesn’t the bills pay. Anyone who buys such a lease is obviously reading oilie press releases in the Post exclusively. A fool and his money are soon parted goes the old saying, it still applies. American oil consumption has dropped in the last 3 years to the point where it is only slightly higher than in 1980. This is a reduction of almost 20%. Our Jackie Mintz says oil production will triple in the next decade. Please Jack, cut the bullshit. Don’t put pen to paper when you are smoking that stuff. Please U of Calgary, put a sock in Mintz’s mouth. Bullshitting Ontarians is one thing but bullshitting your own folk is another. What we have here is the curse of the common. In old England each family was allowed to have 8 sheep on the common. This was to to ensure all the grass is never eaten. Those put in charge were supposed to maintain this limit. In some cases the overseers were bought off and the bribers put out extra sheep on the common.  Eventually the grass was all eaten and the sheep died. The losers were the common folk, the majority. The overseers and the bribers survived $wise and were well off like the Wall Streeters.  This is the tale of American, 2011. Congress sold out and allowed a very few bribers to flood the common with sheep and keep all the money. The expected happened. The majority in the US are hard put and the crooked politicians and the dishonest few are rolling in dough. If you read back through history it will become clear that such financial imbalances are the stuff revolutions are made of. Is the Occupy Wall Street movement the opening shot of  the next American revolution??? I see NO SIGN THAT THE OILIES, RICH AND PRIVILEGED ARE LISTENING.

As stated the Keystone and the tar sands are two distinctly different matters. The Keystone project is deader than a mackeral. I’d say to the ad media close the book on this one.  Herr Harper is now promoting a couple of pipelines through the Rockies to get oil to the BC coast and China. Stevereno has been bad mouthing the Chinese for at least 3 years. Now he thinks they will just jump at the chance to buy our oil. He is doing his thing again, you know, wishful thinking. Why would China trust  this thoroughly dishonest man who doesn’t know where the truth lies? Environmental considerations rule out new pipes throught the Rockies. Pushing DilBit up through the freezing cold to 9000 ft is pure madness. Jim Prentice, one of Harper’s former stooge Ministers spoke out about the Keystone in the last couple of days in an Alberta setting. He spouted the usual nonsense about the Province’s oil business and the Keystone. Jim must have got got the same E-Mail as Mintz. I mean, do people out West really believe this stuff? That they can darken the skies with CO2 and there will be no penalty to pay?  If so, they are certifiable and they’re in for a very tough time. Like hello Alberta, there are no customers for their oil and gas, ziltch. Esso has just cut plans to built in extra tar sands capacity of 200,000 barrels a day. Why wouldn’t they cancel? The Americans don’t want our oil NOW and shortly they won’t have the money to pay for what they do take. Harper’s hope for China’s interest in our oil is another pipe dream. Not only is China ticked at Herr Harper’s insults but what is worse for the world, their economy is slowing down as well. China’s need for oil is going to fall like in the US. When the poop falls heavily on the Alberta fan the right will blame Premier Redford. She has to grab the tiller firmly and act now. There is but a short window of opportunity. The oil cartel and the rabid right will fill the void and deny resposibility, mark my words. Alberta is headed for have-not-status, just like the Province was when Leduc blew in in 1947.  THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO COME TO PASS. SEIZING THE MOMENT IS KEY.

I look at such situations in a critical manner and I do make comments as in the foregoing . But there comes a time when the chatting has to end and the tool box has to be opened. THAT TIME IS NOW. At heart, I am a repairman [ aeroplanes, cars, trucks, tractors, golf carts, big mowers and the like ] and my primary goal is fixing stuff. Solving problems turns my crank. I have already solved the worsening electrical crisis in Ontario but McGuinty doesn’t want the problem fixed and Ontarians have yet to elect a Government which will respond them in this regard. The ongoing KW crisis here can be laid directly at the feet of the people. They have not become angry enough to take ownership of the problem. We live in a so called democracy but Ontarians have yet to bestir themselves to take their responsibilities seriously. If they simply wait for their ship bearing gold to come in there will be continuing  disappointment and financial ruin to boot. Great cities and countries are created great by citizens willing to seize the moment and electing those who will assist in the seizing. Great empires have been lost due to a docile public and corrupt / incompetent leadership, not too different than what we have to-day. Here is a suggestion as to what to seize. I call it my National Energy Proposal [ NEP for short ].

In the 1950s and 60s, I along with all of the other Ontarians were forced BY OTTAWA TO DEAL WITH A MONOPOLISTIC OIL INDUSTRY IN ALBERTA. We could only buy Alberta oil and we had to pay a price above the going rate to get it. I’d  be interested in figuring out how much IT COST ME PERSONALLY TO HELP ALBERTA GET SET UP IN THE OIL BUSINESS?  Fact is, I wouldn’t waste the time. Helping one another is the Canadian thing to do. But it just goes to show I have had a real interest in Alberta for 60 years. a monetary interest too.

My NEP is based on a simple approach. You have an apple tree and I have an apple press. If we put our heads together we can make cider. Canadian provinces control their natural resources. Only when those resources cross an international border does Ottawa get into the act. When Trudeau enacted his NEP during the second oil crisis in 1980. The PM was imposing the national will on Alberta before the Yankee oil companies could get their hands on all of Alberta’s oil and sell it to the highest bidder. Namely, their own oil starved Government. In the 1920s Washington allowed the big US oil companies to form an oil cartel to squeeze out American independent drillers and the British. Since that time the cartel has looked after its’ own interest, a situation where everyone else loses and there is no policemen present. As a result Trudeau was well aware that Canada was not even going to be considered during the 80’s crisis. Allowing Big US Oil to run roughshod over OUR NATIONAL INTERESTS during this time  would have been a body blow to Canada. Alberta may have shared in the US oil monetary beanfeast but I much doubt it. Trudeau was correct in taking action to protect our interests but the oil cartel dominated the Alberta media and owned many of its’ politicians [ and it still does ]. The original NEP was given the same treatment as the Keystone, all one sided, only then it was all the negatives. This dishonest portrayal of the Middle East oil crisis drove a wedge between Alberta and Ont. / Que. The oil cartel has been taking advantage of Albertans for 30 years and this Keystone kaper was only the latest and worst example. Once the oil business stabilized [ 1947 to 1972  with Ottawa, Ontario and Alberta funded the tar sands development the Province was / is sitting in the cat bird seat. Albertans were / are  flush with money but this was only a small slice of the real wealth being taken out of the Province by the oil cartel. However, these days Alberta’s prospects are not very bright. The lesson here is when you deal with the oil cartel exclusively expect to get hammered.  But in my view that very fact augers well for that Province as well as the rest of us. The Keystone is dead as a doornail but as one door closes another door has opened. We have the opportunity to work together as provinces on the energy front. Herr Harper has neutered the House of the People and will shortly close it. Maybe for good. For the male Fascist / Conservatives MPs this means Harper has cut their nuts out. I don’t know what you call it when females are so deprived. In any event the Reichstag on the Rideau will have no place in my NEP cooperative venture. Herr Harper is looking to drive Canadians apart. The PeeM promotes firewalls. I offer hope and promote cooperation. My suggested NEP does the exactly that.

The only energy options which operate on a strictly individual basis [ no toxic fuel ] are water, wind and sun. The oil business requires  [ conventional oil ] electricity, coal and diesel / gasoline to get at the oil. All this has to be in place before you get a drop of oil out of the ground. In terms of the tar sands the requirement is electricity, natural gas, diesel / gasoline. With coal electricity and diesel / gasoline are required for mining. Which comes first? If an electrical infrastructure is installed then you need heat and fuel from someplace else. When you look at these operations it is clear that if you had your choice of every type of energy option you could create a more efficient, more profitable and cleaner operation. So let’s take a stroll across Canada and see what kinds of energy resources are available for barter and if they are economically transferable.

PEI / NB / NS have wind and tidal power. Newfoundland [ wind ], Quebec [ wind ], Ontario and Manitoba have huge hydroelectric resources both installed and potential. Saskatchewan and Alberta [ wind and some hydro ] have coal, oil and natural gas. BC has hydro, nat. gas, tidal power and wind. All provinces are cursed by the demand electric cycle. The demand cycle suit the staus quoers. This cycle means KW demand is  80% at breakfast, 100% at dinner and 50% at 2 am. Tying ourselves to this cycle mean a huge waste of Green resource potential. Demand means we have to have enough generating options to produce the needed 100% output at 6 pm. This is pure craziness. When the sun is at max at 12 noon we don’t need the clean KWs. If the wind howls all night we can’t use those clean KWs. The water flows 24 / 7 but most of it runs down to the sea, wasted. Nuclear was suppose to generate elctricity too cheap to meter, ya right, promises, expensive promises. The nukes are so unreliable that the coal plants were built by the nukies as backup. McGuinty announced the closing of the coal plants so the nukies shifted gears and started constructing natural gas generating plants a backups. If you have the most expensive horse in the world to ride why then would you need a nag as backup?  Here in Ontario this monstrosity of an electrical system is breaking us financially. It has taken 40 years of work on the part of politicians, nuclear scientists, bean counters, economists, engineers, PR people, political operatives and self interested unions to create this monument to the closed uneducated mind. These people forgot what they were about [ namely serving the public interest ] and Ontarians have paid a terrible price. The demand cycle is another monument. Dedicated to the status quo and a guarantee that in terms of green energy Canada, Ontario and the other provinces will be left behind. Herr Harper is at this very moment impressing upon the world that we as a people who insist on remaining mired in the foul and poisonous past. WHAT SAY YOU TO THIS???  The ticket to a much different future is there in your hand. It is called a ballot, use it wisely and do it now. Just moving to a hydrogen cycle would mean major changes. Every KW could be captured. If all of the provinces cooperated and pooled their energy resources everyone wins. It is as plain as the nose on your face. Canada’s complex energy system is kept that way by  governments and energy interests with the help of the bribed media. What I have been doing for years is trying to demystify this system. To the politicians, big energy and the old line media there is no money to be made from my suggestions because all of the benefits would accrue to the citizenry. And if the continuing propaganda coming from right / white/ rich 20% is swallowed by the populace the coming storm will be ignored. Apparently only when the thunder claps are heard on the horizon do some people become concerned but only some. It would seems that far too many people only realize they are in trouble when they hear the clang of the concentration camp gate closing behind them. By then it is too late.

 My idea is to introduce eastern hydroelectricity to the tar sands via a national grid. This is what it would look like. Nat. gas would no longer be used for heat in the sands. Clean electricity [ now being wasted ] would power the entire operation. Centrifuges would separate the waste water from the toxic solids collected in the processing of the tar.  The water would be pumped through filters and reused in the operation [ closed water system ]. The toxic solids therefore be consolidated, would be treated as industrial waste and disposed of in a proper manner. No more scattering this filth all about the countryside. Thus there would be no more tailing ponds or discharges into rivers or lakes. Instead of David Cameron, the English PM blindly backing Harper in his dirty oil initiative Cameron should be shown the tailing ponds first hand and made aware that there are clean alternatives. I would use hydro to make hydrogen to burn for heat [ no CO2 ] [ hydrogen is used as a welding gas or in gas stoves / furnaces ]. As well hydrogen mixed with 15% diesel makes an ideal internal combustion engine fuel for vehicles and dump trucks etc. Why not save product like diesel for sale to the market. If my plan is implemented CO2 emissions would be cut drastically in Alberta and Connie Hedegaard, EU Comm. would surely be pleased. Canada, now a pariah, would be accepted back into the community of climate concerned countries around the world.  Since the new Alberta oil / nat. gas market will not include the US [ with occasional exceptions ] where will these products go? I am so glad you asked. Since there will be a hydro right-of-way along the 55th parallel from Newfoundland to the tar sands. The Twin Beaver Pipelines [ oil and nat. gas ] would follow that hi tension line right-of-way back to just north of Thompson Man.  Branch oil / nat. gas pipelines would run alongside the Hudson Bay Rail line north into Churchill Man. where there would be an oil tank farm and a LNG terminal. Herr Harper has just invested taxpayer’s dollars in the rail line, the airport and the port of Churchill. 90% of grain from the Canadian Wheat Board is shipped out through Churchill. New docking facilities would have to be built for oil /LNG tankers. One of Canada’s new ice breakers would be used to keep the port open during the winter. In the future new tankers that ply the northern seas will have double hulls and be shaped / powered like ice breakers. Such ships already operate in the Baltic and the Gulf of Finland. Canada is so far behind the curve in energy it is breathtaking. These ice breaker / tankers COULD BE BUILT IN THIS COUNTRY [  jobs Mr. Flaherty ] to serve the world market. Exxon still operates single hull tankers and thus is restricted to a shrinking number of nations. The hydro / pipeline right-of-way would go from Thompson to just north of Kapuskasing where the hi tension lines and the pipelines would split. The hydro lines would travel to the east side of James Bay and north to the James Bay project generating complex and then east to Churchill Falls generating plant, up to Lower Churchill, across to Red Bay, by undersea cable to St. Barbe, down the west coast of Newfoundland to Port aux Basques, by undersea cable to Cape North on Cape Breton Island,to Nova Scotia, across by undersea cable from Picton to Wood Islands and also on into New Brunswick.  The twin oil / nat.gas pipelines would travel from Kapuskasing, down through between Sudbury and North Bay to Trenton to join existing pipelines that run from Windsor to Quebec city. An oil pipeline already follows the north shore of the St. Lawrence from Quebec. Another oil pipeline travels from the Atlantic shore through Nova Scotia, across New Brunswick and into Quebec’s eastern townships. This oil line could be connected to the Quebec oil pipeline and the flow reversed to deliver Alberta oil to the Maritime Provinces. This pipeline could also be twinned with a nat. gas pipeline to the coastal provinces. From the tar sands a hydro line would travel west to meet the Mackenzie Hwy and from there up to Yellowknife. At  Thompson a hydro line would run down the Nelson to Winnipeg, across to Regina, to Lethbridge, to Cranbrooke and then to Vancouver. Eastern hydro picked up at Regina would be used to power pumps to draw water from the Estevan area [ Souris River ] and send it west to irrigate western Saskatchewan and the barrens of eastern Alberta. As well eastern hydro would facilitate the installation of clean coal technology in the form of CO2 conversion. In Alberta hydro power plus the KWs from Pincher Creek wind turbines would also allow for CO2 conversion at the Province’s coal generating plants. BC electricity could come the other way into the Prairie provinces.

Alberta finished oil products and nat. gas would find a market of 23 million people in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. This population is in a tight geographical area, economocal to serve. Alberta would have a secure Canadian market for oil and nat. gas plus the option of having access to the world market through Churchill for these resources. The increase of nat. gas reserves in the US due to fracking has Alberta on the ropes. Most of the revenues in the Province used to come from nat. gas not oil. But a successful business has to have the ability to adapt. In Canada, with our rigid system of the staus quo and the squelching of innovation our politicians and industries resist adapting with much vigour. So as sales of nat. gas to America decline and their ability to pay for what they do buy we have to remain vigilant. Just yesterday Putin forced Belarus to give up a 50% ownership in its’ nat. gas pipeline system so that the Russians now control the flow of nat. gas to Western Europe. Putin is now in a position to use said gas tap to put political pressure on the Europeans. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have Alberta nat. gas available right across the pond. In the Ontario and Quebec area most of the oil / nat. gas pipelines already exist and could be purchased from the present American owners. As these pipelines are presently operating half empty and the owners can only squeeze the oil / nat. gas companies so hard it stands to reason that these pipes could be had cheap. I would warn investors to stay away from private pipeline companies like TransNotCanada and Enbridge, their future based on US solvency is not bright. My NEP is a made in Canada solution and the melding of hydro, oil, nat. gas, wind, tidal would lower the cost of CLEAN energy in general across the Country and allow us to compete in the global marketplace with goods and technology. Such a vertically integrated system has many more possibilities. There are far too many details to list here. But I will list a couple. From the tar sands the right-of-way across to Thompson crosses few lakes and is on solid land [ but not rocky ] all the way. The piping of real oil and nat. gas is not an environmental danger as is the transortation of DilBit. From Churchill Falls a road exists right to the Quebec border at Labrador City. A Quebec road travels east from the James Bay project to within 60 miles of Labrador City so a hydro line through there would not be a major problem. Quebec has refused to allow Newfoundland KWs to travel across their territory. Quebec already buys  NF electricity real cheap and sells it high to the USA.  I know, I know an agreement was signed back in the 1960s by Joey Smallwood, one great Canadian. By holding tight to that out of date agreement Quebec is being VERY UNCANADIAN. But things are achanging and I would caution Quebec about the ability of the Americans to pay their bills. California is bankrupt as is Philadelphia. It may be that Quebec will have NO MARKET FOR ITS’ KWS. This situation is made worse for Quebec because McGuinty IS PAYING THE YANKS TO TAKE OUR NUCLEAR POWER OFF OUR HANDS BECAUSE WE CAN’T SHUT THE NUKES DOWN. ONTARIANS ARE PAYING THIS CHARGE ON THEIR HYDRO BILLS. Just as Alberta will suffer from the loss of its’ markets so may Quebec. My suggestion is for Quebec to join the Continental Can. Electrical Grid [ CCEG ] as an escape hatch if their KW billing to the States go unpaid.  One distinct advantage of keeping all our energy within our borders is that everyone will get paid. The US Postal Service going broke next September could just be the tip of the iceberg. Do we want to be heavily involved with the Americans as Herr Harper would have us do when the Yanks hang up the closed sign? We as a separate Country would have stable prices, low production costs, there would be the bartering of energy between provinces and having all the bills paid internally has a nice ring to me. How about you?

Here’s how we proceed. Each of the 10 provinces and the NWT would create Regional Energy Development Corporations. A thorough investigation would be carried out and an inventory of  all energy assets would be assembled. Then this inventory could be used to ascertain how each type of energy available in a province could enhance the operations of the others. Once a master plan was assembled each province would raise the money to provide the infrastructure within its’ own borders. Possibly each REDC could make shares avaibale to its’ citizens. The technology and the systems to accomplish grid / pipelines would also yield exportable products. I am thinking here of CO2 conversion. I have tried to interest the McGuinty Government in this new process developed by UBC. 50% of the world’s electricity is generated using coal. We will be able to utilize hydro / hydrogen and use it to convert CO2 captured at a stack into a benign powder which can be disposed of in a landfill. It is a world beating advance, something many countries would be interested in. McGuinty wasn’t. Why we are allowing ourselves to be jerked around by American pipeline companies and the US oil cartel is beyond me. I fear for Premier Redford in this present void. I reach back to Winston Churchill. It was said that he could not win WW 11 but it was his to lose during those dark days. The Premier has better odds. She can win this battle for the future of Alberta or she can lose it to the long oil knives and those on the right.

Remember to send your electricity questions directly to your Ontario MPP. It is important that we try to affect change in a democratic way. The 107 MPPs were recently elected to carry out the will of the people not serve as toadstools for the Lib. / PC party machines. But I have yet to see any change. The NDP keeps trying to push the electrical envelope but McGuinty and Hudak are both in bed with the nukies who refuse to release us from bondage. I call for 55 MPPs, the 17 NDP Members plus 38 from the other Parties to set about the overhaul of our electrical system. I broached this subject way back with Mike Harris but to no avail. Harris, for a moment in time could have secured his place in Ontario history alongside Leslie Frost and Bill Davis but he was too small a man. Said 55 MPPs could occupy the Legislature, tell Dwight Duncan to stuff it up his nose and form an all Party Committee to fix the electrical system.  Your questions would prove an invaluable guide. In other words WHAT DO YOU WANT AND THEN GIVING YOU JUST THAT. AFTER ALL THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE IS AT THE CORE OF OUR DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. The rules of the Legislature say nothing about the Lib. / PC Party machines having any role to play. It is just that the Libs and the PCs have rigged things in favour of their respective political machine and thereby usurped power. If the Lib. / PC MPPs continued to be intimidated by McGuinty and Hudak your questions will pile up at Queen’s Park but you will have your copy. Your copy and the name of your MPP allows us to find other means to get the broken electrical system onto the agenda. If we have to find another route to the fix you will know the names of those you elected but who refused to act on your behalf. Another election will take place within 18 months. And you shall have the opportunity to elect someone WHO WILL REPRESENT YOUR INTERESTS EXCLUSIVELY. That is the way Canada and Ontario are supposed to work. From the comments I have already received the truth is that the overhaul of our electrical system has already begun. My initial goal is to cut KW prices in half. Whatever your bill says now you WILL PAY 50% OF THAT AND NO TAXES.

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                         LAOCOON

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SUN SAYS ANDREA IS IN THE SOUP   —   Pierre Peladeau is the champion barrel bottom scraper. This overblown coverage about Andrea’s connection with a foundation which looks after the NDP finances made my eyes glaze over. The pinhead who wrote this piece tried to find some wrongdoing. After a long and torturous journey it all when poof. I was a businessman for over 50 years, never went broke, fed and clothed a wife and 3 kids and didn’t steal from others. What I mean is in terms of money dealings, give me the bare facts and I’ll have you the picture quickly. This article was a delberate smear, without foundation and written for Peladeau by some dummie who probably just got his first bank account. I got my first account at ten, 66 years ago. I would like Peladeau to come out from behind the curtain and give us his take on life like a real man He is a big daddy’s boy. But like so many so called powerful men Pierre doesn’t have the balls to step up to the mike and say his piece. Pierre is like so many hard right wingers, a father made man. As is Conman Black. When the dummies at the Sun gather in board room here is a story they might consider. Herr Harper’s activities are funded by oil money both above and below the table. Having a pocket full of jingle has allowed Harper to cut the subsidy to political parties including his own. Big deal Stevie, doesn’t need no money. The ad media says Harper is better at raising money, what a crock. The PM is in the pay of Supreme Oil. The subsidy was put in place to protect Canada so companies, unions and the rich could not own Parliament. There is the same kind of law in California which limits contributions from corporations and the rich. Big oil just gave money to all of their employees to contribute to the Republicans under the table. This gave the right wingers unlimited cash as in the case of Harper. The Republicans, with their oil money and the oil companies themselves bought up the ad media. Just like the oilies have done in Alberta. The result is that California is bankrupt and ungovernable. I mean ungovernable in the sense the State can no longer look after the needs of the citizens. The rich / white 20 % with their fat bank accounts and gated communities can live the life of their dreams without worrying about the riff raff in the streets. But this pipe dream has been dreamt many times over history. Eventually the riff raff form into a mob and the 20 %ers get what’s coming to them. So Sun staff, there is a  REAL***BIG*** STORY. The purchase of Canada by Supreme Oil. The problem I have is that Pierre won’t tell the story. He will do well in a country governed by Big Oil.

ALI VELSHI / THE ETHICAL CRUSADER   —  Our boy Ali has reappeared at Toronto City Hall, apparently the Atmospheric Fund will be renamed the Ethical Atmosperic Fund. Now as with the Ethical Oil Org. Ali will get no remuneration from Toronto, he says. Give me a break however, who pays for all of Ali fancy suits. they certainly don’t come from Honest Eds. Ali has followed in the footsteps of his mentor Ezra Levant. The man with the mouth, with an abysmally tiny talent and a first rate self promoter. Ezra worked for Herr Harper but proved too dangerous politically. Levant has the nack of making far more enemies than friends every time his yapper gets going. And he just makes most of his stuff up. The Ezra wrote a book for Big Oil, about Big Oil and paid for by Big Oil. You know the title of it already don’t you? Why surprise, surprise, ” Ethical Oil “. Tar sludge goes real well on your vanila sundae it is so pure. I read an interview with Ezra on the reason for the book. Apparently he was at a conference on Global Warming attended by university types, environmentalists and academics. He spoke for 90 minutes on the positive aspects of the tar sands and got nothing but yawns. Can you imagine sitting still and listening to Ezra blather on for an hour and a half. I’d go mental. [ some people say I am already there ]. So Ezra struck out and should have got the message. Nobody is buying his crap. But as a true right winger who knows he is right he had to write a book to further emphasize his point. You see when the plans of the righties don’t work it is always someone else’s fault. Thereafter they redouble their efforts. If at first you don’t succeed, try try the same thing again and again until it works. Even if you have to put all of your opponents in concentration camps. Or Harper’s new jails. It helped Ezra that Supreme Oil paid to have the book published and that all oil company employees and Conservatives HAD TO BUY A COPY. Now, having milked the oil story for all it is worth Ezra handed the ball off to Ali to go the next step, picking a fight with Saudi Arabia. Of course with our ad media owned by Herr Harper Ali’s blabberings are pure gold. Unpaid interns can write stories about Ali every which way. Free copy from the righties saves Honderich and Crawley a lot of money. It is mindless copy for a public who are becoming more aware every day. I think Mayor Ford should stand aside to allow Velshi to strut his stuff and take some of the flack from the Star. This is a story the media can milk for weeks. The story of the tar sands is not about the oil business. Canada and Ontario paid to put Alberta into the oil business. Canada, Alberta and Ontario paid to start the tar sands business. It is a valuable national resource that has the support of Canadians. What is in contention is the fact that Supreme Oil [ American ] dumps its’ garbage IN OUR BACKYARD at will. There is nothing suprising about this since the oilies dump their garbage all over the world and when there is a demand to clean up the mess they threaten local politicians with job loss and reduced revenues. This works real well especially if the local politicos are on the oilie payroll like Herr Harper.  On the other side of the question are the environmentalist / tree huggers who demand the tar sands be shut down which ain’t going to happen. There are 2 types of Greens. Those who want to go back to a time when all we heard was the sound of water lapping on the dock and the call of the Loon. A time that never was. Then you get the proffesional environmentalists who make a living keeping Canadians animated. Their charities make money [ donations ] when people feel threatened. So the idea is to keep the protests going as long as possible, rake in the cash and never, ever seek a solution. So we have Supreme Oil to the right refusing to give an inch. The tree huggers are on the left doing the same. The media loves a contest with grannies in front of a bulldozer. Conflict sells papers and by spinning the conflict in favour of oil extra money is made. So everyone is happy, Big Oil, the environmentalists, the ad media and politicians like Harper who are on the take. They, in total constitute 5 % of the population, maybe. The rest of us [ 95 % ] have our air fouled, our ground despoiled, our rivers poisoned and we pay outrageous prices for oil [ gas ] products. We pay to buy the  very whips the oilies use to beat us with. But the media has been well paid to confuse the public and has done a pretty good job of brainwashing. Goebbels would be proud that in this Country, we have made such a success of his theories. Let me reduce this oil crisis to its’ simplest form. You have a good neighbour, you have known him for years. There is only one problem. Every day he comes over and pisses on the tree in your front yard. You have protested but he pays no attention. You have complained to the police but your neighbour has slipped the Chief a fiver to look the other way. Is you problem with the neighbour? Or is your problem with the fact that he pisses on your property? I would suggest that if this pig would stop his unacceptable behaviour you and he could get along quite well. The tar sands are not the problem. It is the fact that Supreme Oil is taking advantage of Canadians by not cleaning up the mess. The tar sands people would not be allowed to run their dirty businesses stateside because the laws down there DON”T PERMIT IT. So what are we, vassals? Just northern slaves with white faces? Are we  here to just offer fealty to the might Americans? Now the position I have taken on the tar sands is very much like offering this pig, as a neighbour a hand in building his own out house. The tar sands can be cleaned up by combining all of the energy resources in Canada and creating a system to get the best return, at the lowest cost and impose the smallest carbon footprint possible. This solution sits there in front of out faces. I been pitching these ideas for a long time, evn to Herr Harper. But the oilies, environmentalists, the media and the crooked polititcians held all the cards. Till now that is. I believe the net is changing this game. Oil is going to be a part of our lives for a long time, it is used in so many ways. All of which benefits our society. To cut CO2 it is a matter of cleaning up the oil sands first, before we move ahead. Reducing CO2, eliminating the tailing ponds and ensuring water used in the recovery process never makes it into our aquifers and rivers. The biggest obstacle at present is Herr Harper who have been given a slim majority Government by virtue of the backing of Supreme Oil [ under the table ]. To clean up the tar sands it will require the cooperation of Ottawa and all the provinces. This is impossible under this Republican – Reform – right wing regime. Can you imagine Baird the mouth asking people to play nice?  Harper is driven to set one group against the other. It is difficult for people fighting in the streets to realize who the enemy really is. Firsty, let’s concentrate on encouraging Supreme Oil to clean up its’ act, with our help. If that fails we will be forced to do a Chavez, nationalize then throw the bums out. As well we have to retain a strong CRTC to keep the likes of Peleadeau / Sun TV in a cage. And a strong national press council to punish newspapers which lie and print false and misleading copy. When do we begin?????????

COAL GUYS NOTHING / OIL GUYS 100   —  Peter Kent, the trained seal who masquarades as an Environmental Minister recently announce strict new rules for coal generating plants. Now both Alberta and Sakatchewan have copious coal and get a lot of their electricity from burning same. With Herr Harper being under attack for the dirty tar sands he has to make it look like he is Green. Although crippling Alberta  and Saskatchewan with higher electricity prices restrictions on coal don’t affect Supreme Oil. It will be business as usual. The coalies don’t pay Harper’s salary. It is like the response of the first mate to the captain of a sinking ship wherein the load must be lightened. 1st mate,” how many of the little people do I throw overboard? In Ontario McGuinty tried to score points by closing our coal plants. He certainly didn’t discuss this with his nukie masters. the coal plants were built with our money to backstop the nuclear plants. With each CANTDU, a one off experiment, it would not do to have a meltdown and have half of Ontario sitting in the dark. Such an outcome has strong political overtones like getting the chop. So the nukies used our money to buy themselves an insurancepolicy to cover up incompetence. Although there has been developed something called clean coal technology the nukies would never up grade our coal plants Although I suggested it many times. The money was needed for more nukie experimentation, finding new ways to use uranium to boil water. When the McGuint announced the shutdown of  coal, obviously it was without nukie input, panic set in amongst the nuclear cult. Without the coal plant back up they were rendered naked. What to do, what to do?  Using the thousands of potential hydro KWs in Northern Ontario was the obvious answer but the nukies are prone to having heart attacks at the mere mention of hydro. So the scheme they came up with was brilliant and this time the Preem and the nukies were singing from the same song book. Toronto is using up electrical capacity but not as much as the nukies lead us to believe. The opening of this campaign was when Hydro One announced more hi tension lines through the various utility corridors. Do you remember how those living adjacent to the corridors reacted. they had blood in their eyes. The Dalt labelled them NIMBIES and of course the ad media chimed in. One group against the other in a phony confrontation. To add insult to injury Hydro One proposed running a underground cable down the Don Valley to the bridge at Laird. From there it would go down the middle of Pape Ave. It was like rubbing salt in wound. And this from the Premier who loves you and you and you. So if more hi tension lines were unacceptable to you NIMBIES then natural gas plants will be necessary. In the Beaches, Oakville and Mississauga. What these gas plants are are the new nukie backups to replace the back up coal plants. The only problem is that they emit deadly carbon monoxide which is oderless, tasteless and hugs the ground. In Oakville, the gas plant was going to be about 800 ft upwind of a public school. In Miss., a large subdivision and Sherway Gardens was going to be just down wind from the gas plant. What kind of animals are these people who are prepared to poison our children for money or political gain. I have written many times in the past on this issue, which of course I copied to the newspapers but have had no response. Apparently Honderich, Crawley, Godfey and Peladeau have little interest in the poisoning of our kids. So this whole gas plant dustup debate misses the point. The nukies are spending tons of our money building themselves backup units to replace coal. We have at this time about 15,000 MWs of Green / clean / cheap hydropower a waiting our pleasure up north. Underground cables can easily bring Toronto the KWs it requires and the NIMBIES would never see them. Coal is used in generating plants all around the world. They account for about 70 % of electricity generated. I urged McGuinty some time ago to install clean coal technology on our plants and develop a new approach wherein CO2 could probably be at least halved. I see this figure being reduced even more in the future. UBC has come up with a way of capturing CO2 and turning it into a benign powder which can be landfilled safely. This technology could be sold worldwide and it could cut the output of plants all over. Can you imagine Ontarians developing a technology to render coal much cleaner, reducing our own emissions, reducing world emissions and exporting the technology to do so. This huge accomplishment would create real Green jobs here. But in this Province we have a Preem like McGuinty, who thinks small, engages in double speak and squashes innovation where ever he finds it. The coal guys should tell Peter Kent to stick his regulations up his ass, saying when the Harper Government starts treating everyone else like Supreme Oil then we’ll talk.

BOY / NOW THERE’S A TEAM FOR YOU   —  Patrick Moore, Ezra Levant and Ali Velshi are on the Supreme Oil team. The oilies have got to be bloody desparate to be paying this trio to pimp for them. The nukies are going to be very angry with Moore for having found another beau. After all the nuclear cult paid Moore million of Ontario’s money to spread propaganda. This Province is in deep financial trouble because of nuclear, aided and abetted by Honderich at the Star and Patrick Moore / Green Spirit front among others. Did you know charities are supposed to have as their main focus service to society and the public good. How does providing Patrick Moore with a fat paycheque serve the public good? Rev. Canada should ad this to the list, Ont. Clean air Alliance, Ont. Wind Concerns, Can. Constitutional Foundation, Ethical Oil and Fraser / C. D. Howe / Manning Institutes. There are a number of other bogus charities on my list but these would be a good start.

THE HEADLINE IN THE STAR SAYS OTTAWA INVESTS $ 11.5 MILLION IN GREEN AUTO RESEARCH   —  I don’t believe it for a minute. No doubt this announcement has been trumpeted across Canada. It will go the way of so many of Herr Harper’s bogus  programs. The Oil Party always gets this kind of coverage from the ad media which it then never follows up on. I would like to see one of the papers with balls go ask the President of McMaster University to provide details of the program, like the timetable and if the cheque has arrived. This is like the GM Research Centre in Oshawa, paid mostly by Ottawa and Queen’s Park. The Centre has never produced so much as a space age toothpick for all that taxpayer’s money. 100 hydrogen cars were supposed to be built at the Centre for the Vancouver Olympics. We never heard another word thanks to a subservient ad media. GM announce recently that it had purchased 185 auto patents. Of course the ad media did not explain but I will. That means there are 185 new ideas that will never see the light of day. GM thinks old, builds old and kills young. Perfect for Canada, the world’s capital of the status quo. The Orangemen Organization died because it could not attract young blood. A country dies when new ideas fail to blossom, just look at the history books. To the movers and takers here a new idea is a no no. Not a good sign.

HERR HARPER / PAY ADRIENNE CLARKSON’S BILLS / STOP YOUR BELLYACHING   —  The target for to-day is the former Governor General. Adrienne has ongoing duties and commitments steming from her time in office 1999 to 2005. She gets 200 letters a month, requests for appearances and activities involving benevolent / military activities. Since leaving office Adrienne has billed the Government for the costs of attending to these duties and which are legit. An ex Governor General never loses status and everything he or she does in relationshipr to her duties brings benefits the Canada. But this attack on Adrienne Clarkson has a more sinister side. It is Herr Harper’s intention to shrink Government as the Republicans did in California. They like him being aided by Supreme Oil. Smaller government means taking the cops off the street and you know what happens then. One citizen turns against the other. Even though he hasn’t yet immasculated Parliament Harper is creating divisions everywhere. Hang the Queen’s portrait in Gov. offices and it’s the Royalist against the republicans. Kill the gun registry, gun owners against the gun haters. Killing the long census set the left against the right. With the Wheat Board, it will pit the small farmers against the multinationals. No ripe situation for confrontation escapes Gestapo headquarters on the Rideau. The former Gov. General billed Canada about $ 130,000 a year since she left. Recently Herr Harper GAVE Supreme Oil $ 850,000 million to help with the carbon capture  experiments. Now here is the scoop. IF YOU DON’T CREATE CO2 YOU DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. If the tar sands gets cleaned up as I have suggested using hydro power from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and BC tar sands emissions would be below acceptable limits. For $ 850 million I would be able to put in the cross Canada grid required to clean up the tar sands. What we have with this carbon capture and storage [ CCS ] is a boondoggle to cover a subsidy to Supreme Oil. The money is gone and we’ve nothing to show for it. McMaster is probably still waiting to see their money but I am sure the tar sands oilies have already spent their’s. So let me get this straight. Supreme Oil funds Harper under the table. This allows him to put the other political parties out of business. This renders Canada a dictatorship in which the PM then repays Pig Oil out of taxpayer’s money so Supreme Oil got the Country for nothing. It is important the public not respond to Herr Harper trying to turn one Canadian against another. We are watching the watch swinging back and forth before our eyes to draw our attention away from events in the real world. People are protesting the Keystone project which has been created for one thing, to make huge money for Supreme Oil. In addition all of the environmental problems that will arise by trying to shoot tar / sand slurry down the inside of a steel pipe will fall to the taxpayers and people who live along the route. Harper and the oilies are scot free. While the citizens who are trying to prevent Keystone are going to jail. I say Pay the ex Gov. her money. Canadian traditions and customs which have stood us in good stead for more than 140 years are worth fighting for. The Americans were turned back in 1776 and again in 1812. Sir John A. MacDonald stipulated when the CPR was built that it should run westward across the prairies as close to the US / Canada border as possible. This was to prevent the Yanks from grabbing Man. / Sask. / Al. which they planned to do. In the days of yore the RCMP could be dispatched out there in a week. We see to – day that the US is using drones along the 49 th and that they might put up a fence. Congress doesn’t have to guts to build a fence across their common border with Mexico. Some way to treat a friend. Well if the fence goes up Washington can get all its’ oil from terrorist countries. WE, WE, WE, can clean up the tar sands all on our lonesome with homegrown Green energy. That energy can power the upgraders and refineries so that finished oil products can be piped east or west to Asia and China. WHO  NEEDS  SUPREME  OIL ? Good for Adrienne Clarkson. I consider her a great Canadian. Give her her money.

AMERICANS IN THE DARK ON KEYSTONE   —  There were a couple of dedicated articles done in Nebraska and the reaction there to the Keystone project [ Globe / Post ]. Each contained reactions by Nebraskans agains a Canadian oil pipeline Company endangering their lands. What do those dang Canucks think they are doing down here, said they. First off TransCanada Pipe is owned by Wall St. Canadians might hold stock but that is about all. In the US they have this strange law that allows companies to just about steal people’s property for the good of the larger community. Supreme Oil pays off  Members of Congress. Say it decides that the common good is more important then the rights of Bruce and Scott Boettcher. So TransCanada, a wholly owned AMERICAN COMPANY can take a strip of land right from under them for a song.  Bruce and Scott will make little or nothing from the $ 31 million a day that Supreme Oil would get. If the tar / sand slurry leaks it may ruin the brothers but I doubt that Supreme Oil would ever compensate them. Congress would let the oilies off as they have done in the past. The ad media both here and in the US has set up Canada to be the bad guy. Both reporters [ Globe / Post ] did interviews with various farmers / ranchers. Never did they tell these poor people that TransCanada is owned by American bankers who are the ones’ doing all the screwing.  Neither Albertans nor Bruce and Scott stand to make any money out of Keystone. Someone called John McCollister who works for an oil front organization called the Platte Institute [ sounds a lot like our Fraser Institute and probably just as trustworthy ] McCollister said,” Nebraskans are locked in an ideological fight between environmental extremism and free market forces “. Some free market forces. The Republicans and Wall St. caused the 1929 crash, the 2002 dot – com crash and the 2008 /2009 financial meltdown. No, what we have in Keystone are the forces of boundless greed who want to make money, period. And keep it all to themselves even if everyone else is at risk. Does this sound like a democracy?  California has already become a totalitarian State. Nebraska and Canada are at present trying to hang on to their prospective democracies. I was amazed at the dirty tricks Herr Harper used in the last election. As an old PC I am quite aware of the political game which is played much harder in the US than here. In terms of the Keystone I think I have seen the lowest of the low. TransNotCanada [ I would like Canada removed from that Company name , it is giving this Country A BAD NAME . TNC has a huge transport truck all painted up with military settings. Russ Girling, CEO of TransNot Canada, headquarters Omaha Nevada has created some type of organization which will turn wounded US vets into pipe fitters. This is a low blow, is playing the military card. So as Nebraskans attend information sessions across the State Girling has this truck parked close by with company employees pretending to be pipeline supporters [ some have been driven 600 miles ]. People in these places resent the outsiders but they are there for a reason. The ad media is already owned by Supreme Oil. Covering the events wouldn’t look right is there was only the opposition there. So Girling is sort of importing movie extras to show the world that the reaction to this toxic pipe is splitting communities but there are folks on both sides. Russ Girling is making suckers out of Brue and Scott. If this pipe is built and there is a spill Girling should be the first to go to jail. I am a serious guy and attacks on my country and this democracy anger me. Churchill said democracies are not an easy thing. Someone else said to protect our freedoms we must be eternally vigilant. This means keeping an eye on the likes of Russ Girling. He’ s smooth, not truthful but smooth. TransNotCanada has had 12 spills in the last year. How many were from tar / sand slurry???????? Let’s ask Russ?

HOW DOES ONE TURN A SILK PURSE INTO A SOW’S ASS? / JUST HAVE A JEFFREY SIMPSON AROUND   —  Ontario is peopled with smarties. We have a great educational system [ that needs a tuneup ], our medicare is tops and we’ve unlimited resources. We possess a moderate climate, easy access to trade with the world [ water / air ] and the respect of other countries. So how come we are in debt,  have high unemployment, are losing services and hear nothing but doom and gloom. That is except at election time. The problem is that many of the promises from McGuinty and Hudak are unattainable. There is a single / simple reason, we are burdened with nuclear power as is New Brunswick. They are bankrupt as are we. There seems to be a pattern here. No? Both Dalt and Tim will maintain ties with their friends the nukies so our time on the rack will continue if either one gets into power. Jeffery’s take on election lies and propaganda pertain to the Libs and PCs only. Andrea is anti nuke and that is the key to the future. What bothers me is that Jeffery, Don Drummond, Doug Porter, Jeff Rubin and the like are all playing on the same old checker board. This blindness stems from being arrogant, conditioned by group think and having a closed mind. By assuming that nothing in life will change one can play by the old rules forever. This whole crowd is mentally lazy and can pull it off in this land of the staus quo. I am an innovator and idea person, have been all my life. I look around Ontario and see nothing but missed opportunites. This Province is not the place for creative people. Our movers and takers work to and pay to retain the status quo.  Jeffrey is safe in his job because he doesn’t make wave and never ever promotes a new way of doing things. Ontario is managed like a shit box on wheels thanks to the Governments of Harris / Eves / McGuinty. Cutting out the nuclear cancer will open up all kinds of possibilities. I wonder how much abuse Ontarians are willing to endure before they take matters into their own hands and elect MPPs who are not party robots. Simpson is convinced he is on safe ground and can write using yesterday’s status quo rule. Changing one small thing can trigger the domino effect. Football, for years was a running game. Someone threw a forward pass and as they say, the rest is history. Take nuclear out of the equation and KWs at 50 % off here we come. KWs at half price brings back manufacturing, mining and forestry. Employment will go up and rather than person debt we end up with personal wealth. In any race everyone starts at the start line. In Ontario Queen’s Park always allowed the nukies to start half way round the track thereby giving them an automatic WIN EACH TIME OVER ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF ENERGY. Monopolies are outlawed in Canada but Queen’s Park extended one to the nukies. Monopolies bring increased prices and indifferent customer service which describes perfectly our present electrical debacle. So Jeff, if we can kill nuclear you will see your outdated mindset vanish. Embracing such change will put the blocks to the status quoers and break their hold on this society. Ontario all reved up and running on the afterburner will lead the world a merry chase. Churchill spoke hope. People like Simpson preach hopelessness. How come the most backward nonthinkers have the most favoured spots in the ad media???  Status quo???


Catch you next time   —   Ken                                                       LAOCOON

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MIKE HARRIS  – poor Mike, he remains unloved by us anonymous day labourers.Not like the beloved Bill Davis. Harris only resurfaces from time to time in corporate circles and makes it into the business press. Canadians are in the middle, not hard left nor hard right. Most politicians refuse to accept this. I am PC, in favour of free enterprise, long time business man, have difficulties with unions, believe in majority rule, the rule of law and honesty in every facet of life. But also considering MY blessings I am not prepared to accept people dying in the streets, surviving by use of food banks and leaving the disabled, sick and challenged behind. Recently Harris has been involved with easing Frank Stonach out of Magna to the tune of a $ billion or so. It shows me where his heart lies and why he had so little sympathy for Ontarians. Mike commented on our defeat in 1985. The main reason for a reduction in PC seats was Frank Miller. His hard right wing attitude soured a lot of folk. Miller said he ran for Premier because it was his turn. Now that is important. The PCs had 70 seats and a year left in the mandate. Frank, a certified air head, had time to get a grip on the wheel and make his mark but no, he called an election within 6 weeks, so cocksure was he. The PCs were reduced to a minority which a smart politician could still have mastered.  But Frank continued making mistakes just like Joe Clark did nationally. After the Liberal / NDP coalition, Peterson’s disasterous short Government and Bob Rae’s flailing around during our tough recession / depression Mike Harris was elected with 82 seats out of 130. Harris and his team read too much into the victory and thought that they could introduce their hard right wing agenda over night. This showed me the folly of letting a machine run the Party.  An agenda that most Ontarians could, would not accept and eventually did not accept. In my view Mike had learned absolutely nothing from Miller’s defeat. The thinking PCs members / workers like me were ignored by his machine. In 1999 Harris got 59 seats in a 103 seat Legislature, a slim majority like Herr Harper has to-day. But the PC machine would not take no for an answer and kept digging the hole deeper. By the  end of 2001 Harris could see the handwriting on the wall, his bullying and his efforts to divide Ontarians meant a defeat was in the cards. Mike didn’t want his failure to show up in the history books. So our Mikie bailed, he did not have the balls to face the electorate and pay the price for leading a bad Government. Just into Harris’ second term I became concerned about all the right wing initiatives that had blown up in our faces. The pleas from PCs like me for less strong arm stuff were ignored. Electricity had become a huge issue and offered us a way to continue in power. Fix the system and we could write our own ticket. Harris and Ecker paid absolutely no attention to me. Ernie Eves became Premier, he frittered away his time and our Party crashed. So I think Harris and his machine that now supports Hudak better walk softly. Ontarians in the middle won’t vote for more right wing nonsense. Recently Herr Harper won most of his seats in Ontario because of vote splitting between the NDP and Libs.  Old top down  politics is dying. With the advent of net, the Alternative Media [ news coverage ] and the social media [ cell phones etc ] the rules of the game are changing. There is a desire on the part of many voters, especially the young for bottom-up solutions to our problems. This does not mean doing away with our democratic institutions. The change  that is needed is for those who are elected to pay attention to their constituants and stop serving the interests of the Libs / PCs / Cons.- Reform and the rich / white 20 %. I hold Harris responsible for our Party losing power. He screwed up so badly and I don’t think he should ever be allowed to forget it. No amount of spin by Mike’s friends in the ad media can take this black mark off his record. Harris was not a good Canadian and considering his right wing bent, he did not believe in democratic rule.

PETER WORTHINGTON  –  I don’t know what gives with Peter lately. He is writing a lot of nutty stuff. In the Sun / June 22 /11, he like most of the pesudo journalists in the Paper wrote about the NDP, again. The pages of the Post as well as the Sun are filled with NDP bashing, sometimes 3 or 4 articles a day. In these papers we never hear what Herr Harper, the chumpion of lies, dirty tricks and spin is doing. Harper has ceased to exist in their eyes. No wonder Canadians are abandoning the old line media. Republican / Reform / right wing ranting and propaganda is already wearing a little thin. When Hitler grabbed power in 1933 about 150 Social Democrat  and Communist papers that were hostile to him disappeared. Owners were killed or shipped out. The other newspapers, the most popular ones were bought by the Nazis for a song at the end of a gun and put under Party management. Within a couple of years circulation dropped by two thirds. Political party organs filled with spin are only of interest to a hard core membership. Every paper in Canada other than the Toronto Star supports Herr Harper. Oil money now owns them by way of advertising. Now the newspaper business is in a spiral dive, circulation is dropping and so are advertisements. You can have the Star for $ 1.44 a week for 6 weeks. Talk about giving your product away. But Honderich need you eyeballs. Newspapers get 70 % of their revenue from ads and readers count. The bigger the circulation the more can be charged for advertising. The Star is carrying about $ 500 million in debt thanks to Rob Prichard. Of course Prichard moved on to Metrolinx, that explains the screwup there. To-day is no different than in Hitler’s time, lousy content / spin / propaganda drove readers away and it is driving  them away in 2001. In order to survive here the papers have bent over and dropped their pants for the oilies. The rich / white 20 % can say anything they want as long as Paul Godfrey get a cheque with their comments. Hilter controlled the press in Germany by force. Herr Harper controls the make believe media here by way of advertising. The attention being paid to the NDP says to me that the Conservatives in Ottawa and the Libs / PCs in Ontario are scared spitless of Layton and Horwath. They should be. The keys to winning the hearts and minds of  THINKING CANADIANS are dealing with Climate Change, reducing electricity costs to 10 cents per KW/H across the Country and introducing hydrogen as a car fuel to compete with the oil companies. Because of the nature of hydrogen the cost of a litre would be 60 cents [ equal energy ] and every Canadian should have access to low cost energy. Oilie and nukie monopolies mean continued sky hi prices, poisoned air and ground. If you and I engineered a monopoly we’d go to jail. But by paying off the politicians the oilies and nukies have been given their most favoured position. These monopolies  MUST GO. 

PETE, TERRY AND WILL ARE PAUL GODFREY’S SECRET WEAPON  –  I read these blokes on occasion, boy do they know lots of stuff. They are indeed experts but they are being wasted by Paul. No matter the problem, these 3 regular fellows seem to know all the answers with one exception.  I suspect not one of them has ever had to make payroll. Conrad Black’s National Post is in deep trouble financially, AGAIN.  However this time it looks like for keeps. Now the Paper doesn’t print Sunday or Monday. Maybe they can turn it into a weekly or monthly or a nevery. What hasn’t helped circulation is featuring  Black on the jailbird page. I am disappointed that Godfey won’t show us a picture of Connie in his orange jail jumpsuit. About 70 % of Canadians don’t even want to hear about Black never mind read his prattle. I was in real business for 50 years, did have to make payroll and didn’t poop on my customers. Pete, Terry and Will would be better taken off the copy desk and included in managment meetings. They know SO MUCH ABOUT EVERYTHING that they’d have the Post wipped into shape in a blink. Paul Godfey doesn’t seem to know what he has in his own backyard, three know-it-alls.  they couldn’t do any worse.

RICHARD BRANSON  –  Richard is miffed at oil traders for pushing up the cost of fuel and called for autorities to regulate the traders. The world is awash in horded oil, stashed away here and there. The shortage has been manufactured to keep prices hi.  I say Richard, leave the oil men alone, they are never going to change until we all go broke or the tap runs dry. In either case the rich / white 20 % will take their suitcases full of cash and moved to an island, some place protected by the Brownshirts. But before that happens, financial ruin or exhausted oilfields why don’t we get smart Richard? IF YOU SPENT A LITTLE TIME HELPING TO PROMOTE THE HYDROGEN SOCIETY THERE WOULD BE COMPETITION FOR THE OILIES. Most cars and trucks can run on hydrogen. Hydrogen Ford Rangers and GM Silverados already exist. Hydrogen can be made from water, wind and sun in Woking, Whitby, Gobi or Bancroft. It is a transportation fuel that can be made locally and it is Green / clean / cheap. Now aeroplanes, General Aviation / jets are hardpressed to use hydrogen but when 60 % of the oilie’s market disappears then they will be at Virgin’s door begging for your business. Then you’ll have all the cheap kerosene [ Jet A & Jet A-1 ] you want. The western democracies are supposed to have free markets. Why don’t we put out money where our mouths are. The oilies have been given a monopoly by the politicians. In addition these same politicians look the other way when the oilies give the ad media tens of millions to kill off all the alternative transportation fuels. The oilies should be stripped of their monopolies and Governments must support wholeheartedly alternative car / truck fuels. And jail the rich / white 20 % who attempt to interfere. Branson should turn his attention to doing something useful like promoting hydrogen. I think there maybe some light at the end of the tunnel. In Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath doesn’t like the nuclear power. Over 40 years the nukies have reduced this Province to financial rubble. Banning any more nukes and converting to hydroelectricity / hydrogen is our salvation. With such good KW news available to you why would you turn yourself over to the Libs / PCs for yet another $ beating????????????

DWIGHT DUNCAN LIES AGAIN  – back a couple of years ago Duncan tried to create a crisis in our electrical system by warning about brown / black outs. The Star dutifully kept us on edge about the overloaded system. Of course you must realize that John Honderich receives tens of thousands of dollars from the nukies for favourable comment and the publishing of false and misleading ads. Duncan said that tops we had capacity of about 26,000 MWs [ clearly a lie ]  and at time time we were exceeding 25,000 MWs. All we had to do is lose a single plant he said and someone somewhere would be sitting in the dark. It was all baloney, McGuinty knew it was a hoax as did Duncan and Honderich. You See, I have all of these  phony scare stories, as printed by the Star in my file. I knew that Duncan had closed about 100 small hydro plants and one big one at Niagara Falls to facilitate the KW crisis. It was all done to scare Ontarians into more nuclear plants. This is about the time that McGuinty started to say nuclear generates 52 % of this Province’s electricity. That is another lie repeated in the Star ad nauseum. The World Nuclear Association says the figure is 34 %. And my calculations indicate we could easily cut that to 25 %. What prompted this blog  is the fact that the Star published a lot of details about our electrical system, most of it dishonest crap. One of their figures said Ontario has the capacity to generate 31,000 MWs which is just about right when you add in all the closed hydro plants. That number is 5000 MWs above what Duncan was stating  just a short time ago. McGuinty and his Liberals had already been given a down payment on the new nuclear plants by the nukies. Duncan cooking the books so to speak was part of the campaign to stampede us down the road nearer $ 60 billion in new nukes. It is a little rich to hear Dwight calling Hudak a liar. But when the election is over and the Liberals are gone McGuinty and Duncan will still have their nukie down payments. I want a poilice investigation of the nuclear industry / AEC to see how much in the way of bribes were paid to Government officials. McGuinty’s handling of Ontario’s electrical system is technically so cockamany that it is easy to figure the reasoning. Dalt hasn’t a clue how the system works. His party machine looked at the electrical system strictly in terms of using it to score political points.  Scoring political points was / is not in the interest of the nukies who have ownership of this Province’s electrical system. So what we see is the mixing of McGuinty / nukie initiatives in which taxpayer’s money is wasted trying to bring about happy results for both players. What we have however is a ratepayer revolt, not happy. we are seeing the endo of the Liberals, not happy. And once the election is over the dismantling of the nukie empire will begin, not happy. Billions of dollars spent and nobody is happy.  But once I take over as Electric Tsar and gain control of Hydro One Ontarians will have reason to smile again. I said Dwight Duncan is a liar as is Hudak . It takes one to know one.

THE AD MEDIA MAKES MOST OF ITS’ MONEY FROM THE RICH / WHITE 20 %  – It is clear that the make believe ad media has us by the short ones. Any good news the advertisers don’t want us to see we don’t see. Ontario has 2200 potential hydro electric sites but McGuinty, the nukies and the media are mum about this energy treasure. There is much talk in the press about Quebec having a huge advantage in terms of cheap hydro power which is CO2 free. 60 % of Quebecers use electric heat for which they get a special price. Mr FedUp who E-Mailed a few days ago has electric heat and can’t afford to turn it on. McGuinty’s secretary told FedUp to leave the heaters off till 9 pm to reduce KW use. This means his kids are freezing until nine. Some Premier, hungry and cold kids out there. But not his own of course. Quebec has so much hydro power at reasonable prices that industry / jobs are going there. Ontario businesses are crossing the border. Soon that Province will be more industrialized than Ontario. Here we pay $ 189 for 900 KW/hs. In Quebec the cost of same in $ 61. Nuclear power is killing us, in the air, on the ground and our pocketbooks. Quebec sells $ 3 billion in KWs to the USA each year. The Yanks love the CO2 free electricity. Here is the straight goods. Ontario has more hydroelectricity installed / potential  THAN QUEBEC AND MANITOBA PUT TOGETHER. McGuinty, Duncan and nukies don’t want YOU to know and  YOU don’t know. I am the only one who does it seems. Mind the ad media is well paid to keep the secret. I however get paid nothing for telling the truth. This is a sad state of affairs, so here is an idea. The airways belong the the people and the press get special consideration to speak freely. However radio and TV stations do not have the right to rent our airways out to the highest bidders to say whatever they likes. Stations are required to monitor content to ensure no false and misleading info is broadcast. But the Regulators look the other way. Those who advertise can say whatever they like, the bigger the cheque the more distorted the material. Moses Znaimer owns CFMX but had to get a licence from us to operate. During his recent Idea City affair he arranged a spot to Conrad Black, a Brit and a convicted felon who is serving time in a Florida prison. Black is trying to finagle his way back into Canada where he was born. Conrad wore out his welcome with his bi mouth. He just can’t shut up. Of course Conrad can’t  get into the Country unless he can praise Herr Harper enough with sweet words. He shouldn’t be let back in. There is a shadow group of elites in this Country who support Black’s efforts to return and their campaign has been running for some months, mostly in Maclean’s, Post, Sun and CTV. Especially CTV. I didn’t know Moses was one of  Black’s booster group. In any event Black appeared by video on Idea City to talk about himself and the injustice that has been inflicted upon him by the monsters in the USA. I do not think this is what our airways should be used for, an instrument of the rich / white 20 % . Their friend stole money, lied and obstructed justice.  Now Black wants to break the rules once again in order to foul this fair land. I think we should require people like Moses to give equal time / free of charge to rebut Black’s virtual world where only he and his friends live. We know now that Conrad is going back behind bars, forever isn’t long enough. The main reason is he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. I kind of think Moses helped put Black back in the slammer. By giving him a soap box he showed Judge Amy that he still would not accept responsibility for taking other people money. Znaimer did not help his friend, nor did  Brian Stewart, Peter Worthington, Margaret Wente, Eddie Greenspan et al. Encouraging Black in his delusionary thinking rather than reading the riot act to him got him another year behind bars. To keep feeding an alchoholic more booze ain’t smart. Freedom of the press doesn’t give Phil Crawley of the Globe the right to sell full pages to Don MacKinnon of the Power Workers to advertise the CANTDUs and call them Information Supplements. They are clearly ads tarted up to look like reportage. This is against the rules of the toothless front  for newspapers, the Ontario Press Council. The Senate should be looking at this matter. The print media selling space to politicians / advertisers in order to spread lies and propagand that is harmful to the democracy of this Nation. I have been complaining for years to no avail. If you have enough money the Globe will print anything lie you care to tell. the Tompsons even run Harper attack ads. My biggest problem with Don’s stuff, it is all lies. The Globe should not allow such lying but does. In this regard I complained to Advertising Standards Can. which is supposed to frown on lying in advertising. ASC is just a front for the  business community and took no action as regards my complaints. I also complained to Edward Greenspon, Ed. of the Globe. Edward was let go. I think he pushed for the truth and Crawley wouldn’t hear about it. MacKinnon’s continues to murder the truth to try and save worker’s hi paying nukie jobs. I would go as far as to say OPG is probably helping fund MacKinnon’s ads masquarading as reportage. I believe Tom Mitchell also funds anti wind and anti solar panel protest groups. If those watchdogs responsible for the press and advertisers remain comatose we should have  the Senate order Moses Znaimer and Phil Crawley to give equal space / time for a person / group to rebut false claims. If CFMX and the Globe lose a page / 15 minures to truth telling it will encourage them to be more selective in their acceptance of ads. I am appalled, do the rich Thompsons really need money this badly? Abusing readers with falsehoods? That is scaping the bottom of the barrel. There should not be enough money in the world for the Globe to break trust with its’ readers in this manner. What  are Moses Znaimer and Phil Crawley saying to young people in this Country, it is okay to steal, lie and obstruct justice?????????

Catch you next time   —   Ken                                     LAOCOON




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